Men and women of faith

Parts 16 & 17

“I speak to you, son of man. Do you truly believe that if you remain in your safe place of comfort, that no evil shall fall over you? Oh, thou foolish son of man. Beholdest thou not the house that is about to fall over your head? Your countenance is waxed cold, but thou shalt see on the day of your visitation, when the towers fall, and men be without restraint. Behold, who will understand knowledge in those days? Evil will be their bible. Lying and falsehood will be their law. For you did not hear the words of My Prophet David. Even as I did speak through My prophets. Hear Me, O son of man. Give ear to the counsel of the Lord God of heaven, your true Maker. “

For the time will come when your conscience will cease to be, and knowledge will fly away as the birds that migrate when the fall cometh. 

And then you will search for sound wisdom, but you will not find it….to read the continuation of this interesting prophecy in PDF format DOWNLOAD

To My elites

“Sons of God, go to the streets. Proclaim the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. For He is coming in the clouds with His holy angels and will take with Him all people that will hear the voice of God and do His will.”



The Lamp

It’s later than you think, you have overslept.





Submitted by Esteban

Prophecy bites

“I’m Aaron, one of your guides in the life that is to come. I have been stationed here for a bit, just to get to know what it’s like, so we’ll have a frame of reference for the next part of the journey.

Can you manage another workmate? It’s nice to get to know you a bit before things get into full swing. I’m a Millennial guide and workmate. I do know a bit what is up ahead; as I’ve been helping to make plans and chart out the land for  re-take over.

I know you feel small and weary in some ways, but the work will more than be compensated with the benefits of the job.

Peace be unto you.”



vision of the plant of god’s word

Dream vision: submitted by Esteban

Jesus spoke to me this morning. As He was speaking, I could see what He was talking about. I call it a dream vision, because I was not completely asleep.

He told me: “I want to share with you a parable of the Root of the Word of God and the difference between the verses in the Bible and the New Wine and the promises of the Keys.

It is good that you memorize the promises of the keys and the New Wine. The old promises that are written in the Bible are the foundation that all My promises begin with. So My word in your heart is like a plant. The more you eat from My mouth and drink from the River of Life, the more that plant will grow into a great tree. It will never be thrown down and will be a protective home for many peoples and creatures.

The solid ground in which the plant of My word will be planted is your heart. If the ground receives the water of the Holy Spirit and My seeds of life, it will become a beautiful garden with all kinds of trees and bushes for the delight, feeding and well-being of many…to continue reading, go to full PDF version DOWNLOAD

the plant of god’s word


“If the plant didn’t have the foundation of the Bible, it wouldn’t have that strong root to keep it growing straight.”



Keys To The Kingdom

“Me, My Word and the Keys are one, together, we are your vital companions in this last days, don’t say a prayer with out the Keys.”





Prophecy bite

(Spirit helper speaking: ) Oh, how beautifully it unfolds, this flower of their life. One petal at a time, it opens up to reveal the lovely creation it is. You watered them with your tears, prayers, words, loving and nurturing. Now is the time it opens and others see what has been growing all this time.

The coloring of the flower came from your heart. The shape of the petals, from the experiences they had. The length of the stem, from the choices they made to do this or that. And what is in the center of this unfolding flower? You don’t really know yet. It’s still unfolding.

 (Spirit helper speaking 🙂 You can’t always predict where they will take the flame of light that you have entrusted into their hands; the flame being the truth that you have given to them. Sometimes it seems they veer off the pathway so far, and you can hardly see the flame they carry; so much so that you wonder if they still have a light at all guiding them. But you’ve done your part, and now you can trust the One who is overseeing the full game and knows where all the players are; to keep watch and to bring them around to the best place they are to be in.



Revelation 2:23

“I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.”

The reins of a horse are used to guide him in the right directionthey are guides. So I have placed guides beside you that whisper words of instruction to lead you. You have your own thoughts and experiences that have taught you what happens when you do this or that; these are like reins as well. You also have your conscience of heart and mind, pricking you if you do something wrong, according to what you know is right and wrong. Also, you have people around you also who might give good suggestions or tips or correction. Then there are circumstances and conditions that direct you, or train you consequences, people’s reactions, loss, rewards, difficulties, benefits, and so forth

Revelation 2:23



This whole world is one big school. Sometimes as you rest in bed and contemplate what has happened, these thoughts and feelings inside are like reins that help pull you this way and that way steering you in the right direction.



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Prophecy bites

Jesus speaking 🙂 The boat is in gear and turning into the main part of the flowing, running river. We are moving swiftly forward, partly because the hour is right, and partly because you are more willing now than ever.

So keep cutting the strings that have attachments down into the water that give a bit of drag. Keep cutting loose so we can zoom to our destination before night falls.

(Q: What strings?)

The string of stuff.

What did sailors do in storms to keep afloat and not drown? Let the stuff go.

“Regard not your stuff.” (Was said to Jacob and his team as they traveled to save their lives in time of famine.)


(Jesus speaking 🙂 The place I come into best is in your mind. I can’t love you with so much clutter. Your mind really does get cluttered with physical things around, to jog this or that memory. But open up to Me in purity and love, as you push aside all else.

There is more that I will require of you, for this is only the beginning.

It is the season of forsaking.

I will hold you as carefully as a chemist mixes this and that, and holds vials that he wishes not to drop, as I complete the work in you.

cut the strings