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A.B. Simpson

Accomplishment, The Demon of

Activated spirit helpers

Activation Angels, The


Admiral William Halsey

Adoniram Judson


Aiden Tozer




Albert Einstein

Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin

Alexander the Great

Alleine, Joseph



Alvin York



Amazons, The


Amy Carmichael



Ancient Egypt, Spirits of

Andrew Murray

Angel of David's Mantle (Activation angel #4)

Angel of Healing

Angel of Miracles (Activation angel #1)

Angel of Revelation (Activation angel #2)

Angel of Witnessing (Activation angel #3)

Angelo de Firenco

Angela Smith

Angels assigned to your houses and cars

Angels of Anointing

Angels of Change

Angels of Conscience

Angels of Courage

Angels of Encouragement, Joy and Inspiration

Angels of Freedom

Angels of Joy, Encouragement and Inspiration

Angels of Love

Angels of Mercy

Angels of Miracles

Angels of the Heart and Conscience

Angels of Wisdom

Angels to give you physical strength

Angels to help heal you

Angels to help you have faith, to persevere

Angels to help you receive prophecies

Angels to help you through your spiritual battles

Angels to protect you on a dangerous mission

Anne Sullivan


Anointing, Angels (or Spirit Helpers) of

Anton Chekhov

Anton Semyonovich Makarenko

Anya (Activated spirit helper)

Anya (happy spirit helper)







Arcothon (Arcos)








Austin girls

Ayako Miura


Aylward, Gladys

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Band of warriors in the halls of Heaven


Barbrooke Grubb

Barnard, Christiaan



Bill "Bojangles" Robinson

Birthing spirit helpers

Bitterness, The Demon of

Blue Angels, The

Blue Beings, The (Blue Angels)

Board Custodians, The


Bohoner, John

Booth, William



Brandt, John Lincoln


Browning, Elizabeth

Browning, Robert


Bulldozing Team

Burroughs, Edgar Rice

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Canara, Queen


Carey, William

Carnality, The Demon of

Cathars, The

Cathars, The spiritual

Catherine the Great

Cervantes, Miguel de



Change, Angels (or Spirit Helpers) of

Channelers' High Command Force (CHCF, or Chiefs), The

Charlemagne (Charles the Great)

Charles Dickens

Charles Spurgeon

Charles Wesley

Che Guevara

Chekhov, Anton

Chiefs, The


Chinese students who died in the Sichuan Earthquake

Christiaan Barnard

Christians, Departed

Christmas committees and councils in Heaven

Christmas Fairies

Christmas outreach, The Heavenly teams to help our

Christmas Spirits (Christmas Fairies)

Christmas yet to come, Spirits of

Churchill, Sir Winston


Clive Staples (C.S.) Lewis

Coaches for physical challenges

Comfort, The Spirit of




Conscience, Angels of


Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf

Creature of Heaven's Archives, The

Cromwell, Oliver


C.T. Studd

Custodians (Keepers), The




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Dancing Angels of Kindness


Dare, The Band of

David (in Africa)

David (Pete/Ricky)

David (King)

David Berg

David Livingstone

Dawson Trotman

Deactivation (Neutralization) Demons, The

Death, The Spirits of



Demons that distract and keep us from prayer

Depression, The Demons of

Despair, The Demons of

Devil, The


Dickens, Charles

Disobedience, The Demon of


Division, The Demon of

Dom Justo Ukon Takayama

Don Quixote


Douglas MacArthur, General

Dragon, The


Dwight L. Moody

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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Egypt, Spirits of ancient

Einstein, Albert

Eleria, The

Elijah the Prophet


Elizabeth (NT)

Elizabeth Browning

Elliot, Jim




Embodiment of strength and renewal


Encouragement, Spirit Helpers of

Enemy, The (The Devil)

Ermak (Yermak)


Esther, Queen




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FAF, The


Fairies of Fantasy, The

Fairies of Love (Love Fairies), The

Fairy Angel Fighters (FAF), The


Family Members, Departed

Fanny Crosby

Fantasy, The Fairies of

Fear, The Demons of


Flesh, The Demon of


Florence Nightingale

Force of Four, The (HELP Force)


Former member children, Spirits and angels assigned to our

Frederick and Freya


Freedom Angels

Frenzy, The Demons of



Future, Spirit Helpers of the

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Gabriel the Archangel


Gandhi, Mahatma

George Mueller

George Washington Carver

George Whitefield

Gilmour, James

Gladstone, William

Gladys Aylward

Goddess of Latin America

Greed, The Demon of

Grubb, Barbrooke

Guardian Angels (Protector Angels)

Guardians of the Flame of Revolution, The

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Halsey, Admiral William



Healing, Angel of

Heavenly Aid teams

Heavenly Angelic Forces, The

Heavenly Hearts teams

Heavenly musicians

Heavenly Party committee

Heavenly Scorekeeper

Heavenly Scout teams

Heavenly song and dance troupes

Heavenly Staffers

Heavenly teams to help our Christmas outreach

Heavenly Tour team

Helen Keller

Hell’s Angels

HELP Force, The

Henry Clay Trumbull



Hirohito, Emperor

Holy Spirit, The

Hong Kong Goolagong

Honor Guard of Maria, The

Hua Mulan

Huang Shen

Hudson Taylor

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Ilantri, The


Irrazzmon (Irrazzmus)


Israel (Jacob)

Israelite servant girl

J ↑ Page Top

Jacob (Israel)


Jairus's daughter

James Gilmour

Jeremiah the Prophet


Jim Elliot (Phillip James Elliot)

Jo Niijima

Joan of Arc

Joan, Pope

Joel (shepherd)

John Bohoner

John Bunyan

John Lincoln Brandt, Dr.

John Paul ll, Pope

John the Beloved

John Wesley

John Wycliffe

José de Anchieta

Joseph (NT)

Joseph Alleine

Judson, Adoniram

Justus Ukon Takayama

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Kamikaze Spirits


Keeper of the Library, The

Keeper of the Seal of God, The (Clarion)

Keepers of the Power of Heaven, The (Blue Angels)

Knights of Victory, The

Knyaginya Dashkova

Koger, Dr.

K.O.T. Fighters, The

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Lady Jane



Latin America, Goddess of


Lethargy, The Spirit of


Libby (Liberty)

Livingstone, David



Louisa May Alcott

Love, Angels (or Spirit Helpers) of

Love Fairies, The




Luther, Martin



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MacArthur, Douglas


Machoism, The Demon of

Magnus Warriors

Makarenko, Anton Semyonovich


Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

Martin Luther

Mary (of Joseph)

Mary Slessor

Materialism, The Demon of

Matthew the Apostle



Melanchthon, Philip

Mercy, Angels of

Merlin the Magician

Mermaid Spirit Helpers



Michael the Archangel

Miguel de Cervantes

Miracle Deliverers (Miracle Warriors)

Miracle Warriors

Miracle Workers (Miracle Warriors)

Moffat, Robert


Moody, Dwight L.

Moravians, The


Mueller, George



Murray, Andrew

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Neutralization Demons, The

Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf

Nightingale, Florence

Nivea of the Sea



O ↑ Page Top





Oliver Cromwell



P ↑ Page Top


Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati

Patrick, Saint

Paul the Apostle

Pete (David/Ricky)

Peter the Apostle

Philip Melanchthon

Phillip James Elliot (Jim Elliot)


Pied Piper


Pineal Band, The

Poe, Edgar Allan

Pope Joan

Pope John Paul ll

Power, The Embodiment of

Praise Angels

Praise Squadron

Prayer Angels

Prayer Warriors in Heaven

Prayer, Demons that distract and keep us from

Prayer, Priestess of

Pride, The Demon of

Pride, The Spirits of

Priestess of Prayer

Prism Elerian

Protector Angels



Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeyevich


Queen of Tears (Canara)

R ↑ Page Top

Rage, The Spirit of

Raphael the Archangel



Rejection, The Demon of

Renewal, The Embodiment of Strength and

Renewal, The Spirits of


Ricky Rodriguez (Pete/David)

Robert Browning

Robert Moffat


S ↑ Page Top



Salvay, The


Samuel [Ajayi] Crowther

Samuel the Prophet



Seasonal Helpers

Seduction, The Spirits of

Seduction and Obsession


Selvegion, The


Sen-si, The


Seven Angels of Maria, The

Seven Guardian Angels of Dad, The

Seven Guiding Spirits of Maria, The



Shuly Boliver

Silver Helmet Angels

Simeon (NT)

Simon the Warrior

Simpson, A.B.

Smith Wigglesworth


SOS, The (Strength of Spirit)

Speed Demons, The


Spirit Helpers of Encouragement

Spirit Helpers of the Future

Spirit Helpers who specialize in relating to others

Spirits and angels assigned to our former member children

Spirits of Christmas yet to come

Spurgeon, Charles

Storytellers in the Heavenlies, The

Strength, The Creation of

Strength, The Embodiment of renewal and

Stress, The spirit of

Studd, C.T.


Sullivan, Anne

Sun Tzu

Sun Yat-sen

T ↑ Page Top



Takayama Ukon




Thomas the Apostle


Timothy (NT)

Timothy Concerned

Tokyo Spirits

Tola and Tor


Toribio Alfonso Mogrovejo

Tory (Victoria)

Tozer, Aiden


Transparent spirit helper

Trotman, Dawson

Trumbull, Henry Clay

Truth Keeper

Tyndale, William

U ↑ Page Top

Ukon Takayama

V ↑ Page Top


Vandari, The


Victoria (Tory)

Victoria, Queen

Victory Squadron


W ↑ Page Top

Watchdog (Watcher)

Watcher (Watchdog)

Wesley, Charles

Wesley, John

Whisperers (Love Fairies), The

White Angel (Truth Keeper)

Whitefield, George

Wigglesworth, Smith

Wildcats of Heaven, The

William Booth

William Carey

William Gladstone

William Halsey, Admiral

William Tyndale

William Wallace

Wings of Heaven, The

Winston Churchill, Sir

Witnessing Spirit Guides


Worldliness, The Demon of

Wycliffe, John

Y ↑ Page Top

Yehoda bar-Simon



York, Alvin

Youth, The Spirit of

Yul Brynner

Z ↑ Page Top

Zanko and Bridora

Zacharias (NT)

Zinzendorf, Nicolaus Ludwig

About the file...↑ Page Top

This file consists of four parts:

1) Table of Contents

2) Descriptions of each of our helpers and hinderers in the spirit world, in alphabetical order.

3) References (ML titles)

4) Index

The table of contents is actually hyperlinks. Find the name of the spiritual being you want to look up, and click it. You will jump to the corresponding article.

The index works the same way, and throughout the file you will find many other hyperlinks which are related to the subject. The whole file is cross-referenced this way to make it easy for you to find related subjects.

If the spiritual being is a departed human being, you will find his/her brief biography after the quotes, taken mostly from a Letter or Good Thots. The asterisks (**) preceding the name indicates that the biography is a compiled information collected from other resources.

You'll find all the titles of the MLs quoted in this file under the References section. You could also hover your mouse over the ML# throughout the file, and the corresponding ML title would pop up. For example, place your mouse over the following: ML#nnnn.

I pray you find this file a blessing and a very useful tool in your spiritual warfare. God bless you as you learn to work together with our spirit helpers to defeat the Enemy!


Quotes on the spiritual warfare↑ Page Top

Spirit helpers = extension of the Lord's Spirit

(Jesus:) Just as you call on Me when you need an answer or solution to a problem, call on your spirit helpers the same way. I've gifted them for this task. I've given them the wisdom, knowledge, spiritual fire and power that they need to help aid you in your life on Earth. They're an extension of My Spirit. Use them! Use the completeness of My power by tapping into their resource of strength and power! (ML#3522:18)

Learn to work with the spirit helpers

(Jesus:) This is a new day, and I have said that the spiritual realm is merging with the physical realm every single day.

So now is the time to learn to work with your spirit helpers, to learn to spend time with them, to learn to focus on the powers of the spirit through their help and counsel. I promise to bless your life as you do. With each step you take to connect with them, with each effort you put forth to learn from them and communicate with them, I will bless you more abundantly with the attributes of their spirit.

You will feel a greater awareness of their presence each time you talk with them. You'll be drawing closer and closer to them, so that as the days of darkness and tribulation approach, you won't only be one person in Me; you will be a thousand warriors in Me and them! You will have the spirits of a thousand saints living in your heart and your mind and your spirit. You will have their words running through you, their strengths compelling you--and that, coupled with My power, will make you an unbeatable force! (ML#3522:50,56-57)

The most powerful teamwork: those of the spirit and flesh working together

(Dad:) There are all of the mighty angels and warriors of the spirit world. There are powerful archangels, skilled fighting warriors. There are fairies, angels, spirits, creatures, and powerful beings of all shapes and sizes, for every purpose imaginable. Great, mighty, strong, powerful and wise are your co-workers in the spirit realm, and their power is released at your command, at your call, as you ask in faith.

If you don't know who to call on, if you don't know the name of your spirit helpers, ask the Lord, and He'll introduce you! Get to know those in the spirit. Get acquainted, and start working together more as a team. Your spirit helpers are not just imagined; they're real--simply in a different realm than you. You're in the realm of the flesh and they're in the realm of the spirit, but the Lord has designed you to work together as one. This is the most powerful teamwork combination in the universe--those of the spirit and flesh working together to defeat the Enemy, to further the work of the Lord and the spreading of His truth in these Last Days.

One cannot do without the other; it's a teamwork effort, and must be so to accomplish the Lord's highest and best. You've learned more about your spirit helpers over the years, but now it's time to take it a step further and start depending on their help more fully, growing closer to them in spirit, getting to know them in a personal way, forming bonds of friendship and working relationships, and availing yourself of all that they have to offer. (ML#3443:11-13)

Secrets to success and survival at this time of history

(Mama:) The Lord makes it clear that learning to recognize the spiritual warfare, and working with those who are helping us from the spirit world, as well as fighting against those who seek to hinder us, are secrets to success and survival at this time in history.

This is a unique time. It's a time that is different from all that has gone before, because this is leading up to the grand finale, so things are different, more intense. The Enemy, as was foretold in the Bible, knows that his time is short and he's trying all sorts of new tactics and pulling out all the firepower against us that he can muster (Rev.12:12). It's very important for us to remember that, as it will help the battles and all that the Lord is showing us to make more sense and fall into perspective. (ML#3434:7-8)

Advantage of seeing things in the spirit

(Jesus:) It is in the spirit that battles are won or lost. Those who want to be winners will fight in the spirit. Those who choose to reject that insight and truth, and who prefer instead to stay in the physical plane, will wind up losing, for they will be weakened and will not see the attacks coming.

One of the main advantages of choosing to see things in the spirit and fight in the spirit is that you can see the attacks coming, you can prepare, you can be warned and ready. If you don't accept the spiritual point of view and instead choose to stay in the physical realm, then you just have to deal with the attacks as they come and you fight a much more defensive warfare. Plus, your enemy is safe from your attacks and offensive against him, because he's not limited to or affected by the physical plane. (ML#3434:4-5)

Don't struggle in the flesh, but fight in the spirit!

(Jesus:) Exposing the enemy is the first step to defeating him, and you must be able to see your enemy in order to fight him effectively. So My children must learn to ask Me to reveal to them who is fighting them and who is helping them from the spiritual realm. If they're faithful to do this, their efforts in battle will go much further, victories will come quicker, and they will learn to recognize the Enemy's attacks and advances easier, as well as recognize the help from the spirit world.

This is all part of taking on heavenly thought power and becoming more aware of the spiritual realm, linking yourself to it, availing yourself of the power which is yours, and fighting with it, rather than ignoring it and struggling in the flesh. (ML#3412:21-22)

Your personal spiritual coaches

(Jesus:) Don't just pray for their help to deliver you when faced with a huge battle or problem, but allow them to get actively involved in your life. Allow them to help you preempt attacks. Allow them to show you how to actually prevent yourself from getting hit in the same area again and again. They are your personal battle coaches for any battle you could face.

You might even be facing a very physical battle or challenge, such as a battle over weight loss, or simply trying to take better care of your body. If you have a weakness or a need, you can bet I've made ample provisions for you. You have specific keys you can claim for those needs as well. Yet you also have specific spiritual coaches you can counsel with, and whose power you can avail yourself of. So ask Me for a spirit helper who can coach and train you in the ways of caring for your body. Chances are you already have one. (ML#3522:33-34)

Practical tips of learning more about our helpers and hinderers

(Mama:) Here are a few practical tips that might help us to learn more about our spirit helpers and motivate us to use them more.

1) Do a study on the spirit helpers and hinderers revealed in the recent GNs. Then make a very brief note on each one--just a sentence or two to jog your memory about what the spirit helper does, or how the hinderer attacks. Then put each spirit helper or hinderer on separate little slips of paper in a jar in your room. Every day, or every few days, choose one of the slips and make a point to call on that spirit helper--for yourself if appropriate, or if not for someone else who you know is battling--or if it's a hinderer, make a point to use that knowledge at least once that day, through rebuking the demon in prayer at some point. As you use each slip, put it in a "used" jar. Then when the first jar is empty, replenish your stock and start again. This way, over time you'll become much more familiar with each of the spirit helpers.

2) Choose a spirit helper or hinderer every week, along with a brief note about what they do, and memorize it, like you'd memorize a verse or a key promise. Then once you have memorized the info on a few, begin to review them--again, just as you would review your verses or key promises.

3) Plan a quiz night or game night for your Home, with the goal being to learn more about those in the spirit world.

4) Print out pictures of a few spirit helpers that have been drawn in the GNs, or in the Xn, and include beneath each picture a very brief description of their name and what they do. Put them around your room, in your bathroom, or anywhere that's appropriate, and pretty soon you'll know these specific spirit helpers like "friends." Once you know them all well, print some new pictures and start the learning fun all over again.

5) Choose one spirit helper for the week or the month to be your "buddy." Print or write out their name and what they do, and carry that information with you wherever you go. At every opportunity appropriate, use that spirit helper--in your conversations with others, during devotions or prayer vigil, etc.

6) If you have a list of the spirit helpers and what they do, and the hinderers and how they fight, bring that list to united prayer vigils or devotions, and use that information in your prayers.

7) Have a spirit helper dress-up night (focusing on major spirit helpers revealed in the GNs, rather than dressing up as any and all departed spirits or saints). Guess who everyone is dressed up as, and which hinderers they fight against. Make it a platform to learn more about the spirit helpers.

8) Play games that help you learn more about your spirit helpers, such as a spirit helper match game. For example, if you have 16 members in your Home senior teen and up, you could write down the names of 8 spirit helpers on separate slips of paper, and on new slips of paper you could write down what that spirit helper does. Each person would get a slip, and the spirit helpers have to find their "match"--the person who has the description of who they are and what they do. There are many games of this nature that you could play to make learning about your spirit helpers fun and exciting. (ML#3522:183)

About the names of spirit helpers/hinderers

(Jesus:) The reason the spirit helpers' and even demons' names so often coincide with words that you're familiar with is because I choose to do it that way to make it easy for you to remember them and associate them. It's not necessarily their name in Heaven or in the spirit world, but it's the handle I assign them for you on Earth to use. (ML#3485:174)

About genders of angels

(Mama:) We also asked the Lord if all these angels of our hearts were female, as He referred to them as "she" in the preceding message. He said: "They are angels, and so they are not bound by gender in the way that you think of it now. You can think of them as females, for then it is more natural for you to think of them helping you connect to Me intimately. But this is one of those wonders of the spiritual realm that you won't fully understand until you get to Heaven. It is past your natural understanding, but to your spirit, everything will be clear and beautiful and awesome!" (ML#3558:254)

About mythological characters

(Dad:) I even believe in Greek and Roman mythology, how about that? I believe this is leftover legends of the battles between the Angels of God and the demons of the Devil! I believe they really happened! Maybe not exactly as they are finally portrayed in those myths of mythology and legendary tales--they might have embellished'm a bit and exaggerated a bit and added to a bit perhaps--but I believe they're based on facts of early spiritual warfare between the Angels of God, the forces of good, and the forces of evil, the demons and devils of Hell, the Devil! (ML#1507:26)

Aaron↑ Page Top

Departed Family Member

ML#351:107. Aaron is now the Children of God's personal representative in the counsels and courts of Heaven! "God has enabled him to help us as never before! And he is! Rejoice that this another son of David is added to his helpers! ..."

MLK#186. You can ask Jesus to send Aaron (Grandpa's son who died in 1973*) to help you with your witnessing, because he was a very bold witness.

Abaddon↑ Page Top

Rev.9.11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

Abner↑ Page Top

Departed Family Member

ML#2123:39. (Dad:) ... Just think, Abner's been Up There almost 15 years, think of all he knows! No wonder he's my teacher! He's my teacher Up There because he knows more than I do! 15 years in Heaven is like 15,000 on Earth! They learn so much and so fast! He's very important There now.

Stands in the gap for the Family

ML#3669:110. (Abner:) I wanted to let you know that I am one of your chief sentries, and I have been on duty.

113. I work closely with Vigilance and Prudence ...

114. (Jesus:) Indeed, Abner still stands in the gap. He's still active in helping to guard your security and protect you from all harm. It's something he's had a burden for and for which I brought him over to this side way back in 1971.

115. The Archangel Michael, as Commander of My armies, is still your highest protector and guardian, under Me, of course. But Abner works under Michael, and you can call on him to help strengthen your walls of defense if you'd like. He'll be happy to come and assist in any way possible. Your protection is his greatest priority.

ML#3320:41. (Abner paying tribute to the Family:) It's my joy, my passion, and my livelihood to stand in the gap for you whenever needed. You keep me busy, and I love it, because I know we're fighting for the right side! Oh, I know sometimes you don't always feel like you have the strong stick-at-it determination, but believe me, you guys have got what it takes, and I'm honored to stand guard for you.

Abrahim↑ Page Top

Dad's spirit helper

ML#195:43. (Dad:) ... an ancient Gypsy king from the mountains of Northern India, or whose ancestors were from there over a thousand years ago and who had become Christians and migrated as far Westward as Bulgaria, was himself, Abrahim, martyred by the Turks with about 200 of his tribe in the forests of Bulgaria in the year 1272!

44. Abrahim was one of the first of my spiritual acquaintances when I first received the gift of tongues in the year 1970 ...

Seven Guardian Angels of Dad

A.B. Simpson↑ Page Top

Expert on meditation and intercessory prayer

ML#3697:76. (Mama:) The next of our spiritual forefathers that we had an interview with is Albert Benjamin Simpson, who was the founder of the denomination that Grandmother preached in and that Dad grew up in.

77. He was born on December 15, 1843, to parents of Scottish descent. He grew to be one of the most respected Christian figures in American evangelism, a much sought-after speaker and pastor.

78. Simpson founded a major evangelical denomination, the Christian and Missionary Alliance, published over 70 books, edited a weekly magazine for nearly 40 years, and wrote many Gospel songs and poems.

79. Simpson accepted Jesus as his Savior at age 15 and was subsequently called by God to preach the Gospel. After graduating from Knox College in Toronto, Canada, in 1865 at the age of 22, Simpson accepted his first pastorate at Knox Church in Hamilton, one of Canada's largest, most influential congregations.

80. Simpson realized that God was using his weak health to move him into a closer and deeper love for Jesus Christ. His dependence on God became natural, as did his communion with his Savior.

81. William MacArthur, a friend and co-worker, said Simpson once told him, "I am no good unless I can get alone with God." MacArthur added, "Simpson's practice was to hush his spirit and literally cease to think. Then, in the silence of his soul, he listened for the still, small voice of God."

82. Simpson discovered he was also developing a deep compassion for the lost. A desire to evangelize began to consume him. Someone once wrote of Simpson: "I discovered that those who knew him paint a picture of a dynamic but humble worker for God who inspired others to total commitment to God's service and Kingdom. They portray him as a loving, caring, patient man."

83. Simpson helped to form and head up two evangelization societies, the Christian Alliance and the Evangelical Missionary Alliance. As thousands joined these two groups, Simpson sensed a need for the two to become one. In 1897, they became the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

84. Serving as pastor until 1918, Simpson continued to seek ways to reach the hurting and unsaved. He wanted the denomination that he had founded to be a spiritual association of believers who hungered to know the fullness of the blessing of the Gospel of Christ, working concertedly for the speedy evangelization of the world.

85. On October 28, 1919, Simpson slipped into a coma from which he never recovered. Family members recall that his final words were spoken to God in prayer for all the missionaries he had helped to send throughout the world.

86. To the end, Simpson remained devoted first to his beloved Savior, and then to all who would dare to take the Gospel message to a lost and dying world.

87. Thank You Jesus! That is undoubtedly where Grandmother and Dad got some of the soul-winning fervor and the missionary-mindedness that they had as well.

Helps us in our intercessory prayer and giving classes to the sheep

ML#3659:82. * A.B. Simpson: "I'm one of your spirit helpers. Dad talked about me sometimes. The Lord was preparing the Family to work with me. He gave me the gift of writing, prayer, and meditation. I will help the Family to prepare their 'sermons' for their local church, to give classes to their sheep, and most of all to intercede in prayer for the needs of their field." (A.B. Simpson, 1843-1919, American preacher and evangelist who founded the Christian and Missionary Alliance. In "My Yoke Is Easy" Dad called him "that grand old man of faith," who said, "You cannot do the Master's work without the Master's power!")

Accomplishment, The Demon of↑ Page Top

Underling demon of pride

ML#3455:189. (Prayer:) I rebuke the spirit of Pride, and ask You to break its power and grip! ... Powerful Savior, cause this demon to fall, and to take all the underling demons of pride with him--the demons of Accomplishment, Flesh, Worldliness, Machoism, Carnality and Materialism.

Activated spirit helpers↑ Page Top

Help Activated readers

ML#3348:54. (Anya:) I am one of the multitudes of spirit helpers that are assigned to this Activated ministry. Every time you sell a subscription, we are assigned to that person to be their spirit helper, to help lead and guide them through the Activated magazine and books. As you can probably imagine, nudging the person in the spirit to buy a subscription is just half the battle, for afterwards the Enemy tries to come in and do all kinds of dastardly deeds to keep that person from reading the mag.

55. We are there to make sure the Enemy doesn't get the upper hand and cause the subscriber to not read or not be fed from the magazine. The Enemy has many tricks up his sleeve, so we have to stay one step ahead of him and make sure he's defeated. But we can't do this unless we have your prayers. Your prayers for this ministry are vital and what give us the power we need to have an edge over the Evil One.

56. So I plead with you, dear Family, to remember us in your prayers and to be faithful to intercede on our behalf, for our jobs are only going to get bigger as you get more and more people of this world activated! I love you! Thanks for praying! Love, Anya

Activation Angels, The↑ Page Top

ML#3455:59. (Jesus:) Here are the names:

Activation angel number 1:

   Angel of Miracles.

Activation angel number 2:

   Angel of Revelation.

Activation angel number 3:

   Angel of Witnessing.

Activation angel number 4:

   Angel of David's Mantle.

ML#3349:9. (Vision:) In front of me is a gorgeous angel, so magnificent, so awesome in appearance! He's almost mesmerizing to look at! It's as if he's made out of gold, because he's golden from head to foot, even his hair. And yet it's not a hard, metallic, earthly form of gold, but a living, almost translucent, moving gold. His long hair is blowing behind him, not by some external element or breeze, but as if by a living, inborn force within him that causes it to move and flow and almost morph in shape behind him.

11. As my range of vision expands, I see not only this angel, but three other similar beings. So there are four of them--and they're all equally as beautiful, equally as golden, and equally as powerful and incredible in form.

15. (Jesus:) With the ignition of this power, this activation of the keys to My Kingdom within your hands, My angelic beings are also set free and activated to help you, and in so doing fulfill their destiny. ... Their form is as no other, for these four are the activation angels--golden beings of light, their level of power unprecedented and unchallenged, save by that of My archangels.

17. Each angel, at the touch of your faith and request of your lips, will escort you into the future. They are in control of all that each of My brides will need in activating the power now placed in your hands. At the command of your faith they will work from the spirit world to perform miracles on your behalf. And because you, My faithful brides, will not use the power given you for your own purposes or glory but only as a means of reaching My lost ones and reaping the harvest before you, any impossibility before you will be bridged.

Deactivation (Neutralization) Demons

Acumon↑ Page Top

CCR (PR) Board Custodian

ML#3476:118. (Jesus:) This spirit's name is Acumon, known for his sharp, penetrating discernment. Besides being a Keeper and Guide for the PR board, Acumon instructs in humility, for in humility is the true strength that empowers one against fear. Truth and justice are most important to him, and are the reason for his existence. His mandate is to uphold truth and justice and righteousness.

119. He knows how pride works against truth, and how the scales of pride blind and confuse; his power is to pierce and divide, casting asunder the shell of the pride of those who oppose the truth. His strength is in his keen judgment and insight, and in the power of his discernment that quickly discriminates between the real and the unreal, and recognizes the truth from the lie. His cloak of meekness empowers you with truth, and activates the keys of attacking initiative, which dispel the fiction and drive away the real threat.

120. Anyone can call on Acumon's insight and power, but at this time he is especially assigned to the PR board. Those who know My Word are especially attuned to the strength that Acumon has for them.

121. [PR International Board:] You may have noticed that Acumon sounds and is spelt very similarly to the English word "acumen," which means "sharpness of mind: quick insight, or the ability to make quick, accurate judgments of people or situations."

Adoniram Judson↑ Page Top

Helps us in our witnessing and winning effort

ML#3701: Summary: Adoniram's missionary expertise and his deep love for the lost will be an asset to us during the Offensive. He will help us to know what approach to use in our witnessing, and assist us with understanding, compassion, insight, discernment, and supernatural leading.

80. He tells us today: "I can help you to be a living sample of true, sacrificial love to everyone--every day and everywhere.

81. "Jesus has commissioned me in these Last Days to join forces with you. Helping you in your witnessing and winning effort has now become my major focus. The heart of man is the same today as it was when I was on Earth--desperately in need of love, understanding, and compassion. I will help you to know how to reach out in love and what approach to use in each situation. I will help give you understanding and compassion for the lost, as well as insight, discernment and supernatural leading."

Expert on meditation and intercessory prayer

ML#3697:124. (Mama:) The next interview is with Adoniram Judson, whom most of you are quite familiar with because of the emphasis in our pubs that has been given to him, and rightfully so. He was a great man of God, a great soul winner, a great worder. He lived from 1788 to 1850.

125. The first American missionary to Burma, Judson was imprisoned for 17 months during the war between England and Burma. He was released by the Burmese as the war wound down, and he served as an interpreter during the peace negotiations.

126. When Judson began his mission in Burma, he set a goal of translating the Bible and founding a church of 100 members before his death. When he died, he left the Bible, 100 churches instead of just one, and over 8,000 believers.

127. Judson compiled the first Burmese/English dictionary. Every dictionary and grammar book written in Burma in the last two centuries has been based on ones originally created by Judson.

131. He holds the distinction of being one of America's first foreign missionaries. He faced many of the difficulties on the mission field which we do today. The Burmese tongue was difficult, and the written language was a continual sequence of letters with no punctuation or capitals, and no divisions between words, sentences, or paragraphs. Despite this, Judson usually translated between 25 to 30 Old Testament verses daily for years from the original Hebrew into Burmese, two very complex languages.

132. In addition, the realities of mission life were also discouraging sometimes. Despite constant sickness and persecution, he spent over 30 years winning souls there, although it took six years to win the first one. Think about that a while when you think you have problems.

133. He also completed the first Burmese Bible and most of the first Burmese dictionary. By 100 years after his death, there were over 200,000 Christians in Burma as a result of his faithfulness to begin preaching the Gospel there.

Agnes↑ Page Top

Spirit helper for Japan Family:

Prophecy received at Japan RC meeting (Nov.2002):

(Agnes:) It is my job to encourage you to have the faith of a little child. The Japanese people, on the outside, look hard, difficult, and like their way of thinking complicated, but on the inside their heart is very soft and gentle and they have a heart of a child. It is my job to bring it to use it, and to help it to grow. The Lord allows me to enter into their hearts and work on them. But I can only work when you have the faith of a child, and reach out to them. It's at those times that I am able to enter into their hearts through your childlike faith. After that, I and the other heavenly helpers go to work in their hearts. We are able to bring out the childlike innocent heart from deep within and help it to grow for the Lord.

So, tell your brothers and sisters in Japan the importance of having the simple faith of a child. Tell them that this simple love and faith is what will overcome the evil and the complexity and confusion of Japan. This is a conquest that will be won from the inside. You won't cause a huge change, or a big splash on the surface, but you'll be able to completely change them on the inside. This is the strategy from the Lord for the field of Japan.

So encourage them to continue to reach out with the hand of simple faith and love, and not be deceived by outward appearances. And as they do, the simple childlike faith will grow into a gigantic faith.

My name is Agnes. I am the fairy of simplicity.

Aiden Tozer↑ Page Top

Witnessing and winning spirit helper

ML#3702: Summary: Aiden Tozer will strengthen our boldness and conviction, help us to be faithful, instant witnesses, will encourage us to get out of ourselves and be on fire for Jesus, and bolster our courage when delivering the truth.

56. He lived from 1897 to 1963, and 44 of those years were lived in service to the Lord as an American pastor, preacher, author of over 40 books, magazine editor, public speaker, and spiritual mentor.

57. He lived a simple life with his wife and seven children (six boys and one girl), and never even owned a car. Even when he received royalties for the books that he wrote, some of which were considered Christian classics, he gave away much of that money. Things that made him truly great were his fearless faith, and a deep and sincere love for people. He was also known as a man of prayer, who had a talent for encouraging people to have deeper commitments to Jesus.

58. Aiden wrote, "In many churches Christianity has been watered down until the solution is so weak that if it were poison it would not hurt anyone, and if it were medicine it would not cure anyone!" He had conviction, and he will lend us that conviction from the spirit world. The Lord said, "Tozer is here to help in many ways. Some of the main ones are boldness and conviction, as well as faithfulness and being an instant witness. He'll help you to get out of yourself and instead be so on-fire, so in love with Me, so moved and excited, that you can't help but set your world on fire for Me."

59. While he completed his life on Earth, with an inscription on his grave that said, "A. W. Tozer--A Man of God," his life didn't end there. Far from it! He is here today, helping us in our big job of winning the world. His advice? "Believe, believe, believe, and don't listen to the Devil and allow him to intimidate you for one second. You've been commissioned in the Offensive with a message of discipleship, with a job to reach those who are in need, so believe in your cause and know that you have the best thing ever to offer. I'll be here to help bolster your courage when the Lord calls on you to deliver the truth."

Akmeel↑ Page Top

Xn #13. (Akmeel:) I'm a fighter in training. I'm training to be a defender of the faith in these last days. By Earth years I'd be about 14 years old. I've been training for some time now for this mission. And you know what? It's one of you! I was assigned to someone two years younger than me (this is by Earth years because in Heaven we don't have the same measure of ages), but I don't know who it is yet. Is it you? Jesus told me that someone is going to request my help, but I haven't heard from you yet.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that I'm part of an entire class of warriors. I was chosen as the spokesperson for our whole class. We have been trained by the Lord to help you, but we're waiting for you to call on us.

So call on us and we'll be your defenders and partners in this big fight of the Endtime.

Aknon↑ Page Top

Demon of fear of asking

ML#3462d:568. (Jesus:) ... His name is Aknon, and he is the demon of fear of asking. And by fear, I don't mean only fear as you usually think of it, but also the feelings of condemnation, embarrassment, begging in an "excuse me for living" manner, and all the feelings which you can be hit with when you're not really full of My Word on the subject. Even when you are, sometimes he will fight you. But when you are full of My Word and prayed up, when you have sought Me as to your presentation and how to best approach a contact to help you, then Aknon has no power over you. Instead, My mighty angels of faith and courage rush to your side and you'll find a great thrill in presenting your need.


Alain↑ Page Top

Helps you with your memory work

Gen-up #5. (Alain:) Hello! My name is Alain (pronounced: Al-lahn). ... I hear you are moving ahead with your memory work! I'm one of the spirit helpers who has been appointed to assist anyone who needs help with memory work.

One day I saw a couple of prayer requests come in from two preteen Family missionaries in Africa asking for help with their memory work. I told the Lord, "I'm now memorizing the Word as well. And since it's something I'm involved in, maybe I could help these two at the same time." Right away I got the job. And since then, I've been helping various Family members around the world with their memory work.

One thing that I've been excited to see is how when someone memorizes a verse and takes it into their heart it causes a permanent connection with the Lord. It's almost like a little wire is put in place between that person's soul and one of the hot Word stations here in Heaven.

When you're working on your memory and review, claim the keys for memory work and also ask for help from me, or one of the other memory work spirit helpers. We love being called upon and look forward to helping you!

Albert Einstein↑ Page Top

Gives us insight into practical matters

ML#3653b:2. (Jesus, on praying out of bounds:) ...when was the last time you called on the help of a departed saint, such as Albert Einstein for insight into practical matters...?

Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin↑ Page Top

Russian spirit helper

ML#3146:8. (Pushkin, to a Russian disciple:) I saw how people were suffering. I saw their pain. I couldn't rejoice and be happy, because this pain was in my heart too. I was weeping together with them. I was crying out for help, and the pain of my heart was coming out in my poems. You loved them [the poems] because they spoke to your heart. You understood them because you were going through the same things.

9. But I want to tell you that since I came up Here, I've finally seen real joy, real happiness, and how we could be happy! Now I feel so sad when people look at my life and my history, and they cry. When they look at the way we were living, they feel sadness in their hearts. Oh, how I wish to tell them that I was wrong. I would give so much now just to tell them that it wasn't right.

10. Now, up Here, I understand so much, and I really wish to pass it to you. The Lord wants to send us down to you to help you to understand that [my way] wasn't the right way. He is a happy God Who can change people by bringing them happiness and joy. Please open their eyes and tell them that I wanted to be happy, and I was happy at certain times, but the society around me was getting me down. And the feeling of condemnation for my own people was getting me more down.

Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeyevich (1799-1837). Russian poet, novelist, dramatist, and short-story writer; he has often been considered his country's greatest poet and the founder of modern Russian literature.

Alexander the Great↑ Page Top

Call on him in times of persecution

ML#3445:43. (Alexander, to Mama:) Don't worry or concern yourself with the enemies who wish to raise their arms against you. For in the day that they do so, many legions of angels and spirit helpers, myself included, will also raise our arms to fight them in the spirit. Their evil machinations will come to naught, for none can stand against the might and strength and will of our almighty God!

46. I am standing ready to fight for you, to protect you, my queen, and to serve you as my Lord has commanded! So never fear, for the armies of Heaven are here to guard you. We will not look to the right or to the left, but we will stand strong, holding our ground and protecting you on all sides.

ML#3529:104. (Jesus:) For you, My Endtime army, I say all of Heaven awaits your command at this time [of persecution]. Great legions of fighters and warriors in the spirit--with Archangel Michael at their helm--are at your side as you access the keys. Great spirits and fighters from all ages, including Cromwell, Alexander the Great, and William Wallace rally to the cry!

** Alexander the Great (356 BC-323 BC) was King of Macedon; he conquered the warring and divided city states of Greece along with Persia, Egypt and a number of other kingdoms, all the way to the borders of India.

Almathor↑ Page Top

Heavenly counterpart of Sphinx and Drought

ML#3522:138. (Summary:) Almathor is a spirit of tranquility. She appears gentle and soothing, yet she is endowed with great power. She will send the Sphinx screaming in terror, for she carries the full light of the Holy Spirit in her bosom. She also brings waters of relief and rains of rejuvenation to counter the attacks of Drought. Her cleansing waters of the spirit flood the body, bringing relief from the effects of Drought.

130. (Jesus:) My Spirit is able to reverse [Drought's] hellish cycle through the power of the keys and with the aid of Almathor. I explained before that Almathor was reserved for the countering of Sphinx, but that her power would come into play in more ways in the future. It is now such a time, and her waters of relief and rains of rejuvenation are now freed to counter this foul one. Her cleansing waters of the spirit can flood the body, bringing relief from the dry desert of Drought.

134. Her name is Almathor, for the Spirit of the Almighty thunders through her.

135. (Comment from channel:) When the Lord said she was a spirit of tranquility, the impression I got was that this was some sort of class or category of spirit rather than a title for her alone. What I saw as He was giving her name was what seemed to be a female spirit, very huge and awesome. She looked angelic, but where her breasts would be, there was a sphere of intense, brilliant light that seemed to drive away all shadows as she approached. I could see her front very clearly, but the rest of her seemed to trail off into a sort of mist.

136. It was as though the front of her was solid, but the rest became more and more ethereal and undefined. I could hear rolling thunder echoing all around her, and the sphere of light in her bosom seemed to be filled with lightning. It looked a bit like those static electricity balls they have at science museums, where there are all these static charges going from the center to the outside of the ball, like mini lightning bolts, except that the ball was also filled with this brilliant light. Then behind her seemed to be the misty rains that must be the showers of blessings the Lord spoke of for His children.

HELP Force

Altos↑ Page Top

ML#3443:45. (Altos:) ... I come as a messenger on this day of your queen's birth on behalf of our Lord, Master, and Husband. I stand and give attendance in the courts of the nine orders of angelic beings: all angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim and seraphim.

49. I bear a message from those who stand beside me. There is great power and force in being specific in prayer. Just as you have revealed and exposed the faces and names of some of the chief fiends of darkness who fight against you, do not be afraid to seek those of us within the angelic order of Light who serve you. Do not be afraid to call upon us by name, that we may be activated to fight against and bind the power of our evil adversaries and counterparts, even as Michael was recorded as being called upon to fight against the Prince of Persia.

50. Within the spiritual realm there is always the counterpart of light versus darkness. So do not be afraid to seek the names of those who stand within the hierarchy of our angelic warrior order. We are here to serve you, just as we live to serve our King and God.

Alvin York↑ Page Top

Helps us to shoot straight in our prayers

ML#3659:74. * Alvin York: "I was the sharpshooter from World War I that David used to tell you about. I'm here for a very different reason, though. I want to help you to shoot straight in your prayers. I want to help you to put all of that gold mine of information you have in your minds and hearts about prayer to good use. I'm here to help give you the bold faith and courage to ask our Lord for anything, no matter how outlandish. I'm here to reinforce in your minds the wisdom of investing in prayer now, and of doing it right, taking time to hit that target accurately. It's much better to slowly put a good bullet in the bull's eye than to blanket the field with fire, wasting time and ammo. I'm a man, like you, whose desire is to be a sharpshooter--hitting the target every time. And I'm here to give you whatever help I can in praying that objective to completion." (Alvin Cullum York, 1887-1964, was a United States soldier, famous for his heroism in World War I. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for leading an attack on a German machine gun nest, killing 20 German soldiers and capturing 132 others.)

Amahl↑ Page Top

Communications instructor in Heaven

ML#3271:28. (Amahl:) ... I'm one of the communications instructors Here in Heaven. ...

35. The secret to hearing from the Lord in prophecy every step of the way, for every decision, for every little thing, is to make it a habit. You're going to have to will yourself to do it at first and really make a conscious effort. I'm not talking about stopping before everything you do for a big, long prophecy session. I'm talking about on-the-spot direction, quick instruction. I'm talking about being so in tune with the Lord that you'll always be listening to what He has to say.

Amaor↑ Page Top

Xn #20. (Jesus:) Amaor, a brave and strong warrior for Me is skilled to fight on behalf of the children of David in these Last Days. He has armor of Heavenly brass; shields made of material unlike any you on Earth can dream of. The weaponry he's equipped with is built into his body and is a part of him. He is strong and fights with vigor. There's nothing that he's not prepared for, for I have equipped him well.

When Amaor fights, it sometimes looks more like a well-choreographed dance, because he's so graceful. Hovering in the air, first he'll hold out his arm with a clenched fist and energy will shoot from his knuckles. Then he'll turn and direct his elbow toward the enemy, and another searing blast will emit from there. After that, with this back turned, he'll deflect one of the enemy's energy blasts with the sole of his foot.--He's learned in battle training to detect things even when his back is turned. Then he'll swing his head around and send a blast from his eyes to some little minions who are peeking out from their hiding spot. It'll hit them right in the eyes and render them temporarily blind, so that they run, screaming and in confusion.

There are others like him, who learn to fight and carry out My call of duty, to defend My children on this earth. Call on them, My loves, and so shall they be sent swiftly to your sides. They will skillfully use the weapons I have gifted them with.

Amazons, The↑ Page Top

ML#3445:81. (Jesus:) The nations and peoples in your physical realm are often reflections of the spiritual. Many tales of heroes or heroines of old, of gods and goddesses, or warriors which your modern world considers myths were real. They existed in the spirit and still do, and many were visible in the physical and did great deeds, some good and some evil.

82. Sometimes they had human counterparts as well, people who later came to be known by their same name. Such is the case of the Amazons. They were warrior spirits and they were warrior humans. The warrior spirits came to Earth at times to wage their warfare on behalf of My children and those who were in the right, and those brave human women on Earth who came to be called Amazons came to Heaven to become warrior spirits here, to continue their fight. So the spiritual traveled to the physical realm for a while and those in the physical who were worthy traveled to the spiritual realm to abide forever.


Amon↑ Page Top

Tried to blind Mama

ML#2326:55. Amon is an evil spirit that's trying to blind you! Amon! (Maria: Is he a departed spirit or an angel?) He's a departed spirit and an angel! (Maria: Both?)--Yes, of course! (Maria: He used to be human?) He's trying to blind you! You just have to resist him, Honey! ...

From Encyclopedia Brittanica:

Amon, also known as Amana, Amun or Amen, Greek Ammon. An Ancient Egyptian deity revered as king of the gods, was a local deity at Khmun in Middle Egype until his cult reached Thebes and he became the patron of the Pharaohs some time after 1991 B.C. At about that time he also became identified with the sun god Re of Heliopolis and as Amon-Re was received as the national god.

He was identified with the Greek Zeus (the Roman Jupiter.) He is frequently represented as a good or a ram, or as a human with a ram's head, the personification of air or breath.

Amon was also worshipped as part of the divine Theban Triad of deities along with his wife, Mut, and their adopted son, Khensu. ...

More on Amon--from Arnold

...Concerning Amon, it seems that he has been around since the beginning of the Egyptian pantheon and that he was first worshipped as on eof the four gods controlling the elements: Depth, infinity, darkness and invisibility. It so happens that Amon was the god controlling invisibility. I thought that was particularly interesting as he was attacking Mama's eyes. ...

Amy Carmichael↑ Page Top

Member of the Inspiration Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

From GT:

Amy Carmichael (1867-1951): British missionary to Japan, Sri Lanka and India. At the age of 25 she sailed for Japan, but finding the language very difficult, she spent only a year there before going to Sri Lanka and then back to England. But less than a year later she sailed for India, where she stayed more than 55 years without a visit home and wrote more than 30 books on that field. Her ministry was with temple girls, girl children sold by their parents to the Hindu temples for various gods to become temple prostitutes. She risked her life and faced kidnapping charges many times to save these girls, over 130 in all. She and her workers all wore Indian dress, and the children were given Indian names, a practice unheard of in missionaries to India at the time. Foreign and Indian staff members also all lived communally.

John Bunyan [The Inspiration Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Anastasia↑ Page Top

Russian spirit helper

ML#3146:19. (Anastasia:) I love my country. ... So many questions! So much confusion! You have the answers. Please, help me to reach them. ...

20. ... Now we have all been set free. We will help you. Just call on us throughout the day. Any chance you have to witness, call on us! We're right there to help you. We'll help you with the language. We'll help you to understand them. We'll give you the answers. Just be in tune. Raise your antennas and we'll be there to help you. ...

Anastasia (1901-18), daughter of Czar Nicholas II [the last Russian Czar].

Anaya↑ Page Top

ML#3443:58. (Anaya:) ... I am one of the many who are privileged to be working as support staff for the Family, couriering messages back and forth, assisting the guardian angel contingents, and sitting in on the Endtime councils our precious Lord holds.

60. There are so many councils and meetings held in Heaven. ...

61. The Enemy is not privy to these councils. He is allowed in certain courts in Heaven, as Job related in the Bible, but not in these councils. He cannot spy on these top-secret battle plans and strategies. ...

62. I attend some of these councils, as do many others--not because we have wisdom to offer to our King of kings and Lord of lords, but because as battle plans are made, He passes out specific missions. He knows the thoughts and intents of each of our hearts and gives us the missions most suited to our gifts and talents, our skills in battle and in other areas, and also our desires. He hands out missions to those who have the greatest burden for each one. There is never a lack of missions, and never a lack of volunteers and capable spirit helpers to go on them.

66. There are councils being held currently on the coming persecution that the Lord has forewarned you of. These are sober councils, but not somber and sad. Jesus is always faithful to remind us of the big picture, the benefits and wonderful blessings that will come from persecution of His faithful ones, and to point out the limits He has placed on wicked men, that they cannot go a step further in trying to harm His children than He has allowed.

67. He has already mobilized masses of extra troops around the world to help and prepare each Family member, each Family Home, for the coming days, helping them to prepare spiritually and physically. It only remains for you to listen and be sensitive to your spirit helpers, to the Word we lead you to, and to the fresh words in prophecy we speak to you.

Ancient Egypt, Spirits of↑ Page Top

Seek to play a role in the Antichrist's empire

END#78. (Editor:) In recent months there've been many archaeological discoveries in Egypt, as well as some in Greece and Rome, and we were interested in whether there was any spiritual significance to this. In the Letter "Chinese Spirits" (ML #273, Vol.2), Dad talked about the ancient spirits of China and Egypt being dug up and their powers being released to help lead the world. We wondered if this was the case again, and asked the Lord about it.

(Jesus:) This is the time of the End, and many spirits from ages past who have been bound in the Earth have sought release to take part in it. These are the spirits of empires long past who seek to play a role in the empire which is to come, the one-world empire of the Antichrist. His is the empire which will have elements of all past empires, and spirits of empires past as well, because just as the good spirits assemble to help you, the evil spirits assemble to help him.

These ancient spirits have been bound deep and long, imprisoned in the Earth for many centuries, and I have now allowed them release. These are the Last Days, and My Word must be fulfilled, so I have allowed the Enemy to go forth to gather his forces. I have allowed these discoveries. Inspiration was sent to the thoughts of these archaeologists, showing them where to search and where to dig, or even to the minds of common people, leading them to make chance discoveries and stumble upon these idols, temples, and ruins.

These spirits were bound to the objects or to these places, for they were not the spirits of common, ordinary people, those who passed on to the spiritual realm and readily received Me when I descended to preach to them (Ephesians 4:9; 1 Peter 3:18-20, 4:6). These are spirits of men of power who shaped the course of their empires, often through the power and guidance of the Evil One, so they have not received Me readily even in the spiritual realm. Thus they remained bound in the spirit. ...

Prominent among these evil spirits are the spirits of ancient Egypt, an empire where My children of old were persecuted, imprisoned, slain and nearly destroyed. It was an empire where the Enemy marshaled many strong forces and powers against Moses and My children, and where great evil was present on Earth. ...

Andrew Murray↑ Page Top

Expert on meditation and intercessory prayer

ML#3698:1. (Mama:) The next interview is with Andrew Murray. He lived from 1828 to 1917. Dad's mother, as well as Dad, was probably influenced by the writings of Andrew Murray. Probably no one would have known this preacher from a remote spot in Africa, around the Cape, if he hadn't written so many books--over 240 of them.

2. Born in South Africa, he was schooled in Scotland and Holland, and then returned to Africa to be a missionary.

3. He writes in "The Secret of Adoration": "Take time. Give God time to reveal Himself to you. Give yourself time to be silent and quiet before Him, waiting to receive through the spirit, the assurance of His presence with you, His power working in you. Take time to read His Word, that from it you may know what He asks of you and what He promises you. Let the Word create within you a holy atmosphere, a holy, heavenly light, in which your soul will be refreshed and strengthened for the work of daily life."

4. Friends share how the Murray home was always filled with activity. He and his wife Emma had nine children, and there was an endless stream of visitors and friends.

5. Not only was he the author of over 240 books, he was also a great man of prayer. Because of his closeness to the Lord and the time he spent with Jesus, he was able to take on some of the characteristics of the Lord, and he learned that laughter and fellowship with others were two of life's most important activities.

6. Here's more on Andrew Murray: The deeper Christian life was a favorite subject for Murray. He wrote that God was committed to revealing more of Himself to those who would seek Him. As a preacher, he consistently drew large crowds and led many to trust Jesus as their Savior.

7. But Murray's life was not without testing. As a young man, an enduring sickness left him weak and exhausted. Later, in the prime of his ministry, a severe illness resulted in his absence from the pulpit for two years.

8. But God used each trial to remove all that hindered his devotion to the Lord. He prayed, "May not a single moment of my life be spent outside the light, love, and joy of God's presence, and may not a moment be spent without the entire surrender of myself as a vessel for Him to fill full of His Spirit and His love."

9. Abiding in Jesus was the cornerstone to Andrew Murray's life and ministry. He writes: "Abide in Jesus. Your life in Him will lead you to that fellowship with God in which the only true knowledge of God is to be had. His love, His power, His infinite glory will, as you abide in Jesus, be so revealed as it hath not entered into the heart of man to conceive."

11. (Andrew Murray:) As for my statement about laughter and fellowship being two of life's most important activities, I grew up in a home that was filled with joy, laughter, communion and love. But many Christians I encountered in my years at school, and even on the mission field, saw Jesus as a source of suffering, pain, deprivation, and sacrifice.

14. I went to the opposite extreme to try to pull them toward the middle. I made sure that my home, my church, my flocks, and my own life were a reflection of the joy of the Lord and the power and fruitfulness that comes with truly letting Jesus shine through us.

18. So, you could clarify that statement by saying: Through my deep personal relationship with Jesus, I had learned that laughter and fellowship were two of life's most important activities, because they are the greatest examples of Jesus' Spirit filling our lives.

19. "By this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love one for another" (Jn.13:35). How can you have love for one another without fellowship and the joy of living for Jesus? Love makes you happy, so His love should make you absolutely ecstatic! Laughter is a natural, God-created manifestation of joy.

ML#3659:79. * Andrew Murray: "I will help anyone who wants to call on me, especially in your prayer times and meditation times. These are pivotal areas of your spiritual walk that must be strong in order to do the Master's work. I will help you to make them strong areas by giving you the faith, and helping you to find practical solutions for scheduling prayer and meditation into your day. I will help you to have quality times in prayer and meditation, so that it's not just something on your to-do list, but something that you will really look forward to." (Andrew Murray, 1828-1917, was a Christian pastor in South Africa.)

Angel of David's Mantle (Activation angel #4)↑ Page Top

ML#3349:21. (Jesus:) Finally, the fourth and last [Activation] angel has been given charge over My chosen vessels--My Maria and Peter--upon whom much anointing will fall. Theirs will be a great calling, stirring and empowerment, and a great stepping out. A great power will fill them as they don the mantle of leading My brides into the coming era.

Angel of Healing↑ Page Top

Carries special healing powers

ML#3597:122. (Jesus:) Under the Angel of Miracles is another powerful angel who you can call the Angel of Healing. As her name implies, she carries special healing powers, and works together with the Angel of Miracles when the miracles involve healing.

Angels to help heal you

HELP Force

Angel of Miracles (Activation angel #1)↑ Page Top

ML#3349:18. (Jesus:) The first [Activation] angel stands charge over the power to perform miracles of any form for My glory and in reaching those that are Mine. One of these is the gift of healing, which you now have. Be not afraid to use this power for My glory. You must access it in full faith and not be intimidated or fearful to possess this power, for you have it within your hands. This is My promise to you.

ML#3529:98. (Jesus:) I also send you the Activation Angel of Miracles, who will stand guard ready to blind eyes, stop the mouths of your enemies, turn the hearts of the authorities, and give you advance warning of what the Enemy is trying to do.

ML#3566:18. (Prayer:) I rebuke Set and all his minions, and call on the Activation Angel of Miracles to counter the attacks of Set and rid me of this affliction.

ML#3566:35. (Prayer:) I rebuke Disruptor, the creator of destruction and confusion. I ask that You turn his power on himself. Baffle him. Enrage him. Destroy him! Give us wisdom and protection through the help of Vigilance and Prudence. We claim the help of the Activation Angel of Miracles if need be, to do outright miracles to protect and keep us safe.

Angel of Healing

HELP Force

Angel of Revelation (Activation angel #2)↑ Page Top

ML#3349:19. (Jesus:) The second [Activation angel] stands charge over the ability and power to accurately discern and reveal My secrets, including the events of the Last Days. Each step ahead of you will be revealed clearly, plainly, and in truth. There will be nothing withheld from you or kept from you, My beloved brides, that you have the need to see or know.

Gabriel the Archangel

Angel of Witnessing (Activation angel #3)↑ Page Top

ML#3349:20. (Jesus:) The third [Activation] angel stands charge over the power to discern and see deeply into people's hearts and spirits. He also has the power to inflame and activate and turn your hearts toward seeking out, winning, and feeding My lost as never before! He will escort you into a mighty Activated explosion around the world!

Angelo de Firenco↑ Page Top

Linkup #10. (Angelo:) My name is Angelo de Firenco. ... I keep a set of horses especially for the Archangel Michael's messages and messengers. That is my main ministry--to make sure that they are always ready and strong and prepared for battle. That's my job Here, and though it seems pretty small, it is very important. I make it possible for all his messengers to fly swiftly on the wings of these two gorgeous steeds. One's name is Maxi and the other Infinity. ...

Angela Smith↑ Page Top

Departed Family Member

ML#3530:114. (Jesus:) Angela has been greatly honored by being the first of the martyrs for this Endtime era. ...

116. ... She has pioneered the day of martyrs. In the near future, before the days of tribulation begin in full, your martyrs will be few and far between, but this is not the only one in the coming days. Angela will come to many of you. I will send her forth to help prepare your hearts, for she is one of you and will know the words to give you to help you be prepared. She will be a commander in the army of those who have given their lives for Me, one who leads the way, not only by being the first, but with her words of counsel and care for you, for others will be martyred in the future. She will inspire the heavenly forces with the counsel about what you need to fully prepare you for the days to come.

Website: Angela Smith

Angels assigned to your houses and cars↑ Page Top

ML#3325:35. (Jesus:) Those who give their whole life to Me, who are constantly pouring out and witnessing, like the children of David, can have dozens of helpers, warriors, and protectors, to help them stand strong through the trials and fight the battles they face.

37. There are even angels assigned to your houses and cars so that when you travel they go with the car to protect it and you from danger.

Angels of Anointing↑ Page Top

ML#3522:47. (Jesus:) ... You have helpers of anointing who want to help you take on the new anointing that I am extending to you. They have counsel to offer, tips to help you enhance your awareness of Me and My power around you.

52. Let the angels of anointing show you the way of My Spirit.

Angels of Change↑ Page Top

Helps you adjust to changes

ML#3522:90. (Jesus:) In most areas of your spiritual lives, there is a main or key spirit helper who helps the Family overall, and then there are often personal spirit helpers who work with the main spirit helper. So in this case, Change is the one who helps the Family as a whole, and who anyone can call on at any time. And the angels of change, or the spirit helpers of change, are extra personal spirit helpers that you can ask Me to reveal to you and give you information about.

46. (Jesus:) You have helpers of change who long to instruct you in the ways of acceptance and faith toward change. ...

65. (Mama:) --Your angel or spirit helper of change, who helps you adjust and adapt easily to changes.

Angels of Conscience (Angels of the Heart)↑ Page Top

One of the three angels each person is born with

ML#3325:32. (Jesus:) Each person is born with three angels. One is to pray for them through their life ... The other angel is the guardian or protector angel to protect the person through life. And the third angel is the one that influences their thoughts, always trying to help them to make the right choices and decisions and give them the strength to do so. This is the angel of the heart and conscience. The three angels are assigned at conception, because the prayers and protection are needed from then on.

Call on them to help former members

ML#3529:115. (Jesus:) For some of those who have strayed from My side, My angels of conscience will work in their lives and bring them back to the light; I refer to My wandering ones who have not yet strayed far from the light and into the darkness of this world. For these, the power of the angels of conscience can be called upon and activated on their behalf to influence and speak to them, for their spirits have not rejected My light.

116. These angels have influence and positive power over their thoughts, and having known each one of My children intimately from birth know best how to aid and help each person in turning them away from strong pride, rebellion, and the Enemy's downward pull.



Help us with the use of the gift of loving Jesus intimately

ML#3558:250. (Jesus:) Now, how about linking this with your spirit helpers? Sweethearts, this is the simplest connection of all, for I've given each of you an angel of your heart, one who helps keep you always connected to Me. This angel is specifically commissioned to help you maintain a close, strong, intimate connection with Me. This angel knows your heart, not as completely as I do, but it is her charge and commission, and I've given her the anointing and the power to help keep you connected to Me.

251. When loving Me intimately is the last thing you feel like doing, or when you don't know what words to say or how to use the weapon effectively, or when you're just feeling weary and far away from Me, like you haven't been a good bride so far, so why try now, call out to her. Ask her to help you to reach out to Me. Ask her to help you to grab hold of the connection that links your heart to Mine. Ask her to help rekindle your deep desire and need for Me. You can ask her what to say, or how to open your heart to Me, or how to express your feelings to Me. She holds the key to your innermost feelings, and you can call on her to set your heart free, to release your passions so that you can uncover or rediscover your desire for Me.

255. (Jesus:) [Besides the angels of the heart:] You also have other spirit helpers who aid you--Ecstasy, the Blue Angels, your Father David, and your personal Elerian spirit helper. All of them are ready and waiting to help you in this, My loves.

Angels of Courage↑ Page Top

ML#3325:35. (Jesus:) Those who give their whole life to Me, who are constantly pouring out and witnessing, like the children of David, can have dozens of helpers, warriors, and protectors, to help them stand strong through the trials and fight the battles they face.

36. They are given angels of courage ...

Angels of Encouragement, Joy and Inspiration↑ Page Top

ML#3587 (Jesus:) As a gift of My love for you today, I give you one of My lovely angels of encouragement, joy, and inspiration. She will be by your side today from the moment you wake up till the moment you close your eyes to sleep at night. If you need some extra joy, think of her. She will be encouraging you through tokens of My love throughout the day. She will whisper words of happiness in your ears.

Spirit Helpers of Encouragement

Angels of Love↑ Page Top

ML#3522:46. (Jesus:) ... You have helpers of love who want to give you counsel and comfort in the art of love and wooing and winning and being a vessel for My love to come through. ...

65. (Mama:) --Spirit helpers or angels of love, to give you counsel in the art of love, and being a vessel of the Lord's love to others.

Angels of Mercy↑ Page Top

ML#3614:22. (Jesus:) In your times of battles, I will send forth My angels of mercy to care for you. You will never be alone or forsaken, for I will send forth many to stand by your side, to comfort you, to protect you, and to uphold your drooping spirit.

Key Promise “Conflict and war”

Calling on the keys for the plight of the poor unleashes angels of mercy to come to their aid to encourage, strengthen, and protect them.

Angels of Miracles↑ Page Top

ML#3325:35. (Jesus:) Those who give their whole life to Me, who are constantly pouring out and witnessing, like the children of David, can have dozens of helpers, warriors, and protectors, to help them stand strong through the trials and fight the battles they face.

36. They are given ... angels of miracles ...

Angels of Wisdom↑ Page Top

ML#3325:35. (Jesus:) Those who give their whole life to Me, who are constantly pouring out and witnessing, like the children of David, can have dozens of helpers, warriors, and protectors, to help them stand strong through the trials and fight the battles they face.

36. They are given ... angels of wisdom ...

Angels to give you physical strength↑ Page Top

ML#3325:35. (Jesus:) Those who give their whole life to Me, who are constantly pouring out and witnessing, like the children of David, can have dozens of helpers, warriors, and protectors, to help them stand strong through the trials and fight the battles they face.

36. They are given ... angels that even give them physical strength.

Angels to help heal you↑ Page Top

ML#3325:35. (Jesus:) Those who give their whole life to Me, who are constantly pouring out and witnessing, like the children of David, can have dozens of helpers, warriors, and protectors, to help them stand strong through the trials and fight the battles they face.

36. They are given ... angels that help to heal them ...

ML#3597:125. (Jesus:) Of course, there are also a multitude of personal helpers which I will send to anyone who asks--your own personal helper for any time of sickness. For example, if someone is battling with cancer of the stomach, I know exactly what that person needs right then, and I will send them a personal helper who will nurse them and counsel them and encourage them through to the victory. I may not send the same helper to another person? even if they are battling with the same affliction, because each of My brides is different and I send them the spirit helpers who will mean the most to them at that time.

132. I will provide the personal angel you need in your time of affliction.

HELP Force

Angels to help you have faith, to persevere↑ Page Top

ML#3325:35. (Jesus:) Those who give their whole life to Me, who are constantly pouring out and witnessing, like the children of David, can have dozens of helpers, warriors, and protectors, to help them stand strong through the trials and fight the battles they face.

36. They are given ... angels to help them have faith, to persevere ...

Angels to help you receive prophecies↑ Page Top

ML#3325:35. (Jesus:) Those who give their whole life to Me, who are constantly pouring out and witnessing, like the children of David, can have dozens of helpers, warriors, and protectors, to help them stand strong through the trials and fight the battles they face.

36. They are given ... angels to help them receive prophecies ...

Angels to help you through your spiritual battles↑ Page Top

ML#3325:35. (Jesus:) Those who give their whole life to Me, who are constantly pouring out and witnessing, like the children of David, can have dozens of helpers, warriors, and protectors, to help them stand strong through the trials and fight the battles they face.

36. And when you fight heavy spiritual battles you are also given warrior angels to help you through your battles.

Angels to protect you on a dangerous mission↑ Page Top

ML#3325:35. (Jesus:) Those who give their whole life to Me, who are constantly pouring out and witnessing, like the children of David, can have dozens of helpers, warriors, and protectors, to help them stand strong through the trials and fight the battles they face.

36. Some angels are just on temporary assignment. For example, when you go on a dangerous mission you are even dispatched a band of warrior angels to protect you from harm, robbers and mishaps.

Anne Sullivan↑ Page Top

Member of the Parenting Board in Heaven

ML#3478:56. (Jesus:) ... Just as you now have parenting boards there on Earth, I'm activating the "parenting board" in Heaven, too. ...

57. I will be chairing the "parenting board" in Heaven together with the Holy Spirit and a number of spirit helpers who are sitting on the board. We will have guests and others who will participate too. ...

59. As far as the actual members of the board, Helen Keller wanted to help. ...

60. Seeing that Helen wanted to help on the board, Anne Sullivan also wanted to join. Her vision is to teach and train others. She particularly wants to help you who face obstacles with your children, just as she helped see Helen through many hurdles.

** Anne Sullivan (1866-1936): After regaining her eyesight from a series of operations and graduating as class valedictorian in 1886 from the Perkins Institute for the Blind, she began teaching Helen Keller.

Annette↑ Page Top

Loving and caring for Pete in Heaven

ML#3573:83. (Annette, woman in Heaven, speaking to Mama:) My name is Annette. I have not been in Heaven long, probably a few years in Earth time.

88. [The Lord] asked me if I could be Pete's primary caregiver during this time in his life...

91. I love your son, Maria, and I care for him as my own. I am with him day and night; I pour all my heart and soul into him. He is heeding me more and more, and he is learning, although there is still a long way to go. He is being loved and cared for. I love him as you would.

Anton Chekhov↑ Page Top

Russian spirit helper

ML#3146:49. (Chekhov:) I would love to give stories. I would like to write again and talk to people! If anybody among you in Russia would like to listen to me and would like to get stories from me, I would love to talk, and I would like to tell stories. ...

50. And I would like to ask you to please reach the teachers and the intellectuals of Russia, because when you do that, you reach an incredibly powerful group of people who could really help you afterwards. Many things come out from Russia, from the intellectuals, from the people who think, and from the students and teachers. They will listen to you, for I will be at your side, and I will whisper in your ear.

Chekhov, Anton (1860-1904), major Russian playwright and master of the modern short story. In his writings, Chekhov described the Russian life of his time. He is regarded as the greatest Russian writer of his day.

Anton Semyonovich Makarenko↑ Page Top

Russian spirit helper

ML#3146:72. (Makarenko:) I am a teacher respected by many generations of teachers--Makarenko, the friend of the street children. I want to help all my children that cannot find their best friend Jesus. They are wandering in the streets not knowing that they have the best, the kindest, the most loving Father on Earth--Jesus. I want them to come to Him and forget all their problems forever. I want them to forget their tears and their sorrows that follow them wherever they go. I want them to come to the open arms of my Teacher Who taught me real truth and love.

73. I want you, the children of David, to bring this love to my children--the children of my land. I am so thankful to you for bringing many to Jesus. But there are many more children wandering here and there. I want you to find them and lead them to Jesus.

Makarenko, Anton Semyonovich (1888-1939), teacher and social worker who was the most influential educational theorist in the Soviet Union. In the 1920s he organized a rehabilitation settlement for children made homeless by the Russian Revolution and who roamed throughout the countryside in criminal gangs. Makarenko was the author of several books on education. He regarded work as basic to intellectual and moral development. He taught that all children should be assigned tasks requiring labor and should be given positions of responsibility in order to learn the limitations of their individual rights and privileges. Thus, his first principle of socialist upbringing was: "The maximum possible demands with the maximum possible respect."

Anya (Activated spirit helper)↑ Page Top

Activated spirit helpers

Anya (happy spirit helper)↑ Page Top

Helps you be happy and carefree

Blades #18. (Jesus:) Anya is another spirit helper among the many who want to befriend you. She looks about your age. She's happy and carefree. She has dark, straight hair and green eyes, and a smile is always playing about her lips. If you want to picture her personality, picture a girl splashing in the ocean on a hot summer's day, laughing and screaming playfully. That's like Anya. She loves Me very much, and she trusts Me, too.--That's why she doesn't have a single care or worry.

She loves being around people like you, because she understands that it's easy to become burdened in the temporal realm. There is so much spiritual pollution around you, almost constantly, but when she comes along--like so many other spirit helpers--she brings with her some of that fresh ocean breeze from where she plays. Even though you might not physically feel it, it brushes over your spirit, blowing away some of the pollution of cares and worries that settle on you when you're not looking.

She helps you be happy again, to be light and carefree, and to trust Me. Call her when you feel blue, and then when she comes, invite even more of her wonderful ocean breeze, by raising your hands in praise.

That's how she brings it down to you, did you know? She raises her hands high and pulls that Heavenly breeze along behind her, almost like a long filmy piece of material. When you raise your hands, you can catch even more of the breeze too.

Aphrodite↑ Page Top

Goddess of love

ML#3446:29. (Aphrodite, to Mama:) I am the goddess of love. God gave me this job and the loving attributes of His Own Holy Spirit, Who has taught me much. Just as She is helping you at times, I have also been ordained to come to help you at times when I am needed. I am not always by your side, for you have so much love that my help is not always required. But when things are difficult, when you're tired and weary, when your heart aches because of some loss or news that comes your way that is disheartening and saddening, then I come to your side in an instant and I fill you with love.

30. I did the same for men and women in days of old, in ancient times, filling them with love upon the order of God. Sometimes the men and women of those days realized that I was a spirit, and they worshiped me as a goddess. Other times they did not, but they marveled at the love that I bestowed upon a woman of God's choosing, and they idolized her. As the years and centuries passed, men were confused as to whether I was a spirit or a person. Modern men have concluded that I was a myth, a legend, but I am very real, and I work to give love to those who need it upon my Lord's command.

31. The way that I fill you with love is I wrap you with a scarf that I keep for you. I have brought this scarf before our Lord for His blessing, then I soak it in the elixir of love--a beautiful perfume with a fragrance that is exceedingly lovely--then I take the cloth and store it in a special box just for you. This box is lined with rose petals and is a weave of gold and silver strands that shine with an unearthly glow, for the power of God rests on this box. I keep this scarf for special times when you need it most. It is filled with so much spiritual power that when wrapped around you, it gives you that extra boost of strength that you need to love, to give, to pour out, even when you feel spent in your flesh.

32. When you are weak and tired, when the cares of this world threaten to undo you, just call out to the Lover of all lovers and ask Him to send me to you with your scarf of love and power. I will run to your side with it, placing it upon your shoulders, and in that instant you will be refreshed and renewed in spirit! I keep this scarf for you always, and I will always be ready to bring it to you at any time! So call, and I will be sent to bring it to you immediately! It's yours for the asking!

33. In addition to keeping this scarf of love for you, you can ask me to extend the benefits of this gift to others. Sometimes it's not enough that you give and pour out, if the recipient of your love is not receptive. So you can pray for the receptivity of those you minister to, and I will spread the same love to them. ...

Assists you in the living of the Law of Love

ML#3590:219. (Jesus:) There are many in Heaven who can assist you in the giving of love and the living of My Law of Love. ...

227. Aphrodite is also a spirit being of love who can empower you to give love far beyond your physical and earthly emotional means. The Holy Spirit and Aphrodite will help open you up to the love of Heaven, which doesn't see as man sees, but looks beyond into the hearts of men and desires to love them.

Love Fairies

Spiritual Cathars

Apollyon↑ Page Top

Another name for the Devil

ML#3400:178. (Jesus:) Apollyon, or Satan, is the Great Destroyer, and this demon, Apotheon, works alongside him...

Rev.9.11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

Apotheon↑ Page Top

Weakens faith, courage and hope

ML#3400:176. (Channel:) ... Apotheon is the name of this arch-demon! (Pronounced Ah-PAH-thee-on, with the accent on the second syllable.)

178. (Jesus:) Apollyon, or Satan, is the Great Destroyer, and this demon, Apotheon, works alongside him within one of the highest echelons and domains of netherworld power and importance--that of destroying faith. He goes about the earth to and fro amongst the children of men weakening and undermining faith, courage, and hope; seeking always to press down, to push down, to oppress, to cover the eyes of those who would turn them upward toward Me where there is light, hope, and growth, and where there is always forward movement. He seeks to suffocate and weigh down man's spirit and will to fight on, to rise above circumstances and conditions; thus his domain is one of poverty, failure, and ruin.

181. His grip is like unto that of a python--suffocating and paralyzing. His bite is like unto that of a snake, which drains the very life, blood, and faith out of his victims. He seeks to paralyze people's faith, so there is no movement, no forward motion, no vision, no desire or ability to rise above or change things for the better, no desire to fulfill My plan or perfect will. The coldness you experienced is indicative of what happens when Apotheon's weight is heavy upon you and your faith is slowly drained from you--you lose your fire, your heat, and your drive, because faith fuels your fire!

ML#3433:296. (Arcothon:) ... Apotheon is the archdemon of apathy, laziness, waiting, sitting, dragging down, draining the lifeblood out of you.

He works with Lethargy

ML#3482:115. (Jesus:) The last thing the Enemy wants you to do is to get stirred up and to fight in the spirit--and this is where Lethargy has affected you. Apotheon does his best to make you feel the weight of the problem and stay down. And Lethargy will try to convince you that there's no need to stir yourself up about it.

ML#3482:quote. Usually Lethargy comes in for the slow kill, and Apotheon is the one that sometimes just overwhelms you with the feeling of hopelessness, lack of strength or willpower, or desire to resign yourself or remain as you are. They work together, but those are some of their common characteristics, although they too adapt in order to best ensnare their victims.

ML#3538:12. (Jesus:) With some of you, My brides who are maturing in years, Lethargy and Apotheon have managed to gain an unfortunate entrance and hold on your minds and attitudes. How sad this is, that some are of your own accord willingly offering up only half-hearted service to Me as you grow in years, feeling you have "done enough" and more shouldn't be expected of you. You have succumbed to Lethargy and Apotheon's pull and drag on your spirit and flesh. For some of you it hasn't taken too much of the Enemy's persuasion for you to drift toward succumbing to a spirit of weariness and resignation, while these fiends of Hell are attempting to completely steal your faith that you can look forward, grow, progress, and move on with Me.

Aquiah↑ Page Top

Helps us slow down in calmness and peace

ML#3621b:193. Summary: Aquiah is a major spirit helper, created as a touch of the Lord's love for the Family at this time to help us to slow down in calmness and peace as we settle at the Master's feet.

185. (Aquiah:) My name is Aquiah, [pronounced "Uh-KWI-uh"] and my spirit carries the beauty and strength of quietness, meditation, and reflection. I move slowly and I whisper calmly. I bring calm to your mind. I teach you to settle your thoughts and to focus your energies on Jesus, on peace, on Heaven, and on God. I breathe thoughts to your mind that open you up to entering into peaceful rest and meditation with your Lover. I will bring the concepts and the thoughts that will best settle you in spirit and bring you into that place of complete openness, to the quietness Jesus wants to give you.

186. I settle you. I calm you. I introduce you to that spirit of peace and quiet where your mind is perfectly at ease as your spirit rests in your Lover's arms and finds strength, renewal, and fulfillment through His love. I move slowly, like a feather floating on the wind.

187. I can ease your mind. I can slow you down in the flesh. I can calm your mood and help you to change your mode of operation and enter into that quiet spirit. I can help you to settle at your Master's feet, away from the work and the duties. My nature is quietness and rest. I bring calm.

188. Call on me to help calm your mind as you enter your garden of rest and meditation. I will help you to put the world aside, your thoughts aside? your burdens aside. And, if you call on me, I can bring to your mind thoughts of peace and quiet, concepts or precepts to meditate on that will connect you to your Lover in reflection and rest, and I can help you to truly benefit from each moment spent in the temple with Him.

190. (Jesus:) I created her in Heaven and she has never lived on Earth; that's one reason why the spirit of renewal that she brings to you will be so heavenly and will help you to leave the cares of the world behind.

191. She was created for this time, for now, as a touch of My love to all of My children in the Family who continue to work very hard to build their winning teams and to learn how to follow the new moves of My Spirit. She is My love gift to you to help you to slow down your pace and to bless and strengthen you whenever you spend time in My temple.

192. She works with Heaven's prayer warriors, as well as with your personal prayer angel and praise angels. She is a major helper and is available to help any of you at this important time in the Family's strengthening.


David (King)

Holy Spirit


Arakan↑ Page Top

Chief demon of confusion and depression

ML#3419:19. (Jesus:) ... He is a chief among demons of confusion and depression. He stands under Oplexicon and Satan and seeks to hinder this project.

21. ...Fight against Arakan--the muddler of channels, the clouder of minds and confuser of thoughts. ...

25. (Jesus:) He first enters with thoughts of discouragement or depression, telling you that you can't be a good channel, this is too hard, you can't hear from Me about this, you won't get it right, and trying to convince you that in the end you're going to be even more discouraged because you didn't get a very good message. He hits channels before they sit down to hear from Me and tries to belittle, discourage, and confuse their thoughts. It's a serious attack of Arakan, the demon of confusion, when it comes to anything to do with channeling, speaking, or delivering My message.

26. Arakan fights hearing My voice in prophecy, hearing My direction and counsel, and delivering it through speaking or writing or teaching. He can have a big effect on those doing computer work, programming, anything that requires high concentration.

Demons of Depression

His attack on our young people

ML#3419:31. (Jesus:) He works with Pan in the realm of the mind. Young people are already prone to confusion and depression, because they're in the stage of figuring things out, questioning everything, and at times don't have a solid frame of reference whereby to judge experiences, so they can be affected to a much greater extent, influenced much more greatly by questions that come to them or events that discourage them.

32. Arakan works to keep them from their focus. He naturally fights their channels to hinder their hearing from Me, but he also tries to keep them from concentrating and really benefiting from My Word, from their schooling, from the experiences of life that I would use to teach them. He tries to hinder them from communicating clearly what is on their hearts, and discourages them when they try. He tries to muddle and confuse all he can. He tries to block their receptivity to My Spirit and their understanding of the things that happen around them. This is why you must pray against his influence on them, for their lives are muddled enough without Arakan further hindering them from having a clear perspective and understanding.

ML#3455:203. (Prayer:) Thank You, darling Lover, for the F.A.F. (Fairy Angel Fighters) who assist Illuminus in fighting Arakan. The buzzing of the wings of these fairies causes Arakan to be confused. Their whispers of truth and encouragement bring defeat to the depression of this demon.

Archer↑ Page Top

Heavenly counterpart of Baal

ML#3455:210. (Prayer:) I call on Archer, who fights with white-hot arrows, which are filled with the Spirit of God that cut Baal to the heart! He is over many other "archer" angels whose expertise is to hit the demon Baal and his cohorts.

Arcothon (Arcos)↑ Page Top

Heavenly counterpart of Apotheon

ML#3433:295. (Arcothon:) My name is Arcothon. I have come to see you through this Time of the End and to teach you the art of warfare. ... I am Apotheon's archenemy, the warrior angel designed to defeat Apotheon.

296. Arcothon is my name, for I fight through fire. I fight through the words that the Master gives me, and I turn them into fireballs that fight and defeat him. ...

297. I am the opposite of Apotheon. I am fire, I am attacking, I am fight! I am a warring angel designed to fight; that is all I do. I fight through the weapon of prayer, of prophecy, of the keys, of hearing my Master's instructions, and of casting out Apotheon.

298. My Master's words are pure energy, pure light. I fight through light of the purest form. The purest energy known to man is light, yet I fight with an even greater energy, a purer energy, even purer than light. It is an energy that you do not fully comprehend as yet, for it is the energy of the power of God. This is the energy that runs through my body and through my veins and out my hands when I fight. I do not fight with conventional weaponry, with swords; I fight with pure energy, missiles of pure energy that nothing and no one can defeat!

299. ... I am simply a channel, a carrier, and that is where my greatest strength lies. For I, in myself, am nothing, but I have learned to be a pure conduit of the energy of God, and that is my greatest strength.

303. I am not the power; I am only a teacher to teach those who want to learn how to become a conduit. And once you link up with the Master, the Holy Ghost power will flow through you in unparalleled measure, and you will feel the power of the Spirit of God flowing through you.

305. ... Call me Arcos for short. Arcothon is my real name, and it symbolizes a conduit of the power of God. What do you think of when you hear the word "Arcothon"? You think of an electric arc. Imagine a lightning strike, a huge electrical arc. Now imagine something a thousand times more powerful than any lightning you've ever seen, and you will be getting close to somewhere near a fraction of the power of God that flows through me.

306. That is what my name means and symbolizes--a conduit of the power of God--and I can teach you to become a greater conduit of the power of God as well. I will teach you to become a conduit of the true full possession of our Husband and Lover and King and God of the universe, the Keeper and Source of all power, in the name of Jesus, amen.

Armina↑ Page Top

Warrior spirit fighting for us; Call on her in times of persecution

ML#3445:59. (Armina:) They call me Armina. I am created by God to champion the causes of those in need, to fight against the attacks of the Enemy on those who are in need of help and support. I've been commissioned to fight now for the Family. I am preparing for the days ahead when I will be there to defend you.

62. (Vision:) I'm seeing a very powerful and formidable woman warrior. Her facial features are very feminine, but at the same time she is muscular and fit. She wears a helmet with a long plume coming out of the top. The funny thing is that I don't see any weapons on her, but I know she has them.

63. She's standing on a rock, and behind her is a crowd of fighters outfitted like her. Her body is clothed in leopard skin--not a lot, but sparsely covering her body like a two-piece outfit. She has this band-like bracelet around her forearm. It's just a band all the way around, but in the middle there is this incredible key that illuminates. This band is made of what appears to be shiny gold, but rather than emitting a yellowish light, the light that glows is white with highlights of blue in it. All of the people behind her wear them too.

66. (Jesus:) These are some of the specially trained fighters of the End, designed especially for your battles with those who would try to stop My work through you. They have no visible weapons, for in the keys lies all the power they need. The light that emanates from that band is like the white-hot light of My Word--My Spirit in you.

67. ...Know that in time you will stand among them--the spiritual and physical realms melded as one--and the fight, determination, and skill will be equal in all of you. That is their calling--to train you in the fight as they have been trained.

72. Her skill lies in always being one step ahead of the Enemy. Armina's heart lies with those who are persecuted for My Name's sake, and so she has been called to the side of the children of David, that she may gather an army of great might to fight on your behalf. Her army consists of those, such as the Cathars and others, who have suffered persecution for righteousness and My Name's sake over the millenniums--those who have been trained and outfitted in the new weaponry and the power of the keys, and who I have personally seen fit, able, and qualified to fight for you, the children of David, My children of the End.

ML#3529:107. (Jesus:) There is one army which has been training long and hard in preparation for this particular time and battle--that is Armina and her forces. She has a great army who stand ready to fight for those who are persecuted for My Word's sake. Now is her day! The days of preparation for open war are over for both Armina and for you, My Family. Now you and they are unitedly being called to the front lines to engage in battle.

108. She and her forces have been specially trained to fight against those who would try to stop My work through you. One of her fighters stands at the side of every child of David, supporting you in spirit, counseling you, melding with you--so you become as one attacking offensive warrior. This is what they have been trained for. You--each one of you--are about to become one with their training and their skill as you call on Armina's power.

109. Remember, their particular skills lie in their ability to stay one step ahead of the Enemy--advance strategy. They're masters at covert undercover operations in the spirit.

Arnam↑ Page Top

Keeper of the Castle of Meditation

ML#3575:15. (Jesus:) Let Me introduce you to Arnam. I've appointed him keeper of the castle.

16. (Channel:) An older man with white hair appears in a small sliding window opening in one of the giant doors. Only his face is visible through the opening, but he smiles and seems friendly.

Asherah↑ Page Top

ML#1405:89. (Dad:) ... And you recall that in the Bible during some of the periods of their backsliding, the Israeli women even wove hangings for Asherah right in the temple when she was worshipped there in the Temple of God!--Until Josiah drove them out and destroyed and burned them! (2Ki.23:7) She was at one time even worshipped in the Jewish Temple, think of that! [1Ki.15:13, 18:19; 2Ki.21:7; 23:4; 2Ch.15:16]


Ashraf↑ Page Top

ML#2072:29. (Dad, to Mama:) Do you rebuke Ashraf? She's trying to choke your eyes, Honey, like she tried to choke my stomach!

ML#1405:96. (Dad:) It was Ashraf or Asharaf, as we received it in our revelation from the Lord in 1980, whom the Lord at that time identified as the one who was causing me the esophagus trouble, even as he identified the Sphinx two years before as the one who was causing Davidito trouble, and who later almost immediately caused me trouble by her sphincter action on my esophagus. Now in these final days four years later she's again reminded to me by the Lord as being the one, regardless of the name, whether Sphinx or Ashraf or Ashera or Ashteroth or Astarte or whoever, she's one and the same evil spirit, evil goddess, demon goddess worshipped by the ancient World for thousands of years and still alive in the Spirit World, and even causing physical problems in the physical world with her attack on my esophagus and her choking off of the food to my stomach.

ML#1405:48. (Dad:) Ashraf ... is the same goddess as the Sphinx, as was so often true in the various heathen and pagan religions of the various pantheons of gods and goddesses. They often had the same gods or goddesses, but by different names in different cultures and in different languages in different countries.

56. ... She has been in existence since the early days of Egypt, first as the Sphinx and then on through the Assyrian and Babylonian cultures under various other names which we'll give you in a moment, and right on clear down to the Viking culture, in which she still existed as one of their gods, in that culture taking on the masculine form of the name and the male identity. Some of these gods and goddesses are not only transvestites, but are transsexual, apparently, and are known by various masculine and feminine names and some times even seem to change sex! So as you learned in "Ashraf", she or he became one of the major gods of the Vikings as well.

77. ... Here we find that this word in Hebrew [Aesir] also means bound or those bound or imprisoned, and this was very close to the name of the tribe of the Viking gods [Asir] and perhaps even close to symbolizing their home of prisoners bound, because of course the powers of Satan and his angels are somewhat bound already by the Lord, as they are only allowed to operate within certain limitations and restrictions and boundaries.

88. ... And this name also possibly has the same identity as Ashtoreth, the goddess of fertility and a companion of Baal! [1Ki.11:5,33; 2Ki.23:13]

89. ... And you recall that in the Bible during some of the periods of their backsliding, the Israeli women even wove hangings for Asherah right in the temple when she was worshipped there in the Temple of God!--Until Josiah drove them out and destroyed and burned them! (2Ki.23:7) She was at one time even worshipped in the Jewish Temple, think of that! [1Ki.15:13, 18:19; 2Ki.21:7; 23:4; 2Ch.15:16]

92. Ashtarah was the goddess of the Phoenicians and Canaanites, counterpart of the Greek and Roman goddess Astarte and the Assyrian and Babylonian Ishtar. She was the goddess of sexual love, fertility and prostitution, often practiced as a religious rite in her worship--something they accuse us of sometimes! Sometimes she was also known as a goddess of War, a war goddess, in the Assyrian and Babylonian cultures.

Ashtoreth↑ Page Top

ML#1405:88. ... And this name also possibly has the same identity as Ashtoreth, the goddess of fertility and a companion of Baal! [1Ki.11:5,33; 2Ki.23:13]


Asmet↑ Page Top

Keeper of the wisdom of God

ML#3446:44. (Asmet, to Mama:) I am a wise and wisdom-filled sage who stands beside you in counsel. Wizened am I, because for many eons I have served the house of David, and I serve you too as counselor and guide.

45. I appear to you now as an older man. My beard is long, my eyes are white as crystals filled with light, my hair tightly braided beside my face, and in my hand I grasp a staff. Though I may look old to your mind, I only appear that way as a manifestation of the wisdom stored inside of me by God. People see my nature and feel me to be an old man, but I am young--younger than you--but because of the immensity of the power and light stored within me, to your mind I appear as an old man. But make no mistake, this is only a disguise to help you accept me better.

46. I served your Father David; I serve our Lord and King. I am created as a wealth of wisdom, and this wisdom is now at your command and has always been.

47. Wizened sage or divine magnificence? The perception is yours to determine. But when wisdom is granted, the words are spoken through my mouth, and when called for I am always there. I am Asmet--creation of God, a keeper of the wisdom of God.

49. (Jesus:) Asmet is a being of the spirit realm. Here, time--and age in terms of time--is irrelevant. You can be whatever you want to be appearance-wise. Here in this realm, Asmet doesn't look like an old man. In fact, he doesn't look like a man at all. He appeared to you the way he did in order for your carnal mind to comprehend his magnificence and wisdom. He takes on many forms.

50. He says that he is younger in actual years than My queen because her spirit has been a part of Me from the beginning. He is not referring to the years of her life on earth. Here, age is a term that is used to denote wisdom and time spent learning the things of the spirit.

53. Asmet has been granted the commission to delegate wisdom from Me to My children. His primary focus is on you, My queen and My king in these Last Days, but also on all of the children of David, as they need this wisdom released to them. Just because you don't feel wise and learned doesn't mean you are not. You are My children, chosen from the foundation of the world. You are the powerhouses of the End.

54. I control Asmet and allow him to pour forth according to your need, your ability to receive, and the circumstances and conditions you are in, knowing such wisdom will help you or those around you, and only limiting it if it would hurt you or them.

56. So this one, My Asmet, is My gatekeeper of the spirit of your mind who opens rooms within your mind to reveal the wisdom of the ages as I know it is needed. When you call on him for assistance and wisdom to know how to do something or handle a situation, he petitions Me to release this wisdom to you. With My approval, he then enlightens a small part of your mind to understand things you didn't understand before, and in some cases, even enhances it with more wisdom direct from Me.

57. So call on Asmet when things are unclear or you need to understand but all is hazy and confusing. Call on him whenever you need to understand, and his petition will bring down the wisdom you need.

Abuot the "house of David":

59. (Jesus:) When I speak of the house of David in this context, I'm speaking of not only My David of the End, but also what he represents--My called-out children of revolution. My prophets have all belonged to the house of David. Asmet has served My prophets and My children, both in Heaven and during their missions on Earth, for many ages. ...

Astarte↑ Page Top

ML#1405:92. Ashtarah was the goddess of the Phoenicians and Canaanites, counterpart of the Greek and Roman goddess Astarte and the Assyrian and Babylonian Ishtar. She was the goddess of sexual love, fertility and prostitution, often practiced as a religious rite in her worship--something they accuse us of sometimes! Sometimes she was also known as a goddess of War, a war goddess, in the Assyrian and Babylonian cultures.


Austin girls↑ Page Top

Departed Family Members: Joy, Christina, Katrina, Victoria and Joanna--5 Teen girls who died in the Austin traffic Accident

ML#3006:32. (Joy:) We are thankful to be called on this mission, for it is indeed a very important mission to help many, many teens and JETTs to understand better, to see better. We will even get to battle against the spirits that try to attack them, the Devil's evil forces! So we are getting to be soldiers in the Kingdom of God and we're so happy!

42. (Teen:) ... It's amazing how much you can learn Here so quickly, and the understanding that the Lord is giving us, because we have a big job ahead of us!

43. We're going to fight a big battle, so we're in training. The Lord is preparing us and Grandpa is teaching us. ...

61. (Dad:) These, your beloved children, these ones who are so dear to you will fight by my side in the battles to come of good versus evil, of light versus darkness, and the angels fighting the Devil in the Spirit World. For the Family enters into dark, dark days and there are many battles ahead.

62. These young ones have been called to This Side to strengthen those there who are wavering; to rally the troops; to encourage their faith in Queen Maria and King Peter; to encourage their faith in prophecy and hearing from the Lord; to encourage their faith to keep saying "yes" to Jesus; to encourage their faith to accept all that will come their way in this new day.

Ayako Miura↑ Page Top

Spirit helper for Japan Family

--Prophecy received at JTC meeting (Nov.2002):

(Ayako Miura:) I have shared the teaching of Christ Jesus and His love with people through novels. I have shared His love, forgiveness and mercy that I have experienced, through novels. But you have the pure words of David. You have abundant Word of Truth through prophecies. It's pure, clear and radiant. I will help you [on the Japanese Tools Committee] write articles with the purity in order to win such a unique people as Japanese to Christ.

From FSM#407:

Ayako Miura (1922-1999), was a very famous Christian author in Japan. Before Ayako went to Heaven, Noel [active member at the time] sent her various Family pubs and music tapes, and was able to meet with her. Last year, when the Japanese Tool Committee got together and prayed, the Lord revealed that she is now helping the Japanese GP tool production as a spirit helper from Heaven.

Ayin↑ Page Top

CS (VS) Board Custodian

ML#3476:152. (Channel:) I'm seeing this angelic-looking being, clothed very simply in a long white robe, and looking very similar to the Biblical descriptions of angels. He has bare feet and he's carrying a staff. He has a warm glow or aura all around him, but his outstanding feature is his eyes. They don't even appear to be normal eyes. There appears to be an energy force coming out of his eyes--not exactly flames, but something similar. His eyes are very intense and penetrating, as if they can see right through you.

153. Now I'm getting the name Aiyin or Ayin. I can't quite make out which spelling it is right now--I'm just getting the pronunciation. Now I'm getting to look up "Ayin" in the dictionary to see if it has a meaning. I do so, and incredibly it has the following meaning: "Early 19th century; from Hebrew 'ayin,' literally 'eye.'" ...

155. (Jesus:) Ayin is a powerful ministering or "visiting spirit." There is record of him within the scripture. For instance, he traveled with Me to visit Abraham, and it was he who led dear Lot, his wife and daughters, out of the city of Sodom before I destroyed it (Genesis 18-19). He has walked upon Earth as My celestial "visitor" many times over the centuries, and many times people have even entertained him unawares.

156. Now his commission and jurisdiction is with you, My children of David, and specifically with My VS board. He is named after his "seeing eye"--his specific gift of discernment, which is yours to claim through calling on him in the power of the keys. He will give you strong gifts of love, wisdom, and discernment, all of which you will need in great measure in order to fulfill the task before you.

157. I have given you a very strong Custodian and Keeper, one who is endowed with great and strong gifts, and one who stands in attendance in the high councils and report sessions of Heaven, along with Michael, your archangel.

158. Along with Michael and Gabriel, Ayin is one of My counselors, and I value his counsel and opinions on different situations. So he too acts as a "high priest" when he intercedes for you in his role as Custodian in the high councils of Heaven, bringing his input, wisdom, and suggestions on your needs as a board before Me and My chief counselors and angels.

GN1116-1 (Ayin:) I am he who stands in the courts of Heaven, he who represents your spiritual needs before the throne of Heaven. I intercede on your behalf. I present your desire for spiritual strengthening and progress in the courts of Heaven, and at the approval of our great and magnificent Husband, I have dispatched legions of angels, spirit warriors, spirit helpers, and great beasts of heavenly stature to your sides to aid you, to strengthen you, to assist you, to enable you to make strides of spiritual progress that would not be possible on your own.

The role our Lord has given me is the gift of being able to see your needs, to understand your frame and natural weaknesses, but at the same time to exhibit supernatural faith and belief in the power of Heaven, in the power of the keys of change and spiritual progress and discipleship and revolution. I not only see the present problems that you face, but Jesus also allows me to see the future solutions and victories. He has given me permission to see things in the future as He does, things related to your spiritual progress as a Family and as individuals. This is a privilege granted to very few within the heavenly realm, and I count it an honor to be one of those few. It is a gift I need in order to help you, dear children of David, so that I remain at all times strong in faith, believing, and giving glory to God for all spiritual progress--past, present, and future.

I see beyond today, and now I give you a portion of that same anointing. In the spirit now, I'm pouring out to you an anointing of faith, love, wisdom, and discernment. I'm giving you an extra portion of the gifts that you're going to need to make your commitments of today the realities of tomorrow. Jesus has given me this special anointing to pour on you. It is His power, His supernatural infilling, from His hand. I am just the humble vessel He has chosen to pass it on to you, and I am honored to be a conduit of His anointing and power today. You have made room in your lives for this anointing by taking steps of obedience and commitment today [Feast 2005].

... I have been by His side, assisting Him in the spiritual guidance of His children for many, many of your Earth years. This is my God-given duty to this day.

I pledge to do all within my power to assist you in this day and age, to intercede for you in the courts of Heaven, and to dispatch the helpers of Heaven that you need to win the battles that lie ahead of you. I stand in attendance for you, speaking in the high councils of Heaven for you, and this I will continue to do all the days of your lives on Earth as you serve our Lord. Your spiritual lives are precious; your discipleship is to be treasured and guarded at all costs.

That is my role as your Custodian in Heaven: to do everything within my power to help you guard and treasure and nurture and strengthen your spiritual lives, and to ensure progress, change, and forward movement on all fronts. ...

Baal↑ Page Top

Demon of physical and spiritual torments

ML#3455:104. (Jesus:) Baal is a god of the flesh... Baal's influence is manifested in both extremes--from sadistic and masochistic inflicting of pain on others or oneself, and deriving a perverted pleasure in doing so, to those who nail themselves to crosses and whip and beat themselves, thinking they are becoming holy through this. In his milder forms of influence it becomes a form of mental torture--of self-condemnation and belittling of others and yourself--as a form of goodness and righteousness.

105. All these forms of tormenting the flesh and mind, and attempting to derive pleasure through torment--whether physical, sexual, mental, emotional, or spiritual--spring from the influences of Baal and his minions.

Archer [Heavenly counterpart of Baal]


Baalzebub↑ Page Top

Another name for the Devil

ML#168:12. (Dad:) It's so ridiculous to think the House of Baalzebub can fight the House of David!--That the Lord of the Flies can fight the Lord of the Living!

14. In Old Testament times, the Devil was called "Baalzebub"--"The Lord of the Flies who inhabit dung!" ... [2Kg.1:2-6,16; Lk.11:15,28]

Bacchus↑ Page Top

Demon of addiction

ML#3365:65. (Jesus:) As for Bacchus, his jurisdiction is over the principality and stronghold of addiction, of which there are many forms. His mission is to separate My children from Me, to cause them to turn to their addictions--any number of physical or fleshly crutches and excesses--instead of turning to Me and leaning upon Me. His mission is to cause dependency, a dependency which hinders them from leaning and depending fully upon Me, thus stifling their growth and connection with Me.

83. (Jesus:) This is the haughty, proud prince of addiction, Bacchus. His strength, his hold, and his tentacles are multiple and strong, but they melt as butter when cut with the power of the keys!

ML#3402:38. (Jesus:) Remember that, if you're ever trying to break a habit in your own strength: He is an arch-demon and you are but a puny human. Without the powers that I have given you, he will beat you every time. But greater am I in you than Pan or Bacchus or any other puny demons! I will beat them down every time, and you can beat them down with the power of the keys and the new weapons.

39. The new weapons are strong and they are powerful, and when you have used these against Bacchus, he has had to relinquish control in your life. But when you have let your guard back down, he has come back to claim territory again. But now I will tell you how you can have a final victory against this one:

1) As any general will tell you, the primary requisite for waging war is to know your enemy. Before you had only vague ideas, but now you know your opposing force by name. It is Bacchus, the fat prince of addiction. I have revealed him to you, and now you can call him out by name, and cause him to kneel and cower at the mention of My Name and with the blinding light of the keys of the Kingdom.

2) This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. You have allowed him many entrances into your life and his hold is deep, but not too deep to be rooted out. If you can be delivered from that trap, you will be so much happier and more productive and more useful for Me. So fast and pray and cast out this demon in My Name.

3) Every demon has his nemesis which will cause his downfall. The nemesis of Pan is the Word, the Scriptures, the New Wine, anything that builds faith. The written Word will send Pan screaming! The nemesis of Bacchus is loving Me intimately and calling Me to your side as your Husband. When you do that, you show Bacchus that his addictions and trinkets are nothing in your life because I, as your Husband, satisfy all your needs for pleasure.

44. So when tempted by Bacchus or when you feel his tentacles reaching for you, that is the time to call on Me as your Husband--not just your Lord, King or Protector‚ but specifically as your Husband. This shows that you are Mine and that you derive your pleasures from My hand, not the counterfeits of Bacchus.

46. ... When you ask Me to save you from his grasp, I get to release a little bit of the pent-up anger I have toward him as I beat him down, cast him away from you, and kick him back into the darkness to sulk and nurse his wounds and plan his next attack.

47. One last thing about fighting this enemy is that he is a coward. To those who put up no fight against him, he gets very bold and very pushy. But once you start to fight him in the power of the keys and resist him repeatedly in obedience to what I've shown you, his attacks become less frequent, his onslaughts less difficult, and he starts contemplating looking for easier targets. This doesn't happen right away, but after several consecutive defeats. ...

69. (Jesus:) You need to learn to draw more of your inspiration from the things of the Spirit! There are incredible treasures in My Word that will increase your vision and invigorate your life! Getting fed spiritually is not always fun and games, and can actually be hard work sometimes. I have made you in such a way that you have to put effort into leaning on the pleasures of the Spirit, and this is part of your training.

70. The best way to make the things of the Spirit more predominant in your life is just to do it. ...

73. ... I want you to just spend more time on the things of the Spirit, so that these other forms of entertainment and inspiration seem shallow and secondary to you. Let the light in, and the darkness and emptiness that Bacchus would try to inflict on you by causing you to lean on the pleasures of the flesh will simply disappear.

Boheme [Heavenly counterpart of Bacchus]



ML#3391:330. (Jesus:) The desire to run back to your crutch of dieting to make you feel better about yourself is one great way in which Bacchus works in your life. Pan gets it started by making you feel depressed, and then Bacchus calls you. He pulls you with his tentacles back into the muck and mire of dieting and the vicious cycle that it is. You have been cutting his tentacles, fighting and praying, and you must continue to do this.

Orexis [Anorexia and dieting]

Online distractions (Internet)

ML#3402:27. (Mama:) Many of our folks in WS have to use the Internet in their work for research and information, not to mention updating and maintaining all our web sites, but it's also a temptation to get tripped off, and it's something that the Lord brings up repeatedly in these messages. It's so important to pray before you go online, even if it's for work purposes, as there is so much information out there--and such a great percentage of it is unclean and ungodly and a negative influence. It's an important tool that we can't do without if we're going to accomplish the job in the easiest, fastest, and most efficient manner, but it's also one of Bacchus's great lairs in which he will try to ensnare you, as the Lord brings out in the following two messages.

28. (Jesus:) Bacchus causes you to get your eyes on the things of this world, and your attention and focus away from the things of the Spirit and from doing My will.

29. You can see where time spent online easily falls under this category. Since you work at your computer, this is where most of your distractions come from, and what Bacchus uses to sap not only your time, but your energy and spiritual reserves. Taking in this worldly input--no matter of what sort or nature it is, how seemingly innocent, or even if merely technical--still affects you and fills your mind with the thoughts and principles of this world.

35. (Jesus:) All the ungodly influences that you have such trouble overcoming are the trinkets of Bacchus. Those are the traps and nets he spreads before your feet, hoping to pull you off of My path. And in some of these he has succeeded. His greatest success in your life has been the Internet. Cunningly disguised, he is the spider at the center of "the web." It is he who spins the traps to make it all look so enticing, and he has trapped you.

Band of warriors in the halls of Heaven↑ Page Top

Special fighting force that protects the flame of truth and the fires of revolution and freedom

ML#3624:137. (Jesus:) Long ago, in the halls of Heaven, there was a mighty band of warriors, a special fighting force that was charged with a mission: To protect and preserve the flame of truth; to guard the fires of revolution and freedom; to blaze abroad the passionate fires of the love of the Bridegroom till every heart on Earth was ignited and the Bridegroom felt the heat and intensity of His Bride's love for Him.

138. One day a relatively small number of this band was called before the throne of the Bridegroom.

139. Then He explained to them that they had been selected for a special mission. Great and mighty warriors of the spirit realm, David, Maria, and Peter, had been called and chosen to lead the band of brides that would be a counterforce to Satan himself and his presence upon the Earth in the Last Days. They would be those who would preserve the spirit of the Lord, the purity of His light, love, power, freedom and revolution upon the Earth, lest the fire in that realm should flicker low and all chance of the King finding faith upon the Earth when He returned burn out completely. David, Maria, and Peter were allowed to select whomever they wanted from the halls of Heaven to accompany them upon this mission. The King explained to the warriors in His presence that they had been chosen, thus He had called them, and now was presenting them with the choice of accepting this mission.

140. I am that King, and you are the members of that warrior band that were called and chosen on that day so long ago by Earth time, though I remember and experience it as if it were happening now. In what seemed like an instant, the course of your life, all that you would undergo and endure, flashed before your eyes. Then came the scenes of great triumph and victory as you vanquished the foe, and as Satan and his minions were cast into Hell. You perceived the spirits of the earthly bodies that would be yours if you accepted this invitation to hold high the flame of truth and the fires of revolution and freedom. You saw My Spirit resting upon you, encasing you, penetrating you, shielding you, empowering you.

143. And, My loves, I'm proud to say--though I can't say it without shedding tears of gratitude and praise to My Father--that each of you said yes and accepted this mission. In that moment I took the sacred vial, that which contains the special enhancement of faith, fighting initiative and endurance, and I anointed each of you for your earthly commission. Those of your band who remained in Heaven were selected to be your guardians and instructors, so that you would never be apart in spirit and would always be able to draw strength and power from one another.

Barakel↑ Page Top

The innkeeper who provided the stable to Joseph and Mary

ML#3720:5. (Barakel:) My name is Barakel, which in Hebrew means something like "bows before God" or "is blessed by God." It's hard to explain the seemingly different meanings, but I think the simplest explanation would be that when you bow before God, He blesses you. When you humble yourself before the Lord, He gives you good things.

6. The truth of the matter is that I wasn't always very good at the bowing part--the part that comes before the blessing. There was within me a stubborn streak, an independence that I had a difficult time letting go of.

9. When the man, Joseph, asked for a room, I found myself in a quandary. I knew that I must do what I could for this couple, with the woman obviously so close to giving birth. My heart was telling me to bow and to provide, but the wall in my mind reasoned that every room in my inn was already occupied.

11. So in response to my rationality, I almost shut the door on young Joseph. Thank God my heart won out. I bowed.

16. That night's decision changed me. It's not that I never battled with my stubbornness or was so saintly after that, but the willfulness that had driven me wasn't as strong as it had been before. Something had changed within, and it only became better after that. I had learned to bow to His sweet and still influences, and He blessed my life in multiple ways as a result.

In the Bible...

Luke 2:1-7.

Barbrooke Grubb↑ Page Top

Witnessing and winning spirit helper

ML#3702: Summary: Barbrooke Grubb will help us to focus our power, spiritual weapons, and offensive attacks on Satan and his forces, and be bold and fearless. He'll help us to overcome bad habits of carnal reasoning that hinder our witnessing.

40. "It was hard work. Would I trade it for anything? Never!" Those are the words of the unconventional Barbrooke Grubb, who was born in Scotland in 1865. He found the toughest mission field he could imagine--an area between Paraguay and Uruguay--and dedicated his life and heart to reaching a wild and remote tribe of Indians called the Chaco.

44. During the Offensive, Barbrooke will help us to have that same do-or-die spirit that will transform lives and be a sample of true discipleship to those we are teaching and training.

45. In his own words, Barbrooke will be helping us "in the area of focusing your power, your spiritual weapons, and your offensive attacks against Satan and his forces. With the Offensive, you're not just going to free some souls from Satan's clutches. You're going to be training and building an army of disciples to crush Satan flat. So you can expect that in the days to come Satan and his own, both physical and spiritual, are going to be breathing out threatenings. I can help in the art of aggressive boldness and fearless attacking that the very gates of Hell won't be able to withstand."

46. He will also help us in "overcoming the bad habits of carnal reasoning. It opens the door wide to the Enemy's fear. It can prevent your having the full faith and boldness needed to set the night ablaze like Gideon so that Satan's minions destroy themselves in panic as you drive them back to Hell."

47. Barbrooke went to Heaven in 1930, and of his life on Earth and his calling today, Jesus said: "Grubb is the cream of the crop of missionaries, as he has proved by his work on Earth and that he continues in Heaven. He is trained and eager to help. He has outstanding dedication and love for the lost, and will be a tremendous helper in strengthening the faith of the Family to witness and win."

Beelzebub↑ Page Top


Ben↑ Page Top

Former WWII soldier who died in Africa, now part of a battalion of soldiers who comfort the victims of war on earth

Linkup #9. (Ben:) [I was] stationed in North Africa during the campaign against Field Marshall Irwin Rommel, the Desert Fox. ...

Now my job is to bring relief and comfort to those who are plagued by the past. I know what it was like so I can comfort them. I wrap my arms around them and help them sleep. I help them trust in Jesus and find peace of mind.

We are a heavenly comfort battalion now. We go around healing where once we caused hurt. We spend our time undoing the damages of war. We are angels of mercy to the poor ones suffering as a result of war in the world today. Pray that we may restore their peace of mind. Pray that they too may come to know our wonderful Savior who delivers us from all our bondage. Help save them by your prayers!

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson↑ Page Top

Inspires teachers and children

ML#3478:133. (Bill Robinson:) I'm on the inspirationalist team--and at your service. My portfolio has a dual purpose. I'll help not only you parents and teachers with inspirational ideas on how you can keep a step ahead of your young ones, help you out with ideas on how you can keep your young ones on the upswing, inspired and motivated, but I'll also help the kids. That's my payoff, to help the kids directly, not only by inspiring them, but challenging them to do more--to move forward, to keep at it. I'll help you challenge them, and I'll help them too.

134. I'll help keep everyone inspired. I'll help you teach the kids to stick to it, to stick to a thing until it's done, to discipline themselves to reach higher goals. ...

136. And don't forget enthusiasm--that's the name of the game. I'll help you inject enthusiasm in everything you do! Without it, you might as well "hang it up" right now. When you feel you need a boost, ask me to help you--and I'll inject you with a little enthusiasm! And I'll show you how to stay pumped up with the enthusiastic fever! When you're feelin' things are gettin' dry, lackin' life, gettin' dull, losin' the shine, call on my help. The good Lord's blessed me with a way to make folks smile, to spread the cheer, to help infuse a little spunk in everything you do and say, a little soul!

137. And don't forget, naturally, that I'm here to especially help the kids themselves with their witnessing and performing. If you don't mind me sayin' so, I have a bit of experience along those lines. I'll help'm with their boldness, inspire'm and show'm how to inspire the crowds and motivate the people. That's my bag! There's no business like show business, and you Family folk are the Lord's showcase to the world. Just call on me, Mr. Billy Bojangles Robinson, here 24/7 at your service. I never sleep now. I live to help you, 'cause you are the greatest show on Earth, folks!

From ML#3478:

Bill Robinson (1878-1949) quit school at age seven and began work as a professional dancer the following year. Bojangles (the name referred to his happy-go-lucky ebullience) starred in vaudeville, musical stage and movies. He was considered one of the world's greatest tap dancers and became famous for his "stair dance," which he claimed to have invented on the spur of the moment when he was receiving an honor from the King of England. The King was standing at the top of a flight of stairs, and Bojangles' feet just danced up to be honored.

Bojangles was also known for his ability to run backward (he set a world's record of 8.2 seconds for the 75-yard backward dash), and to consume ice cream by the quart.

His film debut was in Dixiana (1930). He worked in 15 movies, but his movie fame came primarily from the films he made with Shirley Temple--The Little Colonel (1935), The Littlest Rebel (1935), and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938). In 1989 the U.S. Congress named his birth date, May 25, as National Tap Dancing Day.

Birthing spirit helpers↑ Page Top

Help you through your labor

ML#3734:23. (Jesus:) I've outfitted a key craft for this special occasion as well. I've filled this craft with key power to help you through labor, to help you through the difficult contractions and long, patience-trying moments. I've provided keys of fortitude, endurance, wherewithal, hope, grace, and patience. There are special spirit helpers on board as well, who will help you through your labor, and who will ensure that your little one has safe passage.

24. In fact, the very angel who was present the moment you were born will be with you for the birth of your little one. Her motherly arms will hold you and give you physical strength. Her words will help to give you peace, as well as place peaceful images and thoughts within your mind. She'll sing praises to you, so that even when your flesh feels weary, your spirit will continue praising Me as you sing along with her in your heart. She's your birthing angel, and I promise that her presence will be with you on that day.

25. You can call on her in your mind, if you feel you need extra help, or even physical support through the technicalities of labor. You can also claim this key craft and all its power to protect, surround, shield, anoint, strengthen, and help you through each minute.

26. (Mama:) I asked our Husband if all of you dear mothers could expect this same key craft and your personal "birthing angel" to be present at your delivery, and here are His encouraging words: "I will send each mother a key craft with special keys, as well as spirit helpers that are just perfect for her particular situation, that will meet her needs and supply exactly the type of encouragement and strength and help that is needed. Ask Me, dear mothers, to tell you about your personal birthing spirit helper, about your key craft, and the special keys that I have prepared for you, and I'll be happy to let you know all about them."

Bitterness, The Demon of↑ Page Top

Turns the sweet things of life to bitter, sad memories

ML#3459:118. (Jesus:) You may call him Bitterness, for he carries the most sour, bitter spirit you have ever imagined. He carries this by choice, not by destiny. He works together with Pan and the demon of Rejection to turn the sweet things of life--or things which I intend to bring out the sweetness--into bitter, sour, sad memories.

119. He cannot make anyone become bitter. He can only come in when pride and resentment are allowed to grow in a person's life, to the point that there is an opening for him, a virtual invitation for his infestation. There he works together with Pan and the demon of Rejection to actually influence or change a person's memories and perspective on life, so that they feel justified in carrying around the weight and poison of bitterness.

Deactivation (Neutralization) Demons

Blue Angels, The (Keepers of the Power of Heaven)↑ Page Top

Keepers of the power sources of Heaven

ML#3351:2. (Jesus speaking to the channel:) First I will describe what I allowed you to see as you listened to this Heavenly "Song of Victory." As the first notes of the song came through the speakers, your eyes became misty and began to sting--not from tears, but because I was opening your eyes to the spirit world. The room took on hues of various blues from light that came from the borders of the room, like a wall surrounding you. As the words of the song came, the wall began to move, slowly and gracefully, rippling like water, as if something were trapped inside.

3. Then when the chorus came, the "wall" took on the form of many women who are conductors of My power. Their arms shot up in praise, and their waves of blond hair stood up as they arched their backs. Tremendous fountains of light shot out of their chests, and in bursts, sprayed over everyone sitting in the room. You had to close your eyes because it was too much for you to behold. But the next thing you saw was that each of the beautiful blue creatures had come to stand behind someone, as if each had chosen a subject. With the last bars of the song, your sight was closed to that picture and brought back to your dimension.

4. These beings are the keepers of the power sources of Heaven. They are a branch of My mind and My power. They are many, yet they are one, and their sole focus is to protect the power of God. Like a cloud, these beings of divine energy descended upon the room where you were gathered, not unlike in the day of Pentecost. At My command they released the fire of Heaven's energy source upon each of you, giving you direct connection and access to all the power of Heaven.

5. I gave each of you the keys to Heaven and Hell ... To use these keys requires faith, wisdom, and a mighty protective field around you. So as I gave you the keys, I sent these keepers who transferred the power to you, and who will stand by you as added protectors of the portion of My Spirit that I am entrusting you with. Through them I will also help you learn to enlarge your faith and to use this power in the days to come. Put your trust in these beings, for they contain the secrets of the power of Heaven. They are directly connected to My mind, which commands these power sources.

Gen-up #3. (Jesus:) Did you know that when the Family received the gift of the keys, they each received their own personal blue angel? That sounds wild doesn't it? Well, you have one too, because you have and use the power of the keys! I sent a blue angel to each of you along with the gift of the keys as keepers and protectors of their power and to help you learn to use that power.

You are each now fully attached to a blue spirit being, who is connected fully to My Words and My thoughts and My power! In fact, connected fully to the power of God Himself, that means all of us, God the Father, the Holy Spirit Mother and Me, Their Son. You have Our power now fully at your disposal.

These spirit helpers are carriers of My Words and thoughts. They are the living power of the keys. They are My power that is with you every day. I have given you the gift of miracles through the keys. The keys and the blue angels are created by God Himself and are the driving spiritual force behind the power that I have given you.

Praising and loving Me strengthens your connection with the keys and your blue angel. Each time you praise Me you become more one with them. Each time you drink in My Words you are strengthening your connection with them.

These mighty beings have been entrusted with the care of every person in the Family. Their sole purpose is to help you, to give you the power when you need it, and to support you in time of battle. They are always with you and will always be there for you when you call out to them.

Help us with the use of the gift of loving Jesus intimately

ML#3558:200. (Jesus:) When you join your spirit with Mine, we become one for a time. In that time, a part of Me is intertwined with your own spirit and you carry a part of Me within you. The Keepers of the Power of Heaven (also known as the Blue Beings or Blue Angels), can help to teach you of the full power and joy of intimacy with Me. They have become so joined to My Spirit that I am in every way their life, their nourishment, their very existence. You each have a blue spirit being assigned to you, and if you ask them, they can help to teach you the ways of intimate love with Me. This is the first step, and it opens the door to all the power of the universe.

201. Call on these to help you open up fully to Me when you come before Me. Call on them to deepen and strengthen your desire to be truly one with Me. Call on them to so fill you with praise and longing for Me that you can think of nothing else for a time.

212. Tuning in to the Keepers of the Power of Heaven helps to shield you from these drains on My power, and seeking their help to remind you and inspire you to spend as much time as you can in My arms causes your reserves to be filled to the full.

255. (Jesus:) [Besides the angels of the heart:] You also have other spirit helpers who aid you--Ecstasy, the Blue Angels, your Father David, and your personal Elerian spirit helper. All of them are ready and waiting to help you in this, My loves.

Board Custodians, The↑ Page Top

Custodians (Keepers)

Boheme↑ Page Top

Heavenly counterpart of Bacchus

ML#3455:207. (Prayer:) Through the power of the keys of deliverance I enlist the help of Boheme (Bo-HEEM) against Bacchus. ... Please free our loved ones from the physical or fleshly crutches and excesses that Bacchus tempts them with.

Brainstorm↑ Page Top

Aids us when we brainstorm

ML#3660:162. (Jesus:) I present to you Brainstorm. He is strong and valiant, and will give you new and exciting ideas by storm. Call on him for his help, and don't be afraid of the out-of-the-box ideas that you will receive.

163. I made his name easy to remember, and you can call on the key of brainstorming to enhance his powers. I have given him a direct link from the brainstorming meetings here in Heaven to your brainstorming meetings on Earth. There are many spirit helpers who assist you with ideas, but he will be your relay helper.

Brand↑ Page Top

Belongs to the Witnessing Spirit Guides

ML#3702:96. He was a highly paid executive, but due to a series of bad calls and other mistakes he lost his job and his marriage failed.

97. "Then my life changed from one day to the next. A little old man from a mission stooped down to whisper in my ear and press a coin into my hand. Around that coin was wrapped the words that changed my life. I found the Source of those words--our dear Love--and then all I wanted to do was to share those words with the world. Everywhere I went and in everything I did, my attention was focused on finding creative ways to witness and reach others. That became my passion, my motivation, my goal in life. Having experienced shallow emptiness in my former life, my heart really went out to those caught in it. How truly poor in spirit they are, even when they have everything this world has to offer."

98. Upon arriving in Heaven, he was named Brand, meaning a flaming torch, which represents the Lord's love for the lost. He met Dad in Heaven, and said, "Here was a man who loved our Lord with such a passion, a passion only matched by his love for lost souls. ... We wept together, we laughed together, we prayed together, and I knew that this is where I belong in Heaven: within the folds of David. My calling was born on Earth, but will achieve the height of its glory behind the scenes in the spiritual realm, working side by side with you, the Lord's brides."

Brunheld↑ Page Top

Helps those who care for the JETTs and teens

ML#3115:131. ... Are you willing to lay down your life, to give your all as a bottle that is poured forth, like Pandita Ramabai? I shall send down gifts from Heaven--spirit helpers--Brunheld, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther, and many more! Ask for spirit helpers, and they shall be there at your side to lead and guide you.

ML#336C:11. We found in our Viking desk encyclopedia that Brunheld was queen of Iceland. German Siegfried came and killed the dragon, won the gold and conquered Iceland and defeated Queen Brunheld in battle and then married her.

12. She was also queen of the Valkyries, daughters of God, angels on horses riding through the sky who came to the battlefield and carried those killed in battle to Valhalla or Heaven. In Norse and German mythology she is both Queen of Iceland and Queen of Valkyries!--And Wagner did write four operas about her and her family!

Bulldozing Team↑ Page Top

Gets rid of obstacles when you pray proactively

ML#3652b:13. (Jesus:) When you pray proactively for future events, you can call on the Bulldozing Team. This is an angelic force that specializes in getting rid of obstacles that stand in the way of your getting through and making your way to your destination.

15. Man is limited in his effectiveness, and you can only deal with the full extent of things when they're current, when they're happening, in real time. But if you'll choose to work in the spirit, you can transcend the natural limitations, and you can reach ahead in time, to direct things and actually work change in the future.

16. It's like you can get in a time travel contraption and jump ahead to the future, check things out, and take care of any problems. You do this through praying about and for the future, articulating your future needs and desires, and calling on the Bulldozing Team to get rid of obstacles, hindrances and problems now, before you have to deal with them yourself.

17. Let My Bulldozing Team clear the way for you, and things will go much faster and more smoothly for you when you get to where you're going.

Canara, Queen↑ Page Top

Intercessor for the souls of men

ML#3702: Summary: Queen Canara is an intercessor for the souls of men, who will anoint us with compassion to win the lost, and will lead us to the hungry and needy, those whom Jesus wants us to reach.

102. Born into royalty, Canara lived on Earth many years ago. While on Earth as a young teen, she forsook her riches and lived among the poor and needy, like Saint Francis. She is now one of Jesus' queens, a member of His royal court, and has been appointed as an intercessor for the souls of men. She pleads the cause of those who are lost, downtrodden, and looking for answers, hope, love, and light.

103. Canara has been commissioned to help us to witness and win. She is incessant in her love for the lost, and will help us to shed the weights and other things that deter us from focusing on the things that really matter--on reaching out to win a soul, to train a disciple, to feed someone who is hungry in spirit, to strengthen, to nourish, to heal. She is joined by an entourage of helpers.

105. [Canara says:] "When I walk into the court of the Lord, a hush falls on the sages and spirits of endless years, for they know my mission is a somber and serious one, one which matters to Jesus and His Father. I was assigned this job because of my complete and utter dedication to the saving of every person that ever lived. I am the voice for all the lost souls when I enter the courts of the Lord and plead with Him for more time, for more messengers, for more message.

106. "I weep for the lost; I shed my tears for them, like Jesus shed His blood. This is why I am known in Heaven as the Queen of Tears. My heart is broken. I hear their pleas for help and am moved with the compassion of Jesus' heart for the lost souls of men. We must join efforts--hand in hand, mind in mind, heart in heart--to win the lost. I possess great, mighty and awesome power, but unless you call for it, it is of no avail on Earth."

Candomble↑ Page Top

Demon of compromise and complacency

ML#3455:119. (Jesus:) Candomble is a very real demonic spiritual entity, and one who has a very pervasive influence in Brazil. Many spirits follow behind her and serve under her skirts. Her hold and influence over the Brazilian mentality and way of being is deep-rooted and vast. She is from the heart of deepest, darkest Africa.

120. ... She has been responsible for watering down, diluting, and infecting My true Christian values and standards with outright Devil worship, and the occult workings of Satan. She is the spirit and essence of compromise and complacency which cloaks Brazil, but which is carefully shrouded in the open-mindedness, free thinking, revelry and dance that is extolled and worshipped in these lands.

121. Besides weakening My children's convictions, her spirit of revelry and self-indulgence, of "mañana, mañana," infects one's vision, causing a laid-back spirit, a spirit of no absolutes--that everything is okay and will be okay. Her slogan is that there is no need to get stirred up, to strive for progress in your spiritual life and growth, to strive for obedience today--for there is always "mañana."

123. Candomble's power lies in her ability to beguile, to seduce the mind into complacency, to satisfy the flesh and personal pleasures over satisfying and pleasing Me most of all. She causes delay and tries to get My children distracted, with their eyes turned anywhere else but where they should be.

124. She is the weaver of spells, and causes those who fall under her bewitchment to get their eyes off of priorities--the most important things. ...

Salvador [Heavenly counterpart of Candomble]

Latin America [Index]

Carnality, The Demon of↑ Page Top

Underling demon of pride

ML#3455:189. (Prayer:) I rebuke the spirit of Pride, and ask You to break its power and grip! ... Powerful Savior, cause this demon to fall, and to take all the underling demons of pride with him--the demons of Accomplishment, Flesh, Worldliness, Machoism, Carnality and Materialism.

Cathars, The↑ Page Top

ML#3259: Dad on the Cathars

What other Christian religion has ever used sex appeal? Well, I'll tell you. A very intellectual Swede [in Tenerife] became our good friend. He came to us one night at the club and said, "There was a strange sect back in the 1200s which arose in Southern Europe. They were a lot like you and your people. They were young wandering minstrels sort of like the hippies of today. They were Christians, real believers, drop-outs from the church, and they had absolute freedom--the Cathars.

"They believed in sexual freedom just like you do, and they were sweeping across Europe. They were growing and just booming by the thousands! They were musical, they played guitars, they sang, they danced. They were just like everything I've heard and seen about you!

"The pope got so scared that he sent an army to slaughter them before they got any further! And they literally massacred hundreds and hundreds of them, martyred them to try to stop this new religion of love!

"Some of their prophets prophesied: 'You're killing us now, but we are going to come back in the Time of the End, 700 years from now! We are going to come back again and we're going to take over the world!'" (Tongues: "Listen to the Words of thy Father David! Listen to the things that he shall tell thee, for these things are things that come of Me! What wondrous words are these!") Thank You Lord! Hallelujah!

So here we are 700 years later! Hallelujah! You see, the Lord has allowed their spirits to come back now to aid us--to do what they were doing and to carry on what they started then! God is, in this Endtime, for this last big push before the End, allowing them to come back to help us! Hallelujah! (From ML #576:34,36-41.)

ML#3259:70. (Cathar, to young people:) So we have been amongst those Heavenly counselors round about you--helping, instructing, encouraging and strengthening. And so do we continue even now in your hour of need. We are at your beck and call, and it is our desire to continue to strengthen the hearts and minds of the children of David--to strengthen you through our words, through our presence, through our testimony. To encourage you to keep fighting and to keep trusting, to not compromise, to not let down the banner of love, to not let go of the freedom that you have been blessed with from the hand of Jesus. To not lose sight of the precious riches that have been entrusted into your care in the Words of David.

76. We have helped your Father David and your Queen, Mother Maria. And we have helped your parents in their hour of need. We strengthened them because we knew their hearts' desire was to believe and to follow and obey and live a life of love, no matter what the cost.

77. And now we are willing to help you. We will help any who call upon us, who need our help, and desire our help. No matter how weak you feel. No matter how incapable and lacking in love, and selfish and tainted and polluted by the System of the world. No matter how bad and sinful you feel. If you will call out to Jesus for strength, if you will forsake your ungodly and wicked ways, you will find strength. We will be amongst your Heavenly counselors who will help you and give you strength that you know not of.

78. We have been in the war room with Jesus and with David, planning the great battles ahead. We know the battles and the choices you will face. We know the dangers and the temptations. But we also know of the great victories that are in store for you and the mighty exploits that you will do if you will only call out to Jesus for strength and power and anointing! ...

ML#3259:92. (Cathar:) We are your helpers! We are being sent by Jesus to help you--not only you personally, but this whole Family, to help the children of David. When your father was released into the Heavenlies, we were commissioned to come and help, as he has been gathering a big army to prepare for this Endtime battle. Your Father David has been gathering us, and we are part of his army. Fear not, therefore, for we are sent by him, and by Jesus, to help this whole Family.

93. Listen to the whispers, for we are here at your beck and call. We have learned much these last 700 years. Though there is so much we do not know about the fields and about this present day, there is much in the spirit which we have learned. We have learned many lessons through persecution, fighting the battle for the Word of God, and there is much we can do and want to do to help you.

94. Be not fearful but believing, for we have come to join this Endtime army! This is our day, and our Savior is allowing us to come back to fight this last and great, but most thrilling battle. Fear not, for we are by your side, at your beck and call. We are many! For David is a gypsy at heart, even as we were gypsies, and as you are gypsies, and we understand. David wants his children to be well cared for, and for this cause he has rallied this big army, and we are part of it.



Cathars, The spiritual↑ Page Top

Guardians of love and the weapon of brotherhood

ML#3532:163. (Jesus:) The ones to call on when you need more love are the Cathars of the spiritual realm--guardians of love. They will cause your spirits to be filled to overflowing with love, which will repel the Selvegion and all the spirits of disunity. Pan cannot withstand this power, for though it is a soothing balm of love and forgiveness to you, to him it is an acid that burns, and he cannot endure it, so he leaves you alone.

164. These Cathars are the caretakers of the weapon of love, unity, trust and selflessness, or as I have called it, the weapon of brotherhood.

167. These spiritual beings, the Cathars, work with you in these last times, as do many others. They help to guide the Salvay in coordinating and fine-tuning the counterattacks against the Selvegion.

159. The Cathars of the spirit realm are a spiritual entity. There is a link between them and the religious group, the Cathars, who lived in Europe in the 1200s, but that doesn't mean that every person who belonged to the Cathars on Earth was a mighty spirit being inhabiting a human body, because this is not the case. But all the Cathars of the spiritual realm took time to come to Earth and live a human life in order to be better trained to fulfill their mission.

Assist you in the living of the Law of Love

ML#3590:219. (Jesus:) There are many in Heaven who can assist you in the giving of love and the living of My Law of Love. ...

228. The spiritual Cathars are also on call to assist you in your use of the weapon of the Law of Love, for they have been commissioned as the guardians of love. They can help you in your use of either the weapon of the Law of Love or the weapon of brotherhood, for both involve love, and love is their specialty, their ministry, and their jurisdiction.

Love Fairies

Holy Spirit


Catherine the Great↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#3141:148. (Catherine the Great:) I have been sent unto you, Queen Maria. I have come to you at this time to give you encouragement and strength, as from one queen to another. I am Catherine, who has been chosen to be your helper, your spirit guide, to teach you and to give you the things which I have learned, which helped me to be a great queen. I am Catherine the Great, and I lived in the 1700s. Like me, you will receive many others who will help you from the spirit world--great helpers, great men and women who have been given great powers from our Lord--in order to help you rule and reign over the children of David.

152. ... (Editor's note: Catherine the Great [1729-1796] was a German princess who became empress of Russia. During her rule, Russia expanded greatly. Catherine was a gifted person, and she proved to be a conscientious ruler.)

Knyaginya Dashkova

Challenger↑ Page Top

Trains us in the art of prayer warfare


In summary:

35. Challenger is a major spirit helper who will help you, teach you, train you, convict you, and inspire you to be an excellent prayer warrior. He will motivate you and teach you to use the vehicle of prayer to work in the power of the spirit, and help you practically in your prayer life.

28. (Jesus:) I introduce Challenger to the Family. He is a powerful, anointed helper, who was personally trained by Me, and he will train you in the art of prayer warfare. Because prayer is one of your most powerful spiritual weapons, his influence in training you to be the prayer warrior that you want and need to be--and to therefore smash any attacks of the Enemy and bring victory, answers, open doors, miracles, anything and everything that I want to send--makes him of major importance to the Family.

29. The Enemy and his demons oppose prayer. Although Satan has underlings who attack your prayer life, such as Lethargy, Apotheon, Pan, Pride, Prycore, and others, Satan is the spirit of pride itself and is responsible for all attacks on prayer. Satan wants you to work in the arm of the flesh, while Challenger will train you to be more effective through the use of the power of prayer. It's the war of flesh versus spirit, Satan versus Me.

31. Call on Challenger the moment you suspect that the Enemy is getting through to you with his "arm of the flesh" tactics. Then Challenger will rally your spirit to fight with whatever type of prayer is needed--proactive prayers, praise prayers, importunate prayers, even godly curses upon your enemies.

32. He will remind you to make prayer your first reaction and an unbreakable way of operating. When you call on him, he will act as a prayer companion and trainer, someone who will convict and inspire and teach you how to be an excellent prayer warrior--which includes proactive prayers for yourself and personal situations, and intercessory prayers for others, as well as prayers of worship and praise to Me that will deepen our relationship and inspire your heart.

33. He will inform you of the dos and don'ts that will make you more effective as a prayer warrior--down to the details of your schedule, how to make the best use of your prayer tools, and most important, give you the vision for the absolute importance of prayer.

34. Call on him and he will train you by whispering his thoughts to you through the Word you read, or during your times of meditation and reflection, or during your prayer time. He will also give you his personal counsel in prophecy, if you have questions that you want to ask him.

Change↑ Page Top

Gives you the vision for needed changes

ML#3522:88. (Summary:) Change is a spirit helper who gives you the vision for the changes you must make, and why. He can help to build your faith and give you peace when you go through changes. He can help to make every change joyful, instead of tedious or painful. In order for his power to be unleashed, you must willingly allow and desire his presence and assistance in your life.

66. (Jesus:) The spirit of Change has no form as you would think of a form, because his very essence adapts itself to suit every need. But I will give him a form to help your mind comprehend him better.

67. (Vision:) Change is very muscular and almost stocky. He looks incredibly powerful, but there's a gentleness about his nature. I see the picture of this huge, muscular guy holding a tiny baby securely in his arms. He looks up and his eyes seem to glow softly. As I look at them I can see a reflection of my surroundings, but they seem changed, much more perfect and balanced.

68. It's as though he can see the future, the potential of what each situation can become. It's almost as though he sees each Home and each person in that Home in their most perfect or complete state, with every detail in place, so that each life and each Home becomes perfectly set up to do the highest and best that the Lord has planned for it.

73. (Change:) I care for the children of David. I have been an integral part of your lives from the beginning of the Family. I have worked more actively in your lives than almost any other spirit helper. You have seen me as simply a part of life. You have at times welcomed my presence and at others fled from my hand. I've felt most of you tolerating me, not fully understanding why I have to be around, but accepting my presence and striving not to dislike my hand in your lives.

74. Some have by faith welcomed me into your Homes and lives, and have learned to be thankful for my work. A few have learned to even seek my help and to love my presence. For you I have been able to do much more. You have reaped the most growth in spirit and have gained the accompanying rewards.

Angels (or Spirit Helpers) of Change

Channelers' High Command Force, The
(CHCF, or Chiefs)↑ Page Top

Senior officers of the Heavenly Angelic Forces

ML#3443:78. (Daniel from Bible times:) ... Call on the keys and for Michael personally when you are being hindered in hearing from the Lord. Ask for Michael and his band of angels to defeat the Enemy.

80. These demons that fight you attempt to make a "high thing," a barrier, to prevent the Word of the Lord from coming through. The angels under Michael's command demolish the barrier and cast down the demons, sending them back to Hell where they can no longer obstruct your channel from receiving the Word of God.

81. This band of angels is called the Channelers' High Command Force. They are senior officers of the Heavenly Angelic Forces, who work together to defeat your adversary, the Devil. They plan the specific strategy and decide the specific tactics that are needed to blast the Devil, casting him and his cohorts down.

82. So call on Michael the archangel and the CHCF. They're called "Chiefs," for short--CHCF. They are the highest in rank when it comes to casting down the devils that fight the Words of the Lord. When your channel is being fought, call on the keys, and the keys will be turned to swords wielded by Michael and the "Chiefs," clearing the spiritual passageway for the Words of the Lord.

Charlemagne (Charles the Great)↑ Page Top

Linkup #12. (Charlemagne:) Now I fight by the side of your Father David, another great king, who is preparing his children for the greatest battle that is to come upon this Earth you live on.

I come to help the children of David to fight on, to encourage them to not to give up or give in to the Enemy and his attacks. For the battles will rage hot and heavy, as they were waged in my day.

So I, King Charlemagne, who was a mighty king in world history, come to make history once again in this great and final hour of the world's history. For the King of kings comes to rule and reign, to proclaim His Kingdom on Earth. He shall come with His army, riding on white horses.

Your Father David shall be with Him and I shall be with Him, and many others alongside, and we shall come to thoroughly purge the Earth and rid it of wickedness, and set up and proclaim the everlasting Kingdom of the King of kings, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

So I come to tell you that I am with you, precious children of King David. I am helping your king as we prepare for the coming days ahead. Do not fear or quiver in your hearts, but stand strong in your faith, knowing that greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.

Charlemagne, a.k.a. Charles the Great (742-814 A.D.), king of the Franks (768-814) and founder of the first empire in western Europe after the fall of Rome (800-814).

Charlemagne was probably born in Aix-la-Chapelle (now Aachen, Germany). He was the son of Frankish king Pepin the Short. When Pepin died in 768, the rule of his realms was to be shared between his two sons, Charles (Charlemagne) and Carloman, who died in 771. At his brother's death, Charlemagne consolidated and expanded his power over the next 30 years, invading Italy, Saxony, Spain, Bavaria, and the empire of the Avars (corresponding roughly to modern Hungary and Austria). Having established Frankish rule over so many other peoples, Charlemagne had built an empire and become an emperor. (Encarta Online Concise.)

Charles Dickens↑ Page Top

Storyteller in the Heavenlies

END#36. (Dickens:) It was Jesus who made me a great writer, and I wanted to tell my children about Him and His love and His power to change lives. I am so happy that you in the Family do so as well and share His love with many. I and many other authors in Heaven are at your beck and call if you should need our help.

From GT:

Charles Dickens (1812-1870): English novelist who educated himself as a young boy, learning shorthand, and later became a reporter. Many of his books dealt with the poor social conditions of the day and aroused public sentiment and reform. He also wrote A Christmas Carol about Scrooge and other religious works, declaring that "the New Testament is the very best Book that was or ever will be known in the World."

Member of the Communication Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

Paul the Apostle [The Communication Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Charles Spurgeon↑ Page Top

Expert on meditation and intercessory prayer: Helps us in our personal spiritual walk with the Lord

ML#3696:91. (Mama:) ...Charles Haddon Spurgeon, who lived from 1834 to 1892. He was England's best known preacher for most of the second half of the 19th century. Spurgeon frequently preached to audiences numbering more than 10,000, all in the days before electronic amplification. He wrote numerous hymns, books, over 1,900 sermons, and ran a missionary work that included an orphanage.

ML#3659:76. * Charles Spurgeon: "I was a prayer warrior, and I taught all that I could to be the same. The fruit of your work will come about through the prayers that you pray, just as my work on Earth was fruitful because I prayed desperately for it every day, as well as for all of those who I worked with and who listened to my sermons. Intercessory prayer is something that I have a particular burden to help you with, as well as your quality Word time and meditation time, because they all work together. But I will particularly remind you to pray and to do your work in the spirit of prayer, and that means asking the Lord to do it and to help you to do the work the way that He wants it done." (Charles Haddon Spurgeon, commonly C.H. Spurgeon, 1834-1892, was a British Reformed Baptist preacher. By the time of his death in 1892, he had preached almost thirty-six hundred sermons and published forty-nine volumes of commentaries, sayings, anecdotes, illustrations, and devotions.)

Charles Wesley↑ Page Top

Member of the Follow-up and Pastoring Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

From GT:

Charles Wesley (1707-1788): Younger brother and helper of John Wesley. At college he gathered about him a group of strict churchmen who came to be known as "Methodists." He was a powerful preacher and wrote over 6,000 hymns for the new sect, including "Jesus, Lover of My Soul" and "O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing."

John Wesley [The Follow-up and Pastoring Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Che Guevara↑ Page Top

ML#3320:49. (Che Guevara paying tribute to the Family:) I love the revolutionary spirit the Family carries! You're true revolutionaries. I admire your unwavering dedication to the cause. The Family's willingness to fight for unity is admirable. It's this unity that makes you strong.

ML#2737:21. (Dad:) ... Che Guevara was a close friend of Castro, the leader of the Communist Party of Cuba, who left soon after Castro took over. Castro wasn't Communist enough for Che Guevara, who was a real radical. He moved on to South America and tried to carry his Communist revolution on to other countries there. He finally got cornered in the mountains of Bolivia and was shot. ...

** Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna (1928-1967), commonly known as Che Guevara, was an Argentine-born Marxist revolutionary and Cuban guerrilla leader.

Latin America [Index]

Chimbebwe↑ Page Top

African spirit helper

ML#3232:174. (Chimbebwe:) I am Chimbebwe. I am here to help the people of Africa. I am here to help the Family to reach Africa. I will help you when you are in trouble, because I am assigned to help the children of David who tell my people about Jesus.

175. The children of David need my help because you don't know my people well. I am one who helps you when you find yourself face to face with a bad man. I can show you what to do if you pray and ask.

177. I understand the bad men because I was a robber one time. ...

182. I am a chief protector of the children of David in Africa. I work together with Jesus and your guardian angels and other spirit helpers to oversee your security. I watch out for you and will keep you.

Chinese students who died in the Sichuan Earthquake↑ Page Top

Help us bring more youth into the Lord's folds

ML#3703:20. (Prayer:) My Love, I would imagine that with many students being killed by this earthquake, this has left many Chinese families with no children... I find this so very sad.

21. But this morning, when praying for the situation and for these parents, I started getting what I believe is a message from You, to pray for these children and young people who have gone into the spirit world to make the right choices so that You can raise up an army of fresh new spirit helpers to help reach China. Is that so?

22. (Jesus:) Yes, there is an army of youthful Chinese spirit helpers growing in Heaven. These young people, many of whom were searching and desiring change in their country, are longing to help and are ready to be trained. Many are now being called to join the forces of David, to receive the training that they need to make them a force to be reckoned with.

25. The thousands of children of all ages who died have come into the spirit world under the shadow of My wings and My love. They will each be given their choices, and a large majority are choosing My love and My truth, and want only to draw closer to Me.

26. Amongst them are labor leaders, those who for now are helping the others amongst them. Once trained, these will also be a mighty wave of spirit helpers who will be sent back to help you on Earth from the spirit world, as you bring more youth into My folds.

27. Pray for their training. I am training many mighty spirit helpers to fight against the Devil's forces in China, to cut through the darkness and to help spread the light.

Christiaan Barnard↑ Page Top

Assists you and your doctor during your delivery, and specifically during cesareans

ML#3734:9. (Jesus:) During the time of your delivery I have a special spirit helper who I am sending to anoint and lead and guide your doctor. He was a famous doctor there on Earth, Christiaan Barnard. You may know him as a heart surgeon, the one who first transplanted a human heart, but when he first began to practice medicine, he also delivered babies and performed some cesareans. He was also a Christian and believed in Me. He had an upbringing in the church and a seed of faith planted within him from a very young age.

10. He will be your doctor's special spirit-counselor during your caesarean, to lead and guide him not only in the surgery, but all the steps that lead up to it, and the aftereffects. Of course, I and your specially assigned spirit helpers will be there too, but Chris will be a "special guest" who has been invited to attend your delivery. Even though he was a famous heart surgeon there on Earth, since coming here, he has preferred to attend the births of babies, especially to assist the doctors in cesareans or in complicated cases, for he has a heart for children and a desire to see them safely into this world.

Christiaan Barnard (1922-2001), a minister's son, was a South African doctor who began his medical practice as a general practitioner in a rural town in Western Cape Province. He didn’t spend long as a GP, because he was determined to become a surgeon. He went on to become a famous surgeon, and is known for performing the world's first human heart transplant in 1967. He was loved by his patients throughout the world, hundreds of whom were treated free of charge. He stopped practicing surgery in 1983 after developing rheumatoid arthritis in his hands. He devoted much of his later years to a foundation he established that was dedicated to helping underprivileged children throughout the world.

Christians, Departed↑ Page Top

ML#3145:36. (Jesus:) I have many good departed spirits of the past in Russia--many, many who were Christians and who believed. ...

37. But not all the good spirits of the past are only in Russia. They are in every country, and they too will be released to help you through the power of your prayers. In every country on the face of the Earth there are good spirits of the past who have loved Me and belong to Me, and who long to help you to reach their people. All you have to do is ask for their help and pray for their release, and I will free them to come swiftly to your side!

39. These good spirit helpers are not limited to only the countries of Christian background--although they will have more in number--but I have great spirit men and women of faith in China, Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, and all the countries on Earth! Although these countries have fewer good spirit helpers, they wax strong and powerful and valiant, and will be like an army at your side!

ML#3086:112. (Departed spirit:) ... I was one of the many airmen that went to Vietnam and bombed in the North. ...

113. There are many like me--Christians--who lost their lives in this misguided cause, who now choose to help you by going back and really being in the Lord's army, in the Lord's air corps. We now have a different sort of weapon, spiritual weapons, to fight the real Enemy, the Prince of Darkness, the false truths, the lies, the deception, the spiritual darkness.

Christmas Fairies (Christmas Spirits)↑ Page Top

Impart to us their beautiful spirit of Christmas

Xn #63. (Jesus:) Did you know that I send My specially created spirits of Christmas to you during this time? I have Christmas spirits who were created for this specific time of year, and I set them loose on the world. I give them to you, so that they can help you to make the most of this season. There are many of these helpers, and they are small like fairies, each unique. They give off a never-ending shower of sparkles to those they come in contact with and impart to them their beautiful magic and spirit of Christmas.

These Christmas fairies help you to forget yourself and to see the great need that surrounds you during this time. They fill your heart with joy when you give to others, even when it's a sacrifice.

These Christmas fairies will decorate your spirit with their magic of Christmas, so that you give off the glow and the beauty and the love that makes Christmas special--not only for yourself but for everyone you come in contact with.

Christmas can be a hectic, demanding time, but if you will call on these special spirits, they can give you glimpses of how beautiful and magical the spirit around you is at Christmas. You will see how each act of kindness you do for another is a gift from your heart.

So call on them and let them weave their magic touches throughout your Christmas season and help you make another's Christmas magical and special for them too.

Seasonal Helpers

Christmas yet to come, Spirits of↑ Page Top

ML#3467:23. (Vision:) I'm getting the impression it's a special place within the spiritual realm, but I don't know where. ... On this plane, as far as I can see, is what must be a host of spirits--hundreds and thousands of spirits! It's very awesome to see, and they're all raising their arms and singing and praising!

29. (Jesus:) My loves, My darling brides, I give you--each one of you--the spirits belonging to a Christmas yet to come. What you have seen is within the realm of the future by Earth time. It is a Christmas yet to come, and you have seen the host of souls that will be reached this Christmas, rejoicing in their salvation and the great joy they have found in Me and My true love.

30. What you are seeing now are the spirits of souls won in your tomorrow, the future. Even though their spirits are with Me in the great eternal now, their physical bodies are still captive within the realm of time, in your present world. They are yet to be reached, yet to be found. But their destiny is with Me, because I want to draw them unto Me. It is up to you, My loves, to search them out and find them and bring them to Me.

Clarion↑ Page Top

Keeper of the Seal of God

Xn #71. (Clarion:) I am Clarion, who stands before the throne of God as one of the protectors and guardians of the great throne room of Heaven. I was commissioned from the foundation of the world to be the keeper of the Seal of God. This is that great seal created by our Master to seal His servants in their foreheads. [Rev.7:2] This seal is your anointing, your protection, your commission, and your reward.

This seal is given to those called-out ones who have forsaken their all to follow our Lord, those humble and obedient ones who have held nothing back from the Master. ...

My name itself sends forth a clear sound of a trumpet to all who hear my Lord's call. Those who hear the trumpet call in their hearts and follow to the death, into war and into battle--these are those to whom I will come, seal in hand, to prepare them for Great Tribulation. ...

He has sent me with a sober message and warning to you, His young servant and warrior. Be not as those who have no root, those who endure for a time, but who are not strong to stand through tribulation and persecution. Give your all to your Lover and King, for only thus will you receive His full power and strength. ...

Remember my name, for I, Clarion, am available to you and to all those who feel their faith weakening or wavering. I will come to you when your faith is weak, and you will hear the clear sound of my trumpet in your heart. As you study our Master's Words to you, call on me to come to you, to make clear the call to arms, to sound the battle cry in your soul, and you will defeat the Enemy. Your Lover's Seal will be upon you, and His power and might will overshadow and possess you.

Meaning of "Clarion": Clear trumpet call used as a signal in war; a rousing call to arms; a ringing call that stirs to action. From Latin clarus, meaning "clear." (World Book Dictionary)

Clive Staples (C.S.) Lewis↑ Page Top

Member of the Communication Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

From GT:

C.S. Lewis (1898-1963): British scholar and author. Lewis was best known for his books on religion. The most popular of these books was The Screwtape Letters (1942), a satirical set of directions from one demon to another on how to lead men to Hell. He also wrote books for children (including Tales of Narnia, an allegory of the Bible) and science fiction.

Paul the Apostle [The Communication Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Coaches for physical challenges↑ Page Top

Coaches for any physical challenges you are facing

ML#3522:34. (Jesus:) You might even be facing a very physical battle or challenge, such as a battle over weight loss, or simply trying to take better care of your body. If you have a weakness or a need, you can bet I've made ample provisions for you. ... [You] have specific spiritual coaches you can counsel with, and whose power you can avail yourself of. So ask Me for a spirit helper who can coach and train you in the ways of caring for your body. Chances are you already have one.

Comfort, The Spirit of↑ Page Top

ML#3355:101. (Jesus:) I have sent My precious ministering spirit of comfort to your side, to be with you in this time of great trial. She will remain by your side constantly until you have no further need of her. Let her take your head and rest it upon her soft bosom. Let her stroke your hair and whisper My Words in your ear. She is full of faith, for she has seen My promises fulfilled every time, and she will give you that faith and that peace.

102. I know of her great usefulness, for she came to Me when I was tempted and tossed. She held My head steady and whispered in My ear the promise of things to come. She reminded Me of My Father's Words, and through them I gained faith to carry on. I've sent her to you now, My beloved, and I know she will be a wonderful strength to you in this time of trial. She works closely with the Holy Spirit and receives power and her gifts from Her, and is sent when you need her. When she comes to be with you, you are her full concentration and focus. You can ask for her at any time.

104. So rest now with the beautiful spirit of comfort that I've sent to you. Rest in her arms, and trust that these moments of affliction will pass.

Companion↑ Page Top

Spirit helper of praise

ML#3449:30. (Companion:) I speak words of love for our Husband. I speak in tongues of praise. Praise comes forth from me with every breath. This I bring to become part of your spirit. ...

31. I will give you eyes of praise that look at your circumstances and conditions and see as the Master would have you see, and speak as the Master would have you speak, bearing words of praise. ...

33. I have come to assist you. I am called Companion. I am part of the energy of God. I am here to become part of you.

35. (Tamar's vision:) I'm seeing a handsome young man materialize in front of me. He's Jewish-looking, with shoulder-length blond hair, very strong, and in his early thirties, I'd say. ... He has a cape on, pinned at his shoulder, and he's enveloped in a mystical, moving, swirling light. At first I thought it was flames, but it's not fire; it's as if he's part of these moving flames of light. You really do sense that, as he said, he's "part of the energy of God." ...

36. He has a peaceful, calm, almost soothing spirit about him, very much like his name, Companion, suggests, like he'd really be there for you. He's gazing down at me and he's holding a long rod or staff in his right hand. The staff has a beautiful lamp of some kind at the end of it, which is emitting powerful flames of light. He seems to be holding it as part of his identity and purpose. He's quite striking, standing there in the midst of these flames of light, holding this beautiful lamp, with a peaceful smile on his face, almost like he's helping to light the way for our spirits to open up to Heaven in praise.

37. (Companion:) I have been a companion for many a pilgrim and traveler on the paths of life. As part of the energy of God, the spirit of praise is the core of my being. This gift of praise has helped to both lighten the burdens and light the way for many a weary traveler. I hold in my hand one of the lanterns of praise which line the paths and passageways leading into the heavenly high courts of our Lord. These lanterns--standing in majestic power--give glory to our God at all times. Their flame never wanes or dies as they burn in impassioned honor and praise to our Husband!

38. We enter the gates of Heaven lifting our arms and voices in thanksgiving, and those who are called to enter into His high courts always bear one of these lanterns of praise with them, where we set them in attendance around about us within the halls of His heavenly courts.

39. When I am called to abide with and assist another who walks the Earth, I always bear one of these lanterns of praise--Nierna, they are called. They are both a standard and a worthy staff upon which to lean. So shall your eyes, your lips, and your spirit be lightened, so that praise springs forth more readily from every part of your being. In this is strength you know not of!


Praise Angels

Praise Squadron

Concentor↑ Page Top

Helps us focus and get things done

ML#3621b:223. Summary: Concentor is a spirit helper who helps us focus, concentrate, and get things done. His power can create a spiritual force field around us, enabling us to stay close to the Lord and commune with Him without interference from the Enemy.

215. (Concentor:) I can tell you of so many times that I have helped the Lord's prophets of old and David's children of the Endtime. An example was Moses when he had to draw down power and focus in order to be able to do the miracle of opening the Red Sea. It was a combination of me coming to help him focus and concentrate, along with the power of our Lord.

216. I was there to give him that concentration, even though it was very difficult for him because of the doubts and fears that were being thrown at him. Moses kept his eyes and mind and heart fixed on his Lord. And even though he didn't call on me by name, I was there, because that was my job and always has been--to be called on in times like these to help the Lord's children to concentrate and pull down miracles from Heaven.

217. There are hundreds and even thousands of times that I have come to help the Lord's children. And now, at this time, I am at your command to help you, the children of David, because you have stood the tests and have come out shining--not only because of the victories you have won, but because of all the trying times that you have experienced throughout these years of service to your Husband and King. You have been tried and proven, and now that the Gideon's band is being formed each day, many of you are seeing how important it is to focus on the power from Heaven and strengthen your faith as you rise above the different situations that are coming at you.

218. The force that I am able to deliver is so mighty, it will knock anything that gets in its way for a loop! It's like a lightning bolt that can destroy the evil of Obstacon, who tries to come in and discourage and wreak havoc. When you call on my force to come in, I help you to concentrate and to focus on what you need to do--whether it's a miracle performed, an impossibility accomplished, or even the simplest little thing done.

219. It is time to ask for my help more and more because of all the distractions that are around you. This concept of your meditation times, which for some has been a little bit of a trial, is where I have to come to help as well.

220. When you start your time of meditation, the Enemy is there to distract you and to try to make you think of something else and get your mind on things of lesser importance.

221. I come in then to create a force field around you, and to help you to feel the security of the spiritual force around you that is protecting you during these times. Then you can drift off from this world and commune with your Husband, and get your minds and hearts off all your daily activities, which sometimes distract you from the spiritual realm.

222. As you call on me, I come in in full force to help you to think on the words of your King. And with me helping you to concentrate, wow, it's a reaction that explodes any devices of the Enemy that are trying to come in! This is the power you receive when you call on my help. So be sure to use it, and know that from even the smallest things that need to be done to the largest tasks? you can call on me to help you to concentrate and focus on the power of the keys and the mightiness of the spiritual world. We will fight together to overcome the Enemy's lies and discouragement, to give you the pure focusing power that will help you to keep your mind and heart stayed on Jesus.


David (King)

Holy Spirit


Congri↑ Page Top

A concrete-like demon who hinders the Japan Family

Prophecy shared at the Japan Delegates Meeting (February 2003):

(Jesus:) Strong are the spirits that are attacking My missionaries in Japan. They are a mass of very heavy, strong and hard spirits. This one is like concrete. First it is mucky, but when he catches you he puts you into a mold and solidifies around you completely.

You can't even make a move once you're caught. You won't even be able to change your form. You will be solidified and stuck there. This one steals My freedom. He steals the joy of My salvation, love and peace. And he will make you lifeless.

It has something to do with the Japanese tradition, but it is much harder than that. He will put you into a mold and harden your heart. He will steal your emotion and suck up the things of the Spirit. Be warned! This enemy is very hard and firm, and he will try to confine you completely.

Many are already trapped by this enemy and solidified. Thus, they are unable to make a move and they are not able to launch into something new.

The only way to overcome this enemy is by exploding through the power of the keys. Once something is solidified with the concrete, it cannot be freed unless the concrete that surrounds it is destroyed.

Do you have courage to destroy it? Do you have courage to explode the hard substance in which you are boxed and solidified, and be dashed?

When you do this, I will give you a new spirit: a spirit of joy, a spirit of freedom. My children of David should not be like churches. What I want are children who are radical and free, who will only follow My Spirit.

Do you want to be children of David who are free? Then, explode and break out of your life that has been solidified by this concrete.

This is one of the Enemy's devices to try to confine you in the world of the Flatlanders. Do not be trapped by the devices of Congri. He tries to solidify you in concrete by using temptations; fear, opinions of men, traditions and stability.

So, if you are tempted by him, break out of the concrete when it's still moldable and not hardened. If you leave it as it is, you will be completely confined in the concrete. And when that happens, the only way to break out of it is by destroying it.

So, be warned. Pray and claim that explosion for the ones who are already confined.

Corrie↑ Page Top

Motivates Mama and others to exercise

Eve #13. (Corrie:) I know it's difficult to be motivated to do your exercises every day. It's hard work and sometimes you just don't feel like doing it, so I'm going to help you.

By the way, my name is Corrie--which is short for corpus, which as you know means “body.” I love to help those who need help with their get-out, by giving them the inspiration and motivation to do it every day, or at least as much as they need it.

I'll motivate you every day. I'm going to be your coach, encouraging you to be faithful, or to do a little more, pushing you in the spirit and urging you to keep going and working out a little bit here and there. You're going to find that you will feel stronger and healthier as a result. I know just how much you need and when it's enough. I'll whisper in your ear and let you know if you're overdoing it. I'll keep you on track and help you to know what's the right amount of exercise for you.

Creature of Heaven's Archives, The↑ Page Top

Linkup #10. (Jesus:) The Keeper of the Library is almost too bright to look at; he's had so much Word that his shine is incredible. He emanates the very essence of all that God has said. He's a very special creature. He was made specifically to catch God's every Word and record it. There are none as close to My Father (save Me) as this one, for he is there to catch every Word. Everything that you receive there has also been recorded by the Keeper of the Words of God up Here. He is very faithful and trusted, also very protected by Us.

He is often in the presence of God and because of that he shines brightly with God's aura of light. His face shines like an aura and his skin is what shines the most; that is why at times when he travels through Heaven he prefers to keep most of himself covered. Also because My Father and I do not wish for anyone to see him until they are ready. Some Here, believe it or not, are not ready and have not seen him as of yet. So consider it a great privilege that I am revealing these things to you, for even though it may seem small in comparison to how much you would like to know, you are being shown more than what some here in Heaven have seen!

Croswell↑ Page Top

Demon of restriction and limitation; "This field is different"

ML#3412:18. 6) [Cephas' prayer request:] Against the spirits of Croswell and Lexipython, which the Lord revealed are two spirits who fight us on the field of India. They, and their corps of black imps, try to constrain, restrict, and limit, hindering the entire field of India and probably each individual.

C.T. Studd↑ Page Top

Helps to ignite the passion in our hearts for the lost

ML#3702: Summary: C.T. Studd will help to ignite the fire and passion in our hearts for the lost, and have unconditional commitment to doing whatever the Lord asks of us.

23. Born in 1860, Charles Thomas Studd was both a cricketer and a missionary. He excelled at cricket, and by 19 he was captain of his team at Eton College and eventually played for England. He was known as an outstanding cricketer, but his legacy lives on not because of his skills with the bat and ball, but because of his heart for the lost and his faith in Jesus. He was strong in living by faith, believing that the Lord would supply his needs--and he didn't just preach this, but he lived it, one example of which was giving away nearly all of his nearly £30,000 inheritance. He took risks, and encouraged others to do the same, because his faith was certain that the Lord could supply miraculously, at exactly the time one needed it.

24. He started out as one of the "Cambridge Seven," who went to China in response to Hudson Taylor's call to missionary service... His life as a missionary included 10 years in China, six in India, and the rest of his time was spent in Africa.

25. Studd's life involved a lot of sacrifice, too. It cost him to serve the Lord. Yet he was committed, dedicated, and gave his all to Jesus. It was said of him: "... He has demonstrated what it means to follow Christ without counting the cost and without looking back." That's how he'll be helping us from Heaven today--to go the distance, to do whatever the Lord asks of us.

26. He says: "I'd love to say I was a good person and always did what Jesus wanted. But like so many firebrands for Jesus, I started out as hard, cold, inflexible iron, till He put me in the fire and burned away the impurities. For six years after I got saved, I turned back to the world and drank deeply of its polluted fountains, until I was so sick of its putrid stench that I couldn't stand the sight of it. Only then did I finally throw my whole heart into the only thing in this life that has real meaning. I learned the hard way, but I want to help you be smarter than I was. I want to help stir that sold-out dedication in your heart to give everything to what you're called to, because once you do, you won't ever want to go back. It'll be in your blood, and nothing else will ever satisfy you.

29. "Ask for the help of those of us who are on this side of the veil. We can help ignite that fire and give you that driving passion. It's not something that you can work up. It's something that you have to allow to possess you. Then you can be an instant coffee Christian, ready to be dropped into any hot water, where you're going to color and flavor the world around you, making a huge difference in the lives of those you minister to."

Custodians (Keepers), The↑ Page Top

ML#3476:7. (Peter:) ...[The] Lord revealed that every board has a special spirit helper called a Custodian or Keeper. He said the Custodians are commissioned to help, protect, inspire, guide, and help each board in the areas of stretching their faith, having tighter unity and communication amongst themselves, and to increase their vision, to help them learn to lean on the power of the keys, and much more.

12. (Jesus:) The Custodians are generally responsible for and assigned to specific groups of people. They are responsible for many, whereas other spirit beings and helpers are often assigned to individuals.

White Angel (Truth Keeper) [CGO Board Custodian]

DeCynder [JT Board Custodian]

Acumon [CCR (PR) Board Custodian]

Ayin [CS (VS) Board Custodian]

Herald [Education (FED) Board Custodian]

Frederick and Freya [CP Board Custodians]

Cyclor↑ Page Top

ML#3528:218. (Jesus:) On the day of this disaster [the Asian Tsunami], December 26 [2004] ... Hell belched and spewed forth Cyclor and his legions. ... His time has begun, and so must the Earth and the physical elements be touched in cataclysmic and catastrophic ways before the final end of days will begin for all the Earth.

219. ... Did not the vision reveal legions of demons standing in ranks, square formations awaiting the command from Satan himself, whereby they would be released upon the world? (See "New Spirit World Power," ML #3522:150-154, GN 1113.) This day were these legions released, and even the physical earth reeled and moved and opened ...

220. Cyclor has been unleashed--Satan's underling--who has been given power over the seas, over the earth and over the atmosphere, over all the physical elements of Earth. Now will begin great stirrings of the Earth, for this earthquake--Hell's unleashing--marked the beginning of the physical and spiritual realms merging as has been foretold.

225. (Channel:) ... "Cyclor" ... It's not actually a word, but the words directly preceding it like "cyclic" and "cyclo" all have something to do with circles or rings. So it seems that its root meaning pertains to "circles."

Cyrene↑ Page Top

Peter's spirit helper

ML#3296:87. (Cyrene:) Behold, I am Cyrene! I come to serve and give tribute to your king! I come at My Love's bidding and kneel before this, your king, in honor of his day of birth.

88. I come from the courts of My Lord and Master Lover, for He bids me love your king and lavish upon him great honor and great love and great joy and great pleasure of every kind!

89. Just as I served my earthly pharaoh and king in the courts of Egypt long ago, so do I come now to place honor where great honor is due--upon this, your king ...

Cyril↑ Page Top

Member of the Follow-up and Pastoring Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

ML#3405:16. (Angelic moderator:) ... Oh, and don't think you dear Slavs have missed out on representatives, because over there are brothers Cyril and Methodius. For those who don't know, Cyril and Methodius are known as the apostles to the Slavs, being the original missionaries to several of the Slavic peoples, even coming up with a written language for them, named Cyrillic, after dear Cyril.

** Saint Cyril (827-869): Byzantine monk, theologian, and linguist. With his brother Methodius he is named "Apostles to the Slavs".

John Wesley [The Follow-up and Pastoring Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Dancing Angels of Kindness↑ Page Top

Minister to your loved ones

ML#3173:8. (Jesus:) I send forth dancing angels of kindness and helps, that they may minister to your loved ones and bring them peace, rest and encouragement. I give them the answers to your petitions and the fulfillment of your desires. They encircle your loved ones on every side and whisper words of love and tenderness. They wave their magic wands of gladness about them. They touch them with the sparkle of My Spirit--giving them an unearthly glow and aura, which people look upon with amazement and awe.

9. I give them grace and understanding, knowledge and wisdom. For these fairies are fairies of discernment and truth, and they carry in their hands the treasures of your time spent with Me. Your prayers translate into time spent with Me. And even those who are not able to spend great amounts of time with Me due to the press of the people about them, I send My fairies to deliver to them the benefits of your time spent with Me on their behalf. ... They are sent to give healing and strength, and they flutter about as My doves of anointing.

10. Therefore beseech Me in prayer for all that you would give to these, your loved ones. I will send My fairies of goodness to them, to bring them these gifts, that they might have all that they need. I would give them vicarious strength and energy through the time which you have spent with Me, that they may in turn pour it out to others.

Daniel↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#3249:40. (Jesus, to Mama:) Some of your helpers are very busy, and while they would love to spend their full time with you, My dear queen, learning from you and partaking of the excitement of the spirit which surrounds you, they must also fulfill other duties of the realm, and so only come back when you need them by your side.

42. One of these who comes and goes is Daniel, who helps you as you fight to exercise your gift of prophecy. He knows of the struggle, and is able to help you and encourage you.

ML#3443:78. (Daniel:) As I was with your Father David, so am I with you. I am here to assist you and the children of David in the Time of the End. The Enemy fights the messages you seek the Lord for. He fought me also.

MLK#206. (Daniel:) When we were young men, my friends, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and I were taken to Babylon to be trained in the ways of the Babylonians. We had to stand up for our convictions, and sometimes it wasn't easy. You have read the story about how Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were thrown into the fiery furnace because they wouldn't bow down to the statue of King Nebuchadnezzar. And many years later I was thrown into the lion's den because I prayed to God. Both times God miraculously saved us.

Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and I all want to help you to have strong faith and conviction to stand up for your beliefs! Ask for our help.

God also gave me the gift to interpret dreams and to see visions. If you need help understanding a dream, vision, or prophecy you receive, you can call on me, and I'll help you understand it as Jesus wants you to.

Michael the Archangel

Seven Guardian Angels of Dad

In the Bible...


Dare, The Band of↑ Page Top

ML#3597:35. (Jesus:)

4) The Band of Dare also belongs to the Spirits of Death. Their goal is to try to persuade you to take foolish chances.

David (in Africa)↑ Page Top

Departed Family Member

Gen-up #5. (David:) I'm David, an SGA who went to be with the Lord in Africa a couple of years ago. I want to tell you a bit of my story. I was a kid who had been in the Family all my life. I liked being in the Family, and I loved my parents and brothers and sisters. I came from a very big family and loved them all.

Jesus told me that my job in Heaven is to help all of you older children in the Family get on fire to serve Jesus. That's what I really wanted to do while I was on Earth, to help you all see how much fun it can be to give Jesus your all. So Jesus let me do that full time. That's my job, and it's a great job, and I am so happy doing it!

So how about it? Will you go all the way for Jesus? Will you be out on the field reaping the harvest when your time comes to go home to Heaven? Will you be keeping Jesus in first place? We're here to help you, and you can count on help from me and the other young Family members who've already graduated.

(Jesus:) David came home to the courts of Heaven, and I wholeheartedly greeted him with, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant!" He was beaming and I was beaming. We were united!

Though David was stumbling over worldly temptations prior to his graduation, he didn't lose his love for the lost, and that's what makes it possible for Me to use him so greatly. Let him help you. He loves you!

If you ever want to talk to someone in Heaven who will understand you, talk to David. He'll give you both an understanding ear, and some good tried-and-proven counsel. Like he said, he's a spirit helper to you Family young people and loves you greatly!

His photo

David, King↑ Page Top

Helps us in the areas of meditation and resting in the Lord

ML#3621b:214. Summary: King David is a master of meditation and resting in the Lord and is a special helper in those areas, one who endured the full spectrum of life's tests and challenges and developed a rock-solid personal connection with the Lord as a result. He can help us to do the same.

204. (Jesus:) Here he is revered and highly honored in the skill and craft of meditation and resting in Me. It is a craft, after all--something you learn by practice over time. It's a spiritual principle and practice that is continued here in this realm, even though everyone has the added benefit of being in and surrounded by My presence at all times.

205. David is a special helper in the meditation department--as well as Moses, and some others--because he lived on Earth and learned to overcome; he learned to rise above the natural and carnal that pull and drain; he learned through his experiences and breakings the supreme worth and power of meditation and the art of fully resting in Me. By no means does that mean it came easily for him; quite the contrary. If anyone can relate to you as having experienced the full spectrum of troubles and obstacles and the woes of life that war against fully resting in Me, David can.

208. Why do you think the Psalms feed your spirit? Why is it that so many of the Psalms impart a peaceful and quiet spirit when you read them? It's because those Psalms carry with them a very special spirit of rest and peace.

209. Those words were born from meditation, from very special times connecting with Me and becoming one with Me. ... This is why King David is one of your helpers when it comes to meditation. He's "been there and done that" in the sense that he's endured the full spectrum of life's trials and tests and challenges and he's come forth as a shining example of having learned to depend on Me and rest in Me.

213. That's what those words, and other words of the Psalms, encapsulate: peace and trust and faith. They flowed out of a heart full of praise and love and dependence on Me. David is a master of praise as well. The Psalms are a beautiful testament of praise--pages and pages of beautiful praises to Me. They are praises to Me as a result of finding and continuing to exercise the art of meditation in his life.



Holy Spirit

Helps our children be faithful in the little things

MLK#206. (King David, to children:) When I was young I would help care for my father's sheep. Even when I was young, God was already training me to be the king of Israel and to serve Him. As a boy, He taught me lessons of faithfulness and boldness through caring for my father's sheep (1 Samuel 16:11-13). You're being trained to do great things for God, too! God often trains us for big jobs by having us learn to be faithful in little jobs. I was asked to play the harp and sing for King Saul, which God used as another part of my training (1 Samuel 16:18-23).

You can ask me to help you be faithful in the little things. I'll help you to have a joy in being faithful with the jobs God is giving you today, while you are young and being trained.

Seven Guardian Angels of Dad

In the Bible...

1Sam.16-30, 2Sam.1-24, 1Kgs.1-2, 1Chr.10-29.

David Berg (Dad/Grandpa)↑ Page Top

Our founder, still helping us from the other side!

ML#3422:23. (Dad:) After I'm gone, I'm sure I'll be getting plenty more from the Lord up there, and I wouldn't be surprised if I'll be the one who's passing it on to Mama! We've made a good team thus far, haven't we? Why shouldn't we continue to be a team after I'm gone? I think the Lord's indicated quite a few times that I'm going to continue to minister to her, whisper in her ear, continue to help her take care of you.

24. (To Maria:) I believe the Lord's going to let me work with you and help you all that I can, like other ministering spirits help us now. So I'm going to be very near to you and very dear to you, and as the Lord has revealed to us time and again, if you'll just listen to that still small soft voice, I'll be whispering in your ear! I believe Jesus will let me, because He knows I love you, and that you love me and you need me.

Helps us with the use of the gift of loving Jesus intimately

ML#3558:213. (Jesus:) There is also one who has been a key in your learning to draw close and become intimate with Me. It is his greatest joy and his most ardent desire to teach you these things. ... He first taught you to enter the dome of My temple, the place of focus on Me. He is your David. His burning passion for Me, which surpassed all other things in his life, is what caused Me to use him to form you, My children of David.

214. ... It was David's love, his intimate, deep, unquenchable love for Me that created the Family. It was the power of that love which pulled down the vision and anointing for you, and it is his ongoing love and intimacy with Me that continues on a daily basis to open the channels and the floodgates of Heaven to bring you the aid and support of countless millions who fight for you, inspire you, empower you, and train you to live and breathe and act with My Spirit flowing through you as no others on Earth have done before you.

215. So when you feel you've hit a blockage, or you feel you want more of that unquenchable love for Me burning deep inside, call on David, and he'll go to bat for you and do all he can to pull down exactly what and who you need to help you to fulfill the desires of your heart and make you into all I know you can be.

255. (Jesus:) [Besides the angels of the heart:] You also have other spirit helpers who aid you--Ecstasy, the Blue Angels, your Father David, and your personal Elerian spirit helper. All of them are ready and waiting to help you in this, My loves.

Expert on meditation and intercessory prayer

ML#3698:255. (Mama:) And last, but certainly not least, we asked Dad for his answers to some of these interview questions. Dad was certainly strong in meditation. He loved to commune with the Lord, and he did it frequently.

Member of the Parenting Board in Heaven

ML#3478:56. (Jesus:) ... Just as you now have parenting boards there on Earth, I'm activating the "parenting board" in Heaven, too. ...

57. I will be chairing the "parenting board" in Heaven together with the Holy Spirit and a number of spirit helpers who are sitting on the board. We will have guests and others who will participate too. Your Father David was one of the first ones to volunteer to sit on the "parenting board"--not only because of his burden for this job and his expertise, but especially because of his love for the children! His love is what has made him such an expert on the subject. His love has reached the children. His love has also won you as his children.

Memer of the Inspiration Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

ML#3405:8. (Angelic moderator:) The original core group of staffers make up the Inspiration Department. Their job initially was to provide the inspiration to begin the project. Now that that's been accomplished, their responsibility has shifted to being in charge of the content of all the publications associated with Activated.

10. As you all no doubt expected, there is Father David, who said he wouldn't for the world miss being involved to some extent with the Activated push, although he has lots of other duties to attend to as well. ...

David Livingstone↑ Page Top

Helps us with our missionary work

ML#3701: Summary: David Livingstone will help us in our use of the spiritual weapons, in becoming one, planning and executing well-rounded missionary works, and learning to think outside of the box.

88. As a young man, Livingstone, feeling "that the salvation of men ought to be the chief desire and aim of every Christian," made a resolution "that he would give to the cause of missions all that he might earn beyond what was required for his subsistence." Then at twenty-one he began thinking about being a missionary--first setting his sights on China, but then deciding on Africa after contact with Dr. Robert Moffat...

89. Born and raised in Scotland, Livingstone was known to be strong in simplicity and resolution. After a theological and medical education, he sailed for Africa in 1840, and soon headed into uncharted territory, saying that he would "go anywhere, provided it be forward." He married Mary, the daughter of Robert Moffat, and had a family with her, but later sent them back to the UK when he felt led to venture deeper into Africa.

91. He spent many years in some of the most inhospitable parts of the world, reaching people who had never had a chance to know Jesus. Missionary fervor was growing in the 1800s, but Europeans had little knowledge of much of the world. He set out, expecting to train the Africans in Christianity as he understood it, but once on his mission field, he rebelled against the formal concepts of imposing a form of Christianity on the people of Africa based on Western culture and morals. He eventually broke completely with the missionary societies of his day in order to explore, to combat the slave trade, and bring his simple faith to the people in a form that could be incorporated into their own cultures.

93. On his assistance to us today, Livingstone says: "I am skilled in all of the spiritual weapons and moves of the spirit that help you in your missionary work. My specialty is counseling you in the planning and execution of a well-rounded missionary work. The Lord has gifted me to help you adapt in order to win and train anyone, anywhere, and this theme pervades all of my counsel. ... In my areas of expertise, I will help you to think and act outside of the box in order to be the very best teachers, witnessers, soul winners and love givers that you can be.

Expert on meditation and intercessory prayer

ML#3697:39. (Mama:) Our next expert on meditation is David Livingstone, whom all of you are familiar with, but I don't think any of us realized how strong he was in meditation.

41. (Livingstone:) Meditating was a big part of my life. I never let a single day pass for most of my life, if I could possibly help it, when I didn't take at least a little time to meditate. My life and survival, not to mention my sanity, depended on it.

From GT:

David Livingstone (1813-1873): Scottish pioneer missionary and explorer of Africa who spent more than 37 years of his life living and working there. It was Livingstone who said, "You cannot outgive God!" He said, "I never made a sacrifice! No matter how much I gave, God always gave me back more!"


Dawson Trotman↑ Page Top

Witnessing and winning spirit helper

ML#3702: Summary: Dawson Trotman will aid us in abiding in and promoting the Word, and being faithful to memorize it and use it in our witnessing and winning. He'll help us to be strong in the areas of personal follow-up, discipleship training, and bringing in the laborers.

69. The American founder of the Christian organization the Navigators, Dawson Trotman, was converted in 1926. He was known for his street evangelism, promotion of Bible memorization (which he believed brought about his conversion), abiding in the Word, personal follow-up, one-on-one discipleship training, and multiplying laborers in the Lord's service.

75. Though Dawson is still involved with and influencing the Navigators, he's also available to help us during the Offensive.

Deactivation (Neutralization) Demons, The↑ Page Top

ML#3455:44. (Jesus:) Where My four golden activation angels can enable My Family to be wonderfully activated and skyrocket them into a glorious future of fruitfulness, these black demons seek to neutralize My Family--to deactivate them through their sins and through their waywardness.

45. They stand in arrogance and defiance of Me--these four [deactivation/neutralization] demons of pride, disobedience, bitterness and division.

54. (Jesus:) The deactivation demons are not specifically confined to the land of Brazil. They will roam to other lands--and already have to some extent. Their power must be recognized, rebuked and destroyed. These four sins--pride, disobedience, division and bitterness--are not only confined to Brazil. My children worldwide must also open their eyes and take heed, lest these demons also gain a foothold in their lives, Homes, and fields--for in some cases, the demons have gained entrance.

Death, The Spirits of↑ Page Top

Attempt to destroy both the spiritual body and the physical body

ML#3597:16. (Mama:) Their desire is to cause and perpetrate death--through suicide, eating disorders, unhealthy living, abortion, murder, despair and giving up on life.

18. (Jesus:) As I am the great Spirit of Life, so is the Enemy the spirit of death. He is the opposite of all that I am. Within his realm, there are many spirits who work under him in the realm of death. The Spirits of Death have been around since the beginning of the dark world, and they are active and aggressive in their attempts to destroy life throughout the world. But in recent times they have begun to intensely target the youth of the children of David.

19. If you stop to think about the last few years, you will realize that these demons have indeed been attacking like never before. Never before have you seen the kind of accidents, eating disorders, intense battles for life, and the like, as you have in recent years--both in the world, as well as within the Family, as well as among your ex-member youth. And never before have you, or those in the world, seen young people so intensely attacked with thoughts of wanting, desiring, and hoping for death--those battling hopelessness, negativity, depression, bulimia, anorexia, suicide, and others of the Enemy's attacks.

20. The Spirits of Death attack both the spiritual body and the physical body. They will fight to kill either. And their tactics are numerous. Some will attack when the walls of personal defenses are down, through accidents, sicknesses, and the like. Some will attack in the mind, trying to get the young person to desire death. Some will attack through unguarded moments. And yet others will attack through trying to bring death to the spirit, or death to the mind.

29. (Jesus:) They cause thoughts of hurt, pain, suicide, of being unloved or unworthy of love. They try to tempt people to hurt themselves or others. They hate life and they hate young people. They are aggressive and are behind war, violence of all sorts, torture, and abortion.

30. They instill thoughts of wanting revenge, thoughts of longing for death.

31. They attack with depression or worthlessness and try to kill you through taking away your desire to live.

33. They cause you to fear the opinions of man, to focus on self and how you look in order to please man rather than Me. They will use any interest in the dark side to the maximum to hurt you, any eating disorder or drug use to destroy your body, any negative thinking to make you sink into the pit of depression, any dangerous activities to open the door to injury or death.

35. (Jesus:) Other bands of demons also belong to the Spirits of Death:

1) The demons of depression ...

2) Kamikaze spirits ...

3) The demons of despair ...

4) The Band of Dare ...

5) The demon Set ...

Spirit of Youth

Wings of Heaven

Deborah↑ Page Top

MLK#206. (Deborah:) I was a prophetess and judge of Israel. God gave me great faith to lead His people in a battle against our enemies. God told me He would help us defeat our enemies, and He did. I then sang a song of praise to God for how He saved us. Praise is the voice of faith. Praising God helps faith grow in your heart.

You can call on me whenever you need faith for God to help you in a difficult situation. I will help you to praise God and have faith to believe His promises!

In the Bible...


DeCynder↑ Page Top

JT Board Custodian

ML#3476:72. (DeCynder:) I am DeCynder and I come from the very throne of God. I work directly under my Commander in Chief, your Lord and Savior.

73. (Vision:) I'm seeing a beautiful angelic being. He's very handsome, with long golden hair billowing all around him. His form appears to be "moving," in that I see his defined outline, but within his form is all this beautiful moving light. This light resembles swirls of circular rainbow-colored light, all moving and changing color simultaneously within him. It's almost like looking into a beautiful three-dimensional kaleidoscope, but I'd have to describe what I'm seeing within this spirit as looking more like one of those small hand-held sparkler fireworks--the ones that have a continuous spray of beautiful exploding light emanating from their core. But his whole inner form appears to be made of many of these beautiful rainbow-colored circular "explosions"!

74. (Jesus:) DeCynder is a name that can have a three-fold meaning for you. Firstly, as the name resembles the word "discerner," so I will help you through this spirit helper to discern the needs and heartcries of the JETTs and teens of the Family.

75. Then, as the name resembles "descend," I will help you to relate better to the age group you're ministering to, to descend to their level in a sense, so that you can see the world through their eyes and truly understand their needs and desires.

76. Then, also, as the latter part of this being's name resembles "cinder," so I will help you as a united team to light the fire in each one's heart.--To take the tiny, almost nonexistent cinder of faith in the JETTs' and teens' hearts and to blow upon it with your prayers and your use of all the new weapons, so those tiny cinders glow red-hot and finally burst into the flame of discipleship and lifelong commitment to Me.

Demons that distract and keep us from prayer↑ Page Top

ML#3565:13. (Jesus:) Satan has a whole division of his forces assigned to distract and keep you from prayer. They will use any tactic and they have every bit of Satan's power available to them, because it is the single most damaging act to Satan's kingdom.

Depression, The Demons of↑ Page Top

ML#3464a:82. (Vision:) I see a number of very tall, dark, hooded beings. They have their backs to me, and they are clothed in long black robes that have a hood over their heads so that I can't see their faces. The only part of their body that I can see are their hands--they are formed like the skeletal base of the hand, without skin, just the bones. They move like a regular hand, only they are much more powerful, like they could crush anything that they hold.

83. I hear the screaming and crying again, and I look to see that these creatures of darkness are restraining a person. He's dazed, almost limp in their hands. The creature I've been able to see the most clearly stretches out his hand and reaches into the body of this man and grabs his heart and begins to squeeze it, not so tightly at first, and the man hardly notices what's happening and barely seems to stir from his sedation.

86. (Jesus:) ... You have seen the demons of depression in one of the forms they take, who work this evil of darkness on the hearts of mankind. Depression is a witchery of darkness, practiced by these demons of depression--living-dead creatures of the netherworld. Their purpose is death. They squeeze gently at first and it's hardly noticeable, but soon they crush the heart with their viselike grip till the life has gone out of it.

Belong to the Spirits of Death

ML#3597:35. (Jesus:)

1) The demons of depression belong to the Spirits of Death. They promote self-hatred and hatred toward others. They judge harshly and spread hopelessness. Lucerne is your powerful and mighty help in this battle. When you call for him and work with him, you will feel the difference and relief in the battle.




Despair, The Demons of↑ Page Top

ML#3597:35. (Jesus:)

3) The demons of despair are a band of the Spirits of Death. Their goal is to destroy usefulness to Me. Their greatest tool is depression and despair. Their focus is on My young people, both current and former Family young people.

Devil, The (The Enemy)↑ Page Top

ML#686:57. ... I don't care to talk too much about [the dark side], because I think it tends to glorify the Enemy too much, giving him too much credit. However, God's Word does tell us not to be ignorant of the Devil's devices (2Corinthians 2:11).

59. These wicked spiritual powers are led by a fallen archangel, Satan, whom the Bible calls "the prince of the devils" (Matthew 12:24) and "the god of this world" (2Corinthians 4:4). Speaking of him, Jesus said, "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from Heaven" (Luke 10:18). And the Book of Jude speaks of his forces as "the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation" (Jude 6).

60. Before becoming the Devil, Satan had been Lucifer, the Light-Bearer, the mightiest of all archangels, next to God Himself--he was the right hand of God. He ruled the universe, second only unto God, the very Bearer of the light! But he wasn't satisfied with most of it. He wanted it all! He wanted to be the light. So because he wanted it all and wasn't even willing to share a little, he lost it all!

61. He wanted to be god! He did not have to fall--he chose to, because of his lust for power! In the account of his downfall, God's Word says, "How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into Heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. ... I will be like the Most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to Hell, to the sides of the pit" (Isaiah 14:12-15).

62. He was the first would-be dictator, who didn't want to listen to either God or the other angelic forces! Obviously the majority of them were opposed to his rebellion, for when he totally leaves Heaven at the start of the Great Tribulation he'll only take one-third of them with him! So he and his demons are in the minority, thank God! (See Revelation 12:4.)

65. He declares his independence from all righteous rule and people and goes about doing his dirty work amongst the whole universe as a dandy bad example of what not to be and what not to do! So we have hell on earth and even some hell in the heavenlies at present in the spirit world, until God throws him out completely, and all his devils, in the soon-coming Great Tribulation! (See Revelation 12:7-10.)

66. In the meantime, however, he's still busy trying to be god and trying to establish his counterfeit kingdom on earth. You see, he's not really a creator at all; he's only an imitator and destroyer, a fake god! In fact, the Devil can't do anything; he doesn't know what to do, except to imitate God!--Because he knows what God does works! And so in everything he does he is trying to imitate the Lord.

67. But unlike God or Christ or the Holy Spirit, the Devil is not omnipresent, he's limited! He's limited in his scope of operation, because he is only one of God's creations and limited to one personality in one place at any one given time. Therefore, he has to carry on most of his business through his demons, other evil angels--and through these, the various satanic princes of this world--through these devils he manages to rule a good deal. This is why the Bible calls him "the god of this world" (2Corinthians 4:4). (See also Luke 4:5-7.)

ML#1500:103. (Dad:) Isn't he a horrible creature? Look at that word Devil! D-E-V-I-L! Cut off his head "D" and what have you got left? (Family: Evil!) Cut off the "E" and what have you got left? (Family: Vile!) Cut off the "V" and what have you got left? (Family: Ill!) And cut off the "I" and what have you got left?--Hell! He's all of those things: He's the Devil, evil, vile, ill and Hell! Amen?

In the Bible...

The Devil [<Gr "diabolos"=slanderer]--Mat.4:1, Jn.8:44, Ac.10:38

Also called...



Apollyon (Abaddon) [Gr/Heb=destroyer]--Rev.9:11

Baalzebub (Beelzebub) [Heb=lord of the fly]--2Kg.1:2-6,16; Lk.11:15,28

Dragon--Rev.12:7,9; 20:2

Enemy--Mat.13:39, Lk.10:19

Evil One (NKJV)--Mat.6:13; Jn.17:15; 2Th.3:3

Father of a liar--Jn.8:44

Lucifer [<L=light bringing, morning star]--Is.14:12

Old Serpent--Rev.12:9, 20:2

Prince of the devils--Mat.9:34, Mk.3:22

Prince of this world--Jn.12:31, 14:30

Prince of the power of the air--Ep.2:2

Satan [Heb=to accuse, act as adversary]--Job 1-2, Mat.4:10, Mk.4:15, Rev.12:9

Tempter--Mat.4:3, 1Th.3:5

Wicked One--Mat.13:19

Diabolos↑ Page Top

The Greek for the Devil.

Disobedience, The Demon of↑ Page Top

Deactivation (Neutralization) Demons

Disruptor↑ Page Top

Disrupts, delays and causes accidents

ML#3475:53. (Jesus:) In his fury, Satan has called forth his demon, Disruptor, from the highways and byways of this world. He is the chief demon assigned to disrupt and interrupt, to hinder, to delay order and progress--and to destroy, if possible. His specific domain and field of power is over the roads, highways, connections, and transportations of the world. Even the mail delivery systems and services are under his influence. His power is fed and fueled by the fury, impatience, and carelessness that drives the majority of worldlings in their modes of operation and commuting to and fro. Speed demons are his underlings and apprentices, who swarm around the unyielded and wayward worldlings like flies. He works with the purpose of disrupting, destroying, causing havoc and mayhem.

ML#3566:35. (Prayer:) I rebuke Disruptor, the creator of destruction and confusion. I ask that You turn his power on himself. Baffle him. Enrage him. Destroy him! Give us wisdom and protection through the help of Vigilance and Prudence. We claim the help of the Activation Angel of Miracles if need be, to do outright miracles to protect and keep us safe. We call on Tola and Tor, commanders of key power, to defend us. We call on Michael, captain of Your host, to give us all the spiritual protection and backup that we need.

Division, The Demon of↑ Page Top

ML#3532:150. (Jesus:) The Enemy just loves to attack your unity. He loves to throw a monkey wrench into your Home, causing dissension, hurt feelings, mistrust and selfishness. He has legions of demons, including the Selvegion and the demons of division, working full-time to find a crack in the wall of unity. They whisper thoughts of mistrust about other brethren and try their best to blow problems and personality differences way, way out of proportion.

Deactivation (Neutralization) Demons

Don Quixote↑ Page Top

Helps us to have crazy faith


Don Quixote: Helps us to have crazy faith, be insane dreamers, new bottles, and true revolutionaries.

Dorcas (Tabitha)↑ Page Top

MLK#208. (Dorcas:) When I was on Earth I loved doing things for others. I still spend a lot of my time helping other people. I especially like helping Jesus' children on Earth. I'm sure you've noticed how happy others are when you do something extra nice for them. If you are learning to be more thoughtful and considerate of others and do loving things for people, you can claim the keys of love and ask for my help. I would love that!

[Note: You can read about Dorcas in Acts 9:36-42.]

Douglas MacArthur, General↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#2200:5. (Maria: I thought I would very much like to have General Douglas MacArthur to help me!) [Dad:] Oh, yes, yes, yes! ... (Maria: So do you think he is really helping us?) Oh, I believe it!

13. All right, Honey, you asked for him, you got him! You want MacArthur?--His wisdom and oratory?--He's at your beck and call now, ...

(The next morning:)

14. He's beautiful! (Maria: Who?) MacArthur! I can still see him, with a big smile! I hardly remember him smiling at all in any of the photos I've seen of him. He's got a gorgeous smile, a big beautiful smile! It was almost like he was indulging the wish of a little child, indulging me like I was a little child. ...

ML#2518:21. ... (Maria: And there are also all those who in the Spirit still love [the Japanese].--Like MacArthur and all those who worked so hard to love them.) So many! ...

From GT:

Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964): American general and organizer of post-war Japan, Maria's new spirit helper!


Dragon, The↑ Page Top

Another name for the Devil

Rev.12:7-9 And there was war in Heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in Heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Rev.20:1-3 And I saw an angel come down from Heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years, and cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.

The Dragon and dragons

ML#1507:23. "And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast." [Rev.13:4] This Beast is the Antichrist, and the Dragon is that old red Dragon, that same Ol' Boy that's been causing us trouble ever since the Garden of Eden! He was called the Serpent then, right? Now he's called a Dragon. What's a dragon? Have you ever seen a picture of a dragon? Did you know that there really were dragons?--Really, fire-breathing, smoke-breathing dragons! If you don't believe it, just read the 40th and 41st Chapters of Job!

24. You'll find that dear saint George, a great Christian, actually fought a fire-breathing, smoke-exhaling dragon! There were a few left around in his day! But there used to be a lot of them in Job's day, and God uses this dragon as a type of the Devil. He sounds a lot like an alligator, doesn't he? Or one of those huge prehistoric monsters which apparently were destroyed in the Flood. What do they call those things? Dinosaurs! ... Dinosaurs were dragons!

Its rule over the Chinese

ML#2420:54. (Dad, reading from the paper:) "The Year of the Dragon is the only mythical and the most magnificent of all the 12 signs in China's animal zodiac." Mythical, in other words, having something to do with what you might call the spiritual. ... "In the island nation of Singapore, officials are forecasting a baby boom this year, as mothers seek to ensure that their babies are endowed with the power and luck that superstition accords to their so-called 'dragon seeds', born to wear the horns of destiny!"

55. What more devilish, fiendish, damnable, Satanic religion could any people have than that? They literally worship the Devil!--Rev.12:9. I said that when I saw that dragon over that cemetery there in Singapore. That's one thing that made me so mad at that place. Thank God He used us to deliver people, praise God! (See No.1264, "Whole Chinese Cemetery Set Free!") There was this huge dragon up over the entrance of the cemetery. The Dragon rules the Chinese, the Dragon rules China, and they worship him already.

Images of dragons on a water urn, shirts, etc.

ML#1643:59. QUESTION: On a question of images of dragons--very common in Chinese art/pottery. My mother smashed a water urn to smithereens once because she didn't feel at peace with its carvings of dragons on it and some pastor had just preached about such images. Some time after that, she discovered that one of my father's shirts had the print of a dragon on it and so, she proceeded to get rid of it by burning it. I can see how I'd be uncomfortable with the images of dragons or for that matter, snakes, but what I'd like to know is how "spiritual" is something like that? I don't think I'd necessarily be so bothered that I'd have to smash or burn to destroy them. Wouldn't it be sufficient to pray over the article, rebuking any spirits, etc.? Of course, if it was uncomfortable to have around, I'd get rid of it--at least out of sight and away from it--but does it have to be destroyed? My mother feels it is better destroyed so nobody else would receive it (and perhaps the spirit that went along!)--Psalms, S.E.Asia

ANSWER: Right!--Your mom's right! Evil Talismans should be destroyed or gotten rid of!--Maybe sold to one who wants it and has the Devil anyhow? There are many stories in the Bible on smashing idols!--And we've told you many from personal experience (Hindu Temple, California; my Mom and the Buddha, etc. See No.980:45-52). Why would you want a witness to the Devil around?--Or some demon himself with it!

Drought↑ Page Top

Causes afflictions to our body

ML#3522:137. (Summary:) The demon Drought has had influence throughout history, but his sphere of influence has grown so that he is now able to touch the bodies of men. He can afflict by drawing the fluids away from the parts of the body where they are needed, can hinder the flow of nourishment and the ridding of wastes, and can hinder the life-giving flow of oxygen to the cells and organs. The Lord's Spirit is able to reverse this hellish cycle through the power of the keys and with the aid of Almathor.

Dwight L. Moody↑ Page Top

Expert on meditation and intercessory prayer

ML#3696:10. (Mama:) He lived from 1837 to 1899, and as you all know, he was the American shoe salesman turned evangelist. One book says about him:

11. "It's hard to imagine anyone who seemed less likely to succeed as an evangelist than Dwight L. Moody. He had only a 6th grade education. He was 'unseemly in appearance,' he was short and weighed nearly 300 pounds. He was unconventional. He refused ordination. He was unpolished and ungrammatical.

12. "His words rushed from his bearded face like a torrent, with many 'aint's.' Yet he became one of America's greatest evangelists and soul winners, preaching to over 50 million people in the course of 40 years."

14. At the age of 23, he founded his own Sunday school in Chicago and filled it from his own witnessing. He later established his own church and became an internationally famous evangelist, sometimes preaching to crowds of as many as 50,000 people at once. A tremendous witness and soul winner, he said, "The only Bible the world reads is the one bound in shoe leather, you and me."

15. His Moody Bible Institute is still active in sending out missionaries today. He was a great prayer warrior and strong in meditation.

Witnessing and winning spirit helper

ML#3702: Summary: Dwight L. Moody will encourage us that God can use anyone, and will help us to turn any seeming defeats into victories.

7. It takes an impossible situation for God to do a miracle, and Moody was certainly a walking miracle! Born in 1837, he had virtually no education, no training in public speaking, and very little knowledge about the Bible or preaching the Gospel to begin with.

8. His Sunday school teacher, Edward Kimball, said of him in his earlier years, "I can truly say, and in saying it I magnify the infinite grace of God as bestowed upon him, that I have seen few persons whose minds were spiritually darker than his when he came into my class, and [we had] seldom met an applicant for membership more unlikely ever to become a Christian of clear and decided views of Gospel truth, still less to fill any extended sphere of public usefulness." Yet Moody became one of the greatest witnesses, evangelists, soul winners, and disciple trainers of all time.

11. He had his share of setbacks--his church and home burning down, losses, and sorrows--but each time he chose to look for the good, refused to be defeated, and launched into the next commission Jesus had for him. That's one reason why he will be such a powerful helper: He saw many seeming defeats turned into greater victories while he was on Earth, simply because he chose to trust and fight on.

Member of the Inspiration Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

John Bunyan [The Inspiration Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Ebed-melech↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#3443:25. (Vision:) Now, just one man is coming forward. He's dressed very formally, in traditional 19th century attire, a butler it seems. He's black, or at least part black, in his mid-30s, but very handsome--strikingly so. There's something mysteriously beautiful about him. He's dressed in the attire of a servant, but his spirit or demeanor seems to indicate something very different.

26. (Ebed-melech:) I am your personal liegeman, my queen. I am here to serve you, to honor you, and to pay tribute to you on the day of your birth. I serve you in many ways--ways that are unseen in the natural, but very real within the realm of the spirit. I serve you the fruits of humility, the grapes of contriteness, the pomegranates of thankfulness. I am here by your side ever ready to see and meet the need, to serve what is needed when it is needed.

32. (Jesus:) He is the Ethiopian from the Bible, the one who was Jeremiah's convert, who helped him in his time of need and asked the king's permission to pull him out of the pit. He was the one who stood by Jeremiah when no one else believed his words, a lowly one, a eunuch, a servant, but who highly esteemed and treasured My Words--even My radical, revolutionary, unconventional Words through Jeremiah.

33. He was a lowly man in his day, though he served in the courts of the king, but he is now exalted because of his faith, because of his service to My prophet Jeremiah, because of his love for Me and My Words. He now serves in My royal courts as a helper to you, My prophetess of the End who pours forth My unconventional and radical Words for today. He is your personal retainer, your servant, but is very highly honored in the courts of Heaven. He is a man small in his own eyes, but great in My sight. I have chosen to use him as a servant to My Queen Maria in the end of days.

34. Ebed-melech is a vessel in My hand, to help you, My queen, with the gifts of humility, of becoming all things to all men, of remaining inconsequential and invisible in the eyes of man, seeking only to attire yourself in the garments I see fit. So it was appropriate that Ebed-melech appear in a type of garb that you would not expect of him, as he is adept at doing My bidding, at adjusting to any situation, at wearing the spiritual garments of My choosing. He does not seek to allow his dress to elevate him above others, but seeks to remain inconspicuous, a servant, a humble subject. He can become all things to all men and yet remains humble and meek, just as he is now helping you, My queen.

In the Bible...

Jer.38:1-13, 39:15-18.

Ecstasy↑ Page Top

Helps us with the use of the gift of loving Jesus intimately

ML#3558:216. (Vision:) Wow, I'm seeing what appears to be an explosion of color and light--like one of those puffs or explosions they have on stage in magic shows. But it's not a loud, glaring explosion; it's perfectly silent, beautiful, and mysterious. It's difficult to explain, but with each explosion--and there's a continuous stream of these explosions, one after the other--I literally feel each explosion inside me, like a wave going right through my body. Each explosion causes a different sensation in my body--a beautiful, almost orgasmic sensation.

217. Now there's a spectacular one! It must be the grand finale, with all these surreal sparkles and swirls of colors emanating from its center. It almost looks like the aurora borealis, except it's circular and multi-dimensional in nature. I see the shape of someone forming at the center and stepping out of this explosion toward me.

218. She's beautiful! She's like a swirl of light and color, fully human in form, yet it appears that her whole body and form is like a canvas of beautiful colors. Her hair is very long and beautiful and full of these same sparkles that emanated from the explosions of light. And another cool thing: Swathed around her body are these beautiful long scarves, each of them multi-colored as well, yet the colors don't clash with each other.

219. Everything about her is striking and "explosive," yet at the same time perfectly harmonious. She's laughing and spinning around and around and throwing her arms in the air praising. She's very gypsy-like in spirit, and definitely has a wild, free spirit to her.

220. Now while she's dancing and spinning around, she's sexily and enticingly unwrapping some of the scarves from her body. Wow, she's hot!

221. (Spirit helper:) I come forth from the Wild Wind--from the wild and free Spirit of God! I was created from love--from the awesome, explosive power of My Creator's love for you, His brides. I have been formed from His great desire for you, and will help you to love our Lover passionately and without restraint. I was born from His passion and ardent craving for you, and have been given the spirit of wild abandon. Within me beats raw passion, raw desire, and raw freedom of the spirit.

222. You may call me Ecstasy, for ecstasy is at the heart of my being!--Ardent ecstasy and desire for our Husband and Lover, which I can give you as you call on me by name. Ecstasy has the power to enrapture you, to transfer you to another plane, to take you out of yourself. It has no reins, no inhibitions, no master except our Own--our Lover and Husband.

223. When you call on me by name, the ecstasy and freedom of spirit you feel will have no bounds, no limits, and no carnal harness. This ecstasy will open your spiritual eyes, it will open your spiritual ears, it will free your tongue, it will awaken your spiritual senses and transcend your earthly nature. You will be carried away on the wind of the spirit to the center of your desire--to our Husband's arms. Here, in ardent and passionate union with my Lover, is where my ecstasy and power is created and renewed, and so it shall be for you. Now watch me ...!

224. (Vision:) Now I'm seeing Ecstasy sexily unwrap another scarf from her body. As it's free from her form, it swirls and moves in the air, and those same magical sparkles trail behind it. She's approaching me, and now takes this same scarf and wraps it around my eyes, like a blindfold. As she does so, she runs her fingertips enticingly around and over my ear, and down my neck. Just her touch sends excited shivers through my body.

225. This scarf is amazing, because even though she's blindfolded me, I appear to be able to see even more clearly than with my natural vision. It's as if everything I'm now seeing is heightened in intensity--everything is clearer, more in focus, and more vibrant in color.

226. Now she's dancing and undulating in front of me again, swirling around, and yet another scarf is freed from her form. This time she brushes the scarf across my lips, and now all I want to do is say love words to the Lord--intimate and passionate words--without fear, without embarrassment, without worrying about what anyone thinks. It seems to have given me the humility and power to forget myself and everything else and give Him my tongue in complete abandon.

227. With each scarf she unwraps from her lovely form, she approaches me and brushes or runs it sexily over different parts of my body: first my eyes to help me see in the spirit, then my mouth to loosen my tongue, then my ears to clear my channel, then my head to clear my mind of any thoughts and cares, then my arms to encourage me to lift them and use them in ardently praising and loving the Lord.

228. It seems that with each touch or exposure to one of these scarves, a different part of me is released and set free to love Him intimately and passionately. Each scarf seems to have a beautiful scent which further takes me away in spirit ... until Ecstasy entirely unwraps herself and dances in wild, sexy and naked abandon before me and the Lord.

255. (Jesus:) [Besides the angels of the heart:] You also have other spirit helpers who aid you--Ecstasy, the Blue Angels, your Father David, and your personal Elerian spirit helper. All of them are ready and waiting to help you in this, My loves.

Edgar Allan Poe↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#3445:27. (Edgar, to Mama:) ... I come to you ready to serve, ready to give what gifts God has given me to help you reach the hearts of this great, vast, empty world. You have the words of eternal life, for you pour out the full truth, the pure, unadulterated Words of our Lover and King.

31. Your dear David released me from torment and darkness through his prayers. He was moved by love to save me, and Jesus answered his prayers and received me into His spirit world of love. And now I want to do all I can to help your David as a token of my appreciation, and to give back to him some of the love he gave to me. I owe much to your David, and by helping you, I also serve him.

32. So I come now with pen in hand, ready to serve and follow your bidding. ...

[See "Prayer for Edgar Allan Poe", ML#2609]

** Edgar Allan Poe (1809-49), American poet, short-story writer, and critic. He is acknowledged today as one of the most brilliant and original writers in American literature. He is also considered the father of the modern detective story.

Edgar Rice Burroughs↑ Page Top

Storyteller in the Heavenlies

From ML#3119:

1875-1950. American writer best known for creating the character Tarzan, one of the most famous characters in fiction. In Burroughs' books, Tarzan is the son of Lord Greystoke, an English nobleman. He is abandoned in Africa while a baby and is raised by a family of apes. He grows up in the jungle, learning the language and habits of the animals. Tarzan has many adventures and saves many lives. Burroughs published the first Tarzan book in 1914.

Eleria, The (Freedom Angels)↑ Page Top

Set us free from our old mindset and gives us the freedom of the spirit

ML#3522:125. (Summary:) The Eleria (also known as Freedom Angels, and Angels of Freedom) are our personal guardians of the Revolution, who help to fill our lives for Jesus with excitement and freedom in the spirit, free us from the false realities of the world, and make us open to the things of the spirit. They can free us from old mindsets, cut away the tentacles of Bacchus and the vines of the world, free us from the past, free us from the daily struggles that threaten to overwhelm us, and liberate us to love Jesus. They are spirits of liberty.

101. (Vision:) I'm seeing a white horse in a field. It rears up on its hind legs and changes into a guardian angel. He's walking toward me now, a very strong and brilliant-looking angel. In one hand he holds a sword, and in the other a book of some kind. It strikes me as being a stone tablet. He's holding it up for me to see now.

102. (Angel:) I am the guardian of your personal revolution. Jesus has sent me to you as your guardian, your keeper, your inspiration at this time when so much is changing. The book I hold in my hand is the Word of God. This book gives me the power to do the miracles I will do for you and through you at this time.

103. While my outward appearance may seem to you to be that of a white stallion, I am, in fact, an angel of great power. I am not actually a horse in spirit. I am as you see me now, an angel with human form.

106. What can I do for you? I can open your heart to new ways of doing things; I can set you free from your old mindset that has held you back; I can bring to your life a greater unity and love for others. All these things come back to the freedom of the spirit. You have desired to have a radical and revolutionary spirit, you have chosen Jesus' way, and He has chosen to send me to help you to live your life for Him to the full.

116. (Jesus:) Call upon the angels of freedom, and they will rush to your aid like wild white stallions thundering across the meadows. They will thunder to your side and set you free.

117. Be not afraid to call upon their help, for they are given to the children of David alone, as your helpers. You will feel freer to obey, freer to do My will, and freer to be Mine in spirit. Ask in faith, believing that you shall receive them, and you shall have them. Ask that it may be given you, so that you, too, may find this freedom of spirit and liberty in Me.

118. This group of freedom angels is called "the Eleria." [E-lair-ee-ah] If you are referring to one of the Eleria band, you would say that he or she is an Elerian. And when you call them by their personal names, you would call on, for example, "Feshas Elerian," or "Marvia Elerian"--whatever helps you to remember them best.

119. Call upon them, and let them come to you and set you free. They are many, and they are more than willing to come to your aid and do your bidding. Call upon them; do not neglect these heavenly warriors who come to your aid.

100. (Mama:) The Lord said that we all have one of these spirit helpers. I asked someone to pray about who my Elerian was, and found out that her name is Prism Elerian.

Help us with the use of the gift of loving Jesus intimately

ML#3558:196. (Mama:) There are quite a few wonderful helpers of the spirit that we can call on to help us in learning to use the gift of loving our Husband intimately as an offensive weapon against the Enemy.

197. We have the Eleria, who are angels of freedom, the guardians of our personal revolution. They're wonderful ones to call on if you need help in having more faith to step out and if you want more of the freedom of the spirit in your lives.

255. (Jesus:) [Besides the angels of the heart:] You also have other spirit helpers who aid you--Ecstasy, the Blue Angels, your Father David, and your personal Elerian spirit helper. All of them are ready and waiting to help you in this, My loves.

Free us from the cares of this world when you have temple time

ML#3621c:540. Any time you want to "get away from it all" and come into My temple, call on your Elerian helper and claim the keys of heavenly transportation. You will find yourself whisked up and away from the cares of this world into a spiritual realm where all is calm and peace and rest.

Elijah the Prophet↑ Page Top

ML#3446:35. (Elijah, to Mama:) I want to encourage you that you are doing a wonderful job overseeing, shepherding, and guiding this worldwide school of prophets. You'll see as they obey the Word that goes forth and the Word that they hear, that miracles will increase. Yes, showy miracles, alarming miracles, miracles that strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. I say "our" because they're fighting against the same spirit, the spirit of Heaven, the testimony of Jesus, the spirit of prophecy!

In the Bible...

1Kgs.17-19, 21. 2Kgs.1-2. Mat.11:13-14, 17:10-13.

Elixor↑ Page Top

Bearer of the elixir of Heaven

ML#3522:149. (Summary:) Elixor is the bearer of the elixir of healing from Heaven. He can flow through the body like a vapor, placing the elixir of healing on afflicted areas. He can soothe away the poisons of the imp Irrazzmon and drive him away.

147. (Channel:) Elixor also seemed to have that genie sort of appearance, where the head and upper body are more humanlike, but the rest of the body is like a vapor. He's magnificent, though--very stately and serious looking, but his eyes draw you in, as they seem so full of compassion and love.

HELP Force

Elizabeth↑ Page Top

Helps you to have renewed faith to reach for the stars

ML#3719:31. (Elizabeth:) Zacharias and I have been trained to help the Family to have faith for any new steps that the Lord will show you to take in your Witnessing and Winning Offensive. Our desire is to assist the Family's older adults, but we'll help anyone of any age. After my birthing experience and John being a healthy and happy child and growing into a leader of others, I can help strengthen your faith for anything new and radical and different.

32. I used to sit and wonder, "Where is God's blessing of a child? It'll never happen now--it can't!" But God turned my life around in one day. He infused new faith into my spirit with one touch of His hand. He gave me a renewed reason to live and serve Him with all of my heart, with a new zeal and passion that practically took my neighbors by storm. Now I can give you the same renewed zeal for serving Him and others.

34. So here I am, ready to walk with you, talk through you, witness to people, teach classes, and burn the midnight oil if we need to, in order to win as many as we can! I can't give you physical strength, but I can help you to have supernatural, outside-of-the-box faith in order to usher in amazing miracles. I'll work with you if you'll work with me. Just ask me to be your witnessing partner, your co-worker, and I'll be there!

36. I'll help you to have renewed faith to reach for the stars and to believe that anything is possible!

In the Bible...

Luke 1:5-25,39-45,56-66.

Elizabeth Browning↑ Page Top

Member of the Communication Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

From GT:

Elizabeth Browning (1806-61): English poet, the wife of Robert Browning, the most respected and successful woman poet of the Victorian period. Wrote "How Do I Love Thee?"

Paul the Apostle [The Communication Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Ellya↑ Page Top

Teaches us to use the keys properly

ML#3368:21. (Jesus:) Her name is Ellya [pronounced ELL-yah]. She has been in existence from almost the beginning of time. She has stayed close to My heart and My side, and has always pled My cause. During the time of the great division in Heaven, when Lucifer chose to leave My side and the calling I had entrusted to him, Ellya pled and reasoned with her fellow angels and spirits of the heavens to remain true and faithful. During the great confusion and the evil times of Noah's day, she also pled with the world to forsake their sins and to turn to Me. This she has done through the ages, at every turn, without ceasing.

22. Because of her great love and sacrifice in pleading with both men and angels countless times, I have given her great power. Her power comes from her desire to see all life, humans and spirits alike, follow Me and walk aright. In following and yielding one's will to Me, there is great power. Likewise, there is even more power granted to one who not only follows Me, but seeks to persuade others to do the same. This is the deep secret of Ellya's power.

23. Since the beginning of time, Ellya has taken on many forms. Whatever form best suited her mission, she has become. Now you see her as the woman of the wind, graceful and beautiful, yet powerful and awesome. She carries great strength, and her very being is absorbed by and is one with the power of the wind. The atmosphere moves and erupts wherever she goes, yet it is a Godly power--a demonstration of My great power through one who is set to fulfill her present mission.

24. She has taken on the form of the wind in order to whisper the secrets of the keys to you, My children, everywhere. The wind and the air is always around you. Ellya is also always around you in some form, for as the woman of the wind, she is connected and extended throughout every current of air, every gust of wind, every storm and the surrounding calm. In essence, she can be everywhere through this vehicle, although she herself, her full presence and being, is not always there.

25. Her mission is to draw you, My children, toward the keys. Her mission is to plead with you, to show you, to teach you, to beg you to use the keys, and to use them properly. You have much to learn about the keys. Ellya is versed in all knowledge and wisdom concerning the keys. I have put My mind and heart concerning the keys within her for this very task. Her soul mirrors Mine in her deep desire to enlighten your hearts and turn them toward the keys. She will use all the power she possesses to draw your attention to the keys.

26. Ellya represents the power in the Heavenlies that you can have on the Earth, within the carnal and natural realm of man. You can receive the same power that she possesses, to be applied in spiritual and miraculous ways in your service for Me. Though not all the spiritual manifestations of her power are available to you, such as her ability to change form and manner, you can possess the deep power of the keys just as she does, which provide her with all the strength and command that she is known for.

Eloquence↑ Page Top

Helps with written and spoken expression

ML#3702: Summary: Call on Eloquence for help with written and spoken expression, and everything related to it--including faith, clarity, boldness, authority, and confidence.

89. Eloquence is a spirit helper that the Lord first commissioned to help me (Mama) at one of the summits. Now, however, her realm of influence is extended to the Family as a whole, since she will assist us in reaching the rich, in performing, in teaching classes to our sheep, and more. The Lord said that we will all need her during the Offensive.

90. Eloquence is a blue angel, and has a direct, flowing link to the Lord's power. (See ML#3558:200-201, GN 1146.) She has never lived on Earth, but she's been around in the spirit world for a long time. She was an aid to Peter and John when they spoke before the multitudes with boldness (Acts 2:14-41, 3:12-26, 4:9-13), and caused the listeners to sit up and take notice, realizing that although they were unlearned and ignorant men, they had been with Jesus. She was also a helper to Jesus when He debated with the doctors of the law in the temple as a young man (Luke 2:42-47).

91. In her own words, Eloquence will give words that will "enable you to reach others with the words of the spirit," "be the key to the listener's heart," "give you wisdom and intelligence when debating," "help you when explaining spiritual truths and concepts so that those listening will understand," "aid those who need to refute lies and untruths; the words I give to those who must stand up for the truth are as a double-edged sword."

92. Eloquence says, "I know the key to your listeners. I know what words will catch their attention and cause them to take notice. Sometimes it will be eloquent words, sometimes simple words, sometimes pointed words, sometimes allegories. Your words bear the spirit and life of God in them, and my part is to help with the phrasing of the words you need in order to get His message across. I will supernaturally lead you to just the right choice of words that will accurately convey the message that the Lord has put in your heart to give to His children. My mission and goal is to organize the thoughts and intents of your mind into sensible and appropriate words that will convey the very deepest spirit and intent to the heart of the listener."

93. Eloquence can help in any situation and occasion--small everyday conversations, or when talking to a group, or when speaking before a crowd, or when on TV, or when conversing with academics, VIPs, or the upper class. She will assist you not just with your words, but with clarity in writing, presentation, and using the right expressions and body language--as that's all a part of good communication. "Sometimes I work with just your body language," she explains, "helping a smile and wave, for example, to convey all the love and care you want it to. Or a look of understanding, or firmness, or happiness, or whatever you need, to come across just right.

94. "My help to you will become more and more a part of your habits. The more you call on me and access my help, the more you will become naturally eloquent and expressive. The help I give is also training, and with time these things will come more easily and naturally to you, and you will feel my help in real and palpable ways, as it becomes part of you and you grow to depend and count on it."

95. "Eloquence will not suddenly cause you to begin spouting off speeches sounding like Winston Churchill." The Lord said, "She will use the unique gifts your spirit possesses in order to reach the multitudes. She works with your personal nature and voice and enhances it with My Spirit. Her help will give the Family more faith, boldness and confidence in their witness."

Elysian↑ Page Top

Relay projector and image conduit

ML#3478:89. (Vision:) It seems that through the body of this spirit being I'm seeing what our children are destined to be and do. It's as if I'm seeing both their potential and the wonderful fulfillment of all that the Lord has promised they would do and be for Him. So this spirit helper's form acts not only as a projector of these images of our children in the present, but he also acts as a looking glass into the future.

90. (Elysian:) I am here for each and every one of you teachers, caretakers and parents of these young children of David.

93. You have but to call on the power of the keys, then call my name--Elysian--and I will be that channel. I will be that relay projector and image conduit who can help you see that child or children in your care through His eyes. I will lift your eyes and spirit out of today and into tomorrow--the tomorrow He knows you need to see--in order to help you see that child and what he is to become through our Master's eyes.

96. I will help you focus on tomorrow and the wonderful destiny that lies before the little ones in your care. I will lift your spirit out of the trying days, the days when your patience and love are tested to the limit, the days when your vision seems dim and faint. I have been created to help fill that need, to help rekindle your vision, to stir your vision and translate your spirit and courage into the future and all that will come to pass.

97. So whenever your courage is ebbing, ask for my help, and I'll be there to show you the marvels of the future and all that our wonderful Love and Savior will do through that little one or that group of little ones--all because of your remaining faithful to the vision and calling He has bestowed upon you.

Embodiment of strength and renewal↑ Page Top

"Bearers" at the Pavilion of Renewal

ML#3413:157. (Vision:) I have on either side of me two beings. On my left is a beautiful woman. Her flowing hair floats gently through the air.

159. Her features are fine and beautiful, a defined nose, but not outstanding, for it seems that her eyes and smile are meant to be what captures attention.

160. My attention drifts to the bearer on my right. I say "bearer," for indeed this is what they are. They're lifting me and bringing me to some special cove or place of rest, I'm not quite sure where.

162. I'm again drawn to this being on my right. He's enormous, yet it seems that he has reduced his actual proportions so as not to overwhelm me. If a picture, or being, could describe strength, he would be my description. He is wide, his shoulders are round and rippled with muscles, but there is a peculiarity about his skin--perhaps what initially drew me to understand that no earthly explanation can describe him. Though parts of his skin resemble human flesh, there's what looks like leopard fur meshed in his arm. It's like his arm is a patchwork, with parts of flesh and parts of fur.

166. There is something captivating in his voice--an alert sense of protection is the impression I'm getting. If I were to define who these two beings were that are transporting me somewhere, I would say that they are the embodiment of strength and renewal--the female portion of my entourage being Renewal, and my mighty sustainer being Strength. But it seems that each bears the weight of me equally.

169. We are now entering this pavilion-like room.

170. Suddenly I hear her voice again in my head, "This is the 'Pavilion of Renewal.'" Around me are many ministering spirits; others weary like me are being renewed by them. The atmosphere is so peaceful and uplifting.

198. [After she rested on the bed, the male spirit being said:] "I have been sent this day to infuse your spirit with strength. I am the creation of strength, the embodiment of power. What you see before you now is but a condensed force of all that I have been created to be. God has created me as a demonstration of strength and might. But even in this magnificent form, I am still nothing in comparison to God's strength. Yet this is my destiny, the reason for my existence, to be the manifestation of strength to those who must see. But I have not been called this time to demonstrate my strength to you; rather, I have been beckoned to be at your service, to impart strength from my spirit to yours, for I am the embodiment of God's spirit of strength."

Emma↑ Page Top

Gen-up #9. (Emma speaking to the Gen-up readers:) I'm from the 17th century. I was a governess in the house of one of the lords of the British nobility.

Being taught by a governess for these children was much like the way you are schooled at home. It was the early form of homeschooling. This is one reason why I have been called upon by our great Lord of the universe to help your parents in schooling you, His Endtime children, who are destined for great accomplishments for His Kingdom there on earth during these Latter Days.

Encouragement, Spirit Helpers of↑ Page Top

ML#3522:47. (Jesus:) You have helpers of encouragement who want to express words of praise and commendation to you, words of comfort and courage to help you with the walk ahead.

Angels of Encouragement, Joy and Inspiration

Espitia↑ Page Top

Keeper of the keys for children

ML#3478:120. (Espitia:) My name is Espitia and my mission is manifold. I am the keeper of the keys for your children. I am an intercessory prayer warrior who pleads the cause of the children before the throne of God. I have a personal connection with each of your children from birth until puberty. I know what goes on in their hearts, in their minds, and with their spirits. I know what turns their key, what they need, what gets through to them, how they can best learn, what they fear, and how to best care for them. I carry the prayers from their hearts to Heaven. I wield the keys on their behalf. I carry within me every true word of counsel or instruction on the care of children that has been uttered since the beginning of time.

121. Call for my help and I will aid you as you care for, teach, and train the little ones. I will give you inspiration, ideas, and counsel. I will help you to discern what is in their hearts and what they need. Call for my help and I will fight for you when you are weary, when you are overwhelmed. I will pray for you and send helpers to your side to aid you in whatever you need. Call for my help when you feel you are not getting through to the children, and I will speak, move, and work through you.

124. Our mission is an important one, and because of that, we've been given unlimited access to the power source of Heaven to intervene, to inspire, to direct, to help, and to do whatever needs to be done. When you pray and call for our help, it allows us to involve ourselves to an even greater level. Call on me, and on all of us who have given our lives and our will to the cause of the children, and to those who touch their lives and mold their future.

Esther, Queen↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#3445:35. (Esther, to Mama:) I have been by your side many times over the years, and I will be by your side more as the time grows darker and the Enemy lurks on every side. For my God has granted me the honor of helping you, of working with you, and being able to strengthen you in the spirit with faith, with wisdom, and with great love that will cover all sin--the sin of your loved ones, and most of all, the sin of your enemies. Your enemies will fall, they will fail, just like our God helped us to overcome the enemy of my people.

36. As the days grow darker and the fight becomes more intense, you and your Family will be given more and more spiritual help. One by one we will rally to your side to encourage you, protect you, and give you wisdom in your hour of need! So don't ever feel alone. Don't ever wonder who is there to help you, for you have a spiritual force field like no others have had in the history of the world! And we will never leave your side. We will give you comfort, love, a fighting spirit, power, might, patience, wisdom, encouragement, and the wrath of God and His power to stand strong in the Last Days! That is our promise, for that is our commission from our Lover, that we are always by your side to be your strength, your help, and your spiritual armor in these Last Days!

38. I am also commissioned by our Husband to uphold you and shield you from attacks of discouragement upon hearing of the many problems or of the accusations and attacks on your Family by former members and even loved ones who have gone out from you.

Ethan↑ Page Top

Helps young people in their witnessing

Xn #2. (Ethan:) Hi! My name? Ethan. ... My age? I'm in my late teens. My age is sealed; I don't grow older. Why? I've chosen to remain this age, as I want to not just remain young at heart, but also young in body in order to help you the best, because in this form Jesus helps me to continue to feel and experience what you feel and experience.

How do I look? I'm Latino. I was born in the late seventies, the eldest of a poor family. I've chosen to continue to dress as a normal kid my age, because it kind of goes along with my gifts.

A little about myself? I spent most of my life on the street, saw a lot, experienced a lot, did a lot of dumb things, but tried the best I could to keep an eye out for my brothers and sisters and those around me. But I ended up getting shot in the crossfire of some street gangs at war. Funny thing is, even while on Earth, I noticed I had something inside of me that helped me see past the outside of a person and into what was going on inside of him.

Then when I got Here to Heaven, Jesus told me that He'd given me a special gift for a reason. And that reason is you! This is my mission, to use this gift to help you young people in your witnessing, so that if you simply call on me, I can give you the gift of understanding, and help you see past the outward appearance, through to a person's heart. There are lots of other spirit helpers like me, and you can ask for any one of us if you need help.

Ethel↑ Page Top

Librarian in the Heavenly Realm; Helps you to absorb God's Words

Xn #72. (Jesus:) I know reading and sitting still is a battle for you, and I wish to give you a new helper to encourage you to focus on the printed page and absorb My Words for you.

(Ethel:) My name is Ethel, and the Lord has assigned me to help you. I was a librarian on Earth.

I've been studying in Heaven for quite some time now, since I came in 1939, your time, and the Lord has seen fit to give me the assignment of teaching you to study.

When I came here, after some training and adjustment time, the Lord gave me a job in one of the many heavenly libraries. I was so happy to be surrounded by books. All the good and meaningful literature that was ever created on Earth is here, and a lot of books that have even been lost to mankind are also on file in our heavenly libraries, so there is a lot to choose from.

If you'll let me sit near you while you read, I'll do my best to communicate my love of reading to you. Reading is my joy, and I can help you enjoy it too. In my day, we didn't have TV or computers, or even a radio most of the time, but I created my own world with my books, and it was as real to me as watching a TV show or movie. You can come to love the Word like that, and it's important that you do have that love for the Lord's Words. The Word will be your strength, your power, your everything in the difficult times the Lord has told us will soon come upon the world.

Look at this as preparation. Jesus is getting you ready for some tough times ahead, and believe me, you want to be ready. I'm here anytime you need help. Picture me sitting at the information desk in an amazing heavenly library. I'll look up from my desk and say, "Hello, it's nice to see you again! How can I help you? What can I do for you today?"

Don't hesitate to ask! I'll never be too busy for you, and I'm available anytime, day or night. I love and admire all of you sons and daughters of David, and it is my honor and privilege to be of service.

Ethernal↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#3443:83. (Ethernal, to Mama:) My name is Ethernal, for I am ethereal and eternal ...

84. I am tall, slender, and fair in appearance. My hair is white and long, and my gown is long and light. Upon my forehead do I wear the most precious of all gems, a blue moor stone, a stone which you do not have on Earth, because it is strictly confined to Heaven, a gem from the deepest treasure vaults.

85. It was a gift from Jesus, my Master, to me, and I wear it proudly, as my gift is prophecy. I am a messenger from Jesus' side to yours. I am the voice that sounds clearly in your mind. I am that graceful queen that many see when they look at you as the voice of God. It is my influence that causes your appearance to be as it is, and your manner to be graceful. I stand ready to serve you.

86. Ethernal--gift of God, treasured among angels, keeper of the blue moor stone, your servant.

88. (Jesus:) Ethernal is a special gift to you, My queen. Hers is the gift of prophecy, but in a unique way and for a specific purpose.

89. Hers is not the gift of speaking the oracles of God, but hers is the gift of the blue moor stone. It is the stone of the seeing eye of prophecy. The blue moor stone is a treasure to be sought above all other jewels, for it is a special part of the gift of prophecy--the gift of discernment of the words from the spiritual realm.

91. My Ethernal stands vigilant guard at My queen's side. The moor stone she bears is as the Urim and Thummim that I gave unto Moses to place in the breastplate of the high priest, which when he spoke My Words, would glow a brilliant blue-white in response to My Spirit pouring through him. But if he were to speak in his own spirit or that of the Enemy, it would not glow, warning the people that I was not in it.

92. It's clear when you read the account in Exodus 28 that the Urim and Thummim judged, though it doesn't specifically say how. Now I have revealed to you that they judged through the light they emanated. When there was no light, it was obvious to all that My Spirit was not present. When there was light, there was no denying My presence. The Urim and Thummim were stones of discernment and judgment.

93. This is what My Ethernal's blue moor stone does for My queen. When she reads the Word received from Me through the mouths of My prophets, she senses the moor stone glowing warm and peaceful at her side. If something from the Enemy were to pass before her, the stone would not glow and My queen would be warned.

94. In this way I use Ethernal as a safeguard for My queen. In this she has a gift far more important and far greater than simply receiving the prophecy, for she is the guardian of the Words and touchstone for My Spirit in them.

Fairies↑ Page Top

ML#3574:142. (Jesus:) Multitudes of angels and fairies of goodness, light, strength, protection and encouragement will encamp round about you when you claim the keys. They will go before you and lead you in the path of victory.

Key Promises booklet, 'Sleep':

The keys of peace are as a magic wand, and when you touch them, angels of rest and fairies of quiet will come to you, soothing your mind and body and singing you to sleep.

Fairies [index]

Fairies of Fantasy, The

Fantasy, The Fairies of

Fairies of Fantasy, The↑ Page Top

Inspire us with fantasies when we love Jesus intimately

ML#3637:52. (Jesus:) Ah, you see the dancing shapes in the mist. Aren't they beautiful? They're fascinating and captivating too, and once you start looking at them, it's almost the same sensation as looking into My eyes. These gorgeous creatures--those you are just seeing an outline of now, and not in their full glory--are the fairies of fantasy. ... Yes, fairies and fantasies are both something we have plenty of here in Heaven, and these fairies have the special commission of inspiring My brides with beautiful, pleasant, and sensual fantasies!

Fairy Angel Fighters (FAF), The↑ Page Top

Heavenly counterparts of Pan and Arakan

ML#3455:203. (Prayer:) Thank You, darling Lover, for the F.A.F. (Fairy Angel Fighters) who assist Illuminus in fighting Arakan. The buzzing of the wings of these fairies causes Arakan to be confused. Their whispers of truth and encouragement bring defeat to the depression of this demon.

ML#3456:92. (Prayer:) Send Illuminus and the Fairy Angel Fighters to confound the confusion of the demon Pan and his implets that poison our minds, making our hearts fertile ground for the Selvegion.

Faithful↑ Page Top

Call on her and her band to help former members

ML#3529:125. (Jesus:) Call on Faithful. She and her band of helpers work to touch the hearts of the former members. ...

126. To varying degrees many former members have chosen to set aside or in some cases reject My truth, and therefore the voices of Faithful and her band have at best been faint in their hearts until now. However, the shock of recent events [Angela and Ricky's deaths] has caused many to stop and reconsider all that they have been fed by these apostates. Many know that they have been fed much of the same poison as Ricky, and they now see where that led him.

127. They have through their questioning and seeking opened the door for Faithful and her band to enter in and carry the truth into their hearts. ...

Angels of Conscience


Family Members, Departed↑ Page Top

ML#3017:274. (Mama:) Recently, Dr. James McKeever, a friend of the Family from the religious world and a real man of God who preached the truth about the Endtime--whom Dad mentioned in MLs #2568 and 2745--went to be with the Lord. When we had prayer about his passing and for encouragement for his wife, the Lord said: "I call My warriors Home, those that know the Truth! Those that have been valiant and faithful in this life do I call Home. For as the Evil One marshals his forces, so do I marshal Mine. So do I bring those that know the Truth, that they may be empowered in the Spirit to bring My Truth to more upon the Earth. For the true battle is in the Spirit, yet it is waged in the hearts and minds of men on Earth. I need these warriors to help bolster those of you on the Earth who seek Me, who know My Truth, who stand up for My Truth and who speak My Truth."

275. Of course, the Lord's "warriors" include Dad and the others of our Family who have gone to be with Jesus. It's amazing, isn't it, that since Dad's Homegoing we have had more folks leave us to go to their Heavenly reward in a shorter time period than has ever happened previously! Besides the five teens, Joanna, Kristina, Katrina, Joy and Victoria, there have been Heidi Piper and Baby Timothy in Australia, Liz Grey, Renee and Thai Abe in Thailand, Baby David Faith in North America, Pablito, Angie, Joana and Pablo del Campo in South America, all of whom have been called Home.

276. Since Dad's arrival in Heaven, he's been assembling quite a team! It sounds as though we need a great deal of help from the Spirit World, and the Lord is now fulfilling His plan for these folks by taking them to be with Him! Praise the Lord!

277. In our early days, when we also needed some special help from the Spirit World, He took dear Abner to be with Him. If you'll read the Letters about that, it will give you a better understanding of how and why the Lord would take some of us to help from Heaven. In fact, if you read those Letters, "Stand in the Gap," "A Heavenly Visitor" and "He Stands in the Gap," it might also help you if you are having problems believing that we can hear from those who have passed on into the Spirit. (See ML #70, 72, 73A.) Here's a quote from "A Heavenly Visitor":

278. "Suddenly Abner appeared (this was a day after his Homegoing) looking very much like that great silvery knight himself, peering through a hole in the wall of the spiritual realm just below the ceiling of our room!--And I was really startled! He was smiling radiantly and gave me his usual cheery greeting and salute. He began to explain reassuringly that he had voluntarily chosen to accept the Lord's invitation to go, as the Lord needed him, and he felt he could do us more good there than here, helping with our spiritual security, our first and most important wall of defense, which had been so seriously breached by our spiritual neglect and internal strife!" (ML #72:4).

279. So thank the Lord for those that He is calling Home to help from the other side of the veil. We need them! Even though we who no longer have our loved ones in the flesh miss them, we can be comforted with the knowledge that they are happier, and that they are being greatly used to help us fight the battles. They are not far away!--They can see us, watch over us and sometimes even speak to us!

ML#2123:40. (Dad, on Abner:) You wonder sometimes at the wisdom of God! When it happened at TSC we wondered, "Why, Lord? Why did You let this happen to this wonderful boy, such a blessing and such a help, so wonderful, who had all these talents? Why did You let him die in this accident? Why did You take him so soon at his early age?" Why, look! Look how long he's been in Heaven and how much he's learned, how much more he can help us! Now he's my teacher, he's telling me and explaining things to me and showing me. He's my teacher, my guide, my guard, my protector! He's my leader, believe it or not! 15 years in Heaven is worth a lot more than 15 years on Earth!

41. It's really wonderful how the Lord has used that! At the time we couldn't understand why the Lord would let such a thing happen, but now I understand more than ever before! Because he's been helping us for years, as well as Aaron, Phoebe, Shuly and others, all these various people that have gone on.

They are on the ActivatedHeaven team

ML#3405:17. (Angelic moderator:) Besides all these venerable ones, every adult Family member who has passed on is on the ActivatedHeaven team. Yes, they were all asked if they wanted to be a part of ActivatedHeaven, and to a man--or more correctly, spirit--they agreed! Being involved with Activated is not their only duty. If any of you out there are worried that they aren't available to help you personally at times, that's not the case. Many of these dear ones help out regularly as spirit helpers to their loved ones, and they will continue in that capacity. It's simply that Activated is the buzz these days, and none of them want to miss out on the latest Move Of The Spirit!

Departed Family Members [Index]

Fanny Crosby↑ Page Top

Member of the Inspiration Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

From GT:

Fanny Crosby (1820-1915) (Mrs. Van Alystne): American hymn writer and poet, blind from infancy; born in S.E. New York. Since she could not see to read the Bible, her Grandmother read to her and she soon knew many of the Psalms, Proverbs and other books by heart. She wrote more than 8,000 hymns before she died at the age of 95.

John Bunyan [The Inspiration Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Fear, The Demons of↑ Page Top

ML#K:13. There is such a thing as a demon of fear.--(Heb.2:15). I remember a girl, Helen Jones, who was sick for eight years through a fear of death, literally in bondage. Spent all that time in bed; her feet were like hands.

ML#1924:1. I was so surprised that time when Mother and I went to pray for that girl in Pittsburgh, Helen Jones. Mother always did all the praying and took charge of the whole thing, whereas I just sort of stood by and helped lay on hands etc. But all of a sudden the Spirit just hit me and I practically began to prophesy when I laid my hands on her head and I got the Scripture about the spirit of fear, "who through fear of death were all their lives subject to bondage." (Heb.2:15)

8. I rebuked the spirit of fear and commanded it to depart in Jesus' Name and she was instantly completely delivered, and therefore at the same time she was healed!

25. Sometimes people can have even a spirit of worry or nervousness that seems to pester them, and that’s also a form of fear. They're oppressive spirits! They can't actually get in, but they attack from the outside.

ML#3574:112. (Jesus:) Rebuke the Enemy and his demons of fear, and call on Me and My love to hold you up and fight for you.

Femura↑ Page Top

Queen of the Wildcats of Heaven

ML#3579:85. (Jesus:) Femura, queen of the Wildcats of Heaven, trains and leads them. She will teach you how to best use their help, or be an intermediary between your need and their answer. Call on her and you call on them, for she is their head and caretaker. She is like one of them, but not. She is catlike, but not entirely feline.

99. (Summary:) Her role is intermediary between the Wildcats and those who need them. As well, she can help you to know how to make the most of their attacking power, and train you in using their help.

Flesh, The Demon of↑ Page Top

Underling demon of pride

ML#3455:189. (Prayer:) I rebuke the spirit of Pride, and ask You to break its power and grip! ... Powerful Savior, cause this demon to fall, and to take all the underling demons of pride with him--the demons of Accomplishment, Flesh, Worldliness, Machoism, Carnality and Materialism.

Flo↑ Page Top

Commander in chief of the K.O.T. legion

ML#3497c:370. (Vision:) I see a gorgeous being. She's so light, so airy, beautiful. She just flows. She doesn't have a lot of clothes on, although she's wearing what seems to be a long, flowing piece of cloth. It's very sheer, transparent, almost as if her clothing is light, or like the mist.

371. She's in front of me, what seems like a few feet away, hovering slightly above me. She's looking me in the eye now. Her features are dainty, but I get the impression that she's very powerful. She looks like a mist, almost as if this light and airy mist is her body, or she inhabits the mist, but she flows and flows and flows. Her presence brings warmth and comfort, a feeling of security.

372. (Jesus:) Let Me introduce to you the commander in chief of the K.O.T legion. Her name is Flo. She heads up the legion. You do not see her in combat apparel, for her greatest strength lies in her surrender. She is totally and completely surrendered to My Spirit, and thus she is a master of My power. Yielded and surrendered to Me--there is no room for sensitivity in her being, save sensitivity to My Spirit alone.

373. As I have promised, every child of David has a K.O.T. trainer waiting for them--one whose job is to join them as a permanent helper, to coach them in ways to guard against sensitivity, in how to fight the Sen-si, and to instruct them in deep matters of My Spirit.

374. I have personally assigned Flo, as commander in chief of the K.O.T., to join Maria, earthly commander in chief of the children of David. These two are to be inseparable. Flo and Maria will lead the new Family to overcome their sensitivity. These will lead you to flow with My Spirit. This is your commission, dear ones: You must Fight, Love, Overcome. Flo, flo, flo.

375. F--Fight for truth. L--Love one another, laying aside your sensitivity, for in loving you fulfill My law. Then you will O--Overcome.


Florence Nightingale↑ Page Top

Linkup #12. (Florence Nightingale:) My ministry has not stopped. I'm still checking on the sick, doing nightly rounds and comforting those who need it. I'm also helping those of you whose ministry is to help the sick and the dying. I will help you shine God's love into their broken hearts.

As you go to the beds praying for the sick, I am there to help you. My lamp still shines bright with God's love, life and power. And remember, you are all angels of mercy, angels of light to those who sit in darkness. So keep on shining your lamp of God's love into the hearts of others.

ML#3320:35. (Florence Nightingale paying tribute to the Family:) Tending to the sick, the lonely, the forlorn; the Family's willingness to go anywhere, anytime; to be little nobodies to help others, to serve others, to tend to their wounds, to comfort their broken hearts, to kiss away their tears and pray away their fears--this is what I love about the Family! You've far surpassed all my hopes and dreams. I'm proud to assist you from this side. Anytime, anywhere, at any hour, I count it an honor to help you, dear Family, in any way I can. To be one of your assistants is a great privilege.

** Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) was the founder of the nursing profession as we know it today. British soldiers who were wounded in the Crimean War called her the "Lady with the Lamp" when she walked the halls of their hospital at night.

Born into a wealthy and well-connected British family in Florence, Italy, she was named after the city of her birth.

Inspired by what she understood to be a Divine calling, Nightingale made a commitment to nursing, a career with a poor reputation and filled mostly by poorer women.

Foresight↑ Page Top

Helps you make a plan and set it in motion


In summary:

* He helps you make a plan and set it in motion.

* He helps you to look forward with a realistic outlook and make a plan that will work, and that takes into account your reality and your situation.

* He can help anyone.

* He'll help you plan for good health, whatever that means for you personally.

* He's with you day by day, helping you to prioritize and do the most important things first.

179. (Jesus:) [T]hese which I will reveal to you now are offensive warriors, counselors, guides and forewarners.

180. These helpers are trainers, guides, instructors in offensive warfare, and forewarners who can help prepare you for the Enemy's next move. They are not helpers for healing, to call on after you've been disobedient and have been dealt a blow by the Enemy. They are proactive, offensive, and their mission is to help you stay healthy.

199. (Jesus:) Foresight ... can guide you into the right plan for the day. He knows the traps and snares that the Enemy has laid: snares of busyness, snares of seemingly timely events that become timewasters. Foresight knows the true set of priorities which I need you to follow, and if you link up with him at the beginning of each day, he will check you and guide you to give priority to those things that are essential. He will show you what you need to do to ensure that the care of your temple doesn't get crowded out by the multitude of needs or seeming needs.

200. Foresight is a planner, and he helps you to be a planner too. He knows that My children's lives are full and busy, and the last thing they need is more work. So he tries to make it easy for you. He also knows that planning is the only efficient way to get the most important things done. So he helps you to make a plan and set it in motion. He helps you to look forward with a realistic outlook and make a plan that will work, and that takes into account your reality and your situation.

201. He can help anyone--from those who are in charge of the kitchen, to those who want to make a personal push to eat better, to those who need to implement a special diet for health reasons, to those who need a good plan for getting regular exercise, or any other ministry or activity that involves your health. He'll help you plan for good health, whatever that means for you personally. Whether you're a Home manager, a mother or father, or just looking to beef up the stewardship of your personal temple, Foresight's ability is to plan, foresee, and help you to find a way over or around obstacles.

209. Foresight and Trainer are the kind of helpers you should be calling on, talking to, and claiming every day. They'll be there daily to help you to have a good plan and to implement it. They understand you, and can make healthy living simple for you.

210. Think of them as Foresight and Trainer--not two separate beings, but a team. They work hand in hand. Each has his own specialty, but they work together closely, and often their portfolios overlap. They're a team that I've designed to help you organize your health life.

212. They will work with you and get you started, and then assign a personal helper to you who they will continue to oversee and work with, who can be your personal trainer and assistant.


Frederick and Freya↑ Page Top

CP Board Custodians

ML#3476:199. (Jesus:) Let Me introduce Frederick and Freya. These two heavenly Custodians and Keepers of the CP board are one--one in heart, one in love, one in purpose, and thus as one body and spirit. Their unity is what made them meld together into one body, fitly joined together in brotherly, fatherly, and motherly love. They are one, yet they are a team. These two will keep a close watch on the overall direction of the Children and Parenting board. These two will be the Custodians of the board from the heavenly realm. They will work closely with your many spirit helpers.

200. The effectual fervent prayers of My parents, teachers and spirit helpers have been answered, and have moved My heart to create Frederick and Freya. The love of the Holy Spirit also played her part in the creation of these two spirit beings. Love has creative power. These two have access to all gifts! All the talents and abilities imaginable are at their disposal. However, their main function, their role and their forte, is to steer the Children and Parenting boards spiritually.

201. Frederick's strength is his stability. He's a strong ruler. He is steady in conviction. He stands firm. He's unshakable. He will help steer, direct, and rule the board through his strong qualities. Because of his deep and strong connection to the source and the power, he has the peace of God. The peace of God and unity are his strengths. He is not moved by physical conditions or circumstances, because he sees beyond the natural realm. Because of this, his judgments are righteous. With your cooperation he will get the board moving forward in no uncertain terms. His discernment will keep the Enemy at a good distance, and free you to operate with the least possible obstruction.

202. Freya's gentle ways have endowed her with much patience and diplomacy in her role. She will keep the board running smoothly, oiled with love and real power from on high--love being the greatest force to propel your board to fulfill the commission for which it was created. She's the perfect lady for the task--beautiful in spirit, which is reflected in her appearance and how she carries herself with dignity. You would call it class, but it's more of an inner strength and quality. Her love and grace are the force with which she rules and with which she will steer things in the right direction. She has strong faith and strength of character. Her gentleness has made her great and strong to fight and overcome the Enemy.

203. These Custodians work in such great harmony together that they are more than a match for the Enemy, the demons of Hell and Satan himself. They are a powerhouse together because of their unity of spirit. They are a force to be reckoned with. So call on their help, and you will be translated and catapulted into a new dimension and into a new realm in the spirit. These heavenly helpers will not only give you new power and strength, but they will help you make wiser choices in your board work, because they will give you eyes to see in the spirit. They will help you to make the best decisions, which will bring greater fruitfulness and unity overall. ...

Parenting Board in Heaven

Free↑ Page Top

Helps our junior teens

ML#3419:69. (Free:) Hi! My name is Free, and Jesus has assigned me to come and talk with you about junior teens. Well, mainly He wanted me to pass on some ideas and tips of things that you can do in your Home for your junior teens.

70. I have been helping junior teens for a long time now from Here; they've been my assignment from Jesus and have brought me so much joy. But I've also seen very often the need for more fun, excitement, and challenge in their lives, and that's what I want to talk about here.

94. ... But if you don't find enough here [on the list she gave] to get you started, please just ask me for more, because I love to impart ideas that will make our junior teens happy, get them more turned on to the Word, and help them be more fulfilled. So don't hesitate to ask!

Frenzy, The Demons of↑ Page Top

Driving force in the world's crazed rush for speed

ML#3626:175. (Jesus:) They are a driving force in the world's crazed rush for speed. They whip people into a state where they no longer see things in perspective. Their spirits promote ever more haste, which pushes many into wild and senseless activity that doubles back on itself, causing more harm than good and leaving their victims with nothing but anxiety, frustration, panic, and confusion.

176. They create pressure where no pressure is. They trigger stress to cloud the mind so that the more you struggle to climb over the mountains of work, pressure, or problems, the higher the mountains seem to grow. Their end goal is to drive their victims into mental and physical collapse by persuading them to accept their pressures and the never-ending road of accomplishments that never satisfy.

Freya↑ Page Top

Frederick and Freya

Fury↑ Page Top

Helps you to recognize attacks of the Enemy on your health


In summary:

* Fury is an aggressor.

* He's full of My power and My aggressiveness, as well as My wisdom and foresight.

* He helps you to recognize attacks of the Enemy on your health--for example, in your lack of desire to exercise.

* He can help you to see those attacks and want to prevent them.

* He's a preventer and a fighter.

* He helps you to see the Enemy and understand what's going on, and then gives you the militancy, the aggressiveness, and the fighting and undying spirit to take the battle to him.

179. (Jesus:) [T]hese which I will reveal to you now are offensive warriors, counselors, guides and forewarners.

180. These helpers are trainers, guides, instructors in offensive warfare, and forewarners who can help prepare you for the Enemy's next move. They are not helpers for healing, to call on after you've been disobedient and have been dealt a blow by the Enemy. They are proactive, offensive, and their mission is to help you stay healthy.

188. (Jesus:) Begin with Fury. He carries a deep hatred for Satan and his minions, coupled with the aggressiveness to help you respond with violence in spirit to the subtle, soothing, lulling deceits of Lethargy and Pan, who will be reminding you of how tired you feel, how "passing on your exercise just this once will be okay because you'll make up for it another time."

189. Ask Fury to implant his militancy in your heart, so that when Pan, Lethargy and their underlings of Procrastination, Complacency and Logic come around, their presence and voice will send you into a fury of aggressive attacks against them.

191. Fury helps you want to fight the Devil. Fury gives you aggressiveness and repulsion for lethargy, postponement, and belittling, some of the weapons the Devil uses to keep you from maintaining your health.

195. He doesn't prevent the sickness, but he fights against the attack on your attitudes. He fights the attitudes that are wrong--the attitude that you just don't like some of these healthy foods, and that you're gonna be miserable if you can't eat as you like.

198. Fury is a fighter, and he works to prevent attacks on you. He helps you to take the battle to the Enemy, and most of all, to realize that there is a battle--that you didn't fall into a hole by accident; it was a trap! He'll help you to recognize the Enemy and to understand what's going on, and then give you the militancy, the aggressiveness, the fighting and undying spirit to shove the Devil's crap back in his face and take the battle to him. He'll help you fight!



Future, Spirit Helpers of the↑ Page Top

ML#3522:47. (Jesus:) ... You have helpers of the future who want to speak to you of what lies ahead and how to begin preparing for those days right now. They want to help arm you in spirit and heart for the battles of tomorrow.

Gabriel the Archangel↑ Page Top

Keeper of the Word of God

ML#3119:27. (Gabriel:) Behold, I am the Angel Gabriel, the keeper of the reservoir, the Word of God! Great power and privilege is given unto me in the Heavenly Kingdom, as I do keep and preserve and protect that which is most powerful and most precious. For in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Is it not fitting that it was I who was sent to speak with the Virgin Mary, to proclaim unto her the message from God, the Creator, that the Word would soon be made flesh and that she was the chosen vessel?

ML#3455:205. (Prayer:) ... [Raphael] assists Michael and Gabriel in destroying Oplexicon, who tries to stop the truth of Your Word and deny it.

Took Lucifer's place as God's light bearer

ML#3467:14. (Jesus:) Satan is always looking to quell the springs of God. He has an obsessive personal vendetta, if you can call it that, against Gabriel, because Gabriel took his place in the halls of Heaven as God's light bearer in delivering the Lord's heavenly messages.


Will become our Revelation Angel in future

ML#3467:12. (Dad:) ... [In] the future not only will we have the Archangel Michael's invaluable help and power available to us, but more and more the Archangel Gabriel will come to the fore. Gabriel, as you know, is the Messenger Angel, the angel who stands in the presence of God, and who bears the Word to the world in the form of heavenly messages and proclamations.

13. Not too long ago, the Lord gave me a sneak peek--a preview of the future--and told me that Gabriel is going to be overseeing and working alongside our Activation Angel of Revelation, the angel in charge of discerning the Lord's secrets. Gabriel is going to become our awesome personal "Revelation Angel" in the days to come, overseeing and working in teamwork with our Activation Angel of Revelation and the keys in helping you discern and see into the future. Pretty amazing! Praise the Lord!

16. The Lord's given Gabriel the gift of great insight and understanding. In Bible times he was given the responsibility on a few occasions of opening the prophets' mouths and eyes to the Lord's Words and visions. So that's something to be very thankful for in advance, that not only are we going to be witnessing his power to preserve and keep the flow of God's Word, but the Family is going to personally be hearing more from Gabriel in the near future, and he's going to help to open your spiritual eyes and mouths, just as he did with the prophets of old!

One of the Lord's counselors

ML#3476:158. Along with Michael and Gabriel, Ayin is one of My counselors ...

In the Bible...

Dan.8:16; 9:21-23. Lk.1:8-20, 26-38.

Galien↑ Page Top

Martyr in Roman times

Linkup #5. (Galien:) There were many of us martyrs in the times of the Romans. We had to be brave in the face of persecution and death. We weren't brave people, but we were made brave. Now we can help you to be brave and strong.

There will again come a time like the Roman times--the System is the same. We had to work alongside the Romans, we had to be slaves and servants. We were in the System, but not part of the System. If you must remain, then you must become strong and you need our help. So call on us. We're just in the wings, waiting for the curtain call, waiting to play our part--and to help you play yours.

Gandhi, Mahatma↑ Page Top

ML#3320:45. (Mahatma Gandhi paying tribute to the Family:) There's a time and place for everything. Passive resistance bore fruit in my time, but there were times I failed to be more Spirit-led. What I admire about the Family is that you don't let anybody put you in a box. Your willingness to look constantly to our King Jesus for your directions puts you in a class all your own. You keep your eyes on Jesus. It's the outstanding connection with your King that puts you way out in front of others, not to mention your ability to keep a tough spirit but a soft heart; that's what makes your performance outstanding!

From GT:

Gandhi (1869-1948): India's Hindu nationalist leader. He studied law and was admitted to the English bar. He went to South Africa to practice and became interested in social justice for Indian people in Africa. After World War I was over he returned to India and began to protest against the injustices of British rule in India. He advocated passive resistance to British authority, gaining a great following and was imprisoned by the British several times. He was active in the postwar negotiations which led to Indian independence in 1947. By personal tours and fasts he tried to put a stop to the violence between Hindus and Moslems. He was assassinated by a Hindu extremist in 1948. Dad said of him, "He really seemed to be Christian in all of his policies and conduct and his pronouncements, and he even recommended reading the New Testament, and you know how that must have infuriated demonic Hinduism. They said that was really why they finally shot him, because they said he was turning Christian!" (1566:5)

George Mueller↑ Page Top

Spirit helper of faith

ML#3566:112. (Prayer:) So now, while we are waiting for the fulfillment of Your promises and the delivery of our requests, we want to pray for spirit helpers of faith that will help us not to lose the vision and doubt Your supply. We want to call on that great man of faith, George Mueller, to help inspire us with the crazy faith to believe that You're going to come through for us no matter what situations look like. We pray that You'll send him to us to help us to have the kind of faith and desperation in prayer that will get results.

Expert on meditation and intercessory prayer: Helps us in our intercessory prayer lives

ML#3698:212. (Mama:) The next great Christian who we're going to hear from is George Mueller, who lived from 1805 to 1898. Mueller was a German who began life as a thief, and never saw a Christian kneel in prayer until the age of 21. But after his salvation, he moved to England, where he became known as the man of faith. One of the early members of the Brethren, he founded five orphans' homes in Bristol, with shelter for 2,000 children. During his lifetime, he cared for almost 10,000 orphans, and received one-and-a-half-million dollars by faith alone. Before his death, he estimated that he had received 50,000 specific answers to prayer.

ML#3659:75. * George Mueller: "I'm one of your modern-day spirit helpers, particularly in regards to prayer, which was one of the gifts the Lord gave me, and which I used to the full. I will help you in your intercessory prayer lives." (George Mueller, 1805-1898, was a Prussian-born English evangelist and man of faith and prayer.)

George Washington Carver↑ Page Top

Member of the Education Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

From GT:

George Washington Carver (1864-1943): Famous Black American scientist, a former slave, who made many of his discoveries in response to prayer. Although he never went to the mission field, he personally witnessed to hundreds and always gave his testimony to the many famous men who came to visit him.

Martin Luther [The Education Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

George Whitefield↑ Page Top

Assists us in teaching and preaching the Word

ML#3701: Summary: George Whitefield will assist us in teaching and preaching the Word, and will bring gifts of eloquence, expression, remembrance, and inspiration, and strengthen our willingness to be and do whatever the Lord asks of us.

61. George grew up in Gloucester, England, and from an early age he had a talent for acting and theatre, which along with his powerful voice, added to the effectiveness of his sermons later in life.

62. During his career as a preacher and evangelist he established churches, founded an orphanage, acted as chaplain to a countess, and preached to huge crowds of several thousand people. He was a leading figure in the "Great Awakening" revival. When churches refused to admit him, he held open-air meetings. He was a great soul winner and ended many of his sermons with a call to receive salvation. He preached his sermons extemporaneously, not referring to script or notes.

64. Of his life, he said: "Mine was a life of never-ending extremes, but I loved every moment of it. I loved being able to reach people and move them emotionally. I loved being able to speak to their hearts, see through any facades, and get through to their spirits. I loved being used of the Lord. I even loved the rejections--they only meant that the Lord's Word was taking effect and making a difference.

65. "Passion is the life blood of discipleship, passion for the Lord and a passion for others. It's a passion that doesn't care how you are received. It's a passion that for love alone will get out and preach and live the Word at all costs."

66. "George Whitefield," Jesus says, "will assist you during the Offensive. Call on him to help you when you teach and preach the Word--whether it's to one person or to a huge crowd. He will impart to you gifts of eloquence, expression, remembrance, and inspiration. He'll help you to be willing to go anywhere and do anything for Me--to go when I say to go and to stay when I say to stay. He will help you to use your talents and gifts for My glory, and to expand your flocks."

Gladys Aylward↑ Page Top

Helps us to reach the top

ML#3702: Summary: Gladys Aylward will help us to reach all spheres of society, but she will especially help us to reach the top--those who can help make it possible for us to minister to others.

60. Gladys Aylward, born in London, 1902, began a low-paying parlor maid job at the age of 14. It wasn't long before she set her sights on being a missionary to China. She was rejected by China Inland Mission as being unqualified, but she remained determined, proving that "little is much, if God is in it." She saved up her meager salary for a few years until she had enough money to travel via Russia in 1930, and was welcomed by an aging missionary already stationed in Yungchen, Shanxi Province, a mountainous region a little south of Peking (Beijing).

61. Gladys started out in an inn for travelers on the mule trail, and went from there to learn how to communicate with the Chinese, was appointed by the Mandarin as an official "foot inspector," calmed a prison riot, became a Chinese citizen, was wounded during the Japanese invasion of WW II, traveled on foot some 100 miles in 1938, which took 27 days, leading nearly 100 orphans to safety in Sian. Some of her story was told in the movie, The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, starring Ingrid Bergman, but this was not a completely accurate description of her life.

64. At this time in our history, the Lord said that Gladys will "help you in your witnessing and outreach. Her ministry in China thrived and was made possible because she reached the top on her field. I have appointed and anointed her to help the Family. She will help you to reach all spheres of society, but she will especially help you to reach the top--those who can help make it possible for you to minister to others."

Goddess of Latin America↑ Page Top

ML#3509:181. (Goddess:) My lovers of David, the lost are waiting to be found. They need you. It is time to push forward to reap the harvest. Don't be weary in well doing--you who have sown, you who have watered--thrust in your sickles and reap! Strengthen and establish the work. Use the music of David to woo them! Use Conéctate to feed them! Use your sample to win them! Witness like everything depended on witnessing--because it does. Feed the sheep like everything depended on feeding them--because it does. Follow up like everything depended on following up--because it does. Bring in the sheaves!

182. Cleanse your hands, my loves. Purify your minds, those of you who are double-minded, and unite in this fight for the lost of Guatemala! Many are waiting for you. They will provide your needs. They will provide your protection. They will stand strong for David if you will obey. Reach the lost. Secure the church. Prepare for persecution. Viva la Revolución! (Long live the revolution!)

Latin America [Index]

Greed, The Demon of↑ Page Top

ML#3669:37. (Jesus:) It's also like what that man saw in "Standing at Heaven's Gate," when he passed through the atmospheric heavens in order to talk to Me (Christian Digest 13). He found out that demons inhabited that part of the heavens (the second heavens), and what surprised this church person the most was that the demon of greed was the second highest of Satan's demons. Gross darkness is covering the Earth and its people, and the Earth is becoming more and more filled with demons and with the Devil's spirit of greed and war, and that means it is a more dangerous place than ever.

38. (Question:) Is the demon of greed really the second highest of all Satan's demons?

39. (Jesus:) That man was shown only part of the picture, and things in the spirit world are pretty complicated. Also, they change regularly. But that is correct, in context. ... In the big picture, pride is Satan's highest priority. It's so important because it's the root of all sin and all evil.

40. In the same way, greed is very important to Satan because of its many destructive effects. What is one of the primary reasons for so much of the suffering and evil in the world today? Greed. It is a primary reason behind wars, violence, crime, people and big businesses who trample on everything and everyone in order to get richer, governments that oppress their people, and much more. There are other reasons for each of those things, but greed is a major factor in each one.

Guardian Angels (Protector Angels)↑ Page Top

One of the three angels each person is born with

ML#3325:32. (Jesus:) Each person is born with three angels. One is to pray for them through their life ... The other angel is the guardian or protector angel to protect the person through life. And the third angel is ... the angel of the heart and conscience. The three angels are assigned at conception, because the prayers and protection are needed from then on.

ML#3599:184. (Jesus:) Each of you in My Endtime army has been supplied with a special class of guardian angel. These are warrior angels of the highest order, because the focus of Satan's onslaughts in these Last Days will be directed at you.

Guardians of the Flame of Revolution, The↑ Page Top

Two bearers of the flame of revolution of the children of David

ML#3384:23. (Vision:) I see a huge, magnificent torch, and its fire is raging. The blaze is amazing. It reminds me a little of the Olympic torch--not the little one that they use as they transfer the flame from one runner to another, but the bigger cauldron that they light during the Olympic games.

24. It's a huge torch and it has just been ignited. Two awesome-looking archangels are holding it up. They look like giants--they're way bigger than any human. They're huge, like tall buildings. They're standing side by side.

25. They look like warrior angels, and they're almost standing at attention as they hold up this torch. They're rugged looking with long, flowing hair, very strong and powerful. Tremendous! There's nothing passive about them. They're very, very strong and their eyes are like fire. ... They're holding the torch between them. Each one is holding the torch up with one hand, and in their other hand they're holding a set of keys--a set of gold keys that shine so brightly it's almost blinding.

26. The handle of the torch is golden and brilliant, and has a very intricate design on it. And the flame is so bright, it's a raging fire.

27. (Jesus:) Today I once again ignite to full power the torch of revolution of the children of David and Maria and Peter! Its flame will flicker no more, but will burn with the brilliance of My awesome strength, might and power.

28. I have commissioned two mighty ones, chosen from among My most courageous archangels. These are known for their valor and fearless wielding of the sword of My Spirit. They hold the keys to the Kingdom that are given to the children of David in their hands--for the keys stand ready to be activated at any given moment, at the word of My brides. These also bear the torch that burns with the white-hot fires of revolution!

31. These two mighty archangels that you saw holding the flame are now bound to the children of David. They will stand guard day and night as guardians of the flame of revolution that burns brightly in the heart of each of My brides, those who have given their all to Me. These are bearers of the torch--bearers of the flame of the children of David.

32. This is the eternal flame of the revolution of the children of David. Today it once again burns brightly in full blaze! Its intricate handle bears the name of each of My brides who have committed their all to Me. I have personally carved each name in pure gold, that there may be no mistake who belongs to Me.

33. Let the fire of revolution burn deep in your hearts, My loves. Let it never go out. This torch will light your way. It will guide you through the troublous times as you keep it ablaze in your hearts forever. As the stream of My promises to you never runs dry, as My power is made available to you in the greatest measure ever witnessed on Earth, so this torch will burn, burn, burn--lighting your way, guiding you, protecting you, shielding you from all harm as you finish what I have begun on Earth, as you woo and win and see each of My Own safely back into My fold.

Haffad↑ Page Top

African spirit helper

ML#3232:228. (Haffad:) ... My name is Haffad. I was born a Muslim in Nigeria. I was a doctor in my 30s when I met a Christian woman at my clinic who came in for treatment and spoke to me about Jesus.

235. I'll be very happy to come and help you with your witnessing, and together we can reach many Muslims. They need you to be a witness. ...

Haspacia↑ Page Top

Coordinates spirit helpers

ML#3350:10. (Haspacia:) I am one of the coordinators of helpers in the spiritual realm.

18. The corner of Heaven where I work is a beehive of activity. Picture the busiest airport in the world, and you'll get a tiny idea of how busy it is around here, with spirit helpers coming, going, being assigned or reassigned, meeting up with new team members, being briefed before they embark on a mission, or helping coordinate all the business. There are many like me whose full-time job is to process requests, both from the Lord and from you on Earth, and assign appropriate beings to the many needs that come up every day.

21. We have an incredible archive, with all the names and personal details of every potential spirit helper in Heaven. Then we're able to immediately contact someone if their help is requested, or if the Lord recommends them being assigned to a job. Writers and artists and musicians often sign up to be on call for duty on Earth, making themselves available for whenever someone needs their help--kind of like temp workers, or temporary jobs.

22. There are so many skilled people in Heaven, and they're eager to share their resources with those on Earth. The supply is much, much greater than the demand, so don't ever hesitate to request the spirit help you need. If a task is God's will and you're willing to do it, we've got the spirit helper for you! Submit your request to the spiri-port today.

Haven↑ Page Top

Custodian of our children

ML#3579:81. (Summary:) Watcher and Haven are the spiritual custodians of your children. They are assigned to especially protect and watch over your children during times of persecution and at times when parents are away from their children.

ML#3579:78. (Jesus:) Watcher and Haven are very special to your children's well-being, but they are also special to you parents because they will give you the peace of mind and comfort of knowing that your children are in good hands. When you sacrifice being with your children in order to do My work? Watcher and Haven will be faithful to care for your little ones. When you face persecution for My sake, Watcher and Haven will be there to protect your children and to help you through the persecution.

79. Lethargy is one of their main opponents and the one who tries to stop you from calling on Watcher and Haven's help. He minimizes the importance of vigilance and guarding the well-being of your children, telling you that it's not necessary "this one time." He belittles the need and tries to get you to do as little as possible toward protecting your children through calling on your spirit helpers and through praying for them. He fights your faithfulness to apply My Word and put this counsel into effect immediately.

80. Wolverine is another spiritual opponent of Watcher and Haven, but through the keys, through your prayers, through your obedience, and through the help of Watcher and Haven, and your children's guardian angels, you have nothing to fear from him--for he is powerless before you.

56. (Jesus:) An important time to pray against Wolverine is when it is time for a child to be born. This is already a sensitive time for both the mother and the baby, and this is why I encourage you to pray specifically over every aspect of the birth, against any complications and for the safe delivery of the baby and the well-being of the mother. Call on Watcher (Watchdog) and Haven to protect and keep you and your dear baby, and they will do their part to bring your precious new life into the world safely.

74. (Jesus:) Haven inspires those who care for your children during your absence with My love and with the love of their parents. She helps their caregivers to give them the things they need, as their own parents would. She is a spirit of comfort and peace in times of persecution, to both parents and children. She shelters and cuddles and loves your children in all the little ways that you as parents would love them if you were with them then. She will supply them with the love that they need.

75. She will inspire their caregivers to be you for them, with the attention of a mother and father's love. She will inspire your children's caregivers to tuck them in at night with the special tenderness of a father, to pray for them in the night and to wake them in the morning with the patience and love of a mother.

76. Her faithfulness to her responsibility as well as her love for your children motivates her to give her all. She considers even one child's needs to be the most important thing for her to tend to. She will counsel you caregivers and show you how to take good care of the children in your care. Ask her and she will speak to you in prophecy.

Heavenly Angelic Forces, The↑ Page Top

Channelers' High Command Force (CHCF, or Chiefs)

Heavenly teams to help our Christmas outreach↑ Page Top

Involved in many aspects of our Christmas outreach

ML#3076:7. (Dad:) Oh, you didn't know we can still win souls after we get to Heaven? Well, I've got news for you--last Christmas many of us Here in Heaven went witnessing! Yes, we went witnessing with you! ... We help you win souls at Christmas!

9. The Heavenly planning committees are busy at work, and they have a monumental job.

11. There's lots of planning that goes into Christmas. The Christmas committees and councils are busy and happy at work planning and organizing how to best help you down there on Earth. And of course a lot has to do with your prayers. Everyone up Here is ready and waiting and on call for each time one of you shoots up a prayer to Heaven asking for help. And when you shoot up your prayers, that is when the committee goes right to work and they assign the right helper to the job!

16. So we are quite involved in your Christmas outreach. Isn't that wonderful? We send out lots of teams from the halls of Heaven to help you in your Christmas push. There are scouting teams who go and help set things up for you! They help prepare the way, and lead you and guide you to know what doors to knock on and what roads to take. That's one reason why it's so important that you folks get quiet and listen to the whispers--the whispers of our Heavenly Scout teams who are out there scouting out the land for you!

17. The Scout teams often work closely with the Heavenly Hearts teams. These are the teams that go and help prepare people's hearts, helping them get ready for all the Lord has in store for them. They are busy preparing hearts, getting people ready to receive the message, to receive you and your love and Jesus' Love through you.

18. Then there are the Heavenly Aid teams. These are helpers who come to your aid and support you right when you are in the thick of the witnessing, right when you need a special boost from on high, help from Heaven to win that soul and get them in!

19. Oh, and I can't forget the Heavenly musicians and song and dance troupes! These are a real lively bunch who are commissioned to help all you performers for Jesus! They're right on call to help you perform and do your shows or sing one on one--songs that move people. Yes, music is the miracle of this generation, and they really have it!--And they help you to have it as you win your way to their hearts through music!

20. And there are the Heavenly Staffers! They are the support staff teams who are sent to help those in your Homes who stay by the stuff. These all equally share in the rewards, and the Heavenly Staffers are well equipped with bundles of inspiration and fun ideas to give to those who stay back. They're full of fun ways to keep the home fires burning and make things inspiring for everyone.

22. Oh, and I can't forget the Heavenly Tour team! Ahhh, these guys are fun! They're the ones who inspire your dreams and take you on fun spirit trips, whenever you are willing and ready! They'll take you on a little tour of the universe, or for a little glimpse of Heaven if you like. They'll lift you up to reach the stars where eternal sunshine lights the sky, and sparkling stardust glistens and shines! They'll whisk you way up high into Heavenly heights where you'll see Heavenly sights and hear Heavenly sounds, and smell the fresh fragrance of Heavenly air! All you have to do is ask and believe and they'll be right there to take you on tour.

24. Yes, we spend Christmas watching and praying and helping you. We're all rootin' for you from the Heavenly grandstands as we watch the Heavenly Scorekeeper, who marks up the score each time a soul is won. Praise God! Every time one of you wins a soul, there's a really big praise meeting! Everyone shouts the victory and praises the Lord, as we dance and sing a new song of praise!

25. Did you know that each time you win a soul, a new song is written in Heaven? The Heavenly musicians go right to work each time a new soul gets saved. For each new soul that enters Heaven, a new song is recorded in Heaven! It's a special song for that special soul. Isn't that wonderful? The Heavenly musicians record the new song that Jesus puts in a person's heart when they receive Him. And when that soul eventually comes Home to Heaven, when they arrive in Heaven, their special song is playing. It's their special song of welcome and love and remembrance of the day of their Salvation--a special love song from Heaven's heart to their heart.

27. Jesus just wants us! Of course, He likes to make us happy, too, so He commissions a Heavenly Party committee that plans and prepares for the Heavenly Birthday Celebration. They deck the halls of Heaven with beautiful, ornate decorations that sparkle and shine with the light of the Lord--each one for the purpose of reflecting the Love and light of the Lord.

Helen Keller↑ Page Top

Member of the Parenting Board in Heaven

ML#3478:56. (Jesus:) I, and those in the spirit world, will lend you a helping hand--many hands to make your work lighter. How about that?! Just as you now have parenting boards there on Earth, I'm activating the "parenting board" in Heaven, too. ...

57. I will be chairing the "parenting board" in Heaven together with the Holy Spirit and a number of spirit helpers who are sitting on the board. We will have guests and others who will participate too. ...

58. It's a big deal right now in Heaven. There are a number of other participants who want to contribute on the "parenting board." ...

59. As far as the actual members of the board, Helen Keller wanted to help. As you know, she overcame considerable physical handicaps, and she wanted to help because she has developed the gift of understanding--which is such an important quality when caring for children. She has learned a lot through being steadfast and through her determination to keep fighting. In learning to rise above, she overcame.

From GT:

Helen Keller (1880-1968) American writer who, though blind, deaf and dumb from infancy, was taught to read and write and graduated from college with distinction. She published several books and was a tremendous sample in overcoming her handicaps. As Dad said in "The Advantage of a Handicap": "Helen Keller became a great minister of encouragement and example to those who were both deaf, dumb and blind! She could not hear nor see, and for years she couldn't even speak. Yet she became a very great writer and World-famous! She did learn to speak, although she couldn't even hear her own voice except its vibration in her head. And she learned to write and read Braille and had a tremendous ministry to encourage millions of deaf and dumb and blind throughout the World that they didn't have to be useless, they didn't have to be discouraged and just give up because they had such severe handicaps." (1937:15,16)

Frederick and Freya [CP Board Custodians]

Hell’s Angels (of Evil)↑ Page Top

Fights against the weapon of prayer


In summary:

42. Satan and Hell's Angels are demons who fight against our powerful spiritual weapon: prayer. They fight our prayers for others and our personal connection with the Lord, which are nourished through prayer. But their power is no match for the power of prayer, the spiritual weapons, the spirit helpers who will aid us, and our mighty God.

36. (Jesus:) Hell's Angels, or Hell's Angels of Evil, are major demons. These dark angels have a personal vendetta against Me and Mine. They are extremely vindictive in their fight against Me, are highly trained by Satan, and are willing to fight to the bitter end. ... They are veterans of Hell, seasoned warriors of evil, because they are the oldest members of Satan's leagues of demons.

38. Satan and Hell's Angels attack your prayer life, your personal connection with Me. This is a top priority for them. They try to make your prayers ineffective, either through attempting to keep your prayers from reaching My throne of grace by persuading you not to pray, or causing you physical or mental distraction when you pray, or through lethargy or familiarity with prayer, or through blocking your channel and connection with Me, etc. They try to block your prayers, or stop you from praying in any way that they can.

HELP Force, The↑ Page Top

A group of four spirit helpers for healing

ML#3597:123. (Jesus:) And now I give you new spirit helpers who you can call on in times of affliction--the HELP Force. They brought Me comfort and healing during My life on Earth and were by My side in the Garden of Gethsemane. They have now been assigned to help the children of David.

124. The HELP Force consists of four spirit beings, each one of whom plays a different role, thus their name: HELP. H--healing, E--encouraging, L--life-giving (as in bringing back to life when someone is almost dead, or dead, according to My will), and P--protecting. They are a special operations force of Heaven, and together they raise a force field of protection against Set and his demons and will defeat his attacks. They not only carry the balm of My healing power, but the comfort and encouragement you need; the breath of life for your physical body; a shield of protection--protection from the initial attacks of Set through affliction, as well as protection during sickness.

145. (One of the HELP force:) Our missions and battles on Earth have been numerous throughout the ages, for we were created at the foundation of the Earth. When God created the Earth, in His great foresight He knew the choices that Adam and Eve would make in choosing to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He knew that the eternal world of beauty and perfection that He had created would not last in such a pristine state, but that through the disobedience of mankind, sin, sickness, disease, and destruction would soon result. That's when He created us, the band of four--or, as they call us in Heaven, the force of four--whose commission is to carry the encouraging, soothing, life-giving touch of His power of healing. ...

153. [When the Lord finished His mission on Earth] Our loving King explained to us how His mission on Earth was only the beginning, and that through the power of His Name, many more miracles and wonders of healing and life-giving power would be manifested in the millenniums to come. Our mission had only just begun.

154. He showed us the future and how we would play a great part in the lives of the Family of the Endtime; that we would be specially assigned to the children of David to help you in your mission of saving the world and preparing mankind for His second coming.

Here is the list of the main spirit helpers for healing:

ML#3597:159. (Summary:) The main Family-wide spirit helpers for healing as we know them now are: The Archangel Raphael, who ministers God's Word; Almathor, who is the spirit of tranquility and carries the full light of the Holy Spirit in her bosom; Elixor, who is the bearer of the elixir of healing from Heaven; the Angel of Healing, who works under the Activation Angel of Miracles and specializes in healing; and the HELP Force, a group of four beings--H--healing, E--encouraging, L--life-giving (as in bring back to life when someone is almost dead, or dead, according to the Lord's will), and P--protecting.

160. You can also ask for a personal spirit helper, and the Lord will send you exactly who you need.

Henry Clay Trumbull↑ Page Top

Soul winning and disciple training helper

ML#3701: Summary: Henry Clay Trumbull will inspire and anoint us to be instant witnesses, to plant and water the seeds, and to reap the harvest.

101. One of God's great personal evangelists, Henry Clay Trumbull was a missionary, organizer, lecturer, American Civil War chaplain, editor of the Sunday School Times, author, scholar, discoverer, and traveler. But amidst all of this, he was never too busy to tell someone about Jesus and win their soul to Him.

103. His son-in-law, Philip E. Howard, Sr., wrote of his faithfulness to be an "instant witness": "He [Trumbull] was never pastor of a church, but he was constantly doing the work of a shepherd. One might often see him, on his errands of comfort and cheer, hurrying along the streets on cold winter nights, in the driving snow, enveloped in his long ulster [overcoat] and with his wide-brimmed chaplain's hat pulled down over his eyes. He always had time for these things. The individual was always foremost in his thought."

106. Of his help to us during the Offensive, Jesus said: "Henry Clay Trumbull was a dedicated and unswerving personal witness, believing that every situation was an opportunity to share the Gospel in some way, which he faithfully did, even as a prisoner of war. Henry's anointing for winning souls and teaching and training disciples will inspire a greater vision in anyone who calls on him. His deep love for the individual's spiritual well-being inspired him to be a simple, direct, immediate, 'do it now' witness. He planted and watered the seed of the Word everywhere he went, and expected to harvest the results--and did. Call on him and he will anoint you to be the example to your flock that you need to be in order to win and train them."

Herald↑ Page Top

Education (FED) Board Custodian

ML#3476:179. (Jesus:) Let Me introduce you to Herald, the Keeper of the FED board! He is one of My heralding angels, created to be the Custodian of this board. He has no earthly name, so feel at peace to simply call him "Herald." When you refer to Herald, think of a strong, manly Custodian who is at the FED boards' service. Now that he has been revealed, he is at your beck and call.

180. Herald is created to be of manifold help to the FED board. He is endowed with My love, and you can call on his reservoir of Heaven's love in your interactions with one another. He is My messenger and will aid you with strong drawing power to receive My answers to your many questions. Herald resembles a strong flame that shows you the way to go through the myriad questions and decisions to be made. He is strong and will enable you to discern and work on the majors so that you will see steady progress.

181. His appearance is that of shining steel. His wings are transparent but mighty, and able to encompass you with My protective powers, so that you are safe from the onslaughts of the Enemy and his dark demons. You will see attacks coming and will be very aware of them, but you are safe as you call on your Custodian to encompass you. And as you have to press together to be in the circle of his protection, your unity will make you strong, so you can be pillars for My Family children and their educational needs.

182. Know, My darling brides, that the strength of your board doesn't rest on any particular method, curriculum, or teaching technique. But your strength lies in your unity and teamworking to bring to fruition the solutions I show you. My guardian, Herald--Custodian and Keeper of the FED board--is appointed and stands at attention! Call on him, for he is yours, and you will see mighty miracles performed by your board. This goes not only for the international board, but his sphere of influence stretches over the FED boards on all levels. Teamwork with Herald and with one another, and you will gain much insight into My heavenly way of working!

Hilda↑ Page Top

A Cathar

ML#3259:101. (Hilda:) I am Hilda. I am French, ... I am a Cathar. My father was a prince who became a Cathar. He taught us about Jesus, about true love, true brotherhood, about the life of faith. First he kept it hidden, but with his witness and his love, many started following and joining us.

102. We were happy loving Jesus. Then, when we got persecuted, we went to be with our precious King in His beautiful Kingdom. We promised to come back, and here we are. As we watched your King David from the Heavenlies, our hearts were beating so fast, as we could feel the same spirit in you. You are the embodiment of what we wanted to live 700 years ago.

103. We are many and we are here to help. We love this final hour, which shall be a victorious one. For though the evil one is not yet come into full power, and though he will try to persecute and kill and massacre you, even as he did us, you shall have a greater anointing. You shall have greater power and greater faith, and you shall have all of us and many, many more at your beck and call to strengthen you, help you, and lead you into battle. ...

Hirohito, Emperor↑ Page Top

ML#3042:99. (Hirohito speaking to Japanese people:) I bow before you, my great people. I was once your emperor. I was once your ruler. But now I am your servant--a messenger of God, a messenger from the Heavenly Kingdom. It humbles me. I am small before your eyes. I can hardly look upon your face. So I bow before you in humility and I beg you to hear my words.

** Hirohito, the Showa Emperor, (1901-1989) reigned over Japan from 1926 to 1989 as the 124th Emperor of Japan. His reign was the longest of all Japanese Emperors.

On August 15, 1945, following the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the entry of Russia into the war against Japan, Hirohito made the radio broadcast announcing the unconditional surrender of Japan's military forces. Despite pressures to try him for war crimes by numerous leaders, US General Douglas MacArthur insisted that Hirohito remain Emperor to keep him as a symbol of continuity and cohesion of the Japanese people. Hirohito was spared trial and retained the throne, but Hirohito was forced to explicitly reject the traditional claim that the Emperor of Japan was divine. The imperial title was thus transformed from 'imperial sovereign' to 'constitutional monarch' in 1946.

Holy Spirit, The↑ Page Top

ML#723:4. (Dad:) This makes the Trinity more comprehensible, the Third Person of His Spirit more understandable, complete as Father, Mother and Son! This is vividly picturing His abstract Spirit of Love in a more concrete way by personifying Her as She should be--a Motherly conception of His Holy Spirit of Love!--His Spirit-Queen of Love!--The God-Mother! Queen of Heaven!

ML#1304:6. (Dad:) A mother is a beautiful conception of the Holy Spirit. I just started to say, I wonder why the artists never got an idea like that, to picture the Holy Spirit as the Mother?--But it immediately came to me, "Well they did, they painted lots of pictures of Her, but they got her confused with Mary because of Catholic doctrine!--They conceived of Her as being Mary the Earth woman, they even call Mary Queen of Heaven...

16. What a beautiful likeness of God in His picturing the Trinity by likening them to the natural relationships of Father, Mother and Son!

ML#3142:70. (Holy Spirit, on Mama's birthday:) Receive! Receive! Receive and be touched by the elixir of Heaven! Be renewed and refreshed by My Heavenly anointing and power and energy as never before. For the day is at hand when My Queen Maria shall shine, and all her children who do believe and receive. Shine on, Queen Maria, and all your children! Believe and receive and be refreshed with the luster of Heaven!

Co-chair of the Parenting Board in Heaven

ML#3478:56. (Jesus:) ... Just as you now have parenting boards there on Earth, I'm activating the "parenting board" in Heaven, too. ...

57. I will be chairing the "parenting board" in Heaven together with the Holy Spirit and a number of spirit helpers who are sitting on the board. ...

Assists you in the living of the Law of Love

ML#3590:219. (Jesus:) There are many in Heaven who can assist you in the giving of love and the living of My Law of Love. ...

226. You also can't forget to call upon the Queen of Love, My Mother, the Holy Spirit, to bring you love in all your ways and actions.

Love Fairies


Spiritual Cathars

Call on her in your times of meditation

ML#3621b:365. (Jesus:) Your helpers are many, but the most powerful force who will help draw you to Me is the Holy Spirit Herself. Seek Her help and She will coordinate those who surround you to accomplish whatever is needed to make these times of meditation on Me times of strengthening, of renewing your vision and deepening your spirit.



David (King)


Hong Kong Goolagong↑ Page Top

ML#980:1. I dreamed I was in Australia and I was fighting these evil forces, these evil spirits of the Aborigines, the gods or the devils of the Aborigines, and that's when I started coughing, while we were trying to pronounce this word or name or something. It sounded like "Goolagong."

4. It must have come through that Australian tape or come with it. You've got to watch out for these little hitchhikers! Please tell Keda to pray over our tapes before she sends'm. ... You know, things like that can act as a vehicle. They've got to sanctify'm, with prayer before they send them, and we've got to be sure and sanctify'm here before we touch them.

Honor Guard of Maria, The↑ Page Top

Seven Angels of Maria

Hua Mulan↑ Page Top

Our heavenly general who is helping us from the spirit world

ML#3642: Hua Mulan was a legendary Chinese general... Chinese traditions disagree on when Mulan lived; varying accounts put her exploits sometime between 467-618 AD.

Her father was a reserve officer. Popular tradition holds that Mulan was trained in the art of war since an early age and was an accomplished martial artist even before joining the army.

Hua Mulan distinguished herself in battle and was promoted up the ranks. Eventually she became a general known for her brilliant military strategies. Throughout her 12-year military career, no one ever found out that Hua Mulan was a woman.

According to tradition, when the war was over, the emperor asked General Hua what reward "he" would like. General Hua said he had no use for high official positions and only asked for a speedy horse to take "him" home to his parents.

Huang Shen↑ Page Top

Chinese spirit helper

Linkup #12. (Huang Shen:) My name is Huang Shen. I was a student during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1969).

After going through a training period [in Heaven]--I'm not saying it's over--I was asked to help the students in China, as well as the many others who are already helping them. Now we are helping you to minister to them; we help you by giving you checks and making it possible for you to meet them.

I was one of the spirits that you helped release. ["Releasing Our Spirit Helpers," ML #3145.] We are there to help any of you in China with the burden to reach the youth. This is our special ministry, a ministry of students. They are needy and you need them to be able to reach China. If you ever need help, just call and we will be there.

Hudson Taylor↑ Page Top

Imparts to us faith and determination

ML#3701: Summary: Hudson Taylor will help to increase our vision, to see things as they really are, and to impart to us faith, desperation, determination, and focus.

109. Fed up with the churchy, do-nothing religion of his parents, Hudson Taylor, at nineteen, felt called to take Jesus' love to the people of China. He's probably one of the best illustrations of what determination can do when it's yielded to the Lord's will.

112. At 22 he arrived in China, in the middle of a revolution and with virtually no one to help him get started, but nothing would keep him from his plan. During those first years, many times he was down to his last bits of food, but the Lord always came through for him. He used his talents as a doctor to witness to a captive audience. He traveled deeper into China than others before him. He became one in dress and language, and gained the trust and respect of those he ministered to.

113. Even his few times back in England to recover his strength were spent helping the people of China. He established the China Inland Mission with hardly any money, and in less than one year, the CIM had accepted 24 missionaries and raised over £2,000 (about £130,000 in 2005 terms). It grew, till by the time he died, it had sent over 800 missionaries to China and won over 125,000 souls: the fruits of using what the Lord gives you, big or small.

114. About Hudson's help today, Jesus said: "You're going to need a lot of determination in the days ahead. You're going to need a lot of desperation, faith, trust in Me to supply, and sometimes, plain old stubbornness to keep going for Me in spite of anything the Enemy will throw at you. That's why Hudson is here at your side as a major helper. When your knees start shaking, he'll be right there to get your mind and heart and spirit focused back on what you're fighting for: a world full of desperate lost souls who are depending on you to carry the light into the darkness to teach them how to do the same for others."

115. In closing, a few wise words from Hudson himself: "Spend your life investing in money and what do you have? A bunch of paper. Spend it to give life, hope and purpose to other lives and what do you get? You get life, hope, purpose, contentment, and friends for eternity! Invest it in living what you believe and inspiring others to do the same by example and what do you get? A share in their investments as well! I'm here to help you find a vision that will be so hot, so great, that wasting your time on anything else will seem like the most stupid thing you could do. In other words, I want to help you see things as they really are."

Expert on meditation and intercessory prayer

ML#3698:57. (Mama:) Hudson Taylor was another great in the area of meditation as well as intercessory prayer. Born in 1832, he lived to 1905. He was an English missionary to China and the founder of the China Inland Mission. He spent five years translating the New Testament into Chinese. At his death in 1905, there were 205 missionary stations with 849 missionaries, and 125,000 Chinese Christians in the China Inland Mission.

60. At the age of 20 he set off for China. There were storms at sea and miraculous deliverances in that five-and-a-half-month-long journey. There was civil war when he landed at Shanghai, rebels holding the city, fires, famine. Fearsome circumstances were fought by the young missionary on his knees, and God delivered him.

61. Back in England on furlough, he opened a bank account with just ten pounds, 50 dollars, in the name of the China Inland Mission. His initial goal was 24 workers. The next May, the 24 sailed, then there were 70 more, and another 100, and finally more than 800 missionaries ministered across the far-flung miles of China's interior.

62. Truly this man of faith and fortitude had mastered the ministry of moving men through God by prayer.

Helps us in our personal spiritual walk with the Lord

ML#3659:77. * Hudson Taylor: "I will help you in your personal spiritual walk with the Lord so that you can be the tools He wants you to be--and this, of course, includes faithful intercessory prayer time, meditation time, as well as quality Word time. These areas have to be strong and personal if you want to be used to reach your field. I will help you to strengthen these areas of your life by encouraging, inspiring, and convicting you to be faithful."

Member of the Inspiration Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

John Bunyan [The Inspiration Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Ilantri, The↑ Page Top

Commissioned to parents and teachers

ML#3478:110. (Spirit helper:) We are a special breed of spirit helpers, designed with a unique purpose--that of helping all teachers and parents. You've seen us as wispy, multi-colored glows encasing a teacher or parent, for we are created to enter the spiritual dimensions of a person's body, so that our very fibers are linked.

111. (Vision:) I see one of them. They are more like a wisp of smoke than a human form. The top of their body is like ours. They have beautiful, large eyes, penetrating, as if they could see right through someone. They have large mouths as well, and they're smiling. From the waist down they are as a trailing wisp of smoke, transparent, flowing. They have long arms that can enwrap the largest man. Every breath is clearly visible with the heaving of their chest, and what is very peculiar is that I can see their heart within them. It beats steadily, in sync with every breath they breathe, and is larger than a normal heart would be, at least double the size, maybe triple.

112. They speak ... well, it's not really speaking, as they don't use words; rather the emotion of what their hearts beat is expressed through their breath. It is not a different language, but a completely different way of communicating. It sounds like someone exhaling air, and they seem to breathe into the ears of those they are helping and influencing, and from their mouth comes a bluish-red vapor.

113. (Spirit helper continues:) We are the Ilantri. Our commission is to all parents and teachers. Our hearts are infused with the love God feels for each child. It beats within us and we breathe this divine love, care, and skill into those whom we are sent to help.

114. The struggles of raising and caring for a child are many, and this is why God created us--an elite force of spirit beings: the Ilantri. We are sent to fill your hearts with the inspiration of teaching. We bring ideas. We bring love. We bring practical know-how. We know the hearts of those who teach and those who are taught, for this is our gift, our calling--the purpose for our creation.

115. In those times when you are faced with the difficult task of caring for your child or teaching another's child, when your inspiration and enthusiasm has run low, when you question your calling in life and when you are discouraged by the struggles and problems, remember that we are here to give you all that you need. Our arms are wrapped tightly about you, filling your heart, body, mind, and spirit with the love, help, insight, concern, and skill that you need.

119. (Jesus:) These beings, My Ilantri, show you their hearts, which are larger than normal, as a symbol of their power--how they have an extraordinary amount of love for children, and are commissioned to fill you with the same. ...

Illuminus↑ Page Top

Heavenly counterpart of Pan and Arakan

ML#3455:200. (Prayer:) Thank You, wonderful Savior, for the spirit helper Illuminus, who is an advocate of Your light to fight the darkness of Pan. Pan attacks the mind with his darkness--his lies, deceits, doubts, depression, discouragement, and all that opposes the light of Your Word. Illuminus' power to defeat Pan is released and activated through prayer and a person's choice to take in the Word.

201. So help us to choose to take in Your Word, so that You can release the power of Illuminus, ...

203. Thank You, darling Lover, for the F.A.F. (Fairy Angel Fighters) who assist Illuminus in fighting Arakan. ...

ML#3456:92. (Prayer:) Send Illuminus and the Fairy Angel Fighters to confound the confusion of the demon Pan and his implets that poison our minds, making our hearts fertile ground for the Selvegion.

Irrazzmon (Irrazzmus)↑ Page Top

Inflicts pain by irritating the nerves

ML#3522:148. (Summary:) Irrazzmon (also known as Irrazzmus) is a powerful imp who inflicts pain by irritating the nerves and nerve endings and straining and constricting muscles. He attacks with carpal tunnel pain, severe back pain, shingles, and more.

139. (Jesus:) The pain is the work of an imp whose goal is to prevent this person from sleeping in an attempt to, through tiredness and exhaustion, slow him down.

142. His tactics are to inflict pain by irritating the nerves. Because the nerves of man are highly sensitive, especially the endings of the nerves, he is able to cause irritation, which over time strains the muscles, exhausting them and causing them to constrict, straining the neck and shoulder area in this case.

143. (Channel:) He has these very pointy ears and glaring eyes. There's a fierce look on his face, making him look almost like a crazed wild animal, and his head sort of comes to a point in the back. He seems to be able to pass through physical things almost like a vapor.

144. His name is Irrazzmus or Irrazzmon. He has fingers that are very long, but they're more like long claws protruding from his hand rather than fingers.


Ishton↑ Page Top

Our heavenly general who is helping us from the spirit world

ML#3642: Ishton. Although Ishton doesn't show up in the history books, he was apparently a relative of a famous general of the past, and thus learned a lot about the art of war. He helps us from time to time with advice and counsel from beyond.

Israel (Jacob)↑ Page Top

Inspires us to give our time to intercessory prayer


In summary:

56. Israel, who has many spirit helpers under his command, inspires us and spurs us on to give our time to prayer, so that mighty feats of the Kingdom can be accomplished. He also reminds us to be humble before the Lord, which is a key to being effective intercessory prayer warriors.

44. (Jesus:) Each of My patriarchs carry great responsibilities in various areas of the Kingdom, and Israel has the great task of inspiring My children, both on the Earth and in the heavenlies, in the area of intercessory prayer. Israel's task is to inspire and spur you on to give of your time and spirit in intercessory prayer, so that the mighty feats of My Kingdom can be accomplished.

52. (Israel:) Only with great desperation, and as I learned to wield the weapon of prayer from a truly desperate heart, was I allowed to use this tool of immeasurable power to aid those in the physical realm in times of great need. I am nothing in myself. It is only through a totally broken heart that I am able to cry out before the throne of grace for the lost and embattled. It is only as I lay prostrate and totally void of my own desires, seeking the Father's will, that I am able to intercede for another.

53. If you want to know how to get miraculous answers, powerful victories in the lives of others, impossible changes and deliverances beyond anything man could ever begin to accomplish, these are the first steps: Be nothing in your own sight.

Israelite servant girl↑ Page Top

MLK#206. (Israelite servant girl, in 2 Kings 5:2-15:) I am the Israelite girl who served Naaman's wife. Naaman was the commander of the Syrian army. He was very sick, so I told his wife how God could heal Naaman. Because Naaman's wife did not believe in God as I did, I didn't know if she would believe me. It took a lot of faith for me to tell Naaman's wife that my God could heal Naaman. But she believed me and told her husband. God then healed Naaman, when he travelled from Syria to the Jordan River and washed there like the prophet Elisha instructed him to do.

When you need help to be a bold witness for Jesus, call on me, and I'll help you.

Jahmal↑ Page Top

Instructs us in the use of the keys and praise

Xn #61. (Jahmal:) I am one of the many spirit beings available to teach and help you in your use of the new weapons. I specialize in praise and the keys.

Jairus's daughter↑ Page Top

Helps our children be cheerful when they are sick

MLK#208. (Jairus's daughter:) I'm sure you know what it's like to be so sick that you have to stay in bed. It's especially difficult when you hear other children playing and having fun outside or in another room. That's how it was for me when I would get sick. I loved to run and jump and play, and when I was sick and told to stay in bed or in my bedroom, it was difficult for me. After Jesus healed me, I learned how much Jesus loved me, and that helped me to be more positive and happy even when I got sick. If you need help to be positive and happy even while you're sick, claim the keys of happiness and positiveness, and ask me to come to cheer you up and see the positive. We can talk together and count our blessings!

[Note: You can find the story about the healing of Jairus's daughter in Mark 5:22-24, 35-43 and Luke 8:41-42, 49-55.]

James Gilmour↑ Page Top

Expert on meditation and intercessory prayer

ML#3697:1. (Mama:) The next of our forefathers of the faith whom we have an interview with is James Gilmour, who lived from 1843 to 1891. He was a Scottish missionary to Mongolia who made lonely, heroic efforts to preach the Gospel to a people steeped in forms of Buddhism, spending summers with nomadic Mongols on the plains of Mongolia, and winters with Mongols in Peking. He took on the dress and culture of the Mongols, learned their language, and traveled often on foot or lived in their yurts (collapsible circular tents of skins, widely used by Mongolian nomads).

2. After his wife died in 1885, he labored in eastern Mongolia until his death at age 47, after 21 years of missionary service. He won few souls in his lifetime, but many were converted by his influence after his death. He was lovingly referred to by the Mongolians as "Our Gilmour."

ML#3659:80. * James Gilmour: "I'm one of your spirit helpers in the art of intercessory prayer and in meditation. These were areas I learned to strengthen and to keep strong because I knew I had to. I will encourage you to keep these areas strong and as priorities in your lives."

Jeremiah the Prophet↑ Page Top

He and other prophets assist you in the times of persecution

Counted Worthy 17. (Jeremiah:) Believe me, God has a message too for this generation and you are His prophets of the End.

He will empower you to speak and to be brave and to have courage when you need it--especially in those of you who feel incapable in being fiery witnesses of the End. As my God allows me, I will stand also by your side and aid you as you speak His words to this day's wicked and Godless generation--to give you the experience and pointers that were given to me when I was doing what you will now do.

Your heart will be broken for this generation as mine was in my days. Your love will reflect Jesus' love, and they will see and be driven to where they must decide. All must decide, and that is why your day is so important--the day that the rest of us dreamed that we could partake of, for this is the day that all of our ministries and works were for. Each of us prophets had a mission to fulfill that would someday help and assist you in these last days of persecution.

We will be by your side and we will not leave you alone. Our God will stand for you in the End, and what a great end that will be!

Helps you be a bold and faithful witness

MLK#206. (Jeremiah:) I was still a teen, when God asked me to stand up and speak the truth to the people of Jerusalem and Judah. I told God that I didn't know if I was old enough to be the strong witness He needed me to be. But God knew I was old enough. He helped me to be a bold prophet who spoke the truth. He filled my heart with His love for His people.

God had me give the Jews a message that they should allow Babylon to take over their country. I warned them to stop their bad ways and to turn back to God. Very few people believed and obeyed the message that God gave them through me. They even put me in jail for awhile because they didn't like the message God had for them. In spite of that, I continued to faithfully witness the truth to the people.

No one is too young to serve God. Ask me and I will help you to be a bold and faithful witness. I want to help you tell people about Jesus and His love. I also want to help you tell people about the Endtime so that those who listen to you and believe can be ready.


Jesus↑ Page Top

Our Commander in Chief

ML#3090:86. (Mama:) ... Jesus is our Commander in Chief, and as we follow Him in love and obedience and humility, wielding the weapon of the Word, we will defeat all the attacks of the Evil One ... Greater is He, Jesus, Who is in us, than he that is in the world, the Enemy. We shall overcome; we shall be victorious; and no weapon that is formed against us, including the lies and doubts of the Enemy, shall prosper!

Chair of the Parenting Board in Heaven

ML#3478:56. (Jesus:) ... Just as you now have parenting boards there on Earth, I'm activating the "parenting board" in Heaven, too. ...

57. I will be chairing the "parenting board" in Heaven together with the Holy Spirit and a number of spirit helpers who are sitting on the board. ...

Jim Elliot (Phillip James Elliot)↑ Page Top

Witnessing and winning spirit helper

ML#3702: Summary: Call on Jim Elliot for zeal, dedication, and conviction to make disciples of all nations.

76. In his journal, Jim wrote, "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." He, an evangelical Christian missionary to Ecuador, gave everything and lived his life like he truly believed these words. He was willing to pay any price to tell others about the Lord.

77. Born in Portland, Oregon, in 1927, he grew up in a Christian environment, and received Jesus as his Savior at an early age. In his youth, he showed talent for acting and speaking and memory retention, and in his college years, his desire to become a missionary grew stronger. ... He went for a short trip to Mexico, had his eyes on India and Ecuador, and later decided on South America, and arrived in Ecuador in 1952.

78. Elliot's goal was to reach the Huaorani tribe, also known as the Aucas, a violent tribe who had never had friendly encounters with the outside world; any previous interaction had ended with death and violence. In his efforts, he was working alongside four other missionaries--Ed McCully, Roger Youderian, Pete Fleming, and Nate Saint--and their five wives and nine children collectively.

79. They began making contact with the Indians by making weekly gift drops from their small airplane, and communicating with them via a loudspeaker. They would give gifts to the Indians, and the Indians would return the favor, via a basket or bucket hanging from the airplane. After positive responses over many weeks, they decided to take it a step further, and landed on a deserted sandbar near the Indian tribe on the Curaray River. They landed there on January 2, 1956, and after three days on the beach, two women and a man arrived. They were friendly, ate with them, stayed with them, etc. However, on January 8, only a few days later, they were martyred by a group of the Indians. Jim was 28 years old.

81. In only three years, Rachel Saint (Nate Saint's sister) and Elisabeth Elliot (Jim's wife) were living and working with the same Indians who had martyred their loved ones, and through their influence they were able to help bring many of them to Jesus.

82. Jim Elliot, this dedicated witnesser and disciple winner, is now available to help us in any aspect of witnessing and disciple winning. He can be a great help to us in the areas of zeal and dedication, and conviction to make disciples of all nations. That's his greatest vision and burden, but he's not limited to disciple winning. He's a helper for any aspect of witnessing.

83. The Lord said: "Jim Elliot was a man who loved Me deeply and served Me faithfully. He was greatly dedicated, and a man of vision and conviction, a real disciple winner. He's now available to help you, My Family, in any aspect of witnessing and disciple winning. Jim is a man of action, and likes to help in that aspect, but he's not limited to it, and will give you assistance in any area related to witnessing and disciple winning.

84. "Jim is a versatile helper, one who has a large portfolio and isn't super-specialized in any one thing. He has a great love for the lost, and a burden to win them and to teach them not only about Me, but about My calling in their lives. He wants to help each one find the greatest happiness and fulfillment they can have in life, by bringing them to see and hopefully accept My will for them."

Jo Niijima↑ Page Top

Member of the Education Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

** Jo Niijima (1843-90): Also known as Joseph Hardy Neesima. The first ordained Protestant Japanese Christian; founder of Doshisha. Born in Edo (now Tokyo).

A desire to travel grew out of his extensive reading, and in 1864 he secretly departed without government permission for the United States. Niijima was baptized at Andover Massachusetts, in 1866; graduated from Amhert College in 1870 (the first Japanese recipient of a degree from a Western college); and attended Andover Theological Seminary. In 1872 he became interpreter to the Iwakura Mission to the United States and Europe. At the 65th annual meeting of the Congregational mission board at Rutland Vermont, in October 1874 he made a successful appeal for funds to start a Christian school in Japan. Founded in 1875 in Kyoto, the new school named Doshisha, grew rapidly and became a university in 1912.

Martin Luther [The Education Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Joan of Arc↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#3443:51. (Joan of Arc:) Many are the warriors and fighters in the spirit that aid you and the children of David, my queen. Many are we who have rallied to your side in this day and age to offer our expertise and services.

52. ... I am now at your side with my heavenly army, waiting to be given orders to carry out missions and to attack the Devil in whatever location the need is. I have done many jobs for Christ since I've been here, but now my mission is to wait on you, to await commands and orders given me by you, King Peter, and your people. There are tens of thousands under my command, so use us as you will and we will be honored to fulfill your requests.

Empowers us to enter the battle for lost souls with courage

ML#3701: Summary: Joan of Arc will infuse us with passion, discernment, strategy, wisdom, strength, and determination for the fight. She will empower us to enter the battle for lost souls with courage and faith and vision, and to stay connected to our helpers in the spirit world, and keep our eyes turned heavenward.

23. Joan of Arc was about as unlikely a leader as you could imagine. Raised in Domremy, France, in the early 1400s, she had little education, little understanding of the world around her--and being a girl, it would have been virtually impossible to gain the respect, much less the loyalty, of an entire army. But she simply believed and did what the "voices," her spirit helpers, told her.

24. She began seeing visions and hearing from the spirit world at 12 years old. These voices told her to deliver her homeland from English domination, as nearly all of northern France, and some parts of the southwest, were under their control. At 16 she was leading the armies of France, who had not won any significant victories for a generation, turning what had been a defeated and overrun country into a victorious power, and driving out their enemies at an incredible rate.

26. Joan of Arc, who was burnt at the stake in Rouen when only 19 years old, was declared a martyr by a posthumous retrial convened by the pope 24 years later. She is a spirit helper who can intimately understand the struggles of learning to trust Jesus to use us to do the impossible. "If you feel overwhelmed by all that I'm calling you to do," Jesus says, "or if the thought of hundreds and thousands of upcoming disciples to inspire and train makes you feel weak in the knees, picture that young teenage country lass, who didn't have even a fraction of all you've already been given in the way of power, wisdom, knowledge and training. If she could hang on and do the impossible, you can too."

29. [Joan says,] "I have been where you are: I know weakness, I know self-doubt, I know the feeling of being overwhelmed at what lies before you, of feeling ill-prepared, desperately weak in yourself. My mission was 'impossible'--against all odds and common sense. You, the children of David, have been similarly called to what may seem an 'impossible' mission. I am here to infuse you with divine courage--to not be afraid to look Satan in the face and call his bluff. I have been gifted with discernment, strategic insight, and wisdom--which I am able to impart to you as you call on the help of Heaven. But remember that while I was on Earth, my voices were my strategists, not me. The only way that the Offensive will succeed is when Heaven is given full sway to lead and guide you.

30. "I will help you face this war and Offensive with courage, to charge into battle against the Enemy for the souls of men with determination and with such a strong love and passion for Him and lost souls that nothing else will matter. I will help to fan the flame of a fighting spirit within you. Bravery shall be your armor, but under that armor--just as I had--will beat a heart full of compassion and love for mankind. I will give you special determination so that nothing is able to deter you from your holy quest. I will help you to keep the vision, just as I helped the dear men I led into battle to keep looking to the victory, knowing that Heaven had promised it, and so it would come to pass.

31. "My calling and commission is to help and encourage you in the fight and faith. I will be there to help you connect with the spirit even if you feel you don't have a strong connection. I will help you to believe in His promises. I will infuse you with faith, bravery, and great courage. And just as I experienced, you will hear your voices, see your visions, and hear the whispers beside and behind you, saying, 'This is the way, walk ye in it.' If you desire and if you believe, you will be led of the Spirit and led of Heaven."

32. "It is fitting," my Lord said, "that you, Joan, should stand and ride alongside My brides as they engage the Enemy for the souls of mankind. What will ensure victory for My brides are the very things that war against the flesh: weakness in themselves, dependence on prayer, humility, and being led of My Spirit. You, Joan, have these qualities. You have a deep love for Me, meekness, humility, weakness, and great dependence on Me. You are a fighter, and your greatest desire is to see the Family win the coming battles. So you, My little Maid of Orleans, are the perfect spirit companion and comrade. You shall ride again!--This time into the greatest battle of all time--the battle of the End for the souls of mankind."

Helps those who care for the JETTs and teens

ML#3115:131. ... Are you willing to lay down your life, to give your all as a bottle that is poured forth, like Pandita Ramabai? I shall send down gifts from Heaven--spirit helpers--Brunheld, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther, and many more! Ask for spirit helpers, and they shall be there at your side to lead and guide you.

From MLK#180

Joan of Arc, also called the Maid of Lorraine, was a simple Catholic teen girl whom Jesus used to lead the armies of France to victory in the year 1429. One of Jesus' helpers, Saint Catherine, spoke to Joan through visions and prophecy, giving her messages from Jesus. This was at a time when very few people heard from the Lord and spirit helpers in prophecy. Jesus was calling Joan to lead the armies of France to defeat the English who ruled large parts of France. She took up the challenge, and rode with the armies of France, and led them to victory over the English at the city of Orleans and several later battles.

Joel (shepherd)↑ Page Top

One of the shepherds who went to see baby Jesus

ML#3720:38. (Joel:) Everyone desires Jesus, even if they don't realize it right now. Give everyone a chance. That's my message to you this Christmas--and always!

In the Bible...

Luke 2:8-20.

John Bohoner↑ Page Top

Witnessing and winning spirit helper

ML#3702: Summary: John Bohoner will help us to not shy away from tasks or opportunities, even if they look impossible. He will aid us in receiving the Lord's plans, direction, and counsel, and to rest in the Lord and work in the spirit. He'll impart courage to say what we need to say, to be reliable witnesses, and help us to have the inspiration and vision for the job.

49. John Bohoner lived in the late 1800s. As a young missionary to Burma, he loved to be out with the poor--learning their language, wearing their dress, and truly becoming one with them. ... John was dedicated to his work and loved the people of Burma, but the Lord gave him a unique challenge after three years on the mission field: He was sent back to the United States to win disciples who could take up the challenge of being missionaries.

52. His disciple-winning formula: "The formula was simply to get desperate in prayer, letting the Lord know that I couldn't possibly do what He was asking, and so He was going to have to tell me exactly how to go about it if He wanted disciples from my endeavors. As always, He didn't fail, and the fruit almost broke the baskets--and it was fruit that lasted, because they were all there because they wanted to give their lives to bring others to Jesus and train them to live a godly life."

54. Jesus gave some insight into his role today in our witnessing and winning, saying, "John Bohoner has several main strengths that he'll be using to help you. The first one is his ability and desire to help you not flinch or shy away from any task or opportunity I place before you. It doesn't matter if it's difficult, daunting, massive, or looks impossible. He knows that I can do it through you, and that if I've even given you a glimpse of that door and a crack at that opportunity, then I have a plan and the method that's going to work. He will help you to come to Me and get desperate and receive My plans and My direction and counsel for everything you're faced with. In this sense, he helps you to rest in Me and to work in the spirit, not in the arm of the flesh.

55. "John also has a burden and gifts to help you hold nothing back, but to say whatever I lead you to say. John is among the spirit helpers who are ready and committed to helping you be faithful and reliable witnesses for Me, whether in big things or little, whether to one person, to many people, or even to the public. He will also help inspire you. He knows that a missionary needs his inspiration, needs a vision to motivate him and help him keep going, especially when things get difficult or monotonous. He'll help you remember the reasons why you're doing what you're doing. He'll help you get in touch with the idealist in you, the revolutionary, the fervent bride, the passionate witness."

John Bunyan↑ Page Top

Memer of the Inspiration Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

ML#3405:8. (Angelic moderator:) The original core group of staffers make up the Inspiration Department. Their job initially was to provide the inspiration to begin the project. Now that that's been accomplished, their responsibility has shifted to being in charge of the content of all the publications associated with Activated.

9. There's John Bunyan over there. Give a wave, John! And over there with the sparkling eyes is Fanny Crosby. There's Dwight N. L. (no longer) Moody. (We like to rib him a little about his name!) There chatting together are Hudson Taylor, who has been tickled pink ever since he found out that they modeled a little bit of ELMO on him [See "Activate the World, Part 5," ML #3395, GN 988.], and Amy Carmichael, who made India her home and represents that area.

10. As you all no doubt expected, there is Father David, who said he wouldn't for the world miss being involved to some extent with the Activated push, although he has lots of other duties to attend to as well. ...

11. Over there are some of our Latin contingent. We've recruited some dear ex-Catholics from centuries past to give us a hand. There is José de Anchieta, who labored for years in Brazil to bring the good news to the locals. He sure loved Jesus and the natives, and they loved him. He was an excellent choice to represent Contato in the original inspirational council. And sitting with him is his Spanish buddy, Toribio Alfonso Mogrovejo, representing Conéctate. He labored for years as a bishop and missionary in Peru at the beginning of it all. And the locals loved him too. These two wonderful men poured their hearts out on their respective fields, and went through untold trials and tests in the process.

From GT:

John Bunyan (1628-1688): Englishman. Author of Pilgrim's Progress, which he wrote while in prison for preaching about Jesus without a license! This Christian book has been translated into more than 100 languages and tells about a character whose name is Christian. It tells how Christian came to know the Lord and about his walk in the Christian life and his journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City! (See GN 249, "The John Bunyan Revelation!")

John Lincoln Brandt, Dr.↑ Page Top

Soul winning and disciple winning helper

ML#3702: Summary: Dr. John Lincoln Brandt will help us to win disciples, to reach the rich, to become one with those we are ministering to, and will assist with our public ministries.

37. John's life on Earth lasted from 1860-1946. Today, from Heaven, John will inspire our passion for reaching the lost and turning them into sold-out disciples for Jesus. He says: "I'll help you learn how to turn a soul, won for Christ, into a sold-out, on-fire, no-holds-barred-disciple, whose life is truly lost in Jesus. I will be with you to help you to teach your converts how to grow, and how to let the Word bring forth fruit in their lives, so that they're not just 'couch potato' Christians, but active and dynamic professional Christians, who can go out and help you win the world. I'm a disciple winner, and that's what I'm here to help you with."

38. John is gifted in reaching the rich, sensing their deepest needs, and teaching them how to use their skills to bring others to Jesus. He says, "A great number of the disciples who will be able to carry on the work in their countries during the final times will come from this desperately needy class in spirit, the rich. I, John, will help you to develop the skills, the wisdom, the technique needed to get close enough to these people, to take their empty, broken hearts in your hands, to nurture and strengthen them till they beat as one with Jesus' heart." "I want to impart my experience and enthusiasm about cultures, languages, and people to you. I want to give you understanding of different ways and mindsets. The heart of man is the same the world over, but that heart can be difficult to reach if you're not familiar with its owner's customs and ways."

39. He'll also assist in public ministries to inspire others with a passion to serve Jesus. John says: "I will step temporarily into your body if you will allow me, to let you sense all that I sense as I speak through you. You'll feel the heartbreak, the desperation, the passion that drives me forward out of love, as the sculptor's passion drives him on. Even though the sculptor's arms ache and his eyes burn from the dust, he chips away at the block of stone that is hiding the creation that he sees with the eyes of the spirit. He drives himself forward in spite of everything, determined to free this creation from its stony prison."

John the Beloved↑ Page Top

Helps us to keep the Lord’s revolution burning in our heart

ML#3701: Summary: John the Beloved will help you to love Jesus intimately, which will motivate you to win the lost. He'll help to keep the fires of revolution burning in your heart, and to remember that God can use you, no matter what your gifts or talents, or lack of them, are.

17. "John the Beloved's secret of power and effectiveness was in his intimacy and close walk with Me," Jesus explained, "which kept that fire of revolution and of passion for Me burning so hot that others couldn't help but notice. He offers to help you to keep My revolution always burning hot in you, so that through your intimacy with Me and your deep desire to give everyone else what you have, you can be a bold and powerful witness.

18. "He has a special burden for those who are quieter or meeker, who aren't eloquent or bold, or who feel that they don't have what it takes to be a good witness in public, or to win disciples. He knows what the Holy Ghost can do for you, and what having a very intimate walk with Me will do for you. He will help you to not wait for perfect times or perfect words or perfect plans, but to use what you have and make the most of it."

Helps us to learn to tune in to the prophecies and visions

MLK#208. (John:) When I was with Jesus on Earth, I was the youngest of the twelve disciples. Jesus loved me in a special way, like He would a younger brother.

You are special to Jesus. He loves being with each of you, His children. There are specific, individual, and different things about each one of you that He loves and appreciates. Take time to talk to Jesus and enjoy His love and friendship. When you ask for my help, I'll teach you more about how to talk to Jesus, so you can grow to love Jesus more.

Jesus also gave me a wonderful gift of being able to hear His Words and see His visions. The whole book of Revelation is full of prophecies and visions that Jesus gave me when I was older, mostly about the Endtime. Receiving messages from Jesus is very exciting and special! I can help you learn to tune in to the prophecies and visions that Jesus wants to give to you.

Helps us to be a bold witness

MLK#208. (Peter:) The Bible talks about how bold John and I were (Acts 4:13). We weren't bold in ourselves, but it was a gift Jesus gave us for witnessing to people. When you need help to be a bold witness, call on the keys of boldness and ask either John or me for help so you can boldly witness for Jesus, too!

John Wesley↑ Page Top

Helps us in our personal spiritual walk with the Lord

ML#3659:78. * John Wesley: "I'm one of the spirit helpers you can call on for your times of intercessory prayer or meditation, and I will be very happy to help you in any way that you need. Much of the help that you will need is faith to make prayer and meditation a priority in your life, and I will help you with the conviction and faith to do so." (John Wesley, 1703-1791, was an Anglican minister and Christian theologian who was an early leader in the Methodist movement.)

Member of the Follow-up and Pastoring Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

ML#3405:15. (Angelic moderator:) And here is the Follow-Up and Pastoring Department. These are the ones who are working on you enlarging your folds and winning and bringing in the sheep. And once you have sheep, you have to shepherd them, thus follow-up and pastoring are so closely interlinked that they're handled by the same department. The Wesley brothers, John and Charles, are involved in this department, along with some of their other colleagues from their time on Earth. And the kindly gentleman over there--and this is sure to please all you dear Irishmen--is none other than St. Patrick. If anyone knows about winning tough nuts, it's him!

16. There is also Samuel Crowther, who was once destined to be a slave and ended up being a missionary to his own in Africa. Mary Slessor is also here, God bless her. Oh, and don't think you dear Slavs have missed out on representatives, because over there are brothers Cyril and Methodius. For those who don't know, Cyril and Methodius are known as the apostles to the Slavs, being the original missionaries to several of the Slavic peoples, even coming up with a written language for them, named Cyrillic, after dear Cyril.

From GT:

John Wesley (1703-1791): Born in Lincolnshire, England, the 15th of 19 children, Wesley was ordained an Anglican priest. In 1735 he and his brother Charles went as missionaries to the British frontier colony of Georgia, USA, to preach to the Indians. John lasted the longest, but after a love affair, had to leave heartsick because of his failure. But on May 24, 1738, Wesley got saved while listening to a preface to the Epistle to the Romans, written by Luther. He said a great spiritual change happened within himself. Inspired by the Moravian Brotherhood, he thought to start a religious order within the church rather than break with it, but he soon differed with them and dropped out and began the Methodist church. He traveled at least 4,000 miles on horseback and preached over 40,000 sermons, sometimes to crowds of 100,000 people out in the open in the famous Welsh revival. And as Dad mentioned in No. 318C:26, he always preached to the children so all could understand! "There'd been a great wave (of revival) under the Methodists when they were still young and on fire under John Wesley. But by the time General William Booth came along, they'd solidified and iced into cold formal churches--everything that Wesley had preached against! He preached against church buildings, hierarchies, denominations, Church of England, Catholic Church and all that, and they just had their little meetings in homes and halls anb places like that." (1648:27) ... By Wesley's death there were more than 125,000 Methodists and 1,500 preachers.

John Wycliffe↑ Page Top

Member of the Education Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

** John Wycliffe (d. 1384) was an English preacher, writer and Bible translator who has been called "the morning star of the Reformation." He preached and wrote against various doctrines and practices of the Church of Rome, translated the Bible into English, and sent itinerant preachers (later called Lollards) throughout England to bring to the common people the Word of God and the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Martin Luther [The Education Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

José de Anchieta↑ Page Top

Memer of the Inspiration Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

From ML#3405:

José de Anchieta (b. March 19, 1534, Canary Islands, Spain--d. June 9, 1597, Espírito Santo, Brazil), Portuguese Jesuit acclaimed as a poet, dramatist, and scholar. He first arrived in Brazil in 1553 and is credited with converting more than a million Indians. He is considered one of the founders of the national literature of Brazil. He wrote and staged several religious plays in the Brazilian wilderness. In addition, he wrote the first grammar of the Indian language Tupí and many letters describing the Indians' way of life, as well as the flora and fauna of Brazil. His other accomplishments included playing a role in the founding of Brazil's two largest cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and the founding of three colleges.--Encyclopedia Britannica

ML#3405:11. (Angelic moderator:) Over there are some of our Latin contingent. We've recruited some dear ex-Catholics from centuries past to give us a hand. There is José de Anchieta, who labored for years in Brazil to bring the good news to the locals. He sure loved Jesus and the natives, and they loved him. He was an excellent choice to represent Contato in the original inspirational council. And sitting with him is his Spanish buddy, Toribio Alfonso Mogrovejo, representing Conéctate. ...

John Bunyan [The Inspiration Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Joseph (NT)↑ Page Top

Helps you with your witnessing

ML#3719:52. (Joseph:) I'll help you to find the open doors. I'll help you to find the lost and needy. I will be a searcher who seeks out the lost, and I will bring them to you, or you to them. I will be instrumental in leading you to those who will work with you to reach the world; and as a builder at heart, I will help you to build solid and lasting works for the Lord.

In the Bible...

Matthew 1:18-25; 2:1-23; Luke 2:1-33,40-52.

Joseph Alleine↑ Page Top

Witnessing and winning spirit helper

ML#3701: Summary: Joseph Alleine will help to strengthen our dedication and willingness to sacrifice, and will encourage us to pray, and impart to us his deep love for souls.

44. In 1655 Joseph was called to a church in the west of England.

46. The restoration of England's monarchy in 1662 resulted in the Act of Uniformity, removing 2,000 preachers from their pulpits in a single day. Most preached their farewell sermons August 17, 1662. Joseph, however, continued preaching. The authorities descended, and on May 28, 1663, he was thrown into prison. His health soon declined. "Now we have one day more," he told Theodosia [wife] when he was finally released. "Let us live well, work hard for souls, lay up much treasure in Heaven this day, for we have but a few to live."

47. He died on November 17, 1668, at age 34.

48. Of his life, Jesus said: "Joseph Alleine's relatively short ministry was one of complete dedication to winning souls. His tireless ministering to each person he met, dedicating every possible moment to preaching the Gospel and praying for souls, and his practical and spiritual approach to soul winning, now rank him as a major helper to the worldwide Family. His only goal in life was to speak the truth, to follow My plan, and to win every soul that he could in spite of persecution and imprisonment for preaching. He never wavered from this commission, but treated each day as the precious gift of time that it was, and used every moment to win more souls.

49. "Because of Joseph's outstanding dedication, self-sacrifice, strength of prayer, and deep love for Me and souls, he is a valuable witnessing and winning spirit helper. His love for souls is deeper now than it ever was before. I led him to go through his time on Earth and prepared him further up Here so that he could help you."

50. Joseph says: "The Offensive is the beginning of wonderful things to come, and I will be there to assist you. I am excited and honored to be serving the Lord in this way."

Kamikaze Spirits↑ Page Top

Attack with suicidal thoughts and actions

ML#3597:35. (Jesus:)

2) Kamikaze spirits belong to the Spirits of Death. They attack with suicidal thoughts and actions, and then seek to cast the blame on others, on loved ones. Pray for the protection of your loved ones, former members, and all My children, from these demons of death and destruction. Claim the keys of protection and deliverance from evil.

Katrine↑ Page Top

Skillful warrior to help you fight the Enemy

Xn #11. (Jesus:) My children, I give you Katrine--a mighty, sexy, and skillful Viking-like warrior of the spirit.

When the Enemy comes in like a flood, charging at full speed and from every side, call upon Katrine to put a quick and violent end to his assault. The long, indestructible spear she has at her disposal strikes the Evil One from his mount long before he can lay an evil claw on you, My children.

My servant Katrine has been trained in the art of defense by offense. When it seems that the Enemy is overwhelming you in the spirit, call on the power of the keys, and she will turn the tables and strike fear and a mighty blade into the heart of the spiritual enemies that besiege you. How quickly does she wipe the evil grins off the hideous faces of the enemies of My kingdom. She sends them flying in every direction, screaming in pain.

Not only will she be your defense in the spirit, but if you call upon her she can teach you to use the same counteroffensive tactics she knows so well. When you feel overwhelmed, you can fight by her side by singing and shouting and praising Me until you have not only driven the Enemy away but have gained ground on the battlefield.

Knights of Victory, The↑ Page Top

Help you especially when you're fighting major battles

ML#3522:182. (Summary:) The Knights of Victory are mighty spirit helpers--knights of light who defy the Devil's darkness. They appear in black armor, taking on the surroundings of those they rescue and fight for. Their armor is made up of the keys; their beings, the truth of the Word. They have the liberating serum--Father David's fighting serum--to rescue all those in need and to defeat the demons of Hell. This spiritual serum will enable all those who receive it to submit to God, resist and rebuke the Devil, and fight him until he is defeated. It encases your spiritual veins that carry the Word, which flows through your spirit, with an impenetrable casing.

172. (Jesus:) These knights are fighters for Me. They hate all that is evil, all that prevents My truth from being absorbed by My children. These knights are fearless. Darkness flees, for these Knights of Victory are knights of light. They are the embodiment of the truth of My Word. They are cunning fighters; they defeat the Enemy at his own game. They appear in black armor, taking on the surroundings of those they rescue and fight for.

173. Once the spirit of My child cries out in desire to embrace My truth and walk in My light, the elixir of My Knights of Victory is poured upon them, enveloping them in a protective spiritual bubble. Then as My children obey, My power is released. My Knights of Victory are transformed from their stealth mode to shine with the fullness of My light. No demon of darkness can withstand the Knights of Victory.

174. Their armor is made up of My keys; their beings, the truth of My Word. They have the liberating serum to rescue all those in need and to defeat the demons of Hell. They keep the fighting serum of your Father David. Father David's fighting serum! This spiritual serum will enable all those who receive it to submit to God, resist and rebuke the Devil, and fight him until he is defeated in your life! As the life of the body is in the blood, there is a spiritual counterpart. Your spiritual veins carry the spiritual life, My Word, which sustains your spirit.

176. This serum will make your spirits impervious to defeat. It keeps your spirits strong and the Enemy is unable to enter in. It encases your spiritual veins that carry My Word, which flows through your spirit with an impenetrable casing. The casing acts like steel, and the Enemy's influences are not able to break through. At the same time you are strengthened, you become brighter with the light of My Word, and more resistant to the lies of the Enemy. Finally, you are as those I have sent to help you, a knight of victory, a fighter who loves to fight for Me, who loves to destroy the works of the Devil, who joys to proclaim My truth and set the captives free.

180. (Jesus:) The Knights of Victory are especially for when you're fighting major battles, and when you need reinforcements in the spirit. That is why I have instructed you to call on them as a collective body. In their unity is strength found.

Knyaginya Dashkova↑ Page Top

Russian spirit helper

ML#3146:36. (Knyaginya Dashkova:) My people are shouting freedom! I am Knyaginya Dashkova. I came to tell you how it looks in the spirit. It's like an explosion, a wave, and it goes all around Russia! All the free spirits are ready to help you. They are standing right here. You just need to ask them and they are always ready to help. I was a helper and a friend of Queen Catherine. I am so happy to come and talk with you and to thank you that you were praying for us.

[Princess] Knyaginya Dashkova (1743-1810); associate of Empress Catherine II [the Great] and a prominent patroness of the literary arts in 18th-century Russia.

Koger, Dr.↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#3249:41. (Jesus, to Mama:) Some of your helpers are very busy, and while they would love to spend their full time with you, My dear queen, learning from you and partaking of the excitement of the spirit which surrounds you, they must also fulfill other duties of the realm, and so only come back when you need them by your side.

42. ... Dr. Koger is also a frequent guest at your Home, counseling you and your helpers.

Call on him to give counsel on health

ML#3566:18. (Prayer:) I ask that You send Dr. Koger to me as a counselor regarding what I can do in the physical to aid my body in healing, to share with me his wisdom in knowing what to eat and drink and how to care for myself.

K.O.T. Fighters, The↑ Page Top

Spirit beings to help us fight sensitivity

ML#3497c:364. (Jesus:) I have commissioned a legion of helpers to aid My children in their fight against sensitivity and against the Sen-si. These specially trained spirit beings will help you. They will assist you in surrendering your all to Me on a daily basis. Call on them, and they will help you ward off the attacks of the Sen-si. They are called the K.O.T. fighters.

365. It is no coincidence that I have at times inspired your Queen to say, "Keep on track," for this slogan is born in the spirit. This is the significance of the fearless K.O.T. combat unit. K.O.T members are ready to assist you at all times. They will help guard, protect, guide, and train you in how to stay a step ahead of the Sen-si. They will help you keep on track--on My track, not your own. They are ordained to help you keep on the track of the straight and narrow cutting edge of My Spirit.

367. (Jesus:) There are many in the K.O.T. combat unit, and they are trained as expert coaches. Every Family member can have their own personal instructor, if they will ask.

368. I have always advocated hands-on training, one on one, each one teaching another. You can have this right now--today. Every Family member can have their own personal K.O.T trainer. You are wise to take advantage of their coaching.

369. ... Call on the keys of revelation, get acquainted with your own personal K.O.T. trainer today, and stay free of the poisonous darts of the Sen-si.

377. (Jesus:) There are many who are specifically commissioned in this area, because I know that so many of My children battle with sensitivity, and so the legion that I have trained to fight for My brides in this area is great.

378. Any of My loves who feel like they need to make progress in this area should ask the contingent assigned to them to speak and reveal their names. These legions who fight for you are ready and armed, they have what it takes to secure victory and to help you. But you must call on them or else they're not able to be that effective. You have to recognize the imps of the Sen-si and desire to be protected from their attacks.

379. So this is an assignment for each of My loves who feels attacked at any time by sensitivity, especially if it's a weakness that you are regularly influenced by and need to overcome: Ask to be introduced to the warrior who stands by you, ready to help you in this area of your life. Then, when you are faced with a typically sensitive situation, or something that you think could hit a sensitive nerve, call for your warrior friend to be with you and help you! ...



Lady Jane↑ Page Top

Linkup #5. (Lady Jane:) You have nothing to fear, dear Family, for all the prophets, all the martyrs and all the saints stand by your side. You certainly do not have to fear if God should require of you to suffer for His name, for He will never suffer you to be tempted above that which you are able to bear. And remember, most are called upon to be living martyrs, witnesses who will lay down their lives in daily sacrifice to win others.

I have since had the honor of getting to know Dad. Because I was a teen at the time of my martyrdom, Dad had a particular interest in getting to know me. And I had a particular interest of course in meeting Dad, from the time that he arrived Here. My interest started way back when the Family first came to England, back in the days of Chinbrook Road, Bromley and Maidstone. Ever since then I have been following the Family's progress.

Jesus has honored me in granting me the privilege of being at your beck and call. They called me the nine-day queen, but little did they know that I was to become a queen in the courts of Jesus, and in the army of David--a queen at your service, an honor which I cherish. I am blessed, and I stand ready to fight by your side, dear Family.

Grey, Lady Jane (1537-54), queen of England for nine days. When Lady Jane was 15 years old, England's powerful lord chamberlain, John Dudley, duke of Northumberland, arranged a marriage for her with his son, Guildford Dudley. The lord chamberlain's purpose was to change, through Lady Jane, the royal succession upon the death of the ailing young king, Edward VI, so that he could continue to control the country through her. Edward approved the marriage and secured witnesses to a deed declaring Lady Jane his successor. Upon the death of the king, on July 6, 1553, Lady Jane was proclaimed queen, but Edward's half sister, Mary Tudor, contested the succession. Lady Jane was subsequently imprisoned in the Tower of London. She and her husband were accused of treason, and both were beheaded on February 12, 1554. Lady Jane was 17 years old.

--Courtesy of Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia.

Lance↑ Page Top

Our children can call on him when they need a boost of faith in their witnessing

Gen-up #2. (Lance:) My name is Lance, the spirit helper assigned to help you exercise the faith God has given you, like Marcello and Pedro. They have learned to take things to the Lord, and believe and act on what He says. They give their all in witnessing for Jesus, and take every opportunity to do so. So my assignment is to help you grow in and exercise your faith so you too can be that kind of witness. You can ask me for help when you need a boost of faith in your witnessing.


Lan-Ti↑ Page Top

Spirit helper for Japan Family:

ML#2403:1. (I was praying for and about Japan and I saw a picture in the spirit of a sweet dear old Japanese man, a grey-haired and a grey-bearded old wise man:)

2. He's so precious! A real Saint! He's a good old wonderful ancient Saint! (Maria: How ancient?) He's been a Saint thousands of years! He's such a sweet old man, he's so precious, he's just beautiful! He's just almost like one of those pictures, those ancient paintings, so beautiful. Grey hair and grey beard and funny costume of very very ancient times. Very sweet, real precious. They should pray to him and ask him to help them, Sweetheart. (Tongues)

3. His name Lan-ti! (Maria: L-A-N-T-I?) Yes. Lan-ti. How beautiful. I asked his name and that's what he said, Lan-ti. Hallelujah! ...

4. He's teacher. He's such a sweet little old man, grey-haired and bent and he's small. His hair is all tied back. And he wears something like a kimono. He's so sweet, I just love him, he's so beautiful, so precious, so wonderful! He has such a sweet face, so precious! He keeps smiling and bowing. Hallelujah! TYL! It's like he's so far back he's almost Chinese, but he really knows Japanese.

6. I can draw his picture maybe, I can see him so clear! He's a little bent old man with grey hair tied back, and he smiles and he bows. Isn't that beautiful? I can see him right now! He wears something that looks like a kimono, very old-fashioned. He's very small, bent, smiling, bowing, so precious, so sweet, a real Saint! A real sweet face, smile, grey hair drawn back in like a knot behind his head, you know? It hangs down a little bit. So sweet and precious, has such a sweet face!

7. (Maria: What kind of work did he do?) He's a teacher! A teacher, of course! (Maria: Who does he help?) The people there, of course. The people, the Family there. It's funny, that name sounds more Chinese than Japanese. Maybe he's a very ancient Chinese spirit who knows Japanese. It seems like he's more Chinese than Japanese. We'll have to find out what that name means. It has a meaning in Chinese or Japanese. Lan-ti, isn't that pretty? (Maria: Can you ask the Lord what the name means?) Something about love or loving or caring.

8. Isn't that beautiful? I hardly had to ask and just immediately I saw him and I got his name! Isn't that beautiful? (Maria: Amen!) That's really wonderful! He's a really wonderful, wonderful Saint, very very old! He's thousands of years old! He's sweet and precious and funny! He really has a sense of humour, big smile, happy, and he's just tiny, old and bent. ...

9. Powerful evil spirits try to overcome the Family in Japan, but Lan-ti helps them! He's very powerful in the Spirit of God, a very weak man but very strong in the Spirit. I'll have to draw him. He's so sweet, so precious. A bent little old man. (Maria: So he helps fight the evil spirits?) Yes, yes, yes! He has great power, he has great influence, great wisdom. He's our spirit for Japan. Yes. Old, very ancient wise man, wise spirit.

10. Lan-ti means something, you'll have to find out what it means. Ask somebody who knows Japanese. It's a very important and significant name. It's almost like a little bit Chinese. It's like he goes way back. (Maria: Way back where?) Way back to when the Japanese were still Chinese. He's been working many thousands of years to help poor Japanese and Chinese to know about Jesus. ...

11. (Maria: Is he the one that helped MacArthur?) Of course he helped MacArthur! MacArthur couldn't have done it without lots of helpers. Many many spirit helpers gave him love and wisdom to govern the Japanese. That's why they're such good people today, because they loved him and obeyed him and they knew he was right & they did what he told them to do.

Prophecy received by Mama's Home for a national leader:

(Jesus:) Remember Lan Ti, the spirit helper who David saw while he was there in Japan. Well, Lan Ti is still there, he hasn't gone away, and he is there to help you and give you wisdom in all the tasks that are ahead of you. Learn to work in unison with him and others there who are your helpers and co-laborers. I have revealed others to you over the years. Use their help. Be in unity with them and it will go well with you. Old Lan Ti came over from China with the man known as the Bactrian Physician who ministered to the Emperor and his family. He died in Japan and ever since has been a tireless helper in the spirit to try to bring My Love to a land where knowledge of Me and My Love has been so scarce. But he has rejoiced that in these last days so much more of the witness has gone out in the "missionary's graveyard."

Lazers↑ Page Top

Demon of lust

ML#3485:207. (Question:) John Todd talked about a demon named Lazers, one of the seven principal demons, along with Pan, Bacchus and Set. John Todd named him as the demon of Lust. Is this demon Lazers one we should also be praying against?

208. (Jesus:) Yes, he is a demon who specifically tries to influence through lust. Lazers is an important one to rebuke by name. Rebuking him will bring greater clarity to your perspective when you have a strong desire for something and seek to make a wise decision, for Lazers seeks to cloud your priorities in order to lure you away from My highest will.

Spirits of Seduction

Seduction and Obsession

Lethargy, The Spirit of↑ Page Top

ML#3455:195. (Prayer:) ... We rebuke Lethargy, the evil spirit who has silenced the voice of conviction.

ML#3361:86. (Dad:) There is a spirit of lethargy in the Family that's killing people's progress and effectiveness for the Lord. It's a complacency with the way things are! ...

96. (Tamar:) I see a large evil spirit standing with its arms outstretched in front of him. In its left arm is a Family member--a woman--lying back, asleep in its arms. In its right arm and claw is a Family member--a man--lying back in the same spirit of sleep. This spirit is obviously very pleased with itself--it has this very evil smirk and smile on its face--almost an arrogant look of glee at the "prey" it has in its arms, who are obviously asleep, oblivious to the state they're in.

99. What is the most startling and shocking about this picture is that the Family members this evil spirit is holding have no mouths! ...

101. (Jesus:) ... My children have no mouths because this spirit of lethargy has taken their mouths from them. This spirit has silenced their voices, taken away their ability, desire and power to witness, even their ability to speak up with conviction about any wrongdoing, large or small! ...

Styrian [Heavenly counterpart of Lethargy]

He works with Apotheon

ML#3482:115. (Jesus:) The last thing the Enemy wants you to do is to get stirred up and to fight in the spirit--and this is where Lethargy has affected you. Apotheon does his best to make you feel the weight of the problem and stay down. And Lethargy will try to convince you that there's no need to stir yourself up about it.

ML#3482:quote. Usually Lethargy comes in for the slow kill, and Apotheon is the one that sometimes just overwhelms you with the feeling of hopelessness, lack of strength or willpower, or desire to resign yourself or remain as you are. They work together, but those are some of their common characteristics, although they too adapt in order to best ensnare their victims.

ML#3538:12. (Jesus:) With some of you, My brides who are maturing in years, Lethargy and Apotheon have managed to gain an unfortunate entrance and hold on your minds and attitudes. How sad this is, that some are of your own accord willingly offering up only half-hearted service to Me as you grow in years, feeling you have "done enough" and more shouldn't be expected of you. You have succumbed to Lethargy and Apotheon's pull and drag on your spirit and flesh. For some of you it hasn't taken too much of the Enemy's persuasion for you to drift toward succumbing to a spirit of weariness and resignation, while these fiends of Hell are attempting to completely steal your faith that you can look forward, grow, progress, and move on with Me.

His manifestations

ML#3361:161. (Jesus:) This spirit of lethargy is manifested by:

162. • People neglecting or ignoring the purpose for which I called you and for which you joined the Family: to witness, to feed My sheep, to win disciples. People doing the minimum amount of witnessing they have to in order to remain "members," or in some cases even neglecting witnessing altogether.

163. • The same problem, but to a lesser degree: People who do witness, who do get out and distribute tools, maybe even have Bible classes, but who aren't "instant witnesses"--who don't make sure to carry tracts everywhere they go or make sure to give some kind of witness to every person they encounter. People who forget about the Scriptural admonition in Ezekiel and aren't all that worried about others' "blood" being on their hands. (See Ezekiel 3:17-19.)

164. • People who are even very faithful witnesses, but who are hesitant to try the new things and ideas I put forth. People who are satisfied with the way they've been doing it for years. They're reluctant to get rolling with Activated because it's not "tried and proven."

165. • People who are reluctant to feed their sheep the meat of the Word for fear it will stumble them.

166. • A general desire to keep things the way they are, to not upset the apple cart, to not make waves in your Home or area, even if it's very obvious that things need to be changed or improved.

167. • A weakening of personal convictions, and a lessening of faith to speak up to others about your convictions. This can be manifested in witnessing by soft-pedaling the message. It can be manifested in your personal interactions with your loved ones in the Family by backing off from checking or even correcting them when they need it. It can be manifested in your own attitudes, in a compromising attitude to where you stop believing completely that the things I have said are wrong are really wrong.

168. • A lack of militancy in fighting against worldly/ungodly influences in the form of the media--TV, movies, books, Internet, computer games, System music, etc. This comes about when you let yourself be duped by the Enemy into thinking that this or that habit or trip that you or someone you know are "a little bit into" is not really that bad or harmful. You get comfortable with it, and then you don't want to forsake it or make someone else forsake it.

169. • Too much tolerance toward worldly and ungodly attitudes, mindsets, and ways of life. This goes along with weakening of convictions and too much acceptance of ungodly influences. These all go hand in hand, though they are somewhat separate issues.

170. • Lack of faithful, godly parenting. Parents letting their children or teens get away with behavior that is obviously wrong and ungodly. This is usually a combination of the fact that the parents' convictions have been weakened and the fact that they don't want to put the great amount of time and effort it takes into training children.

171. • Not being stirred up about your personal weaknesses and problems, nor fighting to overcome them. Taking the "easy way out" whenever possible, or just ignoring the problems, sometimes under the pretense of having more important things to tune in to. True, self-improvement isn't the essence of Family living, but if you don't keep your personal weaknesses in check, they will in time affect and hinder your service for Me.

172. • Lack of desire and hunger for the Word, for prophecy, for My Spirit and spiritual input.

175. (Jesus:) Sometimes this spirit of lethargy came in as a result of doubt--of beginning to question whether the things that you had always believed and stood for were really so, or if they were open to interpretation.

176. Sometimes this spirit came in simply because people were weary in well doing, tired of working so hard and living in such an "extreme" way. It's human nature to be selfish, to want to work as little as possible and put forth as little energy as possible, especially when it comes to spiritual matters. ...

Lexipython↑ Page Top

Demon of restriction and limitation; "This field is different"

ML#3412:18. 6) [Cephas' prayer request:] Against the spirits of Croswell and Lexipython, which the Lord revealed are two spirits who fight us on the field of India. They, and their corps of black imps, try to constrain, restrict, and limit, hindering the entire field of India and probably each individual.

Libby (Liberty)↑ Page Top

Departed Family Member

ML#2936 (prophecies):34. (Jesus:) Behold My daughter of peace, for I have called her unto Me to make peace. For know ye not that I know the thoughts and intents of the heart and that I have heard her cry? Lo these many months she hath cried unto Me for peace, for she has longed to bring peace unto Man. She has so desired to be used of Me in many ways, and the cry of her heart was the cry of peace; therefore I have called her My daughter of peace.

35. For she has seen the war all about her and she has longed to fight for Me--not in the physical, but in the Spirit; for she desired to be a mediator. She so longed to heal her people of the turmoil in their troubled hearts and to resolve in their minds and hearts the differences, to appease their heartcry and to answer their questions. For her desire was not to meddle with matters of this World, but to touch the hearts of those who were filled with frustration, anger, impatience, and to all these ills she desired to bring peace.

36. She had longed to help bring the young people closer to the older generation in My Family, and she also longed to bring the older folks to understand the younger ones better. For in her heart was peace, but little could she do. But I knew I could use her in an even greater manner, therefore fear not for her, for I have called her to a ministry of peace. ...

Witnessing and winning spirit helper

ML#3702: Summary: Libby will impart conviction to speak the truth, understanding of how to apply the Word with those we minister to, faith to reach the top without being intimidated, and the ability to connect with people so that follow-up is fruitful. She will war against the demons who interfere with our winning the lost, specifically through praise.

85. Liberty, one of our first Eastern European Family disciples, was born and raised in Yugoslavia. She moved to Holland at the age of 12, and dedicated her life to Jesus at the age of 20, serving Him in the fields of Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union. In September 1994, after faithfully serving the Lord with the Family for 20 years, she went Home to be with the Lord, after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Since being in Heaven, she has been tutored by Dad, and the Lord has revealed that she will be aiding us in the realm of follow-up, teaching, and feeding new converts.

86. On her new role, the Lord said: "Liberty will be instrumental in giving the Family a special incentive and outlook on witnessing and winning. Her experience on Earth and in Heaven, and her love for the Family and for souls, has equipped her to work with you from the spirit realm. She has a very important job--that of helping the children of David fulfill their destiny of being My mouthpieces to the world. She will convict you to open your mouth wide and speak the words that will feed the hungry, so that through your witness I can draw those from the world who I am calling to be disciples.

87. "Ask for her help and she will come to you and help you in all of your witnessing and winning work. You will understand her counsel with your spiritual mind, or feel her nudges of the spirit with your spiritual senses. As you study the Word on the subjects of witnessing and winning, she will help you to apply what you have learned with those you minister to. She will speak to your heart and tell you, 'Go up to that person and talk to them,' 'Give that person a tract and say something encouraging.' She will convict you, not to make you feel bad, but to encourage you to do better next time, whenever you pass up an opportunity to witness. She will give you faith to reach the top, executives, the rich, potential labor leaders, and any who can become disciples. She has much faith, and her faith will encourage you not to be intimidated by the outward appearance, but to speak to each person's heart.

88. "Liberty's forte is to help you connect with people, and to keep that connection long after they are saved, so that your follow-up will hit the mark and you will have wisdom and discernment in teaching them what they need in order to grow in the spirit. I have taught her to war against the Spirit of Rejection, who fights those who want the truth and who want to receive Me and serve Me. She will war against the demons who try to interfere with your winning the hearts of the lost. The weapon of praise is another of her fortes in defeating the Enemy. She prays for you too. She and Dad will be out in front leading the way straight into the hearts of those in need. You'll hear their voices in the spirit, sounding the call, 'Let's win disciples!'"

Liza↑ Page Top

Dad’s friend in Heaven who loves fighting the Devil

ML#3179:80. (Dad:) Mama just asked me how spirit helpers and folks in the spirit world fight the Devil! Oh boy! Now, that's a good question, because Heaven's full of fighters! You want to learn from an old pro herself? Let me introduce you all to a real fightin' gal! This is my friend, Liza--and let me tell you, she really knows how to sock it to the Punk!

Lochnel↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#3443:55. (Lochnel, to Mama:) I wish to grant you much more power from Heaven. I am the keeper of your power lines. I release, upon your request, great power to you. ...

56. You wonder at times that our Lord would grant such power to you, little prophetess, but you fail to remember the great place you have in His heart. You stand beside Him as a queen in Heaven and have many servants at your command. I am one such creation, created to serve you, but also to be a defender. I am great, strong, and powerful, and I release power to you. I am as your arms master. I know every weapon in the armory and I have the authority to release to you the power that you ask for.

Louisa May Alcott↑ Page Top

Storyteller in the Heavenlies

From ML#3119:

1832-1888. American writer and reformer best known for her largely autobiographical novel Little Women.

ML#3119:129. (Louisa May Alcott:) Thank you for being a channel. Thank you for helping me write what needs to be written. Or maybe I should say, thank you for letting me help you write what needs to be written. I'm helping you and you're helping me. We're helping each other and we need each other ...

Love Fairies (Fairies of Love / Whisperers), The↑ Page Top

Assist you in the living of the Law of Love

ML#3590:219. (Jesus:) There are many in Heaven who can assist you in the giving of love and the living of My Law of Love. ... There are those in Heaven much more like the earthly stereotype of Cupid, bringer of love. There are lots of what you might call "Love Fairies" who exist to help guide you in the ways of love.

220. What are they? They're embodiments of My love. They're created from My love to be little helpers, and to give you guidance and anointing and the desire to pour love out on others.

221. They haven't always been, in that they're not angels or ancient spirit beings. I created them when I gave the Family the full truths of the Law of Love.

222. They inspire and fill you with all the love that I have, which is multifaceted. My love loves you as a bride, but also as children, friends, brothers, sisters. My love can be anything to anyone, which is what these Fairies of Love will help you to be. They will help give you a little dose of My love for whoever you need to love.

223. They can also assist in witnessing, because part of My love is a love for lost souls, and thus these beings also have that loving influence to provide.

224. They don't do a lot of talking; they deal more in feelings, impressions, and mental guidance, and the "tug" that you feel on your heart to do something out of love. They don't usually give prophecies or messages, although it's not impossible. When they speak, they sound childish and playful, but they can convey very complex and adultlike emotions through their spiritual leadings. So you have to sense them more than you see them or hear them.

225. When you call on them, one will come near you and perch on your shoulder just the way you'd imagine a little angel should. They'll direct you, pointing with their fingers as to where to give love, and how. They also emit a constant aura of love which pours all over you, making you give love--but also having the added benefit of making you more lovable, and making others love you more. That's the way love goes, isn't it? The more loving you are, the more others want to love you. That's what these beings bring about.

232. (Jesus:) When you call for their help, they come in teams, some seeking out brethren or sheep nearby to draw them close to you, while others begin to fill your heart and thoughts with pictures, feelings, and thoughts to guide you through the open doors I am setting before you to give My love to another.

237. These Love Fairies are called the Whisperers. They are close by your side, and as you call on their help, they will be there to guide you, to remind you to place My love in first place in your life, and to shower you with the power and beauty of My Spirit as you heed their whispers and step by step become better vessels of My light and truth to this darkening world.

238. I will also give you a little glimpse of future events: As you grow, so their voices will grow in your heart, and these will become companions to you in your many exploits throughout eternity. This is just the beginning of mightier things than your mind can begin to grasp. Use their help wisely, and frequently, and you will come to value them as precious treasures and gifts from My heart to yours.

Holy Spirit


Spiritual Cathars

Lubna↑ Page Top

Spirit helper for the Family in Mideast

ML#3446:62. (Lubna, to Mama:) ... My name is Lubna, and I am just a little girl. I am a little girl from Palestine.

63. I never knew about you while I was on Earth, but Jesus told me about you when I got to Heaven. He told me about you because I asked Him about the beautiful clowns. They came to my school a few months before I came to Heaven, and sang and danced for us. They made us all so happy, when everything else around us made us sad. After their show I thought about the happy clowns, and I thought maybe they were angels--because they were happy and funny and cheered me and my friends up so, so much.

64. I was a bit too shy to go up and talk to them, but I looked at them and smiled at one of them. The pretty girl clown smiled at me, and it was like God smiling at me. I didn't know how a clown smiling could be like God smiling, but I kept thinking about that smile when I was dying.

74. ... I love your Family and I want to be a part of them, and Jesus told me I could, and could help them with their shows and learning my language and singing for the children and all the other things they do.

Lucerne↑ Page Top

Bearer of the light of the Lord

ML#3464a:129. (Vision:) [This angel of majestic and awesome levels is] so very beautiful, but at the same time he really moves me, because whatever power he embodies, I can sense that he also strongly embodies great mercy. I sense such a powerful force of the Lord's love emanating from him that I feel drawn to him.

130. In describing his form, the word "purity" comes to mind, because everything about his appearance manifests that. He appears to be made of crystal-clear materialized light, even though he has a definite and powerful form. His wings are incredible, striking, and definitely very supernatural. They're magnificent, very, very big, and they seem to be in continual motion--but a very peaceful and serene motion, as if watching something move in slow motion. They appear to carry some sort of power or energy within them.

131. But now my attention is being drawn to what he bears in his hands--a circular ball of incredible light and power. It resembles a flame, because it's moving, but at the same time it's not a flame or fire, but it's some form and force of powerful light. As it moves, these incredible rays of light escape from it. Its light is infinitely purer and more powerful than the sun, and this light reaches into my soul and spirit; I can feel its power and warmth penetrating me. It seems to be going right through me, searching every part of me.

133. (Jesus:) I give you Lucerne, the angelic being created to bear My light to these who lie within the clutches and darkness of depression--My counterpart of light to the darkness of Satan's depression. He is a faithful bearer and carrier of My light, one who carries it in humility, love, and compassion, and is worthy of this great honor. He has taken up in part and measure where another left off so long ago--one who tossed his crown aside in great pride and scorn to embrace darkness instead of light--Lucifer himself. And so I have given you Lucerne--My counterpart of light to the darkness of Satan's depression.

137. Because depression captures and holds the mind hostage, the powers given to Lucerne pertain to the mind. He--if called upon in faith and desperation--is able to steer your thoughts and mind back into its right state. He helps you to see things in the spirit--reality--how they really are. He has been given the power to open the eyes of your mind. For this reason he is called Lucerne. He gives you a lucid mind--a sound mind--and the power to translate you out of the slimy pit of depression and back into the fields of light and contentment. And lastly he gives your mind the gift and power of discernment--of helping you discern the difference between the right and wrong paths your mind should and shouldn't follow.

139. So call on My power given you through the keys! Rebuke and resist the darkness of depression! Call on Lucerne and the power and light given him, which can transport your mind and spirit off the road of negativity, out of the darkness of depression, and back into My glorious light!

Gabriel the Archangel

Lucifer↑ Page Top

Another name for the Devil

ML#686:60. Before becoming the Devil, Satan had been Lucifer, the Light-Bearer, the mightiest of all archangels, next to God Himself--he was the right hand of God. He ruled the universe, second only unto God, the very Bearer of the light! But he wasn't satisfied with most of it. He wanted it all! He wanted to be the light. So because he wanted it all and wasn't even willing to share a little, he lost it all!

61. He wanted to be God! He did not have to fall--he chose to, because of his lust for power! In the account of his downfall, God's Word says, "How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into Heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. ... I will be like the Most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to Hell, to the sides of the pit" (Isaiah 14:12-15).

ML#3459:190. (Jesus:) Lucifer was the original apostate, and Obtherion followed fast on his heels, as one of the initial legions of angels who fell with Lucifer. He, like Lucifer, fell due to choosing rebellion and defiance of Me. Pride was his downfall, as was Lucifer's.


Gabriel the Archangel

Lydia↑ Page Top

A Christian Roman aristocrat who will help you witness to and deal with officials in the days to come

Counted Worthy 26. (Lydia:) My name is Lydia and I lived in Rome during the days of one of the purges that went on from time to time as the emperors and the inner ruling circles tried to retain their grip on the increasingly fragmented social fabric of Rome.

I came from a noble Family. My father was a Roman and my mother hailed from what was left of ancient Greek nobility. I was raised part of the time in Italy, and the rest in Greece. Like many children of the wealthy or powerful in those days, I was educated by tutors in my early years.

My parents had been converted when I was around 8, and had taught me in the ways of Christianity. While they were discreet about their faith, it was generally known that they were either believers or, at the very least, sympathetic to the Christians.

I personally witnessed many miracles of people's hearts being touched and allowing things to go on that technically they should not have. ...

I think that some of the miracles that stood out the most to me were the ones where officials' hearts were touched and changed when they were convicted by what they were doing. When we boldly stood up for what we believed in and poured out our hearts to these officials, and witnessed to them and won them, at times they would move Heaven and Earth to help us.

When I look back on what we experienced and the many, many miracles the Lord did for us, I realize that it is somewhat of a foretaste of what our dear Lord will do for you, my precious brothers and sisters, in the dark days to come.

I have asked the Lord to allow me to help and assist you in dealing with these officials who will in many cases have the power of life and death over you. I wish to intercede on your behalf in answer to your prayers I wish to be used by the Lord to change the minds and hearts of those in power in order to keep and protect you.

Having been raised the way that I was, and having been familiar with moving in circles of power and influence, I had and still do have to this day a special burden for these types of people. I understand their empty lives, their attempts to find satisfaction in many ways and their having the influence and means to be able to pursue whatever their hearts desire.

(Jesus:) This one has revealed herself as an intercessor for you, and as one who will stand with you before kings and magistrates in the days to come. It is good to know her name so that you can call on her when you need to.

Lyona↑ Page Top

Helps the JETT and teen shepherds

GN1116-2 (Lyona:) ... I am one of the many that have been assigned to help you in your fight for your JETTs and teens, and to work side by side with all of you JETT and teen leaders and shepherds. ...

(Jesus:) [Lyona] is one of the many helpers that I have given to you, My brides, in your shepherding and training of the JETTs and teens. Her skill is in training the heart and mind, and she will help to train your JETTs and teens. She will do this through her prayers, her strength of spirit, and fortitude. She and those assigned to assist the shepherds and parents, or anyone involved in the training of the JETTs and teens, can deliver clear counsel on how to wisely handle any and all situations and confrontations, and most importantly teach you how to pray for them, for her strength lies in the fervency of her prayers.

Mach↑ Page Top

Source of the illusion of power

ML#3455:136. (Jesus:)These two demons, Vain and Mach [Macho or Machismo], strive to deceive both men and women. ... Mach is a source of pride in oneself, power, and self-achievement.

137. To fight pride most effectively, you have to strike at the very source of the power. This is why you need to understand and know the names of the demons assigned to the task of empowering and using the tool of pride to provoke its many manifestations.

138. Mach is one of these. He is the source of the illusion of power through the mind and through self. He creates the illusion--for those who allow him--to persuade them that they are powerful in themselves. This illusion of power can be based in the mind and intellect, or through the physical prowess of the body.

Demon of Machoism

Machoism, The Demon of↑ Page Top

Underling demon of pride

ML#3455:189. (Prayer:) I rebuke the spirit of Pride, and ask You to break its power and grip! ... Powerful Savior, cause this demon to fall, and to take all the underling demons of pride with him--the demons of Accomplishment, Flesh, Worldliness, Machoism, Carnality and Materialism.


Magnus Warriors↑ Page Top

Our prayer partners in the spirit world


In summary:

72. The Magnus Warriors are our prayer partners in the spirit world, who assist us in prayer. They are skilled in fighting, will run interference for us to break up Satan's static, will reinforce our prayers, and will help us to stay tuned and right on track in our prayers so that we can get the message through loud and clear. When we join with them in prayer, claiming the keys as we enter each battle, there is no limit to what the Lord will do for us.

57. (Mama:) In "The Art of War, Part 4," when the Lord gave further information about the Miracle Warriors, He said: "There is a division of them that are trained to help you focus accurately in your times of prayer. They even fight for you against the distractions of the Enemy who would love to come in while you're praying" (ML #3565:201, GN 1152). So here is some further information about this special division of the Miracle Warriors, who the Lord has revealed as the Magnus Warriors.

58. (Jesus:) I have called together this brave band--summoned from every sphere of the universe--to be at your beck and call, to specifically assist you in your prayers during these days of war. The Magnus Warriors will be your prayer partners on this side of the veil.

61. You can connect with them by calling on them when you begin to pray. They will help you to formulate your prayers and will bring to mind all of the things that you need to include. When you sense that the Enemy is fighting your prayers, when you can't focus and you lack concentration or desperation, when you feel weary in prayer, call on the Magnus Warriors. Ask them to fight for you in spirit and help you to rise above all of the things that are trying to prevent you from praying strong, heartfelt, on-target, full-of-faith prayers.

62. Each of you, My brides, has your own personal Magnus Warrior who will help you to be stronger in prayer. Some of you already know of a personal spirit helper you have who assists you in your prayer life, and many of these spirit helpers are from the band of My Magnus Warriors.

64. The Magnus Warriors are your prayer buddies in the spirit world. Call on them to perform the things in the spirit that you can't do. They can detect where the static is originating from and can go on the attack to break it up in spirit. Ask them to quicken things to your mind throughout the day--people and situations that need prayer. Ask them anything you want that has to do with prayer.

65. Remember, Satan and his evil ones will do everything that they can to prevent your prayers or keep them from being answered. Hell's Angels conjure up sidetracks by distracting you so that you can't pray specific or wholehearted prayers. Or they will try to prevent your prayers getting through to the person you're praying for by sidetracking him or her. You are at war, My loves, and in wartime there is so much opposition to your prayers in the spirit world. This is why I send you prayer teammates in the spirit world, who can help you to make a strong prayer connection in spirit.

Mariko↑ Page Top

Departed Family Member


(Mariko:) Jesus has told me that one of my missions is going to be to minister to and comfort people who are suffering, especially physically, as a result of sickness or disease. I'm mainly going to be helping Family members who are battling like this. Jesus said that since I went through so much on Earth, I'll be able to be a big comfort and encouragement to others.

* Mariko was in an accident that burned 80% of her skin when she was just five years old. She was hospitalized for the rest of her life and went to her Heavenly reward when she was ten.

Her photo

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)↑ Page Top

Member of the Communication Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

From GT:

Mark Twain (Pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 1835-1910): American humorist, born in Missouri. He spent his childhood in Hannibal, Missouri, where he worked as a printer and later became a Mississippi River pilot of steamboats. He went to Nevada and at the age of 27 became a newspaper reporter using the pen name Mark Twain (Term used by river leadsmen for a sounding two fathoms deep).

Paul the Apostle [The Communication Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Martin Luther↑ Page Top

Helps us to live our convictions and reach those in positions of influence

ML#3701: Summary: Martin Luther will stand by our side during times of persecution, help us to live our convictions, reach those in positions of influence, and turn every attack on our life and faith into a witness.

33. Fire, conviction, radicalness, breaking out of the norm--all those words describe Martin Luther, one of Dad's heroes, born in 1483. This simple German monk rocked the known world of his day with his belief in salvation through grace and faith in Jesus, challenges to the papacy, the value he placed on prayer, his nonconformist writings, the translation of the Bible into German (which later even influenced the translation of the King James Bible), the hymns that he wrote, and his promotion of music in general.

37. [Luther says,] "Don't think the future will be a time of total peace and safety. There will be times of great reaping, but you are also going to find yourself standing before governors and magistrates and declaring the truth. Some will reject you and try to crush the light, but those who have heard your words and have seen your example will rise up in your defense. You will be preserved from your enemies by powerful ones who see your conviction and are driven to fight for you.

38. "Any persecutions will only serve to spread your message far and wide. I'm here to stand at your side during those times, and I'm helping you now to live the convictions you stand for, so that those you reach and train will be ready to fight for you from their positions of influence, and help Jesus to turn each attack into an even greater witness to millions."

Helps us to ensure that prayer is an essential part of our daily routine

ML#3659:84. * Martin Luther: "I was faithful to the ministry of prayer while on Earth, and I will help you to do the same. Call on me when you need determination, focus, and regularity. I will help you to make time for prayer in your busy schedules, and check you when you are tempted to crowd it out, and help you to ensure that prayer is an immovable part of your daily routine." (Martin Luther,1483-1546, German monk, theologian, and church reformer.)

One of Dad's counselors

ML#102:6. Maria: Jesus said He gave you many counselors. Who else counsels David?

7. MO: ... Martin Luther.

14. Maria: Martin Luther helps you? MO: Yes, he doesn't want me to make the same mistakes he made. He wants us to have a Revolution--rather than just a Reformation.

Member of the Education Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

ML#3405:12. (Angelic moderator:) ... There, situated down by the Lake of Living Water, is the Education Department. Their job is closely linked to the Inspiration Department in that it has to do with the Word. But rather than producing the pubs, their assignment has to do with motivating and instructing the teachers. In this department you can find the likes of Martin Luther and his very able colleague Philip Melanchthon. George Washington Carver, who loved to study and teach the Word, but was known more for his lab work, is also involved. John Wycliffe is there also, as is the Japanese Christian and educator Niijima Jo and the Chinese revolutionary Sun Yat-sen.

Helps those who care for the JETTs and teens

ML#3115:131. ... Are you willing to lay down your life, to give your all as a bottle that is poured forth, like Pandita Ramabai? I shall send down gifts from Heaven--spirit helpers--Brunheld, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther, and many more! Ask for spirit helpers, and they shall be there at your side to lead and guide you.

His tribute to the Family

ML#3320:31. (Martin Luther paying tribute to the Family:) One thing I highly appreciate about the Family is how you carry the torch in prayer! You're not afraid to pray as if everything depended on prayer. Your childlike faith and complete trust in Jesus set you apart from all other Christians in the world.

32. Most everyone knows the story of how I once told my colleague Melanchthon we had to spend twice as much time in prayer if we were going to accomplish our day's work and meet our busy schedule. Seeing the Family in action brings peace to my soul. There's no doubt in my mind that the Family is going to exceed my own expectations of prayer. I know it, because I have not seen in modern times such dedication as the Family possesses. You've got the spark and fire that other Christians lack. The zeal and the willingness of you children of David to want to please Jesus in all you do, the determination to keep going and not dare fail your sheep, to prayerfully teach and train the little babes that are entrusted to your care--these are some of the things that I admire about the Family. You take God's promises and stand firm upon them. You claim the Word; you're doers, not hearers only. For this, I salute you! Keep it up; you're going to see great results!

From GT:

Martin Luther (1483-1546): Born in Germany to a poor family, he went on to become a lawyer at the age of 19. After the death of a friend, he became a monk. During a pilgrimage to Rome he got saved and immediately proclaimed, "The just shall live by faith!" He preached boldly against "works" and suffered great persecution from the Catholic church, but his stand on salvation by grace set Europe afire with the Reformation, a great religious revival.

Mary (of Joseph)↑ Page Top

Helps you to stretch your faith and apply it

ML#3719:71. (Mary:) There are specific areas where I would like to help you in the Family to stretch your faith and apply it:

72. Number one, I want to help those of you who are called on by Jesus to do things that you don't feel prepared for or worthy of. When you find yourself in that situation, you can call on me to impart to you the faith that is needed to accept God's call and mission for your life, despite your personal feelings or reservations.

73. Number two, I want to help those of you of the first generation of Family members who are learning to share more of the responsibility with the younger generation--you who must have faith in the younger generation to live up to all that Jesus has promised.

74. When it came time for Jesus' mission on Earth to begin, He didn't feel ready. But in that moment, when the wine ran out during the wedding, I felt God speaking to my heart, telling me that now was Jesus' time (John 2:1-11). That was one of the most difficult moments in my life. I knew that God had a mission for Jesus, and the older He grew, the more I realized that His mission would separate us in the physical; and to be separated from your child is a very difficult thing for a mother, no matter what age her child is.

75. So accepting that that moment was the time for Jesus to begin His mission wasn't easy for me to do. But I had to obey God; I had to yield to His plan. So I approached Jesus, presented the need, and hinted that it was His time to do a miracle. He didn't feel ready, but my faith in Him and my faith in God's timing gave Him the faith He needed to accept the challenge and begin His greatest mission.

76. I can help you older ones to learn to have faith in the younger ones, and to learn to accept the passing of the flame. You can call on me for help, counsel, or anointing in this area, and I will be there for you.

In the Bible...

Luke 1:26-56; 2:1-52; John 2:1-11; 19:23-27; Acts 1:14.

Mary Slessor↑ Page Top

Witnessing and winning spirit helper

ML#3702: Summary: Mary Slessor will inspire us with boldness to do what Jesus asks of us, to stick faithfully to training and feeding the lost, and to pray and praise through everything.

16. Mary Slessor is an example of the quote, "Difficulties either make you bitter or better--it's up to you." She had plenty that she could have used as an excuse to be bitter, but she didn't. She grew up poor, with an alcoholic father, and had to work hard each day from a young age, under rough conditions, in addition to her studies. But those difficulties, and learning how to overcome them through faith, gave her enough compassion, conviction, and faith to go to Nigeria at 29 years of age, to later march into a village of cannibals who'd never seen a white woman before, and build a life amongst them, teaching them to be Christians. Then she did it again and again.

17. Mary laid down her life daily, rescuing children, women, and slaves who were about to be murdered. She stood between groups of warriors intent on slaughtering each other, and ventured into areas where no stranger had managed to enter, let alone survive. She "became one" with the locals--living as they did, learning their language, adapting to their culture, practicing their customs, and even adopting African children as her own. Through it all she never lost her joy in winning others to Jesus, and died in Nigeria, after living a full and meaningful life. She is known in the biography of James Buchan as the "Expendable Mary Slessor."

21. [Mary Slessor says:] "I want to help inspire boldness in your hearts for what Jesus needs you to do. I can help you to step out and walk up to that key person and challenge him to find Jesus. I can also help you to stick faithfully, month after month, to training and feeding those who will soon stand at your side, showing the truth to the world.

22. "Passion for the lost that will cause you to lay down your life for them will grow in proportion to the need you are facing. That's what passion is. It's that fire that bursts forth when you are face to face with the desperate need that only such passion can fill."

Member of the Follow-up and Pastoring Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

From GT:

Mary Slessor (1848-1915): Scottish pioneer missionary in Africa; often barefooted, scantily-clad and red-haired, who lived African style in a mud hut. The second of seven children, she had a hard childhood. Her alcoholic father often threw her out in the street when he came home drunk. By the time she was 14 she was working 10-hour days in the mills to support her family. She got saved as a teenager and started teaching Sunday school as well as working with a local mission. At the age of 26 she decided to become a missionary and sailed for Calabar (present-day Nigeria), known for its slave trade and unhealthy environment. She felt uncomfortable in the mission compound there and uneasy with the rich lifestyle of the missionaries stationed there. After a bout of malaria and a furlough back to England, she managed to get an appointment further out in the bush, where she was both freer and happier. For almost the next 40 years she would continue to pioneer missions in areas in which no white man had been able to survive previously. She supervised schools, dispensed medication, mediated disputes and mothered unwanted children, acquiring seven of them. At the age of 44 she was appointed vice-consul for her area, the first female vice-consul in the British Empire, in recognition of her work. Although she suffered recurring attacks of malaria and endured painful boils, she kept surprisingly healthy and vigorous for a middle-aged woman and died at the age of 66 in her mud hut.

John Wesley [The Follow-up and Pastoring Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Materialism, The Demon of↑ Page Top

Underling demon of pride

ML#3455:189. (Prayer:) I rebuke the spirit of Pride, and ask You to break its power and grip! ... Powerful Savior, cause this demon to fall, and to take all the underling demons of pride with him--the demons of Accomplishment, Flesh, Worldliness, Machoism, Carnality and Materialism.

Matthew the Apostle↑ Page Top

MLK#208. (Matthew:) Before I became one of Jesus' disciples, I was a tax collector. As a tax collector I always had extra money that I would use to buy things to try to make me happy, and yet I was still sad and lonely. It was when I stopped being a tax collector and started living with Jesus that I found happiness.

With Jesus and the other disciples I had the fellowship of close and dear friends. I learned how happiness comes to those who do things for others. My heart was full of the best things in life, which were Jesus, love, and friendship. I want to help you find the true happiness that comes from spending time with Jesus and with those who love Jesus. Whenever you need help to get to know someone better, ask me for help. With the keys of friendship I will help you build close and loving friendships with those you live with.

Medusa↑ Page Top

Tempts people to spread gossip

ML#3455:149. (Jesus:) Gossip, though it is often carried through words whispered or spoken behind the backs of others, is in truth words spoken by Medusa, with her many serpents striking and slithering to strike as many as possible.

159. (Jesus:) Medusa uses her octopus-like tentacles to draw people into her--to tempt them and get them addicted to spreading news and gossip about others. Once in her grip, the deadly serpents, which are also a part of her, gain control of her victims.

156. (Jesus:) The only way to be delivered, the only hope of rescue from the destructive serpents of this creature, is through desperation and humility. The only cure is to face the truth, admit your addiction, allow yourself to be exposed to My light, call out to the power and fire of My Spirit to burn away these serpents, and to seek the love and forgiveness of others to cleanse, heal, and restore.

ML#955:46. ... (Path: He said that she was a Greek Goddess and whoever looked into her eyes was turned to stone.)

48. The woman of wisdom, the goddess of wisdom! Wasn't that what Medusa was? Medusa was the goddess of wisdom, remember?


Megan↑ Page Top

Departed Family Member

ML#3484:86. (Jesus:) My dear Megan is about to come into My arms. She is as My Abner for today. Just as Abner was called upon to stand in the gap for the children of David so many years ago, so Megan will stand in the gap for the young people within the children of David.

87. Much hangs in the balance in the coming months within the ranks of My young people. Much prayer is needed, much intercession within the heavenly realm is needed, and so I am about to call My dear Megan to take her place among her predecessors as one who stands in the gap.

Her photo

Merlin the Magician↑ Page Top

Mama's Spirit helper

ML#3446:4. (Merlin the Magician, to Mama:) Great mysteries and deep magical powers of the spirit world have been loosed unto you for this day and are in your hands! The world of the spirit contains an endless wealth of power and wisdom, and all that you desire this day has been granted to you through our great Lord. I have been given the commission to guide you into the truths and wonders of the spirit world, much as I did your David, for his anointing and mantle have fallen upon your shoulders.

5. The keys of the Kingdom have been placed within your hands and the Family's, therefore you may ask what you will and nothing shall be withheld from you except that which no man knows save the Lord Himself. All gifts of the spirit, all power, all wisdom are yours for the asking! Visions of never-before-seen places in the heavenlies, deeper understanding of the workings in the spirit, are all available to you.

27. (Jesus:) He was a true character on Earth, but the legend of his presence came more from the times he appeared from the spiritual realm and from the testimony of those who had contact with him through the veil than from anything he did on Earth. He went to Earth mainly to learn about the limits of the physical world so that he could teach and instruct My children in how to overcome them. He knew he needed that personal experience in order to be a better helper of the spirit, and so he lived a life on Earth and experienced many things which helped him to be more understanding and aware of all that you go through.

28. He is dedicated to helping you, My loves. This is what he has prepared and trained for--these Last Days, when there will be much that is inexplicable, but which cannot be ignored or neglected. You must learn to use even those things you cannot understand. The spiritual realm is merging with the physical in a way that has not been since the creation of the world. And Merlin is one of your personal guides and instructors, who will help you to learn and use the power of the spirit to accomplish My will.

Mermaid Spirit Helpers↑ Page Top

Help you through troubled waters

Xn#19. (Xn: This message was originally received for someone's birthday.)

(Jesus:) All the currents of your life are known to Me: the crevices, sparkling shores, deep waters and shallow reefs. You are like a mermaid in spirit and fashioned after them.

These are not creatures of fantasy, or myth or legend, but they exist in the spiritual realm and have been seen by mortals when their spiritual vision was opened. They are spirit helpers; beautiful, angelic and so much like the Holy Spirit Herself.

The mermaid spirit helpers are lovely, gentle, giving, and have the ability to flow with the current. They are never in a hurry, pressured, but always seem at ease, serene, and peaceful.

They are very sexy, inviting, and almost shy. They are very charming, sympathetic and helpful, and are surrounded with a touch of mystery. Sometimes evasive, but always there when you need them most.

When you pass through troubled waters, I will send you one of these helpers to aid you. She will navigate you through rough waters or spiny reefs. She will help you to be at peace and at ease.

She will help you become a mermaid yourself, one that is lifted on the currents of the water of My will. She will help you to be washed, renewed and finding pleasure in the treasures of My ocean of love for you.

(Xn: If you're passing through troubled waters, you can specifically ask for one of these mermaid spirit helpers to guide you!)

Methodius↑ Page Top

Member of the Follow-up and Pastoring Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

ML#3405:16. (Angelic moderator:) ... Oh, and don't think you dear Slavs have missed out on representatives, because over there are brothers Cyril and Methodius. For those who don't know, Cyril and Methodius are known as the apostles to the Slavs, being the original missionaries to several of the Slavic peoples, even coming up with a written language for them, named Cyrillic, after dear Cyril.

** Saint Methodius (826-885): Byzantine monk and theologian. With his brother Cyril he is named "Apostles to the Slavs".

John Wesley [The Follow-up and Pastoring Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Michael the Archangel↑ Page Top

ML#3443:78. (Daniel from Bible times:) ...The Enemy fights the messages you seek the Lord for. He fought me also. But as Michael the archangel was sent from the throne of God to defeat the Enemy, he also fights on your behalf. Call on the keys and for Michael personally when you are being hindered in hearing from the Lord. Ask for Michael and his band of angels to defeat the Enemy.

81. This band of angels is called the Channelers' High Command Force. ...

82. So call on Michael the archangel and the CHCF. They're called "Chiefs," for short--CHCF. ... When your channel is being fought, call on the keys, and the keys will be turned to swords wielded by Michael and the "Chiefs," clearing the spiritual passageway for the Words of the Lord.

ML#3455:187. (Prayer:) Lord, our all-powerful Husband and Deliverer, I call on Michael the Archangel who is among the mightiest, who helps and stands guard over us, and who commands great armies of angels to aid us.

205. ... [Raphael] assists Michael and Gabriel in destroying Oplexicon, who tries to stop the truth of Your Word and deny it.

ML#3566:35. (Prayer:) I rebuke Disruptor, the creator of destruction and confusion. I ask that You turn his power on himself. Baffle him. Enrage him. Destroy him! Give us wisdom and protection through the help of Vigilance and Prudence. ... We call on Michael, captain of Your host, to give us all the spiritual protection and backup that we need.

Call on him in times of persecution

ML#3529:93. (Jesus:) Michael the Archangel stands ready. The forces under his command are on high alert. Many have already been deployed to key positions. Their primary task is to protect the Family, to answer your prayers in thwarting the Enemy from his attempts to stir up further publicity. Their secondary task is to be ready to launch counterattacks to silence and stop those who would do you harm.

104. For you, My Endtime army, I say all of Heaven awaits your command at this time [of persecution]. Great legionsof fighters and warriors in the spirit--with Archangel Michael at their helm--are at your side as you access the keys. Great spirits and fighters from all ages, including Cromwell, Alexander the Great, and William Wallace rally to the cry!

One of the Lord's counselors

ML#3476:158. Along with Michael and Gabriel, Ayin is one of My counselors ...

Seven Guardian Angels of Dad

Angelo de Firenco

In the Bible...

Dan.10:13,21; 12:1. Jude 1:9. Rev.12:7.

Miguel de Cervantes↑ Page Top

Member of the Communication Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

From GT:

Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616): Spanish novelist and poet. He spent his early life in adventure on the Mediterranean. He fought at the Battle of Lepanto, where he lost his left hand and was captured by the Turks, who sold him as a slave in Algiers, where he remained for 5 years, consoling himself with poetry. On returning to Madrid he continued writing but died in poverty, never receiving recognition for his works such as Don Quixote.

Paul the Apostle [The Communication Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Miracle Warriors (Miracle Deliverers / Miracle Workers)↑ Page Top

Aid us in the prayer warfare

ML#3414:46. (Spirit helper:) You on Earth are called prayer warriors when you wield the weapon of prayer. We in Heaven are called miracle warriors, miracle deliverers when we help answer your prayers. You pray the prayers, and thus you wield the weapon of prayer. We, the ones who help to bring your request to pass at the behest of our Lord and King, are your miracle workers. We work to bring to pass the will of God through your prayers, through your desperation, and through your importunity and faithfulness in prayer.

47. We fight the demons of Hell and wage powerful warfare in the spirit, in order to intercede on your behalf or on the behalf of those for whom you're praying. We transform impossible situations through the miracle-working power of the Lord's Spirit entrusted to us. We change circumstances and events. We move hearts, we change minds, we touch lives. We move the workings of the spirit world according to the power infused in us by Jesus.

48. We are your miracle workers, your prayer partners in the halls of Heaven. When you pray a prayer with real desperation, with power and with faith, we start to work in the spirit world right away. Not a second is lost, not a minute is wasted. As soon as you utter your prayer, we begin to work in earnest on your behalf--sometimes even before you've prayed your prayer. When we know you're going to pray, we begin to adjust things in the realm of the Spirit to prepare the way for the answer to your prayer.

49. There are also prayer warriors in Heaven whose sole job is to pray for you. ...

50. ... But we are the miracle workers, the miracle warriors, those who fight the Enemy, those who work miracles through the power of the Lord's Spirit in us.

51. There are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of miracle warriors in Heaven. We are strong and well trained in the art of spiritual warfare, mind influence, changing physical circumstances, giving checks, encouraging, delivering healing, leading and guiding, and much more. So much goes into the answers to your prayers--so much work in the spirit world, so many details, so much thought and love and diligence.

52. We who work miracles in the Name of Jesus are at your beck and call through prayer. We cannot do the miracles or work the wonders or change the course of history without your cooperation through prayer. Without the power you give us through your prayers, we are helpless and cannot fight for you in the spirit, or change situations, or create the circumstances that you need for a miracle.

53. You must call on us through your prayers. When you do, we are abuzz with excitement! There's nothing that we love more than to help the children of David, to answer their prayers. You keep us busy, and we love to fight on your behalf, to wage spiritual warfare on your behalf, to fight the demons of Hell for your sake.

ML#3565:200. (Jesus:) These Miracle Warriors are a very great, powerful group of saints and helpers and angels and warriors of the spirit.

201. I want to reveal a new way that they will help you, if you will ask for their help. There is a division of them that are trained to help you focus accurately in your times of prayer. They even fight for you against the distractions of the Enemy who would love to come in while you're praying. You have to ask for their help in that part in order to fully benefit from it, and that's a good thing to do whenever you are feeling distracted.--Call for the help of the Miracle Warriors. They're already standing by, ready and able, and are waiting for your prayers to be prayed so that they can take action.

202. Many times they already have things lined up in a way to bring about My will in answer to your prayers. They're hoping for a certain amount of power in order to bring about the best possible conclusion and answer. They're eager to direct your prayers so that they are focused and targeted just right, and they would love to also help ward off the Enemy's distractions while you're praying, so that you can really release the full power they need to bring full results.

204. So call on them for your times of prayer, asking them to block the Enemy's distractions, to bring to mind your spiritual weapons that you can use, and to help you focus your prayers just right. They'll be right there--some will run interference for you and keep the Enemy's distractions at bay, others will be handing you the various spiritual weapons and directing you in how to aim them, and others will be standing by at the actual "hot spots" that you're aiming your prayers at, ready and lined up to put into motion whatever is needed to bring the answers to pass.

205. They're the Miracle Warriors, My loves, and as you learn to make prayer a more offensive part of your weaponry, call for their help, and you'll feel the difference! Most of all, Heaven will feel the difference, and will be able to accomplish so much more on your behalf!

208. (Jesus:) If you want them to help you in your focus and concentration during a time of prayer, that's a time when you need to call on them specifically. Obviously you wouldn't feel the need for that with every little prayer. But if you're going to have a time of prayer vigil or an extended time of intercessory prayer that you really need to focus on without distraction, it's well worth availing yourself of their offer to help keep the Enemy at bay, and they will help you to put greater power behind your prayers. They will make it easier for you to fight in prayer. They will run interference for you.


Monty↑ Page Top

African spirit helper

ML#3232:13. (Monty:) Yes, I am here wanting to help you! I have waited a long time to come back to my people in the lands that I so love. I was delivered from Satan's grip in the land of South Africa a long time ago. The missionaries came and set me free through my Lover Jesus and gave me new life--life which I now want to spread to everyone.

14. I gave up my old beliefs and put on a new robe of light with my Savior's help, and assisted the dear people of my land. I even traveled to other lands in Africa to spread the Words of dear Jesus.

15. You ask me for help and wisdom. ...

19. I have many friends with me Here who are so thrilled and can hardly wait to carry out their missions. All you have to do is call for help, and dear Jesus calls our names and we go to work. ...

Moravians, The↑ Page Top

Help us to have crazy faith to reach the lost

ML#3701: Summary: Call on the Moravians for crazy faith, to stay true to your radical beliefs, to steer clear of compromise, and to jump into the Offensive with both feet.

55. The Moravians were Christians who had suffered in many of the same ways that Martin Luther did for rebelling against the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church, less than a century earlier. Many were driven out of their homelands of Bohemia and Moravia (the modern-day Czech Republic), and a group of them settled across the border in Saxony on the estate of Count Zinzendorf.

56. The Count worked to unite the Moravian groups into what came to be called the Moravian Church, or the Unity of the Brethren. Their main goal was to send missionaries throughout the world. They believed in a type of communal lifestyle, and often developed entire towns of converts who worked and shared everything. They believed in doing whatever it took to reach the lost, and some even sold themselves into slavery to minister among the slaves who couldn't otherwise be reached.

57. One such Moravian, Otto, said the following to us from Heaven: "I'm one of those 'crazy' Moravians who was willing to sell himself into slavery to reach the lost.

58. "People would call what we did 'crazy faith,' and many times in the days ahead, you are going to have to use crazy faith to believe and obey the things that Jesus will be telling you to do, things that will catapult you into positions of influence where you will be able to minister to and train disciples who can help you to spread the Word further than you could have done alone. That's where we, the Moravians, can step in to help you have faith to take the steps that seem crazy. As you do, you'll start to see His plan unfolding and the blessings pouring down because you obeyed.

59. "We'll also help you to stay true to your radical beliefs that set you apart from the world, and will cause your light to shine brighter and brighter as the darkness grows greater. Compromise with the world was never acceptable to us if it went against what Jesus had given us to do. You may have to work with the world at times, but we'll help you to stand strong for what you believe."

60. Regarding the help the Moravians can be to us today, Jesus said: "The early Moravians' main calling was to be missionaries, to win and reach others, and to teach them My ways at any cost. It's going to cost to reach and train those who can use their influence to help you to reach the world. That's where the Moravians are going to be working the most, helping you to count the cost, decide that you're willing to pay it to serve Me, and then to jump in to do whatever I show you, no matter how 'crazy' it may seem at the moment."

Moses↑ Page Top

Helps us learn the art of meditation

ML#3621b:202. Summary: Moses is a major spirit helper, who learned from 40 years of personal experience through a slower-paced life style, and then through a very trying and long haul with the Children of Israel, how to meditate for his comfort and encouragement. He can help you learn the art of meditation.

194. (Jesus:) Moses is one of your spirit helpers in regards to meditation. He also plays other roles in the Family, such as being one of your main counselors and giving you wisdom and wise judgment. You already know about Moses being a spirit helper, but you don't yet know of the very valuable help he can give in regards to meditation.

195. He wants to assist each of you with your lifestyle change of slowing down and learning to rest in Me, particularly through meditation. He knows what he's talking about because he personally spent 40 years going at a slower pace (Acts 7:29-30), and he will help you to see the benefits of calming your spirit through meditation.

196. Moses is a major spirit helper for the Family, and he is one of your major helpers in the area of helping you learn how to meditate. He has the authority and training in the spirit, directly from Me and from other important spirit helpers, and his influence in the Family is great.

197. Moses learned about quietness and stillness of spirit from his 40 years in the wilderness shepherding sheep. He learned from this slower pace of life how to calm his spirit, how to meditate, and how to make meditation a valuable part of communion with Me. He received comfort and encouragement from the stillness of quiet meditation.

198. Moses' training didn't end with the 40 years. I continued to instruct him and teach and train him as he led the Children of Israel out of Egypt. There were many times when he was pushed beyond his natural limits with them, and I taught him to find his strength in his times away from the crowds, up on the mountain, or even within his tent when he would shut all else out and quietly be refreshed.

199. Moses learned the value of quietness and meditation and time away from it all? times when his spirit was calmed and strengthened and renewed.

200. One advantage Moses had that many of you don't have is that he wasn't familiar with Me. ... He had been raised an Egyptian, and only came to know Me in his later years. So he lacked familiarity, and that made it much easier for him to give Me the time that I asked of him. He knew it was important.

201. Moses can help impart to you that same respect and reverence for taking those times of quiet with Me, rather than brushing them off or postponing them or cutting them short.



David (King)

Holy Spirit

Helps you to stand strong in your faith and convictions

MLK#206. (Moses:) After Pharaoh's daughter found me, my mother still helped care for me, and taught me to have faith in God. Later, in Pharaoh's palace, I was taught the way of the Egyptians. Many of these ways were contrary to the ways of God.

But the truth and the faith in God that my mother had taught me as a young child stayed with me and continued to guide me.

You can ask me for help to stand strong in your faith and convictions when you are out in the world telling people about Jesus or when you are tempted with worldliness.

Seven Guardian Angels of Dad

Mundi↑ Page Top

African spirit helper--former witch doctor

ML#3232:236. (Mundi:) I come from Ghana, from the time when our continent was referred to as the dark continent of Africa. ...

237. ... There are so many of us, many who knew the depths of the hell of this life, who saw Satan face to face, who cast spells in his name, and who did horrible acts at the behest of the evil spirits. My ministry now is a simple one, but Jesus said it is the most important thing I can do--to help the Family by giving insight into the lives and minds of the people of my land.

247. Many years I have been waiting to come back to my land and give people the same freedom I found in Jesus, and I have finally been granted permission to do it through you. Thank you for calling upon me, and thank you for the privilege of allowing me to work with you to fulfill my heart's greatest desire.

Natalia↑ Page Top

Spirit helper of praise

ML#3265:3. (Natalia:) Hearken unto the Heavens, dear children of David, for a new day dawns! I am Natalia, I stand in the Heavenlies to help, to assist and to help watch over all that is born anew. As this new day dawns, I ask you to gather in praise. ...

131. You see me with outstretched arms, praising in song and dance, moving so gracefully, flowing so freely in the gentle breeze; for you see the freedom of spirit I possess--that which only comes through the power of positive praise! You see me in the continual song and dance of praise, for this is the purpose for which I was created.

132. I live to continually praise our adoring Husband! I live to glorify our loving Lord and Master and King! He is my life, my breath, my song! This is why I possess such great freedom of movement, for it is through continual praise that I have truly been set free!

133. I come to you, dear Family, to mentor, to guide, to lead you in the praise. As you praise our Husband continually, you will possess energy, power, vigor and strength that you have never known before. As you use this tool of praise, you will win victory in every battle.

134. Your Lover and Lord dwells in your praises! He comes when you praise. As you praise Him continually, you will find true freedom and strength of days, and you too will flow gracefully with the greatest of ease on the wings of praise, over and around and straight through any obstacle that Satan would try to put in your way.

ML#3372:7. ... It was I who led the praise on that wondrous night our almighty Lord was born on Earth! Yes, it was I who led the cherubim, who led the seraphim, who led the Heavenly choir to praise and rejoice and give glory to God before the shepherds in the fields.

8. This is why I bear the name Natalia, for I was to have the honor of leading the Heavens and those who witnessed the birth on Earth in praise on that first Noel! I led the praise on that glorious night when our King came down that you might live forevermore. I led the praise the night your salvation was made possible, when Love came to you at Christmas!


Praise Angels

Praise Squadron

Nefta↑ Page Top

African spirit helper--warrior daughter

ML#3232:304. (Chieftain:) My Jesus ask me to give into your hands brave warrior daughter, my own--my daughter, Nefta. She is my strong warrior daughter. She will go with you into the lands of Africa, into the lands and home of our people. She is strong and filled with much, much courage, for you have need of great courage, great swelling of your heart in courage and love.

306. She wears the skin of the leopard, because of the speed and skill with which she wields the sword of the Spirit and truth. Her body is clad with the armor of the Spirit and is strong and weathered from fighting in the desert. ...

307. Jesus told me you have need of her heart of courage, her warrior skills to fight the long, hard desert days and battles ahead. ...

Negaton↑ Page Top

Archdemon of negativity

ML#3497c:350. (Jesus:) Negaton [pronounced NEG-a-tawn] is the master of negativity. This archdemon has many underlings, many in his command. Negin stands at his right hand. He is his next in command.

353. Negaton's command is not limited to one legion alone, but he commands many legions. Those under him drown their prey in a sea of negativity, hopelessness, darkness, and despair. These are hostile ones; they tear down, oppose, and resist the truth. They work in the realm of denial and refusal--denying any hope, faith, or trust in the victory, seeking to make you give up, to reject My promises and My help because of hopelessness.


Negin↑ Page Top

Demon behind negativity

ML#3497c:350. (Jesus:) Negaton ... is the master of negativity. This archdemon has many underlings, many in his command. Negin stands at his right hand. He is his next in command.

Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf↑ Page Top

Soul winning and disciple training helper

ML#3701: Summary: Count Nicolaus will lend determination, perseverance, a do-or-die spirit, and will help us to strive for greater unity. He will help us to connect our new disciples firmly to Jesus.

52. Count Nicolaus lived from 1700-1760, was of Austrian and German nobility, married and had 12 children, and was known for his gatherings to discuss religious matters, writings, and authoring many hymns. Nicolaus dedicated his entire fortune to the task of spreading the Gospel through these missionaries, and his example inspired many others to put their all into serving Jesus. His faithfulness and patience in striving to unite the Moravians resulted in one of the first Protestant missionary movements. Their dedication to reaching the lost was truly exceptional, and they sent missionaries to far-flung corners of the world.

53. "What I bring is determination, perseverance, and a do-or-die spirit," says Nicolaus. "You'll need to persevere many times in faithful feeding of those the Lord sends to you, even when the mountains seem insurmountable, trusting that He has handpicked each one and that when the training is finished, they will blossom into the powerhouses of faith they need to be. I will also strengthen your convictions in striving for unity, because it is the power that overcomes the machinations of man and Satan alike. When you face frustration, call for me and I will be there to counsel and encourage you to fight on."

54. In prophecy the Lord commended Nicolaus for his "personal relationship with Me, and his dedication to teaching others the same," his "deep love for Me and for souls," his "experience and anointing in perseverance," his "faithfulness in feeding his flocks," his "faith and ability to secure new disciples firmly on the Rock." He will help us to do the same.

Nivea of the Sea↑ Page Top

Prevents you from getting to a mission field

ML#1049:148. ... I was drowning in this trailer! Now whoever heard such a crazy dream as that, drowning in a trailer full of water and having to stick up a sign in the window, "Nivea of the Sea!" ...

149. ... This is some kind of a hindering spirit that is trying to drown us and suffocate us and choke us and quench our spirit, quench our fire, quench our ministry, lock us in and bind us in some old kind of plan and program, even mobility, even still on the road in our home country, trying to preach the Gospel, this is some hindering spirit, Nivea of the Sea!

150. And then it came to me that another thing that's hindered a lot of you people from going is that ocean! That sea between you and the foreign field has really been a hindering spirit, a real seemingly insurmountable obstacle! You just couldn't figure out how to get across it. You're at sea as far as finding a solution for your fare to get across the ocean, across the sea--and you've got to go overseas to most mission fields from the home countries whether they be North America or Europe, you have to cross the sea--the Caribbean or the Atlantic or the Pacific or the Mediterranean or whatever.

151. So Nivea of the Sea has really hindered you! That evil goddess of the sea has really scared you out and bound you and nearly drowned you, and has been not just your Nivea but your Nemesis * which you just couldn't seem to conquer. The sea has held you back, the sea has gotten you down, the sea had almost drowned you, suffocated you and hindered your ministry, hindered you from getting to the field. (* Goddess avenger of violations of sacred law!)

176. P.S.: (... I didn't even know what "Nemeses" meant! But we just looked it up as we re-read this Letter, and guess what!: The encyclopedia says she was the Greek Goddess of vengeance for violations of sacred law! You've disobeyed God, so He's let her torment you for your sin! She's your Nivea!--You'd better obey and escape before she drowns you!)

Noah↑ Page Top

MLK#206. (Noah, to children:) A gift God gave me was the ability to hear His voice. He also gave me the faith to believe what He told me, even when others thought it was crazy.

That's why I had the faith to build the ark, and bring my family and the animals into it in time to save them from the Flood.

You can ask for my help when you need more faith to believe the promises and instructions Jesus gives in prophecy.

Another gift God gave me was the ability to communicate well with animals. The animals knew I loved them, and they trusted me.

If you have pets, you can ask me to help you with them. I can show you how to care for your pets so that they are happy and will trust you.

Seven Guardian Angels of Dad

Nzingha↑ Page Top

Our heavenly general who is helping us from the spirit world

ML#3642: Nzingha. Brilliant military strategist, charismatic leader, and a true warrior queen, all of these terms aptly describe the remarkable character of Queen Nzingha of Angola (1583-1663).

Nzingha's rise to power occurred during the early 17th century in the kingdom of Ndongo, which is now Angola, in southwest Africa. She lived during a period when the Atlantic slave trade was steadily growing, a time marked by the increased intensity of slave trading by the Portuguese in her region.

Nzingha went to war with the Portuguese, defeating them in many battles. A brave general, she was known to personally lead her troops into battle.

One of Nzingha's greatest acts as queen occurred in 1624 when she declared all territory over which she had control to be Free Country. All slaves reaching it from any region were forever free. This was to have a monumental impact, as thousands of slaves deserted Portuguese-held areas to head for Nzingha's land.

She valiantly fought and held off Portuguese control of Angola for over thirty years. The eventual conquest of Angola followed her death, as none of her successors possessed her indomitable spirit. But to this day, her memory lives on among the oral traditions of the Angolan people who have not forgotten their Great Warrior Queen, Nzingha of Angola.

Obsession↑ Page Top

Seduction and Obsession

Obstacon↑ Page Top

Obstructs us from absorbing the Word

ML#3434:11. (Jesus:) ..."Good intentions" are among the chief means [Obstacon] uses. He seeks to take good intentions and good works and twist and use them to seduce My Family into filling their time with good things, but not the best thing. He is a master at mixing up priorities, therefore ensuring that first things do not get put first.

13. Obstacon is a master of obstacles, of all that obstructs My children from absorbing and living My Words. From this he derives his name, Obstacon. (Obstacle--Obstacon. An obstacle is something that stands in the way; it opposes and hinders progress. Change the last two letters "le" to "on" and you have the "con," also denoting opposition.) Obstacon is one who is against you. He desires to stand in the way of your progress, to deny the truth, to work through anything and everything to oppose you. Obstacon makes use of every obstacle that would stand in the way of My Family absorbing My Words. He knows if he can stand in the way of you absorbing My Words, you will consequently be unable to apply My Words.

14. ...Call on the keys of deliverance from Obstacon, and I will free you from his grip, so that the Word revolution can ignite and burn forever in your hearts. ...

43. (Mama:) We also asked the Lord how Obstacon works together with Oplexicon and Pan and others who fight against the Word.

44. (Jesus:) I have shown you to live in the Word. I have called for a Word revolution in your lives. This is the most important thing you can and should do. This is both the most important offense and the most important defense you can have. It is through living in My Word and letting Me live through you that you will overcome the ploys and devices of these evil ones who oppose My truth, so you can stand strong and be counted in the Last Days.

47. These emissaries of Satan whom I have revealed to you have various portfolios and jurisdictions, but their tactics and efforts overlap at times. They have times when they counsel together on how they can join forces to fight the truth. Even so now they have joined forces in the spirit to try to defeat you, My Endtime brides.

Obtherion↑ Page Top

Lures you to rebel against God

ML#3459:183. (Excerpt of letter from a Family mother:) I wanted to tell you about the name of a demon that I received while praying for my son who lives with us, but is not a part of the Family. I received the name Obtherion [pronounced Ŏb-ther-on], related to Apotheon. ... When I later checked the meaning of the prefixes and suffixes, I found that "ob" means "against," "theo" means God, as you know, and "ion" means "the act of." So this adds up to a spirit working directly against God, against love and faith. I thought this might be relevant to other young people who are so closed off to the Lord's Spirit--this cold and relentless attitude of disbelief that seems to come over them.

190. (Jesus:) This one has been around many ages. Lucifer was the original apostate, and Obtherion followed fast on his heels, as one of the initial legions of angels who fell with Lucifer. He, like Lucifer, fell due to choosing rebellion and defiance of Me. Pride was his downfall, as was Lucifer's. And he, like his master, was one of the original miscreants and heretics--a recusant*--choosing self above Me, and refusing to obey My authority. (*recusant: somebody who refuses to obey authority)

191. Now he works in the underworld as one of Lucifer's--in open, disgusting defiance and disrespect of Me and all that is godly. His blatant homosexuality is indicative of his wicked rebellion, as he lures and beguiles the mind--through pride--into strong disbelief. He is the master of both illusion and delusion. It is when My children turn from Me and succumb to strong pride that Obtherion, the master of delusion, gains entrance. His goal?--To gather more and more into his wicked fold as apostates, deceived into rebellion against Me and My ways through the pride in their heart.

192. He is one you must actively and persistently rebuke through the power of the keys! You must be the strong defense and wall against him gaining entrance into the lives and hearts of your loved ones who have departed. Pray for your own, that their pride will be contained, and that they will not be open prey to Obtherion's lures and seduction.


Olé↑ Page Top

Spirit helper of Mama and Guatemalan Family

ML#3509:141. (Olé:) Olé! Olé! I am Olé!--I am the true spirit of Olé--of conquest, and of victory! And I am your queen's Olé! --Your queen's fighter who goes forth with her and before her into the ring of battle for the conquest of Guatemala!

142. I represent those who fight for her Guatemalan children. I love to enter the ring of battle, for I love to boldly face the Enemy, to take charge in the spirit right from the very beginning, and to enter the ring in positive declaration of victory and conquest, all the while shouting the cry of victory, the shout of conquest, the shout of "Olé!"

Latin America [Index]

Oliver Cromwell↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#3445:56. (Cromwell, to Mama:) I have been instructed to be by your side in these Last Days, to help you and to give you courage for the fight. ...

57. All the great men and women who have ever lived stand in line now to aid you and the Family this day in all manner of war and new weaponry of the spirit. This is a fight that must be won, and one that you shall win. But it shall not be without a battle. There are those who look at the physical and see the horses and chariots and great numbers of the Enemy's forces that encompass them, and not the heavenly host that is fighting by their side. If they could see the powerful heavenly army amassed against the Enemy, there would be no doubt in their mind as to who the victor would be.

58. ... My comrades and I stand at attention to do your slightest bidding, for that is our pleasure and sacred duty.

Call on him in times of persecution

ML#3529:104. (Jesus:) For you, My Endtime army, I say all of Heaven awaits your command at this time [of persecution]. Great legionsof fighters and warriors in the spirit--with Archangel Michael at their helm--are at your side as you access the keys. Great spirits and fighters from all ages, including Cromwell, Alexander the Great, and William Wallace rally to the cry!

From GT:

Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658): Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England. At different times he was a soldier, rebel and benevolent dictator of England. He carried out reforms in the church, law, morals and education. As Dad said, he was "Britain's most famous violent revolutionary, heroic leader of her 17th century civil war against church domination, great hero of the common man, champion of simple faith, soldier of the Cross and Redeemer of the Land!" (No.65:8,11)

Oplexicon↑ Page Top

Opposes the answers and truth of God

ML#261:19. (Dad:) (Suddenly:) His name is Oplexicon! (Maria: Who is he?) That one who would oppose the answers of God! (Where is he?) He comes out of the world of the spirits! (How does he oppose the answers?) He seeks to quell the springs of God! (How does he do that?) By denying the truth to all who would listen. (Maria: Who is the one who fights him?) That's our angel Gabriel--and Michael! (What can we do about Oplexicon?) Commit him to the wrath of God for God shall destroy him!

29. So obviously Oplexicon is a demon image or idol who evidently opposes the answers and denies the truth. the Devil casts a snare, tries to entrap or weave a snare, to stop the truth. Oplexicon either entangles the answers with idols, or he is some kind of an idol that entangles.

ML#3255:104. (Jesus:) ... [Satan] has commissioned his Archdemon Oplexicon to fight you!--Oplexicon, the one who wars against the truth, the one who despises the truth and who loves darkness, the one who fought your Father David and others who have given their lives to live deep in the cave.

109. When you ask for prayer, I will release to you mighty spirit helpers, those who are exercised at fighting and defeating your enemy, Oplexicon. He's very strong in battle. He's a giant in the evil kingdom, feared and respected. He has many legions under his command. He is powerful, and his soul is black with fear, murder, suicide, war, death, and destruction. But though he reigns in the dark kingdom with such power, and though for generations he's fought the truth and caused many defeats and setbacks of the worst kind, he's nothing before My Name, and the name of David and Maria and Peter. Like your father taught you, you have but to utter the Name of Jesus to fell all the demons of Hell, Oplexicon, and Satan himself.

ML#3434:43. (Mama:) We also asked the Lord how Obstacon works together with Oplexicon and Pan and others who fight against the Word.

44. (Jesus:) I have shown you to live in the Word. I have called for a Word revolution in your lives. This is the most important thing you can and should do. This is both the most important offense and the most important defense you can have. It is through living in My Word and letting Me live through you that you will overcome the ploys and devices of these evil ones who oppose My truth, so you can stand strong and be counted in the Last Days.

ML#3455:205. (Prayer:) I call on Raphael, who is sent to assist in the healing of their spirits and to minister to them Your Word--true and unadulterated. He also assists Michael and Gabriel in destroying Oplexicon, who tries to stop the truth of Your Word and deny it.



Hates the Family, the Word, and our children

ML#3579:52. (Jesus:) Wolverine is one of the demons who fights My little ones, the children of the children of David. Even though I call them "little ones," this doesn't mean only young children, but includes children of all ages. He works under the archdemon Oplexicon, who hates the Family and the Word. Oplexicon hates your children, as does his master Satan, because he knows that those who are born into the Family will grow up filled with the Word, and will become powerful witnesses, distributing the Word far and wide.

Warning about the Internet

ML#3053:103. (Jesus:) Beware of Oplexicon, for he is the master of confusion, the master of confusing intricacies, a demon of great power! Beware of the demons of the netherworld who seek to infiltrate the hearts and minds of men, who seek to come in through every means possible--through books, through movies, through television, through the Internet.

106. I say again, beware of Oplexicon! Beware of the demon of subtleties. Be not lured away through doors which you should not enter. Pray diligently and fervently whether you should enter this maze at all, for it is not for all. ...

Orexis↑ Page Top

Author of anorexia

ML#3125:75. (Mary Kemper:) ... Do you know what the word anorexia means? Maybe it has little meaning to you, but watch out, because the name is derived from its author--Orexis. He's out for keeps. Just as Oplexicon seeks to stop the life-giving flow of the Words of life, Orexis, his companion, seeks to stop the life-giving flow of fuel to your body. Orexis seeks to bottle up your body fuel and the nutrition that you need to keep you going, vibrant, and alive. Orexis seeks to starve you and destroy you and your usefulness to help others.


Pan↑ Page Top

Tries to gain control over the mind

ML#3365:63. (Jesus:) It is Pan--the arch-demon whose aim is to gain control over the mind--who fights with ferocity against My young children of David. Under his jurisdiction, Pan has his powers and demons who fight against My children, and one of them is the demon of rejection, the evil power that seeks to question, demean, and reject My truth, My Words. He is the enemy of faith, one who actively seeks to cloud the minds of your young, to bring up doubts, questions, analyzing, distortion, complexity, confusion, anything that would stand in the way of simply taking in My Words in childlike faith and belief. Because the mind is the Devil's playground, the main inroad through which he seeks entrance to gain control, he is the author of strong negativity, depression, schizophrenia, even suicide and all manner of mental illnesses.

Music is one of his vehicles

ML#3365:73. (Jesus:) Pipes are symbolic of some of his powers within his dominion over the mind, for Pan is the great bewitcher of the mind, and music is one of his vehicles allowing him entrance to the mind. His pipes are likened unto those that are inlaid in Satan himself, for they are the pipes of his music--the demonic chords which have drawn many away from Me, My Words, and My truth, even from desiring to seek after Me and My truth.

74. So music that is not filled with My Spirit, but rather Satan's words, chords, and propaganda, is also his domain. For music has great and awesome power over the mind and the spirit, and thus it can be a great polluter. It can lift to the heavenlies when filled with My Spirit, or it can drag to the lowest depths when Pan's fingers, or those of Satan himself, play upon its chords.

Movies, fashion, "Thin is beautiful"

ML#3391:309. (Jesus:) A way that Pan influences your life is through movies, through fashion, and through thinking that these things matter. It's nice to have fun clothing, to enjoy a video, but the mindsets that come along with it, that "thin is beautiful, chunky or plump are ugly, and nothing else but thin will do" is certainly an attitude of the Enemy.

310. He has also caused you to think that it is important that you do not gain any weight. I know that you have already gained some weight and this is very difficult for you to bear, but you must remember that it is all for a good purpose. Don't let Pan come in with his lies, deceit, and distortions of the truth and distortions of the way that you really are, which is beautiful in My sight, making you think that you're ugly, fat, and all these horrible lies that make you so sad and depressed, almost to the point of wishing to give up on life.

Dieting and depression

ML#3391:330. (Jesus:) The desire to run back to your crutch of dieting to make you feel better about yourself is one great way in which Bacchus works in your life. Pan gets it started by making you feel depressed, and then Bacchus calls you. He pulls you with his tentacles back into the muck and mire of dieting and the vicious cycle that it is. You have been cutting his tentacles, fighting and praying, and you must continue to do this.

331. But the true victory lies in overcoming the hold that Pan has on you, and then you will be able to stay away from Bacchus completely. Bacchus has strong power over you in the area of dieting, but only when you open the door to Pan, for Pan comes in first in your life. Then when you open the door to Pan, you start feeling the tentacles of Bacchus weaving their way around you. ...

Orexis [Anorexia and dieting]


ML#3401:88. (Jesus:) Pan wants to depress you and make you sad, with his ultimate goal being to pervert you and turn you away from Me. ...

Demons of Depression


ML#3401:9. (Jesus:) The spirit of so-called "open-mindedness" and "anything goes" that is so prevalent in the world today is a ploy of the Enemy; it's the spirit of compromise, the spirit of Pan.

65. (Jesus:) Open-mindedness is common to youth, especially some Family youth, and this is due to a direct assault of Pan. He tries to belittle the strong beliefs that come with discipleship and instead tries to get you to be worldly, open-minded, and tolerant of evil.

67. Look at that word, "open-mindedness." It means your mind is open. And who controls the principality of the Devil's attacks on the mind? Pan does. So nothing would please him better than an open mind--an open mind just ready and waiting to be filled by him. Ugh!

68. Resist him, steadfast in the faith! Close your mind to the Devil's garbage and sink your mind into the waters of My Spirit! Don't listen to Pan's lies and confusions that tell you that you need to be open to various System opinions, thoughts, mindsets, and lifestyles. Don't let him tell you that it's uncool and conservative to be so "religious" and "closed-minded." Thank God that you can be closed-minded to the wrong things! Close your mind to Pan and his deviltry, and open your mind to Me and My Heavenly wisdom, truths, and insights!

Doubts and questions

ML#3401:26. (Jesus:) The influences of Pan in your life are apparent through the doubts and questions that you have made room for in your heart. Pan has stolen the childlike faith of many--including yours.

Promotes the bettering of one's self

ML#3401:29. (Jesus:) [Pan] promotes self, self-importance, the bettering of one's self, the glory of one's own mind and ways.

30. He has sought to entice you with knowledge and higher learning, and in general encouraged an overall curiosity for all that might be new and interesting. He wants you to just take it all in, without discerning or carefully selecting. He wants you to think, "The more knowledge I have, the better." For he knows that the more he can clutter your mind with his evil or even just useless information, the less you will fill your mind with that which is pure, that which is godly, that which strengthens you spiritually.

Resentment toward correction

ML#3401:47. (Jesus:) Pan, as the demon that has dominion over the mind, can influence what you say and how you react to certain situations. For example, when you receive correction or something happens that makes you upset, Pan is the one that whispers in your ear to snap back with a nasty comment or to grow very angry.

48. He is the one that tells you to feel spite toward correction, to not receive it and to resent it.

Keeps you from the Word

ML#3401:98. (Jesus:) Anything that keeps you from the Word and from seeking Me is the influence of Pan in your life.

Obstacon [Keeping you from the Word]

How to defeat him

ML#3401:115. (Jesus:) One thing that will really keep the Enemy out and keep you on guard is to memorize! If you're memorizing, there is no place for Pan to come in with his playground equipment, no place for him to set up shop!

ML#3455:200. (Prayer:) Thank You, wonderful Savior, for the spirit helper Illuminus, who is an advocate of Your light to fight the darkness of Pan. Pan attacks the mind with his darkness--his lies, deceits, doubts, depression, discouragement, and all that opposes the light of Your Word. Illuminus' power to defeat Pan is released and activated through prayer and a person's choice to take in the Word.

201. So help us to choose to take in Your Word, so that You can release the power of Illuminus, Lord--because he can't help us unless we make that choice. So please help us to do just that, Jesus.

ML#3456:92. (Prayer:) Send Illuminus and the Fairy Angel Fighters to confound the confusion of the demon Pan and his implets that poison our minds, making our hearts fertile ground for the Selvegion.


Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati↑ Page Top

ML#3117:37. (Pandita:) I am very happy in my new life Here! I am very happy that God has given me a great mission--not only in Heaven, to care for those who need love and help and light and truth, but I am also able to leave the halls of Heaven to minister to many, even as David ministers to your needs in the Family. Many of us work together in holy bands and holy teamworks to help and encourage missionaries on the field of India, and even in other mission fields--in China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many places where there is such great need, and yet such great darkness.

38. We help these dear ones, and we help the dear ones of the Mukti Mission, and we even help you, the Family. For if you will receive it, you have a mission which surpasses that of the Mukti Mission. You have much truth, much light and much liberty to give to the children of David who know not Jesus, who are yet to be born--the children of Jesus who do not yet have His gift of Salvation. There is much to be done to help you and other missionaries to reach into the darkness with the light of Christ.

From ML#3117:

Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati (1858-1922) was a Christian prophetess of India, and a native Indian missionary who established the Mukti Mission. As Dad said, Pandita's mother was married at the age of nine, to a man who treated her with great love, tenderness and care, and educated her in Sanskrit and the wisdom and knowledge of the East and their Holy Scriptures. Pandita herself converted from Hinduism to Christianity and went on to establish a missionary school for high-caste women. She became one of the greatest women leaders of an awakening independent India. (See also ML #215:1,112-115.)

Patrick, Saint↑ Page Top

Member of the Follow-up and Pastoring Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

** Saint Patrick (about 387-about 461), also known as Apostle of Ireland. Kidnapped from the British mainland around age 16, and shipped to Ireland as a slave. Sent to the mountains as a shepherd, he spent his time in prayer. After six years of this life, he had a dream in which he received a command to return to Britain; seeing it as a sign, he escaped. Studied in continental monasteries. Priest. Bishop. Sent by Pope Saint Celestine to evangelize England, then Ireland. In 33 years he effectively converted the Ireland. In the Middle Ages Ireland became known as the Land of Saints, and during the Dark Ages its monasteries were the great repositories of learning in Europe, all a consequence of Patrick's ministry.

John Wesley [The Follow-up and Pastoring Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Paul the Apostle↑ Page Top

Member of the Communication Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

ML#3405:13. (Angelic moderator:) Then over there in the Crystal Dome is the Communication Department. What has communication got to do with Activated, you ask? Well, their job is to help you communicate! Activated involves a lot of witnessing as well as written communication, whether by e-mail or paper. These folks are working on you being able to express yourselves well, helping you to get your points across clearly and effectively. If some of you are worried about being tongue-tied or have a regular case of writer's block, have we got help for you!

14. Some of the luminaries in this department are: Saint Paul, who knows personally the battles involved with not being as eloquent as he wanted to be, but whose writings helped and are still helping to win the world; some of the great storytellers from times past such as C. S. Lewis, Charles Dickens, and even Samuel Clemens, who you might not have thought would be involved in this; and, of course, how would a communications department be complete without the involvement of Miguel de Cervantes. And then there are the poets Robert and Elizabeth Browning. "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."

ML#3320:47. (Apostle Paul paying tribute to the Family:) The Family's ability to become all things to all men in order that some might be saved is one of many things that I admire greatly; likewise, your ability of availability--to be ready to go, ready to stay, ready to help anybody at any time. This has won the highest respect of all the patriarchs who have ever lived. On behalf of all these Here, I pay you tribute!

Pete (David / Davidito / Ricky Rodriguez)↑ Page Top

Departed Family Member

From Mama's Eulogy: I know that passing on from this world is not the end for my son, it's only the beginning. Now Pete, having received God's irrevocable gift of eternal salvation as a child, can begin to see clearly. Now he can lay his burdens at Jesus' feet. He can let Jesus' Spirit of love wash over him. He can find forgiveness through his repentance and through the time of learning and rehabilitation that takes place in Heaven for those in need of it. Now he can start the journey to a bright new beginning. When I think of Pete, I think of him in his new life in Heaven. I don't remember him for his mistakes on Earth.


Website: Ricky Rodriguez

Peter the Apostle↑ Page Top

Helps us to let the Spirit lead

ML#3701: Summary: Peter will help us to let go and let the Spirit lead with power, boldness, and conviction.

11. About his help from Heaven today, Peter says, "I'm not here to teach you a lot of tricks to make you look confident or tell you how to know just what to say in every situation, or even to tell you catchy phrases that everyone will like. I'm here to help you find out how to let go of your own talents and boldness and learn to focus on doing whatever the Spirit leads you to do. Then you will find yourself in just the right place at the right time. As you let Jesus take over your mind and as you speak from your heart, the power, the boldness, and the conviction will pour out."

Helps us to be a bold witness

MLK#208. (Peter:) Jesus is not only my Lord and my Savior, but He is also my very dear Friend. Here in Heaven we enjoy wonderful times together, such as visiting different parts of Heaven, and helping the Family. Also, when we lived together on Earth, Jesus was very much a Friend to each of His disciples. He was our Shepherd and Leader, and sometimes He had to correct us when we did the wrong thing. But most of all, Jesus was our close Friend. And He's still that way with us here in Heaven.

You kids are very dear to Jesus' heart. I want to help you to have fun with Him like you would with a close and personal friend. There are many ways that you can grow closer to Jesus, and if you ask for my help, I can show you ways to grow closer to Him!

The Bible talks about how bold John and I were (Acts 4:13). We weren't bold in ourselves, but it was a gift Jesus gave us for witnessing to people. When you need help to be a bold witness, call on the keys of boldness and ask either John or me for help so you can boldly witness for Jesus, too!

Philip Melanchthon↑ Page Top

Member of the Education Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

** Philip Melanchthon (1497-1560), German scholar and humanist. He was second only to Martin Luther as a figure in the Lutheran Reformation. He was professor of Greek at the Univ. of Wittenberg when he met Luther, and they soon became intimate friends and associates.

Martin Luther [The Education Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Phoebe↑ Page Top

Departed Family Member

ML#2123: 41. At the time we couldn't understand why the Lord would let such a thing [Abner's death] happen, but now I understand more than ever before! Because he's been helping us for years, as well as Aaron, Phoebe, Shuly and others, all these various people that have gone on.

Pied Piper↑ Page Top

Member of the Parenting Board in Heaven

ML#3478:56. (Jesus:) I, and those in the spirit world, will lend you a helping hand--many hands to make your work lighter. How about that?! Just as you now have parenting boards there on Earth, I'm activating the "parenting board" in Heaven, too. ...

57. I will be chairing the "parenting board" in Heaven together with the Holy Spirit and a number of spirit helpers who are sitting on the board. We will have guests and others who will participate too. ...

58. It's a big deal right now in Heaven. There are a number of other participants who want to contribute on the "parenting board." ... Pied Piper is one. He offered his participation, and we all agreed that his talent or gift of inspiration and praise would be a wonderful addition to the department.

One of Dad's counselors

ML#102:7. (Maria:) Who else counsels David? ...

8. ...the Pied Piper does!

Pietro↑ Page Top

Greeter in Heaven

ML#34653. (Mama:) Pietro [is] the Russian soldier who saw a crown being placed on the head of each Christian on the ice as they died, and said those famous words, "I want that crown!"--And got it!

42. (Pietro:) I've spent most of my time in Heaven preparing to be a greeter, learning how to meet and guide the many who enter this realm and the ones who will arrive in the days and years ahead as the time of trouble begins--helping them to understand the many things they were never taught or were confused about or misunderstood.

43. I would enjoy greeting some of the children of David as they come home. Welcoming parties for you are special, fun greetings, often with parades and "unique" celebrations. You don't need to go through long adjustment periods because in so many ways you are already very much at home in the realm of the spirit through your frequent communications with the Lord and your spirit helpers. You are familiar with the ways of Heaven through heavenly thought power and the keys to the Kingdom and learning to become one with Jesus like no others on Earth!

44. So if you like, please feel free to ask me to be on your welcoming committee. I'm sure the Lord will be happy to oblige and I guarantee your party will be memorable!

48. By the way, if anyone needs a spirit helper, especially there in Russia, but anywhere really, I'd love to share the wisdom I've learned to help you have the conviction and dedication to hang on and not faint as that crown is just about to descend for you.

Pineal Band, The↑ Page Top

Help Japan Family break out of the old and have the pioneer spirit

Prophecies received by Japan RC team (July 2006):

(Jesus:) I will be sending spiritual reinforcements. These reinforcements are angels clad in red. This represents the circle on the Japan flag, but the color also represents fire. It is the fire as bright as the sun to ignite a spark in each disciple’s heart, to burn bright for Me, to not care about standing out in the world of Japan, to not be afraid to be My crazy Endtime warriors, to not be afraid of the media and the talk that this change will bring because I have called you to bring a revolution in Japan.

(Jesus:) What you saw was a part of the warriors that I showed to the RC. They are fighters, they are commanders, they are trainers, they are instructors, and they are there to help you in everyway possible to make you into the disciples [of the end], the Endtime soldiers that I need you to be to conquer this land of Japan with the spirit of David.

There are different bands or groups to help you in many different areas of your missionary life. The one you saw was to help you to break out of the old, and to have a spirit of a pioneer to start a revolution once again in Japan. They are called Pineal. The name comes from the looks of a samurai’s armor, also from the way they can go to different places, and not get stuck in doing things the same way.

This Pineal Band will give you many different ideas to try to win this field, like the layers of the pineal. If you ask them, they will give you ideas. If you ask them again, they will give you another one. As you keep coming back to the Pineal Band, they will keep giving you new ideas to start the revolution in Japan again.

They are not wearing samurai’s armor, for they like to break out of the old way, but their spirits are the same. They will fight with no fear. They will fight with all their strength. They are loyal to Me and the cause.

So call on the Pineal Band when you need to have the spirit of pioneer to try something new. Call on them when you need a new idea, new ways to reach this field of Japan. Call on them when you need a boost in the spirit to keep the revolution going. Call on them when you feel like the Enemy is getting the upper hand, and discouraging you. Call on them to attack the Enemy, for this Pineal Band will fight along side with you, for they fear no one but Me.

Pope Joan↑ Page Top

Our heavenly general who is helping us from the spirit world

ML#3642: Pope Joan was a legendary female pontiff who reigned, under the title of John VIII, for slightly more than 25 months, from 855 to 858.

Pope John Paul ll↑ Page Top

Encourages us in our prayer life

ML#3659:83. * Pope John Paul ll: "I'm one of your prayer warriors. Prayer was one of my fortes on Earth, and so it is now in Heaven. I not only pray for you, but I will also encourage you in your prayer life. Your strength in prayer, hearing from your spirit helpers, etc., is a strong part of your life, and will become an even stronger part of life in the future." (Pope John Paul ll, 1920-2005, the first non-Italian pope in 455 years to lead the Roman Catholic Church. With his more than 100 trips abroad, he covered a distance far greater than that traveled by all other popes combined.)

ML#3653b:2. (Jesus, on praying out of bounds:) ...when was the last time you called on the help of a departed saint, such as ... Pope John Paul II for vision?

Praise Angels↑ Page Top

ML#3471:107. (Jesus:) Each of you has a spirit helper that guides you in praise. They help you to praise and remind you to praise, but the way they work can be likened to a battery. The more you praise, the more they are charged, and the longer they can run without recharging, and the more output they can have. You need to increase your praise output in order to increase their output back to you.

108. (Jesus:) Your praise angels take you where you're at. They try to help you no matter what stage you're at in learning to praise. But the more you want to praise and are open to praising, the more they can help you remember and even give you the words to say to help you feel more eloquent and expressive in your praise. They will help give you ideas to make it more interesting and effective. So in that sense, they are like a battery that you charge with your desire and your obedience to step out and try. And the more you do that, the more power they have to help you make even more progress and remember and be more effective in your praises, and even enjoy your times of praise more.



Praise Squadron

Praise Squadron (Victory Squadron)↑ Page Top

Skilled military strategists in the field of praise

ML#3533:267. (Jesus:) When I speak to you of the Victory Squadron, I am emphasizing the use of praise as a weapon in defeating the Enemy. These angelic beings are here to be an integral part of the process of turning your praises into the victory. Your praises activate My power. That power is then channeled through these beings to overcome those who fight to hinder you, stop you, defeat you, or even destroy you.

272. (Vision:) I'm seeing what appears to be a formation of beautiful white birds flying high in the sky above me. But these are no ordinary birds, because they're huge and they're flying at incredible speed in a v-formation, like geese do.

275. They're beautiful angels of some kind. They have massive angelic wings which appear to be part of their arms. On their torsos and different parts of their bodies they're wearing beautiful shining silver armor. ...

276. They have a very serious, determined look on their faces--a look of intense focus. Now I'm seeing what lies below them: It's a massive dark and dirty horde of the Enemy's forces gathered at ground level. Now I'm zooming out again and I'm seeing an incredible display of angelic force and power. This formation of angels is moving at what appears to be supersonic speed toward the Enemy's forces! It looks like they're actually going to smash right into them, but just as they're about to do so, there's a powerful blaze of laserlike light that emanates from the tip of the angelic formation, eradicating the Enemy's forces of darkness below them. I'm looking at the Enemy's forces, and it looks like "ground zero" where they were--a complete wasteland! They are literally G-O-N-E--completely eradicated! ...

278. (Jesus:) These praise angels are who I want you to start calling on when it comes to using praise specifically as an offensive weapon against the Enemy. They are professionals!--Created and empowered to annihilate the Enemy every time. They are sharp and skilled angelic military strategists of the highest level--My "fighter jets" of the spirit! You may refer to them as the "Praise Squadron," or the "Victory Squadron," named after their echelon military formation and because praise is the victory and always wins out over the Enemy. So according to your personal preference, you may refer to them as either one.

280. (Jesus:) This Praise Squadron is separate from your personal praise helpers. The Praise Squadron will help you learn how to be more militant and aggressive in your praises and use them to target and defeat the Enemy. The Praise Squadron is an integral part of the praise hierarchy in the spiritual realm, as well as part of the link and connection between you first using the weapon of praise and the "performance" or "completion" of the weapon of praise being used offensively against the Enemy's forces.

282. ...They are skilled military strategists in the field of praise and its power against the forces of evil.

286. (Jesus:) Looking at it in a military sense, when you call on the Victory Squadron, you'll instantly be assigned your own praise "combat companion" in the form of one of the Victory Squadron going into battle with you, instructing you in the art of strategic offensive praise warfare. They will guide you in the how-tos of offensive praise so it's executed with pinpoint accuracy against the Enemy.

287. These Praise Squadron angels work in unison with your personal praise angels, but they are specifically equipped and empowered to help you and personally instruct you in tough, rigorous times of combat and warfare against the Enemy. As I said, as you call on them, they will go into battle side by side with each of you, My brides.

288. So, yes, just as your praise angels do, they will prod and remind you to praise, but their specific expertise lies in instructing and teaching you how to use praise proactively and aggressively against the Enemy. Just as a soldier has to be skilled in not just one area of combat but many, My Praise Squadron have a three-fold mission and portfolio: To prod and encourage you to praise; to instruct you personally in becoming a more powerful offensive praise-wielder; and to execute My praise power against the Enemy and his forces.

289. Each one of you has an invisible and powerful "soldier at arms" beside you from one of the many Victory Squadrons when you activate their power in preemptive strikes against the Enemy, as well as during times of protracted battle against his forces. There are literally Victory Battalions of the spirit--made up of thousands upon thousands of Victory Squadrons--further than the eye can see!

Prayer Angels↑ Page Top

One of the three angels each person is born with

ML#3325:32. (Jesus:) Each person is born with three angels. One is to pray for them through their life--for what is more important than prayer, as the prayer will help to not only influence the baby, but the other two guardians. The other angel is the guardian or protector angel to protect the person through life. And the third angel is ... the angel of the heart and conscience. The three angels are assigned at conception, because the prayers and protection are needed from then on.

34. The prayer angel is always beholding My face because he is facing Me and beseeching Me and interceding for the one he [or she] is assigned to. He is praying not only for the person, but for all that is going on around him--the circumstances, the conditions, for My will to be done in his life, for the other guardians and helpers, ministering spirits, and departed spirits who are assigned to the person, since departed spirits also need help and instruction and guidance and even strength of spirit.

35. Those who live for Me and choose to do good can have more than one prayer angel or prayer warrior, just as they can have more than one protector and more than one counselor.

37. Your prayer angel also influences you to pray, reminding you to pray for your safety while you're traveling and to be on guard, as well as giving you many other prayer reminders throughout the day. Your prayer angel can also pray through you when you don't know what to pray for or how to pray. Your personal prayer angel is very, very busy and has one of the most important jobs in Heaven because I hear their prayers and effect change according to their prayers and your prayers.

38. A good example of what your prayer angel does is in the verse, "Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, that in Heaven their angels do always behold the face of My Father which is in Heaven." This is an example of where your prayer angel watching over you can pray for the angels of vengeance to recompense any harm that is done to you.

Prayer Warriors in Heaven↑ Page Top

Pray for you from the Heavenly realm

ML#3414:49. (Spirit helper:) There are also prayer warriors in Heaven whose sole job is to pray for you. Some prayer warriors pray as Jesus did, that your faith will not fail you--that you will hold on. Some pray for your health. Others pray for the many other aspects of your life. You can call on our wonderful Husband and Lover to ask that these prayer warriors in Heaven intercede on your behalf, and they will not cease to pray for you.

50. Even as Jesus prays for His children, so are there hosts in the Heavenly realm that also pray for you. But their ministry is different than ours, the miracle workers. These ones pray for you. They intercede on your behalf. They come before the throne of Heaven to be your advocates and to plead your cause. These are the prayer warriors in Heaven.

Pride, The Demon of↑ Page Top

ML#3455:61. (Jesus:) The demon of Pride himself is behind all the manifestations of pride. He has many underlings who work in specific areas of pride, such as the Selvegion, but all manifestations of pride come directly from this demon of Pride. ...

70. Pray against the demon of Pride first of all, and then name his underlings and command them to follow. These are the main strongholds where the demon of Pride lives and works. As these demons are cast out, and a force field of protection set up through the keys of imprisonment and containment, great victory will be won. ...

189. (Prayer:) I rebuke the spirit of Pride, and ask You to break its power and grip! ... Powerful Savior, cause this demon to fall, and to take all the underling demons of pride with him--the demons of Accomplishment, Flesh, Worldliness, Machoism, Carnality and Materialism.

ML#3497c:345. (Jesus:) The demon of Pride rules over sensitivity. Pride is the master demon--sensitivity is part of his domain. Pride has many in his employ--great armies, mighty legions and bands of dark warriors who are highly trained to attack with sensitivity, whose aim is to bring My children to their end with this lethal weapon.

Deactivation (Neutralization) Demons




ML#1406:41. (Dad:) But right while I was praying [for a friend's son with spiritual problems], like it was almost dangerous for me to touch him, the Lord was warning me, "He's got a demon!" I thought, "Lord, how could that be? What kind of a demon?"--And right in the middle of my prayer his mouth flew open and he virtually shouted the word, didn't he?--"Pride!" He was so shocked he went pale! Out of his own mouth the devil spoke!

Spirits of Pride

Pride, The Spirits of↑ Page Top

ML#3455:76. (Channel:) Now I'm seeing the enemy. They're dark green and they look as if they're all rotting; it's like they're mangled and messed up from some sort of disease. They're very ugly.

77. They all seem to have very large heads, and small and skinny arms and bodies. ... it's really strange that their heads are so big and their bodies are so small. It's like they have this big, ugly head made almost to scare people, but their bodies are so small that they look like a caricature.

82. (Jesus:) These are the spirits of pride--filthy and rotten--a vile contagion that seeks to rot and feed off of the rottenness of the flesh of My ... brides.

93. The legions I send into battle will be the mop-up crew. They will go in as soon as the person drops their pride. They will chase these evil demons down and cut them to bits and burn their bodies in a great heap.

Demon of Pride

Priestess of Prayer↑ Page Top

Anoints us in the use of the weapon of prayer


In summary:

26. The Priestess of Prayer and her forces defeat the attacks of Prycore and his demons. She is a major spirit helper who anoints you with power in prayer, and helps you to pray focused, targeted, proactive prayers.

20. (Jesus:) I send you the Priestess of Prayer, a mighty spirit helper who leads an invincible army, to defeat Prycore's forces. This army consists of all of the prayer angels of the children of David, and other spiritual prayer warriors. The Priestess of Prayer is fearless, strong, mighty, and powerful! She will guard your lines of prayer through her anointing of prayer power. She will help you to use prayer as one of your primary weapons, no matter how much Prycore or his forces fight it, so that you can be successful in battle against the Enemy and win.

21. Call on the Priestess of Prayer and her forces when you pray, and they will help you to fulfill your destiny of becoming powerful prayer warriors.

23. (Channel:) She appears to be walking out of a core or circle of light--Heaven's light. Everything behind her is brilliant light, and even parts of her form seem to be part of this light. There are mist-like trails weaving their way around her, and she's walking through them toward me. She's strong in appearance--stately and mature. I sense dignity, authority and presence.

24. She's holding a standard of sorts. ... It's golden, has a hollow golden circle at the top with a set of golden wings at the bottom of the circle. A beautiful aura is all around it, and I sense great power transmitting from its center.

Prism Elerian↑ Page Top

Mama's personal Elerian

ML#3522:100. (Mama:) The Lord said that we all have one of these spirit helpers. I asked someone to pray about who my Elerian was, and found out that her name is Prism Elerian.

Protector Angels↑ Page Top

Guardian Angels

Prudence↑ Page Top

ML#3566:35. (Prayer:) I rebuke Disruptor, the creator of destruction and confusion. I ask that You turn his power on himself. Baffle him. Enrage him. Destroy him! Give us wisdom and protection through the help of Vigilance and Prudence.

Prycore↑ Page Top

Heads up the anti-prayer forces


In summary:

19. Prycore heads up the forces who oppose the powerful prayers of the children of David. He attempts to pry you away from hitting at the core matters of prayer, and tries to prevent you from praying on target. He is defeated as we use our weapons of prayer, praise, and the keys, and as we rebuke him and his forces by name and summon the help of the Priestess of Prayer.

12. (Jesus:) Prayer is a weapon that Satan sorely fears, because it is so powerful. So he has let Prycore loose to try to pry you away from prayer. If he can't pry you away from prayer, he'll try to stop you from praying focused and effective prayers, or try to keep you from getting down to the core of the matter in your prayers. He fears targeted prayers more than anything else, and thus his tactics are to divert you, My children, from getting down to the core of the matter and aiming your prayers right on target. The meaning of his name reveals his evil commission of trying to "pry" you, My children, away from the "core" matters of prayer.

13. All demons fight prayer to some extent, but Prycore's commission to defeat the prayers of the Family is such that it causes him to be a major demon who will receive My full wrath. He has many under his command, from demon warriors down to minor imps. They form a mighty army to oppose the prayers of the children of David in every way and manner that they can come up with.

Rage, The Spirit of↑ Page Top

Archdemon who causes wars, murder, abortion, and jealousy

ML#3341:111. (Jesus:) Victory, victory! Shout the victory, for he goes down--down, down to the depths of Hell, down to the netherworld where he belongs! Shout the victory; for this one goes down. He is the Enemy of your soul, the one who has sought to destroy your usefulness, to put out your light, to cause you to doubt My anointing and the gifts that I've given you ...

112. Look not at this attack as a light matter, for this has been an attack on your very soul, your life, your mind, your future. But in this moment I have raised a standard against this Evil One, this archdemon, this one called Rage. For is not jealousy the rage of man? But rage is much more than jealousy, for it is by this demon that wars are waged; it is by this demon that murder is committed; it is by this demon that babies are aborted; it is by this demon that much confusion comes upon the Earth.

Raphael the Archangel↑ Page Top

Assists Michael and Gabriel in destroying Oplexicon

ML#3455:205. (Prayer:) I call on Raphael, who is sent to assist in the healing of their spirits and to minister to them Your Word--true and unadulterated. He also assists Michael and Gabriel in destroying Oplexicon, who tries to stop the truth of My Word and deny it.

Helps you to have a spirit of faith when you are sick

ML#3597:120. (Jesus:) The Archangel Raphael ministers My Word, which has healing power. Through taking in My Word, you gain faith, and it is through faith that I am able to do supernatural miracles for you. I've also made it so that your physical body is soothed, healed, comforted, and afflictions are much less difficult, when you have a spirit of faith and an attitude of faith. It makes a physical difference.

HELP Force

Rasputin↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#3249:41. (Jesus, to Mama:) Some of your helpers are very busy, and while they would love to spend their full time with you, My dear queen, learning from you and partaking of the excitement of the spirit which surrounds you, they must also fulfill other duties of the realm, and so only come back when you need them by your side.

42. One of these who comes and goes is ... Rasputin.

ML#102:6. Maria: Jesus said He gave you many counselors. Who else counsels David?

13. MO: ... And Rasputin!

ML#3320:42. (Rasputin paying tribute to the Family:) You have to have a little bit of craziness if you're gonna make it in the world! This is what I love about the Family. Da, da, I know, I know, it takes all kinds, but it's the crazy faith that will see you through rough times, and you Family folks have got it! When the stiff, staunch, whitened sepulchers are all dead and gone, you'll keep on going and you'll rise far above all those dead men's bones! Ha, ha, ha! They can't hold good men and women down--those who are crazy enough to believe what God says, and who go right on and do it! That's what I love about the Family! Don't ever let anyone steal away your crazy faith! It won't be long, and we'll all be together--and what a great bash that will be! The Lord is saving His best wine to toast your arrival in Heaven. As for me, I can't wait for that day! Keep rising above with Jesus and nothing can stop you!

ML#12:18. What about Rasputin--called the "holy devil of Russia"? Was he holy--or was he a devil? Who knows? Maybe he would have saved Russia!--She was already on the brink of defeat and revolution when this mysterious monk came to power during World War I, through his influence over the Czar's family! Some believed he was all that held Russia together, and might have brought about peace with Germany and a peaceful revolution within!

** Rasputin (1872?-1916): original name Grigory Yefimovich Novykh. Siberian peasant and mystic whose ability to improve the condition of Aleksey Nikolayevich, the hemophiliac heir to the Russian throne, made him an influential favourite at the court of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra.

Raven↑ Page Top

ML#3566:27. (Prayer:) We rebuke the Vandari, Obtherion, Bitterness, and Raven in Your name, dearest Husband. Repel them in answer to our prayers. You said that although the Vandari spirits seek to lay hold on all available vessels, our full-of-faith prayers--using the keys--can repel them. We believe that, Lord, and we claim it through the power of the keys. We claim that through the power of the keys of imprisonment You will keep any such minions far from our former members.

Rejection, The Demon of↑ Page Top

Underling demon of Pan

ML#3365:63. (Jesus:) It is Pan--the arch-demon whose aim is to gain control over the mind--who fights with ferocity against My young children of David. Under his jurisdiction, Pan has his powers and demons who fight against My children, and one of them is the demon of rejection, the evil power that seeks to question, demean, and reject My truth, My Words. ...

ML#3459:118. (Jesus:) [The demon of Bitterness] works together with Pan and the demon of Rejection to turn the sweet things of life--or things which I intend to bring out the sweetness--into bitter, sour, sad memories.

Renewal, The Spirits of↑ Page Top

Beings in Heaven who help renew our spirits

ML#3413:156. (Vision:) I have entered this sacred place.

157. I have on either side of me two beings.

169. We are now entering this pavilion-like room. I feel so tired ... My guides are supporting me; without them I would crumble to the floor, my body is so weak.

170. Suddenly I hear her [one of the two guides] voice again in my head, "This is the 'Pavilion of Renewal.'" Around me are many ministering spirits; others weary like me are being renewed by them.

175. My guides are placing me on the bed, which is covered with white silken sheets--only these are transparent sheets, like the drapes.

178. [After some rest:] I don't know if I've been sleeping or what, but opening my eyes now, my room is filled with so many beings!

183. Looking at the many beings that surround my bed, I realize that they're all female. It's hard to exactly describe some of these as female, for they resemble creations that I've never imagined before. But I know they're all female.

186. There are so many different beings, and I'm growing tired again. It seems I'm only able to absorb so much, and then I must sleep once again. But before I can, the woman who escorted me to this pavilion has now entered my room.

187. "Rest now," she says, "for this is your time of renewal. We have taken your spirit to know completion. Within this chamber, your soul will be refreshed. These many beings have come to minister peace and comfort to your heart. We welcome you to this chamber of your renewal. All has been prepared for the revitalizing of your soul. So rest now, that your spirit may be renewed."

189. [After resting some more:] I awake to find that the beings that had occupied my room have all left and it's quiet once more. And then I see him--the magnificent creature that brought me here!

190. Outside of my chamber I can see many forms of mighty warriors, and as my attention moves from that of this great being to the warriors beyond the drapes of my room, slowly these males begin filing into my room. Like the females, there are about twenty of them, and they surround my bed. It's an awesome feeling of strength and raw energy that they display. Each of these warriors is well trained, and each exudes the finest strength and determination that their physique allows them.

201. (Jesus:) Today you have envisioned the very place where My beings of strength and renewal take your weary spirit and reignite the passion of strength once again.

202. When your spirit has known suffering or your strength has been depleted, it is then that I call on My forces of renewal to remove your spirit from the confines of the physical that it may be strengthened once again for the fight that is ahead.

203. Ministering to your spirit is an important task, and I have created specific Heavenly beings whose sole purpose is to minister to your needy spirit. These creations of Mine are skilled in their calling, for it is all that they have known. They are the embodiment of My spirit of strength, fight, renewal, and courage. They are a team unlike any other, for not only are they powerful in their calling, but they are there to impart their strength and power to you as well.

204. This is not the first time that I have sent them to you, nor will it be the last. They are constant, and will revitalize your spirit when it is weary or weak; it is the calling I have given them to fulfill, and it is the same for all of you, My brides. It is not a token given to one, but is the gift of renewal that all of you partake of.

Rianna↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#3142:83. (Vision of Mama's birthday party in Heaven:) ... Oh, she's really incredible--so tall and fearless and strong! She's Rianna, the brave and noble Amazon warrior! She's so strong!--And very tall. All she has on is a small shammy-type cloth, very skimpy, around her loins--that's all. She's gorgeous standing there bare-breasted! Her hair is very long and tied back in a very intricate fish-bone braid down her back, and she has a thin headband around her forehead. She's holding a bow and arrows in her hand, and she's taking her place, standing right next to Mama on the side opposite where Catherine is sitting. ...

86. (Jesus:) ... Behold the strong Rianna, fearless warrior, who I send to stand strong in the strength and power of My Spirit. Rianna, bold and brave Amazon warrior, do I send to inspire My darling Queen Maria to fight on. To Maria, My queen fighter, who does beseech Me daily for her children and for a dying world, I commission the courageous Rianna to fight by your side, that she may always inspire you and help stir up the fight that I place within you, My darling Maria, as you fight on and never give up.

ML#3445:77. (Rianna:) You have nothing to fear, for we, your helpers who surround you constantly, are many, and we will help you carry the load. ...

78. I am here to teach you the deep secrets of the Amazon warrior women. I am here to teach you new strategies and skills in fighting during this coming year. I have instructed you personally, my queen, in the battle for your young people--this I will continue to do. In addition, I have more--much, much more to instruct you in regards to your fight for your Family. Now I will guide in the battle for your Family, the battle against those who are led by the Tempter.

Robert Browning↑ Page Top

Member of the Communication Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

From GT:

Robert Browning (1812-89) English poet, one of the greatest poets of the Victorian Age. His poetry is studied for its spiritual values as well as its beauty. It was Browning who wrote: "The work began when your first prayer was uttered. And God will finish what he has begun. If you will keep the incense burning there, His glory you will see sometime, somewhere."

Paul the Apostle [The Communication Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Elizabeth Browning

Robert Moffat↑ Page Top

Helps us to be living examples of what we preach

ML#3701: Summary: Robert Moffat will help us to follow the Lord's leadings, no matter how unorthodox or odd, and will assist us in being living examples of what we preach, both for the sake of our children and the lost--so that they can become disciples.

82. Robert Moffat, born in Scotland, declared at only four years old that he wanted to be a missionary to Africa. By the age of 21 he had fulfilled his goal. Robert is known for the speech he gave, during his only furlough to England, that inspired the young boy who was pumping the organ, David Livingstone, to dedicate his life to the Lord and to missionary service in Africa. But his personal service to the Lord was exemplary--giving over 50 years of his life to reaching the lost in Africa with his wife, Mary Smith Moffat, who shares in his reward.

83. During his long and full life, from 1795 to 1883, Robert opened mission stations, went into the jungle with the Gospel, translated the entire Bible into the local language Setswana (which took him 30 years, and was published in London in 1872), braved untold dangers, preached, taught the Africans to read, write, sing and farm, and authored books.

85. The Lord said that, in addition to winning and training those in the world, one of his greatest burdens is to help us to raise our children to be fruitful disciples and to help them to catch the vision for witnessing. Robert understands the importance of showing our children a sample of living for Jesus, because his own mother's example of putting Jesus' love into action in her daily life is what convinced him to dedicate his life to serving Jesus and the lost. His convictions and wisdom will help us to see the importance of living what we teach, so that others can learn by example.

86. Jesus said, "Robert Moffat was a great missionary to Africa. Because of his faith, his anointing to teach and win, he is a major helper to the Family. He gave his everything completely to Me for the sake of winning the lost, and he did win many, as well as train many. He is one of My greats. His anointing from the spirit world will help you to follow My leadings no matter how unorthodox or odd they might seem at the time."

Ruth↑ Page Top

MLK#206. (Ruth:) I am able to help you be faithful and obedient, to trust Jesus for supply, and to love God and Jesus. Call on me, and I'll help you grow in these ways!

Sakondro↑ Page Top

ML#3320:36. (Spirit helper, Sakondro, paying tribute to the Family:) I've fought many battles and faced down many devils, yet the courage I see in each Family member is a constant sample to me of perseverance, faith, and trust. Even when you don't feel victorious, you keep on fighting, and this is what victory is all about. The Family sets an example not only for the inhabitants of Earth, but for all of us in the spiritual realm. You might not see it, you might not feel it, but you've got it! As long as you keep following the Words of life, you're an unbeatable force!

Salvador↑ Page Top

Heavenly counterpart of Candomble

ML#3455:127. (Dad:) The Lord has a counterpart in the spirit world to combat the spirit of Candomble. His name is Salvador and he has always stood against Candomble. He is a very powerful fighter, who knows his opponent well and is available to help those who need personal conviction and power to defeat Candomble's influence and make needed changes in their lives. ...

130. (Jesus:) ...He is gallant, brave and true, and a worthy opponent to the evil seductions of Candomble and her brood. He is the conqueror destined to specifically help you, My Latin Bride, in your fight against the seductions of Candomble. ...

133. So call on his aid in conquering and defeating Candomble! I promise you that Salvador's sword--when activated by your key-empowered prayers and sincere desire to be free of the grip of Candomble--will always cut through to her dark heart and drive her back.

Salvay, The↑ Page Top

Heavenly counterpart of the Selvegion

ML#3455:198. (Prayer:) I ask that You send the Salvay: spirit beings of salvation [as in deliverance from sins of division] who counter each seed of the evil Selvegion. Where there is bitterness, they bring kindness and consideration--the balm or "salve" of love that sees another as one of Your brides, who You love and who should be loved as You love them.

ML#3456:91. (Prayer:) ... As I seek to obey You, Jesus, and let go of my bitterness, I ask that the Salvay will immediately go to work, bringing thoughts of kindness and consideration, and that they will cover me in a salve of love, healing me from the wounds and hurt of bitterness, so that I can see my fellow mates with Your eyes, Lord.

92. Help the positive attributes of the Salvay to replace the negative attributes of the Selvegion. ...

Cathars (spiritual)

Samson↑ Page Top

Helps us tackle the impossible and fight

ML#3481:105. (Samson:) You must build conviction on the trust that, come what may, you are going for it, and have a hatred for the Enemy and his inroads in your life and want to destroy them. So when the time came and the voice told me to push those pillars apart, it was just one more impossible situation that no man could do, but I was able to step out by faith one last time to do the thing that was impossible.

106. That's my mission, dear one: to help you reach for that which your mind says can't be done, and to kindle your hatred of the Enemy and all the ways he tries to attack you. You have many exploits ahead of you--maybe not any pillars to knock down, but works that are mighty and powerful and just as miraculous.

107. Just like me, though, you have to start with your own life and practice on yourself, and then when you're ready He's going to use you mightily to help many others to have the faith for the impossible.

In the Bible...


Samuel [Ajayi] Crowther↑ Page Top

Member of the Follow-up and Pastoring Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

ML#3405:16. (Angelic moderator:) There is also Samuel Crowther, who was once destined to be a slave and ended up being a missionary to his own in Africa.

** Samuel Crowther (about 1806-91): Ajayi was his original African name. Born in Western Africa. When he was about 15, he was captured by slave raiders. But the slave ship was intercepted by a British warship, and Adjai was taken to Sierra Leone where he was converted and baptized, taking the name Samuel Crowther.

He was convinced that the evangelization of inland Africa must be carried out by Africans. Ordained in London in 1843, he was appointed to the new mission in his own Yorubaland. He led the new Niger Mission in 1857 and in 1864 became the first African anglican bishop.

John Wesley [The Follow-up and Pastoring Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Samuel the Prophet↑ Page Top

MLK#206. (Samuel, to children:) As a boy, I grew up in the Temple where I was taught God's Word and how to serve Him. By growing up in Family Homes, you too are being raised in God's "temple." You're learning, like I did, about how to love and serve God.

Stories are recorded in the Bible about how I would hear God talking to me, and I would obey what He told me to do. Because I obeyed God's voice, He was able to use me.

You can ask me to help you listen to God and obey what He tells you to do.

Ask me to help you when you are studying and memorizing God's Word. I'll help you understand and absorb it, so that you can grow in the spirit to have strong faith like I had.

San-bahd-mahl↑ Page Top

He and his armies fight the hardness of men's heart to help us win souls

ML#3522:170. (Summary:) San-bahd-mahl is chief among those who protect against the demons of the netherworld. He is the warrior of the witnesser; the defender of the lost souls of mankind. He and his armies will accompany anyone who goes out to win souls--not just to witness and distribute tools, but to win souls, to defend your sheep from the Devil's attacks against the souls of men. They also fight the hardness of men's hearts and help you to win more souls.

150. (Vision:) I saw an angel dressed in white and blue with a very bright countenance. His eyes were filled with light, and out of his eyes came lightning. ...

151. He showed me a scene of what looked like a cave or grotto of some sort. I was standing beside him and he was letting me peer over the edge of a cliff or very high place. I was looking down and I saw legions of demons standing in ranks, square formations with banners, all awaiting a command. He told me that these demons were about to be unleashed on the world. ...

152. (Vision received by channel the next day:) I'm seeing him again, this time from the mid-chest on up. His face is bright and his eyes are glowing, with lightning coming out of them. He almost looks like a comic character, except that he's real. He's bald and is wearing half-crescent earrings in both ears. The lightning coming out of his eyes is arcing around and very active; it's as if this is part of his power.

153. I'm again seeing the vision I saw yesterday. I'm seeing the legions of demons lined up, getting ready for some marching order. There is this hideously ugly creature on a stone throne above them; his eyes are red and he looks like something between a snake and a really deformed lizard. His eyes are red and bleeding, and in his jaws are the souls of men who have not been saved. He's shouting orders at his captains, and they seem to be on some sort of transport ship.

154. They're definitely on a ship, like an invasion force, and I can hear him screaming in raspy tones at his orderlies to "do this, do that, sharpen that line up there." But the most blatant thing I hear him screaming is, "Souls! Capture souls!" He's yelling that over and over, like that's his main interest. He's sending this huge army to capture the souls of humanity. He's yelling it out as an order, but also somewhat gleefully, as if he's lusting after them in his greed.

155. (Angel:) I am San-bahd-mahl. I am chief among those who protect against the demons of the netherworld. I am of the warrior class and am one of the chief in the battle against Satan's grasp on men's souls. I am fighting for you, but I have shown you this vision because a renewed effort is about to begin to harden men's hearts, to drive them to insanity, to steal from them their souls.

156. There is about to be a new drive by Satan himself to overwhelm the souls of men by using any tactic available to him--war, confusion, depression, discouragement, hardness of heart, hatred, evil, envy. Any weapon he has available to his warriors he will use.

158. (Vision:) I saw these creatures that had heads like a cross between a dragon and a snake with very large teeth. They were feasting on people and carrying their spirits back to this ugly demon. Then I saw San-bahd-mahl appear, and with him a host of angels who likewise had this lightning coming out of their eyes, and they began to zap and vaporize these demons and save people.

160. (San-bahd-mahl:) We will accompany any Family member who goes out to win souls. Not just to distribute tools, but to witness and win souls, to defend their sheep from these evil attacks of this renewed onslaught of the Devil against the souls of men. The time is short, and as the scriptures say, there will be a great falling away and a hardening of men's hearts before our Lord returns. So it is. So it is about to be unleashed on this Earth. The time is right and the Devil has seen his chance. He will unleash this force of the netherworld to capture, devour and destroy the souls of men.


Call on his army for personalized counsel for your witness

Xn#104. (San-bahd-mahl:) We in the spirit world are very interested in you! We’re pouring out great power, inspiration, and training to make you the flaming witnesses for Jesus that He needs you to be. My band of warriors is well acquainted with each of you, your personalities, your strengths, and your weaknesses. We are especially attuned to your needs, and we know the best ways of preparing you to be a bold and fearless witness for Jesus.

You already know that you can call on us to prepare the hearts of those you will witness to. But you can also call on us for personalized counsel in how to become a more courageous witness or for tips in how to improve your witness.

(Xn:) Are you interested in having one of the warriors in San-bahd-mahl's army personally assisting you? If so, ask the Lord to reveal this warrior to you, then get to know your helper personally, so that you can receive the expert training that he or she has to give you for your mission as an elite Soul-Snatcher!

Satan↑ Page Top

Another name for the Devil

ML#686:59. These wicked spiritual powers are led by a fallen archangel, Satan, whom the Bible calls "the prince of the devils" (Matthew 12:24) and "the god of this world" (2Corinthians 4:4). Speaking of him, Jesus said, "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from Heaven" (Luke 10:18). And the Book of Jude speaks of his forces as "the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation" (Jude 6).

62. He was the first would-be dictator, who didn't want to listen to either God or the other angelic forces! Obviously the majority of them were opposed to his rebellion, for when he totally leaves Heaven at the start of the Great Tribulation he'll only take one-third of them with him! So he and his demons are in the minority, thank God! (See Revelation 12:4.)

ML#961:13. It speaks of him having been in the Garden of Eden, the anointed cherub, next to God Himself, and all this sort of thing. So the Devil must have once ruled Tyre in its glory when it flourished, just like he's going to rule Jerusalem some day.

14. (Maria: And John Todd says that the 28th Chapter of Ezekiel describes Lucifer being created with musical instruments imbedded in his body.)

15. "Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, diamond, beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphire, emerald, carbuncle and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets"--that's a musical instrument--"and of thy pipes"--that's a musical instrument--"was prepared in thee in the day that thou was created."

16. "Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so. Thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire."

17. This could have only been said of the Devil because no human king could have done these things or been this! "Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee. By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned."

Pan [pipes]

Seasonal Helpers↑ Page Top

Xn #63. (Jesus:) I have spiritual helpers for every need you could encounter on Earth. And as Christmas is such a needy time for My lost sheep, I have also created spiritual helpers specifically for this special season. They are "seasonal helpers," because they help you during your Christmas season and preparations. Throughout the rest of your year, they spend time working in hearts and lives, situations, and interactions; they prepare setups and encounters and much more for the Christmas to come.

Their appearance can be likened very closely to what you on Earth have termed fairies. However, this shouldn't insinuate that the power of My Spirit that they possess is small or that they are fragile. In reality, each one of them is a mighty spiritual warrior and character of high esteem in My heavenly realm, for they carry in their hearts the very love that created the first Christmas.

Each of these little beings carries the power of the key of Christmas love within their hearts--the power that changes lives for Me each Christmas season. This is the power that softens people's hearts to turn to Me during this season. This is the power that touches hearts to yield to Me, their Savior, and to give from their hearts to others. These fairies gently work in people's hearts to help those who are searching to find Me.

The key of Christmas love is also the power that will help you, My young warriors, to keep on giving through your witness and your sample, even when you feel tired or weary in well doing. This power can encourage you each and every day of your Christmas season.

There are many of My "seasonal helpers," and you should call on them right at the onset of your Christmas season. The minute you call for them, one will immediately devote their help and power through the key of Christmas love to you all season long.

You can call on as many as you want whenever you have a need. One of these helpers will be assigned to you during this time of Christmas giving. But others will also be available to you whenever you call for anything you need during the Christmas season, so you can get all the help you need. These spirits and the key of Christmas love can give you:

* Boldness and conviction for your witnessing

* Humility and yieldedness for new or different outreach methods

* A loving and giving heart--which is a help when the schedule gets busier and you are called on to help much more than before

* Encouragement and comfort, if you feel lonely or discouraged

* Joy and enthusiasm, if you begin to feel weary or unchallenged

* Excitement and fun, if things begin to seem a bit mundane

* A passion for souls

* And so much more!

Call on My seasonal helpers and My key of Christmas love all throughout this season and watch Me make this Christmas your most special one yet. I can do that for you, and will do it for you, if you will make use of these gifts I have given. They hold the key to greater happiness for you personally! They can help make each Christmas better than the one before!

Christmas Fairies

Seduction, The Spirits of↑ Page Top

ML#3485:132. (Mama:) ... As you'll see from the Lord's counsel that follows, they use many different tactics and try to influence us in many different areas of desire, but their goal is the same: to draw us away from the Lord, to ensnare us in evil, to get us so distracted or focused on some physical or mental desire that we are open to being attacked by the Enemy.

138. (Jesus:) The Tempter uses many approaches to lure My children away from My ways and away from My Spirit, so that they are led of their own spirits, or led of him and his underlings.

139. In these, the Last Days, there are many seducing spirits that have gone out into the world, more than the sum total of all time. As with all of Satan's regime, these seducing spirits focus their energies and efforts on those with the greatest potential to do their dark kingdom harm. It's the live ones, the ones who are Mine, the ones who have great promise and potential to really go places for Me that the spirits of seduction target. Who else would they target rather than My Own? ...

140. The spirits of seduction employ many tactics, varied strategies in their enticements. There is great variety in what they use as their allurements, yet at the base of them all is desire. They play on desire in many forms, such as desire for power, desire for money, desire for recognition, desire for love, desire for sex, desire for pleasure--especially forbidden pleasure. Everyone wants to be loved; it's part of human nature to want to be recognized. Not all desire is bad, and I have promised to give you the desires of your hearts.

141. But these seducing spirits play on desire with the goal of blowing human desire way out of proportion. When desire becomes inordinate, when the desires of one's heart are not in line with My Spirit and My will, things can quickly get way out of balance, and this is where the danger lies. Anything in your lives that is not kept in check and balance by My Spirit has the potential to become dangerously deadly. When you want something so much that you're not cautious and prayerful, you're not willing to keep your actions within the boundaries that I've set for you, or even the common sense boundaries that you could know if you were thinking about them wisely, then you're on dangerous territory. This is the goal of the spirits of seduction--to lure you outside of the boundaries of My Spirit.

143. The spirits of seduction work through attractions. They seek to capture one's desire, causing it to grow out of proportion and out of the boundaries of My will, until they have a greater hold on their subject than is safe, both for your spiritual and physical health and well-being. Their goal is to get you to cross the line into disobedience, unwise behavior, thinking about nothing but satisfying your desire. For then you are open prey for the Enemy's attacks, and in that unaware or even blinded state, you make decisions that seriously endanger yourself and others.

144. Among the prime areas in which the spirits of seduction work is that of sex, but that's not the only area by any means. Sexual desire and pleasure is one that Satan knows is easy to play on and blow out of proportion.

145. As I have warned you many times, you cannot guard yourself from everything, but the key is to stay so close to Me that I am able to protect and guard you from the evil in the world. The key is to be so full of Me that the spirits of seduction can have no hold on you.

146. (Vision:) I can see right into the core of the Earth--its blazing, raging, red-hot fire. Now I see thousands of figures rising up. They are coming up from the very core of the Earth, rising up through the strata and coming right up through the ground. When they're in the core of the Earth, they look like hazy figures of different shapes and sizes, but as they rise, some of them morph into human form. They're not human, they're many different kinds of spirits, but some morph into human form.

147. They're coming right up through the ground. I can see them enter the world on every continent. When they punch through the surface of the earth, they blend right in, either with people or with objects. Those who come up through Japan, for example, blend right in with the Japanese people and things, and those who come up through Latin America blend in with the Latins, and those in Europe with the Europeans, and so on. Wherever they come up through the ground, some blend in with the people and others go into objects. For example, I see some go into a huge billboard, an advertisement of some sort. Others go into a TV set, and still others into a computer. It seems as if they just become part of society in different ways, morphing into human form or entering into objects.

Tactics of the seducing spirits

ML#3485:153. (Jesus:) ... Their goal is to lead My children astray, to lead them away from My truth, away from their duty to Me, away from the calling I have given them.

154. They hope to accomplish this every way and any way they can. They hype up fascination with things of the world. They try to get you addicted to a certain pleasure so that you're tempted to put it before your time with Me, or be distracted by it when you're supposed to be working or doing something more valuable.

155. They try to enhance the pleasures of the flesh while playing down the pleasures of the spirit. They will try to get you to focus solely on physical pleasure, and make it seem that if you bring Me into your times of fun, they will be less exciting or fulfilling. They give many false promises. They promote selfishness. They try to steal time away from things that are important. They tempt you to cover up your desires, to keep them hidden and satisfy them in secret, because then they can pull you further over the line and know that you'll continue to be drawn away from My Spirit.

156. They promote the artificial highs, and they bring low lows in the hope that it will make you reach out again for whatever they're tempting you with, promising that this time it will make you happy. They entice with worldly knowledge. They will use enchantments to try and pull you away from the work in My fields. They will arouse fascination for evil within those who leave themselves defenseless. They make the forbidden fruit almost unbearably appealing in an attempt to get you to disobey. These are but a few of the many tactics they employ.

Weigh your desires against the Word

ML#3485:158. (Jesus:) Unbelief in Me is the creed of these seducing spirits of the Latter Days; lies are upon their lips, hypocrisy pervades their spirits. ...

160. Try the spirits, My children. These spirits want to entice you, but I am greater than all their forces put together. Call on the keys of discipleship, commitment, and dedication. If you feel a strong urge to do something, weigh it against My Word and see if it's My will for you. If not, if it has potential to hurt or harm, or if your feelings of desire for this thing are surprisingly strong and tempting you to throw caution to the wind, to compromise the standard in any way or to go back on instruction I've given you personally, you can know that you're under attack by the spirits of seduction.

164. (Jesus:) The seducing spirits have the power to do small "miracles," as it were, to engineer situations, to manipulate emotions in order to seduce their prey. You shouldn't be surprised at this, for the Enemy always tries to imitate My power and use it for his own evil purposes. That's why in these Last Days when so much evil has been released on the world, I have given My children the gift of hearing from Me directly, so that you don't have to be led by chance, by your emotions, or even by things which seem right or "too good to be true." You don't have to be deceived or led astray, no matter how convincing the Enemy's shows of power become. You can just ask Me and I'll faithfully tell you to walk where you will be safe and blessed by Me.

Seduction and Obsession


SOS (Strength of Spirit) [Heavenly counterpart of the spirits of seduction]

Yokum [Heavenly counterpart of Seduction and Obsession]

Seduction and Obsession↑ Page Top

From ML#3455:

seduction (noun): leading astray of somebody: the act of persuading somebody to do something wrong; something that tempts, persuades, or attracts.

obsession (noun): preoccupation: an idea or feeling that completely occupies the mind; in psychiatry the uncontrollable persistence of an idea or emotion in the mind, sometimes associated with psychiatric disorder.

(definitions from Microsoft Encarta)

ML#3455:163. (Jesus:) ...Lust's motto is, "I love me, and I want you!" My motto is "I love you; how can I give to you?" There's a big difference.

164. Many equate lust solely with strong sexual desires or feelings, but lust has more to do with the mind and falls squarely under Pan and Apotheon's dominions, and brings forth the ugly offshoots of extreme jealousy, depression, and insanity. That's where the twin sisters and sirens, Seduction and Obsession, dwell.

165. Seduction is a spirit of deception. It has to do with the mind and seducing the mind into obsession, submission, and a type of addiction. ...

166. When anyone is primarily focused on themselves, then unfortunately it's easy to be open game for [the] spirits of Seduction and Obsession. Their power and domain lie in self-satisfaction. They have many names and strongholds the world over, especially in Latin America and Africa, where to obsessively love someone to the point of insane jealousy and violence is often looked upon as loyalty and a sign of true love. Yet it's the same spirit as the selfishness of many western cultures where the "take care of number one" attitude and mentality is promoted as an honorable quality.

167. The nemesis of these spirits and sirens gaining entrance into your mind and emotions is unselfishness and sacrificial giving--turning your thoughts toward others and toward Me and My love. Real love begins with an effort, because the mind must choose to turn from selfishness. The point is to try to live My Law of Love, which is not focusing on yourself and what you want. It's taking others into consideration, and looking to Me and what I would have you do.

Spirits of Seduction


Yokum [Heavenly counterpart of Seduction and Obsession]

SOS (Strength of Spirit) [Heavenly counterpart of the spirits of seduction]

Selena↑ Page Top

Linkup #1. (Selena:) The minute I met the Family up Here, I knew this was my purpose. If I would have met you there on Earth I would have wanted to join you, because y'all in the Family really have it! What you're doing is gonna last forever, when in comparison, all I did and lived for passed away in a fleeting moment! Jesus brought me Home to Heaven so I could meet the Family--my true family--and so that now, by His grace and with His help, I can help you Family young people in your mission. As amazing as it seems, that was the reason for my death at such a young age--to help you sing music that will make a difference, music with meaning.

If any of you musicians and singers down there get an itch to try out some new music, maybe I can help. I'm still just a babe, but I'm Here and available! If you wanna try, I'm game.

Selena Perez (1971-1995) began singing professionally between ages 8-10, and recorded her first album at age 12. She took Tejano music from backyard weddings to 60,000-seat stadium concerts; she won six Tejano music awards, including best female vocalist for the eighth time. She was shot to death on March 31, 1995 outside a Corpus Christi, Texas hotel by Yolanda Saldivar, the former president of Selena's fan club. Selena was 23 when she died. Yolanda was sentenced to life in prison.

Selvegion, The↑ Page Top

Oppose unity and encourage selfish living

ML#3362:105. (Vision:) ...These little black demon elves are the slithering creatures; they're the same on the inside, but they took on this other form. They've morphed into these little black elves. They've only changed their appearance and taken on this different form. ...

151. (Jesus:) These are called "Selvegion" [pronounced SELL-veh-juhn], for they are dark, they are vile, they lure their prey to put self first, and they are many. These are they who oppose unity, for they know the tremendous and awesome power that is wrought through unity in My Spirit.

152. Take a close look, My love, and see the meaning of this thing; see what is in a name. What word have I laid on your heart to describe these dark demons? Black elves. Take this word "elves" and add an "S" to the beginning and you have "selves." These are they who promote "self," who blow out of proportion interest in one's self. These are they who oppose unity and encourage selfish living. They oppose oneness and harmony, and instead foster self-service, self-interest, discord, dissension, strife, and all that divides.

153. They are called Selvegion, and now I ask you to take a look at the second half of their name. Yes, it resembles "Legion," for they are many. "Legion" is contained therein, for these are akin to Legion, to those who terrorized many in the days I walked on Earth. [Mk.5:9] The Selvegion are your bitter enemy.

ML#3532:150. (Jesus:) The Enemy just loves to attack your unity. He loves to throw a monkey wrench into your Home, causing dissension, hurt feelings, mistrust and selfishness. He has legions of demons, including the Selvegion and the demons of division, working full-time to find a crack in the wall of unity. They whisper thoughts of mistrust about other brethren and try their best to blow problems and personality differences way, way out of proportion.

How to defeat them

ML#3362:154. (Jesus:) Call them by name; command them to leave in My Name! These have no power over the children of David, over those who call on Me for deliverance, who call for the laying on of hands, for the anointing of oil, and who command these dark ones to be gone. They have no power over those who call on Me for forgiveness and for the power to forgive, who take the stand from this day forward to yield and obey My call to unite.

ML#3403:15. (Jesus:) The Selvegion do not flee forever; they wait outside like lions around a campfire--testing, trying, poking, and prodding to see if your shield is down or is weakening. They can tell when it's getting shaky. When you do things that damage your unity, such as gossip, or when you harbor unkind thoughts about your brethren, or when you're negative or rebellious, they see the shield about you lose its power somewhat, and they make attacks against it.

33. (Jesus:) When praying against the Selvegion you must also pray against the lying vanities that they have sown in your heart. For if you are not cleansed, you are left with a false perception of things. These evil lying vanities can attach themselves to the "files" of your heart and mind, and there they do their damage. While other areas of your heart and mind are not directly affected, the files that relate to these particular people or circumstances are altered and changed. ...

ML#3456:90. (Prayer:) I rebuke the Selvegion who prey upon me, pointing out the faults of others and trying to make me critical. I rebuke and bind them and ask You to help me resist their voices, thoughts, images, criticisms, and influence. Help me to claim the keys, holding on to the promise that through the keys I have the power to destroy all the works of the Devil.

91. Help me to esteem my fellow mates as better than myself. Please give me eyes of love, compassion, understanding, and humility. As I seek to obey You, Jesus, and let go of my bitterness, I ask that the Salvay will immediately go to work, bringing thoughts of kindness and consideration, and that they will cover me in a salve of love, healing me from the wounds and hurt of bitterness, so that I can see my fellow mates with Your eyes, Lord.

92. Help the positive attributes of the Salvay to replace the negative attributes of the Selvegion. Send Illuminus and the Fairy Angel Fighters to confound the confusion of the demon Pan and his implets that poison our minds, making our hearts fertile ground for the Selvegion.

Demon of Pride

Cathars (spiritual)

Sensation↑ Page Top

A K.O.T. fighter

ML#3497c:465. (Sensation:) My name is Sensation--not to draw attention to myself, but it is my main attribute, for it is my desire to please my Lord and to help you feel the sensations of the spirit. It is a good thing to be sensitive to the Spirit of the Lord; what is not good and a counterfeit is to be sensitive to yourself. I fight specifically against sensitivity of self, which is fostered by an underling of Pride.

466. Sensitivity to self, hurt feelings, self-pity, the Sen-si and the other ilk of their kind, we have nicknamed "the slime," for they put a film of slime on your spirits so you can't feel the conviction of the Lord's Spirit. That slime also causes you to be numb to His touches and caresses and manifestations of love. What is worse is that you seldom even know it, as the slime covers your eyes and blurs your vision so you are no longer aware of what you're doing and what a bad state you've gotten into and how far from the Lord you're straying.

469. Sometimes it takes quite a jolt in the spirit to get through that slime, depending on how much a person has let build up and how much they want to be helped and freed from the slime. That's my job--to help get rid of the slime--and at the same time, toughen you up to resist the temptation to cover yourself again, thinking that in some way it will protect you from the so-called hurt of the Lord's cleansing. ... It is my job to help you feel the sensations of the spirit again and to lead you back to the bed of our Lover so you can be loved and cherished by Him.

470. If you want to be free from the Sen-si, who we call the slime, and help others to be free, you can call our legion, who are specially trained to fight the slime, as well as to help you regain your sensitivity and joy at the touches of our Lord and Lover. You can call on me for yourself, or you can call on me to help your brethren. It is our joy and delight to battle the slime. You can call us the slime-busters if you like.


Sen-si, The↑ Page Top

Demons behind sensitivity

ML#3497c:346. (Jesus:) Pride has specifically commissioned the legion of Sen-si to bring My children down through sensitivity in all its forms. The Sen-si are many. ... They are everywhere, always on duty. They walk in your midst; they lurk in the shadows; they are always watching and waiting for the opportune time to shoot their poisonous darts of sensitivity into the veins of their prey.

347. They are diverse in that each member of the Sen-si band does not don identical characteristics. This is manifested in the numerous and diverse tactics which these dark ones use to attack their victims. You see this in the way sensitivity manifests itself among your members--sensitivity shows up in many forms. ....

348. You must call on the key of surrender to fight the Sen-si. The key of surrender will give you power to yield to My Spirit, to yield to My will, to yield to My way. Surrender to My Spirit will guard and protect you from the poisonous sensitivity darts of the Sen-si. When you are surrendered to Me, you then receive power that will enable you to fight the sensitivity of the Sen-si. In surrendering your will, your thoughts, your mind, your all to Me, you are inoculated against all their poison.



K.O.T. Fighters [Spirit beings to help us fight sensitivity]


Set↑ Page Top

Demon of sickness

ML#3597:115. (Summary:) Set is the archdemon of sickness and death. He presides over plagues, epidemics, disease, and every sickness and affliction. He has many underlings in his command, and in these Last Days their power to afflict, cause pain, and bring death is increased. Although our afflictions are manifested in the physical, sickness and illness must also be fought in the spirit. (Note: Please see "The How-tos of Healing," ML #3153:34-37, Vol.24, regarding medical emergencies.) We must go to the Lord and find out what spiritual forces are at work behind every affliction, then launch an offensive both in spirit and in the physical as the Lord leads us.

116. Set's attacks on us are two-fold.

1) He wants to hinder, delay, and stop us altogether in the physical if he can.

2) Ultimately he wants to prevent us from fulfilling our destiny as key bearers and miracle workers of the End through breaking down our faith in the Lord's promise to deliver us out of all our afflictions.

101. (Jesus:) ... It is Set who is commissioned by Satan to bring sickness, disease, affliction and pain into the world, but it is you, the children of David, whom I commission to work miracles, to wield the keys of faith and healing, to be an example of overcoming, and to blast Set and his demons of pain and affliction back to Hell where they belong!

102. Set's power is founded in fear and disobedience, but I give you the key of faith that overcomes all fear, and the key of obedience that brings down My blessings. His power is to afflict the flesh, but he has no real power in spirit to win victory. Through calling on Me, the Master of the keys, you have power enough to defy Set and his evil ones.

104. Set's mission is to get you to think like the world. He wants you to adopt a fatalistic mindset, an acceptance that illness is only in the physical and carnal plane, that your afflictions are something that are par for the course, part of life--something to be put up with or tolerated, but not overcome.

112. Although sickness and afflictions are manifested in the physical realm, they must also be fought in the spiritual. Set wants you to believe illness is totally in the physical realm, when in reality it is manifested in the physical, yet often it is born in the spiritual realm, and therefore must be fought in spirit.

Works with the Spirits of Death

ML#3597:35. (Jesus:)

5) The demon Set works closely with the Spirits of Death who are behind sickness. Their goal is to weaken your body and eliminate you from this life entirely. One of their main tactics is promoting the attitude that you are strong enough and don't need to take care of your body.

How to defeat him

ML#3566:11. (Prayer:) In Your name and with key power I also bind the evil demon Set and ask that You send the armies of Heaven to counter his attacks, defeat him, and obliterate his power of sickness.

18. I rebuke Set and all his minions, and call on the Activation Angel of Miracles to counter the attacks of Set and rid me of this affliction. I call on Elixor to pour the elixir of Your healing balm upon my body and fight off the attacks of Irrazzmon. I call on Almathor and the brilliance of her light to chase away any darkness of affliction and pain. I ask that You send Dr. Koger to me as a counselor regarding what I can do in the physical to aid my body in healing, to share with me his wisdom in knowing what to eat and drink and how to care for myself.

GV #184. (Jesus speaking to Jerry who suffers from Dysphasia:) I am healing you. The process has begun, and you can rest assured that I'm in this healing. It's not a healing that I've given over to a young officer, but it's a healing that the mighty angels Tola and Tor are helping to bring about in your life. Why these two mighty ones?--Because they are the foremost spiritual fighters who fight with the keys. And because Set, the demon of sickness, has desired to have you, I have sent My strong key warriors out to deliver you. And delivered you shall be! For in Heaven's realm, delivered you are. ...

Praise is one of the strongest weapons that can be used against Set and the illnesses he throws at My people. Praise presents an impenetrable force field that he is unable to break through. And praise protects your body, as My angels now come in to do the work to root out where Set thinks he has a foothold.

Seven Angels of Maria, The↑ Page Top

The honor guard of Maria

ML#3142:52. (Vision:) ... There are seven enormous angels, and they're glowing like they're on fire! They have an aura of fire all around them--around their entire body. They're standing head and shoulders above all the others, right up there in the front. These seven angels are really special! They really stand out because they have this special aura of fire around them. ...

74. ... They seem to be like the honor guard. It seems they're sort of like the scouts, going on before to make sure there's no trouble along the way and that the coast is clear of any static or trouble the Devil and any of his little demons would like to cause. At least that's the impression I get. They're so big and powerful and awesome looking! I don't think anyone would want to get in their way, so they're heading up the team!

75. ... The female angels--there are three of them--are dressed so far-out! These particular angels don't have long, flowing attire on; they look more like they're ready to fight, ready for battle if necessary! That's the impression I get--for one, because of the way they're dressed. The girls have sandals on that lace up crisscross to the knees. Both sandals and laces are golden and glowing, and on the heel of their foot they have wings--small wings right at the back of their heels. This seems to be significant, a special emblem of some sort, marking the fact that they can travel faster than the speed of thought. Wow! Faster than the speed of thought! ...

77. These female angels are very womanly, sexy. They are wearing tight-fitting two-piece garments that reveal their figures. The panty part is similar to a bathing suit bottom that goes up to the waist and is cut up high on the sides to reveal more of the legs. Around the waist they have a belt--some kind of golden, glowing waist belt with swords attached--huge swords! Those belts are magnificent--quite outstanding! Then they have a tight-fitting top on that reveals their midriffs, and that part is also golden. They have arm bracelets too, and they wear them high, above their elbow, and they glow just like their belts.

78. ... Two of the men angels are not holding swords in their hands, but they're holding lightning bolts! Wow! Lightning bolts blazing with power--and they're holding them right in their hands! Oh, these guys are so tall and mighty looking--all seven of them! The men angels with the lightning rods are bare-chested and they're only wearing a loincloth type thing--no sandals or anything else, just a loincloth--and they have a glowing golden belt too and those amazing lightning bolts in their hands. One of them has blond hair, and the other dark hair, both with long flowing hair, and nothing is holding it back. The dark-haired male angel has that gorgeous olive-colored skin. Both are very, very handsome looking. They all are! All seven of them are overwhelmingly beautiful or very handsome--some with light hair and some with dark.

79. The other two men angels are wearing a very short tunic. The top of it is attached at only one shoulder, then it crosses down to the waist, and they have the same type of golden, glowing belts. All seven angels have these incredible belts on! These two with the short tunics have long, flowing hair and a golden band around their foreheads, and they have huge swords in their hands.

80. All seven of them are taking their place standing around Mama. The three female angels are in a line behind her. The other two men angels with the swords are standing on guard, right on either side of her with their giant swords in front of them pointing down. The two with the lightning rods are on either side of Mama too, but standing more forward and farther apart diagonally out from the two with the swords. ...

84. (Jesus:) Behold the honor guard of Maria! Behold this day the might and strength and power that I bestow upon My faithful queen and the children of David! Behold, for the time is at hand. Behold the power and might of the Heavens that I pour down upon My Endtime Queen and her children. The time is at hand, yea, even now is--the day that Maria shall shine! Many helpers will I send to stand by the side of My Queen Maria. Many, many, many are preparing to give aid, to help and to guide. Behold, many will be the helpers of Maria and the children of David!

85. Behold the seven angels of Maria that I assign this day to guard her, to stand strong for her, to fight for her! Behold the might of Heaven, the power of Heaven that I pour out this day! Seven angels will stand guard from this day forth to guard and protect My Queen Maria. Seven mighty angels stand strong in the power and might of Heaven. Seven angels, standing in the aura of My fire and light and life I give to Maria, that she might be protected and preserved to feed My children in the house of David. Behold these angels as they take their stance, always ready, never sleeping, always protecting, always standing guard at the side of My Queen Maria.

Seven Guardian Angels of Dad, The↑ Page Top

ML#1262:33. (Mama: I pray that Thy seven angels, Lord, would be 'round about him and take care of him.--I don't know their names, do you?) Isn't that funny, I was just thinking about that, thinking about that very thing!--Adam and Noah and Abraham and Moses!--That's four, huh? And David and Daniel!--That's six, huh?--And Abrahim!--Seven!

34. (But I thought those guardians around you were angels, not men!) Men are angels when they're in the spirit world, Honey. ... (Who's the head of the seven angels? What one is in charge?) Michael the Archangel. (Which of the seven is the leader?) None of them is the leader. Michael the Archangel is the leader!

Seven Guiding Spirits of Maria, The↑ Page Top

Seven strong guiding spirits set around Maria--We also can partake of them

ML#3070:125. (Jesus:) I have set seven strong guiding spirits around Maria. They keep the flame; they guard it 'round about. At the same time they ensure that every word that goes forth shall be filled with the spirit of truth to enlighten the hearts of men; shall be filled with the spirit of love to show them the compassion that I have for them; shall be filled with the spirit of wisdom to open the mysteries and unlock the doors of the questions of the hearts; shall be filled with the spirit of understanding, understanding the needs and desires of those around her; shall be filled with the spirit of judgment, judging the wrong and upholding the right; shall be filled with the spirit of mercy, knowing that some fall only through human failings, and seeing the mistakes of the mind as opposed to those of the intents of the hearts; shall be filled with the spirit of discernment, discerning the right and the wrong and knowing the thoughts and the intents of the heart.

127. These spirits of the Spirit of the Lord rest upon My Maria in this Endtime, so all may know that a prophetess of God has been among them. And through these Words, you also can partake of the same spirits, of the same strength, and the same wisdom and insight.

128. As you have grown as little Davids in the house of David, so are you learning to be little Marias in the house of Maria. For the house of Maria is but an extension of the house of David--the one built upon the other and being the same. The gifts, the talents, and the calling of Maria complement and extend the gifts, the talents and the calling of David. ...

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego↑ Page Top

MLK#206. (Daniel:) When we were young men, my friends, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and I were taken to Babylon to be trained in the ways of the Babylonians. We had to stand up for our convictions, and sometimes it wasn't easy. You have read the story about how Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were thrown into the fiery furnace because they wouldn't bow down to the statue of King Nebuchadnezzar. And many years later I was thrown into the lion's den because I prayed to God. Both times God miraculously saved us.

Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and I all want to help you to have strong faith and conviction to stand up for your beliefs! Ask for our help.

In the Bible...

Dan.1:3-7, 2:49, 3:1-30.

Shadow↑ Page Top

Call on him and his army to help former members

ML#3529:117. (Jesus:) But there is one whose power I now urge you to call upon and activate in addition to My angels of conscience. For this one, with his army of co-workers, will actively guard and fight for My children who have left the fold--even those who through pride have chosen the Enemy's rebellion and rejection. ...

118. Now I introduce Shadow and his team. He it is who steps in when the influence of conscience has been nullified due to wrong choices and decisions made. Shadow cannot be brushed aside or ignored. One from the army of Shadow is assigned to each of My children who has left the fold of David, and like the helmet of salvation, this spirit being cannot be forcibly detached or cast aside. Once this one is specifically called upon and "attached" to someone in spirit through prayer, he will always remain, just as surely as one cannot remove their own shadow. In the spiritual realm, his mere presence beside one of My children is enough to send Obtherion and his putrid pride cowering and slithering away in ignominious defeat.

119. To explain the power of Shadow and his army: In the spiritual realm, when you call on Shadow, one of his army is literally attached in spirit to the person you are praying for. It's as if he is sewn in spirit to the soles of their feet, so that where they walk he walks--he's always right behind them, just as your shadow you always have with you. ...

121. For some Shadow will be a "soft sole" under their feet--helping pull them slowly back to the light--for that is all some will need as the conditions of the world worsen and they begin to see My Word fulfilled before their eyes. But for others he will be as tight, ill-fitting shoes, or as sand or a pebble constantly rubbing underfoot--so that they cannot escape his annoyance or persistent irritation and bother, to the point that they will have to stop, sit up and take notice.

122. For yet others, he will be as a hindering sharp "horn" that digs itself deeper and deeper into the layers of skin upon the foot, so that every step is fraught with pain in order to halt the feet that run faster and further into the pits of pride, darkness and destruction.


Shuly Boliver↑ Page Top

Departed Family Member

ML#2123:41. At the time we couldn't understand why the Lord would let such a thing [Abner's death] happen, but now I understand more than ever before! Because he's been helping us for years, as well as Aaron, Phoebe, Shuly and others, all these various people that have gone on.

Silver Helmet Angels↑ Page Top

Defeat the spirits of pride

ML#3455:74. (Channel:) I saw a picture of warriors--male and female--all wearing silver helmets with white wings on either side of their helmets. There were hundreds--maybe thousands of them--all in rank, and marching with some sort of weapon in their hand. It looks like a golden staff with silver rings around it. At the top it's a blade--ornate, but practical. It's sort of like an axe, but with a much thinner blade. They're all marching with these weapons held against their arm and shoulder.

75. (Jesus:) These are the armies I send into war. These are they of My elite warriors, who have been commissioned into this great and mighty battle!

93. The legions I send into battle will be the mop-up crew. They will go in as soon as the person drops their pride. They will chase these evil demons down and cut them to bits and burn their bodies in a great heap.

Simeon (NT)↑ Page Top

Helps you to hear from the Lord, and prays for the Family

ML#3720:48. (Simeon:) I've had the privilege of being a spirit helper occasionally over the years, being assigned to help this or that person to hear from the Lord and follow His leadings, or help them in other spiritual matters.

49. My work in the spiritual realm doesn't always involve the Family, but I do pray for you, as do many others Here. The Lord has His Own form of daily prayer lists Here, tailored to the needs of His children on Earth, our own desires and burdens in prayer, and delivered in such a way that enables us to be the most effective and fervent in our prayers for you.

50. So, dear co-workers on Earth, I often pray for you--both for your work as a whole in these Last Days and for those of you I've come to be personally acquainted with in my work as a spirit helper.

In the Bible...

Luke 2:25-35.

Simon the Warrior↑ Page Top

Trains you in the art of fighting

Linkup #1. (Simon the Warrior:) My name is Simon the Warrior. I lived hundreds of years ago in the land of France, where I was a mighty warrior for the vassals of my land. I fought a good fight against the heathen Moors that tried to engulf our land. I was a firm believer in Christ but I rejected the harsh and unloving ways of the Church of my day. I was appalled by the lack of love and how they did not follow the teachings of our Lord and Savior. So I waged a militant war against those who wanted to corrupt the simple faith of my people. I fought for them and I was their champion. ...

I leapt at the chance to come now and defend you, the children and mighty men of David, and teach you how to war. I long for more warrior sons whom I can train and fight with. I want you to accept me now as your trainer. Let me help you learn to uphold the standard of David and fight for the right. I have met your Father David, and have talked many long hours with him, for he too was a fighter and a servant of our Lord. He commissioned me to come down to you and to fight for you.

Smith Wigglesworth↑ Page Top

Expert on meditation and intercessory prayer

ML#3698:173. (Mama:) The next of God's greats in our feast of meditation jewels is Smith Wigglesworth. He lived from 1859 to 1947. He was born to a very poor family, and he had to go to work at the age of six. As a consequence, he never learned to read well until he was an adult. Later he said he'd never read anything but the Bible. He became a plumber by trade.

174. As a minister, Wigglesworth was hardly known outside of his hometown until 1907. In 1907 he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, which changed his life forever. It was then, at the age of 48, that God moved Wigglesworth from a small, relatively unknown ministry, to conducting powerful meetings throughout the world, stirring the faith of thousands to receive healing and salvation.

175. Wigglesworth would usually conclude a sermon by praying for the sick, regardless of what text he had ministered. Wigglesworth said, "To hunger and thirst after righteousness is when nothing in the world can fascinate us so much as being near to God."

Sonale↑ Page Top

Instructs us in the art of prayer warfare

ML#3565:139. (Jesus:) Today I introduce to you a new helper--one whose command is to teach you more sophisticated prayer skills. This one will instruct you in the art of prayer warfare. As Natalia instructs and leads you in praise, and as Ellya instructs you in calling on the keys, I give you Sonale. (Note from channel: I heard the pronunciation of this name as "Son'-a-lee" pronouncing "son" like the name "Sonja," and then with a short "a" and a long "ee." Son-a-lee.)

140. Sonale is a master in prayer warfare. She is a bold warrior as she fights with the weapon of prayer. Her skills far surpass that of the conventional. She will teach you how to use the weapons I have given you with greater speed as well as precision.

141. Tune in to her voice and let her instruct you. She will guide you in how to aim your prayers. She will train you in how to project your prayers, how to zero in, shoot, and hit your target right on with greater skill. She will train you in perfecting your aim. She is a master in prayer warfare and will train you in the same. She will help you aspire to master prayer warriors as well--a commission that commands unlimited power.

193. (Sonale:) Call on me, Sonale, when you enter your times of prayer, when you take time in prayer vigil. Call on me to help you to be the prayer warriors that you need to be. When you call on me I am able to instruct you in how to pray, and what types of prayers are needed for the specific prayer requests that will make your prayer times so much more effective.

194. Prayer is an opportunity to avail yourself of so much spirit help! You have Ellya to help you as you call on the keys; Tola and Tor to instruct you in key power; Natalia to teach you to use praise in your prayers; and you have me, Sonale, to help you in knowing how to pray and to instruct you in the art of prayer. We are only a few of the host of those who play an active role in helping you to learn the art of these spiritual weapons you have in your hands. So don't fail to call on our help and avail yourself of Heaven's power as we instruct you in their ways.

196. (Jesus:) Sonale will speak in prophecy and give instruction regarding the art of prayer warfare whenever you ask her. But she will also be a ministering spirit who leads through nudges, thoughts, feelings, or her very presence when you call for her to be present during your times of intercessory prayer.

197. So it's good to ask her to speak to you from time to time and help you improve your strategies and techniques. When you have a big need or big request to pray for, you would probably find it helpful to ask her for any specific counsel she might have about praying through that particular miracle.

198. But she's also available for you to simply call on when you enter a normal time of intercessory prayer, and simply through having summoned her (or one of her helpers) and having them present in spirit when you pray, she will make a big difference, for she will nudge you in spirit, remind you of things, and help to direct and influence your prayers so that they are as powerful as possible.

Miracle Warriors

SOS, The (Strength of Spirit)↑ Page Top

Heavenly counterpart of the spirits of seduction

ML#3485:177. (Jesus:) ... There is, however, another legion of angelic helpers that you can call on for your more general needs in fighting the spirits of seduction.

178. They are the SOS, the heavenly counterpart of the spirits of seduction. In this case, their initials stand for Strength of Spirit. They love to come in when called upon and strengthen the spirits of My children. They can bring into focus the dangers that these spirits of seduction would lure you into. They can at times help you to see into the future and have a glimpse of what the end result could be if you followed the spirits of seduction.

179. They will bring My Words to your mind to help you stand strong. They will bring comfort and encouragement and help you to turn to Me to fill the emptiness or desire that is driving you to something that could harm you. All these things will they do for you.

180. They far outnumber the spirits of seduction, and when you call on them they will be at your side to help you in an instant. ...

181. Because I know that you, My children, will need them often, I have made their name itself a call for help--SOS. So the instant you say their name, they're already summoned.

Seduction and Obsession


Speed Demons, The↑ Page Top


Sphinx↑ Page Top

ML#1369:297. "Sphincter--a muscle whose contraction narrows or shuts an orifice," from the Greek "sphinkter." Now you said something very interesting, you said Sphinx! Now, dear Sue, we need the encyclopedia. Where did I get the idea that the Sphinx has anything to do with a sphincter muscle? What in the World could the Sphinx have to do with sphincter muscle?

298. Sphinx: "A monster of Greek mythology with the head of a woman and the body of a lioness that proposed riddles to travellers and strangled those who could not solve them. Any similar monster or representation of one. An enigmatic or inscrutable person." Again from the Greek, "to draw tight."

ML#1406:30. But the Lord had told us ... that the evil spirit's name was Sphinx! And do you know what the Sphinx Goddess was notorious for? She was a Goddess who strangled her victims! That is where you get the medical term "sphincter" muscles!

31. You have several different areas in your body where sphincter muscles are very useful and which close up the tube that you urinate through or you'd be wetting all the time, leaking all over the place! Same thing with the rear end, you'd be shittin' all over the floor all the time, sittin' or standin' or walkin' or whatever! They only relax when it's time to relax at BM time, otherwise they keep that tube closed tight. You'll have a hard time pushing stuff through, even if you strain! Just be constipated and you'll find out!

ML#1407:17. It did not occur until we had that revelation about the talisman and the Sphinx, the spirit of the Sphinx, that devil goddess of Egypt who choked her victims to death! I wouldn't be a bit surprised it was the Sphinx herself that the Devil had sicced on me, one of the demon goddesses of Egypt! And the Lord revealed to us at that time that it had something to do with the sphincter muscles, named for her, only we only related it at that time to David and his bedwetting problem, that she had attacked his sphincter muscles and he was not able to hold his urine!

ML#1405:84. The Sphinx, as I said, had various forms, and sometimes various identities and various names for various functions, so that they were actually few in number over all, but expressed in different forms and ways and functions. The Sphinx is supposed to be a trinity of three Egyptian gods: Harmakhis, the god of the rising sun; Khepri, the sacred scarab, or the bug god; and Atum, the god-king, supposed to be the father of the human race, symbolized also by the sun and a symbol of resurrection.

85. It's strange that this Sphinx should be in not only female form and sometimes represented as male, but also Trinitarian form! This is almost symbolic or similar to the trinity of the Devil himself, as I've sometimes mentioned before, Satan being in the trinity of Satan, the Devil's trinity, the opposite of God; the Antichrist being the opposite of Jesus; and the False Prophet of the Antichrist being the opposite of the Holy Spirit. And sure enough in this Sphinx we have this Trinity represented by these three gods, the sun-god, the bug-god, and the king-god, and surely the Antichrist is going to be a king of the World at the End of the World!


Almathor [Heavenly counterpart of Sphinx and Drought]

Spirit Helpers who specialize in
relating to others↑ Page Top

ML#3522:46. (Jesus:) ... You have helpers who specialize in relating to others, strengthening the bonds of your love with others, and your communications with others. They yearn to speak to you on how you can reach out more, focus on others, and be Me for others in all of your interactions.

Spirits and angels assigned to
our former member children↑ Page Top

ML#3459:177. (Mama:) Following are a few promises from the Lord about the good spirits and angels which are assigned to our children who aren't in the Family. Thank the Lord we can call on them and pray for them as they watch over our loved ones.

178. (Dad:) The Lord won't leave her, and He'll be with her each step of the way. Her special guardian angel is going to be right there with her, trying to help her make the right decisions. Even outside of the Family, the Lord still tries to help us just as much. He still tries to help us make the right choices in our lives so that we can help and love others. (From "The Silver Lining," ML #3166:115.)


179. (Jesus:) I give great attention to My children who have departed from their physical parents and from the faith-giving atmosphere of the Family. When they cry, I hear, and I give to them. I attend to them very carefully. I watch over them. They have ministering spirits who are there to protect them, to speak to their hearts and minds and spirits, and to teach them and guide them. Their teachers and caretakers were there [when they were in the Family] to nurture them and guide them and train them in My ways, and now My ministering spirits attend to them and guide and train them in the spirit. (From "The Silver Lining," ML #3166:189.)


180. (Spirit helper:) All of Jesus' wandering children have special guardians like me who are by their sides at all times, no matter what they do or how far they stray. (From an unpublished message.)

Storytellers in the Heavenlies, The↑ Page Top

ML#3119:193. (Helga:) We'll work as a team, okay?--As a body fitly joined together, a good team for Jesus. We're all a storywriting team, isn't that exciting? It's also an honor for us to be able to partake of helping you all to get to know the real world better, so that it's not so strange or awkward for you, but that it comes as natural as can be. There are many people who do this kind of work for a living--ghostwriters who get inspiration to help publish books and stories. So why not have real ghostwriters writing Heavenly stories with Heavenly themes?

Storytellers [Index]

Stress, The spirit of↑ Page Top

ML#3612:69. (Jesus:) The spirit of stress is an actual spirit. You need to learn to recognize it, resist it, rebuke it in the power of the keys, and through your obedience to Me and your willingness to make My priorities your priorities, it will have no part in your life.

70. The spirit of stress would like to suck the life and happiness out of you. The spirit of stress will try to steal your joy of the Lord. It will try to push you and motivate you through pride to always do more, to "just finish this project and then get things back in balance."

71. But, My loves, it's not My will that you have stress in your life, so when you start to feel stressed, you can automatically know that's not of Me.

Styrian↑ Page Top

Heavenly counterpart of Lethargy

ML#3482:4. (Styrian:) I am akin to Ellya. I am sent to bring a whirlwind of destruction to the demon Lethargy and his ilk. I am filled with good ideas that bring forth spiritual progress and which are then manifested in not just spiritual growth, but physical fruit. I am sent to agitate the demon Lethargy to destruction! I cause positive spiritual activity. I am everything which is the opposite of Lethargy, and when I fight him, he vaporizes before me. I am filled with an all-consuming power of the Spirit of God, and the demon Lethargy has no escape when confronted by me. I whirl him up in my wind of action and throw him out. I bombard him with spiritual action and he vaporizes! I am Styrian, whirlwind of positive spiritual activity.

ML#3579:48. (Summary:) Styrian was created from the Spirit of God--a whirlwind of positive spiritual energy--sent to drive back the demon Lethargy and his ilk. She is filled with good ideas--positive spiritual input and personalized counsel--on how to combat Lethargy's grip. As we do our part--taking the continued steps of obedience necessary? asking for her help, and asking for an infilling of the Holy Spirit, Styrian will work with us in helping us to aggressively preempt, counterattack, and debilitate Lethargy and his influence in our lives. Styrian + us (the part we need to do) = Lethargy's downfall.

37. (Vision:) I see a beautiful spirit being! She's not easy to describe, firstly because she's at the core of this incredible whirlwind--a circular rushing whirl of light and energy. And secondly, because she seems to be in perpetual motion as well, as if spinning around within this whirlwind.

38. Her motion slows at one point--but only for a few moments--and I see her perfect beauty and form, and her long hair that is alive with energy! She seems to be in perfect harmony with this dynamic spiritual energy surrounding her. From within this whirlwind, I see her outstretched arm point in the direction of a dark pervasive force. The energy generating around and extending past the length of her arm is incredible, and whatever evil was in front of the power burst she emitted is vaporized--it completely vanished!

Sun Tzu↑ Page Top

Our heavenly general who is helping us from the spirit world

ML#3692: Sun Tzu (who lived around 500 BC) was a Chinese military strategist and general who was the author of the classic The Art of War, the earliest known treatise on war and military science. The book is a systematic guide to strategy and tactics for rulers and commanders.

Sun Yat-sen↑ Page Top

Member of the Education Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

ML#1835:8. (Dad:) Dr. Sun Yat-sen was from Canton, and his revolution which overthrew the last Chinese dynasty of emperors, the Ching Dynasty, occurred within my lifetime! ... He was the one who founded Kuomintang, which was the Nationalist Party, and it's my vague recollection he was either a Christian missionary or Christian head of a university. Canton was the center of revolution in those days and that's where he began his revolution against the Ching Dynasty, the last Emperor of Southern China, and that's where Mao began his revolution, Mao Tse-tung with Chou En-lai. ...

** Sun Yat-Sen (1866-1925): Chinese politician. Sun Yat-Sen was born to peasants, and attended Christian schools in Hawaii. He studied medicine in Hong Kong but fled China in 1895 after a failed revolt.

In 1905, he returned to China to form a revolutionary society, the T'ung Men Hue. After the revolution of 1911, he was chosen president of the newly formed Chinese republic.

He resigned in favor of Yuan Shihkai, whom he felt was better able to unite the country. After Yuan displayed imperial ambitions, Sun founded a rival party, the Kuomintang. After failing to seize power in 1913, he fled to Japan, returning in 1917 to set up a rival government in Canton, which he headed until his death in 1925.

Martin Luther [The Education Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Tadhg↑ Page Top

Peter's ancestor and helper

ML#3296:93. (Paul T:) The following poem I got for Peter is a little serious, adventurous and mysterious. ... I was thinking about writing a poem for Peter's birthday. I began to see a vision of a great fountain of fresh water rising up in the middle of the sea, and I started to get a few lines about Peter in a kind of prophecy poem:

I beheld a mighty fountain

Rising from the sea.

Then I saw a man on the mountain

And head and shoulders stood he,

Above the crowd,

A pillar, a beacon, a shroud

To those who toil in many waters

Casting nets into the sea.

He was the king of God's fishing fleet

And a fisherman was he,

And the greatest catch he caught

Was the heart of sweet Marie.

His ancestors were sailors

Who roamed the Northern Seas

With Vikings, Celts and traders

And of worthy stock came he.

94. My reception broke up soon after that, plus the tape recorder stopped working, but that little word "Celts" got me interested enough to want to have a peek at Irish history to see if there was any record of things Peter's relatives had done. And sure enough, I found some very interesting stuff. The life of one man in particular caught my attention. This fellow, likely a direct ancestor of Peter, was once the chieftain of Peter's family clan--which meant that he was one of the lesser kings of Ireland at the time.

95. Now we get to the spooky part: This fellow died in battle almost 1,000 years ago tomorrow evening, April 23, 1014! His ultimate sacrifice for his nation not only helped deliver Christian Ireland from the Vikings but was marked by such an unusual miracle at his death that it frightened the enemy enough to help win the war. The poem I am about to read you is in remembrance of this king and great warrior of the faith whom our own King Peter is very likely a direct descendant of, and who very likely helps protect and help Peter from the spirit world. ...

97. (Jesus:) ... Many are the helpers that I give to My King Peter, for these are My gifts to the king. These are the honor guard of King Peter. These helpers are mighty ones whom I send to uphold the king's arms in battle. I send them to King Peter's aid to sustain him and help him fight the battles. They endue him with strength and honor and valor. They help to strengthen his resolve, to encourage his faith, to deliver to him sound wisdom, keen discernment and bravery and courage. These are the things that Tadhg seeks to deliver to King Peter.

98. ...Tadhg will stand at the side of King Peter from this day forth, to help him fight and win the battles that lie ahead.

99. Tadhg has come before Me in the courts of Heaven, seeking My blessing. I have given him My benediction. I have anointed him with the holy oil of the elixir of Heaven. I send him now to come to the aid of Peter. This is My desire, and so it is the burning desire of Tadhg, for indeed your King Peter is his descendant. This is My will. This is My provision, for in this way I add to the helpers of the children of David. In this way, I provide wise counsel for the Family clan in the last days.

101. As Abrahim assisted your Father David, so I send Tadhg to assist King Peter. He will join the band of helpers that help uphold the king's arms in battle. Tadhg will help to guide Peter in this new era of action, for I do not leave him comfortless in these mighty days you now enter. In these Last Days, as the battle intensifies, I increase the helpers that surround My king. And I give King Peter this brave one. He is released to join you on this significant day, the day of the king's birth.

102. Tadhg himself will speak to Peter. ... He will impart great, great wisdom. He will deliver sound advice and wise counsel, bravery, fearlessness, and great, great courage. He will help him to lead My children in the new era of action. For these are great and mighty and terrible days you now embark on, and where I guide I provide. Many are the helpers of Peter and Maria and My children of the End.

Tananik↑ Page Top

African spirit helper--female warrior

ML#3232:26. (Tananik:) ... I have been summoned, along with many others, to aid you, to fight at your side and help you win this great battle. ...

28. My name is Tananik, and I am a great woman warrior of the Nile, strong and powerful, mighty, beautiful and black. It is not my own strength and power that makes me strong, but I have been created to be a vessel of the power and strength of Jesus--and this is the energy which empowers me. I am a creation of Jesus, created to be a vessel of His great strength and power.

29. I have always lived in the spirit world, yet I have been on many assignments throughout the history of the world to help those in need on Earth. I have gone many places and fought many battles on behalf of my Lord and King.

30. When the great Doctor Livingstone was discouraged and in despair, I came to him, deep in the heart of Africa, and I delivered to him comfort, vision, and strength. Many missionaries who have walked this great land, who have peeked into her dark corners--when they called out to Jesus for help, He sent me to their aid. I come and help to fight in spirit. I wage war in the spirit and intervene in the spirit world where the real fighting goes on. I fight bravely and courageously, for I know no fear!

32. I will be with you continually, day and night. I never tire. I never sleep. I am always on guard, alert, awake, and ready. All you must do is call on me and I will answer. I will help you to have strength and wisdom. I will whisper in your ear and warn you of the danger zones. When you don't know which way to turn, I will tell you to go right, go left, or to wait. I will help to open many great doors before you, and I will signal you when it is the indicated time to walk through these doors.

33. I will help you to scout out the land when you enter into new territory, and I will work in the spirit world to touch the hearts of rulers, great chiefs, men and women of influence on your behalf. You must not fear this great land so diverse in peoples and languages, for I have understanding of the tribes. I know their customs. I am able to see into their hearts and to know their needs. I have great understanding of the areas, the cultures, the hearts and souls. I have great understanding and discernment. If you call on me, I will give you wisdom and help you to feel the heart of the African people.

Tandy↑ Page Top

Helps our children be a faithful witness and have strong faith

Gen-up #2. (Tandy:) Hi, I'm Tandy, the spirit helper that has inspired the character of Emilie in the stories "Secret Weapon," "The Fugitives," and now "The Rebels." I've been assigned to help you see how you too can have the strengths Emilie has. Emilie's strong points are how she doesn't give up, and keeps forging ahead and being a faithful witness. She has strong faith and knows that the Lord is going to answer her prayers. You can exercise that sort of faith now. You don't have to wait to go on a spirit trip, and you don't have to wait until the Mark of the Beast comes or for when you're in the last three and a half years. All you have to do is exercise the faith God is giving you now to be His Endtime witnesses today.

When you are out witnessing, and need a spirit helper to help you be strong in the Lord, ask for my help. My job is to remind you of the Word you've read, and to give you the faith to believe it and act on it.


Taurug↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#3249:41. (Jesus, to Mama:) Some of your helpers are very busy, and while they would love to spend their full time with you, My dear queen, learning from you and partaking of the excitement of the spirit which surrounds you, they must also fulfill other duties of the realm, and so only come back when you need them by your side.

42. One of these who comes and goes is ... Taurug.

ML#616:20. (Dad:) He lived there in the mountain out near Orotava, and he had a lot of wives and a whole lot of children. And his name was Taurug. ...

21. And he prayed for his children when I was in Orotava. They moaned and they moaned and they moaned, they moaned for their children, Taurug and all his wives moaned for their children. ...

26. Taurug was the head chief of the whole island and he lived in those hills up above Orotava, and they called the whole Island Teide then.

Thomas the Apostle↑ Page Top

Helps us as we pioneer new mission fields

ML#3701: Summary: We can call on Thomas to help as we pioneer new mission fields, learn new languages, and adapt to new cultures. He can give us ideas for how to reach those in far-flung lands. He'll remind us that mistakes can be steppingstones to success.

19. Thomas was one of the Lord's disciples. He can be a great inspiration to any of us who have to fight hard against carnal mindedness and doubts about things that we have to take by faith without seeing the proof with our eyes. After Jesus' ascension he went on to do great things for the Lord. It's believed that he took the Gospel eastward as far as India.

20. "When it seemed reasonable to stay in Jerusalem," Thomas said, "I took off for places unknown. When it seemed impossible to go even further into lands and to peoples who had never heard the name of Jesus, I grabbed my pack and set off on horse, or ship, or donkey, or on foot if I had to. If Satan said I couldn't, I was all the more determined to do it.

21. "I was a stranger in strange lands. I didn't speak the language or know anything about the locals there, yet I set forth because I knew it was what the Lord wanted me to do. My only purpose for going was to witness and save people by telling them the good news that Jesus had come to Earth to give His life for them, so that they might live forever. I can help you have the vision, even for the toughest mission fields. It takes guts to go wherever Jesus shows you to, but if you let me, I'll be right at your side."

22. Jesus explains Thomas' mission today: "Thomas understands the far-flung mission fields, and the challenges of learning new languages and customs, and will help those of you who call on him. He'll help you to learn new languages and inspire you with ideas of how to reach the people of your field. He has a special love for distant lands where people haven't heard about Me and My Word. If you feel like you can't witness properly yet, or if you're having a difficult time adjusting, Thomas will help you. He lived to witness, and he will share his passion for souls and disciple winning with you."

Call on him when you need more faith

MLK#208. (Thomas:) Faith is a very important part of living for Jesus. You need faith to believe what Jesus says and to act on His Words. In the past, I was sometimes referred to as "doubting Thomas," because I didn't believe that the other disciples had seen Jesus until I saw Him for myself and felt the holes the nail had left in His hands. But I learned the importance of having faith, and I stopped doubting. Now, thanks to Jesus and His Word, I am full of faith! I have absolute faith that Jesus is going to work all things out for good, even when things seem to be going wrong.

I love watching the Family on Earth. Whenever I see that one of you is not sure if you have faith to do something Jesus asks you to do, I like to remind you to call on the keys of faith. Do you sometimes need more faith to do something for Jesus? Whenever that happens, you can ask me, and I'll be by your side ready to help you. And remember, faith comes through studying the Word. Also, as you use the keys of faith, your faith will increase!

[Note: There are stories told (not in the Bible) about how Thomas went as a missionary to Syria, Persia, and even as far as India. That took faith!]

Timekeeper↑ Page Top

Time management helper for parents

PEP Class II: (Timekeeper:) My commission is to help and teach you how to preserve and be a wise steward over the time our Lord has granted you as parents. You see me, as I stand tall and erect, with an old-fashioned sand clock in my hands. My appearance is timeless; for my purpose is to assist you in using the time you are given to the utmost. ... Time invested in your children is time well invested, and will reap lasting results.

When you receive the precious, eternal gift of children, in order to effectively teach, train, and parent them, it takes acquiring new or more highly honed skills of time management, effective organization, and multitasking.

It may seem like the days, the months, and the years stretch endlessly ahead, and that there will be plenty of time to make up for missed parenting, or for the times when you were unable to give your children your full focus and attention. But alas, as the sands in my hourglass, each moment passes quickly and then is gone. Each of these grains of sand--or moments of time--is precious and unique and only comes round once, so it’s important that they are spent doing our Lord’s highest will.

The Lord wants your Homes to be effective in managing time, and as you exercise the spiritual and practical tools at your disposal to achieve this, He won’t fail to come through for you with all the answers, solutions, and skills you need to succeed. Call on me for help and I will eagerly assist you in managing and making the most of the time you have.

Timothy (NT)↑ Page Top

MLK#208. (Timothy:) When I was growing up, I was also taught about God and how to serve Him. When I was a boy, my grandmother, Lois, and my mother, Eunice, raised me to know and love God. When I was a young man, the apostle Paul took over my spiritual training.

You can ask me to help you as you study the Word so that you can learn all you need to know about Jesus and His ways. I am eager to help you to grow up into a strong disciple like I was. You can also ask my grandmother and mother, Lois and Eunice, to help your parents and caregivers in teaching you God's Word.

In the Bible...

Act.16:1-3, 17:14-15, 18:5, 19:22, 20:4. Rom.16:21. 1Cor.4:17, 16:10. 2Cor.1:1, 19. Phi.1:1, 2:19-23. Col.1:1. 1Thi.1:1, 3:2, 3:6. 2Thi.1:1. 1Tim.1-5. 2Tim.1-3. Phile.1:1. Heb.13:23.

Timothy Concerned↑ Page Top

Departed Family Member

ML#2971:43. (Mama; after Dad's homegoing:) The vision someone sent us of Timothy Concerned being too ashamed to come before Dad because of the way he had failed also portrayed some condemnation even in Heaven. But now that Timothy has been able to ask Dad's forgiveness, what do you bet that that will be the end of it and that burden will be lifted? If he accepts the forgiveness, he won't have a problem with it any more--just like us.

44. God's forgiveness and God's promises that "there is now no condemnation" apply equally to us on earth as they do to those in Heaven--"on earth as it is in Heaven"--and we can be "partakers of the divine nature" here the same as they are there (2Pet.1:4). ...

46. And if Dad has his way, what do you suppose he will assign Timothy to do? I have a feeling it will be like Edison with his apprentice who broke the light bulb, but he turned around and trusted him with the next one! (See "Good Thots" 2, page 1286, #287.) I got the distinct impression that now that Timothy has suffered and been forgiven for his failures, Dad would tell him, "Son, I want you to be the one that has the special job of tuning in to Techi and doing all you can to help her now!" ...

ML#3008:87. (Timothy, to Jesse in the Austin accident:) I too know and experienced condemnation for years and years in my life because I made a grave mistake. I left my plow, I deserted my post, I deserted the king and the queen when they needed me. ...

88. But before long I realized the error of my way, and deep, dark heavy condemnation came upon my soul. The Devil tormented me day and night! Finally, Jesse, I went to be with the Lord. I finally came into His Kingdom, into His Paradise. I went to my reward, and I found forgiveness in the Lord. I finally found sweet relief and deliverance from the condemnation of the Enemy. I saw that the Lord still loved me and He forgave me in spite of my horrible, horrible failure. ...

89. But even after I found the Lord's forgiveness, I was still embarrassed and ashamed to meet Dad. I felt I could hardly look in his eyes, I was so, so ashamed. But you know, Jesse, I have experienced and felt Dad's forgiveness. Do you know that when he came to Heaven he sought me out, he looked for me? I didn't have the guts to go to him and ask his forgiveness, so he came and sought me out. And when I fell at his feet and asked his forgiveness, he immediately raised me up and took me in his arms and said, "I love you, son. I forgive you!"

Tokyo Spirits↑ Page Top

Prophecy received at Japan RC meeting (Nov.2002):

(Jesus:) To My Loves that live in Tokyo. You do not realize how the evil forces there in the pit of Tokyo are so very strong. Yes, they are strong everywhere, but in the corners and borders of this city lies many many more. They are strong and they eat away at your spirit without you knowing it. It is difficult for you to see them if you have been living there for a long time, but they are very strong. They grow on you and soon these spirits cause you to become blind to the spirit of darkness.

I am so proud of you for taking on the armor of protection and I love you so very deeply. I am proud of you for your work for Me and for how much you have given to Me. There is much fruit in your labors and service to Me. But one thing I wish to warn you of is the spirits that fight you in great intensity. The grossness that mirks in every street; Unless you recognize this spirit of darkness and of heaviness, and become cleansed from it every day, you will soon become tired and weak and your heart will not be able to stay pure towards Me. So pray desperately and ask Me whether it is My will for you to be therein. And if I lead you to be there as missionaries and soldiers to win those that live in Tokyo to Me, then you must commit yourselves to fight harder and cleanse yourselves daily.

This is something that all My loves need to do daily! Japan is a materialistic country and witnessing can be a longer, tougher road. But if you cleanse and renew yourselves daily and love Me daily and ask Me to cleanse you from the materialism, then I will be able to keep you strong and fill you with My spirit so that these demons do not hinder you.

Tola and Tor↑ Page Top

Commanders of the power of the keys

ML#3429:18. (Vision:) I see two amazing beings! They are very clearly male and female. Their size is amazing! She looks like an Amazon! She's tall and very shapely, very strong, certainly not weak and frail. He stands a good six inches taller than she does, and is also mighty hefty-looking. ...

19. They look like they're made of gold from the neck down! They don't look like a golden image that's all smooth and shiny and slick, but more like they're made of liquid gold. It's alive, living gold, rippling and radiant. ...

22. I have a strong impression that this liquid gold they're made of, though calm and soothing at this moment, can also flare up and rage almost out of control! Now it flows within them, like a steady, flowing stream of lava, but I get the impression that they can turn it up and it can become like a raging torrent gushing forth!

24. They're wearing headpieces. The woman's hair is all up under this headpiece. At first I thought it was short hair, but it's all up or slicked back under this headpiece that looks like a headband. It's not a single band across the top of her head, but three bands going across the top of her head from where her hairline starts, on back to the crown of her head. This headpiece looks like bands of the same liquid gold. The guy has a single headband across his forehead, also made of the same liquid gold.

25. They have another very outstanding feature: Right across their chests they both have what looks like a tattoo, though it's more like a deep engraving, etched right into their body, and it's a set of keys! The engraved keys look like diamonds embedded right into their chests of gold--a set of keys made up of diamonds! The man has two huge keys that crisscross his chest; the woman's are a set of keys, simple in form, several keys on a ring.

27. In a flash, they're surrounded by huge demon monsters! Giant, horrible, hideous demons on every side of them! The man and woman look over at me and peer deep into my eyes, very confidently, as if they're saying, "Watch this!" They're standing face to face, and they look deep into each other's eyes as if they're saying, "Ready?" to each other, or like they're counting, "One, two, three..." and then they spin around with their arms held out, as if they're holding a sword in their hands! There's no sword in their hands, they just hold out their arm as if that's their sword. They spin round a few times, and as they do, the gold substance within them comes gushing out, right out their fingers! It comes streaming out like a raging torrent and blows these demons to bits!

28. This gold substance inside them can flow out in great force. And at least in this case, it destroys everything in its path. They're showing me what they're capable of! They can command this liquid gold substance to do things for them. It's like they turn the power up and it becomes like explosives that they bombard these demons with. They vaporize them in a flash with this stuff! Bam, they're gone! The demons are demolished in a split second.

30. (Jesus:) Meet Tola and Tor, My children! Tola is the female spirit being and Tor is the male. They are My gift of love to the Family at this point in time. They join the ranks of ambassadors for the children of David. They are at your beck and call, dedicated from now until the end of time to serve you, to come to your aid when you have need, to fight your enemies in the power of the keys.

31. They are the embodiment of key power! They are champions of highest rank, commanders of the power of the keys! Key power runs through every fiber of their being; it is the total sum of their makeup.

32. Tola and Tor are now at the command of the children of David. They will be your protectors, your guardians, your defenders!

Call on them in times of persecution

ML#3529:94. (Jesus:) In individual situations, My Family can call on Tola and Tor for your protection.

Tommy↑ Page Top

Helps our children when they are sick

MLK #248. (Jesus:) There are also others who are eager to help you when you are sick. ... And you can call on Tommy, the boy you've read about who was crippled and lived in his little upstairs room. He wants to help you know how to give love to others, even if all you can do is give them a smile.

Toribio Alfonso Mogrovejo↑ Page Top

Memer of the Inspiration Department (of the ActivatedHeaven)

ML#3405:11. (Angelic moderator:) Over there are some of our Latin contingent. We've recruited some dear ex-Catholics from centuries past to give us a hand. ... There is José de Anchieta, ... And sitting with him is his Spanish buddy, Toribio Alfonso Mogrovejo, representing Conéctate. He labored for years as a bishop and missionary in Peru at the beginning of it all. And the locals loved him too. These two wonderful men poured their hearts out on their respective fields, and went through untold trials and tests in the process.

** Toribio Alfonso Mogrovejo (1538-1606): Bishop and defender of the rights of the native Indians in Peru. Born in Spain, he studied law and became a lawyer and then professor at Salamanca, receiving appointment--despite being a layman--as chief judge of the court of Inquisition at Granada under King Philip II of Spain. The king subsequently appointed him in 1580 to the post of archbishop of Lima, Peru. He arrived in Peru in 1581 and soon demonstrated a deep zeal to reform the archdiocese and a determination to do all in his power to aid the poor and defend the rights of the Indians who were then suffering severely under Spanish occupation. He founded schools, churches, hospitals, and the first seminary in the New World.

John Bunyan [The Inspiration Department of the ActivatedHeaven]

Trainer↑ Page Top

Helps us to apply the knowledge of health that the Lord has given us


In summary:

* A personal trainer.

* He knows nutrition, sleeping, exercise, and anything else that has to do with your body and health.

* His main job is to help you take the best care of your body, and not have to invest too much time researching it and understanding it yourself.

* When you do research on health topics, ask Trainer to help you catch the most important points, and then ask him to help you apply it correctly.

* [Eating, sleeping, exercise] are his main areas of expertise, but he can also help you to live right for good health in other ways too.

* Trainer's main and most important job is to help you to apply the knowledge of health that I have given you.

179. (Jesus:) [T]hese which I will reveal to you now are offensive warriors, counselors, guides and forewarners.

180. These helpers are trainers, guides, instructors in offensive warfare, and forewarners who can help prepare you for the Enemy's next move. They are not helpers for healing, to call on after you've been disobedient and have been dealt a blow by the Enemy. They are proactive, offensive, and their mission is to help you stay healthy.

203. Trainer ... is expert in the needs of the human body. Each body is different, complex, and each person's needs for exercise, nutrition, sleep, and other things that contribute to good health are different. There are a million different theories of things that will keep you healthy, but Trainer knows your body better than you do. To Trainer, who has studied the human body on a level far beyond anyone on Earth, these mysteries are simple. He is able to show you the perfect plan for exercise, eating a balanced, nutritious diet, and meeting the many other needs your body has.

206. He knows nutrition, sleeping, exercise, and anything else that has to do with your body and health. That's his main job, to help you take the best care of your body, and not have to invest too much time researching it and understanding it yourself. When you research health matters, ask Trainer to help you catch the most important points, and then ask him to help you apply it correctly.

208. Trainer's main and most important job is to help you to apply the knowledge of health that I have given you. He helps personalize these things, and he helps you to understand them. He can also help you to keep up with the different plans and ideas he gives you, much like a personal trainer. He can help to motivate you and keep you active.

209. Foresight and Trainer are the kind of helpers you should be calling on, talking to, and claiming every day. They'll be there daily to help you to have a good plan and to implement it. They understand you, and can make healthy living simple for you.

210. Think of them as Foresight and Trainer--not two separate beings, but a team. They work hand in hand. Each has his own specialty, but they work together closely, and often their portfolios overlap. They're a team that I've designed to help you organize your health life.

212. They will work with you and get you started, and then assign a personal helper to you who they will continue to oversee and work with, who can be your personal trainer and assistant.


Transparent spirit helper↑ Page Top

Helps you to grow in the weapon of humility

Blade #20. (Jesus:) It is an age-old question, and one which My children often ask Me as they seek to serve Me and glorify Me on Earth: "How can I decrease that You might increase, Lord?"

I see the sincere prayer of your heart, My son, and in gratitude for your desire for humility, I am giving you a gift.--It's the kind of gift I'm willing to give any of My children who desire a change of heart. She is a beautiful spirit helper--not beautiful with her own beauty, but beautiful because of the radiance of My Spirit that she possesses. See, this spirit helper is transparent. When you look at her, other than seeing her smile and her bright eyes, you can't really see anything else of her, but a faint outline of her form. She's transparent, and when you look at her, you only see a reflection of My beauty and My light.

She will be your companion in these days as you struggle to grow in the weapon of humility. She will gently stand in front of you when you are tempted to glorify yourself--your own works or your strong body--and in standing before you, she will render you transparent also, so that people will only see Me shining through you.

There's something else that comes with this spirit helper of humility, and that is a heavenly scent. When you take on her transparency, you also receive a special unearthly smell that will attract others to you. That's right.--It's so contrary to the ideas of man. It's natural to think you have to show off your own bod, or parade your own intelligence or wit before others to attract them. But the thing about this heavenly scent I give you is that it attracts people to you more than your own self-image ever could. Of course, people can't smell it with their physical noses, but it rests upon you and around you in the spirit, and people are drawn to it, because it comes from Me! It is a smell straight from Heaven. It's a blessing of My Spirit on you, for your desire and your efforts to glorify Me in all that you do and say.

Truth Keeper↑ Page Top

White Angel (Truth Keeper) [CGO Board Custodian]

Ukon Takayama↑ Page Top

Give insight into the hearts of rulers

ML#3701: Summary: Justus Ukon Takayama will give insight into the hearts and minds of leaders and rulers, and help you to know what to say to reach and feed them. He will also teach us greater faith.

39. Justus was the son of Takayama Hida-no-kami, a daimyo (or feudal lord, who was a vassal of the shogun). His father became one of the first Japanese Christians, when Justus was 11 years old. He then carried on in his father's footsteps, using his position to spread the message of Christianity among the other Japanese lords, and shielding Christians from much persecution during the reign of several shoguns. ... As lord of Takatsuki Castle, he built a church and seminary in the center of his territory and converted many of his subjects, as well as other feudal lords.

40. When a shogun arose who was determined to wipe out Christianity, he tried to force Justus to renounce his faith, and when he refused, the shogun determined to have him assassinated. But Justus had become so famous and respected by the people that the other lords persuaded the shogun that to do so would cause civil war. The shogun chose instead to exile Justus. He moved to Manila, Philippines, with his family and 350 of his followers. A short time later, after his mission on Earth was completed, he went to be with Jesus.

41. Justus tells us today, "I am called to your side because I can give you insight into the hearts and minds of those leaders and rulers you will need to minister to in the days ahead. If you are faithful to reach and train these powerful people in God's Word and ways, they will stand up for you as shields against Satan's onslaughts. I will help you to know what to do and say to reach them, and how to feed them in order to strengthen their convictions during the dark times.

42. "I am also here to teach you the ways of greater faith--a faith that is unwavering, a faith that is determined, a faith that will proceed until it reaches the desired goal, no matter what stands in its way. You can have this faith. Receive this mantle of greater faith that the Lord has for you. Above all, let Jesus have full control in your life, over your ideas, your plans, even your desires and will."

43. Jesus said: "Justus Ukon Takayama is ranked as a major soul winning and disciple training helper, because his great love for Me and lost souls was to the death, and because he will inspire many in Japan, and in other Eastern countries, to be willing to give all in order to win and train the lost."

Vain↑ Page Top

Instills the consciousness of what others might think

ML#3455:136. (Jesus:)These two demons, Vain and Mach [Macho or Machismo], strive to deceive both men and women. Vain instills the consciousness of what others might think and a fear of the opinions of others. ...

140. There is also the subtle influence of Vain. Though seemingly unrelated to the main attack on My children, it is also a serious threat, and through it, many of the weaknesses of the churches are slowly gaining entrance and contributing to the bickering and strife. Through closer ties with the churches--which still hold great sway in these countries--and seeking to curry their favor, some have become weakened in their own convictions and have been influenced by the ways of My weak children.

141. It is a great temptation to feel inferior and like you should be doing what the churches do, so that you will be more "blessed." But these false balances of judging how greatly you are being used or how fruitful your work is by how rich and increased with goods you are, and how popular you are, is a deadly trap which is slowly strangling the spirit and life from some.

ML#3455:143. (Jesus:) ...It is when My children are proud, seeking for your accomplishments and deeds and ministries to be well thought of by others, that you allow in the influence of Vain. Wanting to be accepted by the mainstream and not wanting to rock the boat, to continue to be well-liked by others, is an influence of Vain--who always seeks to lift up the individual, to want his prey to look good in the eyes of others, for it feeds their pride. It is conceit.

144. Living and obeying My Words, and preaching My Word--the radical and unconventional, the full meat of the Word--is not a popular job. It doesn't make you appear good in the eyes of the world. The churches are greatly influenced by Vain, because their works and even what the preachers teach are very tainted by Vain. Wanting to not rock the boat, wanting to be proud of accomplishments and large flocks, and withholding the full message in order to do so--all of this is part of Vain's influence.

145. This is how he has gained entrance into My Family--through playing on your pride, playing on your desire to be accepted and to draw large crowds and flocks, which then causes you to soft-pedal the message and not give the full counsel of God. It's excessive pride in desiring accomplishments, great flocks, and large numbers, and being willing to do whatever it takes for the image of success in the eyes of man rather than seeking success as I define it.

Vandari, The↑ Page Top

Preparing the ignorant to worship the son of perdition

ML#3420:142. (Jesus:) These repulsive, blood-red creatures you see transformed before your eyes are the Vandari, agents of the netherworld, who infiltrate the world population in the Last Days. (Note: Phonetically this is pronounced Van-DAR-ee, with the accent on the second syllable.) Look at the significance of the Vandari name in your human language. The "van" is derived from the word "vandals," the "dar" from the word "dark," the "i" spelling of the last syllable signifies "I," denoting self or selfishness.

143. The Vandari are out to destroy. They are out to suck the very life out of the living. These seek to snuff out both the physical as well as the spiritual lives of those who are not protected by My Spirit. They are hitchhikers who work through many vehicles--those who are ignorant of the truth, darkened in their understanding.

144. The Vandari latch on to their prey and seek to use them to oppose My truth. Be aware, My children. ...

145. The Vandari are let loose upon the Earth. Their mission is to recruit those who will bow down and worship the son of perdition in the appointed day. Likewise, they seek to oppose My truth. Walk in wisdom toward all who are without, for the world is full of demons, sorcerers, and every foul bird.

163. (Mama:) The Lord knows we need this information to combat our enemies' attempts to destroy the Family. We need to pray both against the Enemy using our detractors and apostates, as well as misguided officials, sensationalistic reporters, deluded lawyers or publishers, and against the specific evil spirits, the Vandari, that inspire these people's ungodly actions and stories. Use the keys and the key promises to pray against our enemies, and against these vile, disgusting vandals that live in the filthy, putrid sewers of the depths of the netherworld!

165. (Jesus:) The Vandari, like all of your other spiritual enemies, cannot harm you or even come close when you are strong in My Word. That is your best defense against spiritual attacks, to be strong in My Word and My Spirit, for then you are well armed, well defended, you are one with Me and one with the keys, and you have access to their full power. The Enemy, being cunning, doesn't like to attack those he knows will give him a hefty blow in return; he looks for those who are weak.

166. These are the reasons for revealing the Vandari to you at this particular time:

1) You are preparing for battle against your enemies. The Vandari are attacking you through your enemies, so in praying against your enemies, pray against the Vandari. They seek to harm you through your enemies. You need to know this in order to be able to pray more effectively. You had to be able to see them in order to clearly oppose them in the spirit. I wanted you to be aware of their presence and more watchful, and also aware of how to strengthen yourself against them, which is through My Word. Now that you know about them, you can pray against them specifically, and be aware of their attacks.

2) The Vandari look for prey among those who are ignorant of the truth, who reject My Words and are darkened in their understanding, and they likewise seek out prey among those who are weak in the Word. Each time I put forth the call for greater obedience, the stakes are raised. Those who don't obey and move forward in the spirit with My call become easier prey for the Enemy. I'm like a shepherd moving you, My flock, to higher pastures. Those who remain behind are more susceptible to attacks from the wolves, because they are weak in faith, weak in the Word. So because the stakes are raised, the Vandari are now empowered more than before.

3) For each weapon of war that I arm you with, the Enemy tries to come up with an opposing weapon. In this case, as I am trying to strengthen you and make you stronger in Me for the days ahead, the Enemy has unleashed the Vandari as bloodsuckers that weaken. Again, they cannot touch you when you are strong in the Word. But when you are weakened, they start to hang around; they try to bite and suck the lifeblood out of My children, and it can become a vicious cycle of spiritual weakening, poisoning, and lack of desire for the Word.

167. You must pray against the Vandari influencing and working through your enemies and others in the world who can harm you. Simultaneously, you must strengthen yourselves in spirit through taking in My Word, so as to guard yourselves from falling prey to the Vandari, who also seek to work through those who are weak in the Word. Being strong in the Word gives you the conviction and strength to rebuke and bind the Vandari, and makes you a powerful and effective prayer warrior.

ML#3566:27. (Prayer:) We rebuke the Vandari, Obtherion, Bitterness, and Raven in Your name, dearest Husband. Repel them in answer to our prayers. You said that although the Vandari spirits seek to lay hold on all available vessels, our full-of-faith prayers--using the keys--can repel them. We believe that, Lord, and we claim it through the power of the keys. We claim that through the power of the keys of imprisonment You will keep any such minions far from our former members.

Vengeance↑ Page Top

ML#3455:229. (Prayer:) Gossiping: I rebuke and cast out the spirits of Vengeance and Medusa that promote and speak these words of poison. I rebuke and cast out the spirits of self-exaltation, pride, self-righteousness, jealousy, and self-importance that turn this horrible sin into an addiction that becomes as a devouring fire, which in the end devours not only those who have been spoken about, but those who have spread the gossip as well.

Victoria (Tory) ↑ Page Top

Departed Family Member; Mama's spirit helper

ML#3172:210. (Mama:) I received a prophecy from one of my personal spirit helpers, who introduced herself as Tory. I was curious to know more about her and who she was, so I asked the Lord, and it turned out that she was Victoria, one of the teens who went to be with the Lord in the Austin accident! Here's part of what she told me:

211. (Tory:) I was born and raised in our beautiful Family by two wonderful parents--and I guess that's the main qualification Jesus wanted me to have in order to be a help to you in caring for our young people. I know what it's like to be raised in the Family, and I know some of the battles that they face. Before I died in the Austin accident, I too went through some big battles just wondering how I was going to make it and if I had what it took to be a fulltime teen missionary. I really love the Family, and I love you and Peter very much, so I'm very happy to be able to help you in any way that I can.

212. I don't have any great big talents or qualifications, at least not from my point of view. But Jesus told me that was good, because then I'd be able to help you understand the average teen and what their feelings and needs are. So that's great! I never thought being untalented, so to speak, would be my biggest asset.

Victoria, Queen↑ Page Top

Mama's spirit helper

ML#3446:42. (Queen Victoria, to Mama:) ... Know that I am there for you whenever you need me to counsel you and guide you and help you rule wisely.

ML#3320:38. (Queen Victoria paying tribute to the Family:) I thought Britain was great when she reached the point that the sun never set on the British flag. Britain has had her great moments, but it's nothing compared to the new nation of the Family. Not only does the sun never set upon the Family, not only is there a Family member somewhere witnessing, helping others, reaching the lost, every waking moment around the globe, but you're doing it in a way that is truly making a difference. You're conquering the world for love and the truth--the real values in life. This is what I admire most in the Family. I only gave the world British rule; you're giving the world the Kingdom of God!

** Victoria, Alexandrina Victoria Wettin (1819-1901) of the Royal House of Hanover was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for sixty-three years, seven months, and two days (1837-1901), the longest reign yet of any British monarch. Victoria was also styled Empress of India (1877-1901).

Victoria's name has become associated with the larger part of the 19th century, the so-called Victorian Era.

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Praise Squadron

Vigilance↑ Page Top

Heavenly counterpart of Disruptor

ML#3475:54. (Jesus:) I now open your spiritual eyes and awareness to Vigilance. Greater power is now at your command through specifically rebuking and binding Disruptor and his power, and calling upon Vigilance in combating the Enemy's devices and power. He is a powerful one, who is assigned as a guardian spirit over all the comings and goings of My children, if you will call upon him by name. He is one who works in partnership with your prayerfulness and faithfulness to call upon the power of the keys of protection and safekeeping. Call upon Vigilance by name in the power of the keys to foil this wicked one's plans, and Disruptor's power to delay, influence, disrupt, destroy, or cause accidents will be effectively curtailed!

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Custodian of our children

ML#3579:81. (Summary:) Watcher and Haven are the spiritual custodians of your children. They are assigned to especially protect and watch over your children during times of persecution and at times when parents are away from their children.

ML#3579:78. (Jesus:) Watcher and Haven are very special to your children's well-being, but they are also special to you parents because they will give you the peace of mind and comfort of knowing that your children are in good hands. When you sacrifice being with your children in order to do My work? Watcher and Haven will be faithful to care for your little ones. When you face persecution for My sake, Watcher and Haven will be there to protect your children and to help you through the persecution.

79. Lethargy is one of their main opponents and the one who tries to stop you from calling on Watcher and Haven's help. He minimizes the importance of vigilance and guarding the well-being of your children, telling you that it's not necessary "this one time." He belittles the need and tries to get you to do as little as possible toward protecting your children through calling on your spirit helpers and through praying for them. He fights your faithfulness to apply My Word and put this counsel into effect immediately.

80. Wolverine is another spiritual opponent of Watcher and Haven, but through the keys, through your prayers, through your obedience, and through the help of Watcher and Haven, and your children's guardian angels, you have nothing to fear from him? for he is powerless before you.

56. (Jesus:) An important time to pray against Wolverine is when it is time for a child to be born. This is already a sensitive time for both the mother and the baby, and this is why I encourage you to pray specifically over every aspect of the birth, against any complications and for the safe delivery of the baby and the well-being of the mother. Call on Watcher (Watchdog) and Haven to protect and keep you and your dear baby, and they will do their part to bring your precious new life into the world safely.

69. (Jesus:) Let Me tell you more about Watcher. I have given him the name Watcher for your sakes? to help you to visualize a custodian type of being who is watching and guarding and on duty to protect your children. The Enemy is afraid of him. Just like on Earth, criminals and troublemakers would be afraid of a watchman seeing them, so the Devil is afraid to come around when he sees Watcher on duty. He's always on duty when you call him to come and help? and it's not like you have to keep calling on him every hour or he'll stop watching and guarding and protecting.

70. He's an expert in his field; he understands the need and will fill that need no matter what the circumstances. He's always on the lookout for danger, threats, anything that would harm your children.

71. He will use several ways to warn you and speak to you in order to help you to watch over your children. All of these ways you are familiar with, such as checks in the spirit? dreams, or messages in prophecy. Ask Watcher to speak to you in prophecy if you have any questions, and he will counsel you.

72. He patrols your property, your doors and windows, every room at night and during the day, and keeps all of My children safe from harm. He will engage the Enemy directly if need be in order to protect and keep your children safe physically and spiritually. He will blind the eyes of your enemies if need be in times of persecution. He will chase away and destroy anything that is a threat.

White Angel (Truth Keeper)↑ Page Top

CGO Board Custodian

ML#3476:65. (Custodian:) I am white--all white, from my skin to my eyes to my apparel. There is no touch of any other color upon me--only pure, clear and beautiful white. I am a being of light, and a bearer of light; and the light that I possess, the light that my very being consists of, is the light of truth, the light of witness, the light of God's love and God's Word. I am the keeper of the light that draws men to our Master's side--that causes them to hunger and search for truth. My commission is to spread truth, to spread the light of love and of witness to every nation, kindred, people, and tongue.

66. I am the powerful angel that the apostle John saw a glimpse of and recorded in the book of Revelation, who in the last days flies through the midst of Heaven, "having the everlasting Gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the Earth" (Revelation 14:6). I have been commissioned of old to guard the flame of truth and the flame of the Gospel of truth. Long has this been my calling, and long have I been the Custodian of this unique light, this splendid flame. And in these times, these last days, my commission finds its total fulfillment.

68. ... I am filled with wisdom, the wisdom of the ages, for I have been in our Lord's service for many an age. I am filled with truth, for this is my primary calling and commission--to guard and spread this light of truth. These and many other gifts do I bring to the table of our counsel, that your counsel might be complete, that your insight may not lack, that your decisions may be well-designed, that your actions may move in that way which will best further the cause of our Master and Lord.

69. My name is not one that you can pronounce in the tongues of men, for I am an angelic being of Heaven, with a name spoken only in the tongues of Heaven. But some have called me the "White Angel" and I am also referred to as the "Truth Keeper." You may call on me by either of these names, and I will hear, answer, and come to your side and join your counsel.

Wildcats of Heaven, The↑ Page Top

Fight in spirit for the children of David

ML#3151:4. (Vision:) There are two Heavenly beings on either side of the Lord. ... They're not really beasts in the hideous sense of the word, but they're some kind of special rare breed of big, strong animals, like big cats. They're awesome-looking, but really gorgeous and strong--like a cross between a lion and a tiger and a bear. They're beautiful and stately looking, and about the size of a large lion or tiger. They have the mouth and the roar of a lion, the front legs of a strong bear, and the fur, hind legs and feet of a beautiful tiger. They're on either side of the Lord. They look very tame, but they seem very powerful. ...

5. (Jesus:) Behold My wildcats of Heaven who stand guard, ready at all times to assist My children of David in battle!--These who are gentle and who eat from My hand in the Heavenlies, yet who I send when necessary to demonstrate great force and power on behalf of My children. Behold these, who when called upon do fight on behalf of Heaven against the wiles of Satan and his puny attacks on My children!

6. Behold My Heavenly cats who fight in spirit for My children of David with the bravery of the lion! None can stand against them, for at the mere sound of their mighty roar, the foe will back off. Behold their beauty as that of the tiger, and their feet which do run with the speed of the cheetah, that judgment may be executed swiftly against the dirty works of the Evil One! Behold My wildcats who possess the strength of the bear as they do endure, and fight through, and win each time!

7. Behold My wildcats of Heaven! In My Holy City they lie down with the lamb. Yet when I send them forth to fight on behalf of My children, they fight and win and conquer, for they are filled with the wild and free spirit of love's power!

ML#3579:98. (Summary:) The Wildcats of Heaven are all-around fighters that win quick victories over the Enemy in any battle for anything. They don't give you a permanent victory, however. They will either boost your offense or get rid of the Devil long enough so that you can see clearly and call for specialized help or otherwise mount an offense.

99. What they do for you, they will do for others too if you ask, so they have an important role in intercessory prayer.

82. (Jesus:) The Wildcats of Heaven are an awesome army of fighters that you don't call on nearly enough. They specialize in defeating the Enemy in any battle, and in making short work of it. They are an army that will defeat and scatter the Enemy anytime, anywhere, and in any circumstances.

83. I call them in when I need an instant and decisive victory, when I need the battlefield cleansed of the Enemy and victory won in a moment. They possess My raw power and will to fight in such quantity that they can never be defeated or even delayed. The moment they set out to battle, their roar lets the Enemy know that his end is near. But before he can decide on what to do, or even turn around to run, they're upon him, tearing his power to shreds and claiming instant victory.

84. They carry a special golden key around their necks. This is the key of divine fury, and it embodies My power and will to destroy the Evil One. This key fills them with My attitude and power, and the result is an unbeatable combination that defeats the Enemy every time.

85. Femura, queen of the Wildcats of Heaven, trains and leads them.

Call on them in times of persecution

ML#3529:97. (Jesus:) The Enemy has launched a full attack; it's time to call in the Wildcats of Heaven. These will not so much shield you, but instead will launch counterattacks that will set the Enemy back and cause him so much trouble that he will be unable to focus a serious effort on attacking you.

William Booth↑ Page Top

Helps us with professionalism in our missionary work

ML#3701: Summary: Call on William Booth for greater love for souls, and the skills of organization and method, focus, discipline, diligence, and efficiency in our job of winning the world.

96. William Booth founded the Salvation Army in 1865, to be a soul-winning organization.

97. He was apprenticed to a pawnbroker at the age of 13. He received Jesus at 15, and in his early 20s he began preaching and evangelizing. He married Catherine Mumford, who joined him in his work, and they had eight children, all of whom were active in the Salvation Army, which continued after his death.

98. William Booth traveled extensively, held many meetings, published a magazine, authored books, and composed songs. With time he was welcomed and admired by kings, emperors and presidents. During his lifetime the Salvation Army established works in 58 countries. He died at the age of 83 in London.

99. Jesus said: "Booth was a man of method, discipline, focus, and goals. He can help you to be professionals, to be diligent, efficient, and organized. He has a lot to offer in all of these areas, but also in just plain and simple passion to get everyone to know Me, to understand what I'm about, to feel My love, and embrace My truth.

100. "He is a soul winner, a disciple winner, and teacher. He will be a faithful, sacrificial, stout-hearted witnessing spirit helper throughout the Offensive. Call on him and he'll be at your side in an instant to help you to focus, organize, streamline, and then pour all of your heart into your job of being high-level professional missionaries."

ML#3320:43. (William Booth paying tribute to the Family:) The Family's guts and conviction, that's what I admire! You're not afraid to win the lost at any cost. You're not afraid to go down there and rescue them out of the garbage can if you have to. I stood on many a street corner in order to preach the Gospel. I stood up for my faith and tried to help the poor and the down-and-outers. I stirred up a hornet's nest, and many people didn't like what I was doing. They didn't fancy the thought of me bringing the riffraff of society into their fancy churches; consequently I received a good deal of persecution. I know what that's like.

44. This is what I admire about you Family disciples--you're not about to let a little persecution or the opinions of man stop you. You're not afraid to get your hands dirty in order to save others. And your music--that's a story all its own! The Salvation Army band is a great thing, but Family music, now that's something to brag about! You're doing a stupendous job! I started an army, but the Family, you're without a shadow of a doubt the elite, crack troops of Christian endeavor! I salute you!

From GT:

William Booth (1829-1912): English evangelist. He got saved as a teen, at 15, and preached his first sermon on a street corner at 17, while working as a pawnbroker. He had a great burden for the poor of his country and "on Sundays he would round up rag-tag groups of drunkards and wife-beaters and bring them to the chapel, often leading many of them forward for prayer and repentance. But the elders of the chapel, repelled by the sight and smell of the products of his street evangelism, expelled him." He then tried the Methodists but ended up dropping out of the Methodists to found the Salvation Army.

He organized his mission on military lines, with himself as general. He suffered a great deal of persecution because of his militant image and in one year alone more than 640 of his Salvation Army officers were assaulted and 60 of his buildings damaged.

"General Booth was not any bum himself, he was an upper-class aristocrat of the Methodist church, but he had a great burden to reach the poor of London in that day when things were in a horrible mess. He started going down preaching to the bums and opening missions and found out that music would attract people to hear the Gospel out on the streets and the street corners. So there was a tremendous wave of revival under the Salvation Army in London in those days."

When Booth died in 1912, the Salvation Army had ministries in 58 countries and was preaching the Gospel in 34 languages.

William Carey↑ Page Top

Helps us in our witnessing and feeding

ML#3701: Summary: William Carey imparts to us his gifts of faith, perseverance, love for the lost, and language learning.

67. Born August 17, 1761, William Carey was raised in the Church of England, but later became a Baptist. From an early age he had a gift for languages, learning as many as seven by his early twenties. He loved to stretch the boundaries of what was acceptable, and his convictions that Christians should be actively winning others to Christ as missionaries eventually resulted in the first missionary society amongst the Baptists. He then took his family and led the charge by becoming a missionary to India.

68. He was dedicated to becoming one with the people he ministered to, and despite many hardships--including the death of a son and daughter, his wife's breakdown, insanity, the years of caring for her till her death, the death of some of his colleagues--William continued his determined plans, and he refused to quit. His love for the people of India drove him on.

70. Carey set up a missionary school and base where his team lived communally, taught and translated and printed Bibles in Bengali, and later in Sanskrit and other languages. He was also an avid botanist. "I was fascinated by the new land, the different plants that God made, and the flora of the new and varied climates that I had not experienced before," he said. "Those who were learning the Scriptures about our Lord from me were also my teachers, as they taught me about the local customs, ways of life, and their physical gifts from God. My fascination for the flora of India was not just a hobby that gave me enthusiasm about life, but it also helped me to become one with the local populace, and therefore to be more trusted. It was one of my disciple-winning tools."

71. After William's first wife's death, he remarried, and after his second wife's death, married again. He never left his mission field, even after his own missionary society that he had founded tried to water down his standards of dedication and becoming one with the mission field, resulting in his breaking away from them and continuing his work on his own, until going on to his heavenly reward on June 9, 1834.

72. Here's how the Lord said he will be helping us today: "William Carey was a great example of a little person who was nothing special, but who shines as a bright star in My firmament because he was faithful and he did his best. He is now among the major helpers available to assist you in your witnessing and winning drive. He has strong gifts in the areas of faith, perseverance, and love for the lost, which stems from his great love for Me.

73. "I have anointed and enabled him to be on call to help you in your witnessing and feeding. He also has the vision not just for souls but for solid disciples who will carry on the work through the dark days ahead. He had his attitude straight regarding what being a missionary was all about, and how to be one most effectively. He had a gift, as well as great insight and obedience. Ask him to impart those gifts to you too, and he will gladly do so.

74. "His assistance extends to the realm of languages. He had a gift for languages while on Earth, and will impart that gift to those who ask for it--enabling you to learn languages more easily than you otherwise would, and to have perseverance in doing so."

William Gladstone↑ Page Top

Call on him in times of persecution

ML#3529:96. (Jesus:) Call on William Gladstone to help your brethren who are at the forefront of the battle handling the media, for Gladstone is a master of the wisdom of turning controversy into promotion of the Gospel. He has been in special training for this time of persecution and knows the Enemy's plans thoroughly.

Call on him to help you make witnessing the most important thing in your life

ML#3656c:7. (Mama:) We want to have that same motivation that William Gladstone had when he was willing to let everything wait to go and minister to that one poor dying newsboy in order to get him into Heaven. We want souls to be our primary concern. We don't want to be hung up on or distracted by the things of the world, and even our own battles and problems, and the attacks of the Enemy. We want to be so consumed with helping others and teaching them to be disciples, and winning souls, and gaining Enemy territory, that nothing else moves us. Please send William Gladstone to help us from the spirit world, so that witnessing and winning will be the most important things in our lives--that we'll put it before business, before the affairs of the Kingdom, before any of our own personal desires and ambitions.

From GT:

William Gladstone (1809-1898): English statesman and orator who served as Chancellor of Great Britain four times during his lifetime! A devout Christian and personal witness, he once said, "All that I think, all that I hope, all that I write, all that I live for, is based upon the divinity of Jesus Christ, the central joy of my poor, wayward life. I have known 95 of the World's greatest men in my life, and of these, 87 were followers of the Bible."

William Halsey, Admiral↑ Page Top

Our heavenly general who is helping us from the spirit world

ML#3692: Admiral William Halsey (nicknamed "Bull" Halsey) (1882-1959) was a U.S. naval commander who led vigorous campaigns in the Pacific during World War II. He was a leading exponent of warfare using carrier-based aircraft and became known for his daring and imaginative tactics.

William Tyndale↑ Page Top

Helps us to pray for, and have faith in, our work

ML#3659:81. * William Tyndale: "I am a helper for you, especially in the areas of faith for the work the Lord has called you to do, conviction and faith in the face of hardship and persecution, faith to be a mouth and a witness for Him. And, of course, none of this is possible without prayer behind it. I will also help you to pray for your work, as well as for the world and those that you must reach." (William Tyndale, 1494-1536, was a Protestant reformer and scholar who translated the Bible into the early modern English of his day. Much of Tyndale's work eventually found its way into the King James Version of the Bible, published in 1611.)

ML#3320:34. (William Tyndale paying tribute to the Family:) I know what it means to commit long hours to the tedious task of translating God's Word. I dedicated many hours of my life to translating the New Testament. However, never have I had such respect for, nor held in such high esteem, this great company of publishers, the Family. And to your credit, you're not only a company of publishers, but you're promoters, pushers, and distributors who give out the Word at all costs. I died for my faith, but you, dear Family, each die daily by laying down your lives every day to seek and save the lost and to spread the Word. For this you have my utmost respect and highest regards.

ML#102:6. Maria: Jesus said He gave you many counselors. Who else counsels David?

7. MO: ... Tyndale.

** William Tyndale (1494?-1536): English reformer who translated the Bible into common English. His translation was banned by the authorities, and he himself was burned at the stake at the instigation of agents of King Henry VIII and the Anglican Church. His last words were, "Lord, open the king of England's eyes." Within months of Tyndale's martyrdom, a complete English Bible, two-thirds of it Tyndale's work, and licensed by Henry VIII, was circulating in Britain.

William Wallace↑ Page Top

Call on him in times of persecution

ML#3443:73. (William:) I'm here to give you my sword and to fight to help you in this new era. With the coming persecution the Lord has given you many new helpers who were fighters in their day, fighting for something they believed in, and who died still fighting. So I'm here at your beck and call.

ML#3529:104. (Jesus:) For you, My Endtime army, I say all of Heaven awaits your command at this time [of persecution]. Great legionsof fighters and warriors in the spirit--with Archangel Michael at their helm--are at your side as you access the keys. Great spirits and fighters from all ages, including Cromwell, Alexander the Great, and William Wallace rally to the cry!

From Linkup #11:

Sir William Wallace - Scottish Freedom Fighter

Born between 1260 and 1278. Tortured to death--23 August 1305.

Tradition has long believed that William Wallace was born in Elderslie, Renfrewshire, although contemporary research would indicate that he may well have been born at Ellerslie, in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. He was a popular figure who led guerrilla fighters against the forces of English occupation, and had his greatest victory on 11 September 1297 at Stirling Bridge. Much has been said and written about William Wallace, and the release in 1995 of the film Braveheart evoked further interest in him.

It is a historical fact that Wallace lived in Scotland while it was subjected to brutal occupation by the forces of English King Edward I. Wallace would not succumb to this English rule, and he fought for his country's freedom. Wallace was the catalyst that sparked a revolution. He was betrayed by Menteith to the English, taken to London and accused of treason. At his trial he refuted the allegation, stating that he had never sworn loyalty to Edward, so how could he be guilty of treason? He was dragged through the streets of London, tortured and hanged.

Nine years after his barbaric murder, at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, the Scots, led by King Robert the Bruce, defeated the English army of Edward II, and so secured the independence for which Wallace had become a martyr.

Anaya [The coming persecution]

Wings of Heaven, The↑ Page Top

Protect the Lord's young people from the Spirits of Death

ML#3597:41. (Jesus:) These heavenly creatures [winged horses] and spirit beings together make up the Wings of Heaven.

42. The job they do is unique. These horses of Heaven work in unity with their riders. Some of these trained youth of Heaven even go into the deep, dark chambers of the camp of the Enemy as spies. At these times they do not always take their "wings" or horses with them as they journey into the lower places of the Enemy's courts. They infiltrate and spy on the plans and workings of the evil forces who try to defeat My young people. This means going into the lower levels of the netherworld to get the proper information so they may prepare their own troops for his plans and strategies.

43. ... They are as fountains of life. The spirit of life is the force that keeps them in times of danger and helps them to keep the flame of life alive.

46. ... The flame of life is in their breath. They can breathe life and hope into you.

47. You will call heavily on these in times of great tribulation, for you will need to bring back the dead or those who are on the verge of passing on. If it is My will, I will take them; but when it is not yet someone's time? you can call on the Wings of Heaven to revive them and to breathe the breath of life into them, and they will ride to aid you.

48. (Jesus:) The Wings of Heaven are My heavenly army of youth, commissioned to protect My young people on Earth from the Spirits of Death. They ride with the speed of light on winged horses. They warn you of the Enemy's plans when you ask them to speak to you. They protect and support those who have stumbled.

49. Say, "I call on my peers in Heaven to fight for me and to destroy this attack of the Spirits of Death on my mind." "Turn your firepower on Satan right now and destroy his voice in my head!" "Deliver me from this attack and carry me into the heavenlies of peace and calm and of a sound mind." "Help me to keep fighting, no matter how long and how difficult." "Speak to me and show me how to fight this attack of Satan."

50. Don't wait until you're attacked by the Enemy, but ask the Wings of Heaven to speak to you and show you how to preempt the Enemy's attacks. They will fly to your side immediately and their horses' hooves will stamp the work of the Enemy to bits.

Spirit of Youth, The

Winston Churchill, Sir↑ Page Top

Encourages us to stand up for the truth and keep on fighting

ML#3450:9. (Winston Churchill:) I know a great deal about war. I know what it's like to be in the heat of battle, to face the enemy head-on, not knowing whether you will live or die. You younger generation in the Family may have never had to fight in conventional warfare, but the spiritual war you fight is fiercer yet. The war that rages in spirit today is more ruthless, more vicious. It's a bloodier war, for this war is over the souls of men. This war is hand-to-hand combat with the Destroyer himself. This war is a war of the worlds, a war between Heaven and Hell.

19. The survival of this Endtime army rests on your shoulders. The fury and might of the Enemy have turned upon you. Will you let this dissuade you, or will you brace yourselves for your greatest duty? Will you cower and fade into oblivion, or will you let this be your finest hour? Will you hear the threats of your detractors and shout "calamity," or will you see this as an opportunity to stand up for the truth and shout "victory"?

22. I paraphrase for you today what I have been quoted on many a time: Never give in! Never, never, never, never--in anything great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to your convictions to stand for truth!

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), British politician and prime minister of the United Kingdom (1940-1945, 1951-1955), widely regarded as the greatest British leader of the 20th century.

Witnessing Spirit Guides↑ Page Top

Guide us in making our witness to the influential on target

ML#3702: Summary: The Witnessing Spirit Guides, of which Brand is a member, will guide us in making our witness to the influential on target. They will ignite the love and faith that we need in order to deliver the radical words of David to the top, who desperately need them.

99. Since [Brand’s] arrival, he's been in training to be a Witnessing Spirit Guide, one of those who are, in his words, "chosen to help you specifically in the area of witnessing. At the heart of our mission is our desire to guide you in reaching others with the words that will change their lives and hearts forever. Many of us are departed well-known saints. Others are formerly insignificant ones, such as myself, who have no claim to earthly fame but who nevertheless have a burning desire to share His love and message with the lost.

100. "I am one of many who have been commissioned to aid you. We can ignite that same love in your hearts. If you feel it's never really been there, or even if it's more of a case of it growing dim through neglect, and it just needs some fanning, we can help. Along with the Love Fairies and other ministering spirits, we'll guide you and give you that passion and desire to reach those who are lost and starving for what you have."

101. About the Witnessing Spirit Guides, Jesus said: "Brand, along with other witnessing spirit helpers, form the Witnessing Spirit Guides. This team of helpers is specifically trained to reach the influential and to give you the faith to deliver the targeted message they need to hear. The Witnessing Spirit Guides will guide you to say exactly the words they need to hear for that minute, or for that hour, and that will make them want to hear more. The Witnessing Spirit Guides are also experts in warfare against demons who often plague the rich and the influential, such as Pan, the Demon of Rejection, Bacchus, and Carnality."

Wolverine↑ Page Top

Fights the children of the children of David

ML#3579:62. (Summary:) Wolverine hates children, and he especially fights the children of the children of David. He targets parents with discouragement and lethargy about training their children. He tries to cause accidents and physical attacks, and fights the physical birth of babies. His power is defeated through the power of the keys and prayer.

52. (Jesus:) Wolverine is one of the demons who fights My little ones, the children of the children of David. Even though I call them "little ones," this doesn't mean only young children, but includes children of all ages. He works under the archdemon Oplexicon, who hates the Family and the Word. Oplexicon hates your children, as does his master Satan, because he knows that those who are born into the Family will grow up filled with the Word, and will become powerful witnesses, distributing the Word far and wide.

56. An important time to pray against Wolverine is when it is time for a child to be born. This is already a sensitive time for both the mother and the baby, and this is why I encourage you to pray specifically over every aspect of the birth, against any complications and for the safe delivery of the baby and the well-being of the mother. Call on Watcher (Watchdog) and Haven to protect and keep you and your dear baby, and they will do their part to bring your precious new life into the world safely.

58. You can recognize signs of Wolverine's spiritual attacks in such things as discouragement about having children, or discouragement or lethargy in raising them according to the standard of My Word and feeding them the Word. He will try all he can to get you to lay aside your crown and the high calling I have given you of teaching and raising your children, grounding them in My Word, and giving them the best training in your power. You will most likely feel his attacks through discouragement regarding your children's progress, and weariness in pouring into them. He tries to tempt you to stop feeding them My Word, to let down your guard and just let them do whatever they want.

59. If you feel such attacks of lethargy and discouragement, know that Wolverine and Oplexicon--as well as Lethargy, of course--are very likely behind it, and you must rebuke them!

Worldliness, The Demon of↑ Page Top

Underling demon of pride

ML#3455:189. (Prayer:) I rebuke the spirit of Pride, and ask You to break its power and grip! ... Powerful Savior, cause this demon to fall, and to take all the underling demons of pride with him--the demons of Accomplishment, Flesh, Worldliness, Machoism, Carnality and Materialism.

Yehoda bar-Simon↑ Page Top

Helps you to have the faith to simply follow the Lord

ML#3719:83. (Yehoda bar-Simon:) My name is Yehoda bar-Simon, and I traveled the last leg of the journey to Bethlehem with Joseph and Mary when she was with child.

98. I can help you to have the faith that you need to simply do what God says without trying to figure it all out. If God tells you to do something, regardless of whether it makes sense to you--then do it!

99. If you remember anything from this account of my time on Earth, this is it: God's ways don't always make sense to man (Psalm 92:5; Ecclesiastes.3:11; Daniel 4:35; Romans 11:33) But I know that if you simply follow what He shows you to do, you will be amazed at how much greater His plan is than yours.

101. I can help each of you to remember that the Offensive is a work of the spirit, and that all you need to do is accept, step out by faith, and believe. So step out! Listen to Him, and follow where He leads--even if what He shows you to do is a bit unorthodox, different, or new. Then sit back and see the ripple effect of your acts of faith. This way, you will change the world.

Yermak↑ Page Top

Russian spirit helper

ML#3146:69. (Ermak:) I love my people! I want to help my people! I want to win Siberia. I want to help win Russia, my part of Russia. ...

70. I was bloody. I was fighting. I had to fight a lot. Some people hated me. I was wrong in hating them. I learned to love. ... I'm a different man now. I love my people with Jesus' love.

71. I came to help you, to fight for you, for I am a mighty warrior and I can fight this evil spirit! I want to fight him and rebuke him. I don't like him, and Jesus doesn't like him. We can fight together and win many wars and many battles, for Jesus is with us. You tell me to go and fight, and I'll go and fight! I want to help, I want to fight.

Yermak, also spelled Ermak (died 1585), Cossack leader of an expeditionary force during the initial Russian attempts to annex western Siberia, who became a hero of Russian folklore.

Yokum↑ Page Top

Heavenly counterpart of Seduction and Obsession

ML#3485:176. (Mama:) Here's the message from the Lord about who we can call on for help in fighting the spirits of seduction.

177. (Jesus:) There are several helpers you can call on. One is Yokum, who is specifically helpful in the realm of steadiness of emotions in regards to in-love feelings, sex, lust, etc.

211. (Jesus:) Yokum is My warrior, sent to help you overcome these sirens of Seduction and Obsession. As you call on him, he is literally able to bind their power.

212. I give you a picture to reinforce Yokum's strength and the significance of his name: He is strong, a spiritual embodiment and parallel to the yoke and all it represents: a choice to take on My yoke of commitment, dedication, and humble service; a desire to leave behind self and the lust of the eyes, mind and flesh, and choosing rather to follow Me as one of My disciples. The yoke of total dedication to Me literally binds the power of the demonic spirits of Seduction and Obsession. You can call on Yokum to help you take on this yoke.

213. However, only in seeking after what is best for your spirit over your fleshly wants and desires will you be able to effectively overcome and keep at bay lust in all forms. Yokum works in partnership with your desire for the spirit over the flesh. So neither I nor Yokum can help you if there is not first a willingness on your part to shun the desires and lures of the world and the temptations of the flesh when they have the potential to harm your spirit. That's what discipleship is really all about. And that's what the yoke stands for: putting on My yoke--the yoke of discipleship, the yoke of following Me over yourself.

SOS (Strength of Spirit)

Youth, The Spirit of↑ Page Top

He and his band fight the Spirits of Death

ML#3597:61. (Summary:) The Spirit of Youth and his band are an "army of life" whose goal is to help Family young people. They can breathe new life into those who are in need, and they work together with the Wings of Heaven to fight the Spirits of Death.

55. (Jesus:) The Spirit of Youth and his band are My trained army to fight the Spirits of Death. They bring life, conviction, freedom, challenge, change, energy and protection of My Family youth.

56. They hold the breath of life and will minister a portion of it to anyone in need, including loved ones that you pray for. They are limited by your prayers; they can only fight if you pray and call on their help. You can ask them to speak to you in prophecy and to show you what you personally need to do to avail yourself of their help.

57. The Spirit of Youth is an expert trainer in matters of strategy and tactics, not only Mine but also the Enemy's, and will help you to see the Enemy's ploys for what they are. He and his band remind you of My Word to help you to fight back. They protect you. They understand young people. They have the wisdom to channel the energy of young people positively in engaging evil rather than letting their energy run out of control.

Yul Brynner↑ Page Top

Linkup #12. (Yul Brynner) There are a lot of us Here who can't wait to help the children of David during the Endtime events. We're as excited as you are about the things that are coming. We also get to play a leading role, in that we'll be supporting the stars from behind the scenes. We'll be teaching you your lines and prompting you if you happen to forget.

The script is written and now is the time when you're learning your lines. It takes a lot of work, I know. You're doing a lot a practicing now, but during the final performance, the parts will flow and it will truly be the greatest performance by the top--the professionals--that this world has ever seen.

I'm excited! To me the theater was always fascinating. From boyhood on, I loved it. And I'm still involved in it, helping and directing and training the actors--you!

Yul Brynner (1915-1985), American actor, known for his distinctive stage presence and trademark shaven head.

Although his origins were deliberately shrouded in mystery, he is believed to have been born in Sakhalin, an island off the east coast of Siberia. Born Taidje Khan, he later acknowledged a Romany (Gypsy) background.

Zanko and Bridora↑ Page Top

Tuned to the needs of young people

Blade #14. (Jesus:) Today, just for fun, I want to tell you about some spirit helpers who happen to know a lot about you. Their names are Zanko and Bridora. These two work together. Their gifts complement the other's really well. Zanko and Bridora have already been assigned to--guess who!--The Blade audience. It's their commission and their privilege to go around to every Home where you live!

These ageless beings are young at heart, and true warriors in My kingdom. They are uniquely tuned to the needs of you, My young people, in this ever-darkening Endtime. They're up on the nineties! They're up on the 2000s! And they're up on you! They're always wearing fighting gear when they're on the job, and that's because they're ready at a moment's notice to spring to your assistance. One of their great desires is to put every young person in the Family--you can't be too young--personally in touch with the spiritual realm. And I promise you, they'll take you for a ride that you'll never forget!

Zacharias (NT)↑ Page Top

Helps those who need to hang on in times of testing

ML#3719:19. (Zacharias:) I am one of many spirit helpers available to you. My desire is to help those who need to hang on in times of testing. I am available to help people hold on to the Lord's promises even when they can't put into words what they're going through or what they want done.

31. (Elizabeth:) Zacharias and I have been trained to help the Family to have faith for any new steps that the Lord will show you to take in your Witnessing and Winning Offensive. Our desire is to assist the Family's older adults, but we'll help anyone of any age.

In the Bible...

Luke 1:5-25,39-45,56-80.



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Eating disorder

Foresight; Fury; Trainer

Eating disorder

Death; Orexis; Pan


Emma; Herald; Ilantri

Education, higher


Education Board


Education Department of the ActivatedHeaven


George Washington Carver; Jo Niijima; John Wycliffe; Martin Luther; Philip Melanchthon; Sun Yat-sen




Aphrodite; Elixor; Holy Spirit; Knights of Victory


Eloquence; George Whitefield




Seduction; Seduction and Obsession; Yokum


Angels of Encouragement, Joy and Inspiration; Angels of Mercy; Angels to help heal you; Dancing Angels of Kindness; Fairy Angel Fighters (FAF); HELP Force; SOS (Strength of Spirit); Spirit Helpers of Encouragement

Endtime battle

Akmeel; Anaya; Ancient Egypt; Angel of Revelation (Activation angel #2); Armina; Cathars; Clarion; Hilda; Jeremiah; Lance; Lydia; Pineal Band; Tandy; Wings of Heaven; Winston Churchill

Endtime play

Galien; Yul Brynner

Enemies, our

Alexander the Great; Esther (Queen); Tola and Tor; Vandari

Energy of God

Arcothon (Arcos); Blue Angels; Companion


Aiden Tozer; Bill "Bojangles" Robinson; Elizabeth (NT); Ilantri; John L. Brandt; Seasonal Helpers

Esophagus trouble



Adoniram Judson; Barbrooke Grubb; Henry Clay Trumbull; Robert Moffat


Eleria; Free

"Excuse me for living"



Corrie; Foresight; Fury; Trainer

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Agnes; Christmas Fairies; Dancing Angels of Kindness; Fairies; Fairy Angel Fighters (FAF); Fantasy; Love Fairies; Seasonal Helpers


Agnes; Alvin York; Angels to help you have faith; Apotheon; Aknon; Ayin; Clarion; Comfort; Daniel; Deborah; Don Quixote; Elizabeth (NT); Esther (Queen); George Mueller; Hudson Taylor; Joan of Arc; John Bohoner; Lance; Mary (of Joseph); Moravians; Obtherion; Pan; Raphael; Samson; Set; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego; Tandy; Thomas the Apostle; Ukon Takayama; William Carey; William Tyndale; Yehoda bar-Simon; Zacharias (NT)


David (King); Ruth

Family members, departed

Aaron; Abner; Angela Smith; Austin girls; David (in Africa); Departed Family Members; Libby (Liberty); Mariko; Megan; Pete; Phoebe; Shuly Boliver; Timothy Concerned; Victoria (Tory)



Fatalistic mindset



Aknon; Congri; Fear; Lethargy; Set

"Files" of your mind



Baal; Bacchus; Candomble; Challenger; Flesh; Seduction; Seduction and Obsession


Arakan; Concentor; Magnus Warriors

Follow-up Department of the ActivatedHeaven


Charles Wesley; Clive Staples (C.S.) Lewis; Cyril; John Wesley; Mary Slessor; Methodius; Saint Patrick; Samuel [Ajayi] Crowther


Foresight; Fury


Timothy Concerned

Former members

Angels of Conscience; Death; Despair; Esther (Queen); Faithful; Kamikaze; Obtherion; Raven; Shadow; Spirits and angels assigned to our former member children; Vandari

Founders of a new denomination or group

A.B. Simpson (Christian and Missionary Alliance); Charles Wesley (Methodist Church); David Berg (The Family); Dawson Trotman (The Navigators); Dwight L. Moody (Moody Bible Institute); Hudson Taylor (China Inland Mission); John Wesley (Methodist Church); Martin Luther (Lutheran Church); Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf (Moravian Church); William Booth (Salvation Army); William Carey (Baptist Missionary Society)

Free thinking



Band of warriors; Cathars; Congri; Ecstasy; Eleria; Natalia; Youth





Full possession

Arcothon (Arcos)

Future, preparing for the

Spirit Helpers of Future

Future, insight into the

Angel of Revelation (Activation angel #2); Ayin; Elysian; Gabriel the Archangel; SOS (Strength of Spirit)

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Generals, heavenly

Ishton; Hua Mulan; Nzingha; Pope Joan; Sun Tzu; William Halsey


Medusa; Vengeance



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Andrew Murray; Angels of Encouragement, Joy and Inspiration; Anya (happy); Matthew; Stress




Almathor; Angel of Healing; Angels to help heal you; Elixor; HELP Force; Raphael

Health, good

Health problems

Foresight; Fury; Dr.Koger; Trainer

Health problems

Eating disorder

Almathor; Amon; Angel of Healing; Angels to help heal you; Ashraf; Death; Drought; Elixor; Florence Nightingale; HELP Force; Irrazzmon; Jairus's daughter; Koger; Mariko; Raphael; Set; Sphinx; Tommy

Hearing from the Lord

Amahl; Angel of Revelation (Activation angel #2); Angels to help you receive prophecies; Arakan; Channelers' High Command Force (CHCF, or Chiefs); Daniel; Elijah; Ethernal; John the Beloved; Michael the Archangel; Noah; Simeon (NT)





Honor guard

Seven Angels of Maria


Wings of Heaven


Apotheon; Death; Depression; Negaton

Horses, heavenly

Angelo de Firenco; Brunheld; Eleria; Wings of Heaven


Acumon; Ebed-melech; Israel; Transparent spirit helper

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Health problems


Mach; Obtherion


Activation angels; Dwight L. Moody; Joan of Arc; John Bohoner; Miracle Warriors; Samson


Apotheon; Lethargy


Amy Carmichael; C.T. Studd; Croswell; Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati; Thomas the Apostle; William Carey




Angels of Encouragement, Joy and Inspiration; John Bohoner;

Inspiration Department of the ActivatedHeaven


Amy Carmichael; Dad; Dwight L. Moody; Fanny Crosby; Hudson Taylor; John Bunyan; José de Anchieta; Toribio Alfonso Mogrovejo


Bill "Bojangles" Robinson

Instant witnesses

Aiden Tozer; Henry Clay Trumbull; Lethargy; Libby (Liberty)




Herald; Spirit Helpers who specialize in relating to others

Intercessory prayer

A.B. Simpson; Adoniram Judson; Andrew Murray; Challenger; Charles Spurgeon; Dancing Angels of Kindness; David Berg; David Livingstone; Dwight L. Moody; Espitia; George Mueller; Hudson Taylor; Israel; James Gilmour; John Wesley; Miracle Warriors; Smith Wigglesworth; Sonale; Wildcats of Heaven


Bacchus; Lethargy; Oplexicon



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Agnes; Amy Carmichael; Ayako Miura; Congri; Douglas MacArthur; Hirohito; Jo Niijima; Lan-Ti; Mariko; Pineal Band; Tokyo Spirits; Ukon Takayama


Rage; Seduction and Obsession

JETTs and Teens

Austin girls; Brunheld; DeCynder; Free; Joan of Arc; Lyona; Martin Luther


Andrew Murray; Angels of Encouragement, Joy and Inspiration; Stress

JT Board



Acumon; Ethernal; Moses; Seven Guiding Spirits of Maria

Judgment, harsh


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Keys, the

Armina; Blue Angels; Ellya; Guardians of the Flame; Jahmal; Knights of Victory; Seasonal Helpers; Tola and Tor



Kings, emperors and chiefs

Alexander the Great; Charlemagne; Hirohito; Tadhg; Taurug

Knowledge, worldly

Pan; Seduction

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Laid-back spirit


Language learning

Hudson Taylor; James Gilmour; John Bohoner; John L. Brandt; Mary Slessor; Thomas the Apostle; William Carey

"Lanterns of praise"


Latin America

Barbrooke Grubb; Candomble; Che Guevara; Goddess of Latin America; Jim Elliot; José de Anchieta; Olé; Toribio Alfonso Mogrovejo

Law of Love

Aphrodite; Cathars (spiritual); Holy Spirit; Love Fairies; Seduction; Seduction and Obsession




Myths and legends


Fury; Haven; Hell's Angels; Lethargy; Styrian; Watcher (Watchdog); Wolverine



Life, spirit of

Youth; Wings of Heaven

Light of the Lord

Almathor; Lucerne

Lightning bolts

Almathor; San-bahd-mahl; Seven Angels of Maria


Bulldozing Team; Croswell


Angels of Love; Aphrodite; Cathars (spiritual); Dorcas; Eleria; Esther (Queen); Frederick and Freya [Freya]; Herald; Holy Spirit; Ilantri; Love Fairies; Salvay; Seasonal Helpers; Seven Guiding Spirits of Maria; Spirit Helpers who specialize in relating to others; Tommy

Love for the lost

Adoniram Judson; Aiden Tozer; Barbrooke Grubb; Brand; Canara; C.T. Studd; Jim Elliot; Joseph Alleine; Mary Slessor; Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf; Ukon Takayama; William Booth; William Carey; William Gladstone; Witnessing Spirit Guides

Loving Jesus intimately

Angels of the Heart; Blue Angels; David Berg; Ecstasy; Eleria; Fantasy; John the Beloved


Lazers; Lucifer; Seduction and Obsession; Yokum

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Mach; Machoism; Pride

Magical powers of the spirit world

Merlin the Magician


Disruptor; Hong Kong Goolagong



Mama's spirit helpers

Alexander the Great; Angel of David's Mantle (Activation angel #4); Catherine the Great; Daniel; Douglas MacArthur; Ebed-melech; Edgar Allan Poe; Eloquence; Ethernal; Flo; Joan of Arc; Dr.Koger; Lochnel; Merlin the Magician; Oliver Cromwell; Prism Elerian; Rasputin; Rianna; Seven Angels of Maria; Seven Guiding Spirits of Maria; Taurug; Victoria (Tory); Victoria (Queen)

Mañana spirit



Angela Smith; Galien; Jim Elliot; Joan of Arc; Lady Jane; Cathars; William Tyndale




Materialism; Tokyo Spirits

Meat of the Word

Lethargy; Brand; Witnessing Spirit Guides


Eloquence; Pineal Band; Vandari; William Gladstone


A.B. Simpson; Adoniram Judson; Andrew Murray; Aquiah; Arnam; Charles Spurgeon; Concentor; David (King); David Livingstone; Dwight L. Moody; Eleria; George Mueller; Holy Spirit; Hudson Taylor; James Gilmour; John Wesley; Moses; Smith Wigglesworth


Alain; Dawson Trotman; Pan; Samuel the Prophet

Mental illness


Mental torture



Seven Guiding Spirits of Maria

Mercy of the Lord

Angels of Mercy; Lucerne




Arakan; Illuminus; Lyona; Mach; Pan; Seduction; Seduction and Obsession

Mindset, old


Minimum, doing the



Angel of Miracles (Activation angel #1); Angels of Miracles; Elijah; Miracle Warriors

"Miracles" by evil spirits


Mission field

Nivea of the Sea; Thomas the Apostle


Adoniram Judson; Amy Carmichael; Andrew Murray; Barbrooke Grubb; C.T. Studd; Cyril; David Berg; David Livingstone; Gladys Aylward; Hudson Taylor; James Gilmour; Jim Elliot; John Bohoner; José de Anchieta; Mary Slessor; Methodius; Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati; Robert Moffat; Samuel [Ajayi] Crowther; Toribio Alfonso Mogrovejo; William Carey

Moor stone



Lethargy; Oplexicon; Pan


Death; Rage


Bill "Bojangles" Robinson; Cathars; Christmas Outreach; Goddess of Latin America; Pan; Selena; Satan; William Booth

Music, System

Lethargy; Pan

Myths and legends

(Dad's Quote)

Amazons; Aphrodite; Bacchus; Brunheld; Dragon; Medusa; Merlin the Magician; Mermaid Spirit Helpers; Nivea of the Sea; Pan; Set; Sphinx

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Death; Lucerne; Negaton; Negin; Pan; Selvegion

New bottles

Don Quixote; Elizabeth (NT); Zacharias (NT)

New ideas

Brainstorm; Congri; David Livingstone; Lethargy; Pineal Band; Robert Moffat; Styrian; Thomas the Apostle

New (spiritual) weapons

Armina; David Livingstone; Jahmal; Miracle Warriors; Oliver Cromwell; Sonale



NWOs, overcoming


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Deactivation (Neutralization) Demons; Eleria; Ruth; Samuel; Yehoda bar-Simon


Seduction and Obsession; Yokum


Bulldozing Team; Foresight; Natalia; Obstacon

Offensive warfare

Armina; Barbrooke Grubb; Foresight; Fury; Praise Squadron; Trainer


Candomble; Pan

Opinions of man

Aknon; Congri; Death; Pan; Vain


Apotheon; Fear

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Health problems

Baal; Death; Elixor; Irrazzmon; Set




Elysian; Emma; Frederick and Freya; Ilantri; Lethargy; Robert Moffat; Timekeeper; Wolverine

Parenting board in Heaven

Anne Sullivan; Dad; Helen Keller; Holy Spirit; Jesus; Pied Piper


Frederick and Freya [Freya]


Aquiah; Ben; Comfort; Dancing Angels of Kindness; Frederick and Freya [Frederick]; Haven


Bill "Bojangles" Robinson; Lubna


Angel of Miracles (Activation angel #1); Alexander the Great; Anaya; Armina; Cathars; Clarion; Haven; Hilda; Jeremiah; Lydia; Martin Luther; Michael the Archangel; Oliver Cromwell; Tola and Tor; Vandari; Watcher; Wildcats of Heaven; William Gladstone; William Tyndale; William Wallace


Angels to help you to persevere; Mary Slessor; Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf; William Carey

Personal helpers

Angels assigned to your houses and cars; Angels of Anointing; Angels of Change; Angels of Conscience; Angels of Courage; Angels of Love; Angels of Miracles; Angels of Wisdom; Angels to give you physical strength; Angels to help heal you; Angels to help you have faith, to persevere; Angels to help you receive prophecies; Angels to help you through your spiritual battles; Angels to protect you on a dangerous mission; Birthing spirit helpers; Blue Angels; Coaches for physical challenges; Eleria; Guardian Angels; Magnus Warriors; Praise Angels; Praise Squadron; Spirit helpers of encouragement; Spirit helpers of the future; Spirit helpers who specialize in relating to others



Peter's spirit helpers

Angel of David's Mantle (Activation angel #4); Cyrene; Tadhg



Physical challenges

Coaches for physical challenges


David Livingstone; Mary Slessor; Pineal Band; Thomas the Apostle


David Livingstone; Foresight


Bacchus; Seduction; Yokum




Jairus's daughter; Natalia



Power, illusion of


Power of God

Arcothon (Arcos); Blue Angels; Ellya; Flo

Practical matters

Albert Einstein


Companion; David (King); Deborah; Jahmal; Katrine; Libby (Liberty); Praise Angels; Praise Squadron; Natalia


Intercessory prayer

A.B. Simpson; Alvin York; Andrew Murray; Bulldozing Team; Challenger; Charles Spurgeon; Demons that distract and keep us from prayer; George Mueller; Hell's Angels; Hudson Taylor; Israel; James Gilmour; John Wesley; Lyona; Magnus Warriors; Martin Luther; Miracle Warriors; Pope John Paul ll;Prayer Angels; Prayer Warriors in Heaven; Priestess of Prayer; Prycore; Sonale; William Tyndale




Accomplishment; Acumon; Bitterness; Carnality; Deactivation (Neutralization) Demons; Flesh; Lucifer; Mach; Machoism; Materialism; Obtherion; Pride; Selvegion; Sen-si; Silver Helmet Angels; Spirits of Pride; Stress; Vain; Worldliness


Candomble; Foresight; Lazers; Obstacon; Stress; Timekeeper


Bulldozing Team; Foresight; Fury; Praise Squadron; Priestess of Prayer; Trainer




William Booth


Ayin; Candomble; Lethargy; Obstacon; Styrian


Hearing from the Lord


Abner; Angel of Miracles (Activation angel #1); Angels assigned to your houses and cars; Angels to protect you on a dangerous mission; Concentor; Disruptor; Haven; HELP Force; Guardian Angels; Michael the Archangel; Prudence; Tola and Tor; Vigilance; Watcher (Watchdog); Wings of Heaven; Youth



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Queens and empresses

Brunheld; Canara; Catherine the Great; Esther (Queen); Lady Jane; Nzingha; Victoria (Queen)


Arakan; Pan; Rejection


Aquiah; Fairies; Moses

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Reaching the top/rich

Brand; Eloquence; Gladys Aylward; John L. Brandt; Libby (Liberty); Martin Luther; Ukon Takayama; Witnessing Spirit Guides


Lucifer; Obtherion; Satan

Reformers, religeous

John Wycliffe; Martin Luther; Moravians; Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf; Philip Melanchthon; William Tyndale




Pan; Rejection



Relations with others

Spirit Helpers who specialize in relating to others

Relations with the Lord

Loving Jesus intimately

John the Beloved; Peter the Apostle

Renewal and refreshment

Aphrodite; Aquiah; Embodiment of strength; Holy Spirit; Moses; Spirits of Renewal

Resting in the Lord

Aquiah; David (King); John Bohoner; Moses




Angel of Revelation (Activation angel #2); Gabriel the Archangel






Band of warriors; Eleria; Guardians of the Flame; John the Beloved; Pineal Band


Che Guevara; Don Quixote; Martin Luther; Sun Yat-sen

Rising above

Apotheon; David (King); Helen Keller


Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin; Anastasia; Anton Chekhov; Anton Semyonovich Makarenko; Catherine the Great; Knyaginya Dashkova; Pietro; Rasputin; Yermak

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"Scarf of love and power"





Arakan; Emma


Abner; Chimbebwe


Seduction; Seduction and Obsession; SOS (Strength of Spirit); Yokum


Mach; Pan; Selvegion










Cathars (spiritual); Lethargy; Seduction; Seduction and Obsession; Selvegion


Cathars (spiritual)



Sensations of the Spirit



Flo; K.O.T. Fighters; Pride; Sensation; Sen-si

"Serum, spiritual"

Knights of Victory


Seduction; Yokum

Sexual freedom



Health problems



Sleepy spirit


Slowing down

Aquiah; Irrazzmon; Moses


Adoniram Judson; Barbrooke Grubb; C.T. Studd; Canara; Christmas Outreach; David Livingstone; Dawson Trotman; Dwight L. Moody; George Whitefield; Henry Clay Trumbull; Hudson Taylor; John L. Brandt; Joseph (NT); Joseph Alleine; Martin Luther; Mary Slessor; Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf; Robert Moffat; San-bahd-mahl; Ukon Takayama; William Booth; William Carey; William Gladstone


Frenzy; Speed Demons


Ashraf; Sphinx

Spirit, working in the

Bulldozing Team; John Bohoner

Spirit helpers, working with

Joan of Arc


Peter the Apostle

Sri Lanka

Amy Carmichael


Charles Dickens; Edgar Rice Burroughs; Louisa May Alcott; Storytellers in the Heavenlies


Hua Mulan; Joan of Arc; Nzingha; Sun Tzu

Strength, physical

Angels to give you physical strength

Strength from God

Embodiment of strength; Spirits of Renewal; Tananik


Frenzy; Stress


Selvegion; Vain




Death; Kamikaze; Oplexicon; Pan


C.T. Studd; Hudson Taylor; George Mueller; Ruth


Flo; K.O.T. Fighters; Sen-si

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Bill "Bojangles" Robinson; Elysian; Emma; Espitia; Frederick and Freya; Helen Keller; Herald; Ilantri; Anton Semyonovich Makarenko

Teaching the Word

Eloquence; John L. Brandt; George Whitefield; Libby (Liberty)


Brunheld; DeCynder; Free; Joan of Arc; Martin Luther


Bacchus; Seduction; Yokum


Angels of Conscience; Arakan; Pan

Time management








Traffic accidents

Disruptor; Vigilance

Trainers and coaches

Arcothon (Arcos); Armina; Band of warriors; Challenger; Coaches for physical challenges; Corrie; Femura; Flo; Foresight; Fury; Jahmal; K.O.T. Fighters; Pineal Band; San-bahd-mahl; Sensation; Simon the Warrior; Sonale; Trainer; Youth




Disruptor; Vigilance


Angels assigned to your houses and cars; Disruptor; Vigilance


Angels of Courage; Angels of Mercy; Angels to help you have faith; Angels to help you through your spiritual battles; Comfort; Zacharias (NT)

Tributes to the Family

Abner; Aphrodite; Che Guevara; Florence Nightingale; Mahatma Gandhi; Martin Luther; Moses; Paul the Apostle; Rasputin; Sakondro; Victoria (Queen); William Booth; William Tyndale


Holy Spirit; Sphinx [of the Devil]

Trust in the Lord

Anya (happy)

Trust in your brethren

Cathars (spiritual)


Acumon; Band of warriors; Gabriel the Archangel; Knights of Victory; Negaton; Obstacon; Oplexicon; Pan; Rejection; Seven Guiding Spirits of Maria; Vandari; White Angel (Truth Keeper); Winston Churchill


Lethargy; Oplexicon; Seduction

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Understanding (comprehension)

Arakan; Asmet

Understanding (sympathy; empathy)

Ethan; Helen Keller; Seven Guiding Spirits of Maria

Ungodly influences/attitudes

Bacchus; Lethargy

Unhealthy living



Cathars (spiritual); Custodians (Keepers); Eleria; Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf; Selvegion

Urim and Thummim


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Death; Greed; Seduction and Obsession

Vision (foresight)

Apotheon; Elysian; Pope John Paul ll

"Visiting spirit"


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Ben; Death; Greed; Rage


Akmeel; Alexander the Great; Amaor; Amazons; Arcothon (Arcos); Armina; Band of warriors; Charlemagne; Foresight; Fury; Joan of Arc; Katrine; Knights of Victory; Lochnel; Magnus Warriors; Miracle Warriors; Nzingha; Oliver Cromwell; Pineal Band; Rianna; San-bahd-mahl; Seven Angels of Maria; Silver Helmet Angels; Simon the Warrior; Tadhg; Tananik; Trainer; Wildcats of Heaven; William Wallace


Apotheon; Lethargy


Change; George Whitefield; Lethargy; Joseph Alleine




Angels of Wisdom; Asmet; Ayin; Eloquence; Esther (Queen); Joan of Arc; Lan-Ti; Moses; Seven Guiding Spirits of Maria; White Angel (Truth Keeper); William Gladstone

Wisdom of man



Aaron; A.B. Simpson; Activated spirit helpers; Adoniram Judson; Agnes; Aiden Tozer; Angel of Witnessing (Activation angel #3); Anya (Activated); Barbrooke Grubb; Bill "Bojangles" Robinson; Brand; C.T. Studd; Canara; Chinese students (Sichuan); Christmas Fairies; Christmas Outreach; David Livingstone; Dawson Trotman; Dwight L. Moody; Elizabeth (NT); Eloquence; Ethan; George Whitefield; Gladys Aylward; Goddess of Latin America; Henry Clay Trumbull; Hudson Taylor; Israelite servant girl; Jeremiah; Jim Elliot; Joan of Arc; John Bohoner; John the Beloved; Joseph (NT); Joseph Alleine; Lance; Lethargy; Love Fairies; Lydia; Mary Slessor; Martin Luther; Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf; Peter the Apostle; Robert Moffat; San-bahd-mahl; Seasonal Helpers; Spirits of Christmas yet to come; Tandy; Ukon Takayama; William Booth; William Carey; William Gladstone; William Tyndale; Witnessing Spirit Guides; Zacharias (NT)

Word of God

Creature of Heaven's Archives; Eleria; Gabriel the Archangel; Illuminus; Knights of Victory; Michael the Archangel; Oplexicon; Pan; Raphael; Rejection; Timothy; Vandari

Word time

Arakan; Charles Spurgeon; Ethel; Hudson Taylor; Illuminus; Lethargy; Obstacon; Samuel; Timothy

Words of Maria

Seven Guiding Spirits of Maria


Bacchus; Lethargy; Moses; Pan; Pride; Seduction; Worldliness


Anya (happy)


Ayako Miura; Charles Dickens; Clive Staples (C.S.) Lewis; Edgar Allan Poe; Edgar Rice Burroughs; Elizabeth Browning; John Bunyan; Louisa May Alcott; Mark Twain; Miguel de Cervantes; Paul the Apostle; Robert Browning


A.B. Simpson; Arakan; Eloquence

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Young people

Akmeel; Arakan; Austin girls; Cathars; David (in Africa); Death; DeCynder; Despair; Ethan; Free; Mary (of Joseph); Megan; Obtherion; Pan; Rejection; Rianna; Selena; Victoria (Tory); Wings of Heaven; Winston Churchill; Youth; Zanko and Bridora

("Who's Who in the Spiritual Warfare")