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It was a long dream, mostly about traveling and interacting with different people I met during my travels. The first part of the dream was a little unclear. It seemed to be about the people I’d met whilst traveling in America when I was young. But eventually I ended up in this house,  and at one point, and this has only happened to me once before, I stepped off this small landing into a big dormitory type of room, it was like a few steps down from the room I was in, but it was as if I missed my step and landed with a jolt, but the interesting part was that I really felt the jolt in my dream. It was an actual physical jolt that I felt. I think the jolt was representative that I was about to be brought to reality.

So I landed in this big dormitory-type room full of beds. The beds were not in neat rows but were arranged in the room as if each bed were in its own separate bedroom, but without walls. What I thought was strange was it was still early evening, just going on for dark, but everyone was in bed. I was scoping this room whilst I walked slowly through it, but everyone was lying down so I couldn’t see who was in the beds. I came up to the foot of this big long bed and this girl sits up from under a big feather quilt. She has on this really skimpy negligee and one of her breasts pops out from the side, I remember thinking it was one of the biggest breasts I’d ever seen. She didn’t seem the least perturbed that it was hanging out in full view. She was the happiest, most bright-eyed girl I’d ever seen. Her happy inviting smile made me want to jump into bed with her, I’d say her breast had something to do with it too. Anyway, I was about to make a move when suddenly there was movement under the covers beside her and presently another girl poked her head up. She too looked very cozy and happy. I remember thinking, “Oh, I see; you have company,” and so I moved off and ended up at another bed. This bed was a big king-size bed and there in bed with her kids was a woman that I knew in the Family. Her name was G, and when I knew her she was one of the “mom” women, those that would write publications on childcare for the Family, a really well-known figure and leader in Japan. Anyhow, I gave her a hug, but it was one of those extended hugs, just holding each other for a bit longer than normal. I don’t understand why I was doing that. It wasn’t as if I was close to her back then. At the time I first met her, she was shepherding a big combo home that was the service center for a big city and and large school. The home was really big; it was like a small hotel with lots of bedrooms everywhere. I guess that is what the big dormitory bedroom was all about.  So anyway I woke up whilst hugging G.

About ten minutes later I got out of bed to begin Word time. The dream wouldn’t leave me, so I asked my blue angel what it meant and she told me to read “Jesus is Enough”. So I opened the letter and here is the introduction.

  1. Throughout life we are faced with difficult choices, some of which mean a forsaking of something important to us. We go through breaking and we suffer loss. The Lord gives, and He takes away. We know He does it in love, but it’s still often a big breaking to yield to what He has done or is doing‚ to trust Him, to make the decision to believe that He knows best, and to flow with His plan‚ no matter how painful it seems at the moment.
  2. There are times when, after something really big has happened in our lives, we’ve gone through a very difficult time, or had to forsake something very dear to us‚ we reach a point through yieldedness and submission to the Lord’s will in our lives where we realize that Jesus is truly enough.–Where our lives are relatively uncomplicated because we’re not so worried about things, or so intensely hoping for them to turn out a certain way; the place where we count everything else “but loss” (Phil.3:8), worthless in comparison to our relationship with Jesus and our desire to solely fulfill His will for our lives.
  3. Sometimes, however, that hard-earned perspective is fairly short-lived. And it’s often so costly reaching that point. It would be nice if we could carry that perspective through our lives much more consistently.
  4. We’re naturally pretty attached to the things of this world. We are earthbound, and our human tendency is to put quite a few limitations on what we want to do, or are willing to do, or even feel we can do. We set boundaries, saying‚ “I’ll do this, but not that; I’ll give up this, but not that.”
  5. But as we progress as disciples, we need to be more detached from the world. And if you look to the great men and women of faith in the past, they were, almost without exception, very strong in this point. We need to enter that realm or get to the point in life where we are so in love with Jesus that other things don’t matter so much, where we have more trust in Him to do what is good in our lives, knowing that He’s in control and is going to bring good out of it.
  6. How do we reach that level of passion? How do we come to that point where Jesus truly is enough? When life is easy and you’re not having any big battles‚ this concept can seem so far off or foreign, and even undesirable. But when you’ve just been through something really heavy that has touched you deep down at the core of your faith, and you’ve made decisions there in the valley of testing that Jesus is enough for you, then you can relate to this concept, and you don’t ever want to lose that feeling. You know it was hell getting there, but once you have it‚ you have such peace and confidence in our Lover‚ and you find such comfort in the Word. Your spiritual life blossoms.(end)

Whilst reading the above, I realized that many of us truly have our eyes on the wrong things, people mainly, or the things of this world. And that point was made plainly obvious at the Reboot. It was made evident by the choices people made at that time. Now I’m recounting a dream here, so I’m not trying to judge people by what decisions they made after the whole organization folded. What is important about this dream is that it left me with two thoughts. The first was this: there are a lot of people still asleep, even now, right before night falls for the last time, and the second was that (at the time of the Reboot) our eyes weren’t truly on Jesus, the Word. That is why there was such a great falling away. If our eyes are on anything other than Jesus, then our life perspective is out of focus. That is, no doubt, the reason my blue angel told me to read, “Jesus is Enough”. Which is what I’m going to continue reading after this little commentary and prophecy.

This malady of unfocused vision is not unique to the Family. The whole world is the same, but what is interesting when applying this principle to the Family, being like a microcosm,  is that the effect that something like the Reboot had on us was very outstanding, whereas in the world, the effect of change cannot be seen so starkly, unless it is a very big change like a corona pandemic or a war, or the coming of Jesus and the Millennium.  

July 24, 2023…Prophecy explaining  this dream

Yes, my love, this is a look at reality. There are those that have jumped on board and are riding the wave of the new revolution which the reboot kick-started. These are the two girls you found cuddled up in the bed together. These ones are a representation of the true bride of Christ. They have the one-wife vision and are full of life, bright-eyed and are in bed together, which shows their unity. They are also as virgins, willing and ready for their Husband’s return. The other bed represents those who are living in the past. They remember the way it was and are asleep. They missed the purpose of the Reboot revolution and are still in bed in spirit, and without the New Wine, they are lethargic, lazy and have no life in them. You hugging them means that you still love them, and your lingering  embrace is your way of showing them that you don’t despise them for the decisions, even though you are very sad for them.

  “Call on the power of the keys that the eyes of your mind and spirit may be opened to My Word as never before. Call on their power to sweep your mind clean of anything that would stand in opposition to you receiving My Words and being changed by them.”


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