spirit helper speaking

(Aiyn:) All things change, but Jesus, never. This world is a temporal one, these places, people, and things are all temporal. Everything has to move, to change, because that is how it is set up. This world was not made to last. And you should be praising Jesus that nothing around you is solid—that people and places come and go—because if they didn’t, then you wouldn’t be as desperate as you need to be. You wouldn’t be as focused on the Lord and His Kingdom if all around you, in this world, you had everything set up and established.

It’s hard to move on, we know. But once again, the only reason it is hard is because you are too attached to the Now. You do not have enough of the Heavenly Vision. This world has an end, but the Realm of the Spirit is everlasting. Right now we have loss, deprivation and heartbreaks. Our earthly nature hurts because it was born and raised in this temporal world. But as spiritual beings, we must fight that nature of death and look onward and upward towards the beautiful and bright future ahead where there will be no more parting of ways or loss of loved ones or restrictions of movement and communication. We will understand in that day; we will be able to know each other in that wonderful day. This world, this life, these days, are not what we want. So do not get bogged down in the present sorrows because they will be forgotten in the long run, and like a dream, they will vanish away and not be remembered. Fight, my brother, to stay on the course. This world is not a place where you want to stop—even for a moment, unless it is to save a soul or lift up a brother. Keep your eye single, so that your whole body be light.

“Keep moving onward, ever onward. We are pilgrims and strangers in this land. We cannot stop here, not even to rest for a moment, for the dark vines of carnality are ever present beneath our feet waiting to entangle our minds in the present sorrows of death.”



“If you need to change your mindset, call on the keys of discipleship and experience a complete reworking of your mind by My power.”





Companion, a spirit helper:

Fear not for loss of sleep. The Lord our Staff is always mindful of these things, and He will give you the strength and the rest when you need it. Traveling is a weary thing at times. It’s not all adventure and thrills. But nevertheless, we push on because we have your sights set on that golden horizon. Our King knows of the weariness of the flesh. When among the multitudes in the days of His ministry, He was constantly battling exhaustion. When He arose in the early morn to pray, He had to fight off His flesh’s desires for slumber and put His spirit first. For to feed your spirit is more important and will do you more good and will actually give you more strength and endurance—both physical and spiritual—than a bit more sleep could. The pilgrim’s way is a hard one to follow, for it is the Mountain Way. (It’s a rough & a rugged road, a hard & a heavy load & the people you meet aren’t always kind–on the way up. There aren’t many places to live on the mountain–little rugged shelters, lean-tos. Not much to eat, it’s cold & windy, but it’s a thrill even to die there.) The nights are treacherous at times, and the hours of rest few. But we are the beloved of the Lord, and He has promised that His strength is sufficient for us, and that He would give us sleep. So, if He has not, then there must be a very good reason for it.


“The shadowed ones are working harder than ever in these final days to blind people to the shortness of time. They are attacking everyone in an attempt to cloud the eyes of the people of Earth.”


Revelation 21

“Seize the keys in full faith and walk boldly and bravely into the light of a new day!”





registration or tribulation

September 7, 2021

Australia To Lock Out The Unvaccinated People From Its Economy

The Australian state of Victoria will “lock out” unvaccinated people from participating in the economy, Premier Dan Andrews has announced.


Spirit helper speaking:

Yes, my friend, we’re coming to the end of this long road… 6000yrs has this journey been; 6000 long, long years. The shadowed ones are working harder than ever in these final days to blind people to the shortness of time. They are attacking everyone in an attempt to cloud the eyes of the people of Earth. Even you and your brethren have they attacked. Complacency, lethargy, familiarity, shortsightedness, and weariness –these are the attacks of the evil ones who want to put everyone to sleep just before the end of all things.

Look past it all. Look past today and tomorrow and the next day after that. Look past what you are feeling at this very moment and see… see what is coming. See the great and terrible storm clouds which have come over the horizon and are even now casting their ghastly shadow across the land. Look over the sea of waters, over the multitude of Earth, and see the billowing storm front approaching. Next year, next year it will hit. Next year you will feel the first waves of terror. The lowlands will be swept away, the mighty nations of the world will be submerged in its wake. Take no thought for yourselves, take no thought for your lives, take no thought for the things you see around you, for the end of all things is at hand, and the Lord of Hosts has come to judge the Earth. (Companion)

next year

“Our guide is Jesus. He is always there when we go through trouble. We can rest on Him, knowing that He does have a plan and a purpose and will give us only what we can bear.”


out of Memphis

“The keys are your bridge from yesterday to tomorrowa bridge long enough to cover any gulf of past failure, sin, or breach in the spirit.”





Prophecy for the days of tribulation

“This whole life is a journey, a road that we all must walk. And we can choose how we want to walk it. Will we go through life looking at all the things we don’t have, or will we look UP each day and remember that we have something far greater awaiting us at the end of this road? Will we stop our murmuring and remind ourselves that we’re just pilgrims and strangers in a strange and hostile land, and that our true Home is not here at all? Will we quickly come to the realization—so as to make our life easier—that everything good we have is a perk, an extra, and that all we’ve really been promised is service and sacrifice? With food and clothing, therewith be content. You have not yet resisted unto blood, my friend, striving in this world. For if the footmen weary you, how then will you contend with horses? If these minor trials get you down, how will you fair when the real fires of hell are put on you?  

If we can just get our minds and eyes off of the Now, then our whole life of service becomes so much easier! If we can praise our souls into the presence of our Love King and forget about all the goodies of Egypt, then our walk in this world will be so much more enjoyable. I am Companion, and I’ve tutored many of God’s wayfaring ones through this earth life safely. The secret lies in learning to set your eyes on the focal point, on the prize, on Heaven. This is what you know as “the Heavenly Vision.” This is the most important thing a traveler can do  to reach his destination. He cannot look to the right or to the left, but straight ahead. And praise helps you to keep your eyes facing forward. Praise lifts your head for you and sets you aright again, on your feet, and gets your vision cleared. Praise is the breath of the wayfarers. It’s the staff of the pilgrim. It’s the voice of all those who are seeking that City.

Come walk with me. I’m more of a background companion, a shadow helper. You won’t always see me or feel me around. And I might not talk too much either. But I am here, walking right beside you. My Nierna is in my hand, and its flame is encircling the both of us. As we breathe this fire in, our hearts sing. This song comes out our mouths—the song of the wayfaring folk, the song of the free spirited, the song of the children of David, the song of God’s gypsies!”

(End of prophecy)

“I hold in my hand one of the lanterns of praise which line the paths and passageways leading into the heavenly high courts of our Lord. These lanterns-standing in majestic power-give glory to our God at all times. Their flame never wanes or dies as they burn in impassioned honor and praise to our Husband!”


Return of the keys

“We call on the keys of resolve, of strength and of power to help us to work hand in hand with them, to acknowledge them, to listen to them and to follow their checks.”





Registration or tribulation

The year 2022 will see many, if not all, national puppet governments imposing mandatory vax on their people. Call it what you will; this long-planned and well-orchestrated international registration of the entire world’s citizenry is well documented in the book of Revelation.
As this internationally stimulated pogrom develops, any person/s resisting will be denigrated then denied basic government services. Persecution will come, and over time, dissenters will be made classless or exterminated. This is also well documented in the Book of Revelation as well as other apocryphal books.
(READ MATTHEW 24:21,22)


Get it out now

Jesus Speaking:

The message I want to give is that of the End! I want the Enemy to be exposed and set back on his heels. I want him to be the one running for cover because of the fire and fervor of My children! I want My children to get out the Words like never before! I want them to pour out the Words in greater abundance than this world has ever seen. I want the children of David to be wise and full of faith and conviction so that the Enemy will be forced out in the open. I want the children of David to give out the message of the Endtime and Tribulation, of My return and reign, and of Heaven which will follow, the full message that I committed unto My prophet David!

The most important message I want you to give out in these Last Days is that which exposes the plan of the AC. Preach the gospel of the Endtime so that people can be aware of it and know and run to Me when they see it happening. They may not see it now. They may even mock you now as they did Noah in the days of old; but when they saw the clouds gathering, when they saw the rain come thundering down upon them and the Earth bursting forth with great fountains of water, when they saw their loved ones drowning, then they remembered the Word of the Lord and of His prophet. They remembered all that they had been told, and many repented.

I want you to give the message so that many will repent and come to Me in the difficult days which will befall this world soon. I want them to have a reason to live, a hope of tomorrow.


Revelation 15-22

“The keys not only grant you faith, but will also empower you with a steady stream of confidence in My promisesthe power to put your faith into action.”





Spirit helper speaking

(Azoria:) The rewards are not what it’s about. They’re just things that a Loving God gives to His children because He loves them. So you must remember that you weren’t sent to this Earth for a “treasure hunt”. That’s not the goal –to garner rewards. You were sent to Earth because you needed extra schooling: you wanted to learn something. The tests and trials can seem hard, but you should remind yourself that they’re just par for the course. You have to open your eyes to see what it is that the Lord is trying to teach you through this test—since that is what all these tests are for, for you to learn  something. So instead of complaining or moaning, and saying that “my life” is too hard, just remind yourself: “This is a School. I’m here as a student. This is not ‘my Life’. My Life is back in Heaven. Right now I’m on an assignment.”

If you think that this is your life, then you’re too attached to this present World. You’ve let down roots and have started to grow here. You don’t have the Heavenly Vision anymore; the Earth life has gotten hold of you. You have to realign your vision every day because you’re surrounded by the Earth and its people. You’re surrounded by devils and demons of carnality, of lust, and of self. This world wars against your spirit and is trying every day to bring it into subjection, into chains. It’s a struggle every day, small or great: it’s a struggle for survival. Every single day you make choices to either step up a level in the spirit or go down a level closer to the dead heads and the mud men of this earth. It’s a school, remember, and you can either choose to apply yourself to your studies or fool around in the world –trip off, waste time and accomplish nothing. Remember, you have to die daily. It’s not a one-time thing. You’re standing on a slippery uphill mountain, and if you don’t make some forward progress every day, you begin to slide back down and become again as they are—earthy, sensual, devilish. It’s a fight to stay on the high grounds of the Spirit because you have to keep moving higher and higher. The water of the world never stops rising, so what once was the high ground of yesterday is not the high ground of today.


“If you think that this is your life, then you’re too attached to this present World. You’ve let down roots and have started to grow here.”


Fields of airyn

“When you are lost, I will give you sight; when in despair, I will give you hope; when on the verge of collapse, I will raise you up; when hopelessness surrounds you, I will restore your vision; when all seems lost, I will bring victory all through the power of the keys of the Kingdom.”