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A Short Discussion on Current Events


T: Here is a quote from Money Explodes, #294

  1. WHEN THE GREEN PIG EXPLODED, THAT WAS A SUDDEN INFLATIONARY EXPLOSION OF THE MONETARY SYSTEM!– Comment: which is happening right now, inflation… And what happens?–What followed?–It collapsed!–In total deflation! See? That’s a deflation: It just collapsed!

T: Then I was thinking, “I wonder if that has anything to do with the comet and the 40 Days and the destruction of America?” The 40 days is what stood out to me, as the Lord has brought that to our attention again this year.

MB: I believe it does too. Now I don’t really grasp the 40 day–40 day–80 day thing, but I keep harping on November and the end of this year because that’s what stands out to me. I feel that is what Jesus is trying to point out.

T: When I observed the news lately, I saw where Prince Charles stated there would be 17 days of mourning for the Queen. I thought, “Is that a countdown to something, or like a signal to each other?

MB:  That sounds similar to what the Freemasons, or Illuminati do. The 25th of September is the last day of that mourning.

T: Then tomorrow they will crash a so-called spaceship into an asteroid. The word CRASH stood out! Then this morning, the Lord led me to the above quote from Money Explodes and the letter (#2165) The Atomic War Ends the Tribulation. What if this World War 3, that is in progress now they say,(?) is the massive war of Daniel 11:44, and that is where we are at in the Endtime time line?

MB: See 2nd War of the Antichrist The Endtime prophet, David, spoke of the Antichrist waging 5 wars, the fifth being Armageddon. If what is being said in the blog article “The Second War of the Antichrist” is true, then the world can expect two more wars. Or as you seem to be suggesting, the present war in the Ukraine and the following two wars will simply continue on to become the final war of Armageddon.

T: The massive amount of world armies being mobilized at this time is a big event to take note of.

In the letter #2165, it says that this war destroys Babylon, and is just before the coming of our Lord. It all seems to be imminent now and rhymes in with the 40 days.

Many see the abomination of desolation for what it is –this jab from Hell is what it is– For the literalist, this is an obvious, literal interpretation, not just a spiritual interpretation.

It is sad to see so many system, churchy Christians who worship this medical system, saying: “Who is like unto it?” and living in denial of it all. They say it’s not the right time, “Oh we need to pray for more time.” What? The Lord’s prayer says, “Thy Kingdom come”  not  thy Kingdom be delayed !

MB: That reminds me of the story of the two monks who each bought a fruit tree. The first monk allowed the Lord to look after the tree, and the other took it upon himself to pray for each of the things he thought the tree needed when he thought it needed them: sun, rain and frost. The tree of the first monk thrived, while the tree of  second monk withered and died.  “Thy Kingdom and Thy Will be done” sounds good to me.  

 T: Two years ago, back in our woods, I saw a big dead tree, bark falling off and everything. It was split in two –from the base of it to the top. The base was partially leaning on and  supported by a big rock (Jesus). I went there this year to cut it up for firewood and found that it had completely come back to life, healthy and whole with brand new bark, leaves and everything. I was amazed! As I looked at how well and miraculously it had come back to life, at that moment, the Lord reminded me of the raising of the bones. I was like WOW, WOW!  It is going to happen! PTL!

MB: Your story reminded me of the MO letter “The Tree”…although its sap was cut off at the Reboot…perhaps your new invigorated tree represents the young saplings that have risen up out of the ashes of the old?



    Second War of the Antichrist?

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