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“Alice laid the book aside and decided to read one of Mr. Sage’s complimentary volumes and found it intriguing. Before long, with I Dare Say fallen open across her chest, she slipped into slumber and found herself attired in her customary Victorian pinafore dress stumbling through a forest at nightfall. She was clutching a small golden torch and was making her way through the undergrowth towards distant cries for help.
Finally she stumbled upon a large cave from where those cries emitted and around its entrance scurried a horde of armored ants, wielding swords and daggers. Alice realized she was quite small, as the surrounding grass towered above and the ants were knee ­high to her. Across the cave’s mouth stretched a giant web in which hundreds of ants were bound, some were dead and others were crying for release. From inside the cave, Alice heard a bloodcurdling cackle.
One of the leading ants turned and upon seeing her, gave a joyful whoop. “She hath come!” he shouted to his companions.
“Who?” “The one for whom ye have been praying! Alice!”
“Our deliverer!” the others answered almost in unison. “Me? Thy deliverer?” “Aye,” said the leader. “See?  Many of our comrades, relatives, wives, and children are caught in that web. Didst thou bring thy keys turned to scissors?” “Nay, but I have this golden torch,” said Alice. “Humph, what can that do?” “It hath lighted my way here, and can help you to see all the better.” “Verily? Well, we were expecting thee to use thy golden scissors to cut the strands.” “But ye are all armed. Can ye not do the job yourselves?” “Ah, we try and although there are hundreds of us, the web is much too intricate, and the strands appear faster than we can cut them. Besides, many of us, while trying to do so, are caught and die in the web too. It’s a losing battle.” “Hmm…,” said Alice. “Ye do slash in vain.” “What? Thou deemest our noble efforts such?” “Well, have ye considered attacking and killing the spider itself?” “Spider? What on earth is that?” “The one who is behind it.” “Behind what?” “Spinning the web, of course. Do ye not hear its cackle?” At Alice’s statement, the ants burst into laughter.
“What on earth is so funny, pray tell?” Alice asked. “That is preposterous, dear girl! Something or someone behind the spinning of it? Nonsense. And as far as hearing a cackle…”

“Well, it is true, I heareth it. And wherever there is a web, most assuredly there must be a spider.” “Humph. Hast thou actually seen one?” “Of course I have. In my world … umm … realm,
whatever, it is most perfectly logical. Webs do not just appear out of nowhere!” The ants fell into further fits of laughter. “I am most awfully sorry,” said Alice. “But I fail to understand the reason for such mirth.” “Simple,” said the leader. “Thou hast insinuated that not only are we short­sighted—possibly even blind—but also deaf.”
“Very well,” said Alice. “Do ye all like music?” “Of course!” the ants chorused. “Then we all agree that when we hear music, someone has to be playing it. Music doth not play itself, right?” Alice smiled and waited.

“So be it,” she stated in response to no response, and shone her torch into the cave. The ants fell silent and drew back; some even dropped their weapons and scurried off. The beam of Alice’s torch had revealed a monstrous black spider that, with bared mandibles, appeared mortified at its exposure. It had also ceased its cackling.
“Attack it and kill it!” Alice shouted. “Ye have the weapons and the more of ye that do so, the more effective it will be!”

“The human mind is like a computer. No matter how efficient it may be, its reliability is only as great as the information fed into it. If it is possible to control the input to the human mind, then no matter how intelligent a person may be, it´s entirely possible to program what people will think, and yes, it´s even possible to program people to laugh at the mere mention of the word “conspiracy”.”


Out of Memphis

The Word is what will keep you in time of trial. Listen to My Word, claim My Word, say My Name, praise Me through your tears, rebuke the Enemy, submit your will to Me, and trust Me. Forget your feelings! Obedience and faith bring victory, as you call on the power of the keys.


Although bewildered, at Alice’s command, the remaining ants swarmed towards the spider wielding their swords and daggers. “Stop!” another of the leading ants shouted. “We need not get involved with this loony little girl! She is evidently delusional, sincere but deceived. Beside herself!” The ants stopped, evidently respecting this intellectually persuasive ant. “Alice is mad, Baron?” one whimpered.
“Aye. Loony. It is not real.” “What is not real?” “This horrific thing the loony little girl doth call a ‘spider’.” “What meanest thou, ‘it is not real’?” said Alice. “See for thyself!” “Simple, child. Thy contraption is merely projecting an image into the cave.”
“Thou speakest of my torch?” “Whatever thou callest it, yea. It is most irresponsible and foolish of thee to project images of fear into the minds of my fellow ants, leading them to believe that such an evil creature could ever exist. Switch off thine accursed talisman.” Alice did so and the ants gasped. “See?” said the ant. “The image was just that—an image. Now let us get back to the real work of freeing our fellow ants.” With a roar of agreement, the ants returned to their task of slicing at the strings of the web and Alice heard the cackle resume from within the cave “Ha!” touted the leader ant. “and we don´t want to be confused with the facts!!!
Then Alice awoke.
* * *
I FEEL SO SORRY FOR THOSE VIOLENT REVOLUTIONARIES–they are so outnumbered, I’m afraid they’re going to be wiped out! They cannot destroy the LIE by destroying what the LIE has created, because the LIE is the Spirit of Antichrist–a spiritual force of evil that is invisible, but which has created the visible evil System. We have to shoot the LIE down by God’s Spirit! DBB
* * *

“Only I can make the tiniest ant to teach a nation.”


Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Psalms 119:105



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