Death the final orgasm


I want to tell you about a revelation the Lord gave me,  I was so inspired, I broke down & wept a few times & I was praising the Lord in tongues.  I was reading someone’s prophecy about martyrdom, it just hit me!  I never had this experience before!  Only one time before did I ever have anything like it, & that was when I had that dream where I was looking down the barrel of a rifle that some guy was pointing right at my head!  I remember I wasn’t the least bit afraid. (See ML#1775, “Dying Grace!“)

Do you know what martyrdom is going to be like?  This must be what gave the martyrs such tremendous victory, to where they could shout & sing & praise the Lord while they were burning at the stake!  Maybe you think this is overdoing it, I don’t know, but this is what I got: Martyrdom, actually being killed for the Gospel, for the Lord’s sake, for our good works, is going to be like a sexual orgasm! Hallelujah!  Thank You Jesus!  I feel like chattering in tongues right now, but I know it’s getting late!  That moment is not going to be a horrible moment.  There may be horrible things going on, but death for us is going to be like an orgasm!

And it came to me, do you know why the early Bible teachers called our going to meet the Lord “the Rapture”?  That word was used for sexual ecstasy by the poets & the writers in those old-fashioned days: “I was enraptured!” “It was rapture!”  Love was rapture!  So the early Bible teachers & preachers used that as a polite word for when we go to meet the Lord!  It’s going to be our rapture!  Don’t you think that’s going to be a tremendous thrill?  I guess you could even call it a physical thrill, because we’ll be in our new bodies that can still feel! What greater thrill is there in the physical than the physical rapture, the orgasm?  As somebody said, “It feels so good, it hurts!” (Family: It’s like “We go & He comes!”) Ha! Yes, or He comes & we go! Praise the Lord!

(Maria: Those Christian martyrs who smiled & sang as they were burning at the stake couldn’t have done that if they were in agony!  It’s just not physically possible.)  They were shouting, smiling, singing & praising the Lord!–And this is what converted a lot of Romans, because they knew it was a miracle, they knew it was amazing!

So your death is not going to be some horrible experience, it’s going to be like those wonderful sexual orgasms! Hallelujah! Isn’t that wonderful?  PTL!  TYJ!  Wow!  Why not? We’re going to be with our Lord!  It’s going to be the greatest thrill we’ve ever known! Praise God!

So don’t fear death, it’s going to be the greatest experience you ever had!–The most wonderful, thrilling experience!  Suddenly the old flesh is gone & you’ll be free!  What could be better than that?  Just like after working so hard for it in physical lovemaking, all of a sudden, boom! And you have no control over that at all, really, it’s just something that controls you& you explode!  Praise the Lord? I think when we die, we are going to have a wonderful orgasm as we enter the Spirit World, & we are going to explode, really explode!  I believe it!

I never thought of that before, but it just came to me as clear as anything when I was reading your prayers & your praises & your wonderful prophecies.  I ran across some of those references to persecution, martyrdom & dying for the Lord, & it came to me: “Don’t worry about dying, it’s going to be like an orgasm!  You’re going to be so thrilled& it will just feel so wonderful to die!”  To us it’s going to be wonderful!  Like Paul says, “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”–1Cor.15:55.  For us death has no sting! (David Berg)

  “When the pain and agony seem too hard to bear, My beloved one, call on the keys and I will open your eyes to behold the beauties of My secret garden of affliction to which I have carried you, and to see the flowers of rarest form that are even now enriching your spirit, preparing you wondrously for your new life in Heaven!”


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