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“I used to wait for a fairly big reason to perform a miracle, but in these days I will more easily do mighty and outstanding things. You know this. The Word explains it clearly. The era of miracles has begun and is just getting into motion in the physical world. Here’s what you can do to help that happen: Accept the circumstances I put you in that grow and stretch your faith, that force you to call on Me for a miracle. When I put you in a tight place, where there’s no way out, it’s probably because I want to bless you with a miracle. Don’t try to squirm out of it. Face My challenge head-on and claim My key of miracles‚ and you’ll receive a jaw- dropping answer. When the situations are less dire, you see fewer miracles, but as you get into tougher and tougher situations‚ which all of you are finding more of as you advance bravely for Me, there will be many more chances for you to know that I am your only recourse, and you will see Me come through for you in many big ways. Don’t worry when the times get tough; get excited instead, knowing that miracles are close at hand. Things didn’t seem too easy-breezy for Me when I was asked to turn water into wine‚ or feed the thousands with two loaves and five fishes. In the natural, and to the human eye, I was in an impossible situation. But, as you know, the petitions were answered and the miracles were wrought. So don’t despair when you face something difficult. When you praise Me for all of the answered prayers in your life, and when you look at all that I have done throughout the ages, it will be clear that there aren’t any impossibilities or situations that are too hard for Me.”


QUOTE: Nobody’s telling you that you have to ask Me for a miracle. You could probably get by without one. But don’t you want to see a miracle? Don’t you want to exercise that stronger and less-seen faith that can pull down amazing answers just because it believes and it acts on that belief? Don’t you want to have greater faith? Don’t you want to have an extraordinary ability to move My hand, change My mind, and engineer events according to My will? If you want a miracle‚ it’s yours!

“Thoughts turned into prayers will accomplish great feats, make the impossible possible, and change the course of history! On the other hand, thought power left running idle has little worth and will only float off to oblivion and fade away to rust and ruin.”


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