USED Sign of Jonah


By Ubendavin


The Twin Towers ! 1973-2001 ! Updated .


Lately, I had been feeling weary of digging into the letter #280, as it feels like there’s so much to find but it needs confirming. I was sleeping in the early morning  of April 21, when I heard the Lord or my spirit helper say, “It has 9-11 and more.” So I started wondering, “Wow, what else?” and I got up thinking, “How do I get that?”  But later in the evening before bed, it came to me that that was the enemy, just trying to discourage me and I just needed to claim the keys.

Sure enough, it turns out, a few days ago, when I was meticulously checking  the dates, I had separated the 11 from the 11th, and it turned out that I had, 9-11’s, or 9/11. Ha ! So it’s all about how much you really believe that this letter has a bigger message and a bigger picture to see. One little difference in a number could be considered a coincidence …but it could also be a supernatural message from the Lord for our times

I’m more inclined to believe it’s a message. I may later write more on this post. God bless you all . GP#280 1973-11-12 . There is the number 11 that makes it 9 11’s .

Was 9/11 a (by sight)?) warning for the world (40 days) ? Warning of a Dark Winter? #280:9 The word twice appears twice. Two Towers. Two Planes. The 1st plane, flight 11, hit the 80th floor. #280:17 …war, war ! 2 wars followed . Afghanistan & Iraq, justifying any and all military intervention by the U.S. government . This justification still goes on, causing untold death and hardship around the world. When will it end ?



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