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  1. OUT OVER THE SEA, HOWEVER, A FIERCE STORM IS BREWING, with dark, black clouds, thunder rolling, lightning flashing and the sea and waves roaring. This ominous storm is moving rapidly toward the fair lowland pastures of the seacoast, but most of the shepherds and their maids seem unaware of its foreboding approach. Only a few of them seem to have caught sight of the storm and are casting a fearful eye at its distant raging on the one hand, while glancing toward the hills for some way of escape on the other. The hills are high, steep, rocky, and their grass is sparse, but they seem to offer definite refuge from the exposed lowlands in danger of being inundated by the rising tides, and flooded by the raging storm!
  1. THE ONLY WAY TO THE SAFETY OF THE HILLS ABOVE IS A TUNNEL through the cliffs from the low-lying pastures below. Upon first sight of the scene, in the bright warm sunshine and complacent security before the storm, this tunnel route to higher ground is dry and fairly easy to negotiate, and a mere handful of the shepherds and their sheep–those that have seen the coming storm–are already beginning to herd their sheep through the tunnel to higher ground, but most of the others are refusing to pay any attention to the approaching storm, and seem unaware of their peril in the rich and easy, but dangerous, lowlands. They seem to have turned their backs to the storm, as though trying to ignore it, forget it or hoping it won’t come or may even go away, some arguing that it’ll be a long time before it strikes, if ever, and they have plenty of time to get to safety!

MB June 21, 2023: The storm has been building for some time now. Time is a great tester. The warning comes, but the storm does not hit immediately. Instead it slowly grows like an ocean wave, way out in the depth of the open ocean. The shepherds know it is there; they were told so by the prophet. But because it didn’t come upon them just when the prophet warned it might, they became familiar with the Words of warning and in time those Words begin to lose their effect in the hearts of the shepherds. Satan has used the passing years to acquire his goal; that of diverting the shepherds from the path ahead. It worked, of course. It is easy to see now. The shepherds are so far off the path that they no longer see the Word as a lamp. The oil has dried in its vessel, and it is far too late to run to the market to buy more. Faith comes by faithful study of the Word. So now, as was warned, the shepherds refuse to pay attention to the approaching storm and seem unaware of their peril. The Word that was once so real to them is now of none effect.

  1. THE FIELDS ON THE HILLS ABOVE ARE MORE ROCKY AND RUGGED, rougher and harder and steeper, and the grass is not as plentiful as below, and the sheep have to work harder to find it, but the shepherds and their maidens seem to be relieved, feel freer, and breathing more easily now that they have made that difficult climb, knowing they are now out of reach of the storm about to strike the lowlands. They keep calling to those below to come up higher, but only a few stragglers seem to trickle through the tunnel at a slow and reluctant pace, and those below seem unwilling to let them go, and delaying their departure, with one excuse after another, until the storm is almost on them.

MB June 21, 2023: Now we are seeing the fulfillment of the prophet’s dream. The shepherds in the lowlands scoff and ridicule and tell those that wish to leave that those calling from the highlands are lying to them. They tell them that there is still time, that they should wait as they are, for the call from their earthly shepherds, who themselves have been deceived. I tell you plainly, the Words of their Chief Shepherd are about to come crashing into their lives with force and shocking reality.  

  1. SOME OF THE SHEPHERDS HAVE HERDED THEIR LITTLE FLOCKS ONTO SMALL HILLOCKS AND KNOLLS ONLY BARELY ABOVE THE FLOOD in the midst of the lowlands, cowering there with their sheep under the battering of the storm. Others are struggling now desperately towards the tunnel that leads to higher ground! But the tunnel which had been a fairly easy way of escape before the storm struck, has now itself become a raging river, a terrible torrent of water rushing through its darkness. Inside, all is chaos and confusion, with shepherds groping in the darkness and the flood for their poor bleating sheep, and trying to lift them one by one onto a small narrow pathway, like a catwalk, just above the level of the water on the right side of the tunnel leading upward to safety. Many of the sheep are swept away and lost in the darkness and the dark waters, but one by one a few are managing to struggle to safety along the dark narrow pathway! There’s much weeping and wailing and bleating and cries for help, but all is confusion and life and death struggle to try to reach safety, for many too late!

MB June 21, 2023: What is the meaning of that catwalk? There is no lighting along the way. It is dark and narrow and barely above the level of the rushing water. “And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.” And where does it lead to? To higher ground, and where is that higher ground? “And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. 

The journey is not over for us pilgrims and strangers. Don’t look around you at your earthly abode, thinking that you have arrived. We must continue moving up the mountain, our journey is not yet complete.  

  1. BUT THE STORM OF GOD’S JUDGMENTS upon the ease and luxury of the nations, particularly America, is fast approaching and the sea and waves of the uprising of peoples are about to rage! God has warned us time and again, from the earliest days in 1962, when He first gave us the Message of Jeremiah, that His judgments were going to be soon poured out upon America, and we should flee that country if possible as soon as our prophet’s job of warning them was finished, the last Harvest reaped, and the storm about to break!

MB June 23, 2023: Although our wilderness may be spiritual, make sure that you are where Jesus wants you to be physically. If that is in order, then continue to climb in spirit. Do not be satisfied with your present position on the mountain; keep moving up the slope, all the time keeping your spiritual eye and ear open to any indication that may be directing you to a physical move. Don’t become complacent; this world is not our home. The slope is slippery, and we cannot afford to stand still for a moment.

  1. BUT LET ME TELL YOU RIGHT NOW that the going is not nearly as rough as it’s going to be, and the present escape routes not nearly as difficult and dangerous, if not impossible, as they will be in the near future when the storm of God’s judgments begins to break upon the wickedness of the lowlands of America! For while they build and they plant, are glutted and drunken and reveling in their adulteries and their fornication’s with the worldly System, the Storm is about to break and the Flood about to come and sweep them all away, as it was in the days of Noah!

MB June 23, 2023: So shall also the coming of the Son of man be. The flood has come; we were warned. Nowhere on this physical earth is it safe now –that is, if you are not in the very dead center of God’s will. Once there however, then nothing by any means can hurt you. Pray without ceasing, beloved. It is in staying in the wilderness of His highest will where true safety and provision is found. It only takes one misstep, and you will find yourself back down at the bottom again.


(Excerpt of prophecy) I have said that this wicked and adulterous generation will see no sign but the sign of Jonah. I have said through My prophet David that the sign of Jonah is My Word, which I sent to warn the wicked in their wickedness. Yet they still seek after a sign. I am that sign. I am the Word. The Word is Me, and those that follow Me will know when My return is imminent. I will speak to them through My living Word, My Word for today. Those that obey Me today, those that listen to My instruction, those whose ears are attuned to My still small voice will be those who will give the cry that the Bridegroom cometh. These are they that have their lamp full of new oil. These are they that have kept their lamps trimmed. They were not happy when their oil became old. They made their way quickly to the market place to buy new, fresh oil for their lamps. These ones do not look for signs in the sky. Their interest is in hearing My voice. They want only to hear from Me. (end of prophecy)


(Excerpt of prophecy) Do not look for signs in sun or moon, or in the writings of men, those who know not the Master’s will but who are like the waves of the sea, driven and tossed about with every breath and doctrine. But be as My beloved brides who stand by My side day and night, who keep their lamps trimmed, receiving fresh every day from the spout of fresh oil that proceeds from the very fount of God. I honor those that honor My Word. Love Me; love My commandments. Go now, for the time of My coming approaches. Cry as one in the wilderness, cry as one on the housetop, cry on the blog, cry to those that pass by on the streets. The Word will spread and those that hear will hear and those that will scoff will scoff. But what is that to the servant? The servant’s will is the Master’s will. Go ye.”

(MB blog post “Behold the Bridegroom Cometh May 4, 2023)


He (Elijah) himself had taught the people by deeds rather than words, and now he is himself similarly instructed. He was taught several things which it was essential for him to know, and among them, first, that God does not always use the means which we suppose He will use. We sit down and think how a nation can be blessed, and we form our own idea of the most excellent way, but our thoughts are not the Lord’s thoughts, for as the heavens are high above the earth so are His thoughts above our thoughts, and His ways above our ways.

The great steps of the Infinite are not to be measured by our childish walk. It is not ours to propose to Him what He shall do, nor how or when He shall do it, but we must leave to His sovereign will to choose and to command, and we shall yet see how wondrous He is in His workings. (Spurgeon)

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“Like Jerusalem in Jeremiah’s day, surrounded by her enemies and about to fall, His people were warned by His Prophet to flee the city, even into the camp of the enemy, and they would be spared! But that was a long time ago and though He has repeated the warning many times since, and though that Warning Message is supposed to be one of our major missions,  many of our shepherds seem to have forgotten its meaning, and are failing to heed its portent, they’re not preparing to escape, or helping their sheep to do so even now.”

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