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Snow White and the 7 Signs

Part 3


GOD MAKES THINGS SO SIMPLE FOR HIS LITTLE BABY CHILD, THE PROPHET! He makes so simple for His little baby child Prophet. So simple nobody believe: (November) 11 to (December) 21 is 40 and (December) 21 to (January) 31 makes 80! Any little child can add those up, you see? It’s very simple. You know? God makes very simple little prediction any little child can figure for His children. You believe that?”

(MO Letter #280 “40 Days and Nineveh will be Destroyed”)


(Revelation of the Beast!, The [#2501])

  1. And the first thing that came to me was the Revelation of the Antichrist! Now I think I’ve told you that already, haven’t I?–At least some of you. (Fam: It went in the LNF about your 70th birthday.) (See LNFs 115.)
  1. I think the seers & astrologers, etc., claim that it’s going to happen somewhere in the first half of the month or on the first of November or something like that.–They didn’t claim the Antichrist is going to be revealed, but some of them were even strong enough to say that it’s going to be the end of the World! Well, it’s going to be the end of the World as it is now, that’s for sure! It’s going to be very outstanding, & you’ll know when the Antichrist is revealed & he stops all other worship, etc. You know what the Revelation of the Antichrist is, don’t you?


  1. It’s there in Daniel, where he breaks the Covenant, that’s one of the signs, right?–Dan.9:27. Because it’s the exact middle of his reign, 3-1/2 years have gone before, then 3-1/2 years of Tribulation follow, right? He breaks the Covenant & stops not only Jewish worship, but all worship of any other religion.
  1. What other signs are there of the beginning of the last half of his reign? (COD: Placing of the Abomination.) Right.–The Abomination of Desolation, the Image of the Beast in the holy place. What else? [In the heart of man] (The Mark of the Beast.) The Mark of the Beast. We don’t know exactly when these all happen, but they all begin about that time, & he orders what? (COD: The worship of himself.) [This is already happening and has been for years, where man literally worships his political party, president or leader…with no faith in God, or merely lip service in their fake temples of Baal which they call a “church”. The false pastors point their congregation to the political leader, and of course all business revolves around the decisions the country’s leaders makes. Now is the time for them to be pointed to a “new leader.” 40 days warning for us and then 40 for the world…it is the job of the COD to warn as many people as we can. Whether they believe or not will not change the direction of the Endtime ship. We are simply messenger boys and girls.]
  2. He orders the worship of himself & the abolition of all other religions. And he sets up the Abomination of Desolation, the Image of the Beast in the holy place. What else? (Persecution.) Persecution, of course. I guess we could add that as another thing but it says specifically that what will begin then? (Tribulation.) Yes, these things are all indications of the beginning of the Great Tribulation.
  1. With the setting up of the Image of the Beast what comes? (One World government!) What else has got to do with the Beast? (Fam: False Prophet?) The False Prophet. What else begins with the Beast? (Fam: The Mark of the Beast.) [Note:The world is already following, either voluntarily or by force the organs of power… UN , WEF (false prophets) dictum’s, IMF financial plan, what else is there, these signs are all around us. However could we have overlooked something? What if the AC is actually a breakaway, the covenant signed with the above international organs and a counter organization arises, that has the military might, financial might, the right leadership etc to over throw the present power that be. BRICS for example, that would run in line with the kings of the East prophecy in Revelation, it would also run in line with the final blow to America as it and the young lions are really standing in the way of progress. Russia is controlling Europe mid-east and China is now controlling Asia, not sure how much influence Brazil and South Africa has in their quadrants but they certainly are in the club.]
  1. The Mark of the Beast! And that begins the new economic system & trading system of the Beast. That’s why they have to have the Mark, etc., you won’t be able to buy or sell without it.–Rev.13:16,17. Now let’s see if you can get all those indications & the significant things which happen at the Revelation of the Antichrist. [Note: The world is under this system already, it is only a matter of crashing the cash, a dream Crystal had very recently indicated that it is imminent.]
  1. Number one, the Antichrist himself is personally revealed. Right? As the what?–King of the World, ruler of the Earth, World dictator! He is revealed, & his World government is obviously established. There’s a One-World government under him, that could maybe be number two.
  1. I like to try to get things really organized & simplified & boiled down so you’ll remember them. Let’s go over them again: One of the first things it says he does is he sets up what? (The Image of the Beast.) The Image of the Beast, Image of himself, & like many kings of old he apparently requires the people to worship him in that Image, so to speak, as he’s symbolized by the Image, it’s the worship of himself, right? So we’ve got the Revelation of the Antichrist, his World government & the Image of the Beast & worship of himself & his Image. And that will mean what? (Abolishing other worship.) Well, let’s say that means his attempt to abolish all other religions. That’s five, right?
  1. Then there’s the Mark of the Beast. And what comes with the Mark of the Beast? (The new economic system.) The new economic system. And then, of course, along with all the rest is attached his reign of terror against those who refuse, the Great Tribulation, which is going to hit mostly us & all Christians & religious believers.
  1. Shall we call these the Seven Signs of the Revelation of the Antichrist?–Things that are only going to begin when the Antichrist appears, reveals himself or is revealed & takes over the World, which only occurs when? (In the midst of the week.) In the midst of the 70th week of Daniel 9. It’s always been unclear exactly what occurs during that first 3-1/2 years. What happens at the beginning of that first 3-1/2 years?–At the beginning of the entire seven-year period? (The signing of the Covenant.) The signing of the Covenant, right? (Dan.9:27)
  1. In other words, some kind of a covenant, pact or promise is signed. And what happens to induce all these other events at the Revelation of the Antichrist? (COD: The Covenant is broken.) The breaking of the Covenant occurs at the end of the first 3-1/2 years, in the midst of the seven years.
  1. I would say that almost the number one thing that has to happen is the revealing of the man himself, wouldn’t you? Because they won’t even know what all this other is about if he isn’t revealed& seen so they’ll know who’s doing it! Right? How’s he going to do these other things without being seen? All right, number one, the Revelation of the Antichrist.
  1. I think the breaking of the Covenant is going to be one of his first acts. In other words, he’s no longer going to keep that Covenant that he made with the Jews, etc., he’s going to break it & then take over. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s going to be revealed in his breaking of the Covenant, he steps forward & breaks the Covenant.–And then he takes over & sets up his One World government, or he couldn’t have so much power.
  1. (Then he sets up the Image of the Beast.) He sets up the Image of the Beast as a symbol of his worship. And in the setting up of the Image, obviously he’s requiring them to worship him. So I think maybe you could combine these two.
  1. (Then comes the Mark of the Beast.) And of course, implied in the setting up of his Image & requiring worship, he abolishes all other worship & religions. Also connected with the idol is the Mark of the Beast & the new economic system.
  1. So the Revelation of the Antichrist is a very, very cataclysmic, colossal, gigantic–in Hollywood terminology–event! Now let me ask you, of all people, who would the Devil & the Antichrist wish to use to make this announcement, to predict it?–Who are largely the Devil’s messengers, many of whom have his evil familiar spirits by which they predict events, etc.? Who would the Devil most likely choose?–Christian preachers? ( No.)
  1. Well, we are doing it as God’s messengers, but in a sense who are the Devil’s false prophets? … (The World’s seers.) Right!–The soothsayers, the seers, the psychics, the astrologers would be the most likely vessels that he would choose to announce & predict his coming. They would be predicting the coming of the Antichrist, hailing him & announcing him. Ta-ta-ta-ta! Most kings have trumpeters that precede & announce their arrival, & I believe the Antichrist is also having his.
  1. So this is a big event! If next November is the time of the Revelation of the Antichrist, this is extremely important to us, & there are a lot of tremendous earthshaking worldwide events that will occur at that time! All right, could one more person volunteer to give us those signs of his Revelation so we won’t forget them?
  1. Let’s see if we can boil this down to a one word answer for each of these signs. Now obviously the first one would be Revelation, it’s all about the Antichrist, his Revelation. What next, what’s another short answer? (COD: Breaking the Covenant?) Breaks Covenant. Good, first he’s revealed, then he breaks the Covenant, then what? (World government.) He establishes a One-World government. Right. Next? (Image of the Beast.) Image of the Beast, his image. What comes after the Image of the Beast? (Abolishes worship.) Yes, with the Image of the Beast he requires worship & abolishes all other worship. To boil it down, how about “worship of himself”? He abolishes all other religions except the worship of himself. And there’s the Mark of the Beast, & the new economic system & the Tribulation.
  1. I don’t want to spend too much time on this but I’m trying to refresh your memory of what a tremendous event that’s going to be when the middle of his reign comes & he appears & breaks the Covenant & all these other traumatic events occur. Let’s list them:

1) Revelation [Revealed “It Can Happen This Year 1992]

2) Breaks Covenant [Putin now fighting 2nd war of AC is this because covenant is broken?]

3) One-World Government [Already in operation…W.E.F., UN, IMF…with perhaps BRICS ready to take the reins of the world??? Or are all these devils, 10 kings,  really in this together, except of course for the belligerent USA…The signs are here.]

4) Image & Worship [Man has already been worshiping his leaders and system for years. To switch over to a “world leader” would not be such a big event, especially if the actual people were not really aware of who is pulling the strings of their country. The world is but a stage, and the governments are puppets.]

5) Mark [All financial transactions are to be done through national ID card, so this mark business is already happening.]

6) New Economy [This is about to happen with the crash. See The Crash letter and Crystal’s dream. Getting rid of cash is the obvious next step…666 is a digital banking system. (Search blogs on QR code)]

7) Tribulation [All the signs are in place; if the people you tell aren’t believing you, then you are seeing the fulfillment of 2 Thessalonians 2:4.]





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  1. I have seen these things. 2 Thessalonians 2… hard to take now, but one of those things you might not have given much thought about… regarding inability to see truth in the end

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