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Daniel 12:7

“…and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.


ROME – On Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 70th birthday, the country’s leading Orthodox prelate has praised his leadership as divinely orchestrated and has urged citizens to offer two days of prayer for his health.

In an Oct. 7 congratulatory note, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow praised Putin’s reputation as a national leader “selflessly devoted to the Fatherland, sincerely loving the Motherland and giving her all his strength, abilities and talents.”

Prophecy, October 12, 2022

“Compromise for gain…what will the Laodicean church not do to hold on to its riches and waning power? Strange bedfellows? Not at all, for these bed buddies have been at it for hundreds of years. Whilst the church holds the hearts of many in this country, the politician will continue to lay with her. In fact, the politician lays with anyone that he thinks will serve his purpose. Two pimps that play the same game. If you would be wise, then don’t listen to their words, for the words of these two are ill conceived. Instead look into their hearts, for where the treasure is, that is where the heart is also. Power, popularity and money are the mattress these two desire above all things. The truth is not in them.

These two seek the keys of power, but they do not seek them from Me, for My Keys are not given to selfish users. Instead these men seek the keys to the things of this world. They seek these keys in dark places where the king of this world, the father of pride, has his power. They savor not the things of heaven but the things of this world, for the love of the true Father is not in them.”

“The church has become true Christianity’s biggest enemy! … [Together, they’re (the AC’s and their helpers) corrupting the whole Earth!–In the Name of Jesus & Christ & the Church. And they’re backing Communism, backing the AC conspiracy. They’re backing the Antichrist! –GOD HELP US! (Christianity’s Biggest Enemy! [#2491])

“THE DESCRIPTION OF THE BACKSLIDDEN LAODICEAN CHURCH IN REVELATION 3:14-19 IS A PERFECT PICTURE OF THE CHURCH SYSTEM TODAY: Lukewarm & self-satisfied, saying, “I am rich & increased with goods & have need of nothing!”–Not even seeing or knowing that it is “wretched & miserable & poor & blind & naked” in the eyes of God!–Materially rich & powerful in the eyes of the System & in her own eyes, but spiritually sickeningly sick, weak & dead! Therefore she will be rebuked & chastised by the Lord in His infinite love & mercy!

GOD IS GOING TO TURN THE WHOLE WORLD COMPLETELY OVER TO THE DEVIL FOR AWHILE & he is even going to have power over the Saints & overcome them! “And there was given unto him”–the Beast, the Antichrist–“a mouth speaking great things & blasphemies; & power was given unto him to continue forty & two months. And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, & to overcome them & power was given him over all kindreds, & tongues, & nations.” (Rev.13:5,7)

(Rise & Reign of the Antichrist!, The [#1613])

“IT SAYS THAT POWER IS GOING TO BE GIVEN TO THE ANTICHRIST TO OVERCOME THE ORGANIZED CHURCH & TO DESTROY ITS TEMPORAL POWER, which is in process already. (Daniel 7:21-25; Daniel 8:24; Rev.13:7) The organized churches of today, so-called Christendom, are already being overcome & defeated by the anti-Christ forces here & now, & the organized churches are less powerful today than they ever have been almost in all history, & the whole World is in the grip of Antichrist secularism. For hundreds of years the church controlled the World, that’s why some of them thought that was the Millennium. But today the World controls the church & has subdued it, dominated it & is in the process of destroying it.”

(Real Victors of the Tribulation!, The [#1624])

“DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DID TO THE CHURCHES IN RUSSIA? IT’S ALREADY BEEN DONE THERE. They destroyed the power of the church completely, until the church is now a slave of the government & their priests are all Communists. All the Russian Orthodox priests take Communist training & are only loyal Communist Party Members that belong to the government, trained by the government to preach Communism in the churches & to preach loyalty to the government! And what churches that they decided to leave open are very few. What did they do with the rest of the church buildings? What happened to Saint Sophia Cathedral, the greatest Orthodox Russian church in all of Russia?–It’s a Museum to Atheism now, & they turned many of the great cathedrals into museums, anti-religious, anti-God, anti-Christ museums!”

(Zechariah 14! Part 2 [#2161])

THAT’LL SHOW THEIR TRUE COLORS, IF NOTHING ELSE EVER SHOWED THE CHURCH & THE CHRISTIANS–who now back Israel to the hilt & no doubt very soon will be backing the Antichrist to the hilt without even knowing it! In fact, they’re doing it right now! In backing Israel, they’re backing the Antichrist government! In backing the Antichrist government of the [Israelis], the church & Christians, even born-again saved Christians, are backing the Antichrist himself!–Not us, thank God! Hallelujah!

One of the cleverest, most diabolical tricks the Devil ever played was to get the church to back Communism & to back the ACs & their helpers who are taking over the World. The church is destroying itself!

In the name of God & Christianity, they’re helping the Antichrist to take over the World…! And the Christians are helping the ACs!–And the ACs are helping the Antichrist!

(Seventy Weeks of Daniel!, The [#2188])

“The Orthodox Church is continuing to press for legislation in the State Duma [parliament] which would ban all independent activity by foreign religious organizations. The Communist Party says it wants to “protect religious freedom, but most of all promote the Orthodox Church.” In other words, the Communists and Orthodox Church appear to be in agreement to restrict the freedoms of non-Orthodox religions.”

(Pour Forth, Go Forth, for the Time Is Short! [#3058])


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