A dream…submitted

Last night I was woken up when a car alarm system went off, and I got this short message right away. “What is the easiest way to create a cashless society? To make cash worthless.” For me that was a revelation. Probably to you it was obvious; but for me, it was like it was always there, but I didn’t quite grasp it. I finally understood that when the worldwide crash hits, all the countries will become like Venezuela. No one will use money anymore because it is worthless. Everyone will have to use their cell phones for buying or selling because there won’t be any other way. There won’t be any need for a law saying you can’t use cash. And then I got a little picture of how in the Monopoly game everyone gets some money to start the game, and so probably everyone that has the vaccine will get a considerable amount of the new currency put in their bank account (probably based on a cryptocurrency because dollars and all the national currencies will be worthless.) They will think, “Oh, how nice the new world government is –how generous, now I can get my life back again”. 

Slow Draining was submitted by John (November 2021)

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“SO I JUMPED OUT THE OPEN SIDE OF THE ELEVATOR and I just began to float, I just floated! It seemed like that wand (Key) had power of some kind and I just floated right out of the building completely out of the building, and just settled down to the ground! And it seemed like the wand (Key) had power for whatever I needed, you know? It’s a funny thing!” (The Crash #0284)


Gaining Ground

Each time you sit down to have quality Word time, call on the keys of focus, meditation, study, and concentration, and your efforts will be blessed and the truth of My Word will settle deep in your heart, mind and spirit.