The Lord’s Rebuttal…”It is written (Matthew 4:4)

We have compiled from scripture and prophecy an amazing rebuttal to Satan’s quest of inserting a 3rd (synthetic) strand into the human genome. For the full pdf (20 pages) please follow this link.

It is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and there are many celebrations going on worldwide. The most shocking was the lighting of the beacons on 2nd June (2-6-2022 another 666 number! 2×6+3×2=666). The Queen pushed a button that set off the lighting of three strands of lights (DNA) which ran along the ground to light up a 69-foot tree dubbed the “Tree of trees.” It was fashioned as a double helix and looked like it could be the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil! The beacon lighting and associated activities took place throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of man, UK Overseas Territories and for the first time, in each of the capital cities of all the Commonwealth Countries. More than 1500 beacons were lit. I think there are 54 Commonwealth countries including Ghana.

Interesting that Pentecost is being celebrated at this same time. The descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples held on the seventh Sunday after Easter, the Jewish festival of Shavuoth.

(December 26th, 2020) I have read an article on the internet about a number which is very significant to the Elites. And that number is 322. It’s to do with humans having 22 chromosomes (the 23rd chromosome determines the sex) which are the same in male and female. If I’m not wrong, it seems their intention is to alter humans with the vaccine which will contain another 22 chromosomes! Thus 3×22…322.

After reading that devilish article the Lord urged me to look in His Word at what HE has to say in various verses- 3:22. I felt very certain that He had something to show me, and I was excited to see. I just knew that anything the Devil can do, God can do better, and actually has already done because the Devil is a copycat, a usurper! We were studying Deuteronomy at the time and likening our journey to all this book contains, so that’s where I started. And sure enough, the Lord didn’t fail me. I was not to fear, for He will fight for me. How perfect! How amazing. What a promise!

So that led me to continue searching His Word for more 3:22’s or even 32:2 ‘s and even the reverse is significant, as I found out…22:3.

We have our own beacon!

“Know for certain that you are destined to overcome Satan and all his minions. For the keys know no failure–only the perfection and power of My promises. Follow the nudging of My Spirit as you step out into uncharted territory now, for the Spirit will guide you into all truths, even as you ride the waves and brave the wind. My beloved loves, you will become masters of Light as these dark days ahead unfold. This is indeed the era that has been prophesied and foretold for many ages.

I will send you a great ball of fire and brilliant light that will shine and lead the nations! This ball of clear light will shine, and Maria will be the keeper of the flame. She will fan it with the oxygen of My Words of prophecy. This light will be a beacon in the darkness, attracting those who seek a haven from the terrible storms. This ball of fire will light your path, and the road you walk will be clear and bright unto you.


This light will be seen by all the nations, and they will know that you walk with Me. This light will be a consuming fire, and will keep you warm in the terrible and dark days. This ball of light and fire will not burn you or harm you in any way, for to you it is a balm and resurrection. But woe to any man who dares to touch you when this flame is in your hands, for it will consume him! You will activate this flame with the keys of the Kingdom.

The light will be bright and will awaken the masses. Those that are My children who wallow in the mud will see the sorry state they’re in and will cry out to you for assistance, solutions, information, encouragement, and salvation. Now is the time! This is the hour! This is the day! You are needed more than ever, My precious warriors and shepherds. I’m waiting to unleash mighty power into your tiny hands–all the power of God!

Do you realize that I have given you command over the wind and the lightning–over the elements themselves? So knowing this, don’t allow the storms to faze you. Go out and rescue the lost. For the purpose of the keys is to fulfill My plan to reach all the lost of the world so that I may return and gather My loves unto My ¬bosom. I will protect you as you do My bidding.

Focus now, My loves. You must focus to use these keys. Praise and woo and focus. Do not take these keys for granted and let them sit upon a shelf. Use them!”

(More on the Keys! What the Future Holds, Part 2 [#3351:26-32]) God’s answer to 666! TYJ!


“When hearing about this Jubilee and the Queen and how she reigns over 54 Commonwealth countries, the verse Daniel 10:12,13 came to mind.

It is incredible how many people came out for this celebration. But what is more amazing is the people have no idea what she and her cronies are trying to demonstrate by the lighting of this fake tree of life. “

The Lamp

“No fear or worry of the Enemy can defeat the keys of peace. When you are tempted to fret or be fearful, lift the keys of peace, claiming their power, and all fear will abate.”



June 2022


Blind Obedience and Triple Helix



June 2022


3_22 Revisited



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