War or Peace… a MO letter 1983

(Updated May 2022…MB)

This letter that we are studying was written by Moses David on May 5, 1983. That is 40 years ago next year. It was also 8 years before the end of the Cold War. The letter is called WAR OR PEACE?–Which?–A New Revelation! In this letter David is deliberating about when and under what circumstances the Atomic War spoken of in Revelation 17 & 18 will happen. This is another “written then–for now” MO letter. It is as if we’ve been translated 40 years into the future and are now facing a parallel world event that could bring on the Atomic War. In 1983, the conundrum that David’s trying to demystify is whether the Antichrist is going to come to power by peace or by war, namely an Atomic war.  Now in 2022, will this war in Ukraine initiate the signing of the “Holy Covenant” spoken of in the Books of Daniel, or is the war a sign that the covenant is a failed secret document? Please remember this letter was written before David ever suggested that the covenant might have been signed in secret. What I found out when researching the key words “secret covenant” was that David went back to his desk after “War or Peace” to rectify his teaching on the Atomic War and signing of the covenant, because on the 13th of May he made mention in his letter “False Alarm…God’s Little Tricks” that there is the possibility of a secret signing, quote: “That’s always been a sort of a question, or at least it used to be when I used to teach this, as to whether we would know when the Pact was signed, that first it might be a secret Covenant, secret diplomacy. They’ve had a lot of that throughout history, treaties & pacts that were made secretly between governments without the rest of the World ever knowing anything about it until too late.”

“War or Peace” is a fascinating letter in that it is pertinent today. We have the Ukraine war and Russia, America and the young lions, NATO and talk of nuclear exchange. How will it end? How was it started? But more importantly, where in Endtime scripture does it fit? Has the Ukraine war any applicability to the “Holy Covenant” of Daniel 9:27?…MB


So if there’s any part of the world most likely to agree to make peace under the Antichrist to prevent the war & to save themselves, it’s Europe!“…DB

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Facing Reality

“The keys will enable you to face reality. Call on the keys and I will clarify anything you ask Me, and you will rise above as never before in triumph by My Spirit.”


Excerpt from a comment in “War or Peace”.

* You have the 10 kings which aren’t really kings but soon will be, and again you may not even see them, and if you do, you may not recognize them as kings, but they are kings and they will give their power to the beast, (Daniel 7:12) These are part of WEF. WEF is the HQ for demon activity on earth. It is where a tunnel from the netherworld opens on the earth plane. Demon princes come and go regularly from this point. They attach themselves to those humans that come and go from there to all parts of the world. They take up their positions as demonic spirit helpers to those that will rule in the governments, banks and corporations of man. (Daniel 10:13) As you know, all world leaders who are of importance to the running of the New World Order have been to this cesspool, this dark place, this synagogue of Satan. You also know that once you have been initiated into this dark world, it is for life…and beyond –just ask John Todd. So do not believe that Putin is cast out. No, it is a lie, hatched to confuse and confound the world. These pit vipers from hell have staged the whole thing. The protocols of Zion bear record; what is happening in the world is no accident. Putin has no more control over what is happening in Ukraine than what he’s instructed to have. They are all pawns in a game of “winner takes all.” Putin and the kings of the End will soon take their places –in many ways they have already taken their places– on stage, but over the next year it will be more evident who is who. The Atomic War will come very soon. David gave warning of this many times, over many years, and now you and other Warrior Band members have taken up the mantle of David and must carry on with the call of Jeremiah. Sound it out, beloved; for time is almost up. Prepare, for the Devil is about to enter the earth plane having great wrath. It is true: Putin is a man, but when he becomes possessed, he will take on an aura and many will see and understand the significance. It is then that many things, people and demons will move into place for the final showdown. Understand this one thing: Satan has love for no one, God nor man. Everyone is subservient to his will, right or wrong. That is his understanding. With one last supreme effort he will attempt to break the yoke that has been placed upon him. He will fail, but in his attempt, he will bring much destruction and death on the world of men. (Revelation 12:12).

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  1. I think for the most part we have always considered Europe giving their power to the beast. Ultimately when it happens (the AC) we shall see it all fall into place. The main thing is to be prepared foe whatever shape it comes in.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Praying for you and He leads you in your preparations.

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