Seeds of David 17-20

…helps you to have the hunger of a newborn for My words, and nestle in My arms.

(Spirit Helper speaking: ) As a hart panteth for the water, so will you hunger for the true living God and His life-giving Words. Breathe in the breath of life. God is always breathing out. It’s up to you to now breathe in. Inhale the oxygen from God’s Spirit of peace, of love, of invigoration, and exhale your own torments, inward-looking and warped ways of seeing things.

Then do it again. Take in the fresh and life-restoring, and let go of the inhibitors, the squelchers of God’s freedom. Let go and let God take you up and over, around and through. With His spirit filling your lungs, you can be empowered. It’s when you stop breathing and inhaling that things start to go sour. The breath of life –Breathe and have life.

Delight-yourself-in-the Lord-all-the-days-of your life—keep your first love and the flame of your first love strong, fervent, and as the love of your life.



To All David’s men

“Through the keys of the Kingdom you will change, be recreated, mount up with wings as an eagle, and soar to great victories and progress.”





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