Seeds of David #14

(Spirit Helper speaking: ) Does God have body parts? Well, He has parts of His body—you, and each loving Christian that has joined His heavenly family. Press on to His heart, rest your weight on Him.

 Holding the weight of your own sins and shortcomings only wears and tears you. You must take your weight off by lying down on His bosom and letting your weight fall on Him. Then you have to let go of all that is troubling you. Let it pass from your being into His. He knows what to do with it—just like a body knows what to do with what you put inside of it. He can bundle it up like a rock of dead weight and expel it far away.

He can dissipate it or cast it aside to be dealt with at another time. But you’ve got to come to Him and rest on Him and let it go, not worrying that it will muck things up. He knows what to do.

“As long as you keep holding things in and wishing not to trouble Him, you don’t give Him the pleasure of doing what He longs to do in your life.”



Vessel of your love

“When hard work of change loom large before you, call on the keys of faith and perseverance, so the difficult will be made easier, the path before you will be shorter, and the promised victory of change will be more easily within your reach.”




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