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Submitted by Mari:

I had a dream related to current events, with so many lies and confusion about the invasion of Ukraine, I asked the Lord to show me the truth, I wanted to see the truth.

Well, it seems that the Lord likes to speak to me in dreams. I know and I fervently ask him to show me the truth in dreams, then he usually develops the panorama of the dream and the interpretation in prophecy.


The dream:

I don’t remember much about the first part, but I heard the voice of the Lord clearly, as if he were recounting a documentary.

He took me out of the atmosphere and showed me the planet earth from afar. It looked like the size of a soccer ball. Obviously I was very far away; I saw some stars but the protagonist was the planet earth.

I had my attention focused on the planet. The Lord was talking to me about it.  He was explaining to me how from the beginning the Devil deceived the world; how he used the weapon of deception to manipulate and destroy planet earth. He told me many things that I don’t remember now.

I saw how a white light appeared behind the earth. It was very white and sinister, and when I saw that light, the Lord spoke to me about Lucifer and his beginnings.

Then He spoke to me about the present and told me that in the same way the Devil deceives the world now. Everything is a diabolical manipulation and apparently of “true light.” He told me very clearly, and I remember this well “The lies of the Kremlin”, ” Beware of the lies of the Kremlin.” When he said this to me, I saw giant-sized president of Russia almost covering the planet, both his left and right hands resting on the world and behind him the same strange white light, like the rising sun , but it did not look like a heavenly love- light of Jesus.

How did the voice of the Lord sound? It was calm, slow and masculine, I immediately recognized it as if I had heard it many times before, like when you recognize the voice of someone you live with and you don’t have to see them to know whom it’s coming from.

(End of dream)

Then I woke up, and around me there was complete darkness, more than normal, I I got out of bed and looked out the window and the street lights were off. The lights in the houses were off as well. There was total darkness and almost absolute silence. I realized that the power had gone out in the city. After a few minutes, the power came back on. It was 4 am.

I think if I hadn’t woken up maybe I wouldn’t have remembered the dream. The heat woke me up because my fan went off because of the power outage.

(End of message)


“As you cling to the power of the keys of My heavenly thought power, let go of your mind and the things of this world, and turn your face toward Me in reverence and humility, I will grant you the gift of being transported in the spirit directly into My




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    1. Thank you Jesus, thank God for the Keys and prophecy and the gift of loving Jesus intimately…and thank God for you!!!!! We are praying for you too…MB

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