prophecy: Revelation 13:3

Jesus speaking: Man has always worshiped the works of his own hands; he has grown especially proud and arrogant in these days leading up to the revelation of the final beast. The day of his miracles is at hand. He has the world firmly in his grip. I reveal My secrets to My servants the prophets. In the days of your father David, I led him to watch the news, and to analyze the events he watched on television. When it was time to reveal to him My deeper secrets, I would sometimes ply him with wine. Other times, it was in dreams and visions upon his bed that I would reveal the future to him.

With you, I have asked that you put away these old methods of communication. I have given you New Wine, new spiritual weapons to use in your fight with Satan. I have asked you to dive deeply into My Word. I have asked that you trust implicitly in the gifts I have given you. The gift of hearing from Me daily, and recording that still small voice you hear in your inner ear. I have asked that you trust your channel to the spirit world and in the helpers that surround you night and day. I have asked you to put away the news of the AC’s, and the opinions of men, even of those within My old guard. This has taken great faith; yet I say; I wish to take you further, I wish to take you deeper into the spirit world. To get the deeper things of My spirit, you must leave the veil behind and not be in such haste to come back from My world into your own. Trust is what I am asking. I need you to believe what you hear from this side of the veil, to follow the Words that you hear and go deeper, listening more intently and asking more questions. You don’t have to fear being trapped here in this realm and becoming like Enoch, of no earthly good; for I say, the deeper you go, the more earthly good you become.

I revealed to your David only part of what this verse means…in short; the reemergence of the old Roman Empire in the days of the final beast. Now allow Me to reveal more; Corona is a tool he uses to help him bring about the fulfillment of this vision I gave John. His empire will be of the strength of (iron) Rome, a total dictatorship, and yet mixed with clay, democracies. The corona tool is being used to bring those clay governments under the iron rule of the last Caesar. For he will indeed give them back their life if they embrace this dictum, but if not, they will surely die by captivity and by spoil and by fire…(firing squad?) many days.

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A Deadly wound healed

“With you, I have asked that you put away these old methods of communication. I have given you New Wine, new spiritual weapons to use in your fight with Satan.”



“Revelation 13”

“And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast”





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7 new Seeds of David online now

7 new Seeds of David online now

prophecy bites: a few hard questions from our savior

-What a wake -up call everyone is going to get!

-If you don’t know the Word of God, then you won’t be able to withstand the vaccine …let alone the Mark. You won’t know what the purpose of resisting is. You’ll think “What’s the big deal? It’s only a vaccine! It’s only a chip!”

-Only the Word will give us clarity, otherwise our resistance will weaken. “After all…what’s the fuss?  Is it worth it to make such a big deal? Is it worth it to resist? “Without the Word, you’ll lose the reason for it all and then… you will take it!

-Is my personal conviction worth dying for? But if I don’t take it, I can’t get a job. Either way I will die.

-If you don’t have the Word to hold onto, you will choose to live a bit longer and you will take it.

-Revelations 14 says if you take the Mark and worship the beast, you will go to hell.

-The road is straight, and it is narrow.

-If you want to be part of My kingdom, then follow.

-So the devil says the same. But do you want Bill Gates to push you around?

-So where will the strength to resist come from?… THE WORD.

-If you rebel against this, your calling, then you only have one choice.

-Your personal conviction won’t get you very far, especially when you and your family are hungry. You will cave in and take it!

-So what is the big deal? What does the word say?

-What if the vaccine is the chip or has the chip/s in it?

-Ever heard of micro-dust? Sit down and watch the final last chapters of “The Island”.

It’s only a vaccine…it’s only a chip

“Your personal conviction won’t get you very far, especially when you and your family are hungry. You will cave in and take it!”




Pharaoh is herding us toward the Red Sea. Can you part it???? Revelation 12 is on the horizon…and coming faster than you think. Think Keys!!





Not mandatory…micro-managed

12-NOV-2020 A vivid dream

It was this bank of sorts. Anyone who wanted access to the interior part of it—such as visiting someone who worked in that bank or going in to get access to something money related, had to have this vaccine shot thing. There were four to get before you were allowed to go, but I think it was all combined into a single shot.

There was this room at the entrance to the large bank building. It was sectioned off into all these rooms or wings. There were doctors and nurses, in white coats, to give this injection to each new batch of people. They were forced to get it if they wanted to go in. This included babies.  But I’m not sure …maybe it was also a place to get it done, not just for going into the money building.

My husband and I were going in. I wouldn’t normally have had to, but there was some reason, something I needed to be there for, so both he and I were in the room, or the part of the room that was sectioned off, to get it.

We were going on that day, to access something in room or account or something that was number 1111. (This was on the night of 11-11-2020)

Everyone in the room was very desperate. They knew there was a big risk that this shot would be something very bad and harmful to them. It seemed almost a spirit of prayer. And “they” allowed it, they let people feel that desperation and gave time for sober contemplation. But there was no other way, at all, that you’d be allowed to go in without it.

While waiting and feeling sobered and really not wanting this thing, not wanting to give place to having this done to me, I asked my husband, “Remind me again, why we are doing this?” He replied, “To have our livelihood” etc. So I gather that to have any access to funds at all, you had to have this injection.

So we entered this vaccination room, filled with people and the white coats, nurses, etc. We had to thoroughly “sanitize” our hands. I put this stuff on them and was lathering and rubbing and rubbing it in, but there was so much it was taking a while to get it all absorbed. It was thick and light brown. It was evaporating, but being absorbed. The injection couldn’t take place until the hand procedure was done. This gave me time to think and pray while waiting.

I was dressed in something very unusual. It was some cloth, the kind that baby diapers are often made of. But it was a big piece and it was white and wrapped around me. It just covered my breast and went down like a short dress, and I had some sort of tie around it to keep it on. (Like clean and white, not soiled.) It didn’t seem to be an issue what I was wearing. In fact, once it slipped off my bosoms, and oops, I had to put them back in. But as long as I was there to get the injection, no one was troubling me about anything.

I was so desperate in prayer, as it seemed unless a miracle happened, who knows what harm it would do to us. So I lifted up my arms in prayer and crying, and speaking in tongues. Again, no one cared or stopped me. The whole room was in a sober and desperate attitude, all praying in their heart at least.

There was a mother who had brought her twin babies in, and the babies were about to be jabbed.

“Oh, Heaven help! Heaven help us!” I said aloud, almost wishing my concern would stop it from happening, and at least my aloud verbal prayer would spare them whatever was to happen to them from it. I was horrified this was being done, and being forced on those babies.

That’s when I woke up. It didn’t happen to me yet.

I suppose you could choose to forsake it, I guess. I don’t know. In the dream, I had to be there for some legal reason, though I was unsure just why. I was just told I had to, and so I was there doing as I was told, along with everyone else.

(Jesus speaking: ) It’s coming. The mark of the beast is coming, and those who are sealed for the system get access to its banks, its information, its money system, and all it offers. There is lots in this dream that can alert you. So stay tuned to a sin-ema near you where all this will be at your service.

There was still choice in the dream, but you just had to choose what system you wanted access to. There was freedom, for those choosing to get it, while they waited for it.

It showed men and women, babies and all, to show that all types “great and small” are to receive the mark.  “Bound and free” were as those of you who were free to go or leave, but there were those working in the bank whose family had to come there to see them. “Rich or poor” was shown by your husband who had funds, and you who didn’t, but you still had to get it—or were compelled to.

To reach certain goals you will be compelled to do it their way. No other way but to do it.

But there is another way, the God way. (…more to be said and received…I’m sure.)

(Note: My husband told me today, 15th, that this country ordered 20 million COVID vaccines –it’s voluntary, but I know that *micromanaging makes it be compulsory. Like the choir head said everyone in the choir needed to get it before they could meet again and sing. Thankfully, the members of the choir objected and said that someone can’t force medicine on them, so choir head pulled back.)

*Where enough companies or shops can make it be their policy, and deny access if you don’t have it. Micromanaging makes anything “compulsory” without the government being blamed.

a vivid dream

with confirming prophecy

November 1/2020
(Jesus:) I wish to be your guide, your mentor, your shepherd. Come to Me as much as possible, for I am the Word of Life. I am the means of survival in the days that are about to begin; a wave of chaos, persecution, famine, and danger are almost upon the world. The evil men of this world, the high ranking puppets of the evil one are pushing the pawns and the goyim to a decision. They will not make this choice without a strong tactic, a hard push in the right direction.
This hard push is what is soon to come upon this world. I want you to be ready; I need you as a hot link to the heavenlies. In order for you to become this, you must dedicate your heart and mind to Me more
fully. I am more than ever asking My children to put away childish things, to not look at things or circumstances with the carnal mind. You must hear from Me more often and include Me in your everyday life more then you have been. Full possession is what I am asking. Say not that I am but a man, for I am in you and I am so much more. I am calling you a watchman, a centurion. I am asking you to stay at your post, to stand firm and gird up.
Today was indeed a special day. Today I am turning up the heat on all My children all around the world. Today is gear-up time, reboot time, next-level day. It’s time to pull up your socks and get on board, cause we’re moving out. This is the final call for march. Now you must pick up your game and move, or you really will get left behind. The days of darkness are coming faster than many choose to believe. The midnight hour is about to be rung, and many of My children seem to have set their clocks wrong. Well, I am calling. I have been calling, to those who will listen. They cannot say they have not been warned, or were deceived by the times. I indeed began to raise My bones in the year 2016, and those who would
hear began to rise and follow. It’s not that I didn’t call all My family, I did, and I am still calling, but many are not heeding the call. It will indeed come as a thief in the night to many. But I have warned you. I have faithfully called out My children and given them time to prepare, and many are preparing. Yet it will take time for them to explode. I have been working on their hearts and they are following Me, but still in a quiet way. The time will come when they will step forth to meet the foe head-on.
But now I see the need to heighten the intensity of all My children’s training. Today the call went out: the call to march, the call to head to higher ground, to the next training camp. I, Myself, am leading the
training from now on. All those who have been following thus far will feel the effects of this move. I have told you, I have made these things known unto you for you are My chosen band; you are My prophets in the wilderness. Your calling is great if you will follow. Come to Me for your daily routine training course. Come to Me in soberness and preparedness. I will instruct each of you personally, for this is the day of advanced personal combat. You, My elite troops, must be skilled to the maximum; therefore, I implore you to sign up with your personal trainer and really get hooked. Soon the world will be engulfed in darkness such as has never been seen before. Those who have heeded My checks, who
have followed My voice and obeyed My voice in these days will not be hit as hard by the initial gust.
They will have more safety and preparation time, as well as more opportunities to reach the lost. Those who have not heeded and obeyed may be stuck in the midst of a firefight or worse yet, killed early.
You who are a team must stay strong as a team, for what one does affects the rest of the team. Choices choices, these are also days of choices. Choose now before it’s too late. Would you want to be
responsible for the death of your team due to your own lack of preparedness? Alas, there will be much shame for those who would not give Me back the time I spent training them. Many tears will be shed.
But to you who would climb with Me, I say, prepare: learn to more fervently seek Me and include Me in all you do. Now is the day of receiving My Word straight from the source. This is your time to prepare,
use it wisely, I love you.


What’s happening in Singapore?


“Let Me draw the curtain back and bring your attention to Singapore, to Sydney, to London, in fact, to any one of the many juncture points around the globe: the airports, the seaports, the borders where many must funnel in and through as they run to and fro in the time of the end. For now, travel restrictions are in place, but not for too much longer; the turnstiles are almost ready. Single file is what they require, everyone numbered, every person marked, all travelers bio-chipped -scanner and camera compliant. The generated virus served its purpose, but its effectiveness is losing ground. The masses are restless; they want out of their cage.  So the planners and schemers must work hard to put in place the new substructure. Control the ports, control the borders, control the point of entry and you control the country, what comes in and what goes out. Checks and counter checks will be in place all along the route in order to make sure you are who you say you are and going where you say you are going, but more importantly, that you have permission to do so. Passports will fade out of existence in this new world ordered system; cash will be a thing of the past.  Welcome to the travel-port of the future.

When the shackles finally come off, when the stage is set, and the lights come on, when the virus is past and all are safely stabbed and numbered, then the seamless new world orderliness will be the order of the day. Everyone will wonder after “The Beast.” Everyone will worship the beast. No hiding then, no secret cash deals then, not one transaction will be unaccounted for. All will buy and sell with his number and under his name then.

But for now, the restraints and bullying will continue as the finishing touches and adjustments are being finalized. Let the world carry on with their demonstrations and what-not’s, they will very soon realize the straight jacket is tight enough and will once again resign themselves to another fresh mandate and settle back down to the new normal. In the end, how easy it was for the world to receive the number as they wonder after the “New Beast”- the last and final empire. Caesar seems benevolent enough. Growing pains are never easy, but after the pain, new growth is assured. As for the recalcitrant and uncontrollable, there are other ways of persuasion; we will cause that as many as will not worship our glorious system to be killed; they will be starved out.  We will force them into their dens and caves as outcasts of our New World Order.”


i will not be defeated

A close friend suggested to me recently , (after we had been discussing some observations I’d made on the series “It Can Happen Now 1992”) that the Y2K letters have some very interesting insights on what the world is experiencing now. My friend said, “if you take the word Y2K out of the letters and where applicable, put in Corona an amazing similarity takes place”. Following are some excerpts from those two Y2K letters. (Written in 1999)

He knows that once these days are begun, then the day of his end is determined, the day of My return is determined, and his choice has ended. So he seeks to maximize his chance to defeat My plan by beginning it at the time when he imagines it will be most opportune for him.

I allow this to show both him and the world that My plan will not be defeated. Though the Enemy goes to great lengths to defeat Me in these days, I will not be defeated, nor will My plan be altered. As always, he but accomplishes My will in creating the conditions for My return. He stirs up trouble which drives My children ever closer to Me, and also works in the hearts of the unbelievers to cause them to want to seek Me, to find Me as their refuge from the storm. And in the latter part of his reign on Earth, when he declares himself god, he forces all men to make a decision. Will they reject him and receive Me, or receive him and reject Me? In all these things he but does My will, and as you would say on Earth, he cannot win for losing.



He knows that once these days are begun, then the day of his end is determined.




The enemy goes to great lengths to defeat Me in these last days.



Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992” ML# 2738,39,43,45