The Will to Go On No Matter What

(Jesus speaking: ) It’s hard, I know, to even have what it takes to live out one single hour at a time–when the trials of life, and the tempter’s fiery schemes make every step, every single moment of living seem like it is too much. And what is the point of it anyway? Why not just fold up and give up and go up?

Are these things that hit you when you are at your lowest?

What you need, My friend, is jet-fuel of the Heavenly sort. If going around and round, day after day, gets too much, then it IS time to go up, but not in the Earthly way of discarding one’s body and flying off. It is time for a Heavenly adventure.

Take off up to Heaven for a bit, powered by the fuel I can give you to take off, to go up, to leave the troubles of Earth behind for a time of reprieve.

All you have to say is, “Now, Lord, I am ready to go now. Please take me, just for a bit at least. The reason I want to have a Heavenly break from the very trying battles is because I actually do wish to complete and finish Your will for me here, but I’m having a very hard time doing it. I very much do need a time to be refreshed in the way only You can do it. So, please, Lord of my life, take me up and refresh me.”

And then go to sleep, or listen to something that revives you. But be still and imagine yourself in My arms, holding you and lifting you up, up and away –yet very firmly held by Me.

There are so many places I can take you. Come and rest on My shoulder and leave your cares with Me. I will give you rest. Call for Me to take you away to a place of tranquility and beauty, and away we will go.

When you return, it’s possible you won’t recall most of what I let you see and feel and experience. But I will have given you the will to keep on going, even if just for another hour. Can you go one more hour? Can you even take one more step? That’s all I’m asking you to do. You don’t have to have the vision, faith, and strength right now that you’ll need to carry you on through to the rest of your life and beyond.

Just like a vehicle doesn’t have the fuel that it will need for the whole time it is used–from its manufacturing date until it’s put to rest–so  you won’t have all that you need to take you to your destination all right now. But when you are empty and feel you can’t go on; or when you feel you have had a crash and are too broken to move forward from one day to the next, I can fill you up and fix you up.

Come to Me for a time of Heavenly revival. It’s there for you–more than it was there for other believers in the past, for the need is oh, so much greater. You do need more times deep in My spirit, for the battles are more intense and take much more out of you to win.

Rest your head on My shoulder. Listen to something reviving. Don’t think about a single worry, but place it in My hands and tell Me you are ready for a trip away from this Earth. Think about where you’d like to spend special time with Me, if you are someone who can imagine such things. And then let My spirit show you things you never thought of, as well.

Time away, little vacations in the spirit will keep you going, day after day.

“Come to Me for a time of Heavenly revival. It’s there for you–more than it was there for other believers in the past, for the need is oh so much greater.”


Fields of Airyn

“When you’ve reached rock bottom and feel like a dry well, call on the keys of refilling and I will pour the waters of inspiration over you to wash you, refresh you, and fill you with joy until you’re overflowing on others.”





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