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Discovering more on the keys

It is the year 2020 and we are rediscovering the Keys of the Kingdom with a friend…our friend writes…

It’s taken me 20 years to realize that I never made it past the first lesson on the keys. Oops! I didn’t even know we were to take more and more “classes” with Ellya. What I must have missed all these years. But I’ll study hard now and keep asking for more. Maybe you’ve learned things about the keys that I don’t know and can teach me. Here are some things I’m starting to discover: the keys are talked about in over 1,700 files on Infostore and within those files are sometimes mentioned hundreds of times! It must be very important to Jesus that we use them—and learn about them.” He said: ”As you start connecting the dots through the Word that I give you on the keys, your understanding of them will be fuller and more well-rounded.” #3472

Prophecy: “For as a stone put into the tumbler, so too am I polishing you, My loves. I am making you a smooth stone, a round stone, a stone fit for much use. And not only will I behold your beauty, but I will use thee to smite Mine enemies. For with you I am making a yielded and ready vessel. But you must go through the tumbler of My training for you. You must seek, and you must search, and you must ask. You must not be fearful but step out and trust Me that I will hold you up. Even though it feels like a tumbler at times, you must know that I will hold you up and that I am a sure foothold. For just as in the illustration of the boy walking on the keys above a high gorge, I am holding his hand; so too am I leading you. For you shall walk on these Keys and defy the impossible. I will lead you into all truth, but you must step out on the Keys and believe, then will I lead you. Fear not; for all heaven is on your side, I love you.” (end of prophecy)

(comments continue) “I feel there are a few more dots that have gotten connected for me as I’ve been studying and hearing from the Lord. So I wanted to share it with you too. But there are more dots and more things to be filled in. I still have a very limited vision and understanding. Maybe the Lord will show you more of the picture, and together we can find out what He wants us to discover in the written Word as well as new insight He gives. Though it’s been a bit mysterious so far, Jesus did say that:  “And I opened, for your sake, the very real fabric between Heaven and Earth and Hell, so you may know in full the power of the keys that I have given to you in the times to come.” (#3351)

Prophecy: “In calling on the Keyes, or as has been revealed, God’s eyes, our spirit helpers, the ordained conduits of His power, you have gained access to the opening of an enormous secret. This secret has been waiting for those, who through obedience to God’s Word find their way to the “door” to a new reality”.

Prophecy: “Enoch found the door whilst on earth; you, My loves, have come to that same door in your obedience to David’s Words. The Key of David was placed in My book of Revelation by Me through My keye, John. My servant David was also My keye. My power lies in My Word; My Word is the Keye to all the power of the universe and beyond. I am the Master Keye; My eye is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. ALL of creation is keyed into Me, even Satan has to keep his keye on/in Me. Anyone that tries to take their keye out of Me or tries to resist this order finds themselves in darkness, a void. Genesis 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. Genesis 1:3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. The keye of light: try and take it out of its keyhole and you have darkness. The world has fallen into great darkness now because Satan has managed to take the key of light out of millions of people’s lives. [John 1:4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.] As he extracts the key of light from a man, the light goes out resulting in a dark spot.

As the lights go out in, let’s say a town or city, then that town or city darkens and thus it spreads throughout a nation. And just because that country has a form of Christianity, it does not mean the light is there. In fact, that country may very well be in gross darkness because it has embraced the false light or false religious system of the world today. [Matthew 6:23 But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!]”



Prophecy: “My Word is the Keye to all –the universe and beyond. What did Satan want above all things? What did Eve want above all things? Knowledge…understanding…light, keye power to the universe, which I have said, I will freely give to those who follow the order. Satan wanted to break the “order” of things and steal that power for himself. Eve was willing to break the order of things to get the keye of understanding. Genesis 3:5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. Your David was given the keye to understand My deeper Secrets; he obtained this keye through obedience. Enoch obtained translation by the road of obedience. You, My loves, are on the same road. Unlike Enoch, you will not be translated, because you are of earthly good, in fact you are very much needed at this crucial point in world history.

The door you stand at now has been reached through your obedience to My Word…the Bible, the Words of David and then Maria, and now the Living Word that is being poured down to you personally. I do not give this keye freely. It must be earned through obedience; it is through obedience that you gain trust. It was through obedience to My Father’s will that I gained the power to save the whole world from the destruction of sin. It will be through your continued obedience that you will gain the keye too and as much of My power as you will need for the job you have before you. Now is indeed the time to reveal to you, My brides, deeper secrets, not only regarding the Keyes but other secrets also. Am I not doing this through the special keye that I have given each of you? Remember this one important keye, My precious ones: obedience, because it is through your collective obedience and also your personal obedience that you will gain access to the next level…reality…state. I am showing you that the way to My secrets is My Word; the keye is desire. The greater the desire for My Word, the more will be revealed to you, the stronger your keye connection will be, and the stronger your faith will be for what is up ahead.” (end of prophecy)

 Continued in part 2


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Oil Lamp

“But in reality, anything that you hold close to your heart except for Me, will at some point disappoint you.”

“It’s often hard to really believe that happiness dwells in the spiritual places. It’s easier to believe that you can get it through carnal means, such as any number of natural, physical things that you have an inborn human desire for.—Maybe by working for money so you can get any physical things you want, like a car, a house, a good-looking husband or wife‚ etc. However‚ you would find in the end that these things did not satisfy you. Why? Because satisfying your flesh or your carnal nature is not the way to satisfy your starving spirit. So many people are like this.”

Our Declaration of independence

“I searched for 40 years trying to find the true religion, trying to find people who lived like Jesus and His disciples and His early followers, but I couldn’t find them! I looked in the churches, where they were supposed to be, but I found no one like them there—no one who had forsaken all to follow Jesus!” 

David Berg…from the Oil lamp

“We need to learn to save the first place in our hearts and lives and time for Jesus. We belong to Him first of all, and the first place must belong to Him—for rest and prayer and fellowship with Jesus, and for feeding from His Word. We cannot do the Masters work without the Masters power—and to get it, we must spend time with the Master. Then we must let Him do the work through us. 

We ought to take a lesson from the oil lamp: it must be the oil that burns and not the wick, for if the wick burns without oil, it will destroy itself. We must immerse ourselves in Jesus and let Him burn to light the way, because if we try to do that ourselves, we’ll soon burn out.

The flame of the oil lamp burns so beautifully and brightly and clearly when the oil burns, but it gets smoky and stinky when just the wick burns. The lamp’s wick must be deeply immersed in the oil. Most of the wick is in the oil, and only a tiny tip of it is exposed to the air and the flame. That way, its mostly oil that burns and very little of the wick—almost none period. The oil flows freely through a wick that is deeply soaked in the oil. Then it is the oil that burns and not the wick, and it gives bright, pure, clear light.” 


There are very few who choose to follow the Lord so passionately, to love Him so unreservedly, to want Him so desperately that they are willing to give all. But it’s then that, without regret or reservation, you will know that Jesus is enough. C.T. Studd


“Thousands upon thousands and millions upon millions are searching for happiness, but in all the wrong places. This is what your lives on Earth are all about: finding this door back to true happiness, which is only in the spirit. And for you, My true children, it’s all about showing others where to find that door, that entrance—Me.” Jesus speaking

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“I give you My keys and My spirit helpers-powerful forces for good, workers of change and miracles, helpers to assist you whenever you call on them.”


“The world is going to see one more Jesus revolution before the End, that is a promise made by God Himself. Read Revelations chapter 11. This revolution will not come from the church on any one group of people. It will come from those who love not their lives unto the death. It will come from those who through great persecution washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb, from those who separated themselves from the world in order to save those lost in the world. How can you save someone if you are drowning yourself?”


Get on fire for God and the world will come out to see your burn! Many are called to serve when reaching the valley of decision, but few choose to be chosen Matthew 21:45

Will Tribulation begin this year 2022?

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Discipleship costs personal desires

“Discipleship goes beyond simply accepting the teachings and believing them; it is essentially a choice to become active in practicing and preaching the teachings. Disciples add action to their beliefs; they are “doers of the word, and not only hearers.

God wants everything—your heart, your life, your career, and your personal pursuit—to glorify Him, to lift up Jesus, to serve as a light on a hill shining to light the way for others, whatever your profession or career may be. 

The Bible tells us that “every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands [or anything you’ve had to or will yet give up for the Lord, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.” Jesus also said in prophecy: “Your sacrifices are in some ways like a down payment, the cost you put aside to ensure that My great blessings and rewards are yours. One day, once life’s journey is done, you will receive the full blessing that each of your sacrifices has earned you.

So there is payback. There are returns for our sacrifices, which means that the definition of sacrifice, applicable to Christians, is not “loss” but rather, we’re “giving up something valuable (our lives), for something we consider to be of more value or importance.” That seems to be the more accurate depiction of discipleship defined.” Peter Amsterdam

“Someone has said, “God has no grandchildren!” There’s no such thing as second-generation Christians! Every new generation either has to drop out or cop out—one or the other; bring forth new buds, or die on the vine and become dead!”

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One of Jesus’ most life-changing calls was given in just two words: “Follow Me.” 

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Will tribulation will start this year 2022?


March 2022


Preparing to Rule and Reign



September 2021


Spirit of a Man Sustaineth Him



My Word Brings Division

(Jesus speaking: ) 

 You are either for Me or are against Me. It always has been like that and always will be, from Abel and Cain to the bride and the whore of the book of Revelation.  Yet, to love Me and what I stand for or to stay in fear of Me is easier said than done. Eventually there comes a time when you have to do what you say, and that is when the pinch really comes. For when you actually start doing some of those dicey doctrines and sayings of Mine, ouch, then it hurts. It hurts those who don’t want to see or hear you doing and saying those things, and it hurts you as well, for you do get persecuted. But I say to you, fear not these things.


It’s All For Him

“He’s going to make you all into His kings and priests and rulers and queens! Then what you have learned about the Law of Love will become the law of the land and everyone will have to learn it. It may not seem too important now, but really, we were never fighting for the Now! Jesus said in His Word that He was making the Children of David into a whole new Culture. What culture is that? The Culture of the Millennium! We don’t care about this old, filthy Earth—we’re just passing through, further up and further in, on to a New World!

All that we’re doing, all that we’re fighting for, is for that Place, and for that Person—JESUS!




You Are Worthy to Suffer for My Name’s Sake

“A mother’s heart just wants to make everything right. It wants to soothe and make her child better and take away the pain. It cannot bear to see her child hurt so. She would rather take on your pains rather than to see you suffer. But at the same time her heart is filled with pride and admiration at the battles her child is facing and fighting so determinedly. She knows it is needed and must be, for the making of her child into the man or daughter of God, that He so desires. The path He has you on and the depth He is taking you shows her that your choices have been for Him. Even though there is anger and resistance and unyieldedness at times, she knows this must be; that it is all part of the process of refining her child. She waits on the shoreline, waiting and watching and praying for her child’s ship out at sea in the heavy storm, calling on the keys and legions of spirit help to rush to her child’s side and for our Lord to become more real and close. She is apprehensive but as she stands waiting out the storm she reminisces on her own stormy days and is reassured by her Husband that He brought her through many wild and terrifying, turbulent times. He did it for her and He will surely be there for her children. So she trusts and puts her hand in her Lover’s again and steps back to let Him do what only He can do. She cannot rescue them but she can employ all the weapon power she can to rush in and fortify her children from the raging battle. That is the very most she can do. And even though her heart is hurting and pains her, seeing how they are tossed to and fro, she smiles, because she knows her Husband is at work in their hearts and this pleases her very much to know that He counts them worthy to pass through such turbulent waters as He too passed. They are worthy and Jesus chose them to be His representatives and for that she is more happy than the pain they must suffer. They are choosing aright and great will be their reward and greatly will they be used.


Joy of joys to a mother’s heart! Well done my beautiful, courageous sons and daughters. I am so proud of you. Continue to hold high the torch and to pass on the baton to your brothers and sisters. We are counting on you.

Take up the serum, David’s fighting serum, to defy the evil one that attacks you and then turn around to those fighting beside you to help them too. You too are leaders and commanders to your people and is the purpose of your trial by fire. So be encouraged and fight on for the purpose for which you have been called, our brave fellow warriors. It is a pleasure and honor to be fighting by your side. The keys are our armor, make them yours too. And they will bring you into the brightest day! Hallelujah!”


“The battle rages and the fight is on, but the power of the keys will see us through the darkest night and into the brightest day!”



The Fight Is On

“The keys of the Kingdom will empower you to live the Law of Love.”

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April 2022


The Humble Get Stamina



March 2022


Prophecy Vitamins Prayer Pt. 1



message from a blue angel



“I am here, listening and waiting to fulfill every wish and desire that you have toward our King. We were created for His pleasure, and in pleasuring Him we in turn receive great pleasure and great power. It’s  a synergistic relationship. Our desire is toward Him, not ourselves. This is the joy of giving; this is the secret to our transparency and effervescence. It is not necessary to seek fulfillment in other forms, because it is found in Him. He is the Creator of all things. He is the source of the River of Life. That is where we are found and that is where you must find your place. This principal can be seen throughout creation. The water bodies of earth must return to the heavenlies through the process of evaporation (transparency). Heated by the sun (Son), the water disappears and can only be seen as clouds. Your life is but a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow (James 4:14). We are like the blue sky, yet also much like the clouds. We release life-giving water to the empty vessels. We give shade when the enemy is hot on you. We are beautiful to behold, but also conduits of His wrath when called upon to channel power from the powerhouse of God –yet like a cloud, you can pass right through us. This is the nature of the Blue Angels. At night when all is dark, we are like the night sky. When you look up and see the twinkle of stars, picture them as our eyes watching you all night long. It is only when the storm moves in and the sky is covered from view that you get a different picture of us. We are like both the lighting flashing and the angry clouds. We are like the wind that rushes through the trees. We are the conduits of the power of God, for good and for judgment.       

“The keys will carry you into the health of Heaven, as you leave your old body behind. Ride heavenward on the keys.”

We are the keys that will carry you to the throne of God, to the source, where revitalization is found, the source of all things created. Why run around on the earth plane looking for happiness and fulfillment even within the creation of God, let alone the contraptions of man? The flesh is so easily distracted; the mind is wondrously made. The mind of the unborn, and often the newly born, is so easily muddled by the author of confusion and distraction. A little flash of color here, a new invention there. He is continually at work distracting the mind of fleshly man. You must yearn, and with great desire struggle for evaporation, to be vaporized in order that you once again espouse the River of Life and once again be poured forth and replenish those you were sent to help. It is not you looking for something from them, but you, giving of the River of Life to them, become a conduit, a channel, a moisture-giving cloud.”


“The key of light is a source of infinite power that can counter the darkness with which the Devil tries to shroud people’s hearts and minds. Call on this key to turn on “floodlights” in the hearts of those you
love and care for, and it will illuminate the
things of the spirit in their life.”



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February 2022


Melted Snow



March 2022


Deep Waters