Revelation 2:23

“I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.”

The reins of a horse are used to guide him in the right directionthey are guides. So I have placed guides beside you that whisper words of instruction to lead you. You have your own thoughts and experiences that have taught you what happens when you do this or that; these are like reins as well. You also have your conscience of heart and mind, pricking you if you do something wrong, according to what you know is right and wrong. Also, you have people around you also who might give good suggestions or tips or correction. Then there are circumstances and conditions that direct you, or train you consequences, people’s reactions, loss, rewards, difficulties, benefits, and so forth

Revelation 2:23



This whole world is one big school. Sometimes as you rest in bed and contemplate what has happened, these thoughts and feelings inside are like reins that help pull you this way and that way steering you in the right direction.



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       More of Me and less of you.     

  More and more the Lord is asking you to give of yourself for the sake of another. You are being made into that spirit warrior and it is all about turning off your carnal mind and being ready and willing to step into the spiritual realm of the supernatural where true love and sacrifice rein. This is a personal prophecy about  laying aside something in order to enter in deeper.

My love, this thing I ask of you, this Isaac that I ask you to lay on the altar, is something that is truly by faith for you. I gave the command and you do as I ask, even though it is grievous to you. It actually really kills your pride; to have to step aside for another to step into your place; takes humility you know not of; love that prefers another that is not of this world. You know yourself, you, simply can’t do it. So, that means you have to be using this principle of turning off the carnal mind and going into the spirit realm. Don’t try to figure it out or understand why I am asking it of you. Well you know the reason, but you ask, Why Lord? Can’t there be another way?  Well, My love, I am actually honoring you with this battle. It is not for the weak or faint-hearted, but for those that I know will use the struggle to put the word and the weapons to the test because you believe in them.  I know you will come out the other end and testify and give all the glory to Me, telling that I came through for you; that I never fail; that My promises are true. Your love for Me is so great that you want the world to know what I have done for you and what I can do for them. Each and every one of My warriors face a battle that is “the death” of them. Each one has to sacrifice and give up things or people or dreams to serve Me. So, maybe you will be able to help others through your experience. Maybe you’ll help someone else along on their journey and make it a little easier and encourage them to keep going or have some advice on how to make it.

But the greatest most exciting feature of this battle and the ones you’ve been facing is that I am making a spirit warrior out of you. It has all the right ingredients- because you just can’t “get” it, you have to leave your mind behind and put on Mine, and you have to leave pride at the door of the spirit realm. My darling, it is making you stronger. More and more, it becomes less and less about the why and why not and more about what I’ve asked of you and how it is changing you and how each battle is growing you up; it’s emphasizing that you need to go to the weapons and that loving Jesus is the key that  will take you to higher ground. These battles are preparing you. You are having simulation after simulation, so you will be so used to knowing what to do, no matter what battle you face. You know the tactics and you’ll automatically know the steps to take in any situation. It will have become second nature. So now do you understand why you need to feel so weak? It must be so; to train you. It’s the only way. More of Me and less of you.     

“I am actually honoring you with this battle. It is not for the weak or faint-hearted, but for those that I know will use the struggle to put the Word and the weapons to the test because you believe in them. “


“Stay By Me”

Loving Jesus is the key that  will take you to higher ground.





More of Me and less of you.  

Or it will beat you

“I am reaching for you. I am extending My hands to you. Is it too great a thing for Me to ask you to come to Me? Is the burden too grievous? Are your hands too weary?”

Vision: (I see a young man in a little room with his hands over his face. It feels so cold –like there is absolutely nothing warm in this place where he is. There is even ice covering the walls, it is so cold; the man is shaking. He is sitting at a desk and it seems as though his legs are paralyzed with the cold. He can’t get away from the cold place. I see the door is open, but he can’t get up and go because he is freezing, and he can’t move.

The coldness has crept in and it has bound you there. It has made you feel like there is no escape. Your hands and fingers cannot feel like they used to; they’re numb.

“My child, My child, My child. It is not for you to understand; it is not for you to be responsible. Oh, how the nights have been so long in the cold, and how you have toiled to find rest. Sweet child, although you do not see Me because it’s so dark, I have always been there in your little room. I have stood in this cold with you, and I have been where you have been.”

Vision: ( I see now this man is crying. He is saying something that I cannot understand. It’s like he can’t even say words… it’s his heart that seems to be speaking and it just comes out in this sound from his mouth.

The scene then zooms out and I see that there are hundreds of evil-looking creatures surrounding this room, but there aren’t any inside. I notice now that in the room there are patches of light, just like rays of light that come from a window, except there are no windows.

When the man spoke with his heart, it was like the light grew and became hotter. )

Prophecy: “I don’t expect you to be able to look at Me or even talk to Me yet. Let your yearning for freedom cry out to Me and the warmth of God will increase in your life.”

Vision: (The light is spinning around. It’s very beautiful, but it seems held back. The man seems to be struggling inwardly so much that he is shaking hard. But then suddenly he looks straight at the Light. It seems to be burning his eyes as he looks, but as he does, his legs begin to thaw and he can now move.  Tears stream from his eyes because the light is so bright. Like the heart language he spoke before, it seems torrents of confusion, pain and torment are being released from his soul. I can feel it pouring out of him.  

The light is calling him to get up and go before the coldness comes back; it is spinning and  calling to him. Then a beautiful girl made of light appears in the room. She too is weeping; her tears fall down so hard. Her tears fall on the man’s face and she asks him if he wants to let all tears he has ever cried, all the regret, all the pain, all the confusion, and all the grief be given to her. He seems afraid and unable to speak. She opens her hands and her tears flow; she kneels in front of him and asks him again. There is so much feeling in the room… like years and years of hurt and anguish are being poured out. It seems as it pours out she is taking it and in its place she is healing the man. He looks at her and he seems so deeply hurt, but she takes him in her arms and says : “I am love , I am healing. I am forgiveness; I am faith. I am trust, and I am yours. I am the Holy Spirit, and I am here to take you out of this room forever. But you must be willing to come with Me. Come with Me, My love and find solace in My bosom. I love you.”

“I want to save you from the darkness, so the light that gave you freedom can also save others that are trapped in the darkness. They need you.”

Beat Bitterness

“The light is calling him to get up and go -before the coldness comes back. It is spinning and  is calling to him. Then a beautiful girl made of light appears in the room. She too is weeping.”



“The Happy End”

One day soon, Jesus is coming back to take back what rightfully belongs to Him. All tears will cease, all regret will disappear, all lost hope will be restored…then.





The flag has been dropped

(Jesus) Many are called but few are chosen. We’re moving up now. The times of the past are gone; the times of comfort and relaxation are no more. We have entered the last leg of the race.

(Channel) I see many teams lining up. It seems to be a relay race.

(Jesus) My children of David have dropped their flag; they have forsaken My way, My calling to them. But I am again calling. I am calling all who will listen, all who will heed, all who wish to follow Me into this last lap. My teams are ready and will join you and help you to carry your team’s flag across the finish line.

(Channel I  see those who are about to start running the last lap drinking something.

(Jesus) These are the refreshments, My energy drinks of New Wine that give new power for these last days. If you wish to run with this team, you must drink it in. If you do not, you will not be able to keep up the pace. Even now, I am pouring out My new wine to every corner of the globe. Each team must partake of this feast, for by it, they will finish the race. I say to you who will run with My Children of David, drink this new wine that I give you, and partake of it alone. For only these, My words, will sustain you. I have prepared your vessels since the dawn of time. You have been fitted, molded, and shaped to receive this hot new outpouring of My words. Say not that you cannot take it, for it is yours to drink. This is the reason I made you. Look not to the other team. Drink not from that which I give them; for to you it is given to drink from My mouth.

Many are being called

“(Jesus) My children of David have dropped their flag; they have forsaken My way, My calling to them. But I am again calling.”



“The Lamp”

The Word, the Word, the Word, haven’t you heard that before? Yes the secret is the Word.





Jesus speaking in prophecy:

 “Do you believe this promise My love, do you believe I can and will protect you and get you through the attacks of the enemy, both spiritual and physical. Do you believe that I am stronger then all of Satan’s hordes combined?

Then claim this promise as your own, again I say, claim each promise as your own. These are not just pretty sounding words, I’m the real deal, what I say, you can trust. This isn’t just theory, this is real to life, you can physical stand on My promises, you can really take the wings of the morning and dwell in the utter most parts of the sea, I can protect you, this battle is Mine and I am strong on your behalf.

There really is nothing I won’t do for you, you must only believe them as real promises, they are the title deeds that you possess. These promise are not just, maybe they will be fulfilled, they will be fulfilled, they are written in stone, you must only believe. Believe I say, believe in My love for you. I went the whole way for you, even unto death, and I say, My love is enough to fulfill My word. I cannot lie, nor do I wish to. My only wish is to love you, and I do love you, and I know you love Me. Though you feel a million miles away, My love can reach you. Nothing is too hard for Me, nowhere is too far, I will reach you, I love you.”

Physically standing on the promises

“I’m the real deal, what I say, you can trust. This isn’t just theory, this is real to life, you can physical stand on My promises.”



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Jesus speaking in prophecy:

“This is how I translate My power to you, in ways you can understand. Few have seen My Glory in person and lived, for My power is all consuming, totally possessing, too much for mortal man to behold. So I must express Myself in words.

Through imbibing My words you learn of Me. Through deep study of what My power speaks of, or translates to, you are drawn closer to Me, to the source. I have said that there are many such generators throughout My Kingdom. For I say any who take in My words becomes a generator of My power. For by opening up to My wooing, My words, My voice in your heart, you create a spark, which then grows and grows, and increases in power.

How great your generator becomes depends on how much you open, how much you receive from Me. I do have what you might call physical generators throughout My Kingdom, but it is My greatest desire to create of you, My brides, living and moving generators, that I may send you throughout My whole Kingdom come.

For as you love Me, as we connect, as your spark grows, so too does the store of Word that I can store within. You then become a light, a source of life to those in darkness. I too was one such generator when I was on earth. I was one man, but with the power or Words that My Father poured down through Me, I brought light to a whole world. And with this light, this truth, you My children continue to keep this world alive.

For if there were no light, then all would be in darkness, and there would be no need for this world to continue. So shine on, grow in your use of My words, and you will empower many”.

Generators of His power

“I was one man, but with the power or Words that My Father poured down through Me, I brought light to a whole world.”



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