Jesus Speaking:

(Ellya:) I long to tell you how to call on the keys. First, you must understand that the keys of the Kingdom are real. They exist. They are not a mere symbol, nor some sort of ornamental representation. They are a real and living, vibrant entity. The keys are alive, and they represent our Savior’s Spirit and all the power of Heaven, which can never be conquered.When you call on the keys, remember that you are calling on a living, moving, powerful, spiritual phenomenon. The keys of the Kingdom have been granted power by God, and they release power in return. When you call on the keys, they will unleash power on your behalf.” (ML #3368:35, GN 962)

Jesus Speaking: “In calling on the Keys, or as has been revealed, God’s eyes, our spirit helpers, the ordained conduits of His power, you have gained access to the opening of an enormous secret. This secret has been waiting for those, who through obedience to God’s Word find their way to the “door”to a new reality.

Enoch found the door whilst on earth. You, My loves, have come to that same door in your obedience to David’s Words. The Key of David was placed in My book of Revelation by Me through My Key, John. My servant David was also My key. My power lies in My Word. My Word is the Key to all the power of the universe and beyond. I am the Master Key; My eye is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. ALL of creation is keyed into Me, even Satan has to keep his key on/in Me. Anyone that tries to take their key out of Me or tries to resist this order finds themselves in darkness, a void. Genesis 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

This secret has been waiting for those, who through obedience to God’s Word find their way to the “door” to a new reality.


Revelation 1~7

Call on the keys of spiritual sight and you will understand more from the Word.

Genesis 1:3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. The key of light. Try and take it out of its keyhole, and you have darkness. The world has fallen into great darkness now, because Satan has managed to take the key of light out of millions of people’s lives. John 1:4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men. As he extracts the key of light from a man, the light goes out resulting in a dark spot. As the lights goes out in, lets say a town or city, then that town or city darkens, and thus it spreads throughout a nation. And just because that country has a form of Christianity, does not mean the light is there. In fact, that country may very well be in gross darkness because it has embraced the false light or false religious system of the world today. Matthew 6:23 But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Update 2020)


Getting Offended at smaller things

(Spirit helper speaking: ) More and more surprising and strange attacks may come at you from all quarters—even from those very ones you thought were your friends. Be sober. Take daily time to get your strength renewed and joy straight from Heaven; because if you depend on people alone to be your source of encouragement, there are going to be falling outs, and you will feel jilted and saddened. Only the Lord will be there for you in the way that you need Him to be, all the way.

Watch out too, as more people get offended with less and less reasons to. It will take far less now to get people –even your work companions and teammates, family members and staff– put off and aggravated. People will get upset with smaller reason to. And that’s because the enemy is going around throwing something like poisonous gas that causes little sparks to suddenly ignite and flare up big.

But I tell this to you, so that you won’t be “soon shaken”.

2 Thessalonians 2:2 That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word.


(Jesus speaking: ) Be sober and vigilant. The enemy seeks his prey and will devour anything he can, through the words he can cast you and others down with. He wants to eat up things like faith, endurance, fortitude, patience, and long-suffering loving kindness. These he tears apart, as they are as blockages to his way of doing things. If you let him, you will find misery sets in and surrounds you.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:8


Out of Memphis

The keys give you the grace to believe and act and be the sample I want you to be.

So you need faith and lots of it, as this will protect these results of faith—your ability to carry on by faith, unflinching.

I have brought you up and cared for you all these years of your life. I will not fail you, but you have to do your part to stay inside Me. I’m very big, you know? And the way that you do it is through daily time in using the Keys and drinking in My New Wine and scripture, in song, in praise, in prayer, in giving Me your cares and trusting Me with the outcome of each thing that is now happening to you.

If you know that I will work out the most difficult parts of your life, that faith will help you to not give the enemy your hope—hope that though things look trying now or look really hard, the good that is coming will make it all seem as light as a feather. You will be glad that you did carry on one step at a time.


And He Sent His Word and Healed Them

Understanding comes as a reward for faith; call on the keys to give you that faith.

There is a spiritual void in the lives of “worldly” Christians  –and let’s face the facts, most Christians today are worldly.

So, this void is causing unbelief. Not unbelief in God’s Word per se, but a lack of perception. The quote at the top of the page says: “Understanding comes as a reward of faith”. The reason Christians don’t understand, or a more precise word would be discern, the times they are living in is because they lack faith.

Faith comes before a person is gifted with understanding. Faith comes by reading and believing the Word of God. Either Christians today  are not reading the Word of God or they have not believed the Word they have been given.

Reading the Bible is progressive; you take your first step, you accept what you read by faith, and then understanding comes. Then you take the next step and so on and so forth. It takes faith to read the Bible, because understanding may not come in the same way a person understands 1 + 1 = 2. Often God requires the reader to accept by faith that what they are reading is the truth. It’s something like algebra: 1 + x = 2;  2 being the truth and x being faith, the unknown factor.

Whilst reading the Word of God, you will undoubtedly come across a step that you don’t understand, maybe you have been told to put that one on the shelf of faith. If you do as told in a genuine spirit of belief, in time, God may give you understanding, perception, insight, a sense of knowing or awareness.

It has been said that life is a spiritual school. This is the truth, and like school you must pass your grades in order to graduate to the next level. I’m reminded of what Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 2: 10-12; about being misled if you receive not the love of the truth. If you misunderstand a step in your spiritual progression, yet you try to push ahead anyway, you will lack the necessary faith required at the next level. And if faith is not there, then you cannot be rewarded with that understanding, perception, insight, sense of knowing, awareness.

“The keys will enable you to face reality. Call on the keys and I will clarify anything you ask Me, and you will rise above as never before in triumph by My Spirit.”


Gaining Ground

Take hold of the keys of boldness to proclaim My truth; grasp tightly the keys of revolution to remain separate from the world; and cling to the keys of commitment, which make you never want to be a part of the world and its ways.


Jesus said in Matthew 16:2,3 that the Pharisees lacked the discernment to understand the times they were living in. This is because they lacked faith in Him, the Word of God. They had not received the love of the truth.

If you are stumbling to accept the times you are living in, there is a very real possibility that you have missed, not accepted or misunderstood one or a few steps in your spiritual schooling.


Call on the keys of faith to help you to see everything in a new light.


Ezekiel 36 and 37

In front of them there is an army of dark figures who are nervously holding their ranks.This dark army is like a cloud of darkness spreading for miles in the distance.

Ezekiel 36 & 37

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Proverbs 22:10 Cast out the scorner, and contention shall go out; yea, strife and reproach shall cease.

(Jesus speaking: ) Cast out the scorner and contention shall cease. What is contention? A contentious woman is someone no one wants to be married to. (Proverbs 19:13; 21:19; 27:15) To earnestly contend for the faith is what My believers are admonished to do. (Jude 1:3) In short, it means fight or be in opposition.

When someone is in opposition—in the opposite position as you, facing you down, trying to get you to change something so that you will conform more to their way of being (whether it’s for good or wrong)—then contention is present.

To get people to change in something—their mind or habits or work, etc.—when that person isn’t of the opinion to do so, will take some fight. Trying to change, not just a person but a group of people, takes real effort.

To contend is to speak up for what you think things should be like, and to speak despairingly to those who are of a different opinion so that they’ll give up their way and change to doing or seeing things your way. When you are contending, you aren’t as concerned about the feelings of others involved as much as you are about making progress in some direction. You’ve got a goal and are hoping that others will support you in it.

The trouble comes when others don’t support your ideas, and rather than agreeing and walking the same way as you, they flare up to contend for their side, the way they think things should be. So you then have two or more people each trying to walk in opposite directions and contending, or standing up to the other, for what they think is right.

This is the path you must walk on, for much will be in opposition to you as you take this narrow and uphill pathway climb. Anyone you meet will be facing you down. You will have to make the extremely dangerous and heart-rending decision to keep on going even though it costs you getting jostled along the way or nearly tossed over the edge of the cliff at times while you pass those who are going in opposition to you. But if you can get past those narrow conflicts of interest and manage to find your feet again, you’ll see more from the new vantage point you will come to.

You wither when you see an opponent coming down the pathway that you are trying to go up, because you know it will cost you a great deal. Now, rather than hiking up bravely and joyfully, you might be limping instead, because they stepped on your toes while facing you down, nearly treading over you. You get a stick then and use it like crutch for a while, attempting some sort of forward progress. But every now and then you look back down the pathway to see who troubled you and see them slowly making their way down. You have ill feelings  towards them now. If only they could have been walking the same way you are, you might have had interesting discussions, urged each other on and made further progress in less time. You feel like tossing a few stones to roll down and hit them. It seems like you are above them just because the pathway has wended upward. But you really don’t want to have another encounter with them. Besides, if you stop to stone throw, it will cost you in time, in joy, and just might make you lose your balance, while you are barely able to keep it as it is. So with one hand on the side of the mountain to your left, and your other hand holding your stick crutch, you go on, one labored step at a time.  You cry. Your heart breaks, and you are really confused.

Luke 8:53, 54 And they laughed him to scorn, knowing that she was dead.  And he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, saying, Maid, arise.”


Prophets of the End

When the Enemy fights against you with all of his power, I will fight for you with all of My power. The keys will be your strength, your salvation and your relief, your strong tower of protection from the raging battles.


So darling, what or who is in opposition to you? A man’s foes shall be they of his own household. I told you this in My Word and will I not bring it to pass? For these are as gates that you must walk through; each warning will find its fulfillment, for I will see to it that My Word is accomplished.

But what are you to do about it? It’s Me or the other. You can’t have both. You can’t please both God and man. And this is what you must learn. Learn it well before the tests get even tougher.

What do I want you to do? Who do I want you to please? Just live My Word. You are to be as a thumb that sticks out and does not become as a finger. People might try to pull you and stretch you to try to make you more finger shaped, but it won’t work. It will just cause you pain and prove to them and to you that you are and will be what you are meant to be.

But be glad for the pulling and the stretching, for it makes you ever so solidly sure that you can’t become something you are not meant to be.

When you turn away from Me, even ever so slightly in order to please the people, that is when I really hurt. Ouch, I cry in pain.

So basically, as time goes on, more and more that you are called to do will continue to be in opposition to others. More of what you do or are asked to do will seem just plain wrong to those who are using their own tally stick to measure your deeds. Nearly everything right for you will have someone on earth fighting it tooth and nail. So if you listen to man—to all people who oppose you—you will be hindered from doing absolutely anything I have called on you to do, because this guy over here will stop you in that thing, and the next person will hinder your efforts in the next thing. –All through words and ideas and opinions.

And you can be that way too if you play that game of making people conform to your way of being. So lighten up and let each go on their way while you focus on doing what you are meant to be doing, rather than making life a game of changing others to suit your fancies. Instead, just face Me and say yes and do what you are meant to. Let others make their own life choices when there is nothing more you can say or do to convince them otherwise. Don’t get dragged down in the choices and interests of others. Walk harder, do more for My kingdom, and never let yourself be tricked off the path of what My will is for you.

The “scorner” is Satan and his minions who are constantly belittling your efforts and the way you do things. If it’s not supporting what you are meant to be doing, then it’s wrong and you don’t have to listen to it.


Jesus shrugs

A book about the coming war and the Millennial Kingdom of God.

Jesus shrugs

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Question: What do we do if they force the vaccination on us?

Jesus: This is when My promises will come true. The door is closing, and you are being pushed off the cliff. But as you step into thin air, I will hold you up. Listen to My voice and hold tightly to My promises. As the system shuts the door and locks you out of what you need to stay alive, food, housing, and everything else, I will open a back door. You can’t see that back door right now. You can’t see any way out. You see the system.  They have asked nicely. Now, they are asking a bit more forcibly. Next, they will try to starve you out by cutting you off from what you need. Last, they will actively seek out those who are resisting their mark and their system.  But by then, I will have hidden you away. Know this, that when the system ways dry up, I will supply what you need. Continue to practice hearing from Me; that way, you will hear My directions and will know what steps to take.  Then you will see the path and recognize the back door when it cracks open enough for you to slip through.

“Get thee hence, and turn thee eastward, and hide thyself by the brook Cherith, that is before Jordan. And it shall be, that thou shalt drink of the brook; and I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there. So he went and did according unto the word of the LORD: for he went and dwelt by the brook Cherith, that is before Jordan. And the ravens brought him bread and flesh in the morning, and bread and flesh in the evening; and he drank of the brook.” 1Kings 17:3-6


Keys are our wilderness

The keys not only grant you faith, but will also empower you with a steady stream of confidence in My promisesthe power to put your faith into action.




waver not

It’s a matter of believing and doing, of acting on what you know by faith to be true, and a matter of putting your faith into action.

waver not

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Submitted by a young teenager

Jesus speaking: Don’t fret about where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to be doing. Just like I came to earth and lived in small villages and towns, so must you. I didn’t stay in the big centers of population where it seems there would have been more chance for me to get out My message. Maybe you don’t realize, but what you are going through now is not just for now. My life was lived out in small unnoticed places, but everything was recorded and written down as a testimony to millions. I know what you are thinking, “Well, you did lots of amazing miracles.” Well, My sweet, your time is coming for all of that. But this time right now is part of the story. You go out witnessing; you are faithful to warn people of the coming storm. You work in the house. You fight your personal battles. You do your jobs. Maybe you think that this time is just a waste, a boring little chapter of your existence. But it’s not. It’s like Hebrews 11.

When one of My brides really lives in faith and dies in faith, it’s a story and it’s recorded and it’s a witness. You are even witnessing to the spirit helpers and the other beings in the spirit world. Yet you struggle on each day and think that no one notices. You wonder what it’s all for. But each day you are writing your story. It’s about faith

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.”


Prophets of the end

Never underestimate the power of the keys. All things are possible with the power of the keys. Power to the people with the keys.



You believe without seeing. You might think that many people believe without seeing. But your story is so different. You actually base your whole life on this faith. You have forsaken your earthly desires and the life that you might have had in order to live this faith. You look for a city that hath foundations. You aren’t building your life for this present world. Even if you can’t understand what I am saying, just know this. Your lives are a testimony, not only now for those in the spirit that see you, but all is being recorded and kept as a sample of one of my precious brides who didn’t give up.


Registration and tribulation

The year 2022 will see many, if not all, national puppet governments imposing mandatory vax on their people. Call it what you will; this long-planned and well-orchestrated international registration of the entire world’s citizenry is well documented in the book of Revelation.
As this internationally stimulated pogrom develops, any person/s resisting will be denigrated then denied basic government services. Persecution will come, and over time, dissenters will be made classless or exterminated. This is also well documented in the Book of Revelation as well as other apocryphal books.
(READ MATTHEW 24:21,22)

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