Happy together


Jesus Speaking:

“Don’t run away too quickly from My bed of love, for I long to hold you a little longer. Be still and know that I am God. I am Love. I’m waiting for you to be still, so that you can feel Me move and work in you. You’re so anxious to get away from Me. Why, My love? Is it the work that calls you? But the work is Mine to take care of. I’m the breadwinner around here. Your work is to love Me, to be here for Me. Don’t be as one who would come to My bed of love but is concerned about the time, looking at your watch secretly, feeling that you must go. Don’t be as one who breaks the foreplay abruptly, feeling justified in saying that you must get back to work.

This is one of the coolest things that you can experience when we’re close and we’re really one in the Spirit, when we’re best friends, when you’re My Bride and I’m your Husband–and that is that I can whisper to you really cool things that you need to know. I can answer your questions. I can tell you what you should do. I can speak to you about what Word you should read. And if you come to Me in faith to hear from Me in prophecy, I can even give you special, personal words of encouragement and guidance. I can be your personal Shepherd, and I can help you through your rough days. When your heart is aching or you’re real bummed ’cause something didn’t work out like you’d hoped, you can come to Me. You can confide in Me, and I’ll confide in you. Not only will you be fed by your personal link with Me in the Spirit, but you’ll also be more fed by the Words of David. The closer you draw to Me and the more faith you have, the more intimate we are, the more you’re going to be able to be fed from those Words of David, from the new Letters and new revelations and the far-out prophecies and messages. Man, you have some very awesome stuff at your fingertips–mysteries and discoveries and answers that millions of people would love to be privy to. But I only give this very special meat of the Word to those I can confide in, to those I trust and to those who are close to Me, who I know will appreciate it.

So you see, it really pays to spend that time with Me. As you get close to Me, then I can get close to you. We can talk to each other. We can share our secrets. I’ll lead and guide you and answer your questions. I’ll bring the Word to life for you. See, when you’re closer to Me and you spend more time praying or praising or reading the Word or seeking Me, of course it creates a bigger vacuum, and then I can pour out to you more. See, it’s very easy to understand: the greater the vacuum, the more you get. The closer you are to Me, the more the vacuum you have for the things of the Spirit, and the more I can pour out to you.”


“His seeds are real, and as you suck for them, they become part of you, and go to work to bless your life. So you must have them every day. You must spend time alone with your Lover in order to let Him empower you. It’ll be so wonderful and so good when you start seeking the Lord about the Word and applying it. It’s really going to change your life. It’ll work on your pride and selfishness and help you to have more of a spirit of humility.”


Love to hear your thots

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