Your Will or His

(Jesus:) “Not My will, but thine be done.”  Those were the words I prayed on the day of My death. So even I, the Son of God, had My own will. I too was bound and dragged away to be killed. I know your frame, that you’re weak, that you’re but clay and mud, but I also know that you’re more than just a shell of mortal clay. You’re a weak earthen vessel, yes… but within your clay walls have I placed a portion of My own spirit, a door to the realm of God. I have placed within you who say yes to Me a seed of desire, a cord that shall never be broken. I have bound your heart with a cord, and though your flesh is weak, your spirit is willing. I have allowed your weaknesses that I might be strong in you. For though I bind you with fetters and you are well-nigh forced to die, yet are you bound of your own free will, for you asked Me to bind you that you might die. For though the flesh bucks and kicks, in your heart we are drawn closer together day by day. We’re two magnets separated but for a time, now inseparably drawn together. Yes, this death is not your will, but I will help your unbelief because of your desire. You’re Mine, and I am forever yours.

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The Keys of Promise

Prayer/Praise) Oh Jesus, what an honor You have bestowed on us, the Children of David! To have the Keys! To hold the Keys in our hands! There are so many doors that our Father David has already opened for us, so we can reach the place where we grasp these Keys for dear life. We must reverence them and the privilege we have of wielding them –to be called Key Bearers, to have and to hold and to be shown the deep things of the spirit world here in the flesh!  Oh, the heights they have taken us and the amazing secrets they have revealed, yet still they open our eyes to more. You have shown us so much, and we hunger and thirst for more. Thank You precious Jesus for reaching out to us, Keys in hand, to pull us up to Your world so we can experience ‘there’ here! You are changing us, turning us blue with the beauty of Your love and power and energy. What a foretaste!

To pass the tests and trials before you use the keys

the secret is in the keys

He’s going to make you all into His kings and priests and rulers and queens! Then what you have learned about the LOL will become the law of the land and everyone will have to learn it. It may not seem too important now, but really, we were never fighting for the Now! Jesus said in His Word that He was making the COD into a whole new Culture. What culture is that? The Culture of the Millennium! We don’t care about this old, filthy Earth—we’re just passing through, further up and further in, onto a New World! All that we’re doing, all that we’re fighting for, is for that Place, and for that Person—JESUS!

(Jesus:) Life on Earth includes hardship; that’s just the way it is. Hardship isn’t a sign of a lack of My blessings. It’s not a sign that you’re doing the wrong thing. Life on Earth is just plain difficult at times, and some of the hardships are lifelong.

Life on Earth, whether you’re in the Family or not, is a training and testing ground, one which teaches you to make the right decisions despite the hardships. It teaches you to see things positively even when you feel like things are hopeless, to choose to love and share and sacrifice even when you don’t have enough, to choose to do the right thing even when everything around you is wrong.

Life on Earth is difficult. It’s a spiritual warfare, and it’s also a test for you and training for you. Just because you’re My children doesn’t mean you can escape the difficulties.

Whether you’re in the Family or not, you have a course to run and things to learn on Earth that you won’t learn any other way. And a big part of those lessons and growth and experience come through hardships and things that don’t turn out the way you’d like–things that go wrong, that you have to then decide what to do about and things that stretch you to the limit to see if you’ll still make the right choices. I can’t take you completely out of these tests and trials of life because they’re a big part of why you’re here. But I have given you answers, solutions, insight, understanding, and spiritual weapons that give you an advantage in the battle –if you choose to use them. One day soon I will gather you and all My faithful children home, and then you’ll be so glad. Your battle wounds really will glow. The trials and difficulties you endured will have grown your faith, and the more faith you have, the richer you are in the spiritual realm. So use those trials you face to work for you! Don’t let them get you down. Know that great is your reward in Heaven.




May 2022


Coming King of Egypt



May 2022


Israel Invaded



“My beloved is like a roe or a young hart: behold, he standeth behind our wall, he looketh forth at the windows, shewing himself through the lattice.” SoS 2:9

“For I, the Lord, have done it, that I may glorify My Name and preserve her whom I love … My hungry ones who love Me and not My wealth, who cherish My Person, not My palaces, who ravish Myself, and not My power only, and who dwell by My side in nakedness and humility and adoration. … She which was least among all the daughters of men shall become My beloved and My darling one, My loved one. This is the Bride of Mine affliction. This is the darling of My Tribulation. … She it is that loveth Me, therefore do I delight in her and do highly honor her” (A prophecy of God on the Old Church)


“My Bride shall enter into My chamber, and I Myself will lie with her and honor her before all the handmaidens”

“This is why God has in these Last Days raised up our Family, His sexy New Church!–A young new Bride bursting with energy and a passionate love for her Bridegroom!

“To be the kind of Bride He wants, you’ve got to first of all have enough faith in His Love to obey, and come and strip off all of the outer garments of appearances, cover-ups and false fronts, and expose yourself to the Lord, totally yielding yourself to Him in submission and humility. You must be willing to be stripped bare before Him. You’re just you, and that’s what He wants!–You!–All of you!

For I love to be loved and I love to love. I love to receive love. I love to give love. So few understand My need to be loved, My desire to be loved. So few understand My desire to be wanted, My desire to be called for and told that I am wanted, that I am needed, that I am desired, that I am lovely. In this I find great pleasure and great happiness, and for this purpose created I My children to love Me.
Why do you think I was so angry at the children of Abraham? Because I loved them, I gave unto them, and they turned away and spurned Me. They hurt Me. They did not receive My Love, and they did not love Me in return; but instead went awhoring after other gods. Why am I so displeased with the Old Church? Because they stopped loving Me. And why am I well pleased with you? Because you love Me! You have loved Me with your works, with your child-rearing and with your obedience. But now I wish for you to love Me with your words, with your body, with your spirit. I wish for you to love Me with all of your heart, with all of your mind, with all of your spirit, with all of your strength, with all of your soul!
 For I wish to be loved in a new way, in the way that I truly wish to be loved. This is a step of faith for you, and a leap of faith for many! But have I not always honored these steps of faith that your father has taken, yea, the leaps? Have I not always brought forth great fruit as I promised? So come, come I say, come in unto Me and be My Bride! For I long to be loved as a lonely man who does not seem to be lonely because He has so many friends and so much family, yet He lacks a sweetheart and darling.
Please come, come to Me and be My darling! Come to Me and be My sweetheart! Come to Me and be My wife, My Bride! Come, come, please come and lie in the bed of love with Me. For there you will find great love and great treasure, and there you will find great reward. For does not the husband love to pour forth gifts of love, tokens of love and appreciation for the love that his loving wife gives unto him? I seek to be in love with you, and I seek for you to be in love with Me, that we may have a new relationship.

new wine comes forth from the fruit of our lovemaking

SoS 1:2

Many times in the past, the children of David have received, believed and acted upon the New Wine and radical new doctrines that were revealed through David, even though it was difficult and a step of faith. That is why we are where we are today!–Because we have had the faith to follow the Lord whithersoever He has led!” Are you still following the New Wine?

Song of Solomon

“He has raised us up His New Church, a young Bride bursting with energy and a passionate love for her Bridegroom!–An alive, vibrant, warm, living, beautiful body that responds quickly, fervently and ardently to His slightest touch, and who is wildly ravished with His Love!”

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USED Lamp of His Word

Oil Lamp

“But in reality, anything that you hold close to your heart except for Me, will at some point disappoint you.”

“It’s often hard to really believe that happiness dwells in the spiritual places. It’s easier to believe that you can get it through carnal means, such as any number of natural, physical things that you have an inborn human desire for.—Maybe by working for money so you can get any physical things you want, like a car, a house, a good-looking husband or wife‚ etc. However‚ you would find in the end that these things did not satisfy you. Why? Because satisfying your flesh or your carnal nature is not the way to satisfy your starving spirit. So many people are like this.”

Our Declaration of independence

“I searched for 40 years trying to find the true religion, trying to find people who lived like Jesus and His disciples and His early followers, but I couldn’t find them! I looked in the churches, where they were supposed to be, but I found no one like them there—no one who had forsaken all to follow Jesus!” 

David Berg…from the Oil lamp

“We need to learn to save the first place in our hearts and lives and time for Jesus. We belong to Him first of all, and the first place must belong to Him—for rest and prayer and fellowship with Jesus, and for feeding from His Word. We cannot do the Masters work without the Masters power—and to get it, we must spend time with the Master. Then we must let Him do the work through us. 

We ought to take a lesson from the oil lamp: it must be the oil that burns and not the wick, for if the wick burns without oil, it will destroy itself. We must immerse ourselves in Jesus and let Him burn to light the way, because if we try to do that ourselves, we’ll soon burn out.

The flame of the oil lamp burns so beautifully and brightly and clearly when the oil burns, but it gets smoky and stinky when just the wick burns. The lamp’s wick must be deeply immersed in the oil. Most of the wick is in the oil, and only a tiny tip of it is exposed to the air and the flame. That way, its mostly oil that burns and very little of the wick—almost none period. The oil flows freely through a wick that is deeply soaked in the oil. Then it is the oil that burns and not the wick, and it gives bright, pure, clear light.” 


There are very few who choose to follow the Lord so passionately, to love Him so unreservedly, to want Him so desperately that they are willing to give all. But it’s then that, without regret or reservation, you will know that Jesus is enough. C.T. Studd


“Thousands upon thousands and millions upon millions are searching for happiness, but in all the wrong places. This is what your lives on Earth are all about: finding this door back to true happiness, which is only in the spirit. And for you, My true children, it’s all about showing others where to find that door, that entrance—Me.” Jesus speaking

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“I give you My keys and My spirit helpers-powerful forces for good, workers of change and miracles, helpers to assist you whenever you call on them.”


“The world is going to see one more Jesus revolution before the End, that is a promise made by God Himself. Read Revelations chapter 11. This revolution will not come from the church on any one group of people. It will come from those who love not their lives unto the death. It will come from those who through great persecution washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb, from those who separated themselves from the world in order to save those lost in the world. How can you save someone if you are drowning yourself?”


Get on fire for God and the world will come out to see your burn! Many are called to serve when reaching the valley of decision, but few choose to be chosen Matthew 21:45

Will Tribulation begin this year 2022?

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Discipleship costs personal desires

“Discipleship goes beyond simply accepting the teachings and believing them; it is essentially a choice to become active in practicing and preaching the teachings. Disciples add action to their beliefs; they are “doers of the word, and not only hearers.

God wants everything—your heart, your life, your career, and your personal pursuit—to glorify Him, to lift up Jesus, to serve as a light on a hill shining to light the way for others, whatever your profession or career may be. 

The Bible tells us that “every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands [or anything you’ve had to or will yet give up for the Lord, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.” Jesus also said in prophecy: “Your sacrifices are in some ways like a down payment, the cost you put aside to ensure that My great blessings and rewards are yours. One day, once life’s journey is done, you will receive the full blessing that each of your sacrifices has earned you.

So there is payback. There are returns for our sacrifices, which means that the definition of sacrifice, applicable to Christians, is not “loss” but rather, we’re “giving up something valuable (our lives), for something we consider to be of more value or importance.” That seems to be the more accurate depiction of discipleship defined.” Peter Amsterdam

“Someone has said, “God has no grandchildren!” There’s no such thing as second-generation Christians! Every new generation either has to drop out or cop out—one or the other; bring forth new buds, or die on the vine and become dead!”

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One of Jesus’ most life-changing calls was given in just two words: “Follow Me.” 

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Will tribulation will start this year 2022?


March 2022


Preparing to Rule and Reign



September 2021


Spirit of a Man Sustaineth Him


USED Jesus weeps for lost church

will I find faith on earth at my return?



“They claim to be Mine-My wife-My Church- but the relationship is in name only. There is no other relationship. They have no other communion. They have no other intercourse and they bear no children. Therefore is this hypocrisy and not a marriage. This is pretense and not love.”

“Old Church New Church” MO Letter

“THE MEN WHOSE OPINIONS THOU LOVEST SHALL DESTROY THEE and the Beast whose honor thou favourest shall devour thee. For why dost thou not return unto Me, O thou backsliding daughter? Why dost thou not repent of thy spiritual whoredoms?” Old church new church Prophecy


“The standard of discipleship is defined in the Bible.”

For you who want a “deeper truth”, more depth than is being offered at your local church or fellowship. For you who “sense” there is more in My Word than meets the eye, but somehow it seems to be always just out of your reach, like there’s a barrier keeping you from attaining it. I say to you, dig deeper. Stretch your faith to believe. Do not be discouraged after the first and second attempt at trying to find it. I promise you there is something out there; in fact there is a whole universe of truth out there just waiting for the man or woman of faith to access them. The key is faith, faith to believe that I am not “way out there” withholding, but in fact right beside you, waiting to part the veil between our two worlds to reveal those truths that your soul hungers for. What holds My hand from releasing these treasures? Your faith does, for according to your faith it will be done unto you.

If you are tired of the prosperity preachers and their promises of riches on this earth, riches that you know very well will pass away leaving you spiritually penniless when you enter My Kingdom , then step out by faith and exercise this “old” but often unused truth, “ Come unto Me and learn of Me and I will give you the riches of My Kingdom.” I love you My bride, place your ear to My lips and listen to My whispers. The trinkets and entertainments of this world are designed to dull your spirits to the realities of My spirit.

Do you know the meaning of “entertainment”? Away from thinking! Yes the things of this world, that temporarily satisfy the flesh are designed to take your mind off the problems you face each day, they are also designed to take your mind off the things of the Spirit. They are designed to lead you away from the light of My Word and into a spiritual void; you have entered the world of the spiritually lazy. The demon of lethargy has you in his grip. You must break out, time is short.

Have you noticed though, that the entertainments of this world never satisfy? Take a look at what you fill your life with, and ask yourself how much it has really satisfied you. Your flesh is never satisfied, it is always eating, always demanding some new toy or trinket, the latest cell phone, another restaurant, that new car or addition to your already sated life. I assure you, your flesh will go on demanding until the day you pass from this life to meet Me at the door of your next life. You ask yourself sometimes, is this all there is to life? I am telling you this life is nothing but an empty shell without Me as your Companion. Again I say to you My beloved:


“THESE ARE THEY THAT LOVE ME. For who is My mother and who are My brethren and who are My sisters? They that do the will of My Father” Old Church New Church

“Many of My disciples through the centuries have forsaken the mantle of faith and lost that anointing of power. Yes, there have been some who have stood head and shoulders above their brethren, performing miracles and speaking to men’s hearts through the power of My Spirit, but it has been limited, as the church was largely buried in the traditions and rudiments of this world, as My children gradually began to depend more on carnal means, as they forgot Me and served the god of this world.” Jesus speaking.


“Discipleship is discipleship! I require the same of my brides today as I did of the first disciples.”Jesus Speaking


“Use the keys to unlock the secrets and the power within My Words. Many are the illusions and lies the Enemy will attempt to blind you with, but when you use these keys, you will come across mysteries and their answers in My Word that you never saw before.”

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