Lessons from a bride

(Jesus speaking: taken from a message given to a young disciple: )

“Yes My wind is wild and untamed and you’ve experience a bit of My unexpected nature but now you must pick up your courage and use what you’ve learned to come ride with Me once again and not fear it. Don’t fear Me, don’t say I am too unpredictable to trust… Haha sweet one! I am the God of the universe! I am wild! And I am teaching you to love My wild nature and to love flying with it! Come let’s run, let’s ride, let’s fly! With the crazy, wild, unpredictable nature of your God.”

Embracing the Hard Side of Jesus

I very much could relate to the heart roller coaster, fire-and-ice experience. I’ve had very similar feelings through some of life’s trials over the past couple years. And I have to keep choosing if “the relationship is still on”. Will I keep going with this challenging person called Jesus Christ? But I seem to just need Him so much, that whatever He is like, however He reacts, whatever He tests me in, hard to manage or not, I just can’t go on without Him. And His warm and loving side always makes up for it. So I’ve chosen, and I keep choosing to “Embrace the hard side of Jesus”. It’s part of the package deal.

Here are a few thoughts I’ve had, verses I think about, and what has helped me to keep on going and not be “offended” in Him, but to keep exploring Him, and proving that I really do want Him forever, no matter what that will mean for me. The other alternative is in no way attractive.

His “good” is just too good to pass up. So I need to take the challenging and straightening sides of Him with it, and learn to love them too. Since He is not going to change, and all He does is for good, it’s me that needs to change and learn to be a bit tougher and braver, and have more faith. I need to learn to be thankful for the way He is, and to love and be glad for His “hard and strong” side.

Others had tests on this too. Here’s what Jeremiah said:

Jeremiah 20:7 O LORD, thou hast deceived me, and I was deceived; thou art stronger than I, and hast prevailed: I am in derision daily, every one mocketh me.

In Isaiah, the Lord gives a clue that there would be times that His appearance would not be attractive—especially when on the cross:

Isaiah 53:2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

A rock of offence He is called—and His disciples need His “testimony” and “law” to make it:

Isaiah 8:13 Sanctify the LORD of hosts himself; and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread.

Isaiah 8:14 And he shall be for a sanctuary; but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offense to both the houses of Israel, for a gin and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

Embracing the Hard Side of Jesus

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“I’m a sensitive person, and I first read through the Bible, cover to cover, when I was 16-18 years old. There were some places, many, that were just a bit too tough meat for me.”



“Stay By Me”

“I embrace all sides to Him, He’s a package deal.”





Vision: The second generation

I was listening to an audio recording compilation called “To My Mighty Youth Army” and I received what I believe was a revelation about the 2nd generation.

The revelation or understanding came very easily and was not so much in words as an impression. What I came to “understand” was that the term “2nd generation” does not actually mean a group of people born into the Family at a certain time period but could instead be understood as a 2nd wave of disciples that would be born out of the Words of David at a given specific time, namely the last days. The impression helped me understand that the 2nd generation had little or nothing to do with the flesh, but was instead purely spiritual. (For are we not spiritual Israel?) The ‘impression” went on to reveal that this Gideon’s band of end-time witnesses, would, by their sample and preaching, release a mighty army of the spirit, similar to what Elisha did at Dothan.

Soon after coming to this “understanding” I was reminded of a prophecy a “SGA” recently sent us about the 144,000; following is an excerpt from that prophecy.

“Your world and the events that unfold each day and throughout history are merely shadows, hazy mirrors of the real world, the spirit world.  As I seal My 144,000 earthly servants, so too will I seal My 144,000 spirit warriors. These are the battalions who go forth to make war face to face with the evil one and his minions in the last great conquest.  These are they who will take charge, or be given charge of My children. They will uphold those on the front lines in the physical realm. These are the spirit force of the 144,000.

But there will of course be My earthly 144,000. For I will need those who will lead My troops to battle. And just as you are learning now, so will My 144,000 be led by the spirit, by their spirit counterparts. For is it not the spirit that leads, then the physical follows? Have not I told you that when war is waged in heaven, the earth feels and experiences the effects by also waging war? This is no different.  I am anointing My spirit force as we speak; I am preparing through them, the seal. In a way, they are like your seal, for I have given them great power to protect, to lead and to guide you. This is why it is so important you learn these lessons of following Me closely, for truly it is not in you, but in Me. Stay close to Me, stay pure by staying separate from this world and cleansing daily your heart and mind with My Word. For only those who are pure through taking in My Word and receiving My hot new living Words can be so linked with My spirit. This is the seal, to be sealed to Me, and covered by Me, to think and breath My thoughts and Words.”

This revelation jives with a recent video Mystical Bible released, called, “You Begin The Charge” (If you watch that video you will understand that we, the physical army of David must play our part in releasing the “war machine of heaven”.  As for the 2nd generation of warriors; they will be from any age group simply because they are called or “keyed” by the Words of David from within the spirit realm; something very like what is explained in the Key of David letter.

David’s “Gideon’s band” of 2nd generation end-time witnesses will not be a huge earthly army that many of us may have envisioned but instead will fight alongside a very great and mighty spiritual army in the final battle to take back control of this earth and its inhabitants.

All one has to do to be a part of David’s 2nd generation is to read, follow, and implicitly obey the Words of David. David’s Words take us from the Bible to Maria’s letters and on into the new Era of Action. So in putting them down, or not following them to the “T”, we lose the thread of where Jesus is trying to lead us.

Another thing about the 144,000 earthly warriors: when looking at the 2nd generation (flesh), there never were that many in the flesh. The impression I was getting, was that through The Family’s pouring out of the Words of David, “a greater” earthly army was/is being raised; these are outside the “core” but are still part of the material -realm army. We who know the Words of David intimately may never see this “greater army” but they are there and were empowered partly by the Words of David and partly through other sources, i.e. the Bible and the more spiritual men of God throughout history or directly through the Holy Spirit Herself.

The second generation

“David’s ‘Gideon’s band’ of 2nd generation end-time witnesses will not be a huge earthly army that many of us may have envisioned, but instead will fight alongside a very great and mighty spiritual army in the final battle to take back control of this earth and its inhabitants.”



“You Begin The Charge”

As I seal My 144,000 earthly servants, so too will I seal My 144,000 spirit warriors. These are the battalions who go forth to make war face to face with the evil one and his minions in the last great conquest.”

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A prophecy: the language of love

“I let down your hair and run my fingers through it. My soft touch is igniting. I massage your shoulders and run my fingers down your back. It’s nice that we can meet this way. Love the Lord with your mind.

Then I face you, with a look you can never erase. You know I want you badly enough to have gone through all it’s taken to get us to this point in time, in history. I simply crave you, more than you’ll ever know. I have to have you and will stop at nothing to get it.

Do you know what I mean when I say these words? No, you don’t, but you accept them. Like lovers speaking in different languages; they know they love each other and wish to express it in words, but the other one doesn’t hear what they are saying, only the love felt and the actions that follow. They know they can trust one another.

So lay back and let Me show My love to you. You are hearing My words, but one day You’ll get to know what I actually mean in full. You can’t expect to know it just yet. We have to wait.

We’ve loved long through the spirit of My written words, the guide, linking scripture to mind, taking you through the pathways and links.

Now it’s time I show you a bit more of My presence. Can I come into the room there? Can you lie down and see the visions I want to show you? I’ll come into you in secret ways, so still you won’t know it. But you’ll feel the change, the good change in your spirit. For the more of Me that you take in, the more like Me you become. The more like Me you are, the more fun we can have, because we can catch each other’s jokes, speak on the same terms, and know what each other is thinking without having to ask.

Let Me meld with you and embrace you. I’ll take off your outer garments and fit you out with a robe of Heavenly protection.”


“He sent His Word and healed them. There is power in the Words of Jesus. The moment you turn off the Words of God and turn on the sayings of the usurper that is your downfall.”




“Like lovers speaking in another language; they know they love each other and wish to express it in word, but the other one doesn’t quite hear what they are saying, just the love felt and the actions that follow. They know they can trust one another.”







Revelations 14:1

 (Jesus speaking: )

 It’s not something you can see, this seal that is placed on the foreheads of My brides, believers and confidants. They shall see and know things that others can’t, because in their humility they accept the torture for believing on Me. Their faith knows no limits, and this is how they will rise above. They long to please Me, and just as I in My suffering too, yea in my utmost anguish of heart and mind and body while fulfilling scripture and placing Myself as the offering for sin, pleased God; so will the suffering of My believing and faithful brides please Me. When someone is willing to suffer and die for the love of God and brethren, I weep, yea I tremor with heart wracking tears. This is love. You wonder what love is? This is love. I say “love your brethren” and this is what it means—laying down your life for another, that the cause of Christ be promoted and upheld. Those who are not willing to lay themselves down in daily, hourly, lifelong sacrifice to promote the cause of the Kingdom, don’t have true love. For love is the fulfilling of the law. Love is obedience, fulfilling My Word. You cannot have true love, as the Bride of the Redeemer, and keep your life, save your life, and withhold. He or she that withholds is not a true lover. Just as to withhold Myself in the hour you needed My love to be shown, giving up the life I had on Earth, would not have been love. Why do you want to hold back? Is it pain you fear? That is to say pain has power over you. Just as much as an addiction to something hurtful can have power over you. Don’t give in to fear, or it will ruin your life. Throw it off. It should have no power over you.

This freedom: to serve and follow Me, to live without fear of the conditions and circumstances, pain and hardship; to just do as you are bidden, and leave the consequences up to Me; to love not your lives, even unto the death. And will be death for so many believers, not because I am unrighteous, but because I am, and I wish to release them from the clutches of the devourer and pleasure them in My Kingdom of love. Here they will be nourished.

Those who stay on and power on with the flaming power of God’s message and are tortured and tormented for doing so are given extra strength and empowerment. That’s why it says in the book of Revelations that the Beast and that whole wicked team were to be “tormented day and night”. If My believers, My humble, honest, give-their-all brides and warriors were troubled day and night, yea if for their lifetime they find no rest, so will they who oppose them be given no rest—it’s just that their “lifetime” in the world to come is much longer. I can do bigger and badder things than they and others thought that a “nice loving God” can or would choose to do. I can be as bad to the bad guys as I can be good to My believing followers.

Just as good, and beyond-belief  rewards are given out to the faithful; to those who have not shared loyalties with the enemy but stayed true to Me and to My plan, so will bad consequences be dished out to the willfully, rebellious wicked, and the consequences will be beyond anything they imagined. They thought they could dream up torments and lash out pain on My little family on Earth? They didn’t invent evil and bad things. They invented nothing. They are simply using on My sheep what is actually going to be done to them, but on a much bigger scale. They want to play the ‘bad game’; I own the rights to it and will win.  They want to engage in “tribulation” warfare with Me and My Family on earth? That is what they will get. They will so regret they ever even looked the way of torment, dragging My humble believers off to be used by them in wicked ways. I have things to show THEM, “great and mighty things” that they certainly know not. Great— as in big—will be their payback. And they will be so, ever so sorry for it.

And the game ends the way it starts. All losers, all Lucifer’s losers, will be in the “taken” pile and off the board game, and I’ll begin setting up My side of the board again. Only this time, once my players are in place, there are no evil ones to play against. Then I ask you to sit on the other side of the board and show what pieces you have. Your wins for Me while on Earth are like the pieces you will have to work with when you and I sit down to play this next game together. It is a game of instruction. I will teach you strategy and lessons, and what are winning moves and what are not. It’s like a Father-child game in a school of learning.

You think this life here is all there is to it, that this is all there is to learn? No, My dear ones, this is just one room in My vast school for My children. Not everyone comes here, as it’s a tough place to learn. But those who do and come out winners, having played the game of life well, are truly glad. They get honors and rewards given only to those who entered and passed the test of Earth class. It gives you a certain rank. It is the different things you know and have gone through that earn you titles. –That is, that you can be called on to do this job or another, for you know what you need to know to do it well. Passing in Earth school gives you the ability to be entrusted with different jobs and services and honors. –Like ambassadors have to know things about the country they are sent to; and have to act like a good citizen of the one they belong to, while they work to bring good relations between the two. How else will the rulers of the World to Come, in the thousand year reign, know how to help those on Earth, if they haven’t lived there and been trained, knowing the hardships and struggles? If you want to be a ruler in Kingdom Come, and be able to get this place in shape, so that many more can have the chance to believe and live for Me, then you have to suffer for Me first, and go through life’s struggles. It’s par for the course. So if you suffer, then you are qualified to reign, and have earned it as well.


“You think this life here is all there is to it, that this is all there is to learn? ”




“When someone is willing to suffer and die for the love of God and brethren, I weep, yea I tremor with heart wracking tears. This is love.”









the seal


What makes you different

“The Love of God is far greater than pen or tongue can ever tell…” I wrote: I used to merely think I needed You, Jesus. This was a great step. Wonderful things happened when I made that realization. However, greater was my surprise when many years later, You let me in on a secret: You needed me too. It was almost too much to fathom, and perhaps I didn’t really grasp it for a long time; maybe I still don’t. But the wonder of it made me feel loved to a new degree never before felt, and wish to always be a part of You, to fill that need. And now, as the years again have rolled on, a new wonder, and revelation has come to my slowly maturing soul, that what You actually needed was me to need You! It’s not enough that I love You, or that I know You love and need me. But You need me to crave You, to never be satisfied with anything else. So that’s why I never do get full, I always have a hunger lingering in me. You made me that way. You made me to always desire You. When that is realized—that You are the only one that fills me completely, and that it’s most satisfying to You when I do crave you and long for You, then it all makes sense. And there is only one option for joy—that we are, forever, inseparably together; eternally. Your joy and my joy can only then be complete. I don’t have to wish that I didn’t have a hunger for deep love. I don’t have to be anything far out and wonderful to make You happy. I simply have to stoke up the fires of my craving to be utterly enveloped and filled by Your love, and be content to yearn for You above all—then You are satisfied, because You know I’ll stick around. When you see I am content with You and You alone, caring for nothing else above what I know only Your love can offer, then I get to enjoy satisfaction like I can only dream of. Only You can fill me like I’m created to want to be filled. I want you. I want You now. I want You in a million years. Because I want…I lack, I am not complete, and never will be without the part of You within Me that only You fit in to. We just fit like a glove; for You are the Maker of love. Not only, “The Maker” of that mystical thing called love, but the creator of the need for it as well.

Maker of Love



Jesus Speaking

My disciple John loved Me in a special way, and I showed special love to him in return, according to his heart’s needs and his desire.

Who knows what he left behind, what loves he left to follow me? Only I know. I couldn’t grant him to have a lover, a woman, a mate, for he had a job to do. So I filled that place in his heart. He loved me much like David and Jonathan, with a love that surpassed the love of women.

God has all kinds and types of love to give out to people’s hearts. This type of love that John shared with Me kept him on the path that he needed to walk. He was the one that I could reveal so much to about My love, and the one that saw the vision of “The Bride of Christ”. He could understand how I wanted to be the Mate, the Eternal Husband of believers, bound together with them forever. He loved Me with a special love that made him wish for Me above all Earthly loves.

As he lay on My bosom hearing the news that this was the last night I’d spend with them all, it was crushing news. He couldn’t have handled it unless he was being held in an embrace next to My heart. So come close to My heart when crushing blows come your way, and I’ll hold you tightly too.

Do you think I ignored his intense love for Me, when at last seeing him again after my resurrection? It was really hard for him to not have Me in person there, really tough. But the times I spent with him after I rose, were so meaningful and love-filled that it powered him with all the “love energy” he’d needed  to face the world and then share Me with them, calling them to also love Me with all their heart and soul.

If I didn’t intent to fill human’s physical needs, why did I make the need be there? There are so many situations when another human just can’t fill the need, and you really have a need. I don’t enjoy seeing want and lacks and unsatisfied hunger. Read what it says in the Bible about My desire to satisfy.

Psalm 91:16, “…will I satisfy him”

Psalm 132:15: “…I will satisfy her”

Psalm 16:11 “In thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”

My Disciple John


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Secrets with Jesus

“You’ll get the most out of it if you sit back and let Me talk. It will clear your channel for new things later on. Sit in the room with Me and let Me tell you a few secrets. It’s like,  just you and I are in the room. I keep it very personal.”




Seeds of David

(Jesus Speaking: )The Spirit helpers will now present themselves to you. See that you heed their advice and follow their instructions closely; for I myself have instructed them. Heed their advice, for they are heeding to Mine.

Angelic beings




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