earth and hell have merged

2022 will see many, if not all, national puppet governments imposing mandatory vax on their people. Call it what you will; this long-planned and well-orchestrated international registration of the entire world’s citizenry is well documented in the book of Revelation.
As this internationally stimulated pogrom develops, any person/s resisting will be denigrated then denied basic government services. Persecution will come, and over time, dissenters will be made classless or exterminated. This is also well documented in the Book of Revelation as well as other apocryphal books.



Let your passion flow

Mary Magdalene speaking: It has always been love –the love of Jesus and our desire to also love Him. Love for Christ will outlive every foolish whim, overcome every fleeting desire and overflow our shallow wishes. How foolish it would be to hold onto some small insignificant pleasure at the cost of your relationship with Jesus and your closeness to His heart. How can we stray?  How can we go away from His love? Why do we bitterly hold onto our way? Why do we doubt His intentions? Look up into His tender eyes… look long and hard; now think about everything that has been pulling your heart away. Can they really compare? Can they match up with the peace, the freedom, the love you have tasted at His hand? Can the golden elixir of His love be compared to that murky water that you aren’t really sure is safe to drink? Can your will be compared to what He has already promised you?

You feel His passion, His need, pulling you and calling you. Once again, He has made you wonder in awe at His love and perfect patience. I know better than anyone what that feels like, and I more than agree that having this love life with Him outlasts everything else. Look on Him and allow His brightness to overcome all the darkness that has come into your heart. Don’t be afraid to embrace all He is; everything you lose you were never meant to have in the first place. Only those who leave their lives in His hands can know the meaning of the words “Trust, be still.” Storms will come and go. The world will crumble around you. The life you lived will fade away, and yet He will remain. The memories of the past will be washed by His hand, so give Him what you have now to ensure your future’s safety. Learn what it means to trust and let go, and peace will fill your heart.”

“Someone has said, “God has no grand­children!” There’s no such thing as second-generation Christians! Every new generation either has to drop out or cop out–one or the other; bring forth new buds, or die on the vine and become dead!”



Revelation 13:3

“Satan cannot win as you hold on to and claim the power of the keys. Victory is yours through the promises that come with the keys of My Kingdom.”





Submitted by Victoria

Rise up fair ones, & take charge. We have sounded the trumpet!  

Closer & closer we get, out of the boxed-in walls we climb!

New horizons yet to cross,

Fearless men with maidens,

Gypsy caravans full, pull up the stops.

There are no frontiers that can’t be covered! 

Only shed the dirty doubting robes,

Let the light, free-flowing garments, the Holy Spirit lead

The way into the Promised land of Possibilities. 

Rise up from your former position and change the old

Even the names that keep you bound      

Shout the Victor’s songs of glorious triumph                             

And wave the banner of David once again

For these are marching orders, to advance,

Take what to you belongs, 

Make straight paths for your feet,

The day of march has come.

Oh fair and valiant ones,

Though you have suffered many a day at satan’s hold,

I, your Commander in Chief, fear him not.

The day of his final defeat will be,

Just as We have proclaimed.

And you will be in place when I return,

To take you home again..

Lead On O King Eternal

Lift high confining wall,

March across the finish line,

Bravely heed the call.

We wrestle not with flesh and blood,

These demons on the sly,

My charge is in great demand,

And God, My Chief will cry,       

-Attack! Advance!

My fearless children,

Go in, where angels fear to tread,

I sound the trumpet battle,

My lead will cause a win!

Fear not those who challenge you

They only have a bark,

It’s you that have the vicious bite,

With keys, you’re trained to fight!

Become the one who’s God am I,

Who’s truth reigns in the sky,

I bring a sword; it’s time for war,

There’s pow’r on every side.

Keep your focus on the keys,

Love the fight upon your knees.

Never doubt redeeming grace, 

And I will keep you in your place.

Strength and might of laser power,

Never yet been seen,

Greatest time to ever shine

Spirit helpers scream,

It’s time, My love, you have the vision,

Now you have been shown,

The greatest story ever told,

Has not yet been sung.

I place within these humble souls,

The future set in stone,

The banner flies in fields and plains,

My brides this is the hour.

“To rise above you need to be fully possessed by the spirit of Jesus.”



David’s Might men

“A house that is crumbling can be rebuilt, a ship that is sinking can be salvaged, a work that is near ruin can be restored, and every heart that desires change can be born anewall through the miraclerendering, supernaturally empowered keys of the Kingdom!”





Submitted by Victoria

There’s power in the name of Jesus; there’s power in the name of the keys.

There’s power in sending reminders; there’s power in our prayers from Thee.

There’s power in the blood of Jesus; there’s power when all seems lost.

There’s power when all is confusion, and grace when there’s a cost.

There’s power in a friend like you, who loves my Jesus too!

There’s power in sharing His love; there’s power in words from you!

What is our position?

What is our stand?

What makes a mountain?

What makes a man?

Who really turned the world asunder?

Who makes the hair to stand?

Who’s coming back on Carmel?

Who? –The Son of man!

Is it man, my friend, we fear?

Is Satan reigning over, near?

Is nothing hidden, nothing covered?

Is not the Fear of God Supreme!?

For worthy is the Lamb; He hath the keys.

For He alone holds heaven & hell, for body & soul to be,

For what He tells us in the dark, thunders with delight,

For God alone, is fear enough, He, THE ALMIGHTY!

“There is power in the Blood of the Keys; Jesus and the Keys and the Word are one.”



out of Memphis

“The power of the keys of yieldedness can help you to gracefully accept the changes I’m bringing to pass in your life, and to find the new and enhanced role these things are equipping you for.”





whole soul entrance into my spirit

“Hello, My sweet valentine,

I see you all curled up, snuggled under your covers, hoping to keep safe and warm yet another night. I’m so near you that I’m all around you. I’m over you and inside you; there is not an inch of your vessel that I’m not interacting with in one way or another.

See, you are Mine, and I’m going to keep close tabs on you. I want to have the pleasure of feeling you too. Your heart’s thoughts, your emotions, your mood, everything you feel, I can too. I get a high when you are happy about the things I do for you; and yes, it’s a low when you feel that we aren’t as close as we really are and you are sad and missing Me so terribly. But if you turn that into a craving for Me and lift your thoughts up to Me, then it stimulates Me and I love coming into you more fervently.

And tonight I have something special planned. You didn’t ask for it; it was My idea, and I planned it all on My own.

Come. Walk now into Me. Make your entrance—your whole soul entrance into My spirit. Walk in like you would a door. Let your spirit fly out just a bit to enter My embrace. There we go. Now we are actually getting acquainted. This is how we do it. We meld and touch each other all over; we are becoming one—I in you, and you all the way inside of Me.

Hello darling. I’m touching every fiber of your soul, and it’s feeling so good. Be one with Me tonight and purge away the dross of anything that would hinder our full joining of soul with soul.

I’m glad to touch you in this way. To be one with Me can mean different things for different people, and different things at different times for the same people.

I’m just wanting us to really get to know one another, real close, where we can feel each other’s full being and love and nourish each other fully. I’m loving having you in Me so completely.

I’m going to cry a bit, because you are so empty now. It’s touching Me more deeply than you’ll ever know. You are so eager and hungry for Me and Me alone . You desire My spirit to fill you and do with you as I wish.

You are so nothing now. So hollow. Such a useful vessel. You’ve purged away so many things that used to be cluttering the inside of you; now there is so much more room inside for Me and how I want you to be filled.

Sweet treasure, I want this acquaintance to continue on as we move more into each other’s spirits. The way it makes Me feel to be inside your whole being in this way sends Me. Thank you for letting Me in. I know it took and is taking a lot of forsaking; but wow, it’s feeling oh so good.

Do you want to send Me in this way? If you only knew how very pleasurable it is, you’d know it was worth every bit what it’s cost you to get Me to this point of such enjoyment and relaxation and fulfillment.”

“Full possession means full joining of Soul to soul.”



Revelation 22

“The keys of endurance, when called upon, will then give you the grace to persevere.”






it’s All about Jesus

In the Bible’s number symbolism – #22  is Jesus the Suffering Servant, Alpha and Omega, First and Last, Beginning and End

The Bible’s Number 22 — Twenty-Two is the number associated with Jesus Christ as God’s Suffering Servant. How do we this is the theme? We learn of God’s numbers themes by examining what numbers are commonly associated with throughout the Bible. We look for prevailing patterns to help us understand common themes. One of the best evidences for number themes is to look for common concepts found in like chapter numbers. This is the method used here to demonstrate the theme for #22, here but it is only a tiny fraction of the available evidence.

Chapter #22s themes point to Jesus who came to save and protect us

There are twenty-two chapter twenty-twos in the Bible and this is the only chapter number that has a like number of chapters — a clue to the extra special nature of this number. I’ve included a brief description to how Jesus relates to the themes in ten of these chapters. The other chapter twenty-twos also point to Jesus. The Bible’s chapter 22’s are compelling evidence of the consistency of the Bible’s Numeric Map as well as the theme for #22.

Genesis 22 – Abraham takes Isaac up to the mountain of God as a sacrifice — Gen 22:2 He said, “Take now your son, your only son, whom you love, …offer him there as a burnt offering…”. Note 50 is a number of debts forgiven and Jubilee and this is the 550th verse of the Bible.

Numbers 22 – The Angel of the Lord blocks the narrow path – Many Christian scholars agree that it appears when the Angel of the Lord is mentioned in the Bible is it likely an appearance or foreshadowing of Jesus. In Numbers 22 we find the Angel of the Lord blocking the way (the narrow door)– v22 …the angel of the LORD took his stand in the way…Now he was riding on his donkey and his two servants were with him. v26 The angel of the LORD …stood in a narrow place where there was no way to turn to the right hand or the left.

Leviticus 22 – A perfect sacrifice is demanded (Jesus)– v32 …I am the LORD who sanctifies you, v33 who brought you out from the land of Egypt, to be your God; I am the LORD.”

Josh 22 – Building an altar and praising the LORD before crossing the Jordan — v22 “The Mighty One, God, the LORD, the Mighty One, God, the LORD! v34 v34 …called the altar Witness; “…it is a witness between us that the LORD is God.”

Psalms 22 – The savior speaking in the first person speaking from the Cross — Psalm 22:1 says “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me? …” Again, relating to #50 and Jubilee, this is exactly the 500th chapter of the Bible (10×50).

Ezekiel 22 – The LORD’s wrath for Jerusalem’s sin — Eze 22:22 ‘…you will be melted in the midst of it; and you will know that I, the LORD, have poured out My wrath on you. “

Matthew 22 – Jesus speaks of the wedding feast, Pharisees plot against him– v8 …’The wedding is ready, but those who were invited were not worthy. v15 …the Pharisees went and plotted together how they might trap Him in what He said.

Luke 22 – Jesus betrayed, trials, he declares himself the son of God — Luke 22:70 …”Are You the Son of God, then?” And He said to them, “Yes, I am.”

Acts 22 – Jesus appearance to and conversion of Paul — v7 …’Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?’ v8 “…I answered, ‘Who are You, Lord?’ And He said to me, ‘I am Jesus the Nazarene, whom you are persecuting.’

Revaluation 22 – Final chapter of the Bible – Jesus, the Alpha and Omega — v12 “Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. v13 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.”

There are mountains of evidence supporting the association of about 22 to the theme of Jesus the Suffering Servant.

(Taken from a Christian internet site)


“Jesus is the Spiritual Master Builder. He will come very soon to repair the world that the worm Satan trashed.”



Revelation 22

“Hit the Devil headon in a directattack approach by calling on the power of the keys to weaken his hold on people, and victory is guaranteed.”





 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies

My dearest loveliest brides, I look upon you all with so much love and kindness and endearment. You are the joys of My heart. This road we are walking together fills Me with hope because even though there have been many rough patches of despair, still you carry on.  You dare to believe even though many times you don’t understand and even though each step comes with so much effort. I know your desire is to please Me, and  I have promised to always be with you and provide for you. I set My table for you to join Me and sup with Me, and you look forward to that special time of being by My side. But to your surprise, you find that there are unsavory guests lurking around wanting to sit at the table with us, obviously intent on spoiling our time together.

Why do I set a table before you in the presence of your enemies? Why would I personally prepare our time together only to have your besetting sins, your enemies, present?  You don’t understand how this can be love. Oh, but it is. I seat you with ‘self’ so you can see and then learn what an unwelcome guest it is. Feed from My table of bounty and starve self. Show it that it is an unwelcome guest. I let you feast at My table so you can learn of Me and My ways; so you can learn to love. Earth is the place of pain, the place to learn to yield, the testing ground for submitting to My will for you over your own.  You grow through pain. You decide what path you will choose even though you have pain. Will you choose aright despite it? Will you endure? Will you  fight? The pain sets you apart as Mine, My very own. I love that you feast with Me but this time together is not only for love but is also to ready you for battle, My love. It should stir you to abhor the enemy in the camp and want to route him. That is a choice too. Will you just get filled and then be content and not do too much about it? Or will you get fighting mad at the enemy and go on the attack? I fill you at My table to ready you, for you to be warmed and filled but then excuse yourself, turn around with sword, shield, the keys of the kingdom and your host that is at your side and cut your demons down. I want you to show them the power you hold. I don’t want you to leave My table and go lie down and take a nap. I feed you to strengthen you, to arm you. I set My table before you, the hungry ones.

Call on the Keys of ‘desiring to desire’ your battles and realize the pain is part of it. But because you feasted with Me, you know why and you are filled with My seeds to go forth in My name, to be My beacon and share My love to others that will have more pain than you if you don’t forget yourself and reach out . Deny yourself beloved. Stir yourself. It is an honor to suffer for Me, not a punishment. So lift the hands that hang down, face the foe and be groomed for greater works than I did. I love you for holding on and for being the beautiful long-suffering bride that you are and for being willing to suffer ‘persecution’ at the hand of the enemy for My name’s sake. Look him straight in the eye and tell him that you have the keys and nothing can stand against the Keys to the Kingdom. He will stand down. Believe it. xxx

“This is simply the way: My way for you. Your enemy is, in this case, your friend.”



An Elegy

“No force of evil, no power of darkness, can have any hold on you when you are wielding the power of the keys in the strength of faith and the spirit of yieldedness!”