Love not the World

I love You! I adore You! I need You! I want You! Come to me and love me! Come into me and fill me with Your seeds of Love. Fill me to overflowing!–Not just so that I can hold it within myself, but help me to overflow on others with that same love. I want to love others with Your Love. I want to give them the love You’ve given me.

I love to touch You, to feel Your face, to see You! To hear You is what I live for. Oh, that everyone could know You as I know You, and as You are!

“I am bound unto You as a lover is bound unto the one whom she loves. I desire not to be loosed from You, for You are far fairer than any other, far greater than any other.”


I am bound unto You as a lover is bound unto the one whom she loves. I desire not to be loosed from You, for You are far fairer than any other, far greater than any other.


Touch me with Your Spirit. Fill me with Your Love. I need You! I need Your Love, so that I can give love to others. I need Your warmth, so that I can be warm with others. I need Your forgiveness and Your mercy, so I can be forgiving and merciful to others.


bride of christ …. our heavenly Lover

“I am as a Lover who waits in the side room.” “For I say unto you, seek first the Kingdom of God, the arms of your true Lover.” “And you can then tell them of Me, of your Lover.” It should not be surprising that the Lord would call Himself our Lover, as in the Word He calls the Church–us and all those who are joined to Him through Salvation–His Bride. And of course a bride and bridegroom–a husband and wife–should be lovers! (Loving Jesus Part 2)

Honeymoon with Jesus

heavenly bridegroom

“Marriage is a type of the spiritual union of the believing Bride with Christ”. Also, that “God in His wisdom has created this sexual union, this husband and wife relationship, this lover and loved intercourse, to be a marvelous picture, an illustration in the physical of your spiritual relationship with Him and your union with your Heavenly Bridegroom!” (Our Heavenly Lover)


have you ever been in love?

 “Have you ever been in love before?” He said, “Oh yes! I was very much in love with my wife!” So I asked, “Did you ever have a very close and dear friend?” “Yes, I have,” was his reply. So then I asked, “What was the difference in your relationship with your wife and that of your friend?” “Well,” he replied, “I really liked my friend and I enjoyed his company, but I craved my wife’s companionship and I longed to be with her all the time.” (Maria Fontaine)

Loving Jesus in spirit

so why not jesus?

That’s really something to think about, isn’t it? Although Jesus doesn’t mind being our friend, and in fact likes to be our friend, He wants to be more than that! He wants us to love Him with all our heart and all our soul and all our mind and all our strength!–With everything there is within us! If we love Him this way we won’t just think of Him as a friend, but He’ll be our lover as well. (Maria Fontaine)



draw nigh unto god

I love your love! I love your kisses and your caresses! I love the sweet things that you whisper in My ear. I love your desire for Me. The more that you desire Me, the more I desire you. For as I have said, draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you. And as with a lover, when you say you want them, and you say you want to be with them, and you kiss them and caress them, and so they desire to be with you, to remain with you and become married unto you, so it is with Me. (Loving Jesus Part 2)

Safe in our Lovers arms

knock on the bedchamber door

And think it not strange, for have I not said there are brides with oil and brides without? Those that are without do not come into the bedchamber. So knock, knock on the bedchamber door. Come, come into My room. Seek Me and you will find Me, ask Me and I will be there. For they that love Me most follow closest, and they who love Me most show Me the most love. And they that love Me shall have the most of Me. (Loving Jesus Part 2)

All quotes in Our Heavenly Lover are taken from the article Loving Jesus Part 2, see link below for more on this fascinating subject

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Wise Virgin …the bride of christ

Oh, the power and the might and the wisdom and the love that can be found there in the quietness, there in the peace. And, oh, how many neglect it! It does not take long. Oh, if you could see in the Spirit the riches that are given unto you in the quiet places, the quiet times, the quiet moments, in those moments when you seek Me and you lay down all else and say unto Me, “Come! Come! I am here for You!” (Loving Jesus Part 1)

Jewels from Jesus

 If you could see the jewels that I have and the strength that I can empower you with; if you could see tangibly, right there, the answers that I have for you, or the angels that I beckon to help you, or the wise men that I instruct to guide you, you would have greater understanding and you would not fail to stop, to look, and to listen! (Loving Jesus Part 1)


enter into rest

“But you do not see these things, and so often you simply see that there is so much to do, and feel, “We must labor, we must labor.” But I say labor to enter into My rest. For as you enter into this labor, so do I send forth those who will labor for you and who will help you, who will guide you.”

quiet moments

For it is at those times that I instruct those with the wisdom to guide you, and it is in those quiet moments when they can speak this wisdom unto you. So neglect not to come unto Me in quietness, and in doing so, receive all that I have for you. And, oh, I can make your job, your life and your ministry so much easier! I can give you that life that you need and desire, and I can give you the wisdom that you seek and the strength that you need. I can give you the power and might of the Spirit of God! (Loving Jesus Part 1)



Shekinah Glory

As Moses’ face shone when he came down from the mountain from being in My presence, so will your face shine and your spirit shine and your soul shine, for it will shine with the presence of God! For it will be as if the shekinah glory is upon you, and you will shine and glow, and you will have peace, and you will have rest. You will have the answers, because those that I have instructed will be helping you, and My voice will be saying, “This is the way, walk ye in it.” And then you can walk in peace and in confidence and in faith and in love–with no more worries or hurried and fretting feelings, but at ease. (Loving Jesus Part 1)

in the bed of love

“Come! Come! Come, let us lie together! Let us hold one another and speak words of love one to another, and let Me whisper in your ears. Remember, I am a King, and when you please Me, I will please you, for I have many, yea, legions that I can instruct and say, “Go and do this! Go and take care of that! Give them this wisdom! Give them this anointing! Give them this love! Give them this strength!” And I do so willingly! But how much more can I do this when you please Me and when you come to Me and say, “This is My need.” I can send forth many to help you as you seek Me in the quietness and in the solitude and in the communion of your love for Me.” ( Wise Virgin )




married to jesus …preparation for his return

Behold, I come into you with My Words to love you, to ravish you, to squeeze and to hold and to kiss and to caress! Behold, as you call unto Me in the bed of love, crying out for Me, so I come in unto you, and so I love you, and so I caress you, and so I give unto you My Words. (Jesus)

Talking to Jesus

every moment of every day

I want to be one with you, in you every moment of the day.–To be with you, to speak with you, to love you, to guide you, to strengthen you, to whisper in your ears the Words of Love and direction that you seek. And I am here and I will be with you always, for My Love for you is so great. (Loving Jesus Part 1)


falling in love with jesus

The Lord says that He wants to love us with a love that we have never before known! This implies that there is much more to come in our relationship with Him, that we can fall more deeply in love with Him, and that we can become one with Him in a way that we have not been previously. (Maria Fontaine)

Jesus holding the world in His hands

we are so small…fall on the source of power

If you understood the power and the might of God, you would more greatly understand how nothing you are. And you would truly understand how great and how wise you could be if you were filled with Me, and the depths of the wisdom that you can have when you tap into Me, the Source of all wisdom and the Source of all knowledge and the Source of all power.–He that knoweth the future, He that is all-seeing, the All-Knowing! (Loving Jesus Part 1)



commune with god

“But this is only found in communion with Me–in the communion of praise, in the communion of prayer, in the communion of My Word. And this is only found in the quietness–in the quietness of spirit, in the quietness of self, in the quietness of prayer and praise and the seeking of Me and My Word.”

meditating on Jesus

in quietness will your strength be found

You cannot receive the full power and the full love and the full wisdom that you need unless you take time in the quietness, seeking Me and praising Me. For there are so many things to be done, and they are always there, and it is a constant temptation to hurry, a temptation to push ahead, a temptation to accomplish. But I say unto you, in quietness and confidence shall your strength be. For it is in the quietness that you will hear the still small voice of God speaking to you, saying, “This is the way, walk ye in it.” (Married to Jesus)




how to survive the storm… Loving Jesus as His Bride

For as the dark days ahead come upon the Earth as a strong storm, so must these at that time know how to communicate with Me, how to hear My voice. They must learn and know how to hear the whispers of My Spirit in their ears. The way for them to learn this is to spend time with Me in the bed of love listening to Me. (Loving Jesus Revelation Pt. 1)

jesus wants to protect us from the bad

They must let Me whisper unto them Words for these days. They must hear from Me fresh day by day. They must learn to rejoice at My voice as they would rejoice at the voice of their lover, and they must take time for My caresses and My Love. (Loving Jesus Revelation Pt. 1)


be full to overflowing

“So if you want to know how to have Jesus shine through you so others will see Him instead of you, the answer is, spend time with Him! Spend time in His Word, in prayer, in praise, in lovemaking with Jesus. Just get full of Jesus!–So full that He oozes out of you!–Through your eyes, through your mouth, and through your spirit. Be full to overflowing! Speak His Words, think His thoughts, give His Love! You’re His–His Bride–so spend time with Him! Love Him and He will bless you beyond measure!” (Maria Fontaine)

stop look listen

Oh, that My children everywhere would learn to stop, to look, to listen, to hear My voice, to seek My will, that they may know that which they should do day by day, hour by hour. For I will lead them and I will guide them if they will diligently seek Me, even as I lead and guide you as you cry out to Me for My answers and My direction. (Loving Jesus Revelation Pt. 1)



my big motor

Your little motor is very weak, but My grand motor has power that you know not of! And if you will let Me empower you with My motor, the power of My Spirit, you will have strength that you never dreamed possible, for you will operate in the strength and power of God, empowered by the motor of My Spirit, to take you to places you never imagined!

your small motor

(Vision:) Accompanying this, there was a little picture of our motor, which was like one of those tiny battery-operated motors they have in toys. And next to it was God’s motor, which was like a huge turbine engine about two stories tall. There is absolutely no comparison between the two! (Loving Jesus as His Bride)



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what will you do when the horsemen come?

For darkness will cover the Earth, and great darkness the people of the Earth, but My light shall arise upon you and My glory shall be seen upon you, My loves, My dears, you who have stuck closely to Me and through whom I will manifest My very Self in the midst of gross darkness upon the Earth.


are you called to battle?

It is you whom I’ve chosen, because you are the strongest among My children upon the Earth, and therefore it is you whom I am calling to this training and testing time to strengthen your faith, to renew it, to practice it, to bring it to where it needs to be for the times that are coming.


if the footmen weary you

So strengthen your faith! Find out where its borders are now, and expand them greatly. Follow Me in faith, say yes to Me in faith, hold not back through lack of faith, and I will see to it that we cross those spiritual lands and circumstances that will strengthen you, that will enhance your faith.


Examine the Details

Your faith in Me has to be rock solid. That’s why your faith is being tested right now‚ and that is why, for many of you, I’m bringing you to the limits of your faith so that you can see where you believe and where you don’t believe, so that you’ll see and understand your weakness and where you need to be strengthened.


i am counting on you

 It will be you who give them the faith to keep going, who teach them to renew their faith, who encourage them in it, and whose faith kindles theirs into a flame of fire that brings them back to life in the spirit. It is you who I am counting on, and who will not fail but who will walk with Me through Great Tribulation and through times that would try men’s souls.

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