Jesus on the reboot

“These keys to the Kingdom are not the last gift that I will give you, My children of David. Those who hold on and go on for Me will receive more spiritual gifts from My hand.The time is not yet right for Me to reveal them to you now, because I must take you one step at a time. But know that your faithfulness to hone this new gift of faith that I have given you, to use these keys to the Kingdom, will pave the way for the next great gift that I will give you, My darling brides.” (3351) (Original 2001)

Jesus speaking: “I’ll tell you a secret, My dearest loves, and many may still not comprehend or understand, but you will, for it is for youalone that I will now reveal the details of this secret. The Reboot was one of these “other” gifts that I had for you and those like you. You see, My gifts are not always wrapped in pretty packages, but one thing is for sure, My gifts are weighty and very precious and are never ornamental or purposeless. They are given just when I intend to give them, and they are given to whom I will. The Reboot was the way into the future, the only way. Just as Gideon’s course led him and his men to the riverside, so the Reboot led you and all those to be tried to the edge of the beginning of the great testing.” (Update 2020)

Through these gifts, you areand will be more and moreable to access My private information which will give you insight and information in the days ahead. Such things will be for your spirits only to grasp and utilize to remain a leap ahead of the Enemy’s attempts to destroy you. (#3599)


The Reboot

Call on the keys of vision and understanding, so you can see things differently.


Hope of the future

(Jesus speaking:) Whether first or second generation, each person must decide if they want to be a disciple.If you make this choice, that means you must be willing to live the life of a disciple…. (Download Hope of the Future compilation here)

2nd generation 

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Time is at hand to release the final key

“Your faith and your sucking, your wooing and enticing Me, triggered the activation of the keys I have given to you. And I opened, for your sake, the very real fabric between Heaven and Earth and Hell, so you may know in full the power of the keys that I have given to you in the times to come.” (#3351) (Original 2001)

Jesus Speaking:

This is the trigger. Many of My promises in the tomes and letters of David and Maria were like time-release capsules: set to be opened by the right people at a designated time in history. Just as David and Maria were chosen time capsules, set to go off or be activated at a precise period in history, so are you, My loves. Through your obedience, many Keys have been triggered and are now rising to fulfill their destiny.

This is the beginning of the fulfillment of My promise that in the Last Days I would pour out My Spirit.


Gaining Ground

As you call on the keys of discovery,I will reveal new truths to you from My Word.

Stay yielded, My brides, stay focused on the job at hand. For as saith the inscription on this time capsule, so it is done, and so will it be written what My Word hath claimed. All I ask for is your obedience. It is your continued obedience that will activate and open more keys, and so will this process of activation create a mighty wave of Endtime miracles as these keys lock into the Final Key, and My power will explode and the End will come.” (Update 2020)


To Hear from Jesus is to step forward

(Jesus speaking: ) You are hurting in a zillion ways, but it’s only for a time. You could list all these things, on and on, that Satan is doing to spread “pain dust” in the air. But this is only for a time.

Look, darling, look up to the mountaintop. See the sun just coming up over the top? It’s light up there, and the air is fresh as you and I keep climbing. I use these things to test you and try you and see what you are made of. It’s like taking a course before the race starts.

See, when we see where your weak spots are, it helps us be able to assist you better and block the blows more quickly too. It’s a training course for you and your angelic assistants. It’s the fortifying time. For when the troubles blow up harder, you are going to need even more protection from the foul ways of the beast that prowls.

Oh darling, just keep looking up. Look up while you are going up. Look to the light — to the time when the Daystar will arise and new joy will be fully on the horizon.

I love you and will keep you. And by this I mean I might need to do some prep work in advance to protect you. Be not weary as you hike up with prods on all sides. Keep hearing from Me—that is like a step forward. When you stop, that is when you will start to turn back. There will be trouble in your backside if you do not keep on up. What are the steps? Hearing from Me each day. Only that is going forward—like the steps on the “little dog line”. Each new Word from Me is a forward step.  (End of message)


[Note: Here is the testimony of what happened over the past few days. It says “trouble on your backside” if I don’t keep hearing from Him, and that is exactly what happened

When you call on the keys of desperation and ask Me to make you a clear channel, I would be worse than an infidel if I did not rush to your side to speak to you and answer your call.


Prophets of the end

Watch the keys draw the line and build an inseparable difference between you and the world, as you call on their power.

Yesterday, I could hardly move. My lower back was clamping up. The night before I could hardly get comfortable even lying down. It was getting worse. I was clamped up. Frozen; getting more solidified by the hour. The Lord said in my mind, “It’s salt.” It took a minute and then I thought of Lot’s wife as a pillar of salt looking “back” to the old, not going forward to the new. Hmm. There was something I wasn’t doing and obeying in.  I was contemplating doing things the old, easier way, not climbing up the mountain, not making progress. One thing I hadn’t done in a long while was to hear fresh wine from Heaven, due to various reasons. He whispered to me that I needed new wine to be healed.

I was determined to once again fight for my time with the Lord as essential and claim it back. So I sat up in the night and the Lord lovingly spoke and told me things I really needed to hear. (See message file: 13-Nov-2021_contention). It was wonderful. And as I typed, the back pain that had been there for days, only getting worse, suddenly was healing. It was a miracle. An “as they went they were healed” and “The obedient get the blessing” kind of thing. People prayed for me, of course, but I had to obey to get the healing. By the morning, I could move normally without pain. Only a twinge remained till the next day to ensure I would keep my appointment. (This message in this file here, 14-Nov-2021_to hear from Jesus is to step forward.) And now I sit here on the third day in a row  getting the new wine and I am completely healed. It’s so amazing. He really did send His Word and healed me—but I had to take the time to hear the Word He wanted to say.]



Proverbs 22:10 Cast out the scorner, and contention shall go out; yea, strife and reproach shall cease.

(Jesus speaking: ) Cast out the scorner and contention shall cease. What is contention? A contentious woman is someone no one wants to be married to. (Proverbs 19:13; 21:19; 27:15) To earnestly contend for the faith is what My believers are admonished to do. (Jude 1:3) In short, it means fight or be in opposition.

When someone is in opposition—in the opposite position as you, facing you down, trying to get you to change something so that you will conform more to their way of being (whether it’s for good or wrong)—then contention is present.

To get people to change in something—their mind or habits or work, etc.—when that person isn’t of the opinion to do so, will take some fight. Trying to change, not just a person but a group of people, takes real effort.

To contend is to speak up for what you think things should be like, and to speak despairingly to those who are of a different opinion so that they’ll give up their way and change to doing or seeing things your way. When you are contending, you aren’t as concerned about the feelings of others involved as much as you are about making progress in some direction. You’ve got a goal and are hoping that others will support you in it.

The trouble comes when others don’t support your ideas, and rather than agreeing and walking the same way as you, they flare up to contend for their side, the way they think things should be. So you then have two or more people each trying to walk in opposite directions and contending, or standing up to the other, for what they think is right.

This is the path you must walk on, for much will be in opposition to you as you take this narrow and uphill pathway climb. Anyone you meet will be facing you down. You will have to make the extremely dangerous and heart-rending decision to keep on going even though it costs you getting jostled along the way or nearly tossed over the edge of the cliff at times while you pass those who are going in opposition to you. But if you can get past those narrow conflicts of interest and manage to find your feet again, you’ll see more from the new vantage point you will come to.

You wither when you see an opponent coming down the pathway that you are trying to go up, because you know it will cost you a great deal. Now, rather than hiking up bravely and joyfully, you might be limping instead, because they stepped on your toes while facing you down, nearly treading over you. You get a stick then and use it like crutch for a while, attempting some sort of forward progress. But every now and then you look back down the pathway to see who troubled you and see them slowly making their way down. You have ill feelings  towards them now. If only they could have been walking the same way you are, you might have had interesting discussions, urged each other on and made further progress in less time. You feel like tossing a few stones to roll down and hit them. It seems like you are above them just because the pathway has wended upward. But you really don’t want to have another encounter with them. Besides, if you stop to stone throw, it will cost you in time, in joy, and just might make you lose your balance, while you are barely able to keep it as it is. So with one hand on the side of the mountain to your left, and your other hand holding your stick crutch, you go on, one labored step at a time.  You cry. Your heart breaks, and you are really confused.

Luke 8:53, 54 And they laughed him to scorn, knowing that she was dead.  And he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, saying, Maid, arise.”


Prophets of the End

When the Enemy fights against you with all of his power, I will fight for you with all of My power. The keys will be your strength, your salvation and your relief, your strong tower of protection from the raging battles.


So darling, what or who is in opposition to you? A man’s foes shall be they of his own household. I told you this in My Word and will I not bring it to pass? For these are as gates that you must walk through; each warning will find its fulfillment, for I will see to it that My Word is accomplished.

But what are you to do about it? It’s Me or the other. You can’t have both. You can’t please both God and man. And this is what you must learn. Learn it well before the tests get even tougher.

What do I want you to do? Who do I want you to please? Just live My Word. You are to be as a thumb that sticks out and does not become as a finger. People might try to pull you and stretch you to try to make you more finger shaped, but it won’t work. It will just cause you pain and prove to them and to you that you are and will be what you are meant to be.

But be glad for the pulling and the stretching, for it makes you ever so solidly sure that you can’t become something you are not meant to be.

When you turn away from Me, even ever so slightly in order to please the people, that is when I really hurt. Ouch, I cry in pain.

So basically, as time goes on, more and more that you are called to do will continue to be in opposition to others. More of what you do or are asked to do will seem just plain wrong to those who are using their own tally stick to measure your deeds. Nearly everything right for you will have someone on earth fighting it tooth and nail. So if you listen to man—to all people who oppose you—you will be hindered from doing absolutely anything I have called on you to do, because this guy over here will stop you in that thing, and the next person will hinder your efforts in the next thing. –All through words and ideas and opinions.

And you can be that way too if you play that game of making people conform to your way of being. So lighten up and let each go on their way while you focus on doing what you are meant to be doing, rather than making life a game of changing others to suit your fancies. Instead, just face Me and say yes and do what you are meant to. Let others make their own life choices when there is nothing more you can say or do to convince them otherwise. Don’t get dragged down in the choices and interests of others. Walk harder, do more for My kingdom, and never let yourself be tricked off the path of what My will is for you.

The “scorner” is Satan and his minions who are constantly belittling your efforts and the way you do things. If it’s not supporting what you are meant to be doing, then it’s wrong and you don’t have to listen to it.


Jesus shrugs

A book about the coming war and the Millennial Kingdom of God.

Jesus shrugs

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70 years revelation: A key to the Endtime

Prophecy: In the letter “The Index” there was mention of the “70 years revelation” being a key prophecy, a Key Word. That letter is truly a key to understanding the many events and many prophecies that followed  in the pursuing years. What many people don’t realize is that if  a person, due to carnal reasoning, stumbles at any one of the keys, then when it comes time to open other doors further in, the task to take it by faith will be more difficult for that person.

REMEMBER WHAT I’VE OFTEN TOLD YOU ABOUT HOW THE PROPHETS SEE THE FUTURE? It’s often like looking over a range of mountains. We used to drive out in Arizona & you’d look far across & you’d see this range here & this range here & another range here & another range here, just the tops of them. And in the haze of the distance, about all you could see was the skyline then & it looked like all one range of mountains. As you kept driving closer & closer all you could see was the range in front & you thought that was it, but when you climbed up that mountain & you got to the top, some of those mountains you thought were the same range were another 20 or 30 miles away!…from “Leave Yourself Open” DO #1934


On the 18th of February 1919, a very great and important prophet was born into the world, who was to “be called David by divine anointing, and to whom it was given to perceive the number of years which, according to the prophet Jeremiah, would pass before “the End of Desolations”.

In 1966, the same year she received the famous Warning Message Prophecy of the Great Confusion, David’s mother prophesied that the Lord would reveal to him the number of years unto “the End of Desolations”, like He had to Jeremiah.  

David said of this revelation:This sounds like the Lord means that The End will come after the end of that 70 year period, or sometime after the year 1989, the predicted year of the end of my life, or “the days of my years“, as it says that these 70 years will pass before the End of Desolations, perhaps just shortly before.”

**Unless of course, The Children of David were not yet “fully prepared” for the coming End of Days. Maria’s time to shine with her ministry of getting out a comprehensive training program for elite Endtime warriors was yet to come! The elite army of David began receiving the “new weapons” in preparation for their calling as Endtime warriors. The Reboot, in 2010,  was also a very necessary part of the elite’s preparation. It did away with earthly leadership, making way for a more complete anointing to fall upon those that continued with their training in the use of the new weapons. 


According to David in his interpretation, “the days of his years”, passed in 1989. Reflecting on that statement it would seem that although his birth and life were important, what was far more significant was his ministry as the anointed Prophet of the End, which the Lord was indicating would end in 1989.

There were some noteworthy events in 1989…”Lament in the Night” was published and many missionaries were returning to their home fields. This event seemed to be part of David’s ministry of “millions for the billions” coming to an end. His dream of pushing Papa’s posters was coming to a close.  I’m reminded of Matthew 24:14 when I think of the millions of pieces of literature distributed by The COG/Family since the birth of David’s ministry. As was mentioned, his dream culminated in the distribution of full-color posters worldwide. What a truly supernatural witness to all nations.

“When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand).” Matthew 24:15


Prophets of the end

The keys of the Kingdom can change your spirit, your mind, and your thoughts, so that you’re in My Spirit, using My mind, and thinking My thoughts.


What I’m suggesting is that Matthew 24:14 may well have been fulfilled in 1989, and according to David’s interpretation: “The End will come after the end of that 70 year period, or sometime after the year 1989” (note the words “sometime after”)

David’s death was an important event, but not as momentous as his ministry as the Lord’s anointed Endtime prophet; a ministry that I’m suggesting found its fulfillment in 1989 and was prophesied by Jesus in Matthew 24:14.

fwiw: Another interesting observation regarding David’s destiny: the Lord told David that he had called him to give America, and indeed the world, the message of Jeremiah (the message that started the Jesus revolution!) According to history, Jeremiah preached to Jerusalem for forty years. What’s interesting about that number is if you add 40 to 1968 you get 2008…the year the “Change Journey” was written, which, for me, kind of “sealed”  the end of David’s ministry. But, as was mentioned earlier, a purging of the “old church” was to begin and then end with the rebirth of a new, Endtime ecclesia. (see An Elegy By Jesus: Mystical-bible You Tube video)


Obviously it was not given to David to fully understand the 70 year Prophecy of the End; he even said in that same letter: “Just please don’t go around telling everybody that I predicted these dates, because I didn’t—the Lord did! And if they don’t happen just like this, don’t blame Him—but blame us for not having interpreted His predictions properly, but personally‚ I’m inclined to believe that these dates are mighty close, if not exact, and if there is any error, it is due to the frailty of our human understanding, and not to the failure of God!”

To quote David’s own adage, “Mountains viewed from far away seem like one mountain range”. It is never good advice to put times and dates on future events.

By keeping to the spirit of Matthew 24:36, being that no man will know the time of Jesus’ arrival (at least not until a certain signal is given…Matthew 24:15…which incidentally is slotted after the suggested fulfillment of David’s destiny of Matthew 24:14), we would keep ourselves safe from making the mistake of numbering the year of the return of Jesus.

To quickly summarize: it would appear that the 70-year Prophecy of the End is stating that the “End of Desolations” would come about after the end of David’s days or ministry. So don’t plan around any specific year, but instead keep looking for the signs of the beginning of the final desolation.  Matthew 24:15 and Revelation 13:16 are excellent pointers.

David Brant Berg 1919-1994



Submitted by a young teenager

Jesus speaking: Don’t fret about where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to be doing. Just like I came to earth and lived in small villages and towns, so must you. I didn’t stay in the big centers of population where it seems there would have been more chance for me to get out My message. Maybe you don’t realize, but what you are going through now is not just for now. My life was lived out in small unnoticed places, but everything was recorded and written down as a testimony to millions. I know what you are thinking, “Well, you did lots of amazing miracles.” Well, My sweet, your time is coming for all of that. But this time right now is part of the story. You go out witnessing; you are faithful to warn people of the coming storm. You work in the house. You fight your personal battles. You do your jobs. Maybe you think that this time is just a waste, a boring little chapter of your existence. But it’s not. It’s like Hebrews 11.

When one of My brides really lives in faith and dies in faith, it’s a story and it’s recorded and it’s a witness. You are even witnessing to the spirit helpers and the other beings in the spirit world. Yet you struggle on each day and think that no one notices. You wonder what it’s all for. But each day you are writing your story. It’s about faith

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.”


Prophets of the end

Never underestimate the power of the keys. All things are possible with the power of the keys. Power to the people with the keys.



You believe without seeing. You might think that many people believe without seeing. But your story is so different. You actually base your whole life on this faith. You have forsaken your earthly desires and the life that you might have had in order to live this faith. You look for a city that hath foundations. You aren’t building your life for this present world. Even if you can’t understand what I am saying, just know this. Your lives are a testimony, not only now for those in the spirit that see you, but all is being recorded and kept as a sample of one of my precious brides who didn’t give up.


Registration and tribulation

The year 2022 will see many, if not all, national puppet governments imposing mandatory vax on their people. Call it what you will; this long-planned and well-orchestrated international registration of the entire world’s citizenry is well documented in the book of Revelation.
As this internationally stimulated pogrom develops, any person/s resisting will be denigrated then denied basic government services. Persecution will come, and over time, dissenters will be made classless or exterminated. This is also well documented in the Book of Revelation as well as other apocryphal books.
(READ MATTHEW 24:21,22)

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