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Jesus Speaking About the Ukraine War

“It is an orchestrated war, choreographed by the man himself. It is theater but staged with intent and a means and purpose to an end. They are experts at subterfuge and facades. They play their parts extremely well as they have been lured by power and wealth, position and fame. They have become extremely clever at pulling off events that have their desired effect. Even if it is fake, it still serves its purpose. “War” is waged, territory is gained, fear is spread, sanctions are slammed, the fools are exposed; and the ‘man’ steps into the spotlight cool, calm and collected. He is given platform on TV and portrays a very together, intelligent, benevolent guy who is totally in control at the helm. He uses constraint and plays the war game in all ‘fairness’ whilst making the West look like sniveling, bickering children that are actually evil, hypocritical murderers. But it is just theater to make the man of the moment look more intelligent, patient, long-suffering and even caring. He is the man of the hour.

 I told you in prophecy that something significant would happen on 22-2-22, and indeed it did. Putin recognized the territories of Donbass and Luhansk. This was an unprecedented move as he was not playing by the “rules”. All rehearsed of course, the expected stage play began. The eighth year anniversary of his previous invasion is no coincidence. As you found out, 8 is the number that means new life or resurrection. (The Great Reset?) So it is his time. Whatever the case, this war of the Antichrist is coming to pass, and territory is taken whether it is theater or not. It serves its purpose and has the desired outcome.” (End of Prophecy)

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“Him that will discern, let him discern. The sands of time are falling; the hourglass is running. The stage is set. The curtain is soon to go up as the next scene is about to begin, and the Wicked One is about to be revealed! His stagehands are setting the props in place. They’re adjusting the lights and setting the stage, as the Wicked One prepares backstage. He’s in the dressing room, and the final touches are being made on his make-up. He’s putting on his cloak for his premiere performance, soon to begin on stage.”


When Will The War Be Ended

“Turning chaos into peace is one of the keys’ specialties.”




March 2022



Wars of the Antichrist 2022





February 2022



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