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(Jesus speaking:) Ever since I exploded out of the grave and then shot up like a cannon off of this world, boom went all the little explosions of My disciples being sent out into all the world. These explosions of joy have kept up for thousands of years, whenever My children and precious little ones left this old world and were rewarded in splendor. Boom, boom, boom, on they went. New ones kept coming home to Heaven. Their rewards were given and are still yet being given, for they keep fighting.

Why did persecution happen to all who went out to “preach the Gospel”? Because it wasn’t just talking, but explosives going off, as in a war. The opposition responded to each and every disciple’s witness as an act of war attempting to conquer his territory; it was fired back at and the war was on.

Why did people get so angry the about the disciples talking and telling new things? Because Words were as swords; it was war of the spirit and hasn’t stopped yet. And what is the most deadly weapon you could use? Words. But if you want to win the World in the right way and get medals of honor, it needs to be God’s Words that are being shot off and out of your mouth. And then don’t be too surprised if something comes flying back to you again, in a way you were least expecting it and certainly didn’t desire. But that’s war. And you need to be ready for it. For anytime the Word of God is shot out, there will be a firing back, and it’s not going to be pretty.

So why do you do it? Why not stay holed up, down in some hidden-away barracks or bunker or storm shelter? You’d be safer there, wouldn’t you?

Well, when an army doesn’t do the attacking, then it gets conquered. You’d only be out of the range of fire until it advanced, from lack of resistance on your side’s part, and the invading army takes over and pulls you and all the hiding resistance out of your holed away hole and shoots you anyway. No glory then.

Far better to be on the advancing firing line (on the front line) that is taking over the enemy’s territory, than to be waiting, biding time in fear, until they march over you and either shoot you down or blow up your hideaway. If you were fighting them, they might at least think well of you as a soldier; but buried away out of fear, you are of no good to even the opponent. They don’t want a coward even as a prisoner of war. They can’t do much with you, so they end what little life you were hording and trying to extend.

How much better to be on the edge where good meets bad and where the fighting is fierce, where blood and sweat run through your hair as it sticks on your muddy face, and your hands tremble from the vibrations of shooting so rapidly and continuously. Maybe your clothes are in rags by the time you are through, and you feel you are good for nothing. You’ve seen so much opposition; you wonder if there are any friends left. So many are left lying dead on the battlefield as they ran out of ammunition and couldn’t keep up the fast pace of the war.

All you see, for much of the day and half the night are enemies. It feels lonely when you are right at the front. There are few, if any, friends. All the scenery looks the same to you—the ground, the same pale sky. It doesn’t seem like much has changed, and you wonder if your team is even winning. But though the ground looks the same, it isn’t. You have advanced and have driven the enemy back. Soon they will topple right off the cliff that you are driving them back towards, while you fly off and up to the vibrant and glorious sky. There may be friends lying on the ground, waiting for the resurrection, but the enemy has also suffered loss among their recruits, and many have fallen and will continue to fall down into the abyss of the wayward.

And what fought the war and challenged the enemy, engaging him to his own downfall? The Word of the Living God; the sword of the spirit. It’s the spirit that quickenth; the flesh and things you can see and touch and experience in an earthly way avail nothing. Spiritual Words spoken to and through your spirit and out again are what will engage and enrage and cause the enemy of your soul to draw back.


“For why is he your enemy in the first place? Because of the living Word you carry and are fighting him with. He is the enemy of the Word, his most deadly opponent. Fight and you will win, if you are fighting with the weapon of the Word of God.”

For why is he your enemy in the first place? Because of the living Word you carry and are fighting him with. He is the enemy of the Word, his most deadly opponent. Fight and you will win, if you are fighting with the weapon of the Word of God.

And why do you want to fight? Why stir up a hornet’s nest in your area? Because the hornets are moving in, stealthily at times. It’s not that you made a war suddenly happen, when peace could have been there. No. They were going to move you on out in one way or another. So rising up and declaring war through speaking the Words of life makes them change color and show up who they really are. It exposes that they were enemies all along, the way they suddenly fly into a rage when you shoot out the Word of God into their midst.

Be a territory taker, not a loser and a captive.

Conquer with the living Word of God that lives and goes on reigning forever!



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“Call on the keys to be faithful, diligent and praiseful, and I will bless you financially, materially, and spiritually.”


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