40 Days and Nineveh


November 14, 2023

This is an anniversary of sorts –well two really. It is the golden anniversary of a very mysterious MO letter, a conundrum that is yet to be solved and a prophecy that is yet to find its mate. Two days ago, on the 12th of November, 2023, it was fifty years since the publication of “40 Days”. One year ago Mystical Bible and Uben Davin produced a few blogs on that letter. I guess we were trying to unravel the mystery of why the Comet never appeared. I remember thinking at the time that there was something very special about the letter and even to this day I’m convinced there is something important hidden therein. We’ve often talked about the MO letters having hidden code, similar to what you find in the Bible. And why not, the MO letters are the Words of God.

Prophecy As has already been revealed to you, the Words of David are a branch of the Flame of Truth. The Words of David are not David’s words, but are an element of the Everlasting Gospel of God. They have always been a component of the eternal Words of God. The Words of David for this “Endtime section” were given through the Endtime prophet David. He was the “bearer” of the Oracles of God and it was he who passed the mantle to Maria, who in turn passed it to the Children of David of the very end.  

It’s all in the numbers, or so it would seem. I’m very sure the letter is not about a comet, because the comet never came, or at least came very quietly. It’s been explained very clearly that the reason the comet never showed itself is because it was about the comet’s tale, not the comet itself. The tale (or story) of the comet being a type or representation of how the Endtime would pan out. Everyone was looking in excitement for the big huge comet, the sign in the sky, but it didn’t happen, so everyone went on their way hissing and “pursing the lip” at the prophet. And that is exactly how these Endtime days are panning out. No big signs in the sky to dazzle the masses and warn them of the wrath to come. Instead the Endtime has slipped in (relatively) quietly, no temple, no signing of the covenant, no Mark of the Beast, no big revelation of the Antichrist. Yet all four signs, among many others, have all happened. How can we claim such things? We’ve been following the “tale of the prophet” and the signs are all in plain sight. Jesus warned this generation that “no sign would be given it but the sign of Jonah.” (Matthew 16:4) So what is the sign of Jonah? It’s the Word; follow the Word and not the signs. Follow the Word, see where He is going. Don’t stop to eat the bread and fishes.

The tale of “40 Days” doesn’t end there. The text is full of dates and I believe, intended events. However ,the letter is also a time-release capsule. In other words, you can’t open the locks until it is God’s time. Uben and I should know; we tried and were left quite frustrated. Well, that was a year ago -to the day almost, because I remember being drawn to the letter, as was Uben, because of the dates and definiteness of the text. It left you with a This is going to happen” feeling. I also remember always being impressed with the fact that some of the 40 days text came through Abrahim, Dad’s spirit guide, and that alone should give credence to the veracity of the letter.     

On the 10th of October, 2023, just one month ago now, we did a podcast called “Israel Invaded” and on the podcast, we were talking about the 40 Days letter again. I remember playing with certain dates around that time to see if they would correspond with the MO letter. I remember settling on three dates and telling everyone I’d wait and see if anything happened on those dates. Well, time passed and to be honest those thoughts slipped out of my mind. But last night, the 13th of November, 2023, Thomas wrote me. Now dear faithful Thomas did not let those thoughts slip from his mind. He has been keeping his eye on the news and the letter both. Before I share what he wrote, I have to give Jesus the glory here. He told me to not go onto news sites. That wasn’t such a hard saying for me because news depresses me. Anyway, Jesus promised that He’d allow the news He wanted me to see or hear about get to me somehow. And that is exactly what happened with this piece of news from Thomas. I’m very thankful for Thomas, but it also proves that Jesus is very serious about keeping His promises to us. Here is what Thomas had to say…

Hi , Just a little note, the letter, “40 Days”, # 280 , these past days , with the world crying for peace, peace is happening on the same dates as in the Mo letter. One thing that stood out to me in this prophetic letter is; they are crying out for (ceasefire) peace, peace, just like the letter says. The letter does not say crying peace and safety , but just peace. (ceasefire equals peace?)  I think we are about to see the 40 day letter fulfilled to the T . 80 days and Nineveh is destroyed.

 Always keeping yous in our prayers,  Love Thomas

Okay, now you can blame Kaye for this observation…she started this “dropping and adding letters to words” business way back when I first was introduced to her. Anyway, I was looking at what Thomas wrote in the letter I just read (ceasefire equals peace?) And I suddenly saw that word ceasefire turn to peasefire. It is basically the same word. So in the MO letter if you turn the peace peace around you get cease cease on, as Thomas said, the same dates as the MO letter. Now what is really astounding and which of course we are now wondering expectantly for to happen is the dates correspond exactly with the following news article that Thomas sent along with his letter to me. LONDON NOVEMBER 11 ONE MILLION MARCH FOR PALESTINE.   



London November 11 ONE MILLION march for Palestine (mirrored)




40 DAYS!”And Nineveh Shall Be Destroyed! (Jonah 3:4)–MO November 12, 1973 GP No.280

–For when they shall cry, “Peace, peace!”–then cometh sudden destruction! (1Thes 5:3)

(The day after the Nov. 11th cease-fire signing MO woke me early in the morning with this:)

IT’S LIKE THE VOICE OF THE PROPHET JONAH TO NINEVEH, THE DECADENT WORLD CAPITAL of Assyria: –“40 days, then Nineveh shall be destroyed!” But when Nineveh repented, God spared her a little longer. But I don’t think thisNineveh is going to repent!–And the only Nineveh that could possibly mean is America, of course. America has been the ruling power of the world. America is now the declining power, and Russia is the ascending power.

THERE’S JUST 40 DAYS–40 DAYS! Today is Monday the 12th (of November) the day after the 11th, 30 days before the 11th of December, and 40 days before the 21st(of December), huh? It’s 40 days from now to December 21st, the Winter Solstice the darkest day of the year, one week before the Comet passes behind the sun!

IT’S 40 DAYS FROM NOW TILL DECEMBER 21ST! God gives us warning–Early Warning System! God gives us early warning before the world. From November 11 to December 21 is 40 days, and from December 21 to January 31 is 40 days!

GOD GIVES US EARLY WARNING, twice the warning He gives the world, because we have Early Warning System–the Prophet of God! We know long before the world knows. He gives us twice the warning He gives the wicked! He warn His saints 40 days before the 40 days! November 11 to December 21, and He gives world warning December 21 to January 31.

SO GOD GIVES US 40 DAYS WARNING BEFORE HE GIVES NINEVEH.–“Around the World in 80 days!”–80 days for us, and 40 days for them! How much more can God give to us than 80 days? That’s a long time, almost 3 months–80 days!

TO THE 21st (OF DECEMBER) IS 40 DAYS, AND FROM THE 21st TO 31st (OF JANUARY) IS 40 DAYS.So whatever’s going to happen could be anywhere around January 31st! It depends on whether you take God’s first warning to us.

AHA! YOU SEE THERE? “PEACE, PEACE!” CRIED YESTERDAY, THE 11TH (OF NOVEMBER). Then 11th to 21st (of December), and 40 more days to 31st (of January). Warning to us from yesterday to December 21. Warning to world from December 21 to January 31st. Then (80 days) after “Peace, peace!” comes sudden destruction! It’s so simple! How about that?

MB: Yes it’s like saying 80 days after the people say cease cease…fire then sudden destruction comes

 (FIRST) 40 DAYS BEGINS TODAY (NOVEMBER 12): THE FIRST DAY! You see? First 40 days begins today! Second 40 begins in 40. You see what Jesus show me? Isn’t that wonderful how God shows His people! Begins the 12th (November), day after the “Peace, peace!”and then on (January) 31st with war, war! Savvy?–And sudden destruction!

JESUS GIVE US TIME TO GET MESSAGE “AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS!That’s good title, huh? Got to get the message out “Around the World in 80 days!” We have 80 days. The world only has 40, but we have 80. 40 and 40 makes 80. (November) 11th to (December) 21st makes 40, and (December) 21st to (January) 31st makes 80.You See?

GOD MAKES THINGS SO SIMPLE FOR HIS LITTLE BABY CHILD, THE PROPHET! He makes so simple for His little baby child Prophet. So simple nobody believe: (November) 11 to (December) 21 is 40and (December) 21 to (January) 31 makes 80! Any little child can add those up, you see? It’s very simple. You know? God makes very simple little prediction any little child can figure for His children. You believe that?

YOU THINK GOD LOVES US THAT MUCH TO TELL WHEN, AND GIVES US 80-DAY WARNING? Pretty soon He gives children of the world 40-day warning (with Comet). First He gives prophet double warning, 80-“Round the world in 80 days!”–And then comes Kohoutek and gives 40 days more. You see? For the poor world, God’s so merciful!–40 days, and then destroys Nineveh! Lord have mercy on Thy Children and their father David!

 I TAKE FOURTH SWALLOW (TAKES FOUR SWALLOWS OF WINE): 10 DAYS FOR EACH SWALLOW! GOD GIVES 40 DAYS OF SPIRIT TO HIS PROPHET, AND 40 DAYS OF SIGHT TO THE PEOPLE! Those that believe spirit believe for 40 days before sight, by faith, 40 days by faith and 40 days by sight! The faithful can believe 40 days by faith, before world believes 40 days by sight. So faithful can move if they want 40 days by faith, before world sees 40 days by sight.

 (TONGUES:) “BUT BEWARE UNTO THEM WHICH BEHOLD THE END OF THE 80 DAYS which I have shown thy Father David.” You believe your father? Kiss the Son lest He be angry with thee and thou perish from the way! (Kisses and tongues:) You give all of these Words to the Children of David?–Amen? Amen! Thank You, Jesus! (Prophecy:)

SO SHALL THE FUTURE BE as I have told thee before. Even so shall the future be as I have told thy father. It shall come in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye! But they will not believe your father.

O GOD, THAT THEY MIGHT BELIEVE the Words Thou has given unto their father! O Jesus, that Thou wouldst have mercy upon those that hear the Words of their father! O Jesus, have mercy upon them, that they may repent at the Words of their father!

FOR THE HEAT OF THE SUN (COMET?) SHALL BE AS SEVENFOLD, and men shall gnaw their tongues for pain for the travail that shall come upon them when the Lord shall arise to shake terribly the Earth! Thank You for the words Thou hast given their father! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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KOHOUTEK MEANS ROOSTER IN CZECH: Best remembered by the public by being such a letdown. It sported a magnificent tail. Its orbit was found to be hyperbolic, meaning that Kohoutek is on an escape course from the solar system, never to be seen again. Meaning of hyperbolic: It has too much energy to be trapped within a solar system.


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