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Wilderness Travel in the Last Days is a Lifestyle

This is where you are going to stay until Jesus returns, so you’d better learn the ropes, the do’s and do not’s.

There are two ways to travel through the wilderness, you can travel like Moses did or you can travel like the Children of Israel did. As I said, wilderness travel is not a walk in the park. You have to forsake the leeks and garlic. You have to be prepared to let go a lot of things. The trinkets, fluff and bubble of the world cannot be dragged across the Jordan. It’s better to drop them over the side of the boat, because once you get to the other shoreline you will be required to forsake them anyway. If you ever feel like a feast of roast quail and it’s not available right then and there, then use that weapon of praise to lift you right out of the pit those cling-on’s are trying to throw you into.

There are certain ways to walk in the wilderness. To be a wilderness walker you must first put off the carnal mind, the doubtful mind, and enter through the Spirit. Then, once there, you must focus and strive to stay in the wilderness by using the spiritual weapons to keep your mind in subjection with Jesus’s mind. You lean on Him, your Beloved.

“Who is this that cometh out of the Wilderness leaning on her Beloved?”

And you must keep your mind, above all, in the Heavenly plane. You do this by praising. By keeping your heart stayed on Jesus, and not on the winds and the waves of carnal circumstances. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. You have to keep your mind and heart in Heaven, in the arms of your Beloved, while you walk in the World by the wilderness way.

Hold My hand and allow Me to take you deeper into the wilderness, for that is where you must go. There is only darkness behind you, so you must keep moving. Don’t stop My love, don’t quit now.

What you are stepping into now is very exciting for us and we want you to grasp the concept I’m trying to impart here. The Keys to the Wilderness are a part of the concept…we are opening the portal for you all, but you must learn the steps, like learning the different types of “elixirs” or learning to trust your prophecy channel, by doing, by experimenting, by making mistakes sometimes, by trusting us, by trusting each other. Stay close; listen more intently because we are drawing even more closely to you all, we are making moves to open the veil, as was promised by our Husband. The two worlds are about to merge, but with “you” first.

As we go deeper into the wilderness, the Word, our prophecy channel, will be our bread and butter. Faith comes first, all these gifts and weapons of the spirit must be built on faith.

Practice now My dearest ones, practice going deeper into My spirit, the River of Life awaits you, it’s warm waters of acceptance, your loved ones in this realm, all with open arms are bidding you to enter more fully, to join them in the eternal now. Let the things of this world go and begin to live more deeply in the world of the spiritual, the wilderness that has been prepared for you and those whose faith has no boundaries except one; belief.

Now you stand on My bridge over the open air. You have come out over the ravine and sometimes when you look down you can’t even see what you are standing on. If you look with the eyes of the spirit, you can see the solid footing of My Word, the Keys and My hand. But when you look at it carnally, it looks like you are standing on nothing. So you can’t lose faith now; you have come too far to turn back. You are like Peter standing on the water. But I don’t want you to sink. You have so much Word and you have the Keys. Just don’t look at the waves and you will walk across the water. You will cross the ravine of the Endtime, walking on the water or even walking on thin air!

You have been blessed to hear Me, to hear My fresh New Wine daily at My gates. So enter deeper now to hear from Beyond –wisdom and understanding, direction, words of things to come, faith and trust that My spirit will sustain you through the 1260 days of Wilderness. It is time to cast off all the superfluous and truly focus and be single-minded. Tighten your grip on the keys and watch the words of your mouth that they are praiseful and that your thoughts are stayed on Me and I will call you My Wilderness walkers. You will see miracles, and I will use you to be all that I have destined you to be! You are not a mistake, because I know your heart even if you think you can’t make it or aren’t good enough. Shut the door behind you and walk deeper into the passageway  where you’ll hear wisdom from Above, prophecies from the prophets and New Wine heralded to My Wilderness walkers who even though tempted, will still hold up the Keys to the Wilderness and pass through the abyss of this last part of the journey!

Only with the power, wisdom and guidance that you will find when you search beyond the veil will you have the ability to endure–and not only to endure, but to overcome.

The flood has come; we were warned. Nowhere on this physical earth is it safe now –that is, if you are not in the very dead center of God’s will. Once there however, then nothing by any means can hurt you. Pray without ceasing, beloved. It is in staying in the wilderness of His highest will where true safety and provision is found. It only takes one misstep, and you will find yourself back down at the bottom again.

In a relatively short time the veil will dissipate and those from this realm that mingle with you will begin to appear, in vague forms or short flashes at first, but as the world falls deeper into perdition, so will their manifestations become more tangible. The Keys are also increasing in power; you have been faithful to practice and believe without seeing great miracles, now the time of blessing will come. The Keys will begin to manifest themselves in open display. You will also catch glimpses of them in action. Be still now and ponder these things in your hearts. My promises are contingent on your obedience, so keep on believing, trusting and obeying those that whisper to you as you walk in the power of the Keys.  

You, My loves, must remain militant in all your ways. Keep the doors of your mind closed to all inroads of the enemy by using My keys. The road into the wilderness is My Word. The Keys will open each door you come to. If it is My will that you pass that way, then the door will open at the command of the key in your hand. If it is not My will, then try another door. The days of wilderness travel are upon you. As you go, keep calling and calling into the darkness, My sheep will hear My voice through you and follow.


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“As you enter in at the gate, it is not quite the same as passing through a normal door. There is an aura, like a thin veil or film that covers the entrance; this you must pass through. It is as a cleansing bath that washes away the sticky goo of the world which stains the spirit of a man. The aura is beautiful blue in color and can be pictured as a mist or at times a liquid.”

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