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(Jesus speaking:) My children, you feel so little, so puny, so incapable, so nothing and so unworthy. These days, right now, when My Family is being tried and tested, should be looked on as cherished times. I know this is difficult to understand at the moment, yet trust Me. These days will prove to be your most valuable asset as the future unfolds.

The era of action has begun, and I’ve positioned you, placing each of My brides in strategic positions around the globe. The battles rage in the spirit. The heat is rising and the fight is growing more intense than in times past. It’s a battle royal! As I have told you on many occasions, these fighting days when I allow you and your loved ones to be tried and tested to the limits of both your strength and patience are not without a purpose.

It is precisely in times such as this that I teach you to walk by faith, not sight. You’ve heard this more than once, that the trying of your faith is more precious than gold, but during these days you will come to know faith as you have never known it before. The purpose of this time, these present days, is to help you grow to possess pure, white, unshakable faith–faith that will not be daunted; faith that will not flinch, nor tremble, nor waver, nor even consider the possibility of giving up; faith that doesn’t consider the prospect of surrender. (Nothing Is Impossible! #3316)


“ But why now, Jesus? Why are you impressing on me that this GN is for now, 2023? Because, My loves, the last days are upon you. You will need this unshakable faith to stay out of the system. When the day finally arrives when you are not able to buy, sell, get a visa, or travel to the next town without a mark or number, you will be ready. You will have already turned to Me when that fateful day of decision comes. You will have already made your decision to make a stand and trust Me. And I, your Husband, am well able to keep you in the hour of temptation that has come upon all the world –yea, all the world, worldlings, Christians, unprepared Family members, and even Children of David, who, if they were truly listening, would have made preparations. And what preparations do I speak of? I speak of preparations of the heart, those of faith. The building of your faith begins way back before this time and certainly the hour of temptation. Those that do not believe now, or who hesitate now, will believe then, but it will be too late then. It is now that the vessel must be made ready. It is now that storm prep must be enacted. Those that look for signs and wonders in the sun, moon and sky will be found wanting. But those that listen to My still small voice now will be those who will not waver, tremble, flinch, nor even consider the possibility of giving up. These are they that will not consider the prospect of surrender. Remember what Elijah learned in the mountain wilderness after he fled Jezebel…”but the LORD was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the LORD was not in the earthquake: and after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.” (1 Kings 19:11)

Those that are waiting for the earthquake, wind and fire will be swept away in their slumbering, having not discerned the signs of the times. Earthquake, wind and fire indeed. No, My precious brides, I came to warn you long before those calamities hit. If Elijah had been listening in the day of Jezebel’s threatening, he would have waited and seen My protection, just as he saw Me protect him the day the captain of fifty came to arrest him. If you’re waiting for the signs and miracles, you will be as those that only followed Me for the loaves and fishes. Whereas My brides, who know Me intimately, come to My bed of love to hear My whispers, to discover the mysteries of My spirit. These are they that hear My warnings; these are the Children of David. These are they that I send forth to the highways and byways with compelling messages of invitation and warning. I send these forth before that great and terrible day.” (end of prophecy from MB) 

“In these days I wish to stretch your faith to limits which not only you have never experienced, but that no other humans who have ever lived have experienced! This is the destiny of the children of David of the Time of the End–to exercise greater faith than the world has ever seen. I want more than to enrich your faith; I want your faith to reach the outer limits! I want your faith to break all records, for it must, My loves.”


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