“You have taken My Word to heart and it has strengthened you and made you into a soldier, fit and ready for battle. What a battle it will be. Do not think that it is your battle; no, My loves, stand back and see Me fight. Call on the keys and love Me intimately and I will fight the battles of the End. No, My sweet bride, it won’t be a breeze, yet it won’t be as difficult as the enemy is trying to make you think it will be. For you, My brides, have embraced the New Wine and have moved ahead with the weapon training that I presented to all My brides that fed of the Words of David. Now, you will begin to see and hear more indicators as the world draws closer to the countdown of 2022.

Yes, My loves, it is the countdown. It is the date that all generations have looked for. What you are reading and sharing with the world right now in your classes on David’s revelation is the sand glass. At 2022 it will be turned by My hand and the enemy will have 1260 days in which to do his dirty work. Do not fear writing these words, for I will put these words in all the hearts right around the world. The children of God first. They will know; they will receive My witness, the witness of the Holy Ghost, then shall Great Tribulation begin.

The governments of this world, now all puppets in the puppeteer’s hand, will begin their campaign of terror. Fret not, for you, My loves, have been obedient to My voice and to My commission. You will indeed lead the troops into battle. This you are already doing with your blog, videos and personal witnessing. Your witness will begin to spread like an underground peat fire. The enemy will not be able to extinguish it. Every now and then, the earth beneath his feet will cave in and those of his children will fall to their fiery deaths. Continue with the plans I have set before you; prepare in spirit and prepare in the things of this world. You, My faithful of the End, will walk by faith as Moses did and as Elijah, and as did all My faithful prophets throughout this world’s sorry history. It will soon be over, My loves. Well done, the first stage of the last seven years is coming to a close and you have stood the tests that I spoke of in My Words of David. Do not be surprised that I speak this way, as if there should be a big fanfare and a mighty announcement. Did I not say that I would come as a thief in the night? “But know this that if the good man of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. Therefore, be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.” Yes, you see I speak in a whisper now, because I speak in the intimacy of our bedchamber, that what you hear in your heart as I whisper in your ear, will one day be shouted on the rooftops of the world. You are My lovers, My intimate brides, and as your Lover desires to share His deepest secretes with His heart throb, so desire I to tell you with all My heart, My plans.

Very soon you will see My plan begin to unfold. Time is almost up, and I must come out onto the field of play. I have My team as game-ready as possible. I have My Gideon’s band, but more will join as they see the players run onto the arena. They will jump from the grandstands as My conviction falls upon them. They will see where all of this is going and jump into My arms. I will be there on the field of play with you all; all those that are undecided now will decide then. All those that missed the final call (Reboot) will be pressed in spirit and at great personal cost make the jump into full-time discipleship. I will mightily bless these ones for their leap of faith, but they will not be able to exercise the faith that you, My brides of the End, will display. They will not be as fit spiritually. They will play the game with all that is in them, but they will not be My stars–that honor is given to those that honed their gifts before the big game started. Nevertheless, I will come in under them to lift them in their struggle to keep up with the fast-paced action of the final game for this season.”

“You are it! You are the chosen ones for this millennium, and this is my millennial cry of revolution! It’s time to take a stand! It’s a time of decision. The revolution continues, and I need you to be a part of it. I need you to choose to break away from the System. I need you to choose revolution above popularity. I need you to choose discipleship over fame and glory. I need you to choose to be despised by the world in order to fulfill your destiny.”


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