Jesus speaking

 “I’m attracted to those who yearn for Me, who desire Me, who are desperate for Me, who can’t live without Me. I’m more willing to show Myself strong on the behalf of one who is completely dependent on Me than to one who is dependent on himself–his own strength, his own wisdom, his own arm of the flesh. This attitude of self-confidence may not be a spoken one, but is made manifest by your actions. If you do not come to Me for your strength, wisdom or help, are you not striving in your own strength?

 So if you want My strength, My help, My power, My miracles and My anointing, then stay in a constant state of desperation–constantly wanting Me, needing Me, loving Me, acknowledging Me, and spending time with Me–and I will be drawn closer to you and will show Myself strong on your behalf. If I know you’re depending solely upon Me, then I’m moved to work on your behalf and give you all that you desire.” (End of message from Jesus.)

“So teach me Your secrets, Jesus. Teach me the ways to bring You the most pleasure. I live for this alone, to bring You pleasure, to wait upon You, to serve and to do even the lowliest service for Your Kingdom with as much pride and diligence as if it were the loftiest calling in the world.”


the happy end

“There is no man or woman who is not capable of becoming what I have designed them to be. You are My creation, designed to shine as the brightness of the firmament. That’s pretty brilliantthe heavens and all the stars. Claim the keys of yieldedness and I promise to perfect that which concerns you.”





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