shaping his puzzle pieces

 (Jesus speaking: ) Darling lover, sweet treasure of Mine, I need your loving so dearly. I can’t think of living today without the smile I’ve placed on your lips to show you I care. Draw in close to Me, and let Me soothe away the hurts, the aches, and let us be fully one. You only feel lonely if and when you are not getting properly connected, although sometimes I use that loneliness as a means to call you to My tender side.

(Emilda speaking: )

I know it’s a bit of a shock, and it’s still sinking in, the reality of what has happened to you. It came as quite a surprise, after all these years.

But does your Lord not say, “Forsake all that he or she hath”? And so must it be. One by one the clothes fall, the coverings, all the things that are a part of your life. Slowly we move you, onward, closer to the great eternal. If you surrender all to Jesus, then when you get here, it will be like a puzzle piece returning home.

It’s like the jigsaw piece of your life, of your soul, is being cut and fashioned and shaped to be a certain way to fit in properly in the life to come. But that means the removal of some things you and others held dear. A square piece or some other block-like shape won’t fit so well. You need to have bits of this and that carved out and curved around or even removed and cut out. Then when the Master’s hand picks you up and places you in His nest, in the beautiful realm of His Kingdom, you’ll fit in so well.

So one more thing to go? Praise God for it. It just means you’ll be “fit for His Kingdom” all the sooner, without a whole lot of reshaping to do when you arrive on Heaven’s door step.

LUK.9:62 “Fit for the kingdom of God.”

It’s like setting up a house in a certain style. A person might choose some type of décor and decoration, or style of furnishings. Likewise, Jesus is the one in charge of the settings that each one will be in, and what each one will add to His Glorious Kingdom. Each one needs to have that style that look, that which will both fit in and not stand out as being out of place, — that which will beautify the King’s abode.

You want to be something that He admires. So flow with the changes. Let go when it’s time to forsake. And rejoice because you are written in the Lamb’s book of life—if you’ve followed the instructions in His manual, His Word.”

“Going to Heaven takes a change of pace and a change of character. If you are not quite up to par, it going to take a few adjustments, a few tucks and folds.”



Revelation 21

“The keys can open your eyes to the workings of the spirit world like never before.”





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