Jesus Speaking

“Everything will play out as it should. The things that were predicted will happen. Remember how there were so many predictions about My birth and life that it seemed they contradicted each other? But in the end, all were fulfilled. Right now you are on a narrow mountain path, and you can’t see more than a few feet in front of you as the path twists and turns. You are watching for certain signs so that you can try to tell where you are on the Endtime track. You see a few signs, but they are hard to interpret according to what you have always believed. Other signs that you expected to see by this time are totally absent. So what can you do? Listen to the whispers; sometimes things have to come to you as a direct revelation.

The enemy knows that so many people have been watching for centuries for the Endtime. He knows the predicted script. So, do you think he would be foolish enough to follow it in a totally obvious way? This is the last game for this time period. He wants to win it. Even if deep down he senses that he might not, he wants to at least pull down and deceive as many of God’s children as possible. The worldly people are already in his hand, duped, deceived and totally blind to there even being such a thing as the Endtime. But there are millions and millions of Christians who have read enough Bible and are watching the signs and waiting to see those things that they are expecting. He is bound by the rules of the game to fulfill each prophecy in the description of the Endtime.

Some he has already fulfilled, yet in such a way that not many recognize or even hear about it. He is mixing things up and spreading out the timetable to confuse and catch as many as possible.

“I appreciate My children’s desire to understand the rules of this game, I realize that knowledge brings comfort of sorts. But My loves, it is not about knowing more than the other guy or being one step ahead of the opponent, it is about knowing My will for you.”


Out of Memphis

No matter what the obstacle, stand
fast in My will, call upon the power of
the keys of the Kingdom, and stand back and see Me do the miracle.


 Remember, he wants to win, and the currency of Hell is souls. (See Journey to Gragau) The more souls he can trick into following his system and the more saved Christians and even Family members that he can trick into taking his mark, then the more gleeful and ecstatic he will be. It’s almost like a drug that makes him high! Didn’t I warn you several times in the Bible to watch and not be deceived? The Devil is pretty happy right now. Most mainstream Christians are not recognizing the system of “The Mark” as it is put into place. He is definitely working deceitfully. There is more going on behind the scenes, and as events unfold it will be like your mountain path opens up into a valley and you will be able to see a bit more of the picture.”



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