“My beloved is like a roe or a young hart: behold, he standeth behind our wall, he looketh forth at the windows, shewing himself through the lattice.” SoS 2:9

“For I, the Lord, have done it, that I may glorify My Name and preserve her whom I love … My hungry ones who love Me and not My wealth, who cherish My Person, not My palaces, who ravish Myself, and not My power only, and who dwell by My side in nakedness and humility and adoration. … She which was least among all the daughters of men shall become My beloved and My darling one, My loved one. This is the Bride of Mine affliction. This is the darling of My Tribulation. … She it is that loveth Me, therefore do I delight in her and do highly honor her” (A prophecy of God on the Old Church)


“My Bride shall enter into My chamber, and I Myself will lie with her and honor her before all the handmaidens”

“This is why God has in these Last Days raised up our Family, His sexy New Church!–A young new Bride bursting with energy and a passionate love for her Bridegroom!

“To be the kind of Bride He wants, you’ve got to first of all have enough faith in His Love to obey, and come and strip off all of the outer garments of appearances, cover-ups and false fronts, and expose yourself to the Lord, totally yielding yourself to Him in submission and humility. You must be willing to be stripped bare before Him. You’re just you, and that’s what He wants!–You!–All of you!

For I love to be loved and I love to love. I love to receive love. I love to give love. So few understand My need to be loved, My desire to be loved. So few understand My desire to be wanted, My desire to be called for and told that I am wanted, that I am needed, that I am desired, that I am lovely. In this I find great pleasure and great happiness, and for this purpose created I My children to love Me.
Why do you think I was so angry at the children of Abraham? Because I loved them, I gave unto them, and they turned away and spurned Me. They hurt Me. They did not receive My Love, and they did not love Me in return; but instead went awhoring after other gods. Why am I so displeased with the Old Church? Because they stopped loving Me. And why am I well pleased with you? Because you love Me! You have loved Me with your works, with your child-rearing and with your obedience. But now I wish for you to love Me with your words, with your body, with your spirit. I wish for you to love Me with all of your heart, with all of your mind, with all of your spirit, with all of your strength, with all of your soul!
 For I wish to be loved in a new way, in the way that I truly wish to be loved. This is a step of faith for you, and a leap of faith for many! But have I not always honored these steps of faith that your father has taken, yea, the leaps? Have I not always brought forth great fruit as I promised? So come, come I say, come in unto Me and be My Bride! For I long to be loved as a lonely man who does not seem to be lonely because He has so many friends and so much family, yet He lacks a sweetheart and darling.
Please come, come to Me and be My darling! Come to Me and be My sweetheart! Come to Me and be My wife, My Bride! Come, come, please come and lie in the bed of love with Me. For there you will find great love and great treasure, and there you will find great reward. For does not the husband love to pour forth gifts of love, tokens of love and appreciation for the love that his loving wife gives unto him? I seek to be in love with you, and I seek for you to be in love with Me, that we may have a new relationship.

new wine comes forth from the fruit of our lovemaking

SoS 1:2

Many times in the past, the children of David have received, believed and acted upon the New Wine and radical new doctrines that were revealed through David, even though it was difficult and a step of faith. That is why we are where we are today!–Because we have had the faith to follow the Lord whithersoever He has led!” Are you still following the New Wine?

Song of Solomon

“He has raised us up His New Church, a young Bride bursting with energy and a passionate love for her Bridegroom!–An alive, vibrant, warm, living, beautiful body that responds quickly, fervently and ardently to His slightest touch, and who is wildly ravished with His Love!”

four : Sixteen






And the Sign of Jonah…Matthew 12:30-41

Received on April 15, 2022

I believe the secret of Jesus’ coming will be revealed to His bride very soon. I was reading Matthew 24:36 today and came to understand that Jesus probably wasn’t actually talking about His second coming in that verse, but of another event far in the future. The key to understanding verse 36 can be found in verse 35. It was as if scales were removed from my eyes and He unveiled a secret sitting in plain site. To more fully understand what was being revealed to me, I sought Jesus for clarification.


“Call on the power of the keys that the eyes of your mind and spirit may be opened to My Word as never before. Call on their power to sweep your mind clean of anything that would stand in opposition to you receiving My Words and being changed by them.”

Question answered by a Blue Angel…

“Well, this is the million dollar question after all…not even the angels of heaven know this one, not even Satan and his boys…only the Father and the Son. Yet as you correctly surmised…the Wording in Matthew 24:35 & 36 was veiled and set aside for such a time as this. As dear Daniel was told; seal up the books of this prophecy for they are for the time of the End, so is the time of our Lover’s arrival a secret that will only be revealed to His intimates.

What your wife read this morning from the internet regarding the elites looking for the “sign of Jonah, the sign of the Son of man”, is the reason why Jesus carefully chose His Words when talking to His disciples and especially when He spoke to the scribes, Pharisees and those crowds that pressed upon Him each day. He often spoke in parables so as to not disclose certain truths that may have been used against Him and His disciples, both those present at the time and those who would follow in His footsteps. The day of His coming is a well-guarded secret, and it has been kept so for thousands of years. You may ask why then was it disclosed to Daniel the date of Jesus’ first arrival on earth. Well, this was part of a well -laid trap, which of course these sons of Satan fell right into. They thought themselves so smart using scripture to capture the Son of the Husbandman that they may take His inheritance. But as we all know, Jesus walked deliberately into that trap in order to execute a miraculous escape, and at the same time turn the tide of evil and redeem His pledge.

It really was a masterful stroke. You are only beginning to understand the wonders of God’s plan. You are surrounded by miracles, the trees, air, clouds, God’s creation, yet it can seem so “normal” at times. That is because you are too into yourself, too introverted and self-absorbed. There are exercises that can change the selfish nature of man: praise, prayer, using the Keys and most potent of all, loving Jesus intimately.

I know that this is astounding, but you must understand that due to pride, the Devil became extremely carnal-minded. By attempting to control the light and spirit of the Most High, instead of humbly remaining the conduit of the Spirit, he was transformed into an introverted, self-centered half-man, half-god. It can be understood better by watching humans. Everyone has gifts or talents, but pride seeks to glory and worship self, so it uses those gifts to achieve that sensation. After all what else does a human have that everyone else doesn’t have? Nothing really; everyone is born with the same basic attributes. So, physical strength, beauty, brains, money or anything that make a person feel better than the next guy is what pride feeds on. Love of self is the yin of loving God and your neighbor.  Men may apply themselves to improving the gift, but essentially the gift is like the air they breathe or the lungs they use to breathe that air. It was all given by a loving Father, but pride quite successfully hides this truth from those that reject the truth. Yes, the Devil has played his part, albeit a big part, but that does not excuse man from his share of the blame. Man cannot say the Devil did it because the Father in His wisdom gave man a conscience and that conscience has also a recording device attached to it called memory, and the memory is much like a video recording machine. It plays back in full Technicolor all that was done in this life.


Now regarding “the secret”…it will be released to you, His bride, at the right time. A very important thing happened, which you are already privy too. This event revolves around the Reboot and seeming demise of the Warrior Band which happened around 2010/11. Satan waited for his enemy to expire and for all intent and purposes, it seems they did. But as was brought out in your friend’s prophecy…quote, past tense; “The Enemy thinks he has almost totally beaten and destroyed God’s Family. Ha! He doesn’t take into account my power. He doesn’t know how strongly My brides are connected to Me. He can’t see how deep their love for Me runs. I have allowed him to think that he has done such great damage but I have a big surprise for him. I, the creator of all things, am not so easily defeated. I know my own and they know Me and at the time appointed they shall be awakened.”

So again, the carnal-minded half man fell into a well-placed snap trap that caught his own hand. Now he is in a tunnel that he can’t turn around in. The light at the end of the tunnel that was so tempting was not the light of his supposed prize but instead the Light of the glorious Son of God claiming His bride. The bride that He has promised will become heir to His Kingdom, and as His bride to be, one of the gifts He wishes to give us in advance of the marriage is the secret of His second coming. You, His bride, must, of course, know the date of the wedding; so therefore, it is obvious that you will receive your own personal invitation with the date of the function in gold lettering in its designated place. So be patient and full of faith for the time of delivery of the invitation cards draws near.”

Question: If the trap was set by God, why do you say that Satan caught his own hand, as if he was the one that set the trap?

“Well, he in a way, did set it. Let me take your mind back to the story of Job, and these lines that Satan challenged the Father with: ‘Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, Doth Job fear God for nought? Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side? Thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land. But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face.’ JOB 1:9-11.

Well, a comparable arrangement was made between Jesus and Satan regarding the Children of David; and there came a time when Jesus lifted His hand in order that the COD should be tested to see who, if any, would love the Son above all things. Those that withstood the test have come back into the arms of Jesus stronger and more intimate than ever they were before. And again as your friend’s prophecy foretold, this was not foreseen by Satan and so as one of your prophecies tells us, Satan pulled out all stops and charged headlong into the tunnel of destiny. It was always to be so, but the cards had to played and each move led us all closer and closer to this point where we now stand. Thank you for holding on. Thank you for trusting in the Words of David and making them your mainstay, and thank you for trusting in us and putting  your lives into our hands. We love you.”


“Then certain of the scribes and of the Pharisees answered, saying, Master, we would see a sign from thee.  But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.”

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“Call on the power of the keys to do away with any of the Enemy’s static when you
are spending time with Me, and I will restore and renew the connection between us.”



For more on this topic follow this link:  https://mystical-bible.com/40-day-and-nineveh-will-be-destroyed/


April 2022


Ezekiel 38



May 2022


Ammunition right?



USED calm before storm


“You have done well to follow up to this point, but now we have a little homework for you to do before the storm arrives. It is peace-before-the-storm time. It feels eerie and unusually quiet, but don’t be fooled. Take a lesson from nature; it is almost always like that before a big storm hits. The birds stop singing, and the atmosphere takes on a peculiar shade, but the most outstanding pre-storm experience is the wind –it all but stops. It is as if nature is taking time to fill her lungs for the big blow. Never mind all the old guard soothsayers and peace prophets; they have missed an important ingredient in this Endtime mix…prophecy. They all thought what the prophet spoke of many years ago was set in stone.

Prophecy is like the wooden spoon that the Master Cook uses to mix all the ingredients together in order to get an even mix. The old guard didn’t want the new way. They liked being spoon fed by the prophet. They didn’t like the new utensils the Master had given them, and so they have been left behind, far behind, and have become dull of hearing and complacent. Everyone has been well warned; every detail, every eventuality has been covered. “What if this were to happen? What if that were to happen? What if the single mountain range morphs into two or even three as you draw closer to the end? Those wise virgins kept these sayings in their hearts and are now well placed and well informed. They can see the storm; they are well aware of the change in the air and are doing all they can to be well placed. They have moved to higher ground, not only in spirit but in their physical preparations also.”

USED Jesus master chef

Jesus our…

Master chef



“The physical is a representation of the spiritual. Just as this physical wave, this dark tsunami, washed upon many countries in Asia, so is the Enemy preparing and amassing his forces of darkness to wash upon many countries this year. Those who are alert and have moved in spirit to higher ground will be spared. Those who ignore the warnings will be washed away.”


Will great tribulation begin this year 2022?

Art Thou Come To Take A Spoil

*PODCAST* What is Putin doing in Ukraine…he’s fulfilling prophecy…a study on Ezekiel 38.

Tribulation Station

*PODCAST* We are waiting at the station for the train that will take us through the storm ahead; when is it due to arrive?

The AC And The Gold Standard

*PODCAST* The significance of Putin’s move to Gold Standard.


Blue Beings Travel with Us



“You are moving into the dark days now. You have reached the bottom of the dark mountain. As you look up into the dark clouds that surround it and think of all you’re gonna have to go through, you feel the warm glow of the Keyes in your side pouch. A strange blue mist starts to surround you. But this mist is not strange to you; you know it well! It means that the blue beings are near, and that is a great comfort to you. You can feel their presence right beside you, all around you and in you, but they don’t appear to you, at least not yet. Know that as you walk up this steep, dark mountain path with precipices on both sides, you are not alone. If you could but see into the spirit world for just one second, you would see that great and wonderful cloud of spirit helpers, and as you traverse up the mountain and get deeper and deeper into the inky darkness, your Keyes will glow all the more. You’ll start to get glimpses of those in the spirit –running beside you, walking with you and guarding you as you camp out. They will become your ever-present bodyguards. Mystical creatures you have never seen, which can only be found in the deepest forests of Space City, will come out to aide you, the Children of David, in the very last days of man’s reign of Earth. Alone will have no meaning to you, for whatsoever ye shall have need of, it shall be given you. This is only the beginning, My loves. This is the time when you shall learn of Me to the full. You will start to see that the things of earth truly are nothing and I and My spirit are the only reality. You will draw ever so close to My spirit, and every day you will sit down and learn of the Blue Angels. This time of Tribulation is not only pain and suffering, hardly any at all for you who are close to Me, for I will simply teach you with My mouth. Those unbelievers who have strayed from My straight and narrow, those are the ones who will be suffering, seeing the error of their way and being given a chance to repent and return before it’s too late.”


Prophecy submitted by a teenager.





April 2022


40 Days an Kohoutek…A warning?



April 2022


Blue and Gold



The Old Wineskin

Reminiscences of an Old Guard during a Visit to the Wine Cellar

“Sipping from The Old Wineskin , there’s nothing like it…ahhhh. Nothing changes; there’s the old familiar taste that I grew up on. I like the look of it, and I love the taste of it… that old vintage…I remember the first day I tasted it. I was young and it made me feel so revolutionary and somehow different from all those silly systemites around me. They couldn’t see what I saw after I’d taken a good swig.

Now what is this I see on the shelf, a shiny new bottle with the year 2022 on the label? I wonder who put this here? It wasn’t the old winemaker David; he’s long gone, yet right here on the label it says produced at David’s Winery…hmmm.”

Old guard takes a sip…

”It’s fruity, has some tang to it, kind of bites the tongue, too fresh I’d say, bottled too early, must be some new hand working at the winery. Don’t think I like it, where’s that old vintage? Oh yes, here’s some. Now this is what I call wine. Wow! Look at the date on this bottle, 1976…ahhhh, that was a great year, a vintage year. Humph, don’t know where that new winemaker got his certificate; imagine calling himself a wine maker… winemaker indeed.”

Sips the deep red 1976 and burps…

“Well, whilst I’m here I may as well take a look at what else they have in the cellar…Let me see, oh yes, this looks like an interesting year…2005. I wonder…hmmm. I see that the seal has been removed and the cork’s only halfway inserted and…that’s interesting…let me see what the label says.”

“Art of War Part 5”…“It all comes down to how you receive My NewWine-via the GNs, and via your live contact with Me moment by moment. Whether you are thirstily drinking it in and accommodating it within your spirit, or whether you are rejecting it-even in part-and aren’t able to readily receive it. It depends on whether you are moving ahead into the new ways that I am giving you, or whether you are clinging to the old ways-even old ways that once came from Me.”

(Jesus: ) No, it’s not that you should always prefer the new wine over the old. There is lots of wonderful vintage wine which is just as powerful and true today as ever. But you should not be stuck only on the old wine, without drinking in the new wine. If all you want to read and absorb is the old wine, then you’re going to get left behind in the past. You need both new wine and old.”

Sometimes My New Wine is sweet to your taste and easy to receive‚ but that’s not always the case. It’s because the Enemy fights you, and he’s continuously trying to get you to be an old bottle, to harden your wineskin, to make you feel like rejecting the New Wine of My Spirit when it’s uncomfortable to receive. So he uses sensitivity in this way-either by making you feel sensitive to the Word and thus not willing to apply it to your life, or making you sensitive to what others say so that you don’t accept their counsel or correction or instruction, and even making you too sensitive to receive My fresh Words in prophecy.”

“If you want to be new bottles, you will be, as you keep yielding, as you receive the fresh flow of New Wine with open and receptive hearts, and as you yield to the New Wine Maker.”

Be an avid lover and believer of My New Wine. My Words will keep you new, if you live them and obey them. Keep up with the New Wine. Keep up with the revelations of My Spirit. Make it a priority to study them and live them.”

Old guard stops reading label…

”Wow, that was a mouthful…but it did get me thinking about that winery down along old World Service Road. What ever happened to that place…is it under new ownership? I heard that it just closed its doors one day and moved away. They say there’s a timeworn sign on the old place that reads “Reboot.” I wonder if that has got anything to do with making new wine. Okay let me see… what else is on this shelf? Oh here’s one, good year too…1995. Amazing, the label has the ingredients written on it”

…old guard reads…

Getting accustomed to the new wine        8grams

Ungrateful attitudes towards prophecy    10grams

Jewelry House prophecy    11grams

Old and new wine; grass and grain prophecy     12grams

Open your hearts with faith and receive the new wine    13grams

I might just take this one home with me and sit down over dinner with wifey and pop the cork. Wait on; what’s this say under the list of ingredients?”

“For me this `new wine’ straight from Heaven is the most feeding, encouraging, convicting, inspiring, challenging, beautiful and Heaven-sent yet! It’s wonderful to have Dad still speaking to us through these prophecies.”


“Ha, would you look at that! The venerable old wine maker himself is still at it…and it looks like he did move shop…all the way to the Heavenly City. God bless his soul…and it says he’s still whipping up some spirit-filled brews…amazing!”

Old guard checks his watch.

“Oh dear, look at the time…is it that late? Gosh, time slips by when you’re reminiscing. Let me grab one more bottle before I leave. I say, this wine cellar is a fascinating place. I’ll make a quick choice. Maybe there’s a good vintage closer to the door, some new stuff that’s just been bottled…haha. Listen to me, talking about new wine now. Maybe it was that cocktail I threw back when I first arrived…better check the label before running home. Oh goodness, what on earth is this? …another  of those 2022 bottles. Perhaps I could get use to the flavor. What does it say here?…fascinating indeed…How to make your own wine…by the Master Wine Maker Himself. It says bottled on March 04, 2022—The Keys Are Your Wilderness…What a curious title.”

“My loved one, you who keep My Word close to your heart will be kept in the hour of tribulation. All those faithful Children of David, who have held closely to the revelations I’ve sent down the pipe to David, Maria, Peter and now you in the form of new…new wine will see a parting of the veil and will pass through the fire but not be burnt. Hold that fast which thou hast that no man take thy crown. You are My dearest ones right in the center of My will…you have the Key of prophecy…you are listening to the My still small voice, you have your Key to the wilderness of My spirit in your hand and all you have to do is obey and do exactly what I tell you to do in those hours that you spend with Me in our bed of love. Do not fear what is coming upon the children of men, for you live in another dimension. Call on the keys of 5th dimension when things look bleak to the carnal mind, and I will be there instantly to direct your next and every step. Obedience to My will is what has kept you safe all these years, and your obedience to My will through the voice of My Word will continue to do so even unto the time of the End. I will not fail to show you what your next step is…willing to go willing to stay…remember? I love you and am waiting expectantly for our next rendezvous xxxxxxx” 

“Wow that was spicy! What is this at the very bottom of the label? It’s the logo; now that’s a funny place to put it…’Reboot your life; drink new wine today’. Oh yes, how could I have forgotten, the Keys of prophecy.  I have one in my office desk drawer. Fancy forgetting it was there. Silly me, seems I’m losing my memory. I think I’ll take a look at it after dinner.”

Looking at the label again.

“This label is fascinating…Hey lookie here…a message from David himself…I wonder what he has to say… recent too, February 2022.

“Hello son, the words of life are still flowing. The new wine is pouring down, and it takes a big cup of faith to hold it all. We are pouring down some pretty interesting revelations of late. The Alice series has some deep truths and hidden mysteries that have taken a lot of faith to see. The enemy is fighting this one just as much as he fights all the new wine that is passing through your channel. Don’t allow him an inch. It is in his interest to delay or even stop this wine going out.”

Old guard stops reading then stares into the bottle of new, new wine, reminiscing about the past few years, then comes back from some past memory…

“Oh my, the time, yikes!!! The wife will have my neck…I know, I’ll slip this bottle of new wine into the shopping basket and surprise her…old guard snickers. Funny but I was just reminded of that bottle of liqueur I drank many years ago called Revolutionary Sex…hmmm…I wonder what’s inside this stuff…maybe it will do the trick!”


“So don’t get so stuck with either a name, a method or a message that you can’t change from day to day with whatever God has for you that’s new, new wine, new message, new method, new way! Because if you do, you’re sunk or you’re broken because you’ve become an old bottle!” (DO #251)

“In humility and desperation, call on the keys of change, regeneration and deliverance to make you a new man-one who loves Me and My Word above all, and who is an embodiment of the new weapons and moves of My Spirit.”


April 2022


What If Part 1-4



April 2022


Ezekiel 38


boom boom boom



“THERE IS NO POWER BUT OF GOD: THE POWERS THAT BE ARE ORDAINED OF GOD!” (Rom:13:1) For it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit saith the Lord. Everyone that God has used throughout the history of the world, good or bad, has been anointed of God, with special charisma, gifts, or talents, and that divine spark of inspiration which ignites the fuse that explodes the bomb of their accomplishments, that special enduement of power from on High, that special insight, foresight, and divine Wisdom that causes them to stand head and shoulders above their brethren, to stand out in the crowd, that outstanding personality, that is gift of God! These chosen vessels fit for the Master’s use all have had it–all have had that divine supernatural fire of genius which burned like a flame, that dynamic force which spurred them on even in spite of themselves. They could not contain it! It is a power of God which is almost uncontrollable! You feel like you’ve just got to explode, to somehow fulfill your destiny, that there’s something important you’re supposed to do, and you’ve just got to find it–And when you do, you’re like an electric current that has suddenly found its ground–And you literally blow up with the shock. It’s like the tea kettle on the fire: If you can’t find an outlet for that steam, you’ll explode! It’s like lightning, looking for a place to strike! It’s like kinetic, static electricity which is built up and built up within you until you cannot contain, and the slightest touch brings a sudden jolt, a bolt from the blue! It’s like somebody has just thrown the switch, turned you on, and found an outlet for that tremendous power that God has pent-up within you!

SOMETIMES IT TAKES YEARS BEFORE THAT SMOLDERING, SMOKING FIRE BURST INTO A BLAZING INFERNO, a holocaust like the blasting off of a rocket or the explosion of an atom bomb or the sudden bursting, blazing glory of a shooting star! The power was there all the time, pent-up and smoldering–the kind that nearly tears a prophet apart if he doesn’t give his message!


BUT SUDDENLY SOMEBODY RELEASES THE VALVE–and there’s a terrible blast of that whistle or that foghorn of warning or that exploding message of Doom! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! It’s like an enormous shell finally finding its mark and exploding with earthshaking, thunderous fury, blowing away all the flimsy debris and the chaff of this world and leaving only that which is solid remaining! Such is the life of the prophets of God! Such is the life of all the men and women that God has mightily used throughout all time!

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“When your heart is heavy and you feel troubled, uneasy, or afraid, let the keys work for you and give
you peace, calm, faith and trust. Nothing is greater
than key power!”



the word the word the word


April 2022


God’s School of Submission



April 2022


40 Days and Kohoutek