It Can Happen 2022

It Can Happen This Year 1992” is a series of talks David Berg gave in the last part of 1991. In hindsight, it does seem very likely that those letters, although written then, were actually in preparation for what is coming in 2022.

This incredible series of prophetic letters is coming to life today, almost 30 years into the future. Our original study of these letters was done last year in June; but a few days ago, Jesus reminded me of our reaction to those letters. So over the past few days, we have been revisiting the prophecies we received to see if more light can be shed on what may be just around the corner.

To get you started, in case you haven’t yet read the 7-part series, I have included the introduction, which is now one year old.

“It didn’t come as any great revelation. In fact, I stumbled onto it when flipping through the yellow DB 11. I came to page 71: It Could Happen this Year—1992. I am writing this small introduction on Day 7 of a series of classes that developed out of this initial discovery. (Take note of the DB book’s number 11, because as this interesting revelation develops, the number 11 crops up more often.) What is more interesting is that behind each number that we’re shown, there’s some significant event or similarity pertaining to the time we are living in right now. Now I’ve never been that interested in numerology, but seeing as this whole revelation seems to be directed by numbers, I’m of a different mind now. In fact, the importance of numbers in this study was corroborated in a prophecy I received on the second or third day of this journey; read on, and you will see.

All the same, this is not about following numbers; it’s about following prophecy.

Nevertheless, it is obvious the Lord is using numbers as signposts along this very fascinating path. After reading the heading of the letter mentioned on page 71 of DB 11 and perhaps half a dozen paragraphs in that letter, the Lord opened my eyes to the fact that there was something very significant about 1992 in relation to right now, this year- 2020. I was directed to go to the Infostore and look up the letter, and there I discovered that there was a series of four letters. However, my attention was drawn to a letter that was placed two letters above the series in question and that letter was called “It Can Happen Now,” and rather absent-mindedly I opened it with the thought passing through my mind that it was part of the series. “It Can Happen This Year—1992”. Isn’t the Lord is funny…”

If you are interested in reading more, please go to the link supplied below.

“Like someone who receives a dentist’s injection of Novocain, the world, but especially the church, has been numbed to what is happening around them; so numb in fact, that they have very little idea of why it’s happening and why they can’t go back to life the way it used to be.”



Revelation 12

“Through the keys of the Kingdom you will change, be recreated, mount up with wings as an eagle, and soar to great victories and progress.”





Where are you heading?

June 20th…Correspondence from a missionary in Europe: “Amazing how many family members are taking the vaccination, even old-timers that I never thought would do it. The governments around Europe are pushing a lot for people to get this vaccination. Here, in one month  I twice received an invitation to get vaccinated. Most of my so-called friend/relatives/ siblings are being vaccinated. They just blindly follow whatever the government say to do without questions.”
Much love,  J

Jesus speaking:

“You are My chosen conduit, My pipe to the nation that was once called My Family, but is now called My Gideon’s Band. I have another name for you, but that name is reserved for the heavenly realm. My new nation, those called out from the old, is what I call you now. Come out from them and be ye separate. This is My call to the elite church at the end of time. Once you have called to My family, those very Words that were for them will I use to reap a mighty harvest among the lost, those of My children in the world, those duped by the false prophets and pastors. Decrepit works of man are they, products of their own lusts and desires to be someone great in the eyes of the people. But My true prophets of God are as nothing in their eyes, for they are blind to the true riches of God. They despise My Word yet turn it into smooth words, as butter and a luxurious thing to cover their nakedness and shame — lying wonders created by a generation that is full of deceit and falsehood.

Come My loves, My true church, My virgins, those that are called out of season to be what others despised. This is your day; this is your hour. Take up the Keys of My Kingdom and open the portals. Open them all; for what is behind these blue doors are riches beyond the comprehension of man and his carnal-minded madness. Patience has become your virtue. The Keys have transformed you from lumps of clay into the sons of My Father. And those sons have been called to sit with Me in My throne, as My very own handmaidens, lovers and brides. Do not despise these beginning days. Put off those sins that beset you, those lying vanities of Satan, and put on those spiritual crowns that will one day become the light of My love for you who loved not your lives unto death.”

“Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel, to give them warning.”



You Begin This Charge

“Have you lost the zeal and enthusiasm for witnessing? Claim the keys of witnessing, pray for a renewed love for the lost, and you will have a change of perspective and a renewed vision.”





Faith and Endtime leadership

“You are destined to be leaders, those who will teach, instruct, and shelter many. What will give faith to those you are leading?When they see you facing the ferocity of battle and suffering the wounds of war, even falling to your knees in exhaustion at times, yet you wont stop, you wont give up. Seeing you struggle back to your feet, again and again, till the battle is won, is a greater testimony than anything else you could do or any witness you could giveDo you believe that what I have promised I will perform? Do you trust Me so much that it doesnt matter what things look like to your eyes or mindyou know Me so intimately that nothing could ever dissuade you from following whatever task I give you to do? Thats the kind of dedication that will carry you forward and through any battle you will face. Thats the conviction of heart that will cause you to get up off the ground after some blow from the Enemy, to glare right back at him and scream in his face that his attempts to stop you only make you more determined to destroy him utterly.”



how to live by faith…Hebrews 10:38

“My Word held true yesterday, it holds true today, and it will hold true forever—they that preach the Gospel shall live of the Gospel. Satan is always on the job, trying to persuade My children that it can’t be done today, that surely in these times when men’s hearts grow cold, and evil men and seducers wax worse and worse, living by faith is not to be expected; that surely in this new age, there is another way. I tell you, My children, it is even more imperative to live by faith in these times than in years past.”

“I have given you this plan—the plan of trusting totally in Me, the plan of living by faith in Me and Me alone—for I know that this is the only way you will survive in these troublous times when men’s hearts become hardened. The dynamics of My supply work the opposite of what you perceive with natural and carnal thinking. Just as I supplied for the children of Israel as they wandered in the desert, so I am able to supply for you in today’s modern world, and in great abundance!”

This is the day of miracles, and so will My miraculous supply be known. If you will obey, you will reap the good of the land. If you will seek Me, if you will apply the ask Me everythingmode of operation in your lives, if you will live by faith and look to Me alone, I will lead you in each case and show you a plan to follow that is tailormade for your unique situation.”

My promises hold true! They that preach the Gospel shall live of the Gospel. Living by faith is just as possible today as ever, and if you will step out and obey, if you will put Me to the test, you will reap the fruit of abundant supply. I am not limited by many or by few.





prophecy bites

“It’s when you are focused on what your flesh desperately wants that you miss out on what I want to give you in the spirit. Let your flesh fade in importance and realize that what it is looking for is actually something that you have to fight. It can be a fight to battle off your own feelings and desires, especially if at the very same moment, those feelings are intense.  Jesus knows this, and that is why He gave you the keys to shut those doors that let all these floods in.  It’s hard to know what to do when the water starts rising past your ankles and then your torso; you have got to be fast and not just accept them. Get that door closed, even if you are falling over from the current at your feet. Your life can either be overflowing with the spirit and fruits of the Spirit or it can be overcome with your personal dreams and desires; what will it be? There is a whole spirit world out here, the real world…don’t be so focused on your little world and little desires, that you miss out on what we are trying to give you. It always comes down to the question: do you want flesh or spirit? Do you want our world or your messed up little world? Do you want your desires or His beautiful desires? Do you want life in the spirit?”

I sometimes don’t understand what Your plan is, but I know it is good, Jesus.





with prophecy: Jesus speaking

What are you doing? Yes, you are mulling over the past. The enemy is there right beside you; in fact, he has been beside your bed just waiting for you to awaken and rise to the occasion. “Welcome to your life, Sinner”, he said as you opened your eyes.

My love, there is no way you can undo what you have done in the past. What is done in the flesh is final and sealed. So why live in it? Why dwell in it and allow that “Filth” to drag it into the present and on into the future? What a hell he has waiting for him; he’s the one with no future. He’s the one who has an eternity of regret to live through, and all because he couldn’t say “Sorry, please forgive me. I was wrong, and I want with all my heart to start over again.” That’s all it takes, My love; it really is that simple because I did pay for it all, every last mistake and sin, every last thing that was done in the flesh by every last sinner that every walked on this earth and who will yet walk on this earth. It is wrong to listen to his tirades; he is using your past to destroy your future. But, My sweet one, your future lies with Me. I am your future. I paid the price, and you are Mine –bought and paid for. Why did I do that? Because I love you. Now, isn’t that so simple? Yes, My love, very simple, even though it is difficult to forget a past that is full of sin and mistakes, and it is easy swamp for the “Scum Bag” to dredge up and throw out of the bucket before your feet, and oh how difficult it is to not look at, let alone think about. But in the end, what is the point of doing that?

In My eyes, and the “Dirt Bag” knows this too, that swamp is gone, done, finished and flushed away. All your sins are as scarlet, washed in the blood of the Lamb, My blood, and My blood makes everything as white as snow. Your future is as white as snow, a path not yet trodden, stretching out before you on into eternity. Now pick up that pack that I gave you at the beginning of this journey,  strap it on your back, and get back on that trail. And remember when each day dawns, that you are born again, a new creature with a fresh start because all those sins of yesterday and even those you committed just now by listening to “Foul Mouth”, are paid for, were paid for and will be paid for. So put a smile on your face and let’s go. Here, hold My hand. I love holding your hand; it feels so warm and smooth and whilst I do, I can run My finger over the wedding ring, just to remind you of who you are and what we did together so many years ago now. I love you.”

A prayer:

Dearest Jesus, I love you even though at times I don’t act like it. Why don’t I? Because I keep making the mistake of looking at myself, and when I do that all I see is my flesh, that is all I see…flesh, sins and mistakes. But if I look at you, I see love; I see perfection; I see grace and I see encouragement and a reason to fight on. How simple it all is, just keep my eyes on you and everything is okay, bright and happy. When I’m feeling low and depressed it is because my eyes have dropped from your face and I am looking at the earth and the things of this earth, the flesh and self. How silly I am, I know in my heart that there is only death there, so why do my eyes stare so? It is only dark down there, the light is above, the light is in your face, I know You are there because I feel Your hands holding mine. If I keep looking down like this I will let go of your hands; I hear Your voice still, and it is calling me to not let go, to hold tight to You and look up again into the light of Your beautiful face and smile. You don’t see what I see when You look at me, you see something that I don’t see and it makes You smile. If I look at Your smile and believe that it is for me then I know my life will brighten and everything will look different. When I do that, then me no longer matters, it only matters when I start to look at me again…oh silly so unimportant me. I am flesh and You are spirit…to become like You I must look at You at all times, and when I do, nothing else matters. There are no shadows then. Yes, I may be surrounded by darkness but I won’t see it because all I see is You. This is what I want more than me and self and I.

A sinners prayer

“My love, there is no way you can undo what you have done in the past. What is done in the flesh is final and sealed. So why live in it?”



Revelation 21

A video about the Heavenly City