Romans 1:20

Yesterday I saw a pigeon riding on the roof of a car. When I saw it, the car was turning at a street corner and the pigeon seemed to have a lot of experience because it moved around on the roof to keep its balance, and down the street it went. I laughed, and I wanted to say to another person that was there, “Did you see that?”  but obviously I was the only person that saw it. I asked the Lord to give me something about it and here is what I received:

Jesus Speaking: ‘There aren’t many car-surfing pigeons. They are about as rare as the Children of David. The majority of those that tried it gave it up after a while. After all, they couldn’t go where they wanted; they had to go where the driver drove them. I am your driver, and when you are surfing My car you have to go where I am going. Even though car surfing is a lot of fun and, as pigeons, you can go faster than flying and can go where your friends have never gone. It’s kind of scary because you may never get back to your old neighborhood again with your old friends. So even though there are so few pigeons who have ever tried car surfing, there are even fewer who kept at it.

You want miracles? They’re there for you. You just have to seek them, find them, and take hold of them with faith.You want protection? Provision? Deliverance? Supply? Answers? Spiritual revelations? Supernatural understanding? Mystical insight? Wisdom? Creativity? It’s all there for you, and then some!


The Happy end

The power of the keys will place a bubble of protection around your heart, keeping it separated from the world. Use them and you will always be a part of My ecclesia.

They were the oddballs, the real crazy ones who would dare to do such a thing and to keep at it when they had no idea of where they would end up. What kind of pigeon in their right mind would do such a thing – and keep on doing it? Good gracious, no! Everyone knows that pigeons love to stick  with their old friends forever, not go wandering around, who knows where. So if you ever see a car-surfing pigeon you can be sure that you have seen a rare bird indeed.”


Time is at hand to release the final key

“Your faith and your sucking, your wooing and enticing Me, triggered the activation of the keys I have given to you. And I opened, for your sake, the very real fabric between Heaven and Earth and Hell, so you may know in full the power of the keys that I have given to you in the times to come.” (#3351) (Original 2001)

Jesus Speaking:

This is the trigger. Many of My promises in the tomes and letters of David and Maria were like time-release capsules: set to be opened by the right people at a designated time in history. Just as David and Maria were chosen time capsules, set to go off or be activated at a precise period in history, so are you, My loves. Through your obedience, many Keys have been triggered and are now rising to fulfill their destiny.

This is the beginning of the fulfillment of My promise that in the Last Days I would pour out My Spirit.


Gaining Ground

As you call on the keys of discovery,I will reveal new truths to you from My Word.

Stay yielded, My brides, stay focused on the job at hand. For as saith the inscription on this time capsule, so it is done, and so will it be written what My Word hath claimed. All I ask for is your obedience. It is your continued obedience that will activate and open more keys, and so will this process of activation create a mighty wave of Endtime miracles as these keys lock into the Final Key, and My power will explode and the End will come.” (Update 2020)


To Hear from Jesus is to step forward

(Jesus speaking: ) You are hurting in a zillion ways, but it’s only for a time. You could list all these things, on and on, that Satan is doing to spread “pain dust” in the air. But this is only for a time.

Look, darling, look up to the mountaintop. See the sun just coming up over the top? It’s light up there, and the air is fresh as you and I keep climbing. I use these things to test you and try you and see what you are made of. It’s like taking a course before the race starts.

See, when we see where your weak spots are, it helps us be able to assist you better and block the blows more quickly too. It’s a training course for you and your angelic assistants. It’s the fortifying time. For when the troubles blow up harder, you are going to need even more protection from the foul ways of the beast that prowls.

Oh darling, just keep looking up. Look up while you are going up. Look to the light — to the time when the Daystar will arise and new joy will be fully on the horizon.

I love you and will keep you. And by this I mean I might need to do some prep work in advance to protect you. Be not weary as you hike up with prods on all sides. Keep hearing from Me—that is like a step forward. When you stop, that is when you will start to turn back. There will be trouble in your backside if you do not keep on up. What are the steps? Hearing from Me each day. Only that is going forward—like the steps on the “little dog line”. Each new Word from Me is a forward step.  (End of message)


[Note: Here is the testimony of what happened over the past few days. It says “trouble on your backside” if I don’t keep hearing from Him, and that is exactly what happened

When you call on the keys of desperation and ask Me to make you a clear channel, I would be worse than an infidel if I did not rush to your side to speak to you and answer your call.


Prophets of the end

Watch the keys draw the line and build an inseparable difference between you and the world, as you call on their power.

Yesterday, I could hardly move. My lower back was clamping up. The night before I could hardly get comfortable even lying down. It was getting worse. I was clamped up. Frozen; getting more solidified by the hour. The Lord said in my mind, “It’s salt.” It took a minute and then I thought of Lot’s wife as a pillar of salt looking “back” to the old, not going forward to the new. Hmm. There was something I wasn’t doing and obeying in.  I was contemplating doing things the old, easier way, not climbing up the mountain, not making progress. One thing I hadn’t done in a long while was to hear fresh wine from Heaven, due to various reasons. He whispered to me that I needed new wine to be healed.

I was determined to once again fight for my time with the Lord as essential and claim it back. So I sat up in the night and the Lord lovingly spoke and told me things I really needed to hear. (See message file: 13-Nov-2021_contention). It was wonderful. And as I typed, the back pain that had been there for days, only getting worse, suddenly was healing. It was a miracle. An “as they went they were healed” and “The obedient get the blessing” kind of thing. People prayed for me, of course, but I had to obey to get the healing. By the morning, I could move normally without pain. Only a twinge remained till the next day to ensure I would keep my appointment. (This message in this file here, 14-Nov-2021_to hear from Jesus is to step forward.) And now I sit here on the third day in a row  getting the new wine and I am completely healed. It’s so amazing. He really did send His Word and healed me—but I had to take the time to hear the Word He wanted to say.]


It Was there all the time

It was what the Bible was saying all along.

An observation was made recently in regards to the Mark of the Beast. If you pay attention to the wording in the Kings James Version of Revelation 13:16, you will see that it doesn’t actually say that we would buy and sell using the Mark of the Beast. It says that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark…the word save in this line, if translated as “unless”  gives some interesting insight into what the vaccine may be all about.

No man might buy or sell, unless he that had the mark… In other words, you don’t actually use the mark/vaccine to buy or sell, but rather you won’t be able to buy or sell unless you have taken the mark/vaccine.

Revelation 13:16, 17 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save/unless he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

This thought throws a revealing light on the very real possibility that the King James Version, at least, has been pointing out how the Mark of the Beast will manifest itself.

“As the Time of the End approaches, then I will open up the stores of information and will reveal more to you, as you seek Me, as you ask, as you see the Endtime events unfolding around you.”

(The Endtime Series, Part 1)


Revelation 13:3

With the keys you have the power to walk by faith, and not give in to the Enemy’s feelings of defeat and despair.


If the mark or chip isn’t actually used for buying and selling, then the only requirement for “user” compliance would be to receive a vaccine that carries the necessary “markers” identifying the person as a member of the national/international economic system.  The scan-able “markers” would not only be hand and forehead readable but also 5G compliant. With QR and bluetooth technology in cell phones today, it makes sense why these devices play such an integral part in the national/international, cashless banking system. 


Taking the mark is simple

But the thing that led to Eves disobedience and the worst sin of all was unbelief!–Unbelief in the Word of God and believing the lie of the Devil, that was her first sin that led to the action.

Taking the mark

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Tribulation Station Coming Up

“As one who lives by a train track knows that there will be a certain number of trains in a day and may have a general idea of their destinations, so do you. You who live by the train track in this Last Day know that there will be a train passing which signifies the confirming of the Covenant. You know that midway through the day there will be another train, equally momentous, which signifies the breaking of the Covenant and the full revelation of the Antichrist to the world, and the beginning of a time of trouble such as was not since the beginning of the world. And you know that there will be an evening train signifying the time in which I return to gather My children unto Me, bringing the light of a new day in the midst of the darkest night.”

“You know of the existence of these trains. They are on the timetable which you have been given. But the precise times have not been filled in yet. I will reveal more of the details, more of the schedule, to you as the trains draw closer, so that you may be prepared for their passing. I reveal deep secrets unto My servants the prophets, but I do not do so now, at this moment. For now, the hidden things belong to God.” (The Endtime Series Pt.1)

continued: “Even the Enemy has a degree of choice with which to make his plans. So he is setting the stage, and if the conditions are right, if the world is in enough chaos, if things get bad enough that they need a savior, then he will arise. He is behind the scenes, creating confusion, so that he will be able to step forth and assume power, to save the world for a time. Even this is within My will, for he but sets the stage for My return, as I foretold in My Word.”

“The Devil has a measure of choice, with­in certain bounds. There is a set time ­period for the End, and it will come within the time that I have determined and set. For I have set these times, and no man nor spirit may gainsay or change these things. But within this time frame, within this tunnel, the Evil One is permitted a certain amount of leeway, for I have allowed him this choice. He has the power of choice, even as you have the power of choice.

“You hear the rain. It’s a soft, gentle rain, and it washes the earth. But the storm that is coming on the earth now is not like that. It’s a destructive storm. The wind will tear up and root out anything that isn’t tied down.”


The Lamp

“You can do anything and become anything I want you to, by activating key power in your life!”



 I have set the boundaries of the Endtime–the last seven years, the two three-and-a-half-year periods, and have numbered the days within them. I have also set them within the general boundaries of time itself, and they will occur within that time frame, whether they be soon or they be delayed a little. But I give the Evil One a certain amount of leeway in when he may begin this period.”

I wish to rip the wool off of your eyes and show you the truth. No, I can’t tell you the exact details, because I’m bound by the rules I have established, but I have been doing all that I possibly can to prepare you, to warn you, and to make sure that you won’t be caught by surprise when the time comes. For woe unto them that are caught unawares! Woe unto them who have not an inkling, who have not the faintest idea.

Those who are close to Me, who are attuned to My voice, will hear the thunder and will see the lightning, and they’ll know that the final storm is approaching, and to these is great honor and power given. These are the ones who know Me, who will be strong, and who will do great and mighty exploits on My behalf.

 But woe unto those who discern not the signs of the time and heed not My Words of truth. These have been dull of hearing and their eyes have been blinded for so long that when the storm clouds come, when the thunder rolls and when the lightning strikes, they will be shocked and amazed, and even scared. They’ll suddenly find themselves in the midst of a ­raging storm, not knowing where to turn.” (The Endtime Series Pt.1)



Jesus Speaking on the Keys

 It is imperative to speak faith. Always speak of what I can and will do. Don’t allow a snicker of doubt in by uttering the blasphemous words of How possible?!! Just don’t even go there. For by letting those words come out of your mouth, you are giving entrance to the defiant one. What I promise,  I will do. Crush the opposition by only letting faith-filled thoughts dwell in your mind. Barricades must be erected against the deceits and lies and  impossibilities and fears of Satan! It’s a fight, My love. You will need to forcibly block the fears of the impossible scenarios that could more than likely come upon you. But no! Instead, refuse and trust! Never forget that I am your Husband and as you run into My arms, the old boy may have a hold of your foot, but his attack will come to naught. We will dash his lies to pieces! We will bear thee up. The keys will come to the fore. Hold them up. When the time is right, the keys will kick into high gear, and for those of you who believe and have been taking them into your bosom, they will burst forth out of your mouth and out of your chest. They will explode into full throttle and will catapult you up and over the enemy’s machinations, foul poisons and the snares with which he desires to trap you and make you his own. Never, never will I allow My loved ones to be taken. The keys will fill you like never before to face whatever comes at you. You will withstand the forces of evil with such faith in your hearts, because you have no shadow of doubting…none. You are My Brides, and you know Me so well, so intimately, so personally, that whatever happens I am in it, I am there with you. You will not be dismayed or alarmed but steadfast in My love. Bulwarks of your Master and King! It will be the keys running through your veins and through your brain, because they are embedded in you. It’s the fortifying of your minds that needs to be your focus now.

When you call on the keys, the powers of evil lose their sway; sin, disease, and fear give way. Satan’s power cannot withstand the power of the keys!


Return of the keys

“For extreme results, call on the extremely superior power of the key craft. No darkness or evil can withstand the power of this heavenly craft.”



It is imperative to strengthen your thoughts. –For Me, only for Me.–  Stop dabbling in matters that you have no need to. Let’s ratchet it up and truly focus. Forsake the superfluous. Focus on what matters. Toss the rest. Love has come to save you. I bestow My greatest devotion on those who follow hard after Me. It is so important to be spiritually minded and have your mind disciplined to being in the spirit realm as much as possible. Be continually, constantly communicating with your spirit helpers. Know them more intimately, and they will be encouraged to whisper directions and guidance much more readily. Woo them with your love and your desire for them to be a part of your life. Make it more and more a teamwork. There is no need for you to ever work alone.  You will have more power and sustenance when you work together. So be more spiritually aware. Stir yourself and don’t succumb so easily to the distracting tactics of the enemy, which you know all too well now anyways. Why fall for it? Slice him at the start and boot him out. Don’t stand for his shenanigans. You should be stronger now and be able to resist much more quickly than before. You know his smell, so you know what to do. Your reflexes should be quicker and stronger now. Be not weary in well doing, for that is another of his tactics to get you off guard and lax. Cut him off before he pulls you down with that weariness trip. It is a ruse that he tricks you with. He’s getting you to look at the flesh, but that is surely not where it’s at, so don’t look at the flesh, My love. Stay fresh and alive and on fire through doing all the things you know to be doing. It’s the Keys! It’s Me! It’s My Word and your spirit helpers. Focus on the power. (End of Prophecy)