In June of 2020 we were directed by the Holy Spirit to make a study on a series of letters written by David Berg entitled “It Can Happen This Year 1992”. In that series, David was convinced that the Antichrist was already ruling behind the scenes and that his revelation was imminent. In fact, he believed strongly that 1992 could very well be the year of the Man of Sin. Our studies have led us to believe that he was correct, in almost all points, except one, the Antichrist didn’t rise in that year.

During our studies, the Holy Spirit led us to understanding why David had misinterpreted the year the Antichrist would rise to power. It came through revelation really. During our study, whilst discussing David’s timeline in relation to  pregnancy and labor, we came across a very intriguing article on the internet regarding transition in pregnancy. On further research, we found a section called “false labor” or “Braxton-Hicks”. The article spoke about how this phenomenon can happen around 4 months into pregnancy; and apparently the occurrence makes the girl think that the birth is happening. So why was this revelatory? To find out what Jesus showed our study group, through the Holy Ghost, please follow the link to “What If” audio Bible class with MB.

The keys can open your eyes to the workings of the spirit world like never before.



Antichrist Rising

“Your warriors in the spirit receive greater power to fight on your behalf, and the damage their spiritual weapons inflict is multiplied, when you call on the keys.”





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