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(Note: ) It was interesting, that the day after receiving the message about the “Green angels” telling that “man lives not by bread alone but by the Word of God”, l got an audio from MB where they tell of someone who is learning how we don’t really need food. I have found the same: that I am not hungry and do not need food as long as I have the Word intake strong and fresh from Heaven.

(Question: ) Anything to say on this “not actually needing food”? That is, that You Lord can make it not be a need when it suits You, or You can let it be a need when it suits You. Seeing as it shows us Your love and care, can boost our emotions, bring families together for fellowship, and provide a way to witness. It’s a means for people to be blessed by sharing with God’s children; it can even be a means of discipline, as in times of famine. But when people think and really do feel they have to have something in their stomach at all costs, they can do some ugly and odd things, like we read about in the Bible during times of a siege. People reached very low living levels. People were starving, yet Elisha was living there too hearing from the Lord, and he seemed to be getting by just fine. He was in no hurry to get food nor was he dying it seemed.

What are Your thoughts on it, since it’s a real thing right now with many going without food, and options for buying it seems could be limited too, with new regulations, etc.?

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What to do when or if there is a food shortage?



Return of the keys

There is no stopping the man of faith who holds the keys firmly in his hands. He sees miracles because he believes and receives My power.”





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