to bring joy

Jesus speaking:

The fires of testing are hard, even for the toughest of men on this planet.  Why do I even allow it? You know I could have just let you all live a life of ease  –that no matter what you or others did, nothing would hurt you or trouble you for long. I could have made it that sin didn’t matter, that rebellion didn’t bring consequences, and that this planet was a place with one bit of fun after the next.

But what would you learn then? And by learn, I mean what would you come to know about God,  what He is like, and how to be more like your Heavenly Father? The purpose of being more like us is so we can at last finally be together forever. And that, My dear ones, is going to be heaps more fun than a life of ease where nothing tries you, tests you, or hurts you in any way. Pain of some sort is the learning stick that teaches you what is good and what is evil.

Having the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the blood system of humans means that you witness and experience just that: the fruit or consequences of knowing and doing good or evil. That’s the kind of “knowing” that this fruit brings to the human existence—experiencing the type of conditions, the consequences, the results that come when either good or bad thoughts are part of life.

But I want you to remember what the end goal of  this mess-filled world is. There is suffering and troubles–but the end goal, for those who choose a better way, is eternal bliss and extreme joy that goes on for eternity. I want you to be so filled with joy in the afterlife, that even the worst circumstances that might have been part of your short, earthly existence seem little more than a pimple that is soon cleared up. Things just won’t matter then like they do to you now.  While you are  living this life,  they are meant to matter to you. You are meant to endure the fires of testing, though with Me at hand, it doesn’t need to be felt the way that many unsaved or rebellious ones have to endure.

Remember, I was with the three Hebrew men in the fiery furnace. Yes, the fire was hot, but they were not consumed. And then as a result, a witness and a testimony was shown and declared, not just to the nation and king at the time, but all down throughout history, wherever the book and word of mouth declared this most amazing event.

You may go through the fires, but you won’t be burned, that is to say– killed off, finished off before your time. You will live through the heartache or the needs, the pains, the afflictions, and yet go on to win new victories when the tests of the moment become a thing of the past.



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