We three are one

Jesus speaking:

Ah, the mystery of the Heavenly Trinity; something so past finding out, yet at the same time the simplest of all there is to know in the realm beyond. Just like a-b-c and 1-2-3 are some of the first things you learn in school, so are the basics of the Trinity taught upon your entry into My realm, when you arrive here.

A-Almighty God, the I Am; B-the only Begotten Son, the Beloved of God; C-the Comforter and Counselor.

It’s a three-in-one deal. It’s not all that complex really. But do you know why it is difficult for humans to grasp it?

Because of the way things are –oh so separate– there on planet X. –The “X” of God, unless you choose to join Him and be one with Him again.

So why am I talking about this, at this time? Because the day is nearing, the glorious day, when you too, all My beloved, will once again be one. And what a glorious time, what a feast of love it will be. Just as I am only a part of the Trinity of Heaven, so are you only a part of the great and big family of the God to whom you belong. Being a “part” means that you won’t ever need to be “apart” as in separate, ever again.

You’ve done the earth life thing. You’ve learned so very much –and been through a whole lot while at it. But when it’s time to recall those who really would rather not be all on their own on into the distant future, but would rather join Me and My Bride, My Tribe, and all be one as a team, then together we will ever be. And just what that is like, you’ll have to experience  for yourself.

But the first lesson will be on the a-b-c and 1-2-3 of the Trinity. When you get a closer picture of how it all works, then you’ll find your own place more easily, where you fit in, and mostly how very needed you are in the arrangement.

Once you see and feel and know how very intrinsically you are a part of the whole, you will finally feel, at last, that you are home. Becoming one with God—with all that is a part of God, the joining, the fusion at last—will be the most explosive orgasm you’ve ever had. When you finally do become one with the whole being of what “God” is, your God, the one who made you, and you are joined to the team, knowing how very essential you are; it’s something too far-out to describe right now.

Ah, I long for that day—the ‘become one in every way’ day.

So what if they cast you off from their company there on earth; you have the biggest and best wedding and full family waiting for you because you were an outcast and cast yourself on God alone.

Oh, My precious and most loyal ones who would rather Me, Your risen Lord, King and Mediator, than any recognition on Earth or the praise of man. I will see to it that all the love that you need will be given freely to you. I won’t withhold one iota of pleasure and goodness for those who have given all that up in order to be counted as Mine.

I will throw the biggest and most elaborate celebrations in honor of those who gave up all that they did in order to give Me their best, their most.

Dear ones, come close to Me. How I cherish even the most menial gifts you can give. For indeed, all you can give is very very small compared to all that I have. But compared to what you have, it is much, or most, or at times –all you can do. And so I cherish it, and will reward you in wonderful ways, at the time you will benefit from it the most.