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For I am not the author of confusion, but of peace.  You seek to have a simple answer, you seek to know the simple word. The purest form of simplicity is this:  Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding. If you would have simplicity, if you would have peace with no confusion, then trust Me explicitly, looking neither to the right nor to the left, considering no other options, but just trusting. In this lies perfect peace.

Many of you look at the Words of David and the power and the strength of his Word and the forcefulness with which he brought forth the answer to this question, and you say, “Oh, but this is so hard!  It is so unbending. It is even unmerciful!” I say that he spoke the Truth, for he said unto you, trust God. He delivered unto you the standard of God, the Truth of God. For his message was true, and his commission, as My voice, was to speak the Truth unto you. And thus he did in faithfulness and in truth.

And as with Moses and the children of Israel who came out of Egypt, it was necessary to lay down the law strongly and firmly, for they in their minds had been polluted with that which they had grown up with in the land of Egypt and the influences of the Egyptians. So were the hard Words of David for this, your first generation. They were strict, they were forceful. They left little room for choice! But this was to teach you and to purge you from the influence of the System that you had grown up with. This kept you following My will closely. For had his Words not been strong and forceful and hard, you would have strayed, for your upbringing was such that you understood not the ways of God nor the will of God. But now you have learned, lo, these many years. These things have been purged out of your system.

And to this, the second generation, who have grown up knowing the Words of God, who have grown up without being controlled and indoctrinated in their youth by the ways of man, I can speak in a different manner.  For you, the second generation, are more accountable, because you have had the Word of God all the days of your life.

You say, “Oh, those Words of David spoken to our parents made it so difficult for them, for it said they must do this and they must do that!” But that definiteness and firmness made it not more difficult, but easier. It was very easy for them to obey because they were directed, they were ordered! Their attitude was one of, “I will do this because the Prophet has said so.”

I honored them for this and I loved them for this!–For their obedience, for their loyalty and for their faith in the Words of David, yea, My Words, My Truth. I wish that you would also believe and obey these Words!  But now you must obey and believe because of your choice.(1st commandment)–Not because the Words of David say you must do this or you must do that, but because you say, “I believe. I have faith. I will trust. “For now I lay before each of My children–whether they be old, of the first generation, or whether they be young, of the second–the Word of God, the Words of David, the Words that I pour forth in these days, all of them together, and I say unto you, “Choose ye that which you will do. Choose ye the level of your obedience. Choose ye the level of your faith. “I lay forth the standard of My Word, the highest, the best, the Truth. I say unto you, this is the Truth of God, this is the way of God, this is the highest that I pour forth unto you. I have made it clear and I have poured it forth through the Words of David; and they are there for all to see, and they are there for all to obey, if they will but obey. (Love Charter)

For I give you the choice. I let you decide, and in doing so, you choose your blessings, your rewards. This is true not only in the decisions regarding whether you will accept the children that I would give unto you or whether you will restrict them, but in all matters.–In all matters of choice, of faith, in all matters of belief in My Word, in the giving of love one to another, in the getting out of My Message, in the overcoming of your besetting sins and all of these matters. He that trusts Me, he that yields unto Me, and he that gives all, receives the greater blessings and rewards. He that gives most, receives much. And he that gives little receives little.

MB: Okay so most, if not all, of us have gone back into the system. So where does this leave us today? I’m thinking of The Love Charter. It was like a leash being taken off a dog, and it would seem when looking back over our track record, we didn’t perform so well as a pack. Perhaps individually, there were some gold medalists, but as a group, looking at it on paper, the results look like an F. I know from experience that it is very difficult to have gold, silver and bronze all living together under one roof in compatibility. Can two walk together except they be agreed? Perhaps the Family was a failed attempt at living the LOL or perhaps it was simply a test tube/incubator, gathering data for the real event and at the same time maturing the seed stock for the upcoming millennium.

I have no doubt that the Endtime prophet David was given the call of Jeremiah and commissioned to bring on the very last days as brought out in Matthew 24:14. However, the Family was a lot more than just an Endtime trumpet. When looking at all that was expected of us, it seems to me that it was a petri dish of sorts. As a group, it looks very much like we failed, but individually –now this is where the petri dish comes in– might be a different story… because out of the petri dish came gold, silver and bronze for the Millennial planting. I don’t think we should look at each other too critically. It’s obvious when reading this letter that there are different levels of achievement. You see that in the world too, right? In a laboratory there are lots of mistakes and failed experiments before success. I have no doubt the Words that came forth from David were divine, and the problems that arose due to the Word came during the application. We are, after all, weak, fallible vessels. Nevertheless, the lessons, or you could say the data, that came from us trying to live the Word of God should not be thrown out along with the bath water —perhaps those lessons are profitable experiences that could not be gained any other way. And under millennial conditions those lessons will be expanded upon. Yet even then, as we already know, the Millennium will not be a one-hundred-percent success either.

So the pack was disbanded. The experiment’s successes were gathered and stored in test tubes or taken back to Heaven in preparation for the next phase in living the perfect LOL.

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“Whatever medal we choose to go for–the gold, the silver or the bronze–we will be rewarded accordingly, both here and now, and for eternity.  We will all stand on the podium and be rewarded because we have given our lives in service to the Lord.  Those who invest in the highest, the path of complete trust and faith and yieldedness, those who give all for the Lord will be given the greatest blessings and rewards. Those who give almost all, but who hold back in a few areas, will receive much reward.  And those who give little and who have many reservations and many unyielded areas will receive less reward. Yet in all this He will honor us all for our love and service for Him.  We all have run the race.  We will all be crowned and given medals of honor.”


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