The Poison of Mainstream Media

Submitted by Lisa:

“I was reading an article from a Jewish site this morning-israel365news- and the title of an article “Look Up”, caught my eye. The guy had watched a new movie called “Don’t Look UP”. After the movie he went to a supermarket to buy something and contrary to the movie title, in the pet food section, he looked up. Ha. And he saw a sign that said, Psalm 137: “If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill…” He said it was a blessing and an important reminder. Apparently, many Jewish households and buildings hang this Psalm to remind them to mourn for the destruction of Jerusalem almost 2000 years ago, and to pray for Jerusalem’s complete restoration including the rebuilding of the Temple.

Well, the Temple is still not built- but as for me, I pick up my harp and sing and praise You, sweet Jesus, in my heart where You live and reside in the Holy of Holies, where I can never forget You and what You have done for me. Your beautiful sacrificial gift gave us all ‘Jerusalem’ in our hearts. Now that is a simply stunning plan. We can each have our own altars of sacrifice and altars of incense before the special, inner, intimate Bridal bedchamber of our hearts. How perfect, darling Husband! I need not mourn, for I have You always waiting in our ‘Holy of Holies’ bedroom. All I have to do is look up to You. As we remain in ‘captivity’ in these bodies and on this earthly plane, in this strange land, we look up to Your soon-coming return and to New Jerusalem coming down to us. Our tongues will not cleave to our mouths as we continue to remind others to look up also and for the Children of David to forget not the cunning of their right hand. Help them to pick up their ‘harps’, which they have hung up, and ‘play’ them again before it’s too late. Look to our Husband and not to man! Listen to His voice and be not deceived by the confusion of man’s words and interpretations.

The enemy’s ploy is confusion and chaos. They are using all manner of information, both truths and lies, to deceive, to intimidate, to cause fear. It is such a trap to get caught up in –only getting sucked into the vortex while thinking you are staying on top of what’s going on. But how do you know the truth from the lie? And actually what does it really matter anyways?

I think it’s all a red herring to get our focus, the Children of David, off where it needs to be and that is on where our help comes from. Why should we be listening to man’s words when we have a direct link to Jesus to tell us all we need to know? He will tell us the important stuff. His waters will not be tainted but pure and fresh and unadulterated. 

“I appreciate My children’s desire to understand the rules of this game, I realize that knowledge brings comfort of sorts. But My loves, it is not about knowing more than the other guy or being one step ahead of the opponent. It is about knowing My will for you.


Revelation 13:3

“Though you may be troubled on every side, you will not be distressed; perplexed, but not despairing; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed. The keys of the Kingdom can work miracles for you that you never dreamed possible, if you’ll only call upon them.”


That takes faith! Indeed! That is stepping off the cliff into supposed nothingness and walking towards His outstretched hands, which are beckoning you and guiding you and showing you which way to go. If we hold up our Keys and our lamp, He will show us the way. But we must start now and stop wasting time looking and searching man’s information desperately looking for the answers or the signs. It is the ‘Ministry of Truth’ and is not for you anymore, Children of David. So come away and look up! It’s time to “Focus more on the power of the keys than on the obstacles I faced. He said I needed to forget about looking at the obstacles and set My focus only on the power I had access to.”


(Prophecy) “Don’t look to man, look to Me. Have you ever been in a small boat in stormy weather? The Endtime is like that. It is hard to know what is up and what is down. The wind swirls and twists as it lashes you with sea spray. The darkness is disorienting, and you lose direction. A wave could sweep across the deck at any time and you are dragged into the sea. The man beside you, who was your friend in fair weather, turns out to be an enemy in foul. His intentions are good, yes, but the ferocity of the storm caused him to take his eyes off Me and suddenly he is acting in the most untoward manner. The enemy is always looking to use your good intentions for his benefit, but don’t fear. If those intentions are sanctioned by Me, Romans 8:28 will always apply. My Word is fact and rock solid, so come to Me. I am at the helm. The night is thickening; the winds are picking up and the swell is rising. Stay on your toes. Continue to listen to My whispers as you search for the signs of My coming. And as was said many times in the past, I will direct you as you listen, and eventually your faith will be rewarded as you see the pieces of the puzzle come together.”


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