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HOW DO YOU LOSE THE VISION?–SOMEWHERE THERE’S BEEN A BREAK IN THE CONTACT WITH THE SOURCE of Power. Somehow these backsliders have lost touch with God, direct personal contact, intimate contact with God, that direct personal hotline to God!–They’ve gotten out of touch with it somewhere. Now in every Bible kingdom God always had a prophet and always used some man, God’s man. If the people have lost the vision, just like turning a television off, it’s because somehow or another. THEY’VE GOTTEN OUT OF TOUCH WITH GOD, SOME BREAK HAS COME IN THE CONNECTION, OR THEY’VE LOST THE VOICE OF HIS PROPHET. What is the people’s connection with God? Well, each can have his individual, personal connection. If he loses that, he’s in bad trouble. But he can still have the Prophet His individual TV set can go off and he can personally lose the vision because of his break, but that doesn’t mean the station’s quit broadcasting. The power’s still there and all he has to do is tune in.

YOU SEE, THAT’S THE TROUBLE WITH THE CHURCHES: They want the coming of Christ to do it all for them, so they say, “Why should we do anything?–Jesus will do it all!” Well, the Church is going to get a surprise when the Lord comes–a very big surprise!–What the Church failed to do and has left undone she’s still going to have to do! Maybe that’s why we have to have the thousand years as Millennium, because they are yet going to have to do the job after the Lord comes! So as much ground as they’ve lost or failed to conquer now, they are still going to have to do–they’ll still have to take over the world! Of course we’ll have supernatural bodies and powers and the authority of Christ’s Kingdom on Earth which will really facilitate the job, and God knows we’ll need it, since THE CHURCH HAS FAILED SO MISERABLY FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS! Adam and Eve failed, Abraham failed, Moses failed, and the Jews certainly failed horribly! Nobody but Jesus and His disciples ever succeeded! The Jews were supposed to be witnesses to win the world, but instead they settled down on one little piece of land and didn’t give a damn about the rest of the world and they quit!–And WHEN THEY DID AND FAILED TO WIN THE WORLD, THE WORLD WON THEM!–Just like the churches–or some of you!

(Old Bottles [#0242])

“The Word is what will keep you in time of trial. Listen to My Word, claim My Word, say My Name, praise Me through your tears, rebuke the Enemy, submit your will to Me, and trust Me. Forget your feelings! Obedience and faith bring victory, as you call on the power of the keys.”

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