Jesus speaking:

“When I sat at the water’s edge by the Lake of Galilee and looked over the vast depths, I thought of you.

I knew you’d feel that your soul was deep and wide. Sometimes you’d feel lost in a flow of tears and feelings or that you were sinking in a sea of the unknown

Like a sea, with emotions—wild or calm; with treasures to be harvested—like the fish My disciples went out to gather; a means of travel, a road for boats to traverse over, so do you feel you are. You have rough days and calm times. You have treasures stored up from your life’s journeys. And using you, I help the young ones to get from one point of their life to the other.

You don’t have to feel totally human or have your life figured out. I know your depths and how to bring calm. I know just where your treasures are hiding and can draw them out at the right time to feed and nourish others. And I can use you, by transforming you into a bridge made of water that allows Me free passage over to those who are perishing in a storm. You below and Me above, that is how the water that I walked over became the roadway for Me to reach those in turmoil.

Yes, in many ways you are like a sea. You don’t have to understand all about yourself or know all that you will be used for—all the miracles that I will do with you and because of you. Just know that I “see” you and am going to use you in the ways that help My disciples the most, who in turn help to find and feed the sheep.

Be like a sea, staying fluid and controlled by none but Christ your Redeemer. For none can control the waves, the sea life, the wind, the temperature, the depth, or the spread of it over the land. Only I can control the depths and the water. Be willing to be anything, not having a firm shape, and willing to not quite understand yourself, like some manufactured item of the land. Be willing for things to be a bit vague and changeable and have a whole lot of mystery.

And when you are troubled about it, not understanding so many things about yourself or your situation, just be content to rock Me in My boat, to give Me some sort of comfort. Focus on providing My needs, if that is all it seems you are good for—upholding a vessel for the Master and His crew, something needed and used.

I’ll run My hands through the water and feel and understand every little droplet of water that is part of your spirit. I made you, and I can understand every infinitesimal part of your being. Just like you touch something very well-known and instantly know what it is, so is it with Me when I touch any part of the lake of your living being, every droplet of water, I understand and know them well. I know every particle of you. And what is more, when the rain falls and new waters are added, I know these too—and I know how they change and transform other parts of your soul’s being.

Does this give you a glimpse into My mind? Just how vast I am and how keenly I am aware of and remember everything there is to know about you? If you think of a large sea as being you and every droplet is some tiny aspect of you, I would know it all.

You aren’t just a little body made of clay. There is so much more that is part of your make up. You are spirit and you are flesh, and one day you will get to enjoy new aspects of “life”—for that is something that you truly have a very limited understanding of, or rather quite large misunderstandings about. But bit by bit I’ll keep opening the doors and the windows to let in more light so you can gain understanding. Bit by bit, more layers will be removed from your heart’s eyes.

It’s vast, this thing called “life”. And I am more than big enough, wise enough, strong enough, and “there” enough to be anything that any living creation needs in order to maintain life. I have all the resources of all the combined realms and elements of nature seen and unseen.


Let us sit together for a moment on the sea’s edge. Your spirit takes on a form of a human, and so does Mine. Parts of the water come together to create a shape that looks like the you that you know yourself to be. Here we sit to enjoy a moment of love in this new and unique way. We have eyes and we can look into each other’s eyes. We have hands and can touch. We have mouths and can kiss, talk and share ideas through this means of communication called talking.

But you look at the sea water that goes far beyond, and it’s all part of you too. There’s so much more than meets the eye. When we gaze into each other’s eyes, that is when we get a glimpse of the vastness of each other’s soul and being. Eyes are as windows and passageways to the depths we each hold.

Of course, My depth and vastness is so much more than yours –yours seems like a tiny puddle for an ant to try to cross. Yet to you and to others, you are like many waters. This, of course, makes Me incredibly large and past finding out.

But I sprinkle some of the waters of My soul onto your tiny hand, and you get to know these. The more time we spend together in the waters of life, the more you get to know, and the more your own waters are filled with the beautiful water of the living Creator, your Lord and God.

You can tell who has partaken of the waters of God by the color of their lake, and the clarity of it as well. The more they have of God’s water mingled with the vast sea of their thoughts and emotions, the more beauty they have, and the more drinkable and refreshing they will be for the thirsty or for those who need to swim in a bath of love.

So open up to new waters, and let the waters of your soul be cleansed.

Let Me cleanse you daily, and so will your heart’s fountain pour forth radiant beauty. Bottling up and putting a lid on, hoping to stay clean in this way, like bottled water in a shop, won’t work for a spirit, for there are too many “living” elements in the water of your soul. Stale and putrid they will get if you aren’t flowing, moving, being refreshed, rushing over rocks, being poured into and lifted up to the light on a purifying cycle.

Let Me work with you and do whatever –however I need to, to make you flow in the most beautiful way, shine with the most glory, radiate and reflect the most light to feed the most hearts. –For light is what they are nourished by.


“I am a wild and windy God and I love to blow hard, I love the soft touch too…you My ardent brides should love to hear Me talk like this, and if you don’t then you should go deeper into Me and find that part of Me that is missing in your life.”

Out Of Memphis

“Call on the keys turned to swords for strength and determination to fight the evil ones who would tear down your health, warp your mind,
and pollute your spirit. The keys of the Kingdom can ensure total victory.”


November 2021





November 2021


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