Prophecy Bites

 (Jesus speaking: ) The Millennium isn’t just for Earth healing and restoring, but ‘church building: building up and restoring My church, My Bride. For there is much healing and restoring to be done, so many wounds to be healed, so much heartache to be cleansed, and so, so many questions that need answering. Indeed, it will take a millennium to restore and to bring full health to My Bride, the church of the Almighty, the house of God, the living house of the God of Heaven, the souls in God’s Kingdom.

You are being given fresh elixirs from Heaven, like Esther who spent time soaking in  and being healed with oils, so she could fulfill her commission of helping her nation. You are given healing balms of paradise, and you can pour them out too, on the needy hearts who come to you for healing station time.

There are lots of balms in paradise, balms of love, of peace, of healing, of excitement, of rejuvenation. Just like different ones are poured out on you, so will you pour them out on the ones who come for healing in the life that is to come. You will heal the hearts of many, for you have been granted the gift of healing—healing of hearts and minds, and that can only be done with the elixirs of God,  which is mixed in Heaven.

You will pour oil on the feet of My disciples and massage it in. You will pour oil on the head of My kings who serve in the lands of the future. You will … love and bring healing to hearts and minds and souls.

It won’t all be done in a day –all of a sudden, from one moment to the next, all is at peace in each one’s troubled heart and mind. Learning, long-term and deep learning, can only come from deep and personalized care and working through the issues.

Be a healer, My love, and so will your soul likewise be restored. In having a life of giving, so will you come to full maturity.

You want interaction and camaraderie? You will be interactive with those who need My healing touch. They will come to you to be cleansed, and with the power of the elixir of God you will bring much restoration to their souls.

Those in this capacity must have faith in Me, or else they are the ones who need healing and can’t administer it. If you are still a ‘victim’ of Earth’s ravages and have not yet trusted in Your Lord’s supreme manner of conducting His business, then you will be in line for healing.

Yet if your faith has risen to new heights and you trust that to be broken and then to be healed is a higher form of building My church (rather than no hurts and all feel complete and in no need of a physician) then you too can be a ‘faith healer’ and anoint the body of Christ with the oil and aid them in their healing.

They will love Me all the more for it.

And it’s not just about oils, but about experiences and time spent resting and healing.

An “oil” you administer might be “time soaking in the river of life with three servants to tend to you,” or “time with the Master in the bed of paradise,” or “sitting and reading for a time, learning deep spiritual things.”

It’s a bit like shepherding, but it is told to you what is needed, and you, as a servant, make it possible for these ones to have these times of healing and these experiences. You’ll help make it possible, and sometimes do the “footwork” of it as well, massaging the oils in and giving them the time of their life.

There is no limit to what I can provide for these ones who have given until it cost them all; I just need willing brides who can administer it and take action on bringing them the healing elements.

Be a servant, that’s all I need. I have won you, and now you are My servants. I will house you, provide for you, and give you so much to do that you’ll never be out of a job. There is a world mess that is going to need all of us together, each doing our part, to clean up; plus all the saints that need the next grade of learning, which much of the time–at least at the beginning–will include lots of healing therapy.

That’s why you are getting so much of it now, so you’ll be free to jump into working on helping others. The more of the past yuckiness you hold on to now, the longer it will take to ready you for the missions I need done in the next life. Get as free from ugly feelings now as you can, and get as strong in spirit and close to Me as you can, then you’ll have less to recover from there, and can get on with the job. Okay?



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