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Spirit Helper Speaking:



“The breach in the wall has come due to your indifference to the Words of the King. You haven’t made them your lifeline. When have you last sought Him to speak to you personally and really cherished it like you would something you absolutely must have? He doesn’t want to be a side line “can have if you like it” type of God, whom you add to your life as some kind of ingredient or flavor, but he wants to be the heartbeat of your life, the reason you live and what makes you breathe and get up in the morning.

There will be other methods used to continue to bring this principle home.

Let His Word be what wakes you up every morning and the last thing you think about as you drift off to sleep. By reviewing and committing small portions of it to memory, you take in bite-sized pieces of scripture—both new and older; that is truly “feeding on the Word of God”.

Every week there can be something new that you are focusing on and learning about, and part of that learning can be to both hear from the Lord in prophecy on that topic, as well as committing to memory something already written down about it.

Can you do this please? It will make a world of difference both to you and to those who are trying to assist you and help you make it through life from the unseen part of the battle. It is like equipping them with weapons to protect you, for every bit of God’s Word that you have running through your head is something they can use to direct you in safe paths of life. The more you know of God’s Word, the better off you’ll be.

(Jesus speaking: ) Don’t give the enemy any place by leaving too many rooms open—that is to say hours or moments open where My Words aren’t controlling the mood and directing the mental activity. Keep your guard up and you’ll be more at peace in the thoughts department.

The first course of study can be on each of the new weapons that you know of.  Memorize key passages on each one, including a verse, a new weapon explanation and so forth. They needn’t be long, but concise. It will bring you victory to have these weapons at your disposal.”

“If you begin to tire, claim the keys of tenacity, claim the keys of focus to hold back whatever physical distraction is interfering. Claim the keys of greater faith and rebuke analyzing and other interference in your mind.”




The Humble Get Stamina


Spirit helper speaking:

“Learn to walk the humble road. Take the humble way of thinking. “I don’t really know, unless I’ve just been updated now, fresh in the spirit. I do have much to learn.”

See, if you keep putting yourself in a seat of humility, then you don’t have to be forcibly humbled just to keep you on track and out of Satan’s traps.

Traps are for the proud who think they know where they are going and can do as they please.

Traps are for the proud who thinking they can get along fine on their own two feet.

Traps are for those who can’t take a drop of humility when it comes to them in a cup to drink. But the humble are thirsty, and even if it is hard to swallow, they take the cup of humiliation and drink it, as they are thirsty for the truth.

So the humble do get refreshed, the humble are given stamina to carry on.

We watch for the humble levels in a person’s soul, and must knock them down a notch or two, or quite a few if that’s a need. So don’t think  that you are going to soar or sail along even for a day without something that tests your pride, something that tries to get pride to flare up; and there won’t be a day without a test of humility, something that makes and keeps you humble.”

Submitted by Kaye


“There is no hurt too deep, no relationship too strained, no wrong that cannot be made right with the power of the keys.”

Here is the complete version of this prophecy, in pdf.



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Pride and Disobedience



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Stand In The Gap Update


Orchestrated Not Random Effort

 Amilda speaking:

A ray of light bursts through and you get the message. Now here we go.

Claim the keys of persistence to endure the long haul—then time will go by so much faster.

Hold them near to your heart, so you’ll run and not be weary, walk and not faint.

I have the golden encased keys of light to shine rays into your soul. Then from the light you can see clearly what you are to do and for whom.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the “people problem” of trying to solve this issue and the other, trying to improve things here and there. But if it’s not what you were fashioned to do and given the strength of life to do, then you’ll just be wasting time in a way.  It won’t really change much, and you’ll go through your life never hitting the mark you were meant to.

It’s so easy; it’s the easiest thing in the world to be overly people involved. But to pull back from the scene and give your Lord pre-eminence takes faith and humility too. For everyone wants to be a hero at some time or another. So, you do the humble thing by not taking part in filling some pressing need that you aren’t called to. You have faith that your Lord and Love knows all about it and has people (and angels) on the job doing what needs to be done. Pray, of course, but act? Well, that’s up to Jesus and you.

Just because someone’s situation is glaring you in the face doesn’t mean you are to do anything more than pray—unless you are led by His spirit to do so. You are easy prey if you only react to feelings and what is seen in front of you, rather than checking in with headquarters to see if it’s your call or not. For everything that you are heavily involved in means little time left for something or someone else. It’s a pick-and-choose life, as not everything can be tended to.

Don’t “knee jerk” to give attention to a seeming need you see or hear about. Let Jesus be your commander, so the war efforts can be precise. There can’t be soldiers running here and there fighting in the way they think, randomly. It’s all gotta be orchestrated, so your time and resources are used in the best way, and so the battle goes according to God’s plan.

You’ve got to walk wisely, especially these days when even little things could cost you more battles than you realize. Gird up the loins of your mind. Make your mind more willing to work than your hands. When you already have your hands filled with the Lord’s work, it’s time then to use your mind more in Heavenly combat.

“Open your mind to My mind,
and the voices of confusion, doubt, and darkness will disappear. The keys bring faith, and faith gives you access to My
heavenly thought power.”




February 2022


The Keys_User Guide





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Supernatural Protection





bless the lord, O my soul



Psalm 103:1 Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.

Jesus says:

Blessed means it goes on, it prospers. A blessed tribe had lots of people and all that they needed to go on living in a land. Their children were healthy and many; their animals had lots of babies and grew strong. Pestilence and sickness didn’t wipe them out; other surrounding people groups didn’t come to rob away their food and belongings or take them away to be their country’s workers but left them alone to live and prosper. They were able to keep their land safe and make it a strong abode that could withstand if they were ever invaded by selfish people or even wild beasts.

So to be blessed is a good thing.

“Bless the Lord” it says. Are you blessing Me today? Are you helping to make Me known to others, so that in My Kingdom there will be many people and children of God, and those becoming the “sons of God”? Are you using the power of Heaven, and the power of praise most of all, to chase away the enemy and make you become strong in the spirit? Are you having a praiseful attitude of faith toward Me, rather than letting bitterness and doubt ruin our relationship and make you sick and unwell?

Praise plays a vital role in blessing My Kingdom and letting it prosper. You can do this by loving Me and telling Me how thankful you are that I am in charge and doing all the hard work to make life better and change people for the better.

How much have you declared to others how very powerful I am, and that nothing is impossible? Do people know how very strong and undefeatable I really am and that I will complete what I have begun –this whole Earth project and the lives of countless people?

“All that is within me”. What and who is that? All the people that were yet to be born –his seed, his children– is one thing that it means, those who were yet to come. He wanted to praise Me and bless My Kingdom and to have all his descendants do the same, all of him, all parts of him, including his children, his seed, and all their children and those who followed.

How can you do this too? You can first of all declare the goodness of God to those around you and even to your own heart.  You can write and publish the accounts of the amazing acts of your righteous and all-powerful, ever-caring and loving God. Then people can read it, just like King David went on to do in many of his Psalms.


There are other ways you can declare how God is and how He works —through audios and videos, not just in books, so that others will come to join His Kingdom. You can do shows of praise and worship songs and sing of the goodness of the Lord. You can write letters to friends or chat with them about what the Lord has done and is doing with you and for you.

Another way you can bless the Lord is by praying—praying for the work of God to prosper, for His people to be blessed and well cared for, for victories and healing and for the defeat of the Enemy’s work in people’s lives. So with praise and positive declaration of the Lord’s goodness, as well as with fighting in prayer for God to work, then can I and My kingdom be blessed and flourish and prosper, and bring much good and joy to many. Bless Me and I will bless you.

“Foil [ the Enemy’s] plans by praying desperately and in earnest, as you attack him with your fiery keys turned to swords. The Enemy cannot stand the persistent and powerful attacks of the children of David who hold the keys of the Kingdom in their


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The Final Key…revelation





March 2023



Medical System Dream





at the front line

(Jesus speaking:) Ever since I exploded out of the grave and then shot up like a cannon off of this world, boom went all the little explosions of My disciples being sent out into all the world. These explosions of joy have kept up for thousands of years, whenever My children and precious little ones left this old world and were rewarded in splendor. Boom, boom, boom, on they went. New ones kept coming home to Heaven. Their rewards were given and are still yet being given, for they keep fighting.

Why did persecution happen to all who went out to “preach the Gospel”? Because it wasn’t just talking, but explosives going off, as in a war. The opposition responded to each and every disciple’s witness as an act of war attempting to conquer his territory; it was fired back at and the war was on.

Why did people get so angry the about the disciples talking and telling new things? Because Words were as swords; it was war of the spirit and hasn’t stopped yet. And what is the most deadly weapon you could use? Words. But if you want to win the World in the right way and get medals of honor, it needs to be God’s Words that are being shot off and out of your mouth. And then don’t be too surprised if something comes flying back to you again, in a way you were least expecting it and certainly didn’t desire. But that’s war. And you need to be ready for it. For anytime the Word of God is shot out, there will be a firing back, and it’s not going to be pretty.

So why do you do it? Why not stay holed up, down in some hidden-away barracks or bunker or storm shelter? You’d be safer there, wouldn’t you?

Well, when an army doesn’t do the attacking, then it gets conquered. You’d only be out of the range of fire until it advanced, from lack of resistance on your side’s part, and the invading army takes over and pulls you and all the hiding resistance out of your holed away hole and shoots you anyway. No glory then.

Far better to be on the advancing firing line (on the front line) that is taking over the enemy’s territory, than to be waiting, biding time in fear, until they march over you and either shoot you down or blow up your hideaway. If you were fighting them, they might at least think well of you as a soldier; but buried away out of fear, you are of no good to even the opponent. They don’t want a coward even as a prisoner of war. They can’t do much with you, so they end what little life you were hording and trying to extend.

How much better to be on the edge where good meets bad and where the fighting is fierce, where blood and sweat run through your hair as it sticks on your muddy face, and your hands tremble from the vibrations of shooting so rapidly and continuously. Maybe your clothes are in rags by the time you are through, and you feel you are good for nothing. You’ve seen so much opposition; you wonder if there are any friends left. So many are left lying dead on the battlefield as they ran out of ammunition and couldn’t keep up the fast pace of the war.

All you see, for much of the day and half the night are enemies. It feels lonely when you are right at the front. There are few, if any, friends. All the scenery looks the same to you—the ground, the same pale sky. It doesn’t seem like much has changed, and you wonder if your team is even winning. But though the ground looks the same, it isn’t. You have advanced and have driven the enemy back. Soon they will topple right off the cliff that you are driving them back towards, while you fly off and up to the vibrant and glorious sky. There may be friends lying on the ground, waiting for the resurrection, but the enemy has also suffered loss among their recruits, and many have fallen and will continue to fall down into the abyss of the wayward.

And what fought the war and challenged the enemy, engaging him to his own downfall? The Word of the Living God; the sword of the spirit. It’s the spirit that quickenth; the flesh and things you can see and touch and experience in an earthly way avail nothing. Spiritual Words spoken to and through your spirit and out again are what will engage and enrage and cause the enemy of your soul to draw back.


“For why is he your enemy in the first place? Because of the living Word you carry and are fighting him with. He is the enemy of the Word, his most deadly opponent. Fight and you will win, if you are fighting with the weapon of the Word of God.”

For why is he your enemy in the first place? Because of the living Word you carry and are fighting him with. He is the enemy of the Word, his most deadly opponent. Fight and you will win, if you are fighting with the weapon of the Word of God.

And why do you want to fight? Why stir up a hornet’s nest in your area? Because the hornets are moving in, stealthily at times. It’s not that you made a war suddenly happen, when peace could have been there. No. They were going to move you on out in one way or another. So rising up and declaring war through speaking the Words of life makes them change color and show up who they really are. It exposes that they were enemies all along, the way they suddenly fly into a rage when you shoot out the Word of God into their midst.

Be a territory taker, not a loser and a captive.

Conquer with the living Word of God that lives and goes on reigning forever!



Out Of Memphis

“Call on the keys to be faithful, diligent and praiseful, and I will bless you financially, materially, and spiritually.”


See pdf compilation: “He Cannot Win and You Cannot Lose”


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Grace Vs Law part 2





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And Jesus Passed Through