spiced wine

Let go of the old

(Channel) I see young and old coming to be filled and preparing to run.

(Jesus) So will I use you, My Joshuas, to distribute My New Wine to those who will come. Today is a New Day; today My spirit flows as a dam that is bursting forth. Today you will do those things I have promised you. But first you must come and drink; drink deep of the fountain I have prepared for you. We are soon to head into unknown territory, a dry and dusty land. Fill your barrels. Fill your wine skins, for there are many who will be thirsty for much drink. Hold not back, drink, drink.  You must drink and not stop. Don’t stop. Drink, for if you stop, many will go hungry. You will run out of drink and fall for lack of the Word. Fill your sack with My words and revelations, so that in the days to come these words might sustain you and many others. You can only go as far as you let Me take you. Therefore you must be new and free in spirit. Let go of the old, and choose to be chosen. The choice is yours. Will you hold back because of pride or fear? Or will you let go and fall, fall, fall into My embrace? Will your pride hold you from obtaining the crown of great price? Oh, that all My children would see the vanity of pride. Let it go! Say yes, and let Me push you off the cliff. Fear not, for I will catch you.  I love you.”

My Joshuas

“Reboot your life, drink new wine today.”



“You Begin This Charge”

The spiritual warfare is up to us. we are the ones the devil and his minions are fighting to control. Let’s sound the charge to send the forces of God to fight on our behalf.





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