prophecy bites

“When you are willing to help, you can expect to be helped. (As in helped by the Lord.)

Until you are willing to do the things that I ask, you can’t expect answers to prayers. Obedience comes with blessings.

If you want your prayers answered, you need to respond when your Master speaks. And how do I help the people, the children of the world, but through My servants? I call whom I will.

That’s why Christians are the ones most helping others–or should be–because they have learned the art of obedience. The art of “it’s better to obey”. Better to obey than to give a sacrifice. Obedience precedes the blessings.

You have to be willing to put aside your own plans and ideas and be utterly available to do My will, or you can’t expect a “Well done”. You don’t get a “Well done” or word of commendation from Me when you haven’t done what I’ve asked. It’s not only about doing jobs well, but doing what you are meant to do. Do you hear? It has to be the right jobs you are doing, not just the fact that you are doing them right and good”…CONTINUED


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