faith-Is living in the word

Just reading the Word will benefit you to a degree, but if youre not really focusingstudying it, and putting your energies toward finding that truth that I want to speak to you about for the day, then youre not getting the full spiritual workout that you need that will increase your faith muscles.

Your faith is vital. It is so important for you to exercise your faith so that in the days to come you will be ready to work the great miracles that are promised you.

Your faith is the evidence that you are Mine. Your faith in Me is what proves to the world that you are Mine. How much proof are you offering? How much evidence can you show for your life?

Living in faith means living My Word. You take My Word and you apply it to your life in every situation. The more you fight to live by the standards in My Word, the more your faith is strengthened. The future will require great faithsuch as hasnt been tapped into before, and you will be able to meet that demand for faith if you are faithful to live in faith today.

Faith is at the core of your spiritual being, just like your heart, and from your faithjust like your heartcome forth the issues of life. Faith is your anchor; its what keeps you going. Its that line that attaches you to Meand it develops from your love for Me. Your love for Me feeds your faith, and your faithand its growthin turns fuels the fire of our love.

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Faith perseveres to the end. This is what I call the stand of faith, and it is not an effortless one.”



out of Memphis

The spiritual power of the final world dictator, commonly known as the Antichrist, will come from the gods of ancient Egypt





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