going forth to conquer

(Jesus speaking: ) So great is My love for My church, My Bride, the large body of believers, that I would let My dear ones, even those most dear and precious to Me, be burned, tortured, given up to die, and plagued with pestilence and troubles on every side –all for what purpose? What drove Me likewise to the cross? So that through My suffering, all might be saved. Did I not say that you would likewise follow in this respect, that you too would have to suffer and give your life? Why? So that all might be saved.

No, they won’t get the message into their hardened hearts off in yonder land while My dear ones are sitting in peace, reveling in the joy of their salvation. When I say, “I will that all men might be saved,” that means sending out My troops into all the dark zones where the enemy has kept men captive, and that means a whole lot of danger and pain and turmoil for My team.

But what if a firefighter or sea rescue team member, before being sent out to help those in a deadly situation, said, “But is it dangerous? Will I ever get hurt? Will I make it there and back without any difficulties and struggle? If it’s not safe, then I won’t go.”

They shouldn’t be on the team if they have that “save myself” attitude. That’s what I call you to do, to follow Me—to go through what I went through. No, following Me isn’t so that you can be safe and happy and have all that you need, or should I say all that you think you need, which means what you want in this modern-day life.

“Revelation 12:3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.”


Revelation 12

The keys have the power to not only get you over the mountain or obstacle, but right through it if need be.



I have to send My team into the Devil’s dens and allow My dear ones to suffer hunger, thirst and pain –as that will be as a light that attracts the hardened hearts to open up and receive a bit of that light. They aren’t lured by sweet little songs like babies. They have been so abused themselves by Satan that it takes quite a bit to get through to their souls. That’s what it takes to bring “all men unto Me”. You didn’t think there was a real cost to reaching the “all men”?

And because times and hearts wax worse and worse, more and more dramatic ways will be used to preach the Gospel. That’s what it takes to get through to people who are locked in the enemy’s dungeons in the way they think and where in the world’s system they serve.


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