Tribulation Station Coming Up

“As one who lives by a train track knows that there will be a certain number of trains in a day and may have a general idea of their destinations, so do you. You who live by the train track in this Last Day know that there will be a train passing which signifies the confirming of the Covenant. You know that midway through the day there will be another train, equally momentous, which signifies the breaking of the Covenant and the full revelation of the Antichrist to the world, and the beginning of a time of trouble such as was not since the beginning of the world. And you know that there will be an evening train signifying the time in which I return to gather My children unto Me, bringing the light of a new day in the midst of the darkest night.”

“You know of the existence of these trains. They are on the timetable which you have been given. But the precise times have not been filled in yet. I will reveal more of the details, more of the schedule, to you as the trains draw closer, so that you may be prepared for their passing. I reveal deep secrets unto My servants the prophets, but I do not do so now, at this moment. For now, the hidden things belong to God.” (The Endtime Series Pt.1)

continued: “Even the Enemy has a degree of choice with which to make his plans. So he is setting the stage, and if the conditions are right, if the world is in enough chaos, if things get bad enough that they need a savior, then he will arise. He is behind the scenes, creating confusion, so that he will be able to step forth and assume power, to save the world for a time. Even this is within My will, for he but sets the stage for My return, as I foretold in My Word.”

“The Devil has a measure of choice, with­in certain bounds. There is a set time ­period for the End, and it will come within the time that I have determined and set. For I have set these times, and no man nor spirit may gainsay or change these things. But within this time frame, within this tunnel, the Evil One is permitted a certain amount of leeway, for I have allowed him this choice. He has the power of choice, even as you have the power of choice.

 I have set the boundaries of the Endtime–the last seven years, the two three-and-a-half-year periods, and have numbered the days within them. I have also set them within the general boundaries of time itself, and they will occur within that time frame, whether they be soon or they be delayed a little. But I give the Evil One a certain amount of leeway in when he may begin this period.”


“You hear the rain. It’s a soft, gentle rain, and it washes the earth. But the storm that is coming on the earth now is not like that. It’s a destructive storm. The wind will tear up and root out anything that isn’t tied down.”


The Lamp

“You can do anything and become anything I want you to, by activating key power in your life!”


I wish to rip the wool off of your eyes and show you the truth. No, I can’t tell you the exact details, because I’m bound by the rules I have established, but I have been doing all that I possibly can to prepare you, to warn you, and to make sure that you won’t be caught by surprise when the time comes. For woe unto them that are caught unawares! Woe unto them who have not an inkling, who have not the faintest idea.

Those who are close to Me, who are attuned to My voice, will hear the thunder and will see the lightning, and they’ll know that the final storm is approaching, and to these is great honor and power given. These are the ones who know Me, who will be strong, and who will do great and mighty exploits on My behalf.

 But woe unto those who discern not the signs of the time and heed not My Words of truth. These have been dull of hearing and their eyes have been blinded for so long that when the storm clouds come, when the thunder rolls and when the lightning strikes, they will be shocked and amazed, and even scared. They’ll suddenly find themselves in the midst of a ­raging storm, not knowing where to turn.” (The Endtime Series Pt.1)



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