Those who honor me

Hail! My brave and courageous warrior. You are born to be a soldier for Me. You are called to be a strong warrior in My Kingdom that wages good warfare with the weapons of My Spirit. Because you feel the call of a warrior, sometimes you get distracted with the Earthly weapons. But it is not these weapons that I want you to use. For they only bring hurt, distraction, misery and death. But My weapons bring healing and freedom. My sword cuts the chains, breaks the handcuffs, and sets the captives free.

So, My good warrior, be not distracted with the weapons of the flesh, for the weapons of my warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. There is a real war that is going on in the Spirit that is far more adventurous and exciting than a worldly warfare pretends to be. The battle rages in the hearts and minds of men, and truth and love are the weapons that will win this war. Many are attracted by the imaginary excitement and adventure of being a worldly soldier, but in the end they find out that it’s only misery and depression, not glory and honor like they had dreamed.

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“The memorials on Earth bring a sense of sorrow, remorse, and shame. But the memorials in Heaven for the true winners bring great cries of rejoicing. Every time someone or a team of people walk past one of these Heavenly memorials or see them, it is a cause for celebration.”



prophets of the end

“The keys are Me standing behind you. If you’re intimidated, call on their power for backup, and you will get it.”





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