Companion, a spirit helper:

Fear not for loss of sleep. The Lord our Staff is always mindful of these things, and He will give you the strength and the rest when you need it. Traveling is a weary thing at times. It’s not all adventure and thrills. But nevertheless, we push on because we have your sights set on that golden horizon. Our King knows of the weariness of the flesh. When among the multitudes in the days of His ministry, He was constantly battling exhaustion. When He arose in the early morn to pray, He had to fight off His flesh’s desires for slumber and put His spirit first. For to feed your spirit is more important and will do you more good and will actually give you more strength and endurance—both physical and spiritual—than a bit more sleep could. The pilgrim’s way is a hard one to follow, for it is the Mountain Way. (It’s a rough & a rugged road, a hard & a heavy load & the people you meet aren’t always kind–on the way up. There aren’t many places to live on the mountain–little rugged shelters, lean-tos. Not much to eat, it’s cold & windy, but it’s a thrill even to die there.) The nights are treacherous at times, and the hours of rest few. But we are the beloved of the Lord, and He has promised that His strength is sufficient for us, and that He would give us sleep. So, if He has not, then there must be a very good reason for it.


“The shadowed ones are working harder than ever in these final days to blind people to the shortness of time. They are attacking everyone in an attempt to cloud the eyes of the people of Earth.”


Revelation 21

“Seize the keys in full faith and walk boldly and bravely into the light of a new day!”





registration or tribulation

September 7, 2021

Australia To Lock Out The Unvaccinated People From Its Economy

The Australian state of Victoria will “lock out” unvaccinated people from participating in the economy, Premier Dan Andrews has announced.


Registration or tribulation

The year 2022 will see many, if not all, national puppet governments imposing mandatory vax on their people. Call it what you will; this long-planned and well-orchestrated international registration of the entire world’s citizenry is well documented in the book of Revelation.
As this internationally stimulated pogrom develops, any person/s resisting will be denigrated then denied basic government services. Persecution will come, and over time, dissenters will be made classless or exterminated. This is also well documented in the Book of Revelation as well as other apocryphal books.
(READ MATTHEW 24:21,22)


Get it out now

Jesus Speaking:

The message I want to give is that of the End! I want the Enemy to be exposed and set back on his heels. I want him to be the one running for cover because of the fire and fervor of My children! I want My children to get out the Words like never before! I want them to pour out the Words in greater abundance than this world has ever seen. I want the children of David to be wise and full of faith and conviction so that the Enemy will be forced out in the open. I want the children of David to give out the message of the Endtime and Tribulation, of My return and reign, and of Heaven which will follow, the full message that I committed unto My prophet David!

The most important message I want you to give out in these Last Days is that which exposes the plan of the AC. Preach the gospel of the Endtime so that people can be aware of it and know and run to Me when they see it happening. They may not see it now. They may even mock you now as they did Noah in the days of old; but when they saw the clouds gathering, when they saw the rain come thundering down upon them and the Earth bursting forth with great fountains of water, when they saw their loved ones drowning, then they remembered the Word of the Lord and of His prophet. They remembered all that they had been told, and many repented.

I want you to give the message so that many will repent and come to Me in the difficult days which will befall this world soon. I want them to have a reason to live, a hope of tomorrow.


Revelation 15-22

“The keys not only grant you faith, but will also empower you with a steady stream of confidence in My promisesthe power to put your faith into action.”





Spirit helper speaking

(Azoria:) The rewards are not what it’s about. They’re just things that a Loving God gives to His children because He loves them. So you must remember that you weren’t sent to this Earth for a “treasure hunt”. That’s not the goal –to garner rewards. You were sent to Earth because you needed extra schooling: you wanted to learn something. The tests and trials can seem hard, but you should remind yourself that they’re just par for the course. You have to open your eyes to see what it is that the Lord is trying to teach you through this test—since that is what all these tests are for, for you to learn  something. So instead of complaining or moaning, and saying that “my life” is too hard, just remind yourself: “This is a School. I’m here as a student. This is not ‘my Life’. My Life is back in Heaven. Right now I’m on an assignment.”

If you think that this is your life, then you’re too attached to this present World. You’ve let down roots and have started to grow here. You don’t have the Heavenly Vision anymore; the Earth life has gotten hold of you. You have to realign your vision every day because you’re surrounded by the Earth and its people. You’re surrounded by devils and demons of carnality, of lust, and of self. This world wars against your spirit and is trying every day to bring it into subjection, into chains. It’s a struggle every day, small or great: it’s a struggle for survival. Every single day you make choices to either step up a level in the spirit or go down a level closer to the dead heads and the mud men of this earth. It’s a school, remember, and you can either choose to apply yourself to your studies or fool around in the world –trip off, waste time and accomplish nothing. Remember, you have to die daily. It’s not a one-time thing. You’re standing on a slippery uphill mountain, and if you don’t make some forward progress every day, you begin to slide back down and become again as they are—earthy, sensual, devilish. It’s a fight to stay on the high grounds of the Spirit because you have to keep moving higher and higher. The water of the world never stops rising, so what once was the high ground of yesterday is not the high ground of today.


“If you think that this is your life, then you’re too attached to this present World. You’ve let down roots and have started to grow here.”


Fields of airyn

“When you are lost, I will give you sight; when in despair, I will give you hope; when on the verge of collapse, I will raise you up; when hopelessness surrounds you, I will restore your vision; when all seems lost, I will bring victory all through the power of the keys of the Kingdom.”





Jesus Speaking

Praying is humbling yourself before Me and others, and asking Me to do what you can’t do. It’s forgetting yourself and your own problems, battles, afflictions, and difficulties, and thinking about others. It’s saying, “I can’t, Lord, but You can!” and then watching Me do the impossible.

Praying is getting down on your hands and knees and beseeching Me. It’s thinking of nothing else but that person or situation you’re praying for. It’s focusing and hitting the target. Praying is a selfless act that immediately gives you bonuses in Heaven, and signs you up for extra blessings for the present and rewards for eternity.

Praying is fighting to defeat the Enemy and all of his demons who seek to attack, hinder and cause My brides harm. It’s also a vehicle for wielding and using the keys, for activating the greatest power in the universe, and creating a direct link between Heaven and Earth.

Praying is a sacrificial, tiring, and often thankless job, but not one prayer is ever wasted. Thank you, My loves, for giving your all to your greatest duty and calling, the one that will reap dividends forever.


“Praying is forsaking your pride, your carnality, and leaving the realm of the flesh behind.”


Fields of airyn

“God will give grace, glory, endurance, faith and power. No good thing will He withhold from them who hold the keys of the Kingdom in their hands.”





And 2 Thessalonians 2:6 & 7

The following letter was sent to me the day after the “accident” happened. I couldn’t help see the Lord’s hand in this matter; as we are doing all we can to get out the Endtime message out  here in our country. This was a wonderful confirmation that the Lord is doing His part to delay and hinder the devil’s plan of sowing his dirty seed into the people of the world.

“Hi there, A couple of days ago in the U.S. a truck carrying millions of vials of Moderna vaccine crashed and turned over and various specialized teams for the cleanup of dangerous materials in white suits came to prevent an ecological disaster – and guess where the vaccines were going? – to Ghana! It looks like someone was praying.”

The following day I received prophecy to find out what the Lord had to say about this miraculous event.

“And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming. It is close My beloved, it is even at the door; for now I delay and set some, but not all of their plans in disarray, but the time is upon you when the man of sin must step forward to take his place in history. You have to be listening to Me every step of the way to know what you are to do. Your battles take place in the spiritual, but a lot is going to happen in the physical realm, so what you do and where you go and how you follow Me makes a big difference. That truck was part of the physical war, but the spiritual came in and knocked it out because of the spiritual part of the war. So continue to sharpen your spiritual defenses and learn to use those weapons. Continue to pray and I will continue to upset the apple cart, this is war and in war the rules of engagement are such. Not by might nor by power but by My hand. The enemy will not get it all his way that is not the way of things, My children are on earth at this crucial time in history for an express purpose. If this was not so then I would allow the world to fall, to collapse and be destroyed in order that My Kingdom come.”

The following news article gives the reader an idea of how deadly these vials of death are:

Moderna Vaccine Shipment Crashes, Prompting Hazmat Cleanup and Shuttering of Airspace


UPDATE: HHS said in a statement to Timcast that all of the vaccines are accounted for. Read the full update here.

A truck carrying a large supply of Moderna vaccines crashed on Interstate-79 near Morgantown, West Virginia early Friday morning — and officials refuse to answer any questions about it.

The crash took Hazmat cleaning crews 21 hours to clear after the truck lost control and went through a concrete barrier.

“A tractor trailer, carrying Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to be sent as aid to a foreign country, lost control on the interstate, struck a concrete barrier and went down over the embankment approximately 30 feet and rolled on its side,” Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “The driver was trapped inside of the vehicle and had to be extricated. He was transported and treated for minor injuries at Ruby Memorial Hospital.”

The statement went on to say that a hazmat team was brought in to clear “oil and anti-freeze” for 21 hours. (Hazmat teams for engine oil and anti-freeze!!!! Liars!!!! First time in history that spilt engine oil requires a Hazmat suit)

“The West Virginia Center for Preparedness helped recover the vaccine, but it is unknown how much was saved,” WV Metro News reported.

Timcast reached out to the West Virginia Center for Threat Preparedness and spoke to Tim Priddy, the incident commander for COVID. We asked if vaccines had been scattered outside the vehicle or if they were contained inside. He said that he was unable to speak to the press, but would have their press information officer call us back. There was no return call by time of publishing.

The Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office, Monongalia Hazmat Team, and Governor Jim Justice’s office all refused to answer questions about the crash.

When contacted by Timcast and questioned about if vaccines spilled from the vehicle, the Monongalia Hazmat Team replied that “we are unable to release any information at this time.”

The vax truck

When you sense an attack coming your way, immediately call on the keys of faith and protection. My spirit helpers will respond with prompt action to secure your surroundings, your person, and everything that concerns you.


Keys are our wilderness

“The power of the keys of protection will be a force field around you, so that no evil will befall you, nor any plague come nigh your dwelling.”





by father david

THE CHURCH TRIES TO MAKE GOD SO BIG, SO HIGH AND MIGHTY THAT HE’S ALMOST TOTALLY INCOMPREHENSIBLE, so that you can’t even understand His system or means of communications or how He works or His government. How much have they ever explained to us about the spirit world or how God works or what, or how things are organized there?

GOD’S VISIBLE CREATION IS AN ILLUSTRATION OF THE THINGS IN THE SPIRIT, of that which is invisible. I have always said that everything God created, everything God ever made, all the visible creation, is in some way an illustration of something spiritual.

SO THEREFORE THE SPIRIT WORLD IS NOT SO TERRIBLY DIFFERENT FROM THIS PRESENT EXISTENCE that we can’t even comprehend it or can’t even understand it. Otherwise, when we got ushered into it we would be completely lost. It would be just too far out, too totally different, we couldn’t even relate.

WE ARE GOING TO BE MUCH THE SAME AS WE ARE NOW, EXCEPT THAT WE’RE GOING TO HAVE SUPERNATURAL BODIES. We will look like we do now, just as Jesus did after His resurrection. He could even eat and drink and they could feel Him and touch Him as well as see Him, and yet He was in a miraculous supernatural body, His new resurrected body. (Lk.24:36-43)

OUR OLD DECAYING NATURAL PHYSICAL BODY GOES BACK TO THE DUST. But His new resurrected body, His new spiritual body was very much alive and supernatural! It could materialize or dematerialise, appear or disappear!–Think of that! It could pass from one dimension to the other through locked doors and solid walls! (Jn.20:19 & 26.)



“We’ve got the benefit now of such a tremendous collection of departed saints, men of God, great men of wisdom, administrators, kings, prophets, psalmists and what have you! Look what a collection God’s got by this time!–Of all these that have gone on to be with Him! Why, He’s got people available for anything you want to know, for anything that needs to be done.” (Hebrews12:1.)


Prophets of the end

“The keys of spiritual awareness will part the veil and bring unity and communication between you and your spirit helpers.”