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What will your choice be?

Prophecy for a young disciple…19th June, 2022

(Prophecy) My love, why are you skulking around in the shadows? Why are you drinking of the cup of every foul thing? And why must you deceive and hide your comings and goings? It may seem that it’s not hurting you. Well, at least, that is what you are telling yourself, that it’s just for a time. “It’s not harmful and at least it’s relieving my loneliness, so that’s a good thing. It’s something quite easily doable and it’s ‘helping’ me soo much.” 

My son, there are many things you do in quiet that no one notices, or you hope no one will. If they do, your smile wins them over. I have given you warnings, but you shrug them off. They did not even halt you in your track, because you just do not fear Me nor do you want to give up your pleasure.  My son, do you want to be one of the dead ones that the enemy doesn’t even have to worry about because he’s already bagged you? You may feel it is harmless, but if you were really honest with yourself, you would know it has made you to wane on getting Word time or truly fed in your Word time and even on getting prophecy. The hunger has diminished greatly. You gave up the fight; you got tired of the waiting, the pain, the sacrifices, and you lost heart. Life has become a chore to you. You have lost your savor because you have lost your Source of Life. You’ve lost the vision and have turned your face towards the valley, hankering for the things of the world. You may not think so. You may tell yourself that it is just this one thing, but it is the beginning of the road back, My love! One thing leads to another, and slowly but surely your spirit is tainted, not even slowly, My love; those close to you see the subtle changes even though you try so hard to hide it.

You have been as surely stung by a lethal scorpion but the difference is, the poison is still in you!  I would that you be hot or cold and not this lukewarmness. I need you to be a torch aflame in My hand burning brightly. But your eyes have wandered, and you question what the point of such hardship is and that you don’t see much for all you have to give up. But this is the test My love; to let your will go in order to fulfill Mine. You may not even see any results, but you should never say it wasn’t worth it because actually you really don’t know. When your face is up against the tree, you can’t see the whole picture. And this whole earth-life thing is simply beyond your perception, yet you are just on the verge of it, of breaking through the veil. You have been given spiritual insights like no other. You have all the knowledge of the sages of the past, and you have the keys and the Blue angels. But your connection has been severed, and you are running out of power. The cylons are upon you and are draining the life blood out of you. They are sucking you dry.

Your spirit is changing as you are losing touch. You lose your ethereal qualities in exchange for the carnal, see now, feel now. It may feel like you are satisfied for scattered moments, and that it eases the burden, but it is a lie, just like the whole lie of the Devil’s offer of immortal life. He does not deliver on his promises. They are empty and false, and you will be found so despairing for having fallen for the lie. His therapies are so insidious and dangerously addictive and most alluringly appealing to the flesh. It feels soo good. What you are allowing in, what you have unknowingly given permission of entry, are sirens, to wreak havoc on your heavenly utopian spirit, your haven, which was supposed to be Mine and yours. He has desecrated our sacred place.

The light is fading, My love. That is why mankind has mostly fallen for the lie of accepting the abomination, without even a blink of the eye, into their holy of holies, because for so long they have been deceived and taken in the lie. They left Me and would rather follow the ways of the rest of the crowd, having been totally brainwashed by the delusion. It seemed easier at the time, so they took it. The Devil’s offers are so slick and shiny and enticing; so fun and appealing to making you feel good. They take the fight right out of you and render you very quickly a plug-in to his program. It’s utterly fiendish! And more the so because you have at your fingertips the weapons to destroy him, but yet… you have put them aside to gather dust and become dull. My son, your spirit helpers are standing there at the fray waiting and wanting, but your stubbornness and obstinacy is keeping them at bay. It’s the rules of how it plays out. It is witch craft afoot here. You may say that others do the same, but they have made their choices.


What will it be with you? What will your choice be? In My mercy, I am giving you ample time to turn around. I understand the difficulties and why it is so easy to succumb to the easy way, but yet still, I require and am calling you above that. Yes, to a harder way; a much harder way –but the right way! It is your destiny; it is your very high calling, but you have become familiar with that and spurn it as an unwanted trinket when My intention is to adorn you with jewels of great beauty and wonder for all, in time, to behold –it will take their breath away. It’s surreal what I am asking of you. Yes! And that’s why so few take up My offer. Only the few. Only a few select. Most aren’t even on the potential list, but you are.

Will you wile away My most loving request for a mess of pottage? The regret will be so great; you will wish for oblivion and not find it. Living for the here and now is the great test; the ultimate. But just think about it…there are hundreds of deaths a day. Why would that be so, if your life meant so much to Me, if I am the loving God I say I am? It must mean that death is not what the Devil has made us to believe it is with all the utter fear attached. There must be something more than “be born, live 60 or so years then die.” There is something more. The truth really is in “Where, death, is your victory? Where is your sting?” This life I gave you was meant to be given back to Me as your free-will offering, here on this earth, as the ultimate gift to Me. I have chosen you to have the opportunity to do that. Death in this earth life is just a passing onto something better and not to be feared. You are not meant to hold onto the here and now and to settle. See how strong the sirens of this world are. They are deceiving you that this is it and that there isn’t anything else. They want to deny you the truth and render you useless, for they wish to destroy as many as they can. And you are a threat.  Can’t you see what I hold out to you and the privilege bestowed upon you, My children of David? But that is also part of the test. You are all in the running, but it is each one’s individual choice. And the clincher is: it is all by faith. That is the key to enter the Halls of Hebrews 11 and to find your way back Home to the Warrior Band Hall.


“My son, do you want to be one of the dead ones that the enemy doesn’t even have to worry about because he’s already bagged you?”

So, My young warrior, wake up now from your delusion, from the spell the enemy has cast on you. Embrace again all that you hold dear and ignite the power by picking up that which you have laid down. It will take great resilience, but with the Keys holding you up, they will be as the conductors for you to connect again so you can power up. Take this warning with all earnestness. It is dire. If you do not heed, My voice will slowly fade; My spirit helpers will take a step back and watch from a distance unless …you call on them. (End of prophecy)


Mystical Bible emblem

YouTube…David’s Mighty Men

“The power of the keys will place a bubble of protection around your heart, keeping it separated from the world. Use them and you will always be a part of My ecclesia.”



come in for drink of new wine


June 2022


Matthew 24:15 part 2



June 2022


Matthew 24:15 Eternal Life Solution



The Keys of Promise

Prayer/Praise) Oh Jesus, what an honor You have bestowed on us, the Children of David! To have the Keys! To hold the Keys in our hands! There are so many doors that our Father David has already opened for us, so we can reach the place where we grasp these Keys for dear life. We must reverence them and the privilege we have of wielding them –to be called Key Bearers, to have and to hold and to be shown the deep things of the spirit world here in the flesh!  Oh, the heights they have taken us and the amazing secrets they have revealed, yet still they open our eyes to more. You have shown us so much, and we hunger and thirst for more. Thank You precious Jesus for reaching out to us, Keys in hand, to pull us up to Your world so we can experience ‘there’ here! You are changing us, turning us blue with the beauty of Your love and power and energy. What a foretaste!

To pass the tests and trials before you use the keys

the secret is in the keys

He’s going to make you all into His kings and priests and rulers and queens! Then what you have learned about the LOL will become the law of the land and everyone will have to learn it. It may not seem too important now, but really, we were never fighting for the Now! Jesus said in His Word that He was making the COD into a whole new Culture. What culture is that? The Culture of the Millennium! We don’t care about this old, filthy Earth—we’re just passing through, further up and further in, onto a New World! All that we’re doing, all that we’re fighting for, is for that Place, and for that Person—JESUS!

(Jesus:) Life on Earth includes hardship; that’s just the way it is. Hardship isn’t a sign of a lack of My blessings. It’s not a sign that you’re doing the wrong thing. Life on Earth is just plain difficult at times, and some of the hardships are lifelong.

Life on Earth, whether you’re in the Family or not, is a training and testing ground, one which teaches you to make the right decisions despite the hardships. It teaches you to see things positively even when you feel like things are hopeless, to choose to love and share and sacrifice even when you don’t have enough, to choose to do the right thing even when everything around you is wrong.

Life on Earth is difficult. It’s a spiritual warfare, and it’s also a test for you and training for you. Just because you’re My children doesn’t mean you can escape the difficulties.

Whether you’re in the Family or not, you have a course to run and things to learn on Earth that you won’t learn any other way. And a big part of those lessons and growth and experience come through hardships and things that don’t turn out the way you’d like–things that go wrong, that you have to then decide what to do about and things that stretch you to the limit to see if you’ll still make the right choices. I can’t take you completely out of these tests and trials of life because they’re a big part of why you’re here. But I have given you answers, solutions, insight, understanding, and spiritual weapons that give you an advantage in the battle –if you choose to use them. One day soon I will gather you and all My faithful children home, and then you’ll be so glad. Your battle wounds really will glow. The trials and difficulties you endured will have grown your faith, and the more faith you have, the richer you are in the spiritual realm. So use those trials you face to work for you! Don’t let them get you down. Know that great is your reward in Heaven.




May 2022


Coming King of Egypt



May 2022


Israel Invaded



Mystical Bible Emblem

Spirit Helper Speaking:



“The breach in the wall has come due to your indifference to the Words of the King. You haven’t made them your lifeline. When have you last sought Him to speak to you personally and really cherished it like you would something you absolutely must have? He doesn’t want to be a side line “can have if you like it” type of God, whom you add to your life as some kind of ingredient or flavor, but he wants to be the heartbeat of your life, the reason you live and what makes you breathe and get up in the morning.

There will be other methods used to continue to bring this principle home.

Let His Word be what wakes you up every morning and the last thing you think about as you drift off to sleep. By reviewing and committing small portions of it to memory, you take in bite-sized pieces of scripture—both new and older; that is truly “feeding on the Word of God”.

Every week there can be something new that you are focusing on and learning about, and part of that learning can be to both hear from the Lord in prophecy on that topic, as well as committing to memory something already written down about it.

Can you do this please? It will make a world of difference both to you and to those who are trying to assist you and help you make it through life from the unseen part of the battle. It is like equipping them with weapons to protect you, for every bit of God’s Word that you have running through your head is something they can use to direct you in safe paths of life. The more you know of God’s Word, the better off you’ll be.

(Jesus speaking: ) Don’t give the enemy any place by leaving too many rooms open—that is to say hours or moments open where My Words aren’t controlling the mood and directing the mental activity. Keep your guard up and you’ll be more at peace in the thoughts department.

The first course of study can be on each of the new weapons that you know of.  Memorize key passages on each one, including a verse, a new weapon explanation and so forth. They needn’t be long, but concise. It will bring you victory to have these weapons at your disposal.”

“If you begin to tire, claim the keys of tenacity, claim the keys of focus to hold back whatever physical distraction is interfering. Claim the keys of greater faith and rebuke analyzing and other interference in your mind.”




You Are Worthy to Suffer for My Name’s Sake

“A mother’s heart just wants to make everything right. It wants to soothe and make her child better and take away the pain. It cannot bear to see her child hurt so. She would rather take on your pains rather than to see you suffer. But at the same time her heart is filled with pride and admiration at the battles her child is facing and fighting so determinedly. She knows it is needed and must be, for the making of her child into the man or daughter of God, that He so desires. The path He has you on and the depth He is taking you shows her that your choices have been for Him. Even though there is anger and resistance and unyieldedness at times, she knows this must be; that it is all part of the process of refining her child. She waits on the shoreline, waiting and watching and praying for her child’s ship out at sea in the heavy storm, calling on the keys and legions of spirit help to rush to her child’s side and for our Lord to become more real and close. She is apprehensive but as she stands waiting out the storm she reminisces on her own stormy days and is reassured by her Husband that He brought her through many wild and terrifying, turbulent times. He did it for her and He will surely be there for her children. So she trusts and puts her hand in her Lover’s again and steps back to let Him do what only He can do. She cannot rescue them but she can employ all the weapon power she can to rush in and fortify her children from the raging battle. That is the very most she can do. And even though her heart is hurting and pains her, seeing how they are tossed to and fro, she smiles, because she knows her Husband is at work in their hearts and this pleases her very much to know that He counts them worthy to pass through such turbulent waters as He too passed. They are worthy and Jesus chose them to be His representatives and for that she is more happy than the pain they must suffer. They are choosing aright and great will be their reward and greatly will they be used.


Joy of joys to a mother’s heart! Well done my beautiful, courageous sons and daughters. I am so proud of you. Continue to hold high the torch and to pass on the baton to your brothers and sisters. We are counting on you.

Take up the serum, David’s fighting serum, to defy the evil one that attacks you and then turn around to those fighting beside you to help them too. You too are leaders and commanders to your people and is the purpose of your trial by fire. So be encouraged and fight on for the purpose for which you have been called, our brave fellow warriors. It is a pleasure and honor to be fighting by your side. The keys are our armor, make them yours too. And they will bring you into the brightest day! Hallelujah!”


“The battle rages and the fight is on, but the power of the keys will see us through the darkest night and into the brightest day!”



The Fight Is On

“The keys of the Kingdom will empower you to live the Law of Love.”

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April 2022


The Humble Get Stamina



March 2022


Prophecy Vitamins Prayer Pt. 1




“Fill your lamp and carry a vessel of oil. Don’t be like the foolish virgins who didn’t have oil when the Bridegroom came and were left behind in the dark. Sweetheart, the darkness is closing in really quickly now, and you’re really gonna want to have that lamp full and ready. Don’t be slack just because things in this part of the world are moving slowly and look peaceful; it’s not that way in the rest of the world. The beast is preparing to take his place and the Endtime is really starting. Now is not the time to fiddle your time away on time wasters. Now is not the time (not that there’s ever a time) to let your mind wander and go to the things of the flesh and world. Now is the time to fill up with the Word, to stock up your lamps and vessels and be as ready as you can for the Bridegroom. Behold the Bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet him. You will not see your way through the days ahead if you don’t have a good supply of oil and key power to light your way”…submitted by a young person



Keys of rising above

“As you use and cherish the keys of longing and desire, you will always long for more of Me and My Spirit.”


“Matthew 25:1 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.  And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.”



April 2022


Tribulation Station



April 2022


Wrap Up The Christmas Monster


We Are Responsible to Keep the Keys Active



The Keys In Prophecy…Jesus speaking:

“Through the power of the keys, I have given you, My brides, the means to dominate all forces at work in My spiritual realm, according to My will. This is My power, and the power is always on, but all those who have access to My power must do their part to tap into the power and keep it flowing out to fulfill its purpose. I do My part to keep the power in motion‚ My spirit helpers do their part, and you must do your part to keep the dynamics of the spiritual realm moving forward. You must keep the keys active at all times.”

As Key Bearers

“You are part of the team responsible to keep the forces of the spiritual realm in motion, active, changing, and progressing at all times.”

” Do not be tempted to think this is too great a responsibility, My loves‚ for the end result is far beyond what you can conceive with mortal minds. I knew what I was doing when I entrusted you with the power of the keys. I am counting on you. By right of possessing the keys of the Kingdom, you actively join forces with Me; you become part of My heavenly task force. I have called you friends and lovers, and also comrades in arms. This is our quest, to free those held in bondage by the dark forces, and I trust you to do your part to this end.”

” David taught you that prayer is powerful; that when you pray, things will happen and things will be different. So it is when you activate the keys, things happen, things change, things are different. When you call on the keys for one purpose, things shift and change not only for the one person or situation you prayed for, but many other things are also influenced for good as a result of your activating the power of the keys.”

“Things in the spiritual realm interact, so when the keys take action, it always has a ripple effect and works to fulfill My purpose. When you wield the weapons of praise, prayer, and the keys, the forces of the spirit world are set in motion. When you call on the keys and use them in conjunction with My will, a chain reaction kicks in.” (Prayer Primers #3567) 

You hold the most powerful force in all existence in your hands.

 “This force is not meant to be still; you must keep it active. There is no standing still in this war. You are either going forward or backward. If you don’t use the keys as I have ordained them to be used, then you can lose ground. There is stagnation and regression, both in the spiritual realm and in the physical.”                                        

“The keys of wisdom and insight are spiritual eyeglasses that will improve your vision and help you to see things in radical, fresh new ways.”                                         




April 2022


Destroy Lethargy



March 2022


Blue Diamonds